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									Turner Construction Company
September 15, 2006

                         Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Package
                                             Criminal Justice Facility
                                               Barrow County, GA
                 Pre-Qualification Submission Due Date: Friday, October 27, 2006
To Subcontractors:
Turner Construction Company hereby requests the information listed below in order to complete a preliminary
analysis of your company’s related project experience, fiscal solvency, safety record, and diversity participation. To
be deemed pre-qualified and receive an RFP, a potential subcontractor must provide the following documentation:
    •    Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Statement dated 5/12/04 (Form attached)
            o NOTE: Subcontractors who have submitted a Pre-Qualification Statement within the past three
                (3) years are not required to resubmit this form. Please contact James Lewis to verify which
                items listed below are required to update your Turner-Atlanta Subcontract File.
    •    Financial Statements
             o   Most recent year-end Balance Sheet & Statement of Income

    •    OSHA 300A Logs (Form attached)
             o   Completed for the following three (3) years: 2003, 2004, 2005

    •    Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR)
             o   Completed for the three (3) most recent years: 2004, 2005, 2006
             o   Include a copy of a letter from the Company’s insurance carrier verifying EMR for the three (3) most recent
             o   EMR must be less than 1.0

    •    Bonding Capacity
             o   Enclose a letter from your Bonding Surety stating your bond rate and bonding capacity.
             o   Payment and Performance Bonds will be included as Add Alternates in all awarded contracts.
             o   Bid Bonds will be required from all Subcontractors submitting a bid.

    •    Related Project Experience
             o   Provide a reference list of example projects that demonstrate directly relevant detention / justice project
                 experience. Include Project Name, Client Name, General Contractor (w/ contact information), Contract
                 Value, and Percent Complete.

    •    Executed Master Agreement 36Ga REV 2/22/01 (Form attached)
             o   Turner will submit two (2) copies to the Subcontractor for execution once all pre-qualification information
                 has been received and verified.

Failure to provide all required documents will result in a potential Subcontractor’s bid being non-responsive.
Location of the Work:       Criminal Justice Facility, Barrow County, GA
Period of Performance: January 2007 through June 2008
Insurance Coverage:         Successful Subcontractors shall participate in the Contractor Controlled Insurance
                            Program (CCIP)
Turner Construction Company
September 15, 2006

Project Description:       The proposed 155 acre facility will include a new 384 bed Detention Center and
                           connected 82,000 s.f. Courthouse, Connector Roads (between Hwy 211 and Pearl
                           Pentecost), a Future Bypass (connection of the Winder Bypass), and Future Parks
                           (approximately 18 acres of developed area).

Address all pre-qualifying documentation, evidence and all related questions to:
                        Attention: James Lewis, Purchasing Agent
                        Turner Construction Company
                        3424 Peachtree Road, NE
                        Suite, 1900
                        Atlanta, GA 30326
                        404.504.3710 (Phone)
                        404.504.3719 (Fax)

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