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 25 November 2007
 7 December 2007
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                                                                                                                                   Visiting the Country of Contrasts: India                                                                 3

                                                                                                                                   International Higher Academic Cooperation - “Thirst for Education”                                       4

                                                                                                                                   The Incredible India                                                                                     6

                                                                                                                                   Jet Airways                                                                                              8

                                                                                                                                   National Stock Exchange                                                                                 10

                                                                                                                                   Citybank                                                                                                12

                                                                                                                                   Nord LB                                                                                                 14

                                                                                                                                   Bajaj Allianz                                                                                           16

                                                                                                                                   Elephanta Island                                                                                        17

                                                                                                                                   The “Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir” Temple                                                              19

                                                                                                                                   Sinhgad Institute of Management                                                                         20

                                                                                                                                   Suzlon                                                                                                  22

                                                                                                                                   Sheraton                                                                                                23

                                                                                                                                   Agra and the Taj Mahal                                                                                  25
Polysius – ein Name, den die Welt         Polysius – for over 140 years the
seit über 10 Jahren kennt                world has known this name                                                                GTZ India - Indo-German Technical Cooperation                                                           26

Polysius, ein Unternehmen von Thys-       Polysius, a member company of Thys-                                                      Ernst & Young                                                                                           28
senKrupp Technologies mit Auslands-       senKrupp Technologies with subsidiary                                                    German Embassy New Delhi                                                                                29
gesellschaften auf allen Kontinenten      firms on all 5 continents and more than
und weltweit mehr als 1950 Mitarbei-      1,950 employees all around the world,                                                    Nokia Siemens Networks                                                                                  30
tern, ist eines der führenden Enginee-    is one of the leading engineering com-
                                                                                                                                   Indian Institute of Foreign Trade                                                                       32
ring-Unternehmen                                                  panies equipping
für die Ausrüs-                                                   the cement and                                                   SAP                                                                                                     34
tung der Zement-                                                  minerals indus-
und Mineralsin-                                                                                                                    Finnair PLC                                                                                             36
dustrie.                                                          Polysius is a
Polysius ist leis-                                                strong partner      Publisher:
tungsstarker An-                                                  offering project       Prof. Dr. Patrick Moore
sprechpartner von der Projektausarbei-    elaboration, engineering and design,           Fachhochschule Stralsund, University of Applied Sciences
                                                                                         Zur Schwedenschanze 15, 18435 Stralsund
tung, Konstruktion, Lieferung, Montage,   shipment, field assembly and commis-            Tel.: + 49 3831 455, Fax: + 49 3831 456680
Inbetriebnahme und umfangreichen          sioning, as well as comprehensive ser-
Serviceaktivitäten. Ganz gleich ob es     vice activities, for complete production    Editors: Angela Olejko, Monika Weyer

sich um komplette Produktionslinien,      lines, individual products, plant conver-   Pictures and Text: F. Ahrens, M. Brand, A. Dallgass, H. Gordon, J. Heberlein, D. Hennings, C. Huth, P. Jacobs, M. Klingbeil, M. Koppitz,
Einzelprodukte oder Anlagenumbauten       sions and upgrades.                             M. Lehmann, S. Leitow, P. Moore, A. Olejko, K. Ploch, A. Scharschmidt, J. Staack, J. Stanslovaityte, S. Wallenburger, M. Weyer, I. Zdanyte

handelt.                                                                              Print: Rügen Druck Putbu

                                                                                                                                                                             praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
                                                                                                                                                                             understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
Visiting the Country of Contrasts: India               are also (or even more) interested in marketing,
                                                       human resource, etc. The excursion was open for
“What ever you say about India – the opposite is       all students of our School of Business Studies and
also true.” We quite often hear sentences like this.   we had students from our international manage-
But some things are doubtlessly definite: After de-    ment course BMS (Baltic Management Studies),
cades of dragging economic development in the          our general business administration course Be-
early 90s India started restructuring its economy.     triebswirtschaftslehre (BWL) and our Leisure and
It slowly took up pace and is now amongst the          Tourism Management course (LTM)in the group
large economies which have the highest growth          – the latter meaning special aspects of tourism
rates in population, GDP and share prices. Fore-       management should also be included. We met
casts predict that India will overtake China in        weekly, keeping in touch with those abroad or
population and economic power in the next 15           somewhere else in Germany with detailed min-
to 20 years.                                           utes. Intensive discussions and hundreds of e-
                                                       mails to and fro secured the final full program,
Teaching in international management courses at        and almost perfect organization. Thanks to all of
Fachhochschule Stralsund – University of Applied       you!
Sciences for a few years India has moved into the
focus of my research interest and has become an        A final thank you goes to the companies that pro-
integrated aspect of my teaching. Since I took up      moted the trip with financial support – either by
teaching at our university I have regularly taken      placing an advertisement in this brochure, taking
students from lecture class to business to let them    over a major cost block for a student (who of
experience business not only ex cathedra but also      course shared this with others) or helping us with
in reality, from experts within companies, banks       hostess gifts. Without this help we would not be
etc. Teaching international business, especially       able to let you participate in the student’s experi-
finance I have taken them to financial centers in      ence which is detailed in this brochure, the video
different countries. These trips have taken us to      and picture show of the trip and the homepage
Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, London, New York – and
it was just a question of time and money that          But now please read how the students coped
we decided to target Mumbai, India (and other          with the cultural shock and the overabundance of
places in India).                                      new information this trip supplied to all of us.

Actually it was a group of our MBA students from
India that triggered the decision; after all, going                                     Prof.Dr. Patrick Moore
to India is not like going to the other places men-                         Professor for International Finance
tioned. Going to India is going to an entirely dif-                                       and Capital Markets
ferent part of the world. Geographically it may
be not much further than New York – but culturally
it is a different world. To be honest, without the
help of our former and present Indian students
I wouldn’t have dared to take responsibility for
20 students on such a trip, and I now know, we
would have had quite some problems. So thank
you Sagarika, Raj, Ajay, Venu and Deepak!

The trip was organized as a student project. The
preparation for this excursion started in March
2007. Being the finance professor in the inter-
national degree courses of our university one of
the requirements was to visit a stock exchange,
banks, insurances, finance departments of com-
panies – not least because most of the students

                                                                 praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
                                                                 understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
    International Higher Academic Coope-                     Our university for example favours a flexible pol-        In this context I would like to refer to the visit of
    ration – “Thirst for education”                          icy in order to be able to meet the challenges of         Germany’s present chancellor, Ms. Merkel, who
                                                             higher education training at the beginning of the         has been to India in October 2007. In fact, dur-
    “Improvement by exchange” – this understanding           21st century. In this case we could mention the           ing all of our appointments – companies, institu-
    should become an inherent philosophy of degree           restructuring of Bachelor’s and Master’s courses          tions, and universities - we were asked about that
    courses at all institutions.                             which have been developed to go in line with              visit. Why?
                                                             the Bologna Declaration. In addition, it develops
    In fact, in order to meet the needs of the interna-      and implements concepts for further training to           As never before, science, research and education
    tional business environment institutions of higher       meet the new requirements and lifelong learning.          played a major role that time. In fact, this focus
    education have to prepare their students for an in-      Thus, the universities profile “young and dynamic”        was emphasized by the presence of the Secre-
    ternational labour market. What does this mean?          matches perfectly with that policy.                       tary of the German Federal Ministry of Education
    Well, the most important aspect is to qualify stu-                                                                 and Research, Ms. Schavan, who accompanied
    dents as open minded future leading people in            This is relevant for international activities, too. The   Ms. Merkel. The development of an German-In-
    different sectors such as in education, business,        Fachhochschule Stralsund – University of Applied          dian Science Centre as well as the bunch of in-
    politics or science and research. That includes          Sciences - promotes internationalisation in scien-        struments under the headline “A new passage to
    highest quality interdisciplinary learning based         tific co-operation in the fields of teaching and          India” were certainly one of the most important
    on international standards and furthermore, pro-         research. Furthermore, contacts with more than            results of this state visit.
    found cultural and social skills as well as linguistic   80 universities abroad, as well as international
    expertise.                                               degree courses like ‘Baltic Management Studies’;          You will certainly not be surprised to hear that
                                                             ‘International Engineering’ or ‘Master of Business        India offers an extremely big and expanding
    However, cross cultural awareness (just to refer         Administration’ testify to the international charac-      market for Education and Sciences. But, this can-        universities, to exchange first ideas and possibili-
    to one skill) usually cannot be learnt by heart.         ter of our university.                                    not be left to chance. Here are some facts about         ties for a potential cooperation whereas students
    Rather, universities need to sensitize and enable                                                                  the Higher Education Sector (according to www.           enjoyed sharing experiences among each other.
    their students to feel and experience international      On the one hand, students from various countries, numbers from 2007). India has e.g.:             It is always a special and wonderful moment to
    togetherness.                                            find their way to study within those international        357 Universities, 69 Technical Universities, 11          realize that institutes act in concert and by that, to
                                                             courses, but on the other hand, an international          Distant Learning Universities, 8 Private Universi-       continue with discussions. Indeed, we would like
                                                             teaching staff as well as academic study trips and        ties and about 17.625 Affiliated Colleges.               to stress that we are going to deepen our discus-
                                                             internships abroad help to create an international                                                                 sions and developments during the next month.
                                                             atmosphere where the future is shaped. But also           During our two weeks excursion we were de-               We speak about a trustful two-way relationship
                                                             joint degree courses and exchange programs                lighted to be able to get to know two academic           which includes a lot of efforts for both institutions
                                                             should be emphasized since those opportunities            institutes: Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (Delhi),   and people willing to deal with it.
                                                             have been proved to contribute to internationali-         Singhad Institute of Management (Pune).
                                                             sation to a large extent.                                 Detailed reports about both appointments can be          With special delight I would finally like to point
                                                                                                                       read in this brochure.                                   out one aspect. Even if this study trip to India was
                                                             Prof. Dr. Moore’s main motivation in going to                                                                      the first one to this country, it was, by no means,
                                                             India has been already mentioned in this book-            Obviously, an equal partnership cannot be cre-           not the first contact with India – the land of con-
                                                             let. In the following I would like to broaden his         ated during just one or two appointments, howev-         trasts. For almost 4 years we have had and at
                                                             thoughts at some more perspectives which I find           er, a first contact is always especially important to    present still have Indian students studying at our
                                                             particularly interesting:                                 find out if both institutions have “common ground”       university, in particular in our MBA course of stud-
                                                                                                                       – a mutual understanding in favour of a successful       ies. This fact was both encouraging and boosting
                                                             The aims of this academic study trip were to learn        co-operation on a long term basis. In our glo-           our wish to go to India. By that, we once again
                                                             about different cultures and how those may influ-         balised world it becomes more and more nec-              contributed to improve the students’ understand-
                                                             ence doing business on a global scale, the edu-           essary to have and work within an international          ing of international business and relationships as
                                                             cational system in India and further to get in touch      network. Remember, we do stay in competition             well as fostered the process of internationalisa-
                                                             with some universities to find out about a possible       with academic institutions on a national as well         tion by bearing in mind the university’s slogan:
                                                             collaboration. In this matter the possibilities for       as increasingly more on an international level.          “Understanding reality – facing challenges – cre-
                                                             students should be the overall driving motor but                                                                   ating future”.
                                                             also possibilities for a staff- exchange and col-         In terms of our appointments at the above men-
                                                             laboration for a particular research project play         tioned highly esteemed institutes we came back                                        Steffi Wallenburger
                                                             an important role.                                        with fabulous agreements. Our group was most                                             Project Manager
                                                                                                                       warmly welcomed, we had time to introduce our                     Master of Business Administration (MBA)

