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Suggestion Form Bank


Suggestion Form Bank document sample

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									Example of Problem in Petty Cash Reconciliation Report
See bottom for explanation of the issues

January                        Ledger                                               Bank Account
           Beginning Balance                           3000                Month Begin Balance       3000
           Replenishments Rec'd                           0                Deposits
           Disbursements                               1000                Checks Cleared             500
           Petty Cash End Bal                          2000                Bank Ending Balance       2500

           cumulative pending replenishments           1000                Outstanding checks        500

           Beginning Balance                           2000                Month Begin Balance       2500
           Replenishments Rec'd                           0                Deposits                     0
           Disbursements                                700                Checks Cleared             600
           Petty Cash End Bal                          1300                Bank Ending Balance       1900

           cumulative pending replenishments           1700                Outstanding checks        600

Using the B-34 Sheet for February:                Current   Revised
         Begin Bal (ledger??)                          2000       2000
         Add Replen Rec'd                                 0          0
         Less Disbursements                             700        700
         PC Ledger End Balance                       1,300      1,300

           Cash on Hand                                 0          0
           Add Cash in bank                         1900       1900
           Less Outstanding Checks                               600
                                                   1,900      1,300
           Total Cash on and and in Bank less Outstanding Checks

           Proof vs. Ceiling
           Add Pending Replenishments                              1,700
           Total PC Balance                                        3,000

 (1) Does not agree with Petty Cash Ending Balance because the outstanding checks are not included
 (2) Does not equal the PC ceiling because pending replenishments are not included.

Suggestion: Include Pending replenishments in each of the summaries so they equal the ceiling
                                        Johns Hopkins University
                            Accounts Payable Shared Services – Petty Cash Unit
                                 Petty Cash Reconciliation Report

Submission Date:
For the Period:                  From:                          To:
Bank Account Name:
P/C General Ledger Number:
(Unique 6 digit number that identifies your petty cash account)

Authorized Ceiling Amount:                            $0.00

Petty Cash Ledger Information:
      Ending Ledger Balance:                                                            $0.00
      Plus Outstanding Replenishments (from prior months):                               0.00
      Plus Disbursements for this month:                                                 0.00
        Reconciled Ledger Balance at End of Period:                                                      $0.00
Petty Cash Bank and Cash Till Information:
      Bank Ending Balance (from monthly statement):                                     $0.00
      Plus Cash on Hand:                                                                 0.00
      Plus Outstanding Replenishments (from prior months):                               0.00
      Plus Disbursements from this month:                                                0.00
         Subtotal:                                                                       0.00
      Less Outstanding Checks                                                            0.00
          (Total all vouchers paid by cash with supporting receipts)

        Reconciled Cash on Hand at End of Period:                                                        $0.00
Replenishment Amount this Period:                                                       $0.00

Note: Replenishment of this fund should coincide and agree with the monthly reconciliation.
                      Online Payment Document Number (transaction FV60):

Petty Cash Custodian Signature                                                   Date

Petty Cash Administrator Signature                                               Date

The form should be faxed by the Custodian to Accounts Payable Shared Services (443-287-9357); although,
a paper copy through the mail will be accepted. Each Petty Cash Account is to be reconciled monthly and the
Reconciliation Report is to be maintained in the department with all origianl receipts and supporting
documentation. All Petty Cash Funds are subject to audit at any time by the Department Administrator, Divisional
Business Office, Accounts Payable Shared Services, Controller's Office or Internal Audits.

Accounts Payable Shared Services- Petty Cash Unit
Johns Hopkins at Eastern
1101 East 33rd Street, Suite A200
Baltimore, MD 21218                                                                              Form B-34 created 01/01/07
                                         Johns Hopkins University
                             Accounts Payable Shared Services – Petty Cash Unit
                                            Petty Cash Voucher

Received By (Print):                                                                      Date:

Research Participants Only:
SSN:                                                                         Participant ID:

Street Address:                                                              City:

State:                                                  Zip:

         Total Amount in Dollars:

               Amount in words:

Charge To:

                       Business     Cost Center (10 digits)
       Fund              Area         -or- Internal Order      GL Number             Amount
    (10 Digits)        (3 digits)     Number (8 digits)         (6 digits)


Description/Purpose: _____________________________________________________________________




__________________________ _________________________ ________________________
Recipient Signature                      Approved for Payment by (print)         Approver Signature

The form should be faxed (443-287-9357), along with receipts and supporting documentation, to:

Accounts Payable Shared Services – Petty Cash Unit
Johns Hopkins at Eastern
1101 East 33rd Street
Suite A200, Baltimore, MD 21218

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