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					KILOWATT                           The newsletter for
                                   members of
                                   Clay Electric
                                   Cooperative, Inc.

                                   MARCH 2011

                                Your 2010
                                Report &
                                Reports from the
                                board president
                                and general man-
                                ager/CEO... pages
                                2010 financial
 Employees donate to            report summary...
 Extreme Makeover family        page 7
 Last month, Clay Electric’s    A look at some of
 employees raised nearly
 $3,500 to help co-op mem-
                                the issues law-
 ber Carrie Prewitt and her     makers will con-
 family with their electric
 bills after they received a    sider in the Leg-
 new home courtesy of the       islative session...
 Extreme Makeover: Home
 Edition TV show. Above,        page 8
 Co-op General Manager/
 CEO Ricky Davis (left) pre-    Notice of Annual
 sented a check for $3,426.94   Meeting... pages
 to Carrie and Taylor Brew-
 er (2nd from left) and Gina    13-15
 Brewer (right) on Feb. 16 in
 front of their new home in
 Middleburg. Clay person-
 nel (at right) were involved
 in building service to the
 home. See story & photos
 on pages 16-17.

MARCH 2011                                KILOWATT/1
YOUTH TOUR WINNERS SELECTED...Four high school                                       MARCH 2011
juniors have been                                                               VOLUME 42    NUMBER 2
                                                                             KILOWATT is published six times a year (in Janu-
selected to go to                                                            ary, March, May, July, September & November) by
Washington, D.C.                                                             Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc., Highway 100 West,
                                                                             Keystone Heights, Florida, as an informational
in June as winners                                                           and educational service to its member-owners.
of Clay Electric’s                                                           SUBSCRIPTION RATE: $1 a year, to Clay Elec-
                                                                             tric members. Periodicals class postage paid at
2011 Youth Tour to                                                           Keystone Heights, Fla. and at additional mailing
Washington contest.                                                          offices. USPS 783-900; ISSN 1087-4747.
The four winners are:                                                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES
Lily Greenstein of                                                               Meets March 22 in Keystone Heights
                                                                                           at 12:30 p.m.
Williston High School,
                                                                             Kelley Smith–President
Natalie Jones of P. K.                                                        Palatka–District 2
Yonge, Chelsey Hendry                                                        Laura Dean–Vice President
of Columbia High         The winners of Clay Electric’s 2011 Youth Tour to    Keystone Heights–District 1
                                                                             John Henry Whitehead–Secretary
School, and Anna Shao Washington contest are Chelsey Hendry, Lily Green-      Lake Butler–District 7
                         stein, Natalie Jones and Anna Shao.
of Orange Park High                                                          Susan Reeves–Treasurer
                                                                              Hawthorne–District 3
School. The alternates are Hannah Emerson of Santa Fe High                   Carl Malphurs–Trustee
School and William Stokes of St. Johns Country Day School. The                Alachua–District 4
winners were selected based on their combined scores from a                  Robert Mullins - Trustee
                                                                              Starke–District 5
speech and written quiz. The group of students, selected by their            Floyd Gnann - Trustee
respective high schools to participate, were in Tallahassee the               Middleburg–District 6
                                                                             Cedrick Smith–Trustee
week of Feb. 8-10 to participate in the Youth Tour contest and                Micanopy–District 8
also tour state government buildings and learn about how the                 Angus Hastings - Trustee
government operates. The Youth Tour to Washington event lasts                   Fort McCoy - District 9

a week.                                                                      Ricky Davis–General Manager/CEO
                                                                             Henry Barrow–Director
YOUTH SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE FOR HIGH                                        Member & Public Relations
SCHOOL SENIORS... In May, the Clay Electric Youth Schol-                     Herman Dyal–Director
arship program will award 24 one-time scholarships of $1,000                 Chip Gray–Director
each to outstanding high school seniors. The annual scholarship              Human Resources
                                                                             Mark Maxwell–Director
program is limited to any public, private or home-schooled high              Finance & Administrative Services
school senior whose home (primary residence) is served by Clay               Bruce McHollan–Director
Electric and who will be graduating from high school at the end              Information & Communication Technology
                                                                             Howard Mott–Director
of the applicable school year. To provide an equal representation            Operations
of scholarship winners throughout the Clay Electric service area,            Cheryl Rogers - Director
                                                                             Internal Audit
no more than one student at a given public school can receive a              Bill Thompson–Director
scholarship. If your child is a senior in high school and planning           District Operations
to attend college, he/she is encouraged to apply. Scholarship ap-                       DISTRICT MANAGERS
plications are available at, at each of the co-op’s         Derick Thomas–Gainesville & Lake City
                                                                             Tommy Tomlinson–Keystone Heights
six district offices and at area high schools. Deadline is April 1.          Andy Chaff–Orange Park
                                                                             Jim Beeler–Palatka & Salt Springs
Members making efficiency improvements to their homes now                          COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION
have one year to submit their application. Clay Electric’s Energy             Wayne T. Mattox- Manager of Communica-
Smart Rebate program offers rebates for ceiling insulation, and
                                                                             Kathy Richardson - Editor
installation of high efficiency heat pumps, solar water heating    
systems, window film, radiant barriers, heat pump water
                                                                                   PUBLISHING, EDITORIAL AND
heaters and heat recovery units (HRU’s). To qualify for a rebate,                     ADVERTISING OFFICES
members must complete and submit an application within one                    CLAY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC.
year from the day the energy efficiency improvement work is                   P.O. Box 308, Keystone Heights, Florida
completed. Previously the rebate application had to be made                   32656 Telephone (352) 473-8000
                                                                              POSTMASTER: In using Form 3579, please give
within 60 days. More information about this program can be                    key letter and mail to KILOWATT, P.O. Box 308,
found by visiting                 Keystone Heights, FL 32656.

2/KILOWATT                                                                                                  MARCH 2011
The President’s Message
Kelley Smith
 Excellent service, Capital Credits two benefits
 of membership; Annual Meeting is March 24

     t’s my privilege as president   the lowest in the state last year.   page 12.
     to present to you our special   Our residential rate for 1,000       Our guest
     Annual Report issue of the      kilowatt hours of electricity        speaker
Kilowatt.                            averaged $109.63 for the year.       will be
 In this issue you’ll find key       Rate surveys have confirmed          Carey
information about your coop-         our very competitive rate posi-      Knowles. He was our guest
erative, including a report from     tion, and this is something that     speaker at our 2006 Annual
General Manager/CEO Ricky            should please members of Clay        Meeting. Balsam Range will
Davis, year-ending financial in-     Electric.                            provide the musical entertain-
formation, the Official Notice of     Our Annual Meeting will take        ment. The band uses a creative
Annual Meeting and a preview         place on Thursday, March 24.         blend of bluegrass, folk, gospel
of activities planned for the An-    It’s the most important event for    and jazz for a unique musical
nual Meeting which will be held      you to attend as a member of         experience.
later this month in Keystone         the cooperative.                      Lunch will be served at noon,
Heights.                              The main purpose of the             plus there are energy-related
 From a financial standpoint,        meeting is to elect three mem-       exhibits and the popular health
Clay Electric remained strong        bers to the board of trustees. On    screenings. Over 100 door priz-
during 2010. We returned $5          this year’s ballot are incumbent     es will be given away to lucky
million in Capital Credits last      trustees Carl Malphurs (District     ticket holders. Grand prize is a
year, and we are returning the       4), Floyd Gnann (District 6) and     2003 Chevy S-10 pickup with a
same amount this year. Our           me (Kelley Smith –District 2).       regular cab and short bed.
ability to return Capital Credits    The trustee candidates will be        In conclusion, all of us at Clay
is a good indicator of the sound     voted upon by all members who        Electric appreciate the support
financial health of your coop-       attend and register to vote at       you’ve shown us over the years.
erative. Capital Credits are a       our Annual Meeting.                   You can count on us to do our
distinct benefit of being served      There are lots of activities        best to provide you with com-
by an electric co-op.                planned for the Annual Meet-         petitive electric rates and excel-
 I’m proud of the fact that our      ing, and I urge you to read          lent service in the future.
electric rates remained among        more about these activities on

 Five bylaws amendments on Annual Meeting ballot
 Members whofive amendmentsvotethe co-op’s
 asked to vote on
                  attend our Annual Meeting
      on March 24 and register to
                                     will be
                                                       3. Amend Article IV - Trustees, SECTION 6.
                                                      Removal of Trustees by Members. This change
 bylaws.                                              expands and clarifies procedures to remove a
  These proposed bylaws changes improve and           trustee from the board by members, and adds a
 better disclose some of our business practices       section (b) which adds procedures for removal
 and help make Clay Electric even more ac-            of trustees by the board of trustees.
 countable by strengthening the qualifications         4. Amend Article IV - Trustees, SECTION
 required to become and remain a trustee at Clay      8. Compensation. This change discloses that
 Electric.                                            members of the board of trustees are eligible to
  Here’s a brief overview of the five amend-          participate in the same medical insurance pro-
 ments:                                               gram that employees participate in.
  1. Amend Article III - Meeting of Members,           5. Amend Article VII - Non-Profit Operations,
 SECTION 3. Notice of Members’ Meetings. This         SECTION 2. Patronage Capital in Connection
 change gives more flexibility in notifying mem-      with Furnishing Electric Energy. This change
 bers of meetings and could result in savings to      discloses how capital credits received from
 the cooperative.                                     Seminole Electric Cooperative (Clay’s energy
  2. Amend Article IV - Trustees, SECTION             provider) will be retired to members of Clay
 3. Qualifications. This change expands the list      Electric. 
 of qualifications which members must com-             The board of trustees recommends that you
 ply with if they want to become and remain a         vote to approve these amendments.