                                                                                                                                                                                          praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
                                                                                                                                                                                         understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
    The Incredible India                                                                                         Yet more having to reach Jaipur we experienced
                                                                                                                 domestic Indian airlines. It’s no wonder we had
    A saying that it is better to see once than to hear                                                          to wait till “uncertainty time” having in mind men-
    a hundred times is the right saying when keep-                                                               tioned population numbers. Yet Jaipur attracted us
    ing in mind this country: INDIA. After visiting this                                                         as much as Mumbai did.
    country you start understanding the meaning of
    such frequently used phrases as “Land of Con-                                                                Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, is the capital
    trasts”, “Incredible India”, etc.                                                                            of Rajasthan state - India. Jaipur is considered
                                                                                                                 to be one of the best-planned cities with a lot of
    Keeping in mind our twenty-four-hours journey,                                                               famous forts, palaces and temples. Consequently
    the first impression of India was hardly definable.                                                          most of us had some free time spending in one of
    However we were lucky to have been welcomed                                                                  the most important fort in Jaipur – so called Am-
    by the very pleasant climatic conditions: not too                                                            ber Fort. The experience of riding elephants was
    hot, not too wet (monsoon period) but cool for         choose this city for the longest stay considering     something unforgettable for a long. At that point
    India.                                                 our team’s purpose of country’s visit.                others went bargaining on the main pedestrian
                                                                                                                 market lying across the Pink wall which surrounds
    Our further acquaintance with this country start-      Located on the west coast of India, Mumbai has        the main part of the city. This also is present in the
    ed in Mumbai. This fastest moving, most affluent       a deep natural sea harbor. The first thing visitors   minds of those who came back with many bags
    and industrialized City with a 19 million popu-        traditionally would see there is The Gateway of       of souvenirs and other novelties.
    lation welcomed us with the summer sun which           India. We were not an exception as during our
    was very different to what we left at home. The        short free time we left The Gateway to Elephanta      Agra is said to be a must while visiting India. Its
    face of the city both surprised and charmed a lot.     Island.                                               Taj Mahal is one of the most famous buildings in
    “Baby boom” which started there in 1970s had                                                                 the world, and named as one of the New 7 Won-
    a great impact to mentioned numbers as well as         In addition to what we already saw our team had       ders. Completed in 1653 A.D., the Taj Mahal is
    our surprise.                                          an opportunity to learn about Pune, called “the       believed to have been built by the King Shah Jah-
                                                           Oxford of the East”, and to visit one of its educa-   an as the final resting place for his beloved wife,
    Mumbai is rated as one of the world's top 10           tional institutions - Singhad Institute of Manage-    Mumtaz. Finished in marble, it is perhaps India's
                                                                                                                                                                          different things such as the inner peace of a city
    centers of commerce in terms of global financial       ment. There we were welcomed with the Indian          most fascinating and beautiful monument. This
                                                                                                                                                                          rich with culture, architecture and human diversi-
    flow. Mumbai is also the commercial and enter-         traditions as well as kind rector’s and students’     perfectly symmetrical monument took 22 years of
                                                                                                                                                                          ty. Both Old and New Delhi exerted a beguiling
    tainment capital of India, thus this fact made us      words.                                                hard labour and 20,000 workers, masons and
                                                                                                                                                                          charm on us. Walking in the labyrinthine streets of
                                                                                                                 jewellers to build and is set amidst landscaped
                                                                                                                                                                          Old Delhi you emerge into the wide open spaces
                                                                                                                 gardens. It was a long line waiting to get inside
                                                                                                                                                                          of imperial New Delhi, with its ordered govern-
                                                                                                                 the “Wonder” and it was fully crowded of locals
                                                                                                                                                                          mental vistas and generous leafy avenues.
                                                                                                                 and tourists when we got inside though this was
                                                                                                                 almost the most peaceful place we discovered in
                                                                                                                                                                          Almost forgot! Though it would be a sin. This
                                                                                                                 our time in India.
                                                                                                                                                                          paragraph could be called „Cross the street!” It
                                                                                                                 The last stay of our trip was Dehli which is the
                                                                                                                                                                          is something seemingly so common, but crossing
                                                                                                                 second-largest metropolis in India after Mumbai.
                                                                                                                                                                          any street in India is a true challenge. You find
                                                                                                                 Though in the beginning of stay in Delhi we expe-
                                                                                                                                                                          yourself dodging traffic and fearing for your life,
                                                                                                                 rienced some accommodation problems, finally
                                                                                                                                                                          but there a strange sense of pride and accom-
                                                                                                                 we found a nice guest house a perfect welcome
                                                                                                                                                                          plishment in knowing you have done it!
                                                                                                                 dinner with national and spicy Indian food.
                                                                                                                                                                          This is the way we see INDIA – a truly cosmo-
                                                                                                                 Delhi today is described as a cosmopolitan city
                                                                                                                                                                          politan megalopolis that left us thinking long after
                                                                                                                 due to the immigration of people from across the
                                                                                                                                                                          we have left.
                                                                                                                 country. Like many other large cities of the world,
                                                                                                                 Delhi suffers from urbanization problems such as
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jurate Stanslovaityte
                                                                                                                 pollution, traffic congestion. The latter was ap-
                                                                                                                                                                           and Ieva Zdanyte former BMS Erasmus students
                                                                                                                 parent and experienced by us perhaps twice a
                                                                                                                 day while going to and back from the meetings.
                                                                                                                 But getting behind the madcap façade you find

                                                                                                                                                                                    praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
                                                                                                                                                                                   understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
    Jet Airways                                          uled air carrier license in January 1994. The            Boeing 777 in the world. 76 aircrafts could be
                                                         first international operations started to Sri Lanka in   recorded in the year 2007. The average age of
    On November 26, only some hours after a long         2004. For most of the last 15 years Jet Airways          the fleet is at the present 4.37 years.
    journey from Germany via Helsinki to Mumbai,         has operated only as a domestic carrier and only
    we had our first appointment at the offices of Jet   since 2004 it has also been operating interna-           Jet Airways first began to place orders for pur-
    Airways India in the S.M. Centre. At this ap-        tional services. Now Jet Airways operates about          chase its own new aircrafts in 1995 and first such
    pointment we had the chance to get to know           355 daily flights to 44 destinations across the          aircraft was delivered in November 1997. Boe-
    the company of Jet Airways quite detailed. Our       country and about 13 international destinations.         ings are very traditional in Jet Airways’ fleet since
    group was welcomed by the top management of          In fact Jet Airways was the first private domestic       they had been the major and the most preferred
    Jet Airways and we were very glad and proud          Airline to operate also on international routes. Jet     ones in the past. Additionally it is to mention that
    that we got to know the Executive Director Saroj     Airways has a market share of 28% of the domes-          although Jet Airways already owns several Boe-
    K. Datta in person who shared with Naresh Goy-       tic Indian market. Thus, Jet Airways has a leading       ings, Airbus as well as ATRs, they still want to
    al the glorious moment when India’s most pre-        position in the Indian aviation market.                  increase their fleet to meet the future requirements
    ferred domestic airline was launched. We were                                                                 of an international airline.
    also happy to meet K. G. Vishwanath, Wolfgang        80% of the shares of the airline are owned by Tail-                                                               those kiosks at selected airports. That principle
    Prock-Schauer, Capt. K. Mohan and Nazneen            winds. It is the parent company which is owned           When Mr Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, the CEO                  facilitates a very easy check in for passengers.
    Gagrat.                                              by Naresh Goyal. The remaining 20% are free              from Austria arrived, we had the chance to learn         Another great system invented by Jet Privilege is
                                                         float.                                                   something about financing an airline – after all,        the Dynamic Tier Review (DTR) System which is
    First of all we were given some general informa-                                                              only just (in November 2007) they had ordered            completely unique to Jet Airways. It is a multi-cri-
    tion about Jet Airways by the Senior Management      Jet Airways is based at the Chhatrapati Shivaji          44 additional aircrafts. But how does Jet Airways        teria based tier assessment system which enables
    and later we were able to ask a lot of questions.    International Airport in Mumbai. Its major hubs          finance its fleet? We were informed that 50% of          to provide members of Jet Privilege with quicker
    Therefore we were informed that Jet Airways was      are in India. Besides Mumbai they are in Delhi,          the aircrafts are leased and the others are pur-         tier upgrades and more opportunities to retain
    incorporated as a Company on April 1, 1992           Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. The major                chased. Older planes are sold to aircraft leasing        their tier status.
    and was launched by Naresh Goyal, and started        hub in Europe is Brussels.                               companies.
    commercial airline operations as an “air taxi op-                                                                                                                      For the future Jet Airways wants to maintain the
    erator” on May 5, 1993 with a fleet of four Boe-     Jet Airways possesses the youngest fleet of Boe-         In 2007, Jet Airways introduced first class cabin        leadership position in the domestic market since
    ing 737-300 aircrafts. It was granted a sched-       ing 737 NG, ATR 72-500, Airbus A330 and                  service in the sky in its aircraft fleet for the first   it was already awarded as “The Best Domestic
                                                                                                                  time (on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft) by pro-          Airline” and “India’s Best Airline”. Furthermore,
                                                                                                                  viding luxury for the business men and first class       the airline wants to build as well a leadership
                                                                                                                  society. One can notice that by slogans such as          position internationally but it has still international
                                                                                                                  “The best way to fly to Singapore and onwards            competitors such as Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa,
                                                                                                                  to India.” or “Change the world to fly from Delhi        Air France, British Airways, Emirates and Delta.
                                                                                                                  to London.” Consequently the airline offers the          But that is not the biggest problem at all. Because
                                                                                                                  best standards by the first airline suite with ulti-     of the fact that India’s infrastructure is not well or-
                                                                                                                  mate privacy and luxury provided by a long first         ganized and there are even too many aircrafts in
                                                                                                                  class bed to arrive refreshed from those flights,        India airlines such as Jet Airways have problems
                                                                                                                  flat screen monitors, tables for diner available for     with parking lots for their aircraft since the market
                                                                                                                  two persons as well a massage system etc. Those          is overcrowded. That problem has to be solved
                                                                                                                  standards like providing laptops and telephones          and people must be aware of that fact.
                                                                                                                  for the business class, let Jet Airways have a lead-
                                                                                                                  ing position in the Indian Aviation Market since         On this first meeting we had the chance to learn
                                                                                                                  they offer the best of the best. Moreover, early in      something about dynamic and successful busi-
                                                                                                                  2007 Jet Airways refreshed its corporate identity        ness – something what India stands for. We left
                                                                                                                  and its brand mark, changing the brand of ser-           impressed on how this airline managed to shoot
                                                                                                                  vices and style by using international standards         up to No. 1 in India in only 15 years – and I am
                                                                                                                  as well as a touch of India in the design. A new         sure, that whenever we look at our letter stand of
                                                                                                                  check-in system - the “Kiosk check-in” - was intro-      Jet Airways on our desk, we’ll have this visit in
                                                                                                                  duced. It means that it is not obligatory to come        good memory.
                                                                                                                  to the airport some hours before boarding but
                                                                                                                  just check in whenever you want – either 45 min-                                                                 Peggy Jacobs
                                                                                                                  utes or 24 hours before flight departure and at                                                               LTM, 3rd Semester

