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Substitution of Attorney Criminal San Diego Federal Court - Download as PDF


Substitution of Attorney Criminal San Diego Federal Court document sample

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									         Crime Awareness Newsletter
Volume 99-10                                                                                July, 1999
 Courtesy of the
 Department of Defense                                                       Retirement Benefits
 Office of the Inspector General                                          An indictment was returned
                                                                       in U.S. District Court, Los An-
 Defense Criminal Investigative Service                                geles, CA, charging Judith A.
 Central Field Office                                                  Lazear with 17 counts of theft
                                                                       and embezzlement and 3
                                                                       counts of submitting a false
                                                                       statement to an agency of the
 To receive this newsletter          fense (DoD). An investigation
                                                                       United States. An investiga-
 electronically e-mail requests to   revealed that all repairs were
                                                                       tion disclosed Lazear al-
 40SL@dodig.osd.mil. You can         actually performed by TCMG,
                                                                       legedly continued to receive
 download this and past editions     which is not an authorized
                                                                       Federal retirement benefits
 of the newsletter and the Adobe     FAA repair station. Among
                                                                       destined for George E.
 Acrobat Reader ver. 3.0 at          the “overhauled” antennae
                                                                       Thomas, a former U.S. Ma-
 www.desc.dla.mil/main/d/            were antennae for which no
                                                                       rine Corps veteran, for eight
 home_g.htm. This newsletter is      overhaul procedure exists. It
                                                                       years after Thomas’ death.
 based on press releases and         is further alleged that TCMG
                                                                       The funds were electronically
 public information.                 and the Coffees conspired to
                                                                       deposited into a bank ac-
                                     sell obsolete avionics anten-
                                                                       count established as a trust
        Indictments                  nae by falsely representing
                                                                       for Thomas and held jointly
                                     the antennae to be the latest
                                                                       by Lazear, his daughter.
     Product Substitution            model. The antennae sold by
                                                                       Lazear allegedly failed to no-
   Indictments were returned         TCMG have applications on
                                                                       tify the Government of
 against Thomas Coffee,              commercial and military air-
                                                                       Thomas' death in 1990, then
 Naomi Coffee, Bradley Cof-          craft. The direct financial im-
                                                                       received and converted to her
 fee, Jeramy Coffee and The          pact on the DoD has not yet
                                                                       own use over $100,000 re-
 Centerville Marketing Group         been determined. The North-
                                                                       ceived from the Defense Fi-
 (TCMG). Each was indicted           east Field Office (FO) is con-
                                                                       nance and Accounting Ser-
 on 10 counts of alleged illegal     ducting the investigation
                                                                       vice (DFAS) through mid
 conduct involving conspiracy,       jointly with the Federal Bu-
                                                                       1998. Lazear also signed
 mail fraud, wire fraud, traffick-   reau of Investigation (FBI)
                                                                       and submitted certificates of
 ing in counterfeit parts, and       and the Department of Trans-
                                                                       eligibility to DFAS on behalf
 aiding and abetting. The Cof-       portation (DOT).
                                                                       of Thomas as late as 1997,
 fees and TCMG allegedly
                                                                       thus contributing to the belief
 conspired to sell avionics an-
                                                                       Thomas was still living. The
 tennae represented as being
                                                                       investigation further disclosed
 overhauled by a Federal Avi-
                                                                       Lazear was previously ar-
 ation Administration (FAA)
                                                                       rested in 1997 by the Los An-
 authorized repair station in
                                                                       geles, CA, Police Department
 accordance with the manu-
                                                                       (LAPD) for stealing over
 facturer's instructions, some
                                                                       $80,000. According to LAPD
 of which were eventually re-
                                                                       records, Lazear illegally re-
 sold to the Department of de-

