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Bike for All Funding Proposal by CraigGreenhill


									                       Bike for All Funding Proposal

1      Who are you?

Fabienne Bailey

Redcar and Cleveland Adult Learning Service

Redcar Education Development Centre
Corporation Road
TS10 1HA

01642 490409

2      Your Proposal

“Putting the Sport back in to TranSport”

We would like the funds to develop learning programmes aimed at adults (19+)
living in Redcar and Cleveland. The programmes will educate adults about the
benefits of cycling as a means of transport for social and work purposes and will
provide cycle maintenance, road safety and cycle route information as well as
providing opportunities to cycle around the borough on guided tours.

We propose to start this project in August 2009 in line with the academic year
and it will end in July 2010 when the funds will have been spent.

We are bidding for £30,920 to cover the year long project. This is made up of 6
courses costing £1280 each to support 10 adults per course as well as £200 for a
bike to be raffled at the end of the year as an extra incentive for adults to

Funding in kind will be provided from the Adult Learning Service’s mainstream
Learning and Skills Council funding to cover the costs of the Project Coordinator,
the Adult Learning Tutors and the administration of the project. This totals at
£65,000 in salaries.

3      Management and Goals

Both projects will be managed by the Adult Learning Service who are part of
Redcar and Cleveland Local Authority.

A pilot project called Wheel Skills has taken place this year aimed at attracting
families in to a learning programme covering cycle maintenance, road safety and
getting out and about on your bike. This has been a big success and attracted
families in to school premises on an evening to work together to increase their
knowledge around cycling and also to increase their usage of their bikes. It was
through this project that the need for adult orientated courses was identified.
   Children were very keen and confident to get out on their bikes but expressed a
   desire for their parents to be more active on their bikes and road aware etc.

‘Putting the Sport back into TranSport’ aims to turn a commute to work or a social
visit into a fitness session which is a cheap, easy, eco-and time-friendly way to travel
and shape up at the same time.

It also aims to engage adults in to learning activities that they will be able to use to
share knowledge with their family and friends and will encourage parents/carers to be
more active with their children.

These projects also aims to develop first step opportunities for families to experience
working together to strengthen family relationships, to increase family support and to
raise the aspirations of young people and their families towards education, training
and employment through a leisure interest.

By the end of the project, we expect the following outcomes

Adults joining a course                                             240
Adults completing a course                                          240
Adults achieving certification for their achievement                240
Adults progressing on to further learning opportunities             200
Growth in cycle journeys across the borough                         4%
Decrease of people with obesity                                     0.5%
Decrease of people with mental health issues                        0.5%
Increase of physically active adults                                0.5%

   4       Monitoring and Measurement

   The Adult Learning Service will monitor both projects through enrolments on to
   courses, individual target setting and learning plans, robust and effective reviews
   and comprehensive evaluations. A full evaluation of the project will be made
   available to funders and stakeholders in July 2010.

   5       Deliverability

   Five people will be required to deliver these projects i.e. a Project Coordinator, an
   Adult Learning Tutor, 2 Cyclemaster Tutors and an Administrator.

   The Project Coordinator and Administrator will be paid in kind by the Adult
   Learning Service whilst the Adult Learning Tutor and 2 Cyclemaster Tutors will be
   paid through the project.

   The timelines for the projects are as follows:

   August 09 - publicise the free courses for Autumn term

   21st September 09 – 23rd October 09               4 x 5 week courses

   2nd November 09 – 4th December 09                 4 x 5 week courses

   December 09 – publicise the free course for Spring term
   11th January 10 – 12th February 10                 4 x 5 week courses

   22nd February 10 – 26th March 10                   4 x 5 week courses

   April 10 – publicise the free courses for Summer term

   19th April 10 – 21st May 10                        4 x 5 week courses

   31st May 10 – 2nd July 10                          4 x 5 week courses

   31st July 10                                       Full evaluation of project

   6       Scaleability

Both projects will be delivered at local level concentrated in the Redcar and
Cleveland Borough of the North East. Redcar’s complex multiple deprivations are
well documented, as are the number of adults who have low education attainment
levels, low economic inactivity and high levels of long term sick and health
inequalities including obesity.

The courses will run alongside each other focussing on one area of the borough at a
time and will move around the borough each term of the academic year i.e. the
Autumn term will concentrate on West Redcar, the Spring term will concentrate on
central Redcar and the Summer term will concentrate on East Cleveland. 24 venues
will be used to deliver the courses.

The project Headquarters will be based at the Adult Learning Service premises at:
Redcar Education Development Centre, Corporation Road, Redcar, TS10 1HA.

As we are a local authority service, we could use the success of our local project to
share with other local authority services across the United Kingdom. We can do this
through our corporate networks.

There is a well documented need nationally to increase participation in sport and an
active lifestyle to decrease the risk of health problems, in particular obesity and heart
disease and so if successful, this project could be picked up and delivered across the

   7       Business Planning

Not attached. The project has not been included in any previous funding bids

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