                                                                                                                                                                                     praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
                                                                                                                                                                                    understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     National Stock Exchange                                                                                      country, and subsequently to the personal com-          change Traded Funds, Derivatives like Index
                                                                                                                  puters in the homes of investors and hand held          Futers, Index Options, Stock Futures and Stock
     Good morning India! If you are wondering why                                                                 portable devices for the mobile investors. It has       Options. The Exchange provides trading in three
     an efficient finance market is so important for the                                                          been encouraging corporatisation of member-             different segments videlicet: Wholesale Debt
     economy of India, this report from a visit to the                                                            ship in securities market. It has also proved to        Market segment, Capital Market segment, and
     National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) in                                                               be instrumental in ushering in scrip-less trading       the Futures and Options segment.
     Mumbai will explain it a bit better.                                                                         and providing settlement guarantee for all trades
                                                                                                                  executed on the Exchange. Settlement risks have                                                  Andreas Scharschmidt,
     Our day on Tuesday, 26th November, has start-                                                                also been eliminated with NSE’s innovative en-                                                        LTM, 9th semester
     ed early. Our first day in Mumbai has been busy                                                              deavours in the area of clearing and settlement vi-
     and the night was really short for those of us who                                                           delicet: establishment of the clearing corporation
     could not put off exploring the city any longer.                                                             (NSCCL), setting up a settlement guarantee fund
     The picture of India we had in our minds was                                                                 (SGF), reduction of settlement cycle, implement-
     to change completely time and again during this                                                              ing on-line, real-time risk management systems,
     trip. We were determined to see as much as pos-                                                              dematerialisation and electronic transfer of secu-
     sible. We learned to “Expect the unexpected”.          doorsteps of the investors. The technology has        rities to name few of them. In order to take care
     And after a night like this, the coffee at breakfast   been harnessed to deliver the services to the         of investor’s interest, it has also created an inves-
     was just not strong enough. We were supposed           investors across the country at the lowest pos-       tor protection fund that would help investors who
     to arrive at NSE at a quarter to 9 the next morn-      sible cost. It provides nation-wide screen-based      have incurred financial damages due to brokers’
     ing.                                                   automated trading system with a high degree           mistakes.
                                                            of transparency and equal access to investors
     The meeting at NSE has given us insight into the       irrespective of geographical location. The high       NSE provides a trading platform for of all types
     financial situation in India. It was very educa-       level of information dissemination through on-line    of securities for investors under one roof – Equity,
     tional for us to hear about the electronic stock       system has helped in integrating retail investors     Corporate Debt, Central and State Government
     exchange system. We have learned interesting           on a nation-wide basis. The standards set by the      Securities, T-Bills, Commercial Paper, Certificate
     facts about the work and tasks of the National         exchange in terms of market practices, products,      of Deposits, Warrants, Mutual Funds units, Ex-
     Stock Exchange. In order to present the impor-         technology and service standards have become
     tance of NSE, we shall provide you with some           industry benchmarks.
     general information.
                                                            Within a very short span of time, NSE has been
     NSE was incorporated in 1992 and was given             able to achieve all the objectives for which it was
     recognition as a stock exchange in April 1993.         set up. It has played a leading role as a change
     It started its operations in June 1994 with trading    agent in transforming the Indian Capital Markets
     on the Wholesale Debt Market Segment. Subse-           to its present form.
     quently it launched the Capital Market Segment
     in November 1994 as a trading platform for eq-         For over a decade it has been playing the role of
     uities and the Futures and Options Segment in          a catalytic agent in reforming the markets in terms
     June 2000 for various derivative instruments.          of market microstructure and in evolving the best
                                                            market practices keeping in the stockholders in
     The NSE is owned by a set of leading financial in-     mind. The Exchange is set up on a demutualised
     stitutions, banks, insurance companies and other       model wherein the ownership, management and
     financial intermediaries. It is managed by profes-     trading rights are in the hands of three different
     sionals, who do not directly or indirectly trade on    sets of people. This has completely eliminated
     the Exchange. The trading rights are with trading      any conflict of interest. This has helped NSE to
     members who offer their services to the investors.     aggressively pursue policies and practices within
     The Board of NSE comprises of senior executives        a public interest framework. NSE’s nationwide
     from promoter institutions and eminent profession-     automated trading system has helped in shifting
     als, without having any representation from trad-      the trading platform from the trading hall in the
     ing members.                                           premises of the exchange to the computer ter-
                                                            minals at the premises of the trading members
     NSE’s mission is to take the stock market to the       located in various geographical locations in the

                                                                                                                                                                                   praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
10                                                                                                                                                                                 understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     Citibank                                                                                                       ence on investment and overall growth. Moreover         Enterprises) segment and the third largest player
                                                                                                                    those limitations result in their innovative products   in the Transportation Industry. Corporate banking
     Mr. Sameer Chandra & Mr. Ashish Ranjan                                                                         being adopted by competition.                           is a segment in which Citibank has been present
                                                                                                                                                                            since 1902 and this long history and experience
     Citibank is a major international bank, founded                                                                The limitations are expected to be steadily re-         has lead to it becoming India’s largest Cash Man-
     in 1812 as the City Bank of New York, later                                                                    duced as the sector stabilises, starting in 2009        agement Bank, and amongst the largest foreign
     First National City Bank of New York. Citibank is                                                              with new reforms. Despite the operational limita-       exchange players. In the area of Investment Bank-
     now the consumer and corporate banking arm of                                                                  tions, Citibank has managed to establish a strong       ing Citibank provides a full service: Investment
     financial services giant Citigroup, one of the larg-                                                           position in the Indian market and offers a fully        Banking, Research, Sales & Trading.
     est companies in the world. As of March 2007,                                                                  comprehensive range of financial products and
     it is the largest bank in the United States by hold-                                                           services to a breadth of clients across the entire      The presentation has offered us a new perspec-
     ings. Its single largest shareholder is Prince Al-                                                             spectrum of the Indian economic landscape. The          tive on India’s economy, the banking sector as
     Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who has a                                                                    operations of Citibank can be divided into five         well as an overview on the living conditions and
     4.4% stake.                                                                                                    segments: Venture Capital/Private Equity, Con-          ideas about dealing with the problems occurring
                                                                                                                    sumer Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate            there. Despite our limited time and a bit of techni-
     Citibank has been present in India since 1902                                                                  Banking, and Investment Banking.                        cal problems, it has provided us with important
     and is at present one of the leading consumer                                                                                                                          information and has been one of the most inter-
     finance lender providing its customers best prod-                                                              In the first segment Citibank stimulates the growth     esting events during our Indian trip. We ended
     ucts and services. It is the single largest foreign     dia has been steadily opening its markets through      of new businesses with over 3 billion USD, be-          the meeting thanking Mr. Chandra and Mr. Ran-
     direct investor in the financial services industry in   economic reforms and reducing government               ing invested in over 50 listed and unlisted Indian      jan for their time and effort and presented them
     India. It has 39 Bank Branches, 475 Consumer            controls on foreign trade and investment. And          companies. A very large number of over 7 million        with the gifts we had brought from Mecklenburg
     Finance Branches and 443 ATMs. The customer             in 2006-07 the Indian economy is among the             Retail Clients are provided with a range of spe-        – Western Pomerania and Poland.
     base consists of 1500 Corporate, 2500 Small             fastest growing in the world, with a GDP growth        cial corporate employee products, over 3 million
     & Medium Enterprises and over 7 million Retail          rate of 9.4%. Between 1991 and the present             credit cards and 20000 home loans. Citibank                                                               Monika Weyer
     Clients.                                                the service sector has increased from 20-25% to        is a pioneer in providing institutional commercial                                                    BMS Erasmus student
                                                             50%. India seems to have skipped a whole step          banking services to the SME (Small and Medium
     All of the above mentioned facts make Citibank          on its way to development – the manufacturing
     India an extraordinary place to visit. It was the       economy.
     third appointment of our Indian trip. It took place
     oen Monday, 27th November on the 8th floor of           Despite the impressive development taking place
     a very impressive Bandra Kurla Complex in the           in India, poverty is still a big problem. The prog-
     south of Mumbai, where we were greeted by our           ress does not include all of society. In spite of
     hosts: Mr. Ashish Ranjan and Mr. Sameer Chan-           impressive economic indicators, there is still a re-
     dra, who was in charge of the presentation.             markable number of poor people and the gap
                                                             between the rich and poor is not getting smaller.
     When it became dimmer and the projector was             Making the growth include all of the society is
     the only source of light, our journey through the       one of the tasks Citibank focuses a lot of attention
     Indian history and economy began. For most of           and effort on.
     its post-independence history, India adhered to
     a quasi-socialist approach with strict government       One of the ideas introduced by Citibank is an
     control over private sector participation, foreign      interactive ATM, which identifies clients by bio-
     trade and foreign direct investment. Between            metrics. The ATMs are multilingual and guide cli-
     1950 and 1980 the annual growth rate stag-              ents through transactions, thus making the service
     nated around 3.5%, contrasting with the high            more accessible to uneducated, often illiterate
     growth rates of other non-Hindu Asian countries,        people.
     especially the East Asian Tigers, which led to the
     introduction of the unflattering term ‘Hindu rate of    Unfortunately, because of the cautious govern-
     growth’.                                                ment policy towards foreign banking investors,
                                                             even the renown banks with a long presence in
     Mr. Chandra pointed out that India has gone a           India, such as Citibank, are facing problems in
     long way since the 1980s. Ever since 1991 In-           opening new branches, which limits their influ-

                                                                                                                                                                                      praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
12                                                                                                                                                                                    understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     NORD LB                                                                                                          cal hero Suzlon are customers of Nord/LB. From        plained the tax registration and the reserve bank
                                                                                                                      the Asian center of the Nord/LB in Singapore the      registration. This is necessary even for a rep-of-
     Meeting with Dilip Umralkar, Head of the Rep.                                                                    Nord/LB has already built up a credit volume of       fice that does not generate its own income, as the
     Office and Ms Fabiola on Tuesday 27th Nov,                                                                       850 Mill. Euro and it is intended to create new       business is registered in Singapore. Nevertheless
     5.00P.M.                                                                                                         business of 500 mill Euro over the next five years.   it is an independent legal entity as for example
                                                                                                                      The confident opinion of Mr. Umralkar is that be-     the consulting business or the wages have to be
     Nord/LB had only opened their office a few                                                                       ing present in Mumbai with the new rep-office         taxed. Normally the whole process of registra-
     weeks before our meeting on Oct 30th 2007                                                                        will help stimulate the business.                     tion takes three to four months – in the case of
     and as I had been informed about this a few                                                                                                                            Nord/LB it was managed in just less than three
     weeks earlier I thought it would be a challenge                                                                  In its home market in Germany, which is Lower         months. At present the opening of a branch is
     to learn how to develop a bank in the dynamic                                                                    Saxony, Bremen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomera-           not planned – with branches in Singapore and
     surrounding of the Indian business.                                                                              nia and Saxony Anhalt as well as north-east Eu-       Shanghai and representative offices in Beijing
                                                                                                                      rope, it is the core business to support the sav-     and Mumbai the Nord LB feels well positioned in
     We left from Citibank in time to be early enough                                                                 ings banks and the enterprises of the regions, in     the Asian Markets. The market being bullish and
     for our meeting with Dilip Umralkar, the new                                                                     which the Nord/LB takes over responsibility as a      with a further opening of the markets he – Dilip
     head of the only a few weeks before established         India struggled out of abject poverty despite all        Landesbank – that is. To consult these home cus-      Umralkar – certainly has his visions for the future.
     representative office of Nord/LB. But the traffic of    political disruptions and famines. During this time      tomers, to forge links between them and Indian        But at the moment the rep-office must be consoli-
     Mumbai put a spanner in the works of our plans.         the Hindu growth rate of from 3% to 3 1/2 %              companies, to gather information and to be a          dated – and esp. with the market being bullish
     When our meeting was due and we were still              did not reflect the growth of the population as a        door opener for the customers of the Nord/LB in       a bubble must be avoided. Further steps ca be
     miles away from our meeting point I got nervous.        whole. Like other socialist countries at that time       both directions, that is Germany – India as well      considered, when the time is ripe.
     Having been educated in Hamburgische Landes-            India was finally internationally bankrupt. The          as India – Germany is a second major task of the
     bank being punctual was a matter of course. Try-        foreign exchange reserves were exhausted. In             office in Mumbai.                                                                      Prof. Dr. Patrick Moore
     ing to apologise on the phone I was relieved,           1991 the government of Prime Minister Nara-                                                                                         Professor for International Finance
     that Mr. Umralkar was stuck a in similar situation.     shima Rao as a reaction to this balance of pay-          Concerning the process of opening a represen-                                            and Capital Markets
     Finally though we were at our destination over an       ment crises started to divert from the path of so-       tative office there are several formal aspects to
     hour late – but I still am happy that Mr. Umralkar,     cialist development and introduced a process of          keep in mind – for example Mr. Umralkar ex-
     who was at our meeting point only a few minutes         economic liberalisation in India. This was (and
     late, had a fine grasp of our situation.                is) a fairly moderate process – banking business
                                                             is still under control of state banks and foreign
     He let us recover, and introduced himself in a          banks are rather limited in their possibilities. One
     very frank way. Having an engineering educa-            reason besides giving the domestic banking in-
     tion and later on an MBA in Bangalore, is of            dustry a chance to attain competitive structures is
     great help evaluating technical projects that re-       to avoid bubbles as they occurred in other emerg-
     quire bank financing. Having gathered banking           ing markets or countries in transition, esp. Russia,
     experience with the Bank of India and several           the east European countries – but also China. The
     other Indian commercial and investment banks is         currency is still not freely convertible. But the next
     a great advantage for the Nord/LB to have hired         steps of liberalisation are ahead, and with the
     him as head of the rep-office in Mumbai/India           opening of the representative office of Nord/LB
     in June – opening the office in November as the         in Mumbai the bank is preparing for these next
     second German Landesbank after the LBBW.                steps.