                                                                                          Page 1
ceived her father's retirement    interview after his arrest in      funded (FMF) contracts to
checks from the LAPD, also        May 1999, Drew admitted            Taiwan and Greece. In ac-
via electronic wire transfers,    stealing approximately             cordance with a plea agree-
for about seven years after       $50,000 worth of military          ment between the U.S. Attor-
Thomas died. The LAPD re-         property from the MARB over        ney and Litton Industries, In-
tirement funds were to cease      the previous year. Many of         corporated, Litton agreed to
immediately on Thomas’            those thefts occurred after he     plead to the three criminal
death. Lazear received pro-       was discharged from the            counts, pay $16.5 million in
bation for that offense and is    CANG in October 1998. The          criminal fines and $2 million
currently making restitution      Western FO is conducting the       in investigative costs. This
payments to repay those           investigation jointly with the     criminal settlement is the
funds. The Western FO is          Detective Bureau of the            largest in the history of the
conducting the investigation      Riverside County Sheriff's Of-     Central District of California.
with investigative support        fice and the Air Force Office      The Civil Division will attempt
from the DFAS "Operation          of Special Investigations          to ecover the $16 million in
Mongoose" and the Defense         (AFOSI).                           prohibited commissions
Manpower Data Center.                                                charged to FMS and FMF
                                                                     contracts by Litton. The Long
             Larceny                                                 Beach RA conducted the in-
   Edmund G. Drew was ar-                                            vestigation jointly with the In-
rested in connection with the                                        ternal Revenue Service (IRS),
issuance of a felony warrant                                         the FBI and the Naval Crimi-
based on a complaint filed by                                        nal Investigative Service
the Riverside County District                                        (NCIS).
Attorney’s Office. The com-
plaint charges Drew with nine          Illegal Commissions                      Kickbacks
counts of grand theft and            A three-count criminal infor-     William Harrell, president,
three counts of burglary. This    mation was filed against Lit-      San Diego Marine Piping, In-
is the second arrest of Drew,     ton Applied Technology Divi-       corporated, pled guilty on be-
a former sergeant in the Cali-    sion and Litton Systems            half of the company and him-
fornia Air National Guard         Canada, Ltd., for conspiracy       self to conspiracy and paying
(CANG). He was first appre-       to defraud the U.S. Govern-        kickbacks on Government
hended in May 1999, as a re-      ment and to impede the law-        contracts. An investigation
sult of search warrants exe-      ful functions of agencies of       disclosed Harrell paid kick-
cuted during a joint investiga-   the United States; causing a       backs to Loyd Dean Stanley,
tion into allegations Drew        false statement to be made to      former employee of Pacific
stole thousands of dollars        the United States and mail         Ship Repair and Fabrication,
worth of U.S. military equip-     fraud. Litton allegedly failed     Incorporated, San Diego, CA,
ment from the March Air Re-       to disclose the use of foreign     in order for San Diego Marine
serve Base (MARB), Moreno         sales representatives who re-      and Piping to receive subcon-
Valley, CA. A large quantity      ceived prohibited commis-          tracts aboard U.S. Navy
of items previously identified    sions on the sale of Litton De-    ships. The San Diego RA
as having been stolen from        fense articles. The informa-       conducted the investigation.
the MARB was seized during        tion identified $16 million in
execution of the warrants, in     alleged prohibited commis-                  Health Care
addition to other items possi-    sion payments charged by             Luis Felix Hidalgo Martinez
bly stolen from private com-      Litton on foreign military sales   (also known as Luis Hidalgo
panies. During a voluntary        (FMS) and foreign military         and Felix Hidalgo), McAllen,

