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									                                                                                       Paramount Sports Complex
                                                                                               21 Landings Drive
                                                                                              Annville, PA 17003

                                                                                             (717) 838-0330

                              BIRTHDAY PARTY CONTRACT
                                                (Please fill in all information, sign, and return.)

    1.   Name of Birthday Child: ____________________________T-shirt Size: ______
    2.   Mother’s Name: ___________________________________________________
    3.   Father’s Name: ____________________________________________________
    4.   Home Address: _____________________________________________________
    5.   Daytime Phone #: _______________________Evening Phone #:_____________
    6.   Date of Party: __________________________ Time: ______________________
                               Type of Party:
                                       Single Play _____
                                       Double Play_____
                                       Triple Play _____
                                       Sleepover _____
    7.   Gym Selected          for Party: Main Gymnastic Gym ____
                                          Pre-School Gym (Ages Birth through 5) ____
                                          Rock Climbing Gym ____
                                           Kidmazium (Socks Required) ____
                                           Splat Art Studio _____
    8. Number of Guests Attending Party: ____________________
    9. Ages of Children Attending: _____________________
This is an agreement between Paramount Sports Complex and _________________________ stating that
_______________________’s party will be as stated above and have a total estimate cost of
$_____________. Noting the non-refundable deposit of $ 100.00, the balance due one week before the
party is $_______________. I agree that I will make any and all payments due for the birthday party
no later than one week prior to party date. If the balance is not paid in full one week before the date
of the party, only cash or credit cards will be accepted as payment.

    -    Payment may be made by cash or check or credit card. Please make checks payable to Paramount
         Sports Complex, Inc. If an emergency occurs and you must cancel the party, a 24 hour notice is
         needed to reschedule the party. Please note that your party may not be the only activity in our
         gym/kidmazium at the time.

I understand that participation in this party will involve motion, rotation, and height in a unique
environment and as such carries with it the risk of injury. The person signing this document assumes all
medical responsibilities and costs incurred from participation in this party at Paramount Sports Complex,

    ____________________________________                                _________________________
              Parent’s Signature                                                  Date

         Gratuities to the birthday party staff are always appreciated but not required .
    The following is for instructor use only:
    Cost of Party:
             Basic Party                      $100 Deposit____________$50_______________
             Single Play                      $100 Deposit____________$75_______________
             Double Play                      $100 Deposit____________$125______________
             Triple Play                      $100 Deposit____________$165______________
             Grand slam Sleepover             $100 Deposit____________$250______________
             Each Addition Guest @ $ 5 x _____ =         $__________________________

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