     To start off with, Mr. Umralkar gave us a short         Some aspects of the following discussion:
     introduction into the history of banking in India af-
     ter India’s independence in 1947. Until the early       What kind of business does Nord/LB intend
     90ies there were practically no private banks in        to do in India? For the time being the Nord/
     India. After gaining independence and after par-        LB intends to concentrate on pure B2B business
     tition, India, a country with millions of refugees,     in business fields where they have special know
     developed its own politically democratic, India         how. The bank has traditional strengths in ship-
     specific, socialist experiment. All private banks       financing, financing infrastructure, exports and
     were closed or nationalized with final legislation      renewable energies. The two market leaders in
     coming into effect in 1967. In four decades             India – Enercon from Germany and the Indian lo-

                                                                                                                                                                                      praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
1                                                                                                                                                                                    understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     Bajaj Allianz                                          India with a profit of Rs. (app.          Allianz managed to hold the lowest manage-             Elephanta Island
                                                            20.890.000 ¡) in 2006.                                  ment expenses-leverage to offer their products at
     Ms. Vinita Wadhwa & Mr. Vikrant Thakur                                                                         comparably low prices and paid much attention          After our visit of Bajaj-Allianz on 28th Novem-
                                                            The Indian insurance industry has developed             to quality management while offering many staff-       ber, we visited Elephanta Island, which is a small
     Bajaj Allianz and the liberalizing Indian Insur-       from a tightly regulated monopolized business           trainings for their rapidly increasing number of       island in the Arabian Sea located about 10 ki-
     ance Market                                            with only few private sector insurers to a more lib-    employees as well as a very customer friendly          lometers North-East of the Gateway of India. El-
                                                            eralized industry with market driven competition.       claims philosophy. For this philosophy of fast reac-   ephanta Island, one of Mumbai’s most popular
     On our third day in Mumbai, Wednesday the              After passing the Insurance Regulatory and De-          tion, prevention and satisfactory claim settlements    tourist center for both national and international
     28th of November, we had the great pleasure            velopment Authority (IRDA) Act of 1999 domestic         Bajaj Allianz also received the highest ranking        tourists, is approachable by ship, the crossing
     to visit the Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co.       private-sector companies were allowed to enter          iAAA by ICRA.                                          takes about an hour. Luckily our hotel was right
     Ltd. We arrived at ten o’clock with our rented bus     both life and non-life insurance business and fur-                                                             next to the landing place so that we were able to
     being nearly one hour early, because of wrong          thermore also foreign companies were allowed            The product and services spectrum of Bajaj Al-         easily walk there. When we had arrived on the
     traffic estimations. In spite of this, we were warm-   to participate, however only with a cap on share-       lianz is the broadest in the industry with prod-       island it didn’t take long until we met an inhabit-
     ly welcomed by Ms. Vinita Wadhwa, who had              holding at 26%. The IRDA controls the insurance         ucts ranging from health guard, overseas travel,       ant who offered us to take us on a guided tour
     organized the visit for us.                            industry which is divided into four major business-     burglary, cattle or event insurance to credit insur-   through the island and its caves. Due to the fact
                                                            es: life insurance, general insurance, reinsurance      ance, fire and motor as well as services like risk     that we were all interested to get some deeper
     After a short introduction about our group by Prof.    and brokers. The general insurance business is          analysis, safety audit and accident investigations     information, we accepted his kind offer. After
     Moore, Ms. Wadhwa introduced her colleague             again subdivided into public and private insurers.      only mentioning some.                                  we had climbed the 120 steps that lead to the
     Mr. Vikrant Thakur to the group. Mr. Thakur led us     The public insurers are “New India”, “National”,                                                               entrance of the caves, we were excited by the
     through a presentation about Bajaj Allianz and         “United” and “Oriental”. There are many private         Looking at the future Mr. Thakur mentioned that        great view on the coast of Mumbai, the sea, and
     the Indian insurance industry.                         insurers nowadays, among them of course Bajaj           India will have to tackle two of the major liber-      the monkeys living in the wild on the island. The
                                                            Allianz, “ICICI Lombard” the market share leader        alisation issues in order to overcome weaknesses       Mountain on the island is part of the Western
     Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Lim-           and as well as “Reliance” that is with 462 % the        in the industry, namely the prevalence of market       Ghats which are called “Deccan Traps”. The is-
     ited is a joint venture between one of the world's     fastest growing competitor. Furthermore the insur-      tariffs and the cap on foreign ownership.              land has two hills and the area roughly covers 8
     largest insurance companies, Allianz, SE and           ances can be classified as tariff or non-tariff prod-                                                          sq. kilometers.
     Bajaj Auto, one of the biggest two and three           ucts. Best selling insurance products on the Indian     After listening to such an interesting and compre-
     wheeler manufacturers in the world. Bajaj Auto         market are motor, fire and health insurances.           hensive presentation, we got the chance to have        Elephanta Island was known as “Gharapuri” in
     holds 74% and Allianz, SE holds the remaining                                                                  an intensive question and answer session with          the ancient literature. The first component de-
     26%. It is the most profitable private insurer in      In order to compete in this huge market, Bajaj          our two hosts. The groups’ main interests were         notes the Gharis or Guruvas i.e. the sudra priests
                                                                                                                    the differences of the Indian insurance products       of shaivite temple. The second “puri” denotes
                                                                                                                    compared to products offered on the German             town. Thus the word would mean “the town of
                                                                                                                    market and with which strategies insurance prod-       the Ghari-Priests”. In 1534 Portuguese landed
                                                                                                                    ucts are sold to the public in India. Mr. Thakur       on the island at Raj-Bunder. They saw a colos-
                                                                                                                    explained that one major advantage is the joint        sal elephant statue in the caves and named them
                                                                                                                    venture with Bajaj Auto, because they represent        as “Elephanta Caves”. The statue has now been
                                                                                                                    a known brand in the car industry in India and in-     removed to Jijamata Garde at Byculla (Mumbai).
                                                                                                                    habit a dense network of dealers and workshops         Unfortunately the Portuguese didn’t accept other
                                                                                                                    where the over 150 Bajaj Allianz offices could         religions so they destroyed the sculptures seri-
                                                                                                                    be located.                                            ously. Today the island has a local population of
                                                                                                                                                                           1600. Farming and fishing are the chief occupa-
                                                                                                                    At the end of our two hour visit Prof. Moore and       tions of the habitants.
                                                                                                                    I closed the meeting with special thanks to our
                                                                                                                    hosts Ms. Wadhwa and Mr. Thakur by handing             The cave temple is the main attraction on the is-
                                                                                                                    over the gifts we brought from Mecklenburg-West-       land. It is carved out of rock and has three open-
                                                                                                                    ern Pomerania. It was a very pleasant stay at Ba-      ings, one in the North, another in the East and
                                                                                                                    jaj Allianz in Mumbai and the given information        the third on the Western side. The Cave consists
                                                                                                                    made us curious about the future developments of       of a central hall and four aisles. It measures ap-
                                                                                                                    the Indian insurance market.                           proximately 48 meters. It is supported by rows of
                                                                                                                                                                           massive pillars which rest on the square base and
                                                                                                                                                     Annelie Biernat       have fluted shafts with bulging cushion capitals.
                                                                                                                                            BMS Student, 5th semester      Eleven sculptures can be found within the cave

                                                                                                                                                                                     praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
1                                                                                                                                                                                   understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     which are also carved out of the rock. The first        ishwar-Siva. The half of the body is feminine and     The “Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir”                    placed in the front. Here the whole community
     one is Shiva, shown as Nataraja, the king of            leans against the bull Nandi. The upper hands         Temple                                                 gathered to celebrate the “Sandhya Arati / Dar-
     dancers, performing his mystic dance of creation.       are holding a snake and a mirror. The fusion of                                                              shan” and to honour Krishna.
     Next to the first sculpture the Shiva Shrine can be     the male and the female bodies symbolizes the         Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare
     found. It is a plain cubical cell and has four doors    Divine unity, in which all opposites are resolved.    Hare                                                   The celebration was full of music and dancing
     facing the principal directions. On either side of      The next image is about “playing the game of          Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare                during which the community continuously chant-
     each door we see the figures of Dwarpala (God           dice” and shows Siva and Parvati. Siva has lost                                                              ed the Krishna mantra.
     of direction) or door-keepers standing majestical-      the game and is depicted in an angry mood. On         These 16 words of the so-called “Hare Krishna          Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare
     ly. They are eight in number. The third sculpture is    the Eastern opposite side of the Siva and Parvati     mantra” will remain deep in our minds reminding        Hare
     called Andhakasura Vadh or Siva as killer of the        panel, another panel depicts the powerful demon       us of the visit in the temple “Sri Sri Radha Gopi-     Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
     demon Andhaka. It is about four meters in height        king Ravana, a great devotee of Siva, trying to       nath Mandir” in Mumbai.                                The practitioners believed that the mantra brings
     having a crown with a skull, cobra and cresent          uproot Kailas, the abode of Siva. As one enters                                                              about a higher state of consciousness when
     over the forehead. Siva here is seen in a devastat-     through the Northern entrance there is the panel      The temple is a member of the “International So-       heard, spoken, meditated upon, or sung out
     ing form. His anger is visible in his swollen eyes      of Siva as the Lord of Yogis immediately to the       ciety for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)”, who         loud. It was a call for the god and his energy, a
     and grinding teeth and appears to have strong           left. Siva is shown sitting on a Lotus in a crossed   invited us on 26 November to participate in their      call to achieve his grace. Hare was the form of
     determination to vanquish Andhaka demon. He             legged position. The figure is badly damaged.         “Sandhya Arati / Darshan”, which is celebrated         addressing the energy of the god Krishna, while
     has eight arms which have been damaged. In              The last panel shows Matrika or the mother. Be-       every day from 7 pm. to 8 pm.                          Krishna and Rama, were names of the god, thus
     his arms he carries a long sword and possibly a         sides the main cave, there are a few other small-                                                            used to address him directly.
     trident. The bell shown in his third arm indicates      er caves without sculptures. All caves are under      But before the Arati started, the ISKCON devo-
     the toll of the demon’s wicket. In the forth left arm   protection of UNESCO and since 1987 World             tees guided us through their temple and made           The mantra was chanted not only during the daily
     and the right arm Siva hold Gajacharma or Ele-          Cultural Heritage.                                    us acquainted with history and basis of their re-      celebrations, but also during individual medita-
     phant’s skin to protect himself from the scorching                                                            ligion:                                                tions. As the devotees told us, they repeated it
     sun. On the opposite of this panel is a scene of                                           Jan Heberlein      ISKCON, which is also known as “the Hare               softly to themselves or internally within their mind,
     Siva’s marriage. His one hand rests on a thick                                          LTM, 3rd semester     Krishna movement”, was founded in 1966 by              while they touched a chain with wooden beads.
     scar, tied across his hips while the other one is ac-                                                         A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. The               For each bead, the devotees repeated the man-
     cepting Parvati’s right hand, what indicates that                                                             philosophy of the society is mainly based on two       tra. In order to keep the chain clean, it is kept in
     the actual marriage has not taken place because                                                               2000-year old scriptures: the Bhagavad-Gita            cotton bags, which are tied around the neck.
     she is supposed to occupy the left side after the                                                             and Srimad Bhagavatam. ISKCON devotees
     marriage. The next sculpture shows Gangad-                                                                    (Bhaktas) practice the so-called 'Bhakti yoga' (The    During the Arati a light on a plate is offered to
     hara-Siva. Above the head of him is Triveni, the                                                              Yoga of Devotion), wherein they dedicate their         Krishna as represented by the lordships on the
     confluence of the three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna                                                                 thoughts and actions to pleasing the Supreme           altar. The plate is said to acquire the power of
     and Saraswati. The next image of Mahesh-Murti                                                                 Lord, Krishna. In contrast to many other branches      the god. Then it is circulated to all practitioners,
     represents the supreme Siva with the calm central                                                             of Hinduism, one does not need to be born in a         who cup their down-turned hands over the flame
     face, the full sensuous lip resting on the chest of                                                           Hindu family to follow ISKCON’s philosophy.            and then raise their palms to their forehead. Thus,
     mighty proportions which is adorned by rows of                                                                                                                       their soul is purified; the blessing of the god is
     necklaces. The seventh sculpture shows Ardhanar-                                                              After a long and interesting conversation with the     passed to them and evil effects are ward off.
                                                                                                                   devotees of the temple, the “Sandhya Arati /
                                                                                                                   Darshan” started.                                      Additionally, next to the entrance, special sweets
                                                                                                                                                                          were offered to the devotees. These purifying
                                                                                                                   It was celebrated in a big and colourful room.         sweets, which were shown to Krishna before the
                                                                                                                   In the back and left of the entrance, there was        Arati, also helped to cleanse the soul.
                                                                                                                   a statue of the founder Prabhupada. Next to this
                                                                                                                   statue, a golden plastic of Prabhupada’s feet was      Following the celebration, ISKCON invited us for
                                                                                                                   placed. Immediately after they entered the room,       dinner to their restaurant next to the temple. This
                                                                                                                   all devotees lied down on the ground. Then they        was a delicious ending to the amazing experi-
                                                                                                                   bowed deeply in front of the statue and touched        ence in the temple.
                                                                                                                   the golden feet, to show Prabhupada their re-
                                                                                                                   spect.                                                                                Dana Hennings
                                                                                                                                                                           Baltic Management Studies former BMS student
                                                                                                                   Later the devotees turned to the altar consisting of
                                                                                                                   three lordships worshipping Krishna, which was