MARCH 2011                                                                                     KILOWATT/3
The General Manager’s Report
Ricky Davis
Despite slow economy, we continued our
focus on excellent service, affordable power

        ike most electric utilities   affect our operations and those      new CIS,
        around the nation, Clay       of our power supplier.               an in-house
        Electric has been affected     The economic slowdown               work team
by the national economic slow-        caused a 12 percent decline in       was estab-
down that began a couple of           the number of new homes being        lished to work with the Cayenta
years ago.                            added to our system, but that’s      personnel, and a work space in
 While the turbulent economic         an improvement over the 40           our Engineering building was
times have subsided somewhat,         percent decline we experienced       set aside just for this project. A
it’s still having an impact on us     in 2009.                             lot of effort among our employ-
in many ways. For example,             We remain cautiously opti-          ees is being expended to ensure
we’ve seen fewer new connects,        mistic that economic conditions      this new system will meet our
our costs for metals and mate-        will improve this year, and early    expectations when it goes live
rials have risen considerably,        signs seem to indicate that the      late this year.
and we’ve unfortunately seen          economy is slowly recovering.         We continue to explore new
an increase in the number of           We’re anticipating a 1 percent      channels of communications
members experiencing financial        growth in our membership             in order to reach our members
difficulty due to job losses and      this year. We will continue to       with information that they can
the bad economy.                      monitor the long-term financial      use and benefit from. In con-
 I want to share some infor-          impact the recent economic           junction with a project spon-
mation about how we worked            slowdown has had on the coop-        sored by our power supplier
to provide our members with           erative.                             (Seminole Electric), our Member
affordable power, maintain our         During 2010, our members            & Public Relations Department
distribution system and expand        continued to utilize a variety       produced three video programs
the services we offer.                of payment methods. Our              which discussed portable gen-
 Throughout last year, we             members increased their use of       erator safety, energy efficiency
focused on providing excel-           Fidelity Express by 6 percent,       issues and how cooperative
lent service and competitively        and we’re averaging about 4,000      businesses benefit their mem-
priced power. We consistently         debit/credit card payments           bers. These were placed on You-
remained lower than 14 other          monthly. Internet payments           Tube to make it easier to access
electric co-ops in the state, and     have also increased substan-         these videos.
lower than many of our neigh-         tially, and we’re now averag-         Our employees continued
boring utilities.                     ing 20,000 per month. This is        their community involvement
 Last fall, our board of trustees     an increase of over 2,000 from       this year by raising $10,000 for
approved a small rate increase        2009. Also, payments remit-          Relay for Life, a fundraising
that went into effect the first       ted electronically increased by      effort by the American Cancer
of this year. Despite this small      3 percent, and is currently up       Society. Since our employees
increase, our residential rates       to 46 percent of all payments        got involved in the Relay for
remain very competitive with          processed.                           Life effort back in 2002, they’ve
utilities around the state. We         Employees devoted a lot of          managed to raise over $85,000
will continue to strive to offer      effort last year to the conver-      for this great cause. The coop-
you affordable power and top-         sion of our Customer Informa-        erative, through its corporate
notch service.                        tion System to a new system          sponsorship of Relay events,
 Our focus at last year’s Stra-       that will serve us well into the     has contributed just over
tegic Planning session was on         future. This system is critical to   $22,000 since 2002.
maintaining our financial stabil-     our ability to provide essential      During this past Christmas
ity during a period of economic       member services. The ven-            holiday period, a number of our
uncertainty and to prepare for        dor that won the contract was        employees conducted food and
the likely passage of environ-        Harris-Cayenta. As we began          gift drives to help less fortunate
mental legislation that could         the process to transition to our     families in their communities.
4/KILOWATT                                                                                     MARCH 2011
 And we appreciate the sup-
port our members show toward        Here’s how each dollar was spent
Project Share. Funds collected
through our Project Share            2000
program enables the Salvation
Army to assist families with
their electric bills when they
experience difficult times. As I
mentioned, we’re seeing more
families who have needed assis-
tance due to layoffs and tough
economic times.
 Members took advantage of
our Energy Rebate and Loan
programs last year. Nearly
1,500 members received rebates
totaling $361,517 which gener-
ated an anticipated reduction in
usage of 7.7 million kilowatts.
Energy efficiency loans totaled
nearly $700,000 for a variety of
energy efficiency upgrades.
 We also completed 814
energy surveys in 2010, which
helps homeowners get the most
benefit from their electricity
                                    our danger tree removal pro-        sincere effort to reach out to the
 Our employees continued
                                    gram and continuing vegetation      federal and state legislators that
to emphasize an outstanding
                                    management efforts. We had          represent our North Florida ser-
attitude toward safety last year.
                                    software upgrades installed for     vice area to explain how energy
On Dec. 11, 2010 we celebrated
                                    three systems which are used by     legislation could impact our
12 consecutive months that our
                                    our Control Center personnel.       members’ cost of power.
employees worked without
                                     During 2010 we monitored            We intend to keep you in-
experiencing a lost-time injury.
                                    a variety of legislative issues     formed when these issues come
The last time we had a lost-time
                                    in Tallahassee and Washington       up. It’s so very important for
injury was Dec. 11, 2009. Quite a
                                    that could impact our ability to    the folks that you elect to office
few of our districts and depart-
                                    provide competitively priced        to understand how the energy
ments have outstanding safety
                                    power, and many of you re-          issues they’ll vote on can affect
records and we’re very proud
                                    sponded when we asked you to        your cost of electricity.
of this achievement. Our daily
                                    participate in our call to action    In closing, we accomplished
safety goal is for each of our
                                    efforts. We may call on you         much on your behalf during
employees to go home to their
                                    again this year to assist us in     2010. We must continue to
family without injury.
                                    voicing concerns over legislative   prepare for the many challenges
 Much work was accom-
                                    matters. There are a number of      that will come our way in the
plished during the year to
                                    legislative proposals being con-    future. Be assured that we will
maintain the reliability of our
                                    sidered in Washington and in        work hard to provide you with
distribution and transmission
                                    Tallahassee which we’re watch-      affordable and reliable power,
systems. Transmission line
                                    ing closely, and which could        we’ll seek new ways to serve
upgrades were performed in
                                    impact your cost of power.          you, and we pledge to main-
several areas last year, and
                                     Last year we polled state and      tain the cooperative’s financial
maintenance and upgrades
                                    federal candidates on four criti-   health so that it’s ready and able
were performed at 30 of our
                                    cal energy issues and published     to meet your power needs in the
distribution substations. We had
                                    the results in the Kilowatt to      coming years.
nearly 22,000 poles treated this
                                    help educate our members             As always, we appreciate the
year to ensure their integrity,
                                    about the candidates’ views         opportunity to serve you.
and tree-related outages were
                                    before voting. We also make a
much below normal, a tribute to
MARCH 2011                                                                                   KILOWATT/5
The Board of Trustees
 The cooperative’s Board of Trustees is composed         January or early February for the purpose of select-
of a group of nine Clay Electric Cooperative mem-        ing one or two candidates for the position of trustee
bers. Each member of the Board of Trustees repre-        from each of the three districts.
sents one of the nine trustee districts that make up      Members are elected to the Board of Trustees at
the co-op’s service area.                                the co-op’s Annual Meeting, which is held each year
 The Board of Trustees meets monthly at the co-          on the fourth Thursday in March.
op’s central office in Keystone Heights. Each mem-        Serving as officers on the Board of Trustees for
ber of the Board of Trustees serves a three-year term.   2010 were: Kelley Smith - president, Laura Dean -
The terms are staggered so that three members of         vice president, John Henry Whitehead - secretary,
the board are up for election each year.                 and Susan Reeves - treasurer. Each year, following
 Trustee district meetings are held each year in late    the co-op’s Annual Meeting, the board elects its of-

                                      Clay Electric’s Board of Trustees

     Laura Dean           Carl Malphurs           Robert Mullins          Floyd Gnann      John Henry Whitehead
      District 1            District 4              District 5              District 6           District 7

                                Clay Electric’s Trustee District Map

                                                                                             Cedrick Smith Jr.
   Kelley Smith Jr.                                                                             District 8
     District 2

   Susan Reeves                                                                               Angus Hastings
    District 3                                                                                   District 9

6/KILOWATT                                                                                       MARCH 2011
Copies of audited financial statements are available upon request.
                                                                                                 Financial Statements
Years Ending December 31                                                                                        2009                          2010
   Energy Sales.................................................................                       $ 337,270,212                 $ 368,671,764
   Other Electric Revenues...............................................                                  7,407,454                     7,783,752
                Total Operating Revenues ..........................................                    $ 344,677,666                 $ 376,455,516

   Purchased Power...........................................................                          $ 266,845,872                 $ 293,497,375
   Transmission and Generation........................................                                     1,777,161                     2,043,966
   Operations.....................................................................                         9,968,410                    10,631,652
   Maintenance..................................................................                          14,084,384                    14,757,617
   Customer Accounting....................................................                                10,657,130                    12,126,445
   Customer Service & Information...................................                                       2,346,790                     2,737,247
   Administrative & General...............................................                                10,250,995                    10,396,103
   Depreciation..................................................................                         16,634,697                    17,268,340
   Taxes.............................................................................                        589,452                       728,652
   Interest..........................................................................                      8,754,362                    11,628,512
   Other Deductions .........................................................                                376,115                       240,330
               Total Expenses..............................................................            $ 342,285,368                 $ 376,056,239

   Operating Margins........................................................                           $     2,392,298               $       399,277
   Non-Operating Margins................................................                                       474,078                       860,698
   Capital Credits from Associated Organizations...........                                                  6,413,208                    13,935,326
         Total Margins.................................................................                $     9,279,584               $    15,195,301


As of December 31                                                                                               2009                          2010
   Cash/Cash Equivalents.................................................                              $     2,567,663               $     7,302,147
   Investments...................................................................                           40,015,621                    53,332,295
   Accounts Receivable....................................................                                  24,208,983                    28,808,371
   Inventory........................................................................                         4,891,394                     4,571,301
   Other Current & Accrued Assets..................................                                         14,860,296                    19,379,880
   Prepayments.................................................................                                244,440                     6,460,869
   Deferred Debits.............................................................                                379,689                     1,899,634
   Net Utility Plant..............................................................                         388,043,635                   393,804,499
                Total Assets..................................................................         $ 475,211,721                 $ 515,558,996
    Notes Payable & Lines of Credit...................................                                 $ 173,475,540                 $ 193,975,540
   Accounts Payable..........................................................                             19,119,400                    25,041,149
    Customer Deposits........................................................                              8,610,397                     9,262,653
    Other Current & Accrued Liabilities...............................                                    11,096,087                    14,608,452
    Deferred Credits & Miscellaneous Reserves ...............                                              6,712,973                    11,416,602
          Total Liabilities.............................................................               $ 219,014,397                 $ 254,304,396

   Membership Fees..........................................................                           $        692,110          $            695,215
   Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income.................                                                   (4,656,099)                  (10,029,008)
   Capital Credits...............................................................                          260,161,313                   270,588,393
                Total Equities................................................................         $ 256,197,324                 $ 261,254,600
                Total Liabilities and Equities.......................................                  $ 475,211,721                 $ 515,558,996
                                                                                     2000                               2009             2010
Average Number of Members Receiving Service Per Month.......                         134,111                           165,718         166,078
Total kWh Purchased by Cooperative Members.......................... 2,515,580,298                               3,137,593,570   3,367,388,950
Average Monthly Residential kWh Usage....................................              1,229                             1,235           1,320
Total kWh Purchased by Cooperative.......................................... 2,641,033,405                       3,295,278,054   3,540,398,503
Cost of Power Purchased by Cooperative...................................        129,670,228                       266,845,872     293,497,375
Average Cost per kWh Purchased by Cooperative.....................                     .0491                             .0810           .0829
Clay Peak Demand in Kilowatts (kW)..........................................         669,446                           912,494         979,450
Month of Clay Peak Demand.......................................................   December                           February         January

MARCH 2011                                                                                                                               KILOWATT/7
A preview of the 2011 Florida Legislative session
Jobs, renewable energy legislation & budget
shortfall compete for lawmakers’ attention
                                     Electric Cooperative, has been        undermine the current regulato-
              By Mike Bjorklund,     able to purchase approximately        ry regime and shift a significant
              Director of            5 percent of its total generation     amount of the utility’s costs to
              Legislative Affairs,   from renewable energy at costs        its other customers. The utility
              Florida Electric       comparable to more traditional        would be forced to reevaluate
              Cooperatives           fossil fuels. However, absent         its load forecasting and plan-
              Association, Inc.      a breakthrough in technology,         ning methods which could lead
              Tallahassee, Fla.      competitively priced renewable        to a less reliable generation de-
                                     options in Florida have been          sign and increased costs to the

