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					             Strategic Plan
                         Leadership & Advocacy
  The Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce will be recognized as a credible,
         effective leader serving our business members and our community.

Increase visibility of the organization and improve communications and
public relations.
Take a leading role in advocating for a healthy business environment/

                Economic & Community Development
 The Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce will serve to enhance the business and
                economic vitality of the local & regional community.

Act as a central resource for business development (town, county, state
Collaborate with key stakeholders and regional chambers of commerce in
molding a positive perception of the greater community and businesses.
                                                                                    Member’s Guide
                              Member Benefits
   The Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce will attract and retain a strong
  representation of area businesses as members by providing services and benefits
                               Members need/want.

Provide high quality services that offer strong value for the investment and
exceed the expectations of our members.
Improve outreach to members and help them engage in the Chamber.
                                                                                          Celebrating 90 years of
Leverage technology to enhance members’ access to resources.
                                                                                            serving the greater
Grow Chamber Membership & improve Member retention.                                            Saranac Lake
      Page 12 Taking the Lead so our Members Succeed                                      Taking the Lead so Members Succeed
                      Belong. Engage. Succeed.
                        From the Chamber...                                            Signature Program Sponsorships:
                                                                                       These are our signature programs & events. Being a sponsor at
                      Dear Fellow Chamber Members,                                     any level will help brand your business as a strong community
                      “It is hard to believe the changes in the business world that    Annual Dinner & Awards Banquet
                      have taken place in the last year! We’ve all had to                      Sponsor Level Range $500—1,500
                      reevaluate the way we do business and learn new ways to          Concert Series
                      stay relevant during a difficult economic climate.                       Sponsor Level Range $125—1,000
                                                                                       Holiday Mixer
                   During this time, your Saranac Lake Area Chamber has                        The Holiday Mixer is held annually during the December Holiday
Sylvie Nelson, IOM been diligent to ensure that the programs and benefits we           Season and acts as a food and toy fundraiser for a local charity.
Executive Director are bringing to you have real value. We’ve improved                         Sponsor Level Range $125—1,000
                   existing programs and added several new pieces to our
                   menu of benefits as well.”

                      ~Sylvie Nelson, IOM, Executive Director                                                   Chamber Publications

                      “The success of our Chamber, however, is not just about us but
                      is really about you, our members. Without your continued
                      support through your ideas, your time and talent as volunteers
                      on committees, and your sponsorships, this Chamber could not
                      be as effective. Take the time to review these benefits,
                      consider joining one of the several Chamber committees, and
                      help us make the Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
                      the very best in the region.”
Keith Wells,
President of the      ~Keith Wells, President of the Board
                      Celebrate with us as we enter 2011, our 90th Anniversary!

                      “It is my mission to educate and serve as an advocate for our
                               members regarding the benefits of their chamber
                               investment, and to identify and exceed their needs by
                               using feedback to enrich our member programs.“

                      ~Adrienne Relyea, Director, Membership Services
Adrienne Relyea
Director,                 The mission of the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce
Membership Services       is to enhance the business and economic vitality of the
                                         Saranac Lake community.
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                           Engage                                                                 Member’s Guide
                                                                                                    Table of Contents

                           Sponsorship Possibilities                                    Networking Events……………..…..Page 4-5
If you are looking for a great way to help brand your business in our                   Bottom Line Benefits……...………...Page 6-7
community, you will want to know more about our sponsorships. We look                   Promotional Opportunities……..…..Page 8-9
for sponsor partners on a variety of events held throughout the year. Our
sponsorships range from providing food at an event to being a presenting                Sponsorship Possibilities………..…..Page 10-11
sponsor of our signature events. Call Adrienne Relyea in our office for                 Committees & Task Forces……....….Page 7
more information on what is involved in becoming a sponsor.
                                                                                        Strategic Plan…………….…….......Page 12
   Exclusive Presenting Sponsorships:
   These sponsorships are an excellent way for your business to be
   positively branded with our organization & a successful program/
   event.                                                                               2011 Chamber Board of Directors & Staff
   Volunteer of the Year                                                    Officers:                       Board Members:
   Business of the Year                                                     President, Board of Directors   Beth Bevilaqua, Pink
   Don Duso-Citizen of the Year Award                                       Keith Wells                     Calvin Schmeichel, Branch Farm B & B
   Legislative Breakfasts, Business Forums, Business After Hours            Weddings by Wells               Dan Brownell, Gauthier’s Saranac Lake Inn
                                                                                                            Dr. Carol Brown, North Country Community College
                                                                                                            Dr. John Mills, Paul Smiths College
                                                                            Vice-President                  Dick George, White Pine Camp
                                                                            Joe Riccio                      John VanAnden, Lakeview Deli
    Networking Event Sponsorships:                                          Adirondack Medical Center       Liz Murray, Adirondack Concierge & More
    These sponsorships are an excellent and cost-effective way for                                          Lorraine Kelley, Guide Boat Realty
    your business to gain attention at our networking events.               2nd Vice-President              Sandra Hildreth, Adirondack Artists Guild
                                                                            Nelson Pleau                    Tim Hesseltine, Upstate Auto
     Eggs & Issues Breakfasts
                                                                            Trudeau Institute
           Event Sponsor—$200 - 6 offered per year                                                          Staff:
     Legislative Breakfasts                                               Treasurer                       Sylvie Nelson, IOM
           Event Host—Cost of food & beverages - 3 per year                                                 Executive Director
                                                                            Craig Stevens
                                                                            Community Bank                  Adrienne Relyea
                                                                                                            Director, Membership Services
                                                                                                            Graphic Designer