                                                                                                                                                                                    praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
1                                                                                                                                                                                  understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     Sinhgad Institute of Management                        He especially highlighted the strong company               One India lives in the optimism of our hearts. The      up at the sky and saying it's time to fly. Our time
                                                            between the students, the staff and the professors         other India lurks in the skepticism of our minds.       is now.“
     Director Dr. George Judah, Senior Director Ajit        to ensure a smooth study period and pleasant en-           One India wants. The other India hopes. One
     R. Tawde                                               vironment. You will certainly be delighted to hear         India leads. The other India follows.                   In addition, the wonderful opportunity to interact
     We had the great pleasure of being invited to          that this exactly matched with the philosophy of                                                                   with the Indian students was one of the highlights
     the Sinhgad Institute of Management (SIOM) on          the Fachhochschule Stralsund – University of Ap-           But conversions are on the rise. With each pass-        of our visit. We really enjoyed to talk about per-
     Thursday, November 29th, 2007. Since the insti-        plied Sciences.                                            ing day more and more people from the other             sonal impressions and to compare the Indian stu-
     tute is located in Pune we had to get up early in                                                                 India have been coming over to this side. And           dent life with our study experiences. It was inter-
     the morning – means at 4 a.m.                          SIOM has set precedence with its excellent aca-            quietly, while the world is not looking, a pulsat-      esting for us to learn something about how they
                                                            demic track record and unique teaching learn-              ing, dynamic new India is emerging.                     finance their study and how an Indian student life
     The city of Pune is known as the cultural capital      ing process. SIOM was established in the year              An India whose faith in success is far greater than     looks like. To keep this great experience in mind
     of Maharashtra State, and also the city of intel-      1994 with MBA Programmes. Now it has added                 its fear of failure. An India that no longer boycotts   we took a lot of pictures and we exchanged our
     lectuals. We could recognize that it is one of the     six more courses to its repertoire. (www.sinhgad.          foreign-made goods but buys out the companies           email addresses to keep in contact with the stu-
     fast growing Metropolitan cities as well as green      edu)                                                       that make them instead.                                 dents from the Sinhgad Institute of Management
     urban areas in the country. Pune has a population                                                                 History, they say, is a bad motorist. It rarely ever    in Pune.
     of about 4 million inhabitans.                         Sinhgad Institute of Management is located on              signals its intentions when it's taking a turn.
                                                            the vadgaon campus, which enjoys green sur-                This is that rarely-ever moment. History is turning     At this point – still deeply impressed by the over-
     We had a really exciting trip from Mumbai to           roundings and panoramic views beneficial for a             a page.                                                 whelming welcome and hospitality – we would
     Pune with a lot of challenges for the bus driver as    perfect learning environment.                                                                                      like to take the opportunity to thank Senior Di-
     well as Sagarikas familiy.                             The institute states itself that it is one of the better   For over half a century, our nation has sprung,         rector Ajit R. Tawde and especially the students
                                                            institutes at the moment but they want to be the           stumbled, run, fallen, rolled over, got up and          not only for the organization of this visit but also
     Sagarika’s mother and her brother were so kind to      best institute in the future.                              dusted herself and cantered, sometimes lurched          for the intercultural communication. We hope to
     help us organizing this appointment. Her brother                                                                  on. But today, as we begin our 60th year as a           have the opportunity to welcome you to Stralsund
     is studying at the Sinhgad Institute of Manage-        We also would like to mention that during the ap-          free nation, the ride has brought us to the edge        some day – hopefully this year!
     ment. Fortunately he picked us up at the city          pointment we had the great opportunity to inform           of time's great precipice.
     boundary of Pune. Not only the traffic but also        our Indian counterparts about the German educa-                                                                                  Maika Lehmann and Katharina Ploch
     a little issue because of a two meter high barrier     tion system, the Fachhochschule Stralsund – Uni-           And one India - a tiny little voice at the back of                                    BWL, 3rd semester
     in order to pass a bridge in comparison to our         versity of Applied Sciences as well as to deliver          the head - is looking down at the bottom of the
     bus - three meter high - we were one hour late.        a small lecture focussing on Pooling Financial             ravine and hesitating.The other India is looking
     However, this was not really an issue for our kind     Needs. Our MBA Project Manager, Steffi Wal-
     hosts at SIOM since everybody is pretty aware of       lenburger, and Prof. Dr. Patrick Moore were de-
     the traffic in India.                                  lighted to present those facts to their audiences.

     We finally reached the campus well and were            But also the Indian students were – to a large
     absolutely impressed by the overwhelming wel-          extend – involved. We greatly appreciated the
     come we experienced by Mr. Ajit R. Tawde, his          wonderful and emotional contribution of Sinh-
     involved colleagues as well as his wonderful stu-      gad’s students about their home country. There-
     dents.                                                 fore, we would like to mention what they said:

     Prof. Dr. Patrick Moore and Steffi Wallenburger        “There are two Indias in this country.
     were welcomed with marvelous floral wreaths            One India is straining at the leash, eager to
     and we all got the symbol for the sixth sense -        spring forth and live up to all the adjectives that
     which means a red dot on the forehead.                 the world has been showering recently upon us.
                                                            The other India is the leash.
     After a little fresh up with a typical Indian break-
     fast the Director, Dr. George Judah, warmly wel-       One India says give me a chance and I'll prove
     comed us to Sinhgad Institute of Management.           myself. The other India says prove yourself first
     This was followed by the fascinating speech of         and maybe then you'll have a chance.
     Mr. Ajit R. Tawde who informed us about the
     educational system and further emphasized the
     nice and familial atmosphere within the institute.

                                                                                                                                                                                         praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
20                                                                                                                                                                                       understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     Suzlon                                                We found out that Suzlon wants to become the                                                                 Sheraton
                                                           global leader for end-to-end power solutions and
     Finding companies in Mecklenburg-Western              achieve technological leadership with the best                                                               On 1st December, our second day in Jaipur, we
     Pomerania that do business in India can be quite      team in the wind industry. Furthermore Suzlon                                                                visited the 5-star Sheraton Rajputana Hotel. We
     a tough job. After contacting the local chamber       wants to become the No 1 choice for stakehold-                                                               would like to take this opportunity to thank Ni-
     of commerce there were serious doubts whether         ers with a high growth and high margin.                                                                      ranjan Singh, who so kindly and efficiently orga-
     we could find any businesses with connections to                                                                                                                   nized our visit.
     the new economic world power, India.                  Despite of obvious disadvantages as an Indian                                                                We arrived at the hotel at 11.30 a.m. and were
                                                           company in a market dominated by large Euro-                                                                 all given the opportunity to pose for photographs
     Eventually we got notice of an Indian compa-          pean players Suzlon Energy has had an impres-                                                                with one of the Hotels splendidly uniformed Por-
     ny having a subsidiary in Rostock. A company          sive development so far. Starting in the textile                                                             ters. This was followed by a warm welcome
     called Suzlon Energy Ltd. But please what would       business Tulsi Tanti, the present chairman and                                                               from Mrs. Benu Mishra, the Assistant Corporate
     an Indian company do in our state with nothing        managing director, faced problems with the ener-                                                             Manager and the Front Office Executive Mr. Arun
     but flat land and some coast line?? After some        gy supply for his factories. Eventually he decided                                                           Shoda. He was to be responsible for our tour
     short Internet research we knew that they were        to buy two wind turbines himself so he could be                                                              of the Hotel, a responsibility he discharged in a
     here exactly because of these attributes!             autonomous from the public energy supply. Being        Furthermore, as mentioned before they are will-       most entertaining and informative manner, which
                                                           inspired by the technology and confident that he       ing to become the technological leader in the         we very much enjoyed.
     What a surprise! Suzlon was the largest wind          would be able to do a better job than his suppli-      market with a staff reflecting the global focus of    The architecture of the Sheraton Rajputana - built
     turbine producer in Asia!                             ers he started off his own wind turbine business       Suzlon. The “Global Talent Management” in the         in 1992 - symbolises the royalty of Rajasthan and
                                                           in 1995. After taking over a couple of firms to        company is looking for the best employees in          is clearly a place of luxury and well-being. The
     A couple of months later we met Shailesh Ghor-        get the needed know-how he built up an all ser-        the field all over the world. Thus it was just the    exterior is built entirely in red brick. The Interior
     pade the head of Strategy and Planning and his        vice company in the field of renewable energies.       right thing to build up the Global Management         comprises long corridors surrounding special in-
     colleague Pratik Basu Roy responsible for long-       With a huge effort and a passion for the technol-      Headquarter in Amsterdam and the International        side courtyards. We began our tour on the Ex-
     term strategy and planning at their office building   ogy Tulsi Tanti managed to grow from a “Niche          Marketing Headquarter in Aarhus, Denmark and          ecutive Floor, where we looked at a room in the
     in Pune.                                              Player” to a “Global Player” within 10 years of        Country offices in over 15 countries including –      “Executive Club” category. To our fascination we
                                                           time. The successful IPO in 2005 made clear that       not to forget the Research & Development office       learned that this is the lowest category of the ho-
     After a warm welcoming we were introduced to          Suzlon is a strong company.                            in Germany and manufacturing plants in China,         tel. In this room it was interesting to see how In-
     the Suzlon vision for 2010.                                                                                  US and Belgium.                                       dian and Western furnishing styles were tastefully
                                                           Unlike its competitors, Suzlon is a company with                                                             combined. The next highest category is called
                                                           strong vertical integration thereby minimizing their   We thank Shailesh and Pratik and the staff at         “Rajputana Chambers”. The differences between
                                                           dependence on suppliers for the different parts of     the Suzlon office for giving us an insight into the   the two categories lie in the details, small, but
                                                           their turbines and producing most of the compo-        world of renewable energies and one of the            very important. Firstly the Rajputana rooms are
                                                           nents themselves. The acquisition of Hansen, one       global players in the business and wish the com-      slightly bigger; each room is equipped with a
                                                           of the major suppliers of Gearboxes to the WTG         pany further positive development.                    Master Electronics Control Device which allows
                                                           manufacturers, strengthened Suzlon’s backward                                                                the guest access and control with the minimum
                                                           integration theme to fuel its aggressive growth.                                        Martin Koppitz       of effort! All rooms are equipped with flat screen
                                                           The acquisition of the German wind turbine man-                                       BMS, 3rd semester      TVs. Hanging lamps at each bed side complete
                                                           ufacturer, REpower, was another forward step in                                                              these tasteful rooms. The next category, “Rajpu-
                                                           realizing the vision of Suzlon. The acquisitions                                                             tana Royale” belongs to the premium category.
                                                           strengthened Suzlon’s portfolio & made way                                                                   These Rooms exceeded our highest expecta-
                                                           for entry into the high potential offshore market,                                                           tions. They possess all the extras of the Rajputana
                                                           which is slated to be the next Big thing in the                                                              Chambers, and once again, it was the extra little
                                                           wind energy industry. This way Suzlon combines                                                               details that made the Room we visited perfect.
                                                           its in-house production with the technological ex-                                                           The flat screen TV was bigger and the Room was
                                                           pertise from group companies and will contribute                                                             more spacious. The Bathroom boasted two spe-
                                                           toward Global dominance of the Wind sector.                                                                  cial features. One was the so called “see through
                                                                                                                                                                        bathroom”, a little window which looks out of the
                                                           The future development of Suzlon Energy is based                                                             Bathroom into the main room. The second was a
                                                           on a variety of pillars such as being an end-to-                                                             separate toilet, within the bathroom, but having
                                                           end solution supplier doing everything from plan-                                                            its own door. The last room we looked at was
                                                           ning to building and maintaining the turbine sites.                                                          the “Presidential Suite”. We were informed that