                                     virtually exhausted.                  general body of ratepayers.
      lorida’s annual legislative
                                      A federal or state mandate            The legislative session in
      session began on Tues-         to purchase more renewable            Tallahassee is presenting many
      day, March 8th, but the        energy will cost Seminole and         challenges for the electric co-
work actually got underway           all electric utilities considerably   operatives, but there are policy
immediately after the elections      more and will ultimately in-          directives coming from Wash-
in November, when legislators        crease the costs to Clay Electric’s   ington, D.C., that will certainly
began filing bills and holding       members.                              be more onerous.
committee hearings.                   Some legislators are looking          The Environmental Protec-
 In addition to the new legis-       for ways subsidize renewable          tion Agency (EPA) has adopted
lators, Floridians were able to      alternatives. One bill under          a rule to restrict the amount
elect a new Governor and an          consideration this year would         of numeric nutrients, such as
entire Cabinet on the same bal-      add a 25 cents per month tax to       nitrogen and phosphorus, in
lot for the first time in over one   every electric utility customer       Florida’s water.
hundred years.                       in the State including members         This EPA rule only applies to
 As Florida’s economy remains        of Clay Electric. This tax would      Florida and will take effect in
depressed and unemployment           be used to subsidize renew-           March 2012. If the EPA enforces
hovers around 12 percent, legis-     able projects and to continue         this rule, it will have disastrous
lators will be focusing on efforts   the rebate program to aid in          consequences on Florida’s
to create jobs.                      the purchase of solar panels for      economy. The rule will impact
 Newly elected Gov. Rick Scott       homes and businesses. Under           farmers, water and sewer utili-
has made jobs his first priority.    this proposal, Clay Electric          ties and some power plants.
The Governor, in conjunction         members would pay the tax and          Seminole’s coal fired plant
with the legislature, will strive    ultimately would be responsible       near Palatka would be required
to reduce and streamline regu-       for Clay Electric’s administra-       to install an estimated $60 mil-
lations to promote an environ-       tive costs associated with the        lion worth of upgrades in addi-
ment that will benefit Florida’s     tax. Additionally, under the          tion to spending an additional
businesses and attract new           current structure of the legisla-     $10 million per year on extra
businesses. In addition, the         tion there would be no guaran-        operating and maintenance
Governor and legislators must        tee that Clay Electric members        costs. It is estimated that the
address the budget shortfall         would receive any benefits from       overall cost of compliance with
of over $3 billion in order to       this tax.                             this rule would be $700/year for
comply with the requirement in        Another bill under consider-         Florida families.
Florida’s Constitution to have a     ation would expand renewable           The EPA is considering at
balanced budget.                     energy at the expense of electric     least 15 additional rules that
 The debate on whether or            utility customers by allowing a       will drastically increase the
not to mandate more renew-           third party renewable generator       costs of maintaining and operat-
able energy in Florida will be a     (less than 5MW) to interconnect       ing existing and future power
prominent issue again this year.     to an electric utility’s electric     plants, which could result in the
Most renewable energy is much        system and also allow the             shuttering of some coal-fired
more expensive, less reliable,       renewable generator to provide        power plants thereby jeopardiz-
and limited in availability com-     electric service to certain utility   ing the reliability of the electric
pared to traditional generating      customers with no regulatory          grid.
methods. Clay EC’s wholesale         oversight.
power provider, Seminole              This proposal would                            Continued on page 9
8/KILOWATT                                                                                      MARCH 2011
2011 Legislative Directory
Some tips on getting your point across to legislators...

       egislators are generally          General Tips...                        tion methods. You might choose
       very interested in the opin-      Know who your legislators              to telephone, write, e-mail,
       ions of their constituents.      are and how to contact them.            fax, or visit your legislator.
Lawmakers like to know that             Information in the Kilowatt Leg-        You might also choose to give
their support for or opposition         islative Directory will help you        testimony at public hearings
to a certain piece of legislation       get started. For those who have         held by the Legislature. To give
reflects the sentiments of the          access to the Internet, there’s lots    testimony, you would need to
residents in their district.            of resource information avail-          contact the appropriate commit-
 If, during this year’s Legisla-        able about the Florida Legisla-         tee secretary before the hearing
tive session, a bill is introduced      ture and individual lawmakers.          to sign up.
that you have strong feelings           One useful website address is            Tell your legislator what ef-
about, consider writing a let-                     fect you think a particular bill,
ter to your representative and/          Make sure you understand               if it becomes law, will have on
or senator. However, there are          the legislative process. Even the       you, your children, business,
a few guidelines to consider            most basic understanding of the         or community. Be concise, but
before taking action.                   process will help you effectively       specific.
 Your legislators receive a huge        express your ideas. There’s infor-       Be polite, even if you disagree
amount of phone calls and mail.         mation on the Internet that will        strongly with the legislator you
Unfortunately, their full agendas       help you in this area.                  are addressing. Lawmakers
limit their ability to personally        Contact your legislator about          cannot please everyone. Your
read and respond to all calls and       a particular issue before the           communication will be more
letters. How then, can you be           Legislature takes action on it.         effective if you are reasonable
sure your voice is heard? Here          Most matters coming before the          in your approach.
are some tips to help you get the       Legislature are well publicized          Suggest a course of action
most impact out of your commu-          before the session.                     and offer assistance. Don’t
nications with your legislators.         Use a variety of communica-            make promises or threats.

When you contact your legislator...                           - Cover only one issue per letter. If you have another
 Some tips to help you if you decide to write, call or       issue to address, write another letter.
visit your legislator.                                        - Back up your opinions with supporting facts.
 - Address letters to members of the House of Repre-          - Avoid abbreviations, acronyms & technical jargon.
sentatives as follows: The Honorable John Doe, Florida        - Don’t send the same letter to more than one legisla-
House of Representatives. Address letters to senators this   tor. Personalized letters have more impact.
way: Senator Jane Doe, The Capitol.                           When telephoning or visiting your legislator...
 - Be absolutely certain you spell your legislator’s          - Plan your call or visit carefully. Keep to the point
name correctly and use the correct address.                  and discuss only one issue. Organize your thoughts
 - Type or print legibly. Sign your name neatly and          ahead of time & make notes to help you stay on track.
give your address correctly so they can respond.              - When planning to visit your legislator, make an
 - Keep letters, e-mail and faxes brief. Never write more    appointment.
than one page. Short and to-the-point is more likely to       - Prepare a fact sheet on your issue to give to your
grab and keep their attention.                               legislator. This will help him or her better retain what
 - Identify your issue at the beginning of the letter.       you present.
Don’t bury your main point under trivial text.

                                                                                 We are very concerned about
Mike Bjorklund’s Report - from page 8                                           the potential impact on electric
                                                                                cooperatives and their mem-
 For example, the EPA is using           If all of EPA’s proposed rules         bers if EPA implements its rules
its powers as a federal agency to       are adopted it will be extremely        and if laws are changed to give
regulate carbon dioxide under           difficult, if not impossible, to        renewable energy producers
the Clean Air Act and Clean             build new coal (and possibly            special privileges and subsidies.
Water Act, even though neither          natural gas) power plants and            That is why electric coopera-
Act was intended to regulate            could ultimately lead to the shut       tives are working closely with
carbon dioxide.
                                        down of some existing power             other stakeholders, state and
 We believe this policy should
be addressed by your elected            plants, which together could            federal officials to find solutions
officials in Congress through           have potentially catastrophic           to these proposed rules and the
legislation not by EPA or the           effects on the reliability of the       other issues before Congress
courts.                                 electric grid.                          and the Florida legislature.
MARCH 2011                                                                                              KILOWATT/9
2011 Legislative Directory                                                              The legislators listed in this
                                                                                        directory serve constituents that

Florida House of Representatives
                                                                                        reside within Clay Electric
                                                                                        Co-op’s service area.

              Leonard L. Bembry (D)                                            Elizabeth Porter (R)
              House District 10                                                House District 11
              Alachua, Columbia, Dixie, Franklin,                              Alachua, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist,
              Hamilton, Jefferson, Levy, Madison,                              Lafayette, Suwannee counties Ad-
              Taylor, Wakulla counties. Chiefland                              dress: 678 SE Baya Drive, Lake
              office: 23 Southeast 2nd Ave., Chief-                            City, FL 32025. Ph. (386) 719-4600;
              land, FL 32626, Ph. (352) 493-6848;                              Tallahassee: (850) 488-9835; E-mail:
              Tallahassee: 1003 The Capitol, 402 S.                            elizabeth.porter@myfloridahouse.
              Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32399;                               gov
              Ph: (850) 488-7870; E-mail: leonard.

              Janet H. Adkins (R)                                              Daniel Davis (R)
              House District 12                                                House District 13
              Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Nassau,                            Clay, Duval counties
              Union counties. Address: 905 S. 8th                              Address: 8970 103rd St., Suite 10,
              St., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034-3706                             Jacksonville, FL 32210-8689
              Ph: (904) 491-3664; Starke office: (904)                         Ph: (904) 573-4994; Tallahassee:
              966-6215; Tallahassee: (850) 488-6920;                           (850) 488-5102; E-mail: daniel.
              E-mail: janet.adkins@myfloridahouse.                   

                 Mike Weinstein (R)                                            Bill Proctor (R)
                 House District 19                                             House District 20
                 Clay, Duval, St. Johns coun-                                  Clay, Flagler, St. Johns counties.
                 ties. Address: 155 Blanding                                   Address: 900 State Road 16, Suite 2,
                 Blvd., Suite 10, Orange Park,                                 St. Augustine, FL 32084-8592;
                 FL 32073-2624; Ph: (904) 213-                                 Ph: (904) 823-2550; Tallahassee:
                 3005; Tallahassee: (850) 488-                                 (850) 488-2977; E-mail: bill.proctor@
                 1304; E-mail: mike.weinstein@                       

              Charles Van Zant (R)
                                                                               Keith Perry (R)
              House District 21
                                                                               House District 22
              Bradford, Clay, Lake, Marion, Put-
                                                                               Alachua, Levy and Marion coun-
              nam, Volusia counties. Address:
                                                                               ties. Address: 5220 SW 50th
              3841 Reid St., Suite 5, Palatka, FL
                                                                               Court, Ocala, FL 34474-5675
              32177-2509. Ph: (386) 312-2272;
                                                                               Ph: (352) 873-6564; Tallahas-
              Tallahassee: (850) 488-0665; E-
                                                                               see: (850) 488-0887; E-mail:
              mail: charles.vanzant@myflorida-

              Chuck Chestnut (D)                         Dennis Baxley (R)                      Fred Costello (R)
              House District 23                          House District 24                      House District 26
              Alachua, Marion                            Marion County                          Flagler, Volusia coun-
              counties. Address:                         Address: 315 South                     ties. Address: Room
              3141 Northwest 13th                        East 25th Ave.,                        206 Deland City Hall,
              St., Gainesville, FL                       Ocala, FL 34471-                       120 S. Florida Ave.,
              32609-2186; Ph.                            2689                                   Deland, FL 32720
              (352) 955-3083; Tal-                       Ph: (352) 732-1313;                    Ph: (386) 736-5100;
              lahassee (850) 488-                        Tallahassee (850)                      Tallahassee, (850)
              5794; E-mail:charles.                      488-0335; E-mail:                      488-9873; E-mail:
              chestnut@myflorida-                        dennis.baxley@                         fred.costello@my-