     Page 10 Taking the Lead so our Members Succeed                                          Taking the Lead so our Members Succeed Page 3
                        Engage                                                          Member Mailing Labels:
                                                                                        Mailing labels are available to fellow members for $50.
                                                                                        promotional mailings.
                                                                                                                                                       A great service for

                        Networking Events                                               Online Directory & Advertising:
                                                                                        As a member you are automatically listed in our membership directory. There are
 Legislative Breakfast:                                                                 also advertising opportunities on our website www.saranaclake.com, contact
 The Chamber hosts breakfasts to keep its elected officials informed of important       Adrienne for details. The saranaclake.com site receives over 8,000 hits a week,
 business issues that are faced by our members. It also gives elected officials an      during peak seasons, from visitors.
 opportunity to give updates of legislative activities in Albany and Washington, D.C.

                                                                                        Visitors Guide:
                                                                                        The Chamber’s Visitors Guide is one of the most looked at and requested
                                                                                        publications in the Adirondacks. This guide is distributed throughout New York

 Eggs & Issues Breakfast:                                                               State, with a distribution of 25,000 copies, as well as sent out in relocation and
                                                                                        visitor packets.
 The Chamber hosts meetings periodically with sectors of its membership to receive
 feedback as well as ensure their membership needs are met. This is also a great
 forum for our members to gain additional details on our strategies and initiatives.
                                                                                        Hot Deals & Job Postings:
                                                                                        These services are included in membership. All members can post “Hot Deals”
                                                                                        and Job Postings on their own personalized web page through our
                                                                                        saranaclake.com web site. Contact Adrienne for a personal tutorial.

 Small Business Success Series:
 The Chamber hosts periodic and informative business forums that bring value to
 our members. These forums are professionally led and focus on current topics of
 interest targeted to improve business performance.

                                                                                                            Success Story….
                                                                                            “The Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in
                                                                                            developing my business contacts and introducing my business to the
 Business After Hours:                                                                   community. After several months of participating in Chamber events I have
 The Chamber hosts opportunities that offer members a platform to highlight their           developed business relationships with new and existing customers. I
 business in an informal networking setting.                                                   recommend all businesses become active chamber members.”

                                                                                                       ~Sandra Gothard, Weight Management New York

Page 4 Taking the Lead so our Members Succeed                                                               Taking the Lead so our Members Succeed Page 9
                                  Engage                                                         Semi-Annual Mega Mixers:
                                                                                                 Business After Hours events are co-hosted by the Tupper Lake, Malone and

                                  an audience.
                                                                                                 Saranac Lake Area Chambers of Commerce, as part of our Franklin County
                                                                                                 Chamber Alliance. This gives members of this alliance an opportunity to network,
                                                                                                 inter-change ideas, share issues and collectively work toward solutions.

