Freelancer's B I O D A T A and CURRICULUM VITAE

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					Freelancer’s B I O D A T A and CURRICULUM VITAE

1. First Name : A r u n         Middle Name : P r a t a p Surname : S i n g h

E-mail addresses: - 1. 2. (optional, not used reguraly)
E-mail accessed every hour or sometimes early.
Address                         : Plot 127, Flat 2, Ved Apartments, Opp Abhinav College Bus Stop, Sus Road,
                                        Pashan, PUNE. Zip / Postal code: 411021
                                        State: Maharashtra       Country: INDIA
                                        TEL :    Country code: ( 91 ) City code: ( 020 ) Phone No: (25862263 )
                                        Mobile: 9372407399, 9423534251.
Web site URL                          : Profile Page :
Kudoz                                 : Kudoz point – 248, 1699 Browniz, As on 1 Feb 2009,
Visit the following link : --

Experience in translation: More than 15 Years, (from 1994).

Mother tongue :             Hindi.
Source Language             :         English
Target Language             :         Hindi and Marathi
Fonts for Devnagari (Experience of typing) : Unicode Mangal, (Can change to other fonts).

Other languages (through associates) :-- English in to Marathi, ( Rates are same as Hindi ).

Areas of specialization : My primary proficiency lies in technical translation, in addition to general (non-
technical) translation. I accept all type of translation jobs. Engineering, medical, business, electronics,
advertisements, books, computer, legal, automobile, technical brochures, publicity and sales literature, private
and business, fiction, non-fiction or text-books, sub titling of movies etc.

V O I C E O V E R S : Few , of small identity. fluency in Hindi, good command over spoken Hindi.
W R I T I N G S K I L L S : Good command for writing on Humour, Technical topics, in Hindi only.

Some major projects completed.
1. Bajaj Auto Ltd, started working with, from 1994, all technical translations. (Several thousands of word).
2. Mercedes Benz,all technical translations.
3. LG Electronics, India
5. More than 500,000 words for other various foreign/Indian agencies/Individuals.

Speed of work :--
Average words per day : 1000 – 1500 (Varies with work load and type of work)
For English > Hindi And Marathi Both
Source language English: Per word. In Indian Rupees or equivalent in Euros / USD Etc.

General documents               :        1.25 INR.

Technical/Medical documents     :        1.50 INR.

Proofreading                    :        0.50 INR.

Minimum charge                  :        400 INR.

For Other Fonts, rates are 10% extra.

I am assisted by my Mrs. Ranjana Singh, M.A. (Post graduate) in Hindi.
S e l f : - Under-graduate with Biology, but having an excellent command over spoken, written Hindi.

Current occupation: Freelancer Translator, Working Full time.

Freelance Inventor (See link:,

Additional Qualifications :
Memberships in Professional Bodies :-
1. Associate member             : Indian Society of Lighting Engineers
2. Affiliate member             : The Institution of Automobile Engineers
3. Partner                      : Aeronautical Society of India.
4. Energy Resource Forum        : Institution Of Engineers (Life member).


I am a freelance inventor, with a great interest in electronics, automobile engineering and mechanical
engineering. I have invented or designed more than 50 products to which I hold the few patent rights.
I also have a wide base of experience and knowledge in extremely diversified subjects and topics and good
command over spoken and written Hindi.

From    the Heart of a F r e e l a n c e r:
Translation is done as per the customer's requirements, speaking appropriately to the target audience and
focusing on the end user (the reader) in order to efficiently serve the end purpose. Aim, intention and style of
communication must comply with client's need.

My mother tongue is Hindi, and I have had good exposure to Brij / Avadhi / Kannauji (sub - languages of
Hindi), and Urdu. Good exposure also to subjects like electronics / electrical / automobile / mechanical / and
biology, which makes technical translation more accurate.
Quality, competence, commitment and reliability are very important for me.
Therefore I can provide "Ek dam pyaaree Hindi ! , jo pasand aaye baar baar ."

I have 2 computers, 1 Laser printer, Scanner, 2 Mbps EVDO, Internet and UPS.
Only for PC platforms -- no MAC please.
Testimonials in appreciation of my work:--

Wow!! You're doing such a great job. You must understand that you are the best person we've found in 3
years. You're very reliable and competent. We really appreciate your work. How do you feel about perhaps
putting together a pool of translators in our other languages? Let me know.
Thank you! And it is really exciting that you had sent us the complete set of files even before the agreed time.
We thank you very much for your sincere efforts and good work!!!!
Thank you for urgently sending the translation of the editorial………….. Actually I get Hindi done locally but I
am satisfied with your job and hope that we will cooperate in future too………..
Fantastic, great work!!! Could you please confirm that you can retype the iLeap file into .doc format? If you can
do work like this all the time I think we found the person we're looking for. Nice job.
The more I know you, the more I appreciate the value of friendship. I know I have a very reliable translator-
collegue behind me. I hope to bring more jobs in our mutual benefit. Thanks for your help.
All of us are very satisfied with the translations you have done. Congratulations !
We have not kept in touch for a long time because of load work. :-), but you are still on my top list.
Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate your professional attitude in this regard. Welcome to your


Arun Pratap Singh

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