10/KILOWATT                                                                                          MARCH 2011
Florida Senate                                                                              U. S. House of
Charlie Dean (R)
                                                                                                                     Corrine Brown (D)
Senate District 3
                                                                                                                     District 3
Baker, Citrus, Columbia, Dixie, Hamilton, Jefferson,
                                                                                                                     Alachua, Clay,
Lafayette, Leon, Levy, Madison, Marion, Suwan-
                                                                                                                     Duval, Lake,
nee, Taylor counties. Address: 415 Tompkins St.,
                                                                                                                     Marion, Orange,
Inverness, FL 34450 Ph: (352) 860-5175; Statewide:
                                                                                                                     Putnam, Seminole
(866) 538-2831; Tallahassee (850) 487-5017; Ocala
                                                                                                                     and Volusia coun-
office: (352) 873-6513 E-mail: dean.charles.web@
                                                                                                                     ties. Address: 2336
                                                                                                                     Rayburn House
                                                                                                                     Office Building,
                                                                                                                     Washington, D.C.
                                                                                            Ph: (202) 225-0123; Fax (202) 225-2256
                                                                                            Jacksonville office: (904) 354-1652; Fax:
                      Stephen Wise (R)                                                      (904) 354-2721 Website:
                      Senate District 5                           Evelyn Lynn (R)           corrinebrown
                      Parts of Clay, Du-                          Senate District 7
                      val, Nassau and St.                                                                        Ander Crenshaw (R)
                                                                  Parts of Clay,
                      Johns counties                                                                             District 4
                                                                  Marion, Putnam and
                      Address: 1460                                                                              Baker, Columbia,
                                                                  Volusia counties
                      Cassat Ave., Suite                                                                         Duval, Hamilton,
                                                                  Address: 536 N.
                      B, Jacksonville, FL                                                                        Jefferson, Leon,
                                                                  Halifax Ave., Ste.
                      32205 Ph: (904)                                                                            Madison, Nassau and
                                                                  101, Daytona Beach,
                      381-6000; Fax                                                                              Union counties
                                                                  FL 32118. Ph: (386)
                      (904) 381-6040;                                                                            Address: 440 Cannon
                                                                  238-3180; Fax: (386)
                      Tallahassee (850)                                                                          House Office Building,
                                                                  238-3179; Ocala of-
487-5027                                                                                                         Washington, D.C.
                                                                  fice: (352) 694-0160;
Email:                                                                             20515
                                                                  Tallahassee: (850)
                                                                                                                 Ph: (202) 225-2501;
                                             487-5033; Statewide ph.: (866) 831-2665;
                                                                                                                 Fax: (202) 225-2504;
                                                                                                                 Jacksonville office
                                                                                            (904) 598-0481; Fax: (904) 598-0486;
                                                                                            Lake City office: (386) 365-3316; Toll free
                                                                                            (888) 755-5607
                      Steve Oelrich (R)                               Alan Hays (R)         Website:
                      Senate District 14                              Senate District 20
                      Alachua, Bradford,                              Counties: parts of                          Cliff Stearns (R)
                      Columbia, Gilchrist,                            Lake, Marion, Semi-                         District 6
                      Levy, Marion,                                   nole, Sumter, and                           Alachua, Brad-
                      Putnam and Union                                Volusia counties.                           ford, Clay, Duval,
                      counties.                                       Address: 871 South                          Gilchrist, Lake, Levy
                      Address: 4131 NW                                Central Avenue                              and Marion counties.
                      28th Lane, Suite                                Umatilla, FL 32784                          Address: 2370 Ray-
                      4, Gainesville, FL                              (352) 742-6441                              burn House Office
                      32606 Ph: (352)                                 Tallahassee: (850)                          Building, Washing-
                      375-3555; Fax:                                  487-5014; E-mail:                           ton, D. C. 20515
                      (352) 955-6262;                                 hays.alan.web@                              Ph: (202) 225-5744
Tallahassee (850) 487-5020; E-mail: oel-                                                    Fax: (202) 225-3973;                                                                 Orange Park office (904) 269-3203;
                                                                                            Gainesville office (352) 337-0003; Ocala
                                                                                            office (352) 351-8777

U. S. Senate
                                                                                                                 John Mica (R)
                                                                                                                 District 7
                                                                                                                 Flagler, Orange,
                                             Bill Nelson (D)                                                     Putnam, Seminole,
                   Marco Rubio(R)                                                                                St. Johns & Volusia
                                             Address: 716 Senate
                   Address: 356 Russell                                                                          counties
                                             Hart Office Building,
                   Senate Office Building,                                                                       Putnam Office:
                                             Washington, D.C.                                                    Putnam County
                                             20510; Ph: (202)                                                    Government Complex,
                   D. C. 20510; Ph: (202)
                                             224-5274; Fax (202)                                                 2509 Crill Ave., #200,
                   224-3041; Fax: (202)                                                                          Palatka, FL 32177,
                                             228-2183 Jackson-
                   228-5171; Jacksonville                                                                        Ph: 386-328-1622
                                             ville office: (904)
                   office: 1650 Prudential                                                                       Address: 2313 Ray-
                                             346-4500; Fax: (904)                                                burn House Office
                   Drive, suite 220, (904)
                                             346-4506 Website:                              Building, Washington, D. C. 20515
                   398-8586 Website:
                                             http://billnelson.sen-                         Ph: (202) 225-4035; Fax: (202) 226-0821;

MARCH 2011                                                                                                             KILOWATT/11
Annual Meeting offers something for everyone
        lay Electric’s 73rd
        Annual Meeting
        will be held on
Thursday, March 24 in
Keystone Heights. Mem-
bers will find it to be an
activity-filled day, with
Balsam Range (right)
providing the musical
entertainment and guest
speaker Carey Knowles
sharing stories about
growing up in rural
 There will be health
screenings, a delicious
grilled chicken lunch,
energy-related exhib-
its and a chance to win                                                                                   Balsam Range
a door prize. This year’s
grand prize is a 2003                                                             meetings in late January. The candidates are
Chevy S-10 pickup truck.                                                          incumbent trustees. On annual meeting day,
 An important part of                                                             polls will remain open until 5 p.m.
the day is the business                                                            Members who register to vote at the An-
portion of the meeting                                                            nual Meeting will receive a CFL light bulb as
which takes place beneath                                                         a gift.
the big tent located along-                                                        The afternoon business session begins at
side Highway 100.                                                                 1 p.m. and will include comments by Board
 Following a brief                                                                President Kelley Smith and General Man-
morning session which                                                             ager/CEO Ricky Davis.
begins at 9 a.m., the polls                                                        As noted before, the day’s musical enter-
open for members to cast                                                          tainment will be provided by Balsam Range.
their ballots to elect three     Carey Knowles                                    The group, which hails from North Caro-
members to Clay Electric’s                                                        lina, creatively blends bluegrass, folk, gospel
board of trustees. This year’s candidates were se-                           and jazz into a new American acoustic music
lected by members who attended trustee district                              experience.

                           Annual Meeting Schedule of Events
 9:00 AM                                                                   Introduction of Board of Trustees & Management....Kelley Smith
 Opening of Meeting....................Kelley Smith, President, Board of   Introduction of Special Guests
 Trustees                                                                  Introduction of 2011 Youth Tour winners...........Henry Barrow, Director of
 Certification of Notice of Meeting                                        Member & Public Relations
 Candidates for Trustee placed in Nomination                               Presentation of Service Anniversaries and Employee of the Year Award
 Appointment of Tellers & Inspectors                                       President’s Remarks....................Kelley Smith, President
 Other Announcements                                                       Manager’s Report....Ricky Davis, General Manager/CEO
 Recess for Voting, Entertainment, Lunch                                   Introduction of Speaker of the Day...............Ricky Davis, GM/CEO
 Entertainment..............................Balsam Range                   Speaker of the Day......................Carey Knowles
 NOON                                                                      Unfinished Business, New Business
 Grilled chicken lunch                                                     Drawing of Door Prizes
 1:00 PM                                                                   Recess Until Poll Closes
 Meeting Called to Order............Kelley Smith, President                5:00 PM
 Invocation                                                                Poll Closes at 5 p.m.
 Pledge of Allegiance                                                      Report of Election Results
 Announcement of Quorum                                                    Adjournment
 Approval of Minutes of 2010 Meeting

12/KILOWATT                                                                                                                           MARCH 2011
       Official Notice of Annual Meeting
          Notice is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of the members of Clay Electric Coopera-
 tive, Inc. will be held at the headquarters of the cooperative in Keystone Heights, Clay County,
 Florida at 9:00 a.m., Thursday, March 24, 2011 to take action upon the following matters.
         (a) The election of a trustee from District No. 2, a trustee from District No. 4 and a trustee
 from District No. 6, to serve three-year terms.
         (b) The report of officers
         (c) To amend Article III (Meeting of Members, SECTION 3. Notice of Members’ Meetings)
 of the co-op’s bylaws, to read as follows:
         Written or printed notice stating the place, day, and hour of the meeting and, the purpose
 or purposes for which the meeting is called, shall be delivered to each member not less than ten
 (10) days nor more than sixty (60) days before the date of the meeting, either personally or by
 mail, by or at the direction of the Secretary, or upon a default in duty by the Secretary, by the per-
 sons calling the meeting. If mailed, such notice shall be deemed to be delivered when deposited in
 the United States mail, addressed to the member at his address as it appears on the records of the
 Cooperative, with postage thereon prepaid. The failure of any member to receive notice of an an-
 nual or special meeting of the members shall not invalidate any action which may be taken by the
 members at any such meeting.
          (d) To amend Article IV (Trustees, SECTION 3. Qualifications) of the co-op’s bylaws, to
 read as follows:
          To become and remain a trustee in the Cooperative an individual must comply with the
 following qualifications:
          (a) be an individual who is a member and bona fide full time resident of the district which
 the individual is to represent for at least 12 months preceding nomination;
          (b) have the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts;
          (c) have not acquired or have a financial interest in or relationship with an outside organi-
 zation or individual having business dealings with the Cooperative if this interest or relationship
 would likely impair the ability of the trustee to serve the best interests of the Cooperative, and
 annually complete and sign a conflict-of-interest certification and disclosure form approved by the
          (d) shall not be a related individual to a current trustee as defined in the Conflict of Inter-
 est Board Policy;
          (e) shall not have been previously removed as a trustee, or shall not have resigned as a
 trustee while a proceeding to remove him or her was pending;
          (f) while a trustee and during the 5 years immediately before becoming a trustee, not be
 convicted of or have plead guilty to a felony or first degree misdemeanor;
          (g) while a trustee and during the 3 years immediately before becoming a trustee, not be
 an employee of the Cooperative;
          (h) except as otherwise provided by board policy for good cause, attend at least two-thirds
 of all board meetings during each year of the trustee’s term of office; and
           (i) comply with any other reasonable qualifications set forth in policies adopted by the
          Upon establishment of the fact that a trustee is holding office in violation of any of the
 foregoing provisions, it shall immediately become incumbent upon the board of trustees to re-
 move such trustee from office. Nothing contained in this section shall affect in any manner what-
 soever the validity of any action taken at any meeting of the board of trustees.
          (e) To amend Article IV (Trustees, SECTION 6. Removal of Trustees by Members) of the co-
 op’s bylaws, to read as follows:
 SECTION 6. Removal of Trustees
        (a) By the Members: Any member may bring charges against a trustee by filing such
 charges in writing with the Secretary, together with a petition signed by at least ten (10) per
 centum of the members residing within district served by such trustee, requesting the removal of
                                                                                  Continued on page 14