                                                                                                                                                                                  praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
22                                                                                                                                                                                understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
                                                                                                                  Agra and the Taj Mahal                                  There are some nice photos, especially the group
                                                                                                                                                                          photos, but the feelings and the impressions of
                                                                                                                  On our trip through India we couldn’t miss Agra         this jewel of Muslim art with its filigree calligra-
                                                                                                                  with the Taj Mahal which is one of the best known       phy and stone inlays or carvings could not be
                                                                                                                  sights on earth. So our group planned to make a         captured.
                                                                                                                  one day stop in Agra.                                   The Taj Mahal complex with its magnificent
                                                                                                                                                                          mosque and guesthouse as well as quiet garden
                                                                                                                  In the morning we arrived in Agra by train. The         takes the visitor away from the noise and hectic of
                                                                                                                  train ride from Jaipur to Agra was already an           today’s life. Having experienced it for ourselves,
                                                                                                                  experience which no one of us wanted to have            it became clear why so many people come to
                                                                                                                  missed while travelling through India. There was        see and admire this masterpiece of the world's
                                                                                                                  so much to see on the way and so many different         heritage.
                                                                                                                  things to experience as for example the salesmen
                                                                                                                  in every train station we passed.                       When our group set off to see the other sights of
                                                                                                                                                                          Agra, we noticed that we had not enough time to
     we were very lucky to be able to view it, due          interesting display kitchen where barbecues and       When we arrived in Agra, our group noticed al-          see everything because all the places of interest
     to the fact that it is usually booked. The visit of    baked Indian breads are prepared and lastly           ready that Agra would be the most squirreling           were closing by sunset. Therefore the Agra Fort,
     this special room where, by the way, guests like       “The Jal Mahal”, serving Indian, Continental,         city on our tour through India. In Mumbai we            the Itamad-ud-Daulah or the Chini-ka-Rauza have
     Bill Clinton are not uncommon, was definitely the      Chinese and Rajasthani delicacies. On the way         have seen many taxis and in Jaipur an uncount-          to wait until our next visit.
     highlight of our tour. We started off in the Dinning   to the restaurants, we were invited to join in the    able number of tuk-tuks … but it was nothing com-
     room, which was beautifully appointed with many        dancing at a local wedding. We enjoyed this           pared with Agra! So many vehicles on the street         During the evening many of the students used the
     traditional and handmade features. The Bedroom         latter experience very much. In fact, it made our     combined with all the honking. The ride from the        time to take walks around on the markets or to try
     followed, which you can see here in the picture.       visit to the Sheraton Rajputana Hotel complete.       train station to the hotel in tuk-tuk was a truly un-   some more of the delicious Indian food. Some
     Connected to the bedroom, there is a small Fit-        We rounded off our tour with a visit to the Hotel     forgettable experience.                                 even took a quick look at an Indian wedding.
     ness Studio and Bathroom, which was amazing.           Health Club and were invited to the Chandravan-
     The Presidential Suite also has its own Kitchen        shi Pavilion for drinks and the opportunity to chat   As we checked in at the hotel, we made an effort        By the end of the day in Agra, we became con-
     and Study. The Suite boasts an outside Terrace,        with our tour guide. Mr Moore and I spoke to the      not to stay longer than necessary because every-        vinces that we needed at least two more days in
     nearly as big has the room, which overlooks the        General Manager Mr Sanjay Kirpal .                    body was eager to see the Taj Mahal - a love            order to see just a little bit of all the things which
     Central Courtyard and the Hotel Swimming Pool.         We want to thank the Sheraton Rajputana Hotel         story captured in stone.                                are to be seen there.
     Our next visit was to the three House-owned Res-       once again, for this most enjoyable and worth-
     taurants: firstly,”The Chandravanshi Pavilion”, es-    while meeting.                                        All the travel books speak about the beauty of the      And as we arrived in Agra by train so we left
     pecially renowned for the celebrated Dum Pukht                                                               Taj Mahal. The balance and symmetry, the grace          again by train in the early morning in order to
     cuisine and it’s round-the-clock-service, then “The                                     Hannah Gordon        and romance which present in this place for 350         discover a little bit more of the incredible India.
     Peshwari”, a traditional Indian restaurant with an                                     LTM, 3rd semester     years makes it perhaps the most beautiful building      Dehli was already waiting for us.
                                                                                                                  in the world. But there is a great difference be-
                                                                                                                  tween reading about it or looking at photographs                                                                  Joern Staack
                                                                                                                  and actually seeing the shiny mausoleum made                                                                  LTM, 3rd semester
                                                                                                                  out of the finest white marble with your own eyes,
                                                                                                                  when it is touched by the sunbeam, and feeling
                                                                                                                  the smooth marble on your finger tips.

                                                                                                                  The first noticeable thing was the silence, apart
                                                                                                                  from the voices of all the visitors, around the Taj
                                                                                                                  Mahal. No taxis, no tuk-tuks., no honking … just
                                                                                                                  a few rickshaws. It was nearly as if there was
                                                                                                                  something missing.
                                                                                                                  Already the first gate looked like a palace and
                                                                                                                  took us back in time. As we walked through it
                                                                                                                  and got closer to mausoleum many of the students
                                                                                                                  tried to capture its beauty with their cameras. To-
                                                                                                                  day, as we look back, we can say it didn’t work.

                                                                                                                                                                                    praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
2                                                                                                                                                                                  understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     GTZ India – Indo-German Technical                                                                            In India 48% of the produced power are losses         in clusters with modern facilities to care for toxic
     Cooperation                                                                                                  because of losses occuring during the production      emmissions.
                                                                                                                  due to low effiency of turbines, stolen energy or     This example was a very interesting one espe-
     On December, 4th, we visited the GTZ in New                                                                  technical losses which being a result of the lack     cially for us who were all concerned about the
     Delhi. Dr. Rolf Suelzer, the country director, spoke                                                         of cable isolation. In Europe we have losses of       environmental problems in India.
     to us about the GTZ as well as the work and                                                                  8.5% so India tries to reduce its losses by half.
     projects of GTZ India.                                                                                       For that purpose the German Federal Ministry for      The meeting at the GTZ in New Delhi was very
     In 1958 the technical cooperation between Ger-                                                               Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)            informative and an important experience for us
     many and India started. Since then 665 Mio Euro                                                              is providing 11.6 Mio Euro. The Indian Ministry       and helped us understand the Indian culture. We
     were spent as Technical Cooperation grants for                                                               of Power and the related industies have already       could raise our questions and, by that, learn for
     economic reforms, environmental projects, coop-                                                              invested 1.85 Mio Euro to be implemented in           example how the environmental awareness in
     erations in the health sector and energy projects.                                                           energy efficiency programmes. In 10 to 15 years       the public is raised since we did not experience
     The GTZ is a global player and service provider        ferent kinds of programs (priority areas) which are   India will need more power plants because more        it during our journey. Dr. Sülzer told us for ex-
     with offices worldwide. The GTZ – Deutsche Ge-         all oriented towards the following principals:        and more people need to get access to energy          ample that there are campaigns on the streets
     sellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH                                                                when the economy keeps growing as fast as             or in schools which show the importance of a
     was established in 1975 and is nowadays a              - joint management of value added, complex            nowadays and 50% of all Indians still have no         clean environment. But, as Dr. Sülzer said, this
     development partner for 126 countries with 67          programs with contributions from both sides but       access to power. 400 Mio people are living in         takes at least 3 years in the cities since a massive
     offices worldwide. For the technical cooperation       higher Indian contribution,                           villages and still use bio mass (cow pats) to pro-    involvement of the public is needed. Up till now
     projects on behalf of the German Federal Minis-        - stimulating and maintainung alliances as well as    duce the energy they need.                            the Indian government has selected 60 cities to
     try for Economic Cooperation and Development           national and international networks,                  Another example was given in the industrial and       become eco-cities. Because of these positive ini-
     (BMZ) the GTZ combines local know-how with             - cooperating in landscape advisory services in       urban environmental management. The GTZ of-           tiatives we can hope that India’s environment will
     international standards and is therefore realised      environmental management,                             fers advice to the Indian Ministry of Environment     recover in the future.
     for its professional work in advising, analysing,      - firm allignment with India’s 5-year Plan and        and Forests as well as the states with environ-       Last but not least we want to say thank you once
     implementing and transparency. The biggest is-         strong orientation towards high impact through        mental initiatives. The BMZ invests 13 Mio Euro       again. The meeting with the GTZ will be in our
     sue nowadays is to add values to what India or         regular monitoring                                    and the Indian site a total of 43 Mio Euro in vari-   memories for a long time and we will be watch-
     all the other developing countries are already do-     - piloting new standards, procedures and regula-      ous projects. They work for example on eco-cit-       ing India and its technical development with a
     ing – not to just equip them with techincal know-      tions as well as testing their effectinveness         ies which are cities that have green zones, clear     raised interest.
     how or provide financial aid.                                                                                water projects, and against hazardous waste
     The government owned GTZ finances itself from          The established networks are very complex as          disposal sites. Another project is to build eco-                                                              Angela Olejko
     BMZ commissions, commissions from other Ger-           many industries, institutes and European compa-       industrial parks which means locating industries                                                            LTM, 3rd semester
     man ministries and bilateral, multilateral and         nies are partners of Indian ministries. New stan-
     private sector clients. Reasons that nowadays          dards are set for example in the area of cleaner
     convince the German ministries to further support      production, public hearing and environmental
     technical cooperations with India are:                 audits, as well as saving of water.
     A- the money will not finance anything, that India
     could finance itself                                   There are 14 ongoing bilateral technical coop-
     B- only issues that have a global impact – such        eration programs which deal with energy, envi-
     as the climate – are financed                          ronment, sustainable economic development and
                                                            health. One ongoing sector program works on
     The Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) are for ex-      sustainable agriculture and information networks
     ample against child labour especially in the cot-      and two programs on reduction of emissions. Eight
     ton and rug production. But also companies like        PPP initiatives work, as the bilateral programs, on
     Faber Castell, Lidl and Tchibo are interested to       improvements in the energy, environment, sustain-
     show that their products are not made by chil-         able economic development and health sector.
     dren’s hands and follow standards.          Five more programs are coming up in the sector
                                                            of sustainable economic development and in the
     The Indo-German Technical Cooperation Projects         environment sector.
     work on 30 programs (including public private
     partnerships) with 184 people involved. India is       Dr. Rolf Sülzer gave us a few examples for part-
     implementing the goals that were set up together       ner contributions. One of them was the energy
     in cooperation with the GTZ. There are four dif-       efficency of India:

                                                                                                                                                                                  praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
2                                                                                                                                                                                understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     Ernst & Young                                                                                                 German Embassy New Delhi                               Mr. von Münchow Pohl told us about some social
                                                                                                                                                                          indicators. The poverty in India reached nearly
     We had the great pleasure of being invited to                                                                 We had the great pleasure of being invited to          50 % in 1950, but now it is has been reduced
     Ernst & Young on Tuesday, December 4th. There                                                                 the German Embassy in New Delhi on Thursday,           to around 24 %. The illiteracy rate is 35 %. We
     we met Mr. Andreas Flach, the head of German                                                                  December 6th.                                          were also told about the Indian caste system. Ev-
     Business Centre and Ms. Preeti Shrivastava, the                                                                                                                      ery Indian person knows which caste they belong
     executive officer.                                                                                            There we had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Dr.        to. There are huge differences between them. For
                                                                                                                   Bernd von Münchow Pohl. He is the Head of the          example, only the members of lower castes were
     After a short reception of Prof. Moore, he intro-                                                             Economic and Commercial Department. He gave            working with shoes, because shoes come in con-
     duced us to Ms. Preeti Shrivatava, who led us          tant problem are the cultural differences between      us a great overview on the relations between           tact with the ground which is dirty.
     through her presentation about Ernst & Young in        Indian and European people, but Mr. Flach told         Germany and India. He also demonstrated the
     India. This presentation included a lot of facts       us how to manage these. These challenges can           big differences and problems in India.                 Half of the Indian population is under the age of
     about Ernst & Young.                                   be dealt with as long as one remembers some                                                                   25. The highest growth potential is in the IT, Auto-
                                                            rules: the most important thing is to respect other    Delhi is the second-largest metropolis in India, af-   mobile, Textile, Pharmacy, Finance and Biotech-
     Ernst & Young is one of the “BIG 4”, with 7 main       cultures. The second part is “learning by doing”:      ter Mumbai, with a population of 13 million and        nology sector. But India has “time bombs“, the
     offices in the metropolis of India from Delhi (Gurg-   “It is not the problem to make mistakes, if you are    with an extended metropolitan population of al-        water problem and the infrastructure. The ground-
     aon) to Bangalore. Ernst & Young India operates        prepared to learn!”                                    most 22 million. Located in northern India on the      water table in the South of Delhi sank every year
     in 4 main Service lines:                                                                                      banks of the River Yamuna, Delhi has the political     about 1.5 meters.
     • Global Tax Advisory Services,                        Ever since the opening for foreign investments in      status of a federally-administered union territory     All in all our appointment at the German Embassy
     • Risk Advisory Services,                              1999 the Indian Service market has been grow-          known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi.      was very delightful due to an agreeable ambi-
     • Transaction Advisory Services and                    ing very fast, Mr. Flach told us. Now, 8 years         A constitutional amendment in 1991 gave Delhi          ence and a nice and interesting presentation. We
     • Business Advisory Services.                          later, the industrial segment is growing as fast as    a special status among the Union Territories.          felt close to home for a short moment. Moreover,
     In those operation fields there are a lot of smaller   the service sector: 10% in 2006. So it seems                                                                  our team felt very comfortable during the whole
     projects, where local Banks are involved. But big      that India has skipped industrial revolution and       In the future India’s population will surpass the      meeting. Therefore on behalf of the whole group I
     Billion dollar deals would be made by foreign          became directly a service economy. This trend          Chinese population. In 1991 India has declared         would like to thank Dr. Bernd von Münchow Pohl
     banks like Citibank or American National Bank.         harbours the risk that there are not enough quali-     bankruptcy. They hypothecated their own gold re-       that he made this appointment possible.
                                                            fied people to employ. In the wake of this, the        serves to London. That was a huge psychological
     Ernst & Young co-operate with a lot of German          salary degreases by 30% every year and the em-         shock for the nation, because normally the gold                                                              Michael Brand
     global players and helps them to be a part of          ployees change their jobs every 4 months to earn       jewellery is the house bank of every family. But                                                           BWL, 7th semester
     the enormous growth in India. The list of those        more money.                                            ever since this point India has had a highly visible
     companies is long, for example Siemens since                                                                  economic revival every year. India is a booming
     1906, DHL, Daimler, BASF and many more. The            The Indian economy is the second fastest grow-         country.
     most interesting part is automotive app. Diesel        ing economy in the world, after China, and the
     Cars; closely followed by the chemical industry        Indian people prefer German brands, so it is very      The BIP is over 1 Billion US$ and the per capita
     especially the pesticide market. On third place        interesting to join this high performing market for    income amounts to 724 US$. The share of agri-
     you can find the financial services with Bajaj/Al-     German companies. But there is another big prob-       culture in the BIP sank about 18 % but the service
     lianz as a famous representative. As a last huge       lem at the moment: the foreign profit taxes. When      sector has risen to about 55 %. The Indians are
     sector you could find the delivery services like       one wants to transfer money to one’s headquarter       spending the most of their money on groceries.
     DHL or Deutsche Post.                                  they have to pay an enormous tax for the profit
                                                            you earned. But India is a country of changes, so
     In the Germans Business Center India are 160           also a tax reform is planed in the next years.
     German employed in 40 Offices. They are con-           At the end Mr. Flach informed us about his work
     fronted with the task of building bridges between      experiences in India. In the beginning it is an
     India and Germany, at first between the members        enormous adjustment to live in a completely differ-
     of Ernst & Young and second between the compa-         ent culture, but with a good attitude, it will be an
     nies. Most of the German companies are located         awesome experience to see the enormous power
     in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. It is complicat-       of the people and the changes of this country.
     ed to find Investors for the east of India, because
     the governments in these districts (for example                                          Christian Huth
     Calcutta) are not really investment-friendly, so it                                    BWL, 7th semester
     is very risky to enter these areas. Another impor-

                                                                                                                                                                                    praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
2                                                                                                                                                                                  understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     Nokia Siemens Networks                               The representative office in Gurgaon was built
                                                          two years ago at that time it was the only sky-
     Mr. Ashish Gupta                                     scraper in this area. Mr. Gupta told us, that there
                                                          was a barren land where now is a high techno-
     Intercultural communication at a global player       logical industrial area which shows the pulsating
                                                          movement of India’s economy.
     On December 5th our group was given the pos-
     sibility to visit Nokia Siemens Networks in Gurg-    To understand the way of Indian thinking Ashish
     aon in the south of New Delhi. We enjoyed a re-      Gupta confronted us with a problem: You are in
     ally warm welcome by Mr. Ashish Gupta (Partner       a perilous situation, where your family is at risk to
     Manager) who told us to expect the unexpected        drown and only you can swim to the coast. The
     when visiting India. This is how the appointment     challenge is, that you can save only one person
     began and it was the introduction for an interac-    and you have to decide, whether you want to
     tive presentation containing cultures, outsourcing   rescue your mother, your child or your spouse.
     and education in India as main topics, as well as
     information about the company in general.            An interesting result was that most of us chose
     Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) is a telecom-           the child. The explanation of Mr. Gupta was that
     munications solutions supplier which was created     exactly this answer is typical for European think-
     as the result of a merger (by means of a joint       ing. We lay a big value on the future, whereas
     venture) between Siemens AG's COM division           Americans tend to choose the spouse and focus
     (minus its Enterprise business unit) and Nokia's     on the present and Asians pick the mother, be-
     Network Business Group. Nokia Siemens Net-           cause their past and heritage is more important to
     works began full operations on 1 April 2007 and      them. He explained to us that most Asian use this
     has its headquarters in Espoo, Greater Helsinki,     aspect in their management style. This includes a
     Finland, while the West-South Europe headquar-       main focal point on teamwork, the frequent use
     ters and three of its five divisions are based in    of the “we” form and group decisions. According         The typical shake of the head does not mean             During the visitation of the building, we were very
     Munich, Germany. The Services division is based      to Mr. Gupta saying “No” is very unkind in India        anything- yes, no, maybe in general you have to         impressed by the interior design which supports
     in India.                                            and Indians will go to great lengths to avoid ne-       read between the lines, this applies to business        the teamwork and interaction of the employees,
                                                          gations.                                                meetings as well. In a role-play about asking a         because there were mostly open-plan offices.
                                                                                                                  friend for loan he clarified the difference between     Additional facilities like a gymnasium with pro-
                                                                                                                  German and Indian conversation.                         fessional trainer, single private rooms for short
                                                                                                                                                                          private phone calls, several cafeterias, a room
                                                                                                                  Another main topic was education in India. Sur-         equipped with huge flat-screen TV’s show that
                                                                                                                  prising for us was the fact that children start nurs-   NSN sets a high value on the work-life-balance
                                                                                                                  ery school in the age of 4 and have to pass a           of their employees.
                                                                                                                  performance test, which seems to be very chal-
                                                                                                                  lenging – for both the children and their parents.      The visit of NSN was an important milestone in
                                                                                                                                                                          our schedule and very inspiring. Mr. Gupta built
                                                                                                                  In addition to that the Indian education system is      a bridge that enabled us to cross the river of un-
                                                                                                                  very firm due to the fact that the economy needs        derstanding into Indian culture and created an at-
                                                                                                                  highly qualified working force. In India it is very     mosphere of trust that made us feel very comfort-
                                                                                                                  difficult to avoid a high fluctuation of staff, be-     able. We gained a lot of knowledge and new
                                                                                                                  cause in general people, mainly young profes-           insights from the meeting.
                                                                                                                  sionals, change their job frequently because they
                                                                                                                  are being poached. According to the high eco-           Thank you very much!
                                                                                                                  nomic growth of 9.6% in 2007, companies like
                                                                                                                  NSN need many new employees. IBM for ex-                                         Silke Leitow and Anett Dallgass
                                                                                                                  ample recruits 1000 people every month for their                                               LTM, 3rd semester
                                                                                                                  working force. Outsourcing is a corresponding
                                                                                                                  strategy to solve the problem of shortage that is
                                                                                                                  used by NSN.

                                                                                                                                                                                    praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
30                                                                                                                                                                                  understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     Indian Institute of Foreign Trade                       these courses in the online Executive Manage-
                                                             ment Programme.
     Director Shri K.T. Chacko, Dr. Ravi Shanker
     On Wednesday the 5th of December 2007 we                The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) was set
     had the opportunity to meet with the Indian Insti-      up in 1963 by the Government of India as an
     tute of Foreign Trade in New Delhi.                     autonomous organisation to help professionalise
                                                             the country's foreign trade management and in-
     Delhi is the second-largest metropolis in India,        crease exports by developing human resources
     after Mumbai, with a population of 13 million           - generating, analysing and disseminating data
     and with an extended metropolitan population of         and conducting research. The Indian Institute of
     almost 22 million. Located in northern India on         Foreign Trade is being constantly ranked as one
     the banks of the River Yamuna, Delhi has the po-        of the top ten schools of business in India.
     litical status of a federally-administered union ter-   During the presentation we were impressed to
     ritory known as the National Capital Territory of       hear that the institute receives more than 40.000
     Delhi. A constitutional amendment in 1991 gave          applications every year. However, only 120 stu-
     Delhi a special status among the Union Territo-         dents in Delhi and 60 students in Kolkata can be
     ries. Delhi has its own legislative assembly with       accepted for the MBA in International Business.
     limited powers.                                         That is certainly an outstanding number which un-
                                                             derlines the high quality and expertise provides
     Delhi is one of the oldest continually inhabited cit-   by the Institute as well as the appreciation among
     ies in the world. Having been the capital of sev-       the global labour market.
     eral empires in ancient India, Delhi was a major
     city in the old trade routes from northwest India to    The IIFT also offers a part time MBA course since
     the Gangetic Plains. During the British Raj, New        the majority of students rather prefers to work dur-
     Delhi was built as an administrative quarter of         ing the week and to study at the weekend. By no
     the city.                                               means, that trend is a global one.                     After the speech of Dr. Ravi Shanker the Director      and knowledge base. The IIFTians do have any
                                                                                                                    of IIFT, Mr. Shri K.T. Chacko, was so kind to give     undoubted edge, in this sphere.” (K.T. Chacko,
     The visit of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade,     IIFT has a successful record not only in the area      a short introduction. Mr. Chacko holds a Mas-          Director, IIFT)
     which is located in New Delhi, was our second           of teaching but also as far as internationaliza-       ters Degree in economics from the University of
     appointment at this day. At 2 p.m. we were              tion is concerned as it provides international net-    Kerala and was awarded three gold medals for           The appointment went on with the lecture given
     warmly welcomed by Dr. Ravi Shanker.                    works with other leading universities world-wide.      obtaining first rank in the State. He further gained   by Dr. Biswajit Nag referring to the topic “Dis-
                                                             By that, students have the great opportunity to        the degree ‘Master in Public Administration’ from      covering the new India”. By that we were able
     Dr. Ravi Shanker has been working with IIFT since       assemble theoretical knowledge into practical          Harvard University.                                    to get a profound insight into life and work in
     1999. He is currently working as Chairperson            experiences, to get to know other countries and                                                               India. Dr. Biswajit Nag provided interesting facts
     and Professor of Marketing at the Indian Institute of   thus, to learn and live intercultural management.      During September 2004 to October 2006 Direc-           about India and highlighted in particular three
     Foreign Trade. Dr. Ravi Shanker teaches courses         In the case of Germany we learned that IIFT has        tor Shri K.T. Chacko held the crucial assignment       successful branches as well as its implications for
     on Marketing Management, Services Marketing             an academic collaboration with the Pforzheim           of being the Director of General Foreign Trade,        the economy. We would like to express our sin-
     and Marketing Strategy at IIFT. He also provides        University of Applied Sciences.                        Ministry of Commerce and Government of India.          cere thanks to Director Shri K.T. Chacko, Dr. Ravi
                                                                                                                    He has joined IIFT as Director in March 2007.          Shanker and their kind colleagues for this great
                                                                                                                                                                           insight into the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.
                                                                                                                    We were pleased to get detailed information            Furthermore, we would like to thank Dr. Biswajit
                                                                                                                    about the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and        Nag for the interesting lecture.
                                                                                                                    its excellent reputation in business and sciences.
                                                                                                                    To meet the global challenges is - as far as we        We greatly appreciated the unique opportunity
                                                                                                                    are concerned - perfectly emphasized by the            to enhance our educational, intercultural and per-
                                                                                                                    following statement: “The role and relevance of        sonal perception. Thank you very much for this
                                                                                                                    Business Education with special focus on inter-        appointment, your effort and hospitality.
                                                                                                                    national business is getting more significant day-
                                                                                                                    by-day. The challenges and opportunities in the                          Maika Lehmann & Katharina Ploch
                                                                                                                    area of international trade in goods and services                                      BWL, 3rd semester
                                                                                                                    and cross-border investments demand new skills