                                                                                         Page 2
TX, pled guilty to one count of                   Extortion           ern FO conducted the investi-
mail fraud. Using the names                 Dennis Seiler, Dana       gation.
Luis Hidalgo, M.D., and Felix             Point, CA, pled guilty to
Hidalgo, M.D., Hidalgo, a                 one count of extortion.           Excise Tax Evasion
Mexican national not licensed             Seiler is a former non-        Frank Smithhart pled guilty
to practice medicine in Texas,            destructive test (NDT)      to one count of conspiring to
submitted numerous false                  engineer for Votaw          defraud the U.S. Govern-
claims to the Tricare Manage-             Precision Technologies      ment. Between February
ment Activity (TMA) and to                (Votaw), Santa Fe           1995 and January 1998,
other private insurance com-              Springs, CA. In late        Smithhart participated in a
panies throughout the United              1998, Seiler contacted      conspiracy that included the
States. The claims, which                 the DCIS and claimed        purchase of large quantities
ranged from $1,250 to $4,500              to have documentation       of untaxed surplus military jet
and were filed under the                  about improper NDT          fuel and other surplus military
same false Social Security                inspections by Votaw        fuels (approximately 500,000
Number, reported Hidalgo                  regarding the U.S. Air      gallons) from various DoD
had provided medical ser-                 Force Titan Launch Ve-      military installations in and
vices to a number of patients             hicle. Seiler met with      around Los Angeles and San
located primarily in Florida.             DCIS agents and             Diego, CA. The conspirators
When interviewed, those pa-               claimed to have three       falsely represented to U.S.
tients reported never having              boxes of documents to       military contractors that the
met Hidalgo and never having              support his allegations.    surplus fuels would be sold to
received medical services                 On December 10,             non-retail companies for recy-
from him. To further the                  1998, Seiler contacted      cling and refining, then sold
scheme, Hidalgo set up vari-              Votaw officials and         the untaxed surplus fuels to
ous "mail drops" and received             claimed to be working       various retail stations as mo-
payments at those locations        with the DCIS on an investi-       tor fuel and falsely repre-
in the form of checks and          gation into improper NDT in-       sented that all taxes on the
drafts from the various insur-     spections by Votaw on the Ti-      fuel had been paid. The con-
ance companies. He subse-          tan Launch Vehicle. Seiler         spiracy further included creat-
quently withdrew monies from       told Votaw management he           ing fraudulent delivery tickets,
those banks, either in cash or     was capable of "derailing the      invoices and other docu-
by electronic means                investigation" and would do        ments that did not reflect the
(automated teller machines),       so if Votaw paid him six           true contents, origin and des-
from Mexico. The San Anto-         months salary ($28,000). He        tination of the fuel, as well as
nio Post of Duty (POD) con-        also agreed to give the three      failing to report the collected
ducted the investigation           boxes of documents to Votaw        motor fuel excise taxes to
jointly with the U.S. Postal In-   in exchange for the money.         state and Federal revenue
spection Service and the           On December 14, 1998, a            authorities, as required by
Texas Department of Insur-         DCIS agent, posing as a            law. The San Diego A con-
ance.                              Votaw employee, met with           ducted the investigation
                                   Seiler to receive the alleged      jointly with the IRS.
                                   documents in exchange for
                                   the $28,000. The echange                    Contract Fraud
                                   was made, Seiler was ar-              William C. Strothers, former
                                   rested and has been in cus-        owner/general manager, Har-
                                   tody, being held without bail,     ris McKenzie Corporation
                                   since the arrest. The West-        (HMC), Pittsburgh, PA, pled