MARCH 2011                                                                                    KILOWATT/13
  such trustee by reason thereof. The trustee against whom such charges have been brought shall
  be informed in writing of the charges at least twenty (20) days prior to the meeting at which the
  charges are to be considered and shall have an opportunity at the meeting to be heard in person
  or by counsel and to present evidence in respect of the charges; and the person or persons bring-
  ing the charges against him shall have the same opportunity. The President shall determine the
  order and procedure for hearing the petition at the meeting. The members of the Cooperative
  shall be notified of the call for removal and the date and time of the meeting at which the mat-
  ter will be considered, as provided in Article III, Section 3 of these Bylaws. The question of the
  removal of such trustee shall be considered and voted upon at the next regular or special meet-
  ing of the members. Any vacancy created by such removal may be filled by the Board of Trustees
  in accordance with Section 7 of this Article.
           (b) By Board of Trustees: Any member of the Board of Trustees may call for removal for
  cause of a fellow Trustee by filing with the Secretary a written statement of the allegations (State-
  ment) constituting cause for removal. The Statement must be signed by no less than four of
  the current Trustees. The Statement shall be delivered to the affected Trustee by USPS certified
  mail return receipt requested, by hand delivery, or by an overnight courier services for which a
  receipt is given. The Board shall then conduct a preliminary hearing on the Statement no sooner
  than ten days after delivery of the Statement to determine if there is probable cause to proceed
  with a removal action as specified herein. The affected Trustee shall have an opportunity at the
  preliminary hearing to be heard in person or by counsel and to admit or deny the allegations in
  the Statement. At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing, the Board shall convene an execu-
  tive session to either determine that there is no probable cause to proceed with the removal
  action, in which event the matter shall be closed, or determine that there is probable cause and
  set the matter for a removal hearing as hereinafter set forth. If the Board determines that there
  is probable cause for removal of the affected Trustee, the matter will be considered at the next
  regular meeting of the Board of Trustees or at a special meeting of the Board called for that
  purpose, subject to the notice requirements of these Bylaws. At the meeting where the removal
  of the Trustee shall be considered, the Trustee shall have an opportunity to be heard in person
  or by counsel and to present evidence in respect of the charges. The Trustee or Trustees bring-
  ing the charges against the affected Trustee shall have the same opportunity. The President shall
  determine the order and procedure for hearing the removal action. The members of the Coop-
  erative shall be notified of the call for removal and the date and time of the meeting at which the
  matter will be considered, as provided in Article III, Section 3, of these Bylaws. The question
  of the removal of the Trustee shall be considered and determined by a majority of the Trustees
  present and voting at the meeting. The vacancy created by a removal may be filled by the Board
  of Trustees in accordance with Section 7 of this article.
           (f) To amend Article IV (Trustees, SECTION 8. Compensation) of the co-op’s bylaws, to
  read as follows:
           Trustees as such shall not receive any salary for their services, but by resolution of the
  board of trustees, trustees may receive a fixed sum, for each day or portion thereof spent on
  Cooperative business, such as attendance at meetings, conferences, and training programs or
  performing committee assignments when authorized by the board of trustees. If authorized by
  the board of trustees, trustees may also be reimbursed for expenses actually and necessarily in-
  curred in carrying out such Cooperative business or granted a reasonable per diem allowance by
  the board of trustees in lieu of detailed accounting for some of these expenses. The board may,
  by appropriate resolution, authorize trustees to be eligible for comprehensive medical insur-
  ance on the same basis as the Cooperatives’ employees. No trustee shall receive compensation
  for serving the Cooperative in any other capacity, nor shall any close relative of a trustee receive
  compensation for serving the Cooperative, unless the payment of compensation shall be specifi-
  cally authorized by a vote of the members, or the service by such trustee or close relative shall
  have been certified by the board of trustees as an emergency measure.
           (g) To amend Article VII (Non-Profit Operations, SECTION 2. Patronage Capital in Con-
  nection with Furnishing Electric Energy), Paragraphs 2 & 5, of the co-op’s bylaws, to read as
           (Paragraph 2) The Cooperative is obligated to pay by credits to a capital account for each

14/KILOWATT                                                                                 MARCH 2011
  patron all such amounts in excess of operating costs and expenses. The books and records of
  the Cooperative shall be set up and kept in such manner that at the end of each fiscal year the
  amount of capital, if any, so furnished by each patron is clearly reflected and credited in an ap-
  propriate record to the capital account of each patron; and the Cooperative shall within a reason-
  able time after the close of the fiscal year notify each patron of the amount of capital so credited
  to their account.
           (Paragraph 5) In the event of dissolution or liquidation of the Cooperative, after all
  outstanding indebtedness of the Cooperative shall have been paid, outstanding capital credits
  shall be retired without priority on a pro rata basis before any payments are made on account of
  property rights of members. If, at any time prior to dissolution or liquidation, the board of trust-
  ees shall determine that the financial condition of the Cooperative will not be impaired thereby,
  the capital then credited to patrons’ accounts may be retired in full or in part. If the Cooperative
  separately identified and allocated capital credits representing capital credits or similar amounts
  allocated to the Cooperative by an Entity, such as Seminole Electric Cooperative, in which the
  Cooperative is or was a member, patron, or owner, then the Cooperative may retire and pay
  these capital credits in association with when the Entity retires and pays the capital credits or
  similar amounts to the Cooperative. The board of trustees shall determine the method, basis,
  priority and order of retirement, if any, for all amounts thereafter furnished as capital. Capital
  credited to the account of each patron shall be assignable only on the books of the Cooperative
  pursuant to written instruction from the assignor and only to successors in interest or successors
  in occupancy of all or part of such patron’s premises served by the Cooperative, unless the board
  of trustees acting under policies of general application shall determine otherwise. In the event a
  non-member patron shall elect to become a member of the Cooperative, the capital credited to
  the account of such non-member patron may be applied by the Cooperative toward the payment
  of a membership fee on behalf of such non-member patron.
           (h) To conduct such other business as may properly come before this meeting.
           The Board of Trustees hopes you will be able to attend this meeting and learn more
  about the cooperative. Under the bylaws, as amended at the 1951 Annual Meeting, there can
  be no voting by proxy. This makes it imperative for you to be present in order to vote. Voting
  booths will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The bylaws provide that the two nominees of each
  district receiving the highest vote shall be the official nominees in the district and shall be listed
  in the order of preference indicated by the respective vote.
           You are hereby notified that at the meetings of Districts No. 2, No. 4 and No. 6, the fol-
  lowing were nominated for membership on the Board of Trustees:
  Please note: Legal boundary descriptions of Districts 2, 4 & 6 are provided in Clay Electric Co-op’s
  Member Handbook. The handbook is also available in PDF format online at (See Member
  Services, Communications, Member Handbook). If you have more questions, call the phone number listed
  in your monthly bill statement.
  District No. 2:
           Nominee: Kelley R. Smith Jr.
           No second nominee
  District No. 4:
           Nominee: Carl Malphurs
           No second nominee
  District No. 6:
           Nominee: Floyd Gnann
           No second nominee
          At the Annual Meeting the Secretary will place in nomination the above named official
  candidates from each district. Clay Electric members registered at the Annual Meeting will elect
  one trustee for each of the three districts. There will be music and entertainment from 9:30 a.m.
  until Noon. Free luncheon will be served on the grounds at Noon.
           By: Kelley Smith, President
           Attest: John Henry Whitehead, Secretary

MARCH 2011                                                                                    KILOWATT/15
Employees donate to deserving family
        long with millions of other
        viewers, employees of Clay
        Electric Cooperative will likely
be watching TV the evening of May
8 when a special episode of the CBS
show Extreme Makeover: Home Edi-
tion airs.
 Why the interest in Extreme Make-
over? The episode will feature a long
time member of the cooperative who
received a new home courtesy of the
TV show.
 Carrie Prewitt, a resident of Middle-
burg in Clay County, was selected to
receive the new home after many of
her friends and neighbors contacted
the show’s producers and nominated
her. Prewitt is a popular teacher and
                                            Clay Electric’s director of Member & Public Relations Department Henry Barrow,
volleyball coach at Middleburg High         right, presents the family with information about the new surge protection equip-
School, and she has devoted a lot of        ment the co-op is providing for their new home.
time helping her students and others in
the community.                                               with the TV program swarmed over the home
 When Prewitt was offered an opportunity two                 site. The site was a bee hive of activity around the
years ago to provide a stable environment for                clock. In just 106 hours a beautiful new home had
three girls, she didn’t hesitate. Prewitt became the been built.
legal guardian of Ashley, Gina and Taylor Brewer.  Clay Electric construction crews made several
The girls had a place to call home, but Prewitt’s            visits to the project site to provide utility services.
aging double-wide trailer was in need of repairs,             Clay Electric’s Member & Public Relations
it was drafty and it shook whenever the clothes              Department learned in late December that an
machine operated.                                            Extreme Makeover episode was coming to Clay
 On Jan. 26 Extreme Makeover host Ty Penning- County, and that Prewitt had been chosen. But
ton visited Prewitt during a volleyball practice             that information was strictly confidential until
session at the school and told her that she had              Pennington made his announcement. Manager
been picked to receive a new home.                           of Communications Wayne Mattox and Editor
 A few days later, Prewitt and her three daugh-              Kathy Richardson came up with the idea that a
ters were whisked off on a vacation to the Virgin            fundraiser to help Prewitt with her electricity bills
Islands. The double-wide was demolished and                  would reflect well on the cooperative.
building contractors, hundreds of volunteers,                 Moving from a double-wide trailer to a 3,400
construction equipment and dozens of people                                                           Continued on page 17

New guidelines for cleaning up broken CFL bulbs
      he EPA estimates the average CFL                           environment.
      bulb has 4 milligrams of mercury                           *Shut off the central forced air heating/
      -- much less than the 500 mil-                             air conditioning system.
ligrams in an old-fashioned thermom-                             *Collect materials needed to clean up
eter. A recent report by a European                              broken bulbs.
Commission scientific panel said adults                           During cleanup
are unlikely to be harmed by the mer-                            *Be thorough in collecting broken glass
cury of a broken bulb.                                           and visible powder.
 CFLs are known to pose some risks                               *Place cleanup materials in a sealable
when they break, and now the Envi-                               container.
ronmental Protection Agency has re-                              After cleanup
vised guidelines for their safe disposal. Extra care should be   *Promptly place all bulb debris and
What to do about a broken CFL             taken when cleaning up cleanup materials outdoors in a trash
 Here’s a summary of EPA’s revised        a broken CFL bulb.     container or protected area until materi-
tips for cleaning up a broken CFL:                               als can be disposed of properly.
 Before cleanup                                         *For several hours, air out the room where the
*Have people and pets leave the room.                   bulb was broken and leave the heating/air condi-
*Air out the room for five to 10 minutes by             tioning system shut off.
opening a window or door to the outdoor
16/KILOWATT                                                                                                  MARCH 2011
Gene Carver, line foreman, and Cody McLendon, lineman, from the Or-       Robert Keller, meter reader coordinator, and Gene Carver,
ange Park District work on building service to the new home on Jan. 31.   line foreman, work to set a pole at the home site on Jan. 26.