                                                                                                                                                                                     praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
32                                                                                                                                                                                   understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
     SAP                                                  establishing a new hub risks get diversified for                                                                  at SAP. To make new employees feel part of the
                                                          instance, if political problems arise in the south                                                                company a six month lasting formal mentorship
     “Creating knowledge. Driving innovation. Achiev-     the north is not necessarily affected. A benefit for                                                              program was introduced, starting with the entry
     ing results. At SAP Labs, it's what we do every      employees in Bangalore arises if they have family                                                                 date of the recruit. Employees receive further train-
     day.”                                                near Delhi and they can move to them. Not least                                                                   ing every year. The average number of training
                                                          with a branch in the north potential and existing                                                                 days in 2007 was 13.78 per employee. As an
     On December the 6th we had the opportunity           customers can be served better. And of course in                                                                  internal research has shown SAP India handles
     to visit an outstanding German company, which        the National Capital Region many customers are                                                                    human resource problems quite successful: 90%
     is the world’s leading provider of business soft-    situated.                                                                                                         of Indian employees were proud to work for SAP.
     ware*. SAP applications range from distinct so-                                                                                                                        In addition the success is reflected by awards
     lutions addressing the needs of small business-      Subsequently Mr Suraj Sudhi gave us insight into         strong intercultural skills will be well positioned to   such as the “Employer Branding Awards 2007”
     es and midsize companies to suit offerings for       the complex way a product takes until it can be          be the next generation of business leaders.              the company received.
     global organisations and are used by more than       delivered to the customer. The whole process is
     43,400 customers in more than 120 countries.         divided into four comprehensive phases: Idea-            The final presentation at SAP was hold by Mr             Subsequent to the presentations we had the pos-
     The company has subsidiaries in more than 50         to-Market, Demand-to-Close, Order-to-Cash and            Nithyanandh Dayalan about attracting and re-             sibility to talk to the German development project
     countries and operates SAP Labs in eight coun-       Delivery. The actual product development takes           taining talents which he started with a little joke      manager Ralf Dielschneider who was working
     tries. Germany’s Lab is the largest Research & De-   place in the first step which starts with a clear def-   to describe the situation in India:                      for SAP in Germany and now joined the Lab in
     velopment as well as Global Services & Support       inition of the new solution. For the development                                                                  Gurgaon. Before our visit came to an end we
     centres followed by India.                           SAP often uses knowledge of different Labs and           A human resource manager walks along the                 were invited to a site tour where we could feel
                                                          then deployment can start by innovation and field        beach and finds that an old bottle has washed            the good working atmosphere. We had the luck
     For a better understanding of the reasons why        trials. The market strategy is developed within the      ashore. When he opens it a very wan Genie                to see a theme day at SAP. The idea came up
     SAP performed so successfully in India we ar-        Idea-to-Market phase, but dealt more compre-             snakes out and talks to him:                             by employees, who decided to dress in the typi-
     ranged an appointment with the SAP Lab in Gur-       hensively in the Demand-to-Close phase. Order,           Genie: I'm a very weak genie, so I can only grant        cal Bollywood style for one day. At the end of
     gaon, which currently has approximately 500          license and invoice management are done in the           you one wish--it had better be easy if you want          the day it was V.R. Ferose’s task to decide which
     engineers and is slated as the future growth cen-    Order-to-Cash phase as well as services billing.         me to do it.                                             team dressed up best.
     tre in India. Here we were warmly welcomed by        Finally, the product is delivered and includes sup-      HR Manager: I wish world peace in some coun-
     managing director V.R. Ferose and his team. He       port and maintenance of the product.                     tries. I can show you on this map.                       Finally, we would like to take the opportunity
     is working with SAP since eight years and has                                                                 Genie: That's a little hard, give me something           to thank V.R. Ferose, Suraj Sudhi, Rohit Gupta,
     recently relocated from the German headquarters      Intercultural aspects were not without cause pre-        easier.                                                  Nithyanandh Dayalan, Ralf Dielschneider and
     to Gurgaon, where he targets to manage strong        sented by Mr Rohit Gupta. His parents are from           HR Manager: Alright, I wish that people who ap-          the rest of the team for their hospitality, time and
     growth by hiring best people and brand SAP in        India but he grew up in the US and visited a col-        ply for a job will stay in the company.                  efforts invested to prepare such pleasant presen-
     the north of India.                                  lege in Japan for few years. SAP’s diverse work-         Genie: World peace it is, please show me the             tations for our group. Our visit at the SAP Lab in
                                                          force of about 100 nationalities communicates            map again.                                               Gurgaon definitely enriched our excursion.
     Ferose outlined why SAP should grow further in       by email, instant messaging, blogs, wikis, web
     India. The most obvious points are the low (la-      conferences, phone and face-to-face. Mr Rohit            Because of frequent job changes of the employ-                                                                 Franziska Ahrens
     bour) costs and a great pool of high skilled as      Gupta told us that the latter is very important but      ees in India, strengthening of the employee loyal-                                                            BMS, 5th semester
     well as on IT specialised workforce. However         admittedly gets underused very easy. Therefore           ty is of high importance. Hence SAP focuses on a
     other reasons do exist such as the good ecosys-      one should keep in mind: if one has the choice           comfortable work environment and offers spacious
     tem. SAP has strong partners, like IBM and Tata,     between over- and under communication it is bet-         workstations, conference rooms, gyms, shuttles as
     as well as intense partnerships with universities.   ter to over communicate. Mr Gupta gave further           well as outdoor cafeterias to its employees. For a
     The Lab in Gurgaon started its operations on         hints for successful intercultural communications.       friendly working atmosphere events like employee
     11th November in 2006. Today it is located on        It will be always of advantage to listen carefully,      kick-offs, B-days, sport contests or theme parties
     three floors with 90,000 feet altogether, but soon   regularly ask for re-confirmation on what was un-        take place on a regular basis. Moreover atten-
     a change of building will be necessary due to        derstood and to be descriptive for instance by us-       tion needs to be paid to a careful selection of
     the fast growth. But why was Gurgaon selected        ing examples as needed. He concluded his pre-            new employees. Till the third quarter of 2007 the
     as new growth centre? The city is located in the     sentation by some final thoughts concerning the          SAP Lab in Gurgaon received 69,755 job appli-
     National Capital Region of India which involves      company’s value, which should represent com-             cations of which SAP made 1,292 an offer and
     high costs. Thus SAP has four times higher costs     mon values shared by employees across differ-            finally 921 (1.32%) joined the company. These            (*) Business software is defined by SAP as comprising en-
     for real estates here than in Bangalore where        ent locations and support the overall philosophy         are 0.38% less than in 2006. The whole recruit-          terprise resource planning and related applications such as
                                                                                                                                                                            supply chain management, customer relationship manage-
     the Indian headquarter is located. Nevertheless      of promoting diversity. Due to the rapid globali-        ing process starting with the arrival of the CV until    ment, product life-cycle management and supplier relation-
     advantages outweigh the disadvantages. By            sation of business, in the future employees with         the final decision takes approximately 21 days           ship management.

                                                                                                                                                                                       praxis verstehen – chancen erkennen – zukunft gestalten
3                                                                                                                                                                                     understanding reality – facing challenges – creating future
                                                                                                                                                                                                          DRE080037_85x130_4c_OFFSET                  21.02.2008          14:32 Uhr   Seit

     Finnair PLC                                                Finnair is operating 64 aircrafts and the majority
                                                                of its fleet consists of medium-sized Airbus A320.
     On December 7, 2007, after a long journey                  The company also operates several Embraer air-
     from India, our team arrived at Helsinki Vantaa            crafts to increase flexibility and decrease costs.
     Airport, where we had the chance to listen to
     a very profound presentation about the Finnair             Continuing with the field of aircraft purchasing
     company.                                                   Mr. Manu Visuri pointed out that Finnair owns 34
                                                                aircrafts while the remaining airplanes are nor-
     The facility visit started at 7 am and was sched-          mally leased on a ten year basis. Finnair even
     uled till 9 am. During this time Mr. Manu Visuri,          utilizes Japanese Operation Lease to profit from
     member of the fleet management, informed us                depreciation benefits. The company owned air-
     about Finnair’s history and its present situation          crafts are mainly financed by bank loans from
     by putting emphasis on the company’s fleet man-            different financial institutions.
     agement and aircraft financing. Finally, Mr. Visuri
     gave us an insight into Finnair’s “Vision 2017”.           Further insights into the “Vision 2017” revealed
                                                                that Finnair will use Helsinki’s geographical posi-
     Finnair was founded in 1923 and is at the pres-            tion and to gain more air travellers in interconti-
     ent time Finland's largest airline and flag carrier        nental traffic from the Northern Hemisphere. In
                                                                addition, Finnair wants to expand its international                                                                                              Das Bessere ist der Feind des Guten. (Voltaire)
     with headquarters located in Vantaa, Finland.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Positive Entwicklungen sind kein Zufall, sondern das Ergebnis
     The main hub is situated at Helsinki-Vantaa Air-           destinations to Asia and India.                                                                                                                  von Wissen, Erfahrung und Know-how – und vor allem der
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 gelungenen Verbindung dieser Bereiche. Das verstehen wir
     port.                                                                                                                                 Anzeige_190x160:Layout 1   29.05.2007   16:15 Uhr   Seite 1           unter guter Beratung.
                                                                All in all our appointment at Finnair was very de-                                                                                     
     In 2007, the airline will transport approximately          lightful due to an agreeable ambience and a very
     10 million passengers, on a network of 15 do-              interesting presentation. Moreover, our team felt
     mestic and 55 international destinations. In its “Vi-      very comfortable during the whole meeting since
     sion 2017” the company underlines its proposi-             we were received with open arms and treated
     tion to strengthen its presence in the Asian market        respectfully, at all times.
     with the expansion of further destinations around
     Asia. On account of its short, eco-efficient and                                                       Markus Klingbeil
     comfortable connections, Finnair is already the                                                       BMS, 3rd semester
     third largest European carrier in Japan and Asia.
     India offers Finnair new opportunities to take part
     in one of the fastest growing economies.

     With regard to Finnair’s fleet policy Mr. Visuri in-           . . . wir machen uns
     formed us that the company has one of the most
     modern European fleet with the average age of                     krumm für sie
     its European fleet below four years. In addition,

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