                                                                                          Page 3
guilty to one count of provid-    rested by agents of the DCIS             Sentences
ing a false statement to the      and the U.S. Marshals Ser-
DoD. In May 1994, Strothers       vice. The Pittsburgh POD                     Data Theft
was charged with falsely rep-     conducted the investigation          DeLorme Publishing Com-
resenting and certifying HMC      with the U.S. Marshals Ser-       pany, Incorporated, doing
as a manufacturer of sugar        vice.                             business as DeLorme Map-
products on three Defense                                           ping, pled guilty in U.S. Dis-
Personnel Support Center                Diversion of Funds          trict Court, Fayetteville, NC,
(DPSC), Philadelphia, PA,           John H. Matherly, president     to submitting false statements
contracts totaling approxi-       of The Enfield Corporation,       to the DoD. Subsequent to
mately $683,000. The              pled guilty in U.S. District      acceptance of the plea, De-
DPSC, since renamed the           Court, Savannah, GA, to mail      Lorme Mapping was sen-
Defense Supply Center             fraud and making a false          tenced to pay an $80,000 fine
Philadelphia, is a major con-     statement. An investigation       and $700,000 in civil dam-
tracting authority for the DoD.   disclosed Matherly submitted      ages. Between 1987 and
Strothers certified HMC as a      claims in connection with the     1996, DeLorme Mapping had
small disadvantaged busi-         receipt of over $188,000          various contracts with DoD
ness (SDB) and a “newly en-       while performing on contracts     components. Between 1987
tering manufacturer” enabling     for the DoD, the U.S. Depart-     and 1991, DeLorme Mapping
HMC to receive a 10 percent       ment of Agriculture (USDA)        received Defense Mapping
evaluation preference for the     Forest Service and the South      Agency (DMA) sensitive digi-
awarding of contracts. Under      Carolina Air National Guard.      tal data products, including
contractual regulations, busi-    Matherly falsely certified to     Digital Terrain Elevation Data
nesses bidding for supplies       the Government that he was        (DTED), as Government Fur-
as a SDB must perform work        using these funds to pay sub-     nished Material for use in
for at least 50 percent of the    contractors and suppliers         completing the various con-
cost of manufacturing the         when, instead, he diverted        tracts. These various DoD
supplies, not including the       the Government money for          contracts funded the develop-
cost of the materials. In re-     his own private gain. The         ment of data sets for Korea
sponse to a DPSC solicitation     Jacksonville POD conducted        and the Persian Gulf region,
for 92,160 bags of granulated     the investigation with the U.S.   using the DTED. The DTED
sugar, totaling $345,600,         Army Criminal Investigations      is a limited distribution soft-
Strothers represented that        Command (USACIDC) and             ware product controlled by
HMC would perform on this         the NCIS.                         the National Imagery and
contract at a facility in Union                                     Mapping Agency (NIMA). Be-
City, IN. Actually, Strothers                                       tween 1990 and 1996, De-
knew another business in an-                                        Lorme Mapping made 36
other place would perform on                                        sales involving data sets con-
this contract. Strothers de-                                        taining the DMA DTED.
frauded the DoD by establish-                                       These transactions involved
ing HMC as a “front” com-                                           various DoD components, the
pany for the purposes of ob-                                        intelligenc community, and
taining contracts that were                                         the Department of Energy
set-aside for SDBs. From                                            contractors. Attendant to
May 24, 1994 until April 27,                                        many of those transactions
1999, Strothers evaded ar-                                          were DeLorme Mapping li-
rest. On April 27, 1999,                                            censing agreements that mis-
Strothers was located and ar-                                       represented the nature and