Continued from page 16                                              excited to help with this effort,” Davis said.
                                                                     Davis said this was a good opportunity for
square foot home would likely mean higher                           Clay Electric to demonstrate and promote its im-
electricity bills (although the new home is more                    age as a good corporate citizen.
energy efficient), but not having to worry about                     “I believe this endeavor – just like the sup-
how much their electric bills might be in their                     port our employees give to the American Cancer
new home would mean one less concern. A cam-                        Society’s Relay for Life event – reflects well on the
paign soon got underway to ask the co-op’s em-                      co-op and its employees,” Davis said.
ployees to help the deserving family. Employees                      Clay Electric has served as a corporate spon-
responded generously to the call for donations.                     sor for American Cancer Society events in the
 On Feb. 16, Clay Electric General Manager/                         area since 2002 and has given nearly $22,000.
CEO Ricky Davis presented a “giant check” in                        Since 2002, Clay employees have raised just over
the amount of $3,426.94 to Carrie Prewitt and her                   $85,000 through their participation in Relay for
daughters to acknowledge the employees’ fund-                       Life events and fundraisers.
raising effort.                                                      The generosity and concern of Clay Electric’s
 “I am proud of our employees for contributing                      employees was also shown in the fall of 2009
so generously to this deserving family,” Davis                      when they raised nearly $3,000 to help co-op
said. “This was an opportunity to highlight the                     member Diena Thompson of Orange Park with
giving spirit of our cooperative family.”                           her electric bills after her eight-year-old daughter
 The amount raised by the employees will be                         Somer was abducted and murdered. The tragic
applied to the Prewitt’s account as a credit, and                   event drew national media attention.
their monthly bills will be deducted from the                        “The outpouring of employee support for one
amount until the balance is zero. The cooperative                   of our Clay Electric members is reflective of the
also donated surge protection equipment and a                       type of people we have here at Clay Electric. Our
year’s supply of air filters for the Prewitt’s heating              employees are dedicated and compassionate,”
and air conditioning system.                                        Member & Public Relations Director Henry Bar-
 “I thank you so much for this and the spirit                       row said at the time.
in which it was given,” Prewitt said following                       Davis said the co-op’s employees are active in
the check presentation. “I know how hard ev-                        their communities, they volunteer in many activi-
eryone works for their money and to have them                       ties, and they’re willing to lend a helping hand to
give so much is such a blessing. This will give                     the Prewitt family in Middleburg.
us a chance to adjust to the new bills in our new                    “Our employees set Clay Electric Cooperative
home.”                                                              apart and make it a unique and caring organiza-
 “Several of our employees know Carrie person-                      tion concerned about the members we serve,”
ally through school and church, and they were so                    Davis said.
MARCH 2011                                                                                                            KILOWATT/17
        The Trading                          for paneling, lining the inside of a        Devotion197-2, hillside, beautifully        cleared, corner US Hwy 76 & gravel
                                             closet, jewelry boxes & toys. 6-18”         landscaped, includes lifetime upkeep,       rd, Long Creek area, low taxes, no
                                             wide x 10-12 long - $2.50 BF; 2” thick      value is $1,800, selling for $900. 352-     restrictions $179,000. 813-780-8798
        Post                                 x 18-24” wide x 10-14 long. Great
                                             for mantles, bartops & tabletops,
                                                                                         494-6642 Sheldon
                                                                                         1997 40 SEA RAY Sundancer, Twin
                                                                                                                                     or 207-841-2486 or yorkies1@rocket-
        Submit your Trading Post                                                         Cat Diesels, 2 staterooms, 2 heads,         SEASONAL CAMP in Maine,
        ad by sending a post card to         $3.50 BF; glass, tempered, 72” X 44”,
        Clay Electric, PO Box 308,           sanded edges. Great for Fla. room or        $139.500; 1995 Dyna Wide Glide,             waterfront on Lake Annabessacook in
        Keystone Heights, FL 32656.          greenhouse, $100; coontie, bare root        5,825 miles, Jaguar teal, low miles,        Monmouth, ME 24 Morrill Ln, includes
        For more Trading Post ads,
        visit the Clay Electric web site     seedlings, thousands avail. .50 ea.;        garage kept, extra corbin seat &            rear acre lot, $225,000 207-841-2486
        at                  rolltop desk 48” wide x 50” high X 28”      backrest, $11,500; 1994 Chevy Geo           or Berry
                                             deep, $300. 352-481-4791 Drake              Tracker, 4w/d, 5 speed, cruise control,     3 ACRES in Hollister, Putnam County,
BASS BOAT 1998 R91 Ranger                    8000 WATT GENERATOR w13 HP                  original owner, $2600. 904-861-4485         paved roads on corner of Hoover &
200HP Merc EFI Low hours, great              Honda GX Industrial OHV engine              Sands                                       Tiki $24,000. 386-649-4809 Parker
condition $8500. 904-525-6005                engine, maintenance-free brush-             FIFTH WHEEL HITCH, Reese, rated             2/2 MOBILE HOME on 1/3 acre
Wildermuth                                   less generator design equipped with         16,000 lbs, $200. 352-235-1382              corner lot in K.H. 12x36 screened
VCR PANASONIC, $20; 24K gold                 quiet muffler, 8000 surge watts, 6600       Murphy                                      porch, laundry room, 2 car carport, RV
trim coffee set, $30; Looney Tunes           continuous watts, 6% total harmonic         12 3/4 ACRES EASTMAN Ga., hard              pad full hook ups, 2 storage sheds, 2
leather/denim jacket, $50; 4 Mercedes        distortion for use with voltage-sensitive   road frontage, 5 acres planted in 9         wells, sell furnished, make offer. 352-
rims, $200; 96 Lincoln window motors,        equipment like computers, easy ac-          y/o pine trees, fenced, good hunting,       473-2140 Buehler
$20; Cadillac svc manual & wiring            cess control & outlet panel, 2 120V 15      deer, turkey, good for pond site,           CORNER LOT 1/2 ac+ lot in Hollister,
diagrams, $25; Mercedes hood &               amp outlets, 2 120V 20 amp outlets, 1       annual taxes $48, 5 miles from Super        large oak tree & other trees, 1/5 mile
trunk lids, Can email pics $45. 352-         120/240V twist lock 30 amp outlet, A        Wal-mart, $3,800/acre.Will hold some        from State Hwy 20, quiet neighbor-
454-3422 Schena                              6.5 gal tank full powers generator for      mortgage. 352-817-4402 or 352-546-          hood, deep well, $9,850. 423-474-
2007 SUZUKI Quad Runner 4x4                  9.1 hours, 7 hours @ full load, circuit     3665 Wainwright                             2201 Stallings
400cc, 294 miles org. $5,000; 2006           breaker protection, frame measures          BAMBOO, dwarf, arrow white giant            FIVE ACRES Bradford County, low
Gulfstream Travel Trl, exc. cond.,           31 L x 23 5/8W x 22 H, storage cover        crookstem, ½ off you dig $10-$15            impact fee, minutes from Wal-mart but
$4,500. 386-325-0410 Carwile                 incl, $500 obo. 386-649-9220 or joan-       each; cut poles $1 each 2” poles, 8’ or     still quiet, 904-796-3302 Fox
PROM DRESSES, 6, each only worn     Doring                 longer $.50/ft. 352-485-3556 Graham         METAL TRAILER 4x8, 1-7/8 ball cou-
once, size 1-3, various colors & styles,     AMMO, 5 boxes 9mm Luger 115 Gr,             3 PARCELS off Pacetti Rd, St. Johns         pler, homemade w/ metal floor & new
$20 each; past, present, future ring         Remington UMC reloadable FMJ                County, 2.52 ac, 1.93 ac, 1.54 ac &         wood sides, new lights, wiring, ball
14kw gold, 1 tcw diamond, $550;              $16.50 / box; 10 boxes 5.56mm               easement; 5.91 ac w/ septic, well           hitch lugs & stems. Pulls easily even
1/2 cwt 14kw gold engagement ring            Lake City Army Ammunition Plant             & power pole 14 mi s. of Chipley in         w/ small car, $350. Older lift chair, tan,
& 1/4cwt 14kw gold wedding band              Blanks, excl military-issued practice       Washington County. 386-497-3556 or          works great, $80. drobbs@bellsouth.
$1050.               blanks, $6/box; 10 boxes PMC Full           386-647-6680 Williams                       net Baldree
Smith                                        Metal Jacket 380 ACP, $16.50/box,           BRING YOUR HORSES, 3/2 MH on                HONEY EXTRACTOR, 2 frame
CRAFTSMAN wood joiner, belt                  Hawthorne/Interlachen Area pjime-           1.14 acre in Middleburg, new carpet,        stainless steel honey extractor & other
sander combination $100 obo; 12 gal Jimenez                 new paint, fireplace, new fence all on      extracting equipment. $225. Boy & girl
HD plastic tubs, formerly cattle block       1.1 ACRE in desirable, horse                paved road. Seller will pay all closing     26” 15 speed bikes, $50 each or $90
containers $1 each, ideal for plant          friendly Foxmeadow neighborhood             costs for VA buyer, $74,900 obo. 904-       for both. 352-213-4329 GIDDEON
nursery 386-755-3541 Robinson                in Middleburg, One of few lots left,        282-5959 or 904-327-5689 Corn               357 ROSSI SNUB NOSE revolver, 6
2005 TRIUMPH 17-1/2’ dual console            close to “A” schools & shopping,            OCALA FOREST, 17560 NE 246th                shot, stainless, NIB w/manual, built-in
w/ 75hp Yamaha 4-stroke engine (little                                                   St, Hunt camp 2/1 house w/central           trigger lock, 2 keys $500. Middleburg
                                             neighborhood borders Old Jennings                                                       904-334-8513 Miller
use); 12v Minnekota trolling mtr; fish       State Forest, $50,000 obo; 2000             ac/heat, 4” submersible well, 2 lots
finder; bimini top; trailer; hull lifetime                                                                                           GM TONNEAU cover fits any GM or
                                             Ford Ranger V6 4.0 liter 4x4 - 4 dr         (190x165) (.71 acre) wooded, other          Chevy crew cab HD truck 2007-2011,
warranty. Laster           extended cab, 81k miles flare side,         buildings, needs handy owner, Cedar         purchased new in July for $1,400,
1996 SEADOO SPI w/ rebuilt engine,           power window/locks, CD, cruise, cloth       Landing, $45,000 obo. 813-877-8598          perfect condition, pewter color, $400.
trailer included, $500. 904-704-0281         interior, seats 5, running boards, bed      Diaz                                        386-462-7003 Kowalczyk
Perretta                                     liner, custom topper, custom paint,         16” WESTERN SADDLE, all leather             MINI DACHSHUND puppies, regis-
2002 BAYLINER 19 Cuddy cabin,                tires less than 1 year, tow package,        in good condition includes leather          tered, home raised, black/white, red/
Capri Series 1952, 1 owner, bimini                                                       bridle and almost new saddle pad ask-       white, reds $300-$350; miniature fillies
                                             $7,300. 904-449-9520 Ford                                                               & colt, 26” & up, all colors $300 & up
top/cockpit cover, fish finder, AM/FM        DESK CHAIR black leather, like new,         ing $175 obo. 352-475-9577 Copeland
CD player, porta potty & trailer, great                                                                                              obo 352-546-1174 Murray
                                             $45; Lane cedar chest, exc. cond.,          GE STOVE w/microwave above,                 WHEELCHAIR Jet 3 w/ 3” cushion w/
for family fun, skiing & fishing, $5500      $125; Aero pilates deluxe performer w/      $100; new solid wood quilt rack $100;       leg extensions, 2 lg & 2 sm wheels,
obo. or 904-838-             rebounder & riser, $400. 904-524-           WWII gas can w/holder $50; silent           red foot prop, exc. cond., $800 firm;
9975 Wofford                                 1912 Wanat                                  drum set $100; Frigidaire upright           Z chair wheelchair w/ 4 wheels &
2004 HONDA XR80 dirtbike, like               LARGE HOUSE 3,500 sq ft, 4.95               freezer $75; rebuilt carburetor for         foot prop, cost $5,000, asking $500;
new cond. $1200 904-982-2548 or              acres, Lake Asbury area, 5/3, zoned         V8-90 Caddy $200; electric Franz            swimming pool, used once, w/ ladder, Gilbert                   for horses, living & dining rooms, 21’x     Metronome $15; extra heavy duty             pump, chemicals, nice, $400 obo;
2010 KENMORE Refrigerator 19’ CU                                                         tarp canopy 10’x20’long x 8’H at sides      Poulan 42” riding lawnmower $500,
                                             24’ gameroom, possible in-law suite or                                                  front-tine rototiller w/ new blades,
top freezer, never used, brand new,          2 families, 42” kit. cabinets, stainless    14’H at center has top, 2 sides & back
paid $919, sacrifice for $425. 352-625-                                                                                              works good, $250; utility trailer 70”
                                             steel appl., toolshed/wkshp w/ extra        & poles $150; Poulan blower 200             wide x 8’ long, homemade steel w/
3538 or Simmons                freezer/ refrigerator, huge utility room,   MPH $35. 352-222-3405 Heinser               wood sides & bottom, w/ tag, $500;
12’ JON BOAT dual hull w/ 2 remov-           55 gal water heater, 2 AC units, sec.       ’64 VW BEETLE, rebuilt engine, new          handi-man shed, almost new 12’x16’
able cushion seats & 2 life preservers,      sys., very private, but close to every-     tires, brakes & pressure plates, looks      w/ peg board, 2 windows, small a/c
boat only used twice, like new               thing, $449,000. 904-945-9358 Elliott       & runs great, still all 6-volt, Silver      unit, bench, bookshelves overhead for
condition, very stable in water, $485.       1987 CROWN VICTORIA 1 owner                 Springs $4400 obo. 352-625-1519 or          fishing poles, aluminum siding, $1,800
386-758-2465 or ftheo321@yahoo.              96,000 miles, 302cu power windows,          352-433-3887 Robinson                       firm. 352-473-3236 Griffis
com Theobald                                 interior mint cond., $2,500 firm. 352-      TANKLESS WATER
1979 TRANS AM, 10th annv. special            235-7982 Hovsepian                          HEATER, Aquastar 125
edition, only 7,500 made, a true             LAKEFRONT 6 acres on Adams Lake             LP gas on-demand, whole
classic, silver on silver, loaded:           near Branford, 4 acres fenced, mixture      house, needs work, has
T-tops, auto trans, 403 V8, very good        of oaks & pines, well, 2 septic tanks       new parts, $700 new,
condition, runs, looks and drives great,     & electric, $99,000. 386-292-3076           asking $75. 386-454-3249              Hatred stirs up quarrels, but
$19,750. 386-758-1739 or ljetruax@           Grekowicz                                   Behnke Truax                                                                        8.8 ACRES SOUTH
                                                                                                                               love makes up for all offenses.
                                             BURIAL LOT Jacksonville Memory
RED CEDAR, aromatic, cut at 1/2-3/4”         Gardens, Orange Park, Garden of             CAROLINA, rolling land,               Proverbs 10:12