                 Promotional Opportunities
                   Contact Adrienne at the Chamber for copies and pricing
                            information on promotional opportunities.                            Ribbon Cuttings & Open Houses:
                                                                                                 The Chamber, as part of its Ambassador program, initiates welcoming new and
        Village Map:                                                                             expanding businesses in our community. Thanks to our partnership with the
                                                                                                 Adirondack Daily Enterprise, these events are publicized in the local newspaper.
        The Chamber publishes a village street map of Saranac Lake and Lake Placid once
        a year. This map encompasses healthy walks around the village, county, and town
        lines, including historical points of interest. This is distributed locally throughout
        the tri-lakes, to visitors requesting information by mail, and at our local tourism

                                                                                                 Social Networking:
                                                                                                 Facebook, Twitter and MyChamberApp
        Promotional Mailers & Email Blasts:                                                      The Chamber is at the forefront of technology. We provide access to Facebook,
        Do you have a promotion you would like to get out to our Chamber                         Twitter and MyChamberApp. to help our members use these free marketing tools
        Membership? Let us do it for you. We arrange mass mailings in conjunction                and advance their businesses.
        with an email blast to the Chamber database.

        Member Spotlight Articles:
        Every month a member is chosen at random for our monthly member spotlight
        article featured in our newsletter. Our Chamber staff will meet with you to
        develop a biography on your business.

                                 Success Story….
“The Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce does a great job communicating to
the public and its members, which is important to Hungry Bear Publishing because
we are in the information business. The Chamber staff uses the latest technology to
                                                                                                                     Success Story….
keep us up-to-date on local and legislative business news and promotes Saranac Lake                  “The Chamber is a great tool for referrals. Their website also acts as
with email blasts, electronic newsletters, an attractive web site, the MyChamber App                   a front door to our community and helps us generate additional
for mobile devices, publications and programs. They have been great partners and
                                                                                                        business. Being a Chamber member is a must for any business
our business is better off thanks to their strong communication skills. This is just one
of the many reasons we are proud to be members of the Saranac Lake Area Chamber                                                    owner.”
of Commerce.”
                                                                                                                  ~Susan and Fred Mueller, Adirondack Motel
                      ~Andy Flynn, Hungry Bear Publishing

     Page 8 Taking the Lead so our Members Succeed                                                                     Taking the Lead so our Members Succeed Page 5
                    Engage                                                                                     Engage
                     Bottom Line Benefits                                                                      Committees & Task Forces
                                                                                                            Chamber Committees
 Health Insurance:                                                                     Events Committee:
 Thanks to the Chamber’s partnership with the Plattsburgh-North Country
                                                                                       The purpose of the Events Committee is to advance the mission of the Saranac
 Chamber of Commerce, members have access to group rates for their health
                                                                                       Lake Area Chamber of Commerce by originating and managing events that pro-
 insurance services.
                                                                                       vide services to the membership and/or generate economic development. The
                                                                                       Events Committee shall also make policy recommendations to the Board regard-
 Group Advertising Discounts:                                                          ing the Chamber’s role in event origination and support.
 The Chamber, in partnership with other local organizations leads efforts in group
 advertising, such as our group advertising effort for the Great Adirondack Days and   Membership Committee:
 the Great Adirondack Holidays. Additionally, the Chamber has discounted               The goal of the Membership Committee is to find ways to meet and exceed the
 advertising opportunities for its members through its own publications, including     needs of current membership. Our group also works at researching and imple-
 the Visitor’s Guide, website, newsletters and map.                                    menting ways to bring new services and benefits to our members.

                                                                                       Tourism & Marketing Committee:
                                                                                       The goal of the Tourism and Marketing committee is to support the Chamber in
 Credit Card Processing Discount:                                                      achieving its mission to market the area on behalf of the needs and interests of its
 Charge Card Systems provides reduced-priced Chamber membership of up to               member businesses in the Tri-Lakes area.
 $200 to its credit card processing customers.
                                                                                       Airport Marketing Task Force:
                                                                                       The Airport Marketing Task Force works in partnership with the Town of Har-
                                                                                       rietstown, Airport Management, and our Air Carrier Service (Cape Air) to de-
                                                                                       velop promotional and public relations campaigns. The Task Force objective is to
 Discounted Electricity Service:
 Chamber members can tap into savings for their electricity thanks to the              raise awareness of the importance of the Adirondack Regional Airport as a re-
 partnership with the Plattsburgh-North Country Chamber of Commerce.                   gional asset and economic engine.

                                                                                       Legislative Committee:
                                                                                       The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to represent and communicate the
 Member 2 Member Discount:                                                             interests of member business and the area economy in all places where policy deci-
 As part of the North Country Chamber Alliance, members can offer and receive          sions are being made. To also engage in informational and educational endeavors
 discounts to other chamber members throughout the North Country.                      designed to assist Chamber members in keeping abreast of developments which
                                                                                       may impact their businesses.

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