                                                                                       Page 4
ownership of the DTED con-        ist at the Defense Information   of Base Engineering Require-
tained in some of the data        School, Fort Meade, MD,          ments (SABER) contract at
sets sold by DeLorme Map-         submitted false claims in con-   Langley Air Force Base
ping. DeLorme Mapping’s           nection with her permanent       (AFB), VA, Kruse awarded all
plea was based on false           change of duty station reloca-   electrical subcontract work,
statements within DeLorme         tion from Fort Benjamin Harri-   as well as heating, ventilation
Mapping’s software licensing      son, IN, to Fort Meade, MD.      and air conditioning subcon-
agreement under contract          Those claims subsequently        tract work, to Eastern, a com-
F33600-92-C-0217. This            resulted in the receipt of       pany in which he was a part-
contract paid for supplies and    $15,266.40 in fraudulent         ner. Kruse also provided gra-
services that included CD-        travel payments. Darling re-     tuities to a Government offi-
ROM data sets of the Persian      tired from her Government        cial n charge of supervising
Gulf region and Korea. The        position in October l996. The    the SABER contracts. Those
Persian Gulf and Korea data       Mid-Atlantic FO conducted        gratuities, valued between
sets were developed under         the investigation.               $10,000 and $20,000, in-
prior DoD contracts, and in-                                       cluded the installation of
corporated DMA DTED. De-                Conflict of Interest       three central air conditioning
Lorme Mapping misrepre-             Carl William Kruse, Jr., a     and heating units at two prop-
sented the development and        general partner in Eastern       erties owned by the Govern-
ownership of the DTED con-        Electric Company (Eastern),      ment official, a jet ski and jet
tained in DeLorme Mapping         Hampton, VA, was sentenced       ski trailer. The Norfolk RA
License Agreement 1-143           to 24 months incarceration,      conducted the investigation
dated July 9, 1992. This soft-    followed by 3 years super-       with the FBI and the AFOSI,
ware was purchased for the        vised probation; ordered to      with audit assistance from the
Special Operations Forces         pay $544,560 in restitution, a   Defense Contract Audit
Command located at Fort           $25,000 fine and a $200 spe-     Agency (DCAA).
Bragg, NC. The Mid-Atlantic       cial assessment fee for one
FO conducted the investiga-       count each of providing kick-        Relocation Expenses
tion with assistance from the     backs and gratuities. Starting      Abigail Evangeline Greene,
NIMA Office of General            in early 1992 and continuing     a management analyst for the
Counsel.                          through late 1997, Kruse         Defense Logistics Information
                                  made approximately 57 mon-       Service (DLIS), Battle Creek,
                                  etary payments totaling          MI, was sentenced to 17
                                  $544,560 and two noninterest     weeks home detention, 12
                                  bearing loans totaling           months probation, to pay
    Relocation Expenses           $240,000 to an officer of Sys-   restitution of $4,820, a $1,000
  Sheryl A. Darling, Sarasota,    tems Engineering & Energy        fine and $300 in special as-
FL, was sentenced in U.S.         Management Associates, In-       sessments. Greene was pre-
District Court, Alexandria, VA,   corporated (SEEMA), Hamp-        viously convicted on three
to 4 months home confine-         ton, VA. In return, Kruse re-    counts involving false claims,
ment (with electronic monitor-    ceived favorable treatment in    mail fraud and making a false
ing), 2 years supervised pro-     connection with subcontracts     statement to a Federal agent.
bation and to pay $15,266.40      for Eastern relating to prime    In May 1997, Greene trans-
in restitution. Darling previ-    contracts entered into be-       ferred from the U.S. Army
ously pled guilty to making       tween SEEMA and the Gov-         Tank and Automotive Com-
false claims to the U.S. Gov-     ernment. While acting as the     mand, Warren, MI, to DLIS.
ernment. Darling, a former        project manager for SEEMA        She subsequently filed for re-
instructional systems special-    on the Simplified Acquisition    location reimbursement ex-