18/KILOWATT                                                                                                                                              MARCH 2011
TIRES WITH RIMS 16” Regency                 used, great land on 315 N for a            Chair refurbished $150, straight-back      LAKEFRONT 2/1 MH Orange Lake,
chrome rims/mounted, balanced,              homesite, bring the horses. Some           is original – need refurbishing &          near Ocala. Newly renovated w/ huge
Uniroyal Laredo P235 75R 16 tires,          restrictions: no mobiles, no hogs etc.,    upholstering, much more. 386-546-          screened porch w/carport. All elect.
good tread, Chevy pattern set of 4,         asking $150,000. 386-659-2340 Coker        9395 Ferretti                              new appliances, new flooring, elect
                                            COMPLETELY REMODELED 2/1                   1992 FORD BRONCO 4x4, 27,000               H/A. 2 large lots, 70 on canal & lake-
$160; tires, 2 Ameritrac P245 70R 17,                                                                                             front w/2 docks & boathouse. Quiet
new, $50; chrome rims, Eagle alloy          house in Gainesville, new electric,        miles on factory rebuilt motor, auto
                                                                                                                                  dead end road, lovingly furnished.
15” x 10” universal lug pattern set of 4,   plumbing, A/C unit, flooring, cabinets,    transmission, drive train, etc. good for   813-988-2070 Sempert
$60; irrigation pump 2hp, new, $225;        appliances, bathroom, large backyard,      hunting, restoring, mudding, $1,500;       WATERFRONT 3/2 CH/A Boat Slip,
sparing partner, Century brand rubber       $80,000 obo. 352-317-1550 Bradley          Technics electronic piano, plays clas-     3 miles south of Welaka at Fruitland/
torso “bob,” $125; vinyl 54” wide,          HOME FOR TRADE on St. Johns                sic & jazz piano, harpsichord & organ,     River Park West-exc. cond., 125 W.
marine quality, 36 yard roll, $125. 352-    River, 2.5 acres. indoor pool, separate    hardly used due to wife’s illness &        Palm Ave., $149,000. maridellcw@aol.
475-3259 Coppola                            guest house, all furnished, past           death, $2,500 new, now $1,500. Plant       com Wooley
29 GAL FISH TANK, iron stand, filters       appraisal $600,000, dock, covered          City 813-754-4959 or 863-944-2848          3 PLOTS Garden of Devotion,
& accessories, $100. 904-282-8276           boat house & party room, will trade        Halford                                    Jacksonville Memory Gardens, $1,900
Petzel                                      for smaller home or condo; you take        ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, small,               each; Frigidaire upright freezer, 17 cf.
1998 CHEVY MALIBU, gold, power              responsibility of $275,000 note. 970-      49”Hx47”H, solid light color wood,         commercial grade freezer, exc. cond.,
seats, locks, windows, cruise, CD           944-5229 Hoaglin                           bought at the Wood You Store then          $425. 904-264-6451 Morgan
player, runs great. $2,800. 352-299-        1 ACRE LOT, buildable, 3008 Twigg          stained, glass door down left side, w/     KENMORE SIDE-BY-SIDE refrigera-
5470 Waldron                                Street, Palatka, paved road, zoning        3 adjustable shelves, TV opening (25       tor w/ ice/water, 28 cu. ft., white. 10
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC maga-                   allows site built or modular homes,        ¾”W x 26” H), 2 doors storage under        years old, exc. cond., $450; 16 HP
zines,1953 thru 1980, exc. cond.,           $39,500. 386-328-4670 Dennard              TV opening, exc. cond., $100 obo.          Cub Cadet lawn tractor 2000 Series,
$300. 904-264-4339 Hiers                    2004 POLARIS MX150 3 person                904-291-8774 Decker                        Model 2166, twin rear bagger, all new
PIT BULL PUPPIES, born 1/18/11,             jet ski w/ 46 hrs, garage kept, turbo      SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT sewing
                                                                                                                                  tires, less than 100 hours, $1,600.
both sexes, very cute, mother on            charged, max speed is 68 mph, Majic        machines, Two 1950s era, 352-473-
                                                                                       1275 Guy                          Olsen
premises, $150 each. 386-467-3648           tilt trailer included, charcoal w/ black                                              BAJA GO-CART 150cc, off road,
Maddox                                      accents, large storage compartment,        HILLBILLY GOLF CLUB TROLLEY,
                                                                                       remote controlled, new battery &           used for 40 hrs, paid $2,000, selling
2000 SATURN L Series SW, exc.               one owner, $4,300. 352-235-2983 Ivey                                                  for $1,000. or 904-
                                            TOOLBAR 2-Row J.D. Bedder Hvy.             charger, drink holder & seat, help
cond., V6 3.0, runs & looks good,                                                      the New Year resolution by walking         284-5454 Hefferin
$3250. Bunnell. 386-569-7962                Duty toolbar + “A” frame, good cond.                                                  INTERLACHEN LOTS 11 & 12 on
                                                                                       18 holes instead of riding & save on
Goldstein                                   $600. Palatka 386-325-3158 Eubanks                                                    Block 2 Trout Lake Gardens, 445
                                                                                       green fees, asking $1,150. 352-473-
LAND/LOT, large beautiful, High,            1974 VW SUPER BEETLE, recently             8942 Dersham                               Citrus Dr. $6,000 obo; 5’ wide x 8’ long
dry & ready to build, 4.75 acres in         rebuilt 1600 engine, comes w/ VW           COZY LOG CABIN furnished on                white closed-in trailer, $800; Voyager
Old Nursery Plantation in Macclenny.        parts, asking $1,000. 386-467-3648         Suwannee River, guaranteed to              kit to make your motorcycle into a
Asking $175,000. 904-237-5652               Cusson                                     never flood, located in Dixie County,      trike, $2,700; car dolly, $600 obo. 904-
Jordan                                      CANOE 16’ fiberglass $180; cutting         $139,900. 352-538-6540 Gray                284-1163 Knight
COLEMAN 5000 portable electric              & welding torches, complete kit, new       SERVICE MANUAL for 85 Cadillac             2004 4-WHEELER bought new, low
generator $325; Troybilt 3550 portable      $85; 12V winch 6000# $65; boat A/C         Seville w/ wiring diagrams, $25;           miles looks good, runs great, one
electric generator $250; both for $500;     Cruizair carry on, new $1,000, sell        24K gold trim Greek coffee set $30,
                                                                                       Looney Tunes leather & denim jacket        owner, $2,800; 5 acres w/ well, power
metal storage building 8 X 12 with 5’       $375; home A/C Tran XB 1000, 2/                                                       pole, 1 mile from Santa Fe River,
                                            HT pump $350; handicap scooter             has 6 Looney characters, $50; set of
wide door & drive-in ramp, $950 obo.                                                   four 1981-85 Mercedes rims,$195;           $35,000 or $3,500 down, seller will
352-258-5119 Hayes                          SC63 Revo, PTO model, original                                                        finance payments as low as $300/
                                                                                       white faux fur trimmed gift bag set,
PROPERTIES Ft.McCoy & Palatka               cost $1,900, never used, $1,000 obo;       $5; 1981-85 Mercedes hood & trunk          month. 386-497-4084 Descoteaux
vacant properties, all clear, some have     crossbow, Barnett Quad300, 11 bolts,       lids, $45; 2000 GEO Metro Chevy,           57 ACRES in Ellaville, GA, Schley
mobile homes already on them with           5 hunting broadheads, has $125 crank       4dr, silver,156k miles, $2,350 obo.        Co., great hunting area, planted pines,
rental income, 352-546-4369 Lott            device for string engagement, scoped,      352-454-3422 Schena                        approx 15 yrs old, main highway
WHEELBARROW, 3 L x 2 W, sturdy,             $360 for all; Taurus Mod172 .17HMR         2005 BUICK CXL silver, gray
                                                                                       leather interior,1,886 actual miles,       frontage, creek close by, high & dry,
$25; metal pull cart, 4L x 2W, sturdy,      SS pump 150RDS, $220. 904-284-                                                        $114,000 or make offer; St. Johns
                                            1369 Duell                                 loaded,power windows,seats,locks,
$25. 352-473-4766. Blair                                                               auto transmission, OnStar, telephone,      River Astor Doublewide on wide deep
CENTRAL MACHINERY 14” X 40”                 CHILDRENS BEDROOM SET white                                                           canal, near river, boat house, w/dock
                                                                                       approx.18 months transferrable war-
wood lathe, never used, asking $150.        wicker, bed w/frame, lg. dresser,          ranty, $17,000. rose6154@comcast.          & screened room, large carport utility
904-282-7260 Babb                           night stand, chair, sml. wall shelf,       net Sluder                                 shed, screened porch, spa, furnished
BUNK BEDS w/BEDDING, used only              $275; 2 East Lake chairs, Captain’s                                                   $189,000; Clermont 2/2 upstairs
2 nights, 2 sets sleeping 4, $400 each
set. 352-473-8446; formal dining set,
like new, beautiful wood, 6 place table
& 6 wooden chairs, $780; sailboat,
1989 Catalina 18, exc. cond., Photos                                                   Smoky white bean chili
avail. $5,990. 352-473-3692 Cedeno                                                          with pork
5x8 TRAILER FRAME, 5 lug, 12” tires                   1.25 lbs ground pork
1850# Cap., $200. 904-291-5081 or                                                                            Place cubed sausage and pork in large
                                                      1 lb turkey sausage, cut into ½” cubes Surman                                                                                      pot and cook until the pork is done;
                                                      2 teaspoons minced garlic
CORNER LOT, 1/2+ acre, Highridge                                                                             remove meat with slotted spoon and place
                                                      1 large onion, chopped
Estates in Keystone Heights,                          1 tablespoon ground cumin                              in bowl. Reduce heat and cook onion and
well, septic & meter box, 2 nice palms                2 teaspoons sweet smoked paprika                       garlic until translucent; pour in wine and
w/ other trees & shrubs, 2 cement                     1 teaspoon chili powder                                stir up browned bits; add meat, beans,
slabs, lot appears much larger, under                 ½ teaspoon salt                                        diced tomatoes, seasonings, and chicken
appraisal at $10,500. 904-612-5801                    1 teaspoon pepper                                      stock. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover,
Lair                                                  ¼ cup red wine                                         and cook at medium low for 30 to 40
100+ CLOTHES ITEMS, shoes, un-                        2 cans (14 oz. ea.) diced tomatoes                     minutes, stirring occasionally. Check taste
derwear, new w/ tags, great for large                 3 cans (14 oz. ea.) cannellini beans,                  and add extra seasoning if desired. Ritz
family or someone with a flea market/                 drained, rinsed                                        Crackers go well with this dish.
yard sale business, all nice & clean,                 1 can chicken broth
$100. Salt Springs 386-467-3215 or                    1 jalapeño pepper, diced, ribs & seeds                Our thanks to Wayne Mattox of Orange Park for Fowler                          removed                                               providing the recipe that appears in this issue of
13 WOODED ACRES, beautiful w/                         ½ cup cilantro (garnish) optional                     the Kilowatt.
well & septic that has never been

