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					                                   Oregon Wine Industry Symposium Review Form
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I: Overall Format


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Overall Oregon Wine Industry Symposium experience
Conference scheduling (dates, length of conference, timing of sessions)
Location and venue
Number of seminars
Relevance of seminar topics
Quality of speakers
Usefulness and timeliness of information provided
Number of trade show vendors and range of products/services provided
Opportunity to network with other Oregon wine industry members
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II: Sessions and Speakers: Please rate each of the sessions you attended for content and, when relevent, each of the speakers you saw:

GENERAL SESSIONS                                                                                                    Suggested General Speakers,

                                                                                    1      2      3       4           Topics, and Comments
Meet & Greet Reception                                                  Overall:

Climate Change - Staying Informed and Competitive                       Overall:
Greg Jones, Southern Oregon University                                  Speaker:
Roger Kerrison, Grove Mill Winery, NZ                                   Speaker:
Andrea Durbin, Oregon Environmental Council                             Speaker:
Mark Abbott, Oregon Climate Change Research Institute at OSU            Speaker:
Robert Delmar, Oregon Department of Energy                              Speaker:

Global Growth Through Collaborative Innovation                          Overall:
Sakkie Pretorius, Australian Wine Research Institute                    Speaker:

Vintage Overview                                                        Overall:
Greg Jones, Southern Oregon University                                  Speaker:

What "Sustainable Wine" Means to Consumers                              Overall:
Christian Miller, Full Glass Research                                   Speaker:

Guest Chef Dinner and Oregon Wine Industry Awards                       Overall:

How the OWA is Tackling Advocacy Issues                                 Overall:
Jesse Lyon, Davis Wright Tremaine                                       Speaker:
Jeff Stone, Oregon Essential Worker Coalition                           Speaker:
Jason Eckenroth, ShipCompliant                                          Speaker:
Ramon Ramirez, NW Treeplanters and Farmworkers United                   Speaker:

Poster Session                                                          Overall:

Technical Tasting                                                       Overall:
Jim Kennedy, Oregon State University                                    Speaker:
Doug Adams, UC Davis                                                    Speaker:
Cole Danehower, NW Palate                                               Speaker:
Industry Panel                                                         Speakers:

ENOLOGY                                                                                                             Suggested Enology Speakers,
                                                                                                                      Topics, and Comments
Wine Quality Control: Building a Plan for Success                       Overall:
Barney Watson, NW Viticulture Center at Chemeketa                       Speaker:
Bruce Zoecklein, Virginia Tech                                          Speaker:
Gordon Burns and Richard DeScenzo, ETS Labs                            Speakers:
Steve Girard, Benton Lane                                               Speaker:
Industry Panel                                                         Speakers:
ENOLOGY, cont.                                                                                             Suggested Enology Speakers,

                                                                          1      2      3       4            Topics, and Comments
Bacterial Spoilage: It's a Jungle in There                    Overall:
James Osborne, Oregon State University                        Speaker:
Lisa Van de Water, Vinotec                                    Speaker:

Impact of Grape Maturity on Wine Flavor                       Overall:
Bob McGorrin, Oregon State University                         Speaker:
Terry Acree, Cornell University                               Speaker:
Michael Qian, Oregon State University                         Speaker:
Patty Skinkis, Oregon State University                        Speaker:
Hildegarde Heymann, UC Davis                                  Speaker:

Phenolics and Quality in Red Wine                             Overall:
Harry Peterson-Nedry, Chehalem                                Speaker:
Doug Adams, UC Davis                                          Speaker:
Jim Kennedy, Oregon State University                          Speaker:
Cole Danehower, NW Palate                                     Speaker:
Industry Panel                                               Speakers:

VITICULTURE                                                                                               Suggested Viticulture Speakers,
                                                                                                             Topics, and Comments
Understanding Vineyard Nutrition                              Overall:
Patty Skinkis, Oregon State University                        Speaker:
Paul Schreiner, Oregon State University                       Speaker:
Kerri Steenwerth, USDA-ARS Davis                              Speaker:
Joan Davenport, WSU-IAREC                                     Speaker:

Vineyard Management Systems - The Bottom Line                 Overall:
Patty Skinkis, Oregon State University                        Speaker:
Clark Seavert, Ag Extension OSU                               Speaker:
John Luna, Ecology OSU                                        Speaker:
Ed Peachy, Weed Science OSU                                   Speaker:
Industry Panel                                               Speakers:

This Just In: Extension Research Updates                      Overall:
Vaughn Walton, Oregon State University                        Speaker:
Michael Costello, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo                    Speaker:
Patty Skinkis, Oregon State University                        Speaker:
Julie Tarara, USDA Prosser                                    Speaker:

Facing a Challenging Growing Season                           Overall:
Dai Crisp, Temperance Hill Vineyard                           Speaker:
Walt Mahaffee, USDA Corvallis                                 Speaker:
Industry Panel                                               Speakers:

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                                                                                       Suggested Business Management
                                                                                                          Speakers, Topics, and Comments
Guidelines For Surviving TTB Product Audit Scrutiny           Overall:
Bernie Kipp, TTB                                              Speaker:
Kelly Luzania, Davis Wright Tremaine                          Speaker:
Industry Panelist                                             Speaker:

Label Design: Winning the Battle at the Shelf                 Overall:
Ted Farthing, Oregon Wine Board                               Speaker:
John Gillespie, Wine Market Council                           Speaker:
Danny Brager, The Nielsen Company                             Speaker:
Ken Horiszny, HKA Design                                      Speaker:

Making Your Website Work Harder for You                       Overall:
Dennis Hahn, ID Branding                                      Speaker:
Debora Geary, Fireweed Analytics                              Speaker:
Katherine Sanderson Gray, Tweak Interactive                   Speaker:
Janet Johnson, O'Johnson Partners                             Speaker:
Ben Lloyd, Amplify-Interactive                                Speaker:

Succession Planning for Today's Family Wine Business          Overall:
Mark Green, Family Business Consulting Group                  Speaker:
Susan Sokol Blosser, Sokol Blosser Winery                     Speaker:
Adam Campbell, Elk Cove                                       Speaker:
Mimi Casteel, Bethel Heights                                  Speaker:

What are one or two things that you learned at the 2008 Oregon Wine Industry Symposium that you will implement in your
business within the next 12 months?

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