                                                                                       Page 5
penses of approximately           sessment. The Lipoffs previ-       pound of meat purchased
$5,000 with DFAS, St. Louis,      ously pled guilty to 1 count of    from Butler. From September
MO, claiming her spouse and       conspiracy to defraud the          1995 to December 1995, Mc-
their two children had con-       United States, 3 counts of fil-    Namee received bribes total-
temporaneously accompa-           ing a false tax return, 25         ing $3,643. In addition, be-
nied her in the relocation.       counts of mail fraud, 10           tween 1992 and 1995, kick-
The investigation determined      counts of bribery of a public      backs of $111,000 were paid
Greene’s family members did       official, and 1 count of sale of   to five Thriftway Supermarket
not join her in Battle Creek,     misbranded meat. In a re-          meat managers. The Lipoffs
MI, until weeks later. In addi-   lated case, David Choroser,        also paid cash salaries to
tion, at various times through-   Rydal, PA, was sentenced to        themselves and a number of
out her temporary quarters        2 years probation and to pay       Butler’s employees, to in-
subsistence expense period,       a $75 special assessment for       clude Choroser. These cash
Greene checked out of her         selling misbranded meats           salaries were not reported on
subsistence lodging and re-       and filing false tax returns.      tax returns filed with the IRS.
turned to a previous resi-        Choroser was involved in           The Lipoffs and Choroser
dence in Detroit, MI, for         several schemes along with         also knowingly relabeled low-
overnight stays. Greene then      his brothers-in-law and co-        grade meat and sold it as
claimed she had continued         owners of Butler, the Lipoffs.     higher grade meat to attain a
her lodging and submitted         The Lipoffs devised a              higher profit from the sale.
claims for Government reim-       scheme in which they paid          The Northeast FO conducted
bursement. The Chicago            bribes to Government officials     the investigation jointly with
POD conducted the investiga-      and kickbacks to commercial        the FBI, the IRS and the
tion.                             customers in exchange for          USDA.
                                  the purchase of meat from
                                  Butler. Specifically, the
                                  Lipoffs paid $.05 to Henry
                                  Gaiters, former meat man-
                                  ager of McGuire AFB Com-
                                  missary, for every pound of
                                  meat purchased from Butler.
           Kickbacks              The expense was recovered
   Lawrence Lipoff and Steven     by inflating the price charged
Lipoff, owners of Butler          for the product, which in-
Foods (Butler), a meat distri-    creased the cost to the
bution company in Philadel-       Govenment. The contract
phia, PA, were sentenced as       value of meat purchased by
a result of a kickback scheme     McGuire AFB from Butler              Worker’s Compensation
relating to the sale of meat      from 1992 to 1995 totaled ap-        Albert L. Asrouch, Jr., Min-
products. Lawrence Lipoff         proximately $6 million. From       neapolis, MN, was sentenced
was sentenced to 1 year of        1989 to 1995, the monthly          to 6 months confinement, 5
home confinement, 5 years         bribe payments to Gaiters av-      years probation and ordered
probation, a $10,000 fine and     eraged about $2,500. The           to pay $59,816 in restitution
a $2,000 special assessment.      Lipoffs also paid bribes to        and a $100 special assess-
Steven Lipoff was sentenced       Frank McNamee, Gaiters’ re-        ment fee. Asrouch previously
to 60 days imprisonment, 5        placement as meat manager          pled guilty to submitting false
years probation, a $10,000        at McGuire AFB Commissary.         statements to the Govern-
fine and a $2,000 special as-     McNamee was paid $.03 per          ment. Asrouch, a former em-

                                                                                        Page 6
ployee of the U.S. Air Force      tems and Engineering, Incor-       through June 15, 1996,
Reserves, 934 Tactical Air        porated (ACS), Virginia            Howard falsely certified she
Group, Minneapolis, MN, also      Beach, VA, and the Govern-         was the spouse of Kim
agreed to forfeit any entitle-    ment wherein ACS will pay a        Howard and submitted, or
ment to further Federal em-       total of $40,000 for alleged       caused the submission of 29
ployee compensation. As the       violations of the False Claims     TRICARE/CHAMPUS reim-
result of a reported lower        Act. The settlement resolves       bursement claims for medical
back injury, Asrouch received     ACS' potential civil liability,    services she received. The
Federal Employees Compen-         without admitting to the alle-     Chicago POD conducted the
sation Act (FECA) benefits.       gations. An investigation de-      investigation.
On three occasions, Asrouch       termined ACS allegedly sub-
submitted false certifications    mitted false claims for pay-               Falsified Costs
to the Department of Labor to     ment under a U.S. Navy con-           Duroyd Manufacturing
receive FECA Office of Work-      tract that were based on false     Company, Incorporated
ers’ Compensation Program         test reports for defective fiber   (Duroyd), and John Pimentel,
(OWCP) benefits. Between          optic cable installed by the       former president of Duroyd,
September 1993 and April          company at Fort Gordon, GA,        were found civilly liable for
1997, Asrouch received over       and Fort Eustis, VA. The           statutory and nonstatutory
$81,331 in tax-free benefits.     fiber optic cable was to be        damages of $640,983.72. In
During this time, Asrouch cer-    used by the U.S. Army to up-       May 1987, Duroyd and Pi-
tified he had not been in-        grade its Sustained Base In-       mentel were convicted of
volved in any business enter-     formation System. The ACS          knowingly providing false
prise, but an investigation re-   also allegedly mischarged in-      subcontracting costs when
vealed Asrouch had been ac-       direct labor as direct labor for   negotiating a 1982 fixed price
tively involved in a family-      a clerk typist under the con-      U.S. Army contract, then sub-
owned snowplowing business        tract about the November           sequently submitting false
since 1993. OWCP benefi-          1994 and May 1995 time-            and fraudulent documentation
ciaries are required to report    frame. The Norfolk RA con-         to the Government to cover
any kind of employment and/       ducted the investigation with      up the initial fraud. As a re-
or changes in their health.       the NCIS and with DCAA au-         sult of that conviction, Duroyd
The projected lifetime savings    dit assistance.                    was fined $70,000 and Pi-
to the Department of the Air                                         mentel was sentenced to 3
Force could have exceeded                  Health Care               years imprisonment. The
$1,245,409 if Asrouch had re-        Deborah Kay Howard, Bat-        contract awarded to Duroyd
mained on the OWCP peri-          tle Creek, MI, entered into a      was for the manufacture of
odic rolls for the next 25        consent judgment with the          metallic and nonmetallic
years to age 70. In January       U.S. Attorney’s Office, West-      hardware kits for the 155mm
1999, Asrouch agreed to pay       ern District of Michigan,          ADAM artillery shell. The
the United States a $2,000        Grand Rapids, and will pay         New York Resident Agency
civil settlement. The Min-        $5,511 relating to false claims    (RA) conducted the investiga-
neapolis POD conducted the        she submitted to TRICARE/          tion.
investigation.                    CHAMPUS. On April 24,
                                  1995, Howard divorced her
  Civil Settlements               spouse, Kim A. Howard, a re-
                                  tired U.S. Navy veteran,
        Falsified Tests           ceasing her entitlement to
  A civil settlement was          TRICARE/CHAMPUS bene-
reached between ACS Sys-          fits. From April 24, 1995

                                                                                        Page 7
                                      San Francisco, CA            Honolulu, HI
                                      Comm: (510) 637-2965         Comm: (808) 541-2590
                                      Telefax: (510) 637-2972      Telefax: (808) 541-3609
                                      E-Mail: 50sf@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 50hi@dodig.osd.mil

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                                      Denver, CO                   Indianapolis, IN
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                                      Comm: (303) 799-8182         Voice: (317) 542-4009
ity involving the Department of       Telefax: (303) 799-8615      Fax: (317) 542-4012
Defense please contact the nearest    E-Mail: 30da@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 40in@dodig.osd.mil
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                                      Telefax: (904) 855-4078      Telefax: (504) 641-0838
Comm: (562) 980-4242
                                      E-Mail: 20jx@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 20no@dodig.osd.mil
Telefax: (562) 980-4249
E-Mail: 50es@dodig.osd.mil
                                      Orlando, FL                  Boston, MA
                                      Comm: (407) 895-2622         Comm: (617) 753-3044
Mission Viejo, CA
                                      Telefax: (407) 895-2620      Telefax: (617) 753-4284
Comm: (949) 643-4441
                                      E-Mail: 20or@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 10bn@dodig.osd.mil
Telefax: (714) 643-4769
E-Mail: 50la@dodig.osd.mil
                                      Pensacola, FL                Chapel Hill, NC
                                      Comm: (850) 651-6377         Comm: (919) 929-4744/4746
Sacramento, CA
                                      Telefax: (850) 651-6962      Telefax: (919) 967-4325
Comm: (916) 489-1254
                                      E-Mail: 20pc@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 20rl@dodig.osd.mil
Telefax: (916) 489-1462
E-Mail: 50sm@dodig.osd.mil
                                      Atlanta, GA                  Baltimore, MD
                                      Comm: (770) 916-9920/9926    Comm: (410) 529-9054
San Diego, CA
                                      Telefax: (770) 916-9937      Telefax: (410) 529-9052
Comm: (619) 569-1497/98
                                      E-Mail: 20at@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 60bt@dodig.osd.mil
Telefax: (619) 569-6401
E-Mail: 50sd@dodig.osd.mil

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St. Paul, MN                 Tulsa, OK                    Seattle, WA
Voice: (651) 222-0212        Comm: (918) 581-6485         Comm: (206) 553-0700
Telefax: (651) 222-8316      Telefax: (918) 581-6489      Telefax: (206) 553-0057
E-Mail: 40mn@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 30tl@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 30da@dodig.osd.mil

St. Louis, MO                Philadelphia, PA             seArlington, VA
Voice: (314) 539-2172        Comm: (610) 595-1900         Comm: (703) 604-8439/40
Telefax: (314) 539-2967      Telefax: (610) 595-1934      Telefax: (703) 604-8442
E-Mail: 40sl@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 10pa@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 60dc@dodig.osd.mil

Edison, NJ                   Pittsburgh, PA               Norfolk, VA
Comm: (732) 819-8455         Comm: (412) 395-6931/6879    Comm: (757) 441-3412
Telefax: (732) 819-9430      Telefax: (412) 395-4557      Telefax: (757) 626-1891
E-Mail: 10sp@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 10pb@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 60nf@dodig.osd.mil

Albuquerque, NM 87109        Sioux Falls, SD              Richmond, VA
Comm: (505)342-4800          Voice: (605) 330-4211        Comm: (804) 748-2055
Telefax: (505)342-4814       Telefax: (605) 330-4212      Telefax: (804) 748-5327
E-Mail: 30aq@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 40sx@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 60rm@dodig.osd.mil

New York, NY                 Nashville, TN                Milwaukee, WI
Comm: (516) 420-4302 /4307   Comm: (615) 736-2930         Voice: (414) 297-1810
Telefax: (516) 420-4316      Telefax: (615) 736-2939      Telefax: (414) 297-1817
E-Mail: 10ny@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 20nv@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 40ml@dodig.osd.mil

Syracuse, NY                 Dallas, TX                   Wiesbaden, Germany
Comm: (315) 423-5019         Comm: (817) 543-4350         Comm: 011-49-611-3807526
Telefax: (315) 423-5099      Telefax: (817) 543-4365      Telefax: 011-49-611-3807421
E-Mail: 10sy@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 30da@dodig.osd.mil   DSN: 338-7526
                                                          Fax: 338-7421
Cleveland, OH                Houston, TX
Voice: (216) 522-2296/7      Comm: (713) 227-7263         You may also call, write or e-mail the
Telefax: (216) 522-7196      Telefax: (713) 236-8487      Department of Defense Hotline at
E-Mail: 40cl@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 30hs@dodig.osd.mil   Defense Hotline
                                                          The Pentagon
Columbus, OH                 San Antonio, TX              Washington, DC 20301-1900
Voice: (614) 692-3629/3855   Comm: (210) 366-1037         Voice: (800) 424-9098
Telefax: (614) 231-8905      Telefax: (210) 366-4031      Voice: (703) 604-8546
E-Mail: 40co@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 30sa@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: hotline@dodig.osd.mil

Dayton, OH                   Salt Lake City, UT
Voice: (937) 534-0100        Comm: (801) 625-5703
Telefax: (937) 534-0117      Telefax: (801) 625-5711
E-Mail: 40dy@dodig.osd.mil   E-Mail: 30og@dodig.osd.mil

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