MARCH 2011                                                                                                                                           KILOWATT/19
1,600 sq ft under air, 1br/1ba down-       352-625-7740 Kelton
stairs (full basement) 1,600 sq ft great   CREDIT at Jax Memory Gardens,
view of Lake Minnehaha (access) see        Orange Park, $5,025 worth of credit to
to appreciate, $259,000; House in          be used for burial lot, casket vault, etc.
historic civil war town, Andersonville,
GA mostly renovated – livable 2/1          $3,600. 352-546-4360 Stewart
extra corner lot, front porch, sunroom,    1988 SEA NYMPH Great Lakes spe-
utility room $43,500. 352-978-3790 or      cial, 16’ deep hull, alum, 70hp Mercury
352-242-1324 Morgan                        outboard motor w/trailer, fish finder,
SENTRY SAFE fireproof 10”x13”, 3           electric motor w/foot controls, very         MINI FARM 1 acre, 2 houses
                                           good cond., great recreation or fishing                                                  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY in
number comb., lists for $200 take $60;                                                  2BR/2BA, 30x60 barn, partially              Pierson, 10 acres, 5 oak hammock,
canoe w/ alum trailer, 15’ canoe, 2-life   boat, $2,500 obo 352-473-9517 Elder          fenced, 7 miles S of GCS on Hwy
                                           KEL TEC P-FAT pistol, like new w/                                                        plumosus fern, 5 field-grown cold
jackets, 3 oars & 4 floating pillows                                                    17, make offer; VCR tapes, antique          hardy palms, all irrigated, diesel pump,
$850; short bed Ford Ranger truck          ankle holster, leather, Bianchi holster,     trunks, make offer. 813-767-6965
                                           small carrying case, instruction &                                                       2/2 MH in great cond. $500,000.
cover, exc. cond. $295; maple dining                                                    Brown                              West
room set, table 42”, 4 chairs, good        parts manual $300; carpet/upholstery         CEMETERY PLOT, casket & grave
                                           cleaner, Dirt Devil, like new, $20 firm.                                                 3/2 DWMH on 1 acre in Clay County,
cond., $85 352-472-6436 or 352-332-                                                     liner, Forest Lawn Memory Gardens,          remodeled throughout, large master
8343 or 352-262-2734 Ergle                 386-467-8182 Cunningham                      S. Pine Ave. Ocala, choice of Gardens
                                           CERAMIC BISK, big assortment,                                                            bath w/ jet jaccuzi. bonus building w/
5 ACRES in Melrose Landing near                                                         of Ascension or Peace, all only             large office space, $78,500 lease op-
                                           wrapped & clean, used molds, list            $1,000. 352-595-1328 Maynard
airport, on Cessna Lane, $39,000.          with prices, xmas plastic lites & stars,                                                 tion to buy. 352-257-2634 Smartt
352-475-9570 Elkins                                                                     1-18 GAUGE CASKET, 1-vault,                 SILVER SPRINGS SHORES 55+
                                           many sizes, music boxes & turntables,        purchased in the 80s at Jax Memory
FURNISHED HOUSE in Ponderosa               some kiln furniture, misc. elec rods &                                                   community, unfurnished ground floor
Club, Salt Springs, $30,000 352-685-                                                    Garden, excellent price 904-264-5939        2/2 w/ new vanities, full kitchen,
                                           wiring for lamps, much more; 2 plots in      or 904-504-0929 Hogan
8648 or 423-342-6571 Waycaster             Forest Meadows East can be traded                                                        washer/dryer, living rm, dining rm,
WOLFF TANNING BED, 5 yr old,                                                            SATSUMA MH, 1,500 sf, in 55+ com-           enclosed lanai. carpet like new, on golf
                                           to any of their locations, lists $1895       munity on St. Johns River, 2/2 w/den;
Perfect Sun 16 bulb tanning w/             each, sell for $1,500 each. 352-372-                                                     course, community pool across street,
                                                                                        2 screen porches, covered carport w/        $42,995. 352-288-0323 Vickery
minimal use, requires a 220V, new          1506 Frazier                                 storage shed, stainless appl., eat-in
                                           2005 BUICK LACROSSE CXL silver                                                           FLORIDA HEAT PUMP A/C, energy
goggles & cleaning supplies included,                                                   kitchen; exc. cond., $88,499. 386-649-      efficient model; antique miniature
$1,000 obo. 352-235-6151 Ivey              w/gray leather interior 1,898 actual         6068 or Wiemer
                                           miles, loaded, power windows, seats,                                                     English haywagon, Orange Park. 904-
BUSH HOG finish mower, model                                                            ESTATE SALE, approx. 1 ½ ac land            264-5279 or Bryson
TH-60, rusted out body, good gearbox       locks, automatic transmission, cruise        $30k; 12’ fiberglass flats boat, $200;
                                           control, am/fm stereo CD, On Star,                                                                      RENTALS
and spindles and pullies, $200. 904-                                                    shop tools, 10’x20’ fiberglass pool         TIMESHARE ORMOND BEACH,
                                           telephone, approx 18 months transfer-        $1,500; Hamm radio, exercise equip
282-7062 Pharis                            able warranty, title in hand $17,000                                                     1 bdrm, Casa Del Mar, sleeps 4/2,
2004 RIATA MH loaded 58k 18 mpg                                                         $400, wood stove $100; John Deere           easy drive to Disney, Space Center,
                                           904-375-0230 Sluder                          rider mower $100; hot tub $50; ’76
like new, come look, $19,800. 386-         CANNA LILY bulbs, orange, yellow,                                                        Daytona & Sebring race tracks,
                                                                                        Chevy flat bed truck $600; much             Port Canaveral, golf, Silver Springs,
758-7683 Laber                             red 4’-6’ high summer bloom $5/ bag          more, financing avail. 352-553-5240
                                           10-12 bulbs. 352-475-1466 Beckham                                                        Florida Keys, fully equipped w/ on site
MIN-PIN PUPPIES, CKC reg., health                                                       Bates                                       amenities, beach, child pool, exercise
certificates, parents on property, rare    KUBOTA L2500 4 wheel drive tractor,          BIRDS & BLOOMS, mags, about 60
                                           6’ bush hog mower & 6’ blade, make                                                       equip, game room, laundry, snack bar,
standard size, $325. 352-213-1341                                                       of them, info on butterflies, flowers &     $16,000. 904-529-1503 Stark
                                           offer. 352-473-2417 Douglas                  birds. 904-282-1824 Colburn
Lockwood                                   PECAN & FRUIT TREES, apple,                                                              HOUSE, 3 bdrms, part of a 40 acre
KOUNTRY STAR 35’ 5th wheel 2002,                                                        ‘97 WINNEBAGO Adv. great cond.,             ranch set off of Lake Ft. McCoy,
                                           peach, pear, plum, persimmon,                26,900 miles, 34’ long, sleeps 6, 14’
made by Newman, all enclosed under         pomegranate, fig, chestnut, blueberry,                                                   hardwood floors, stainless steel appl.,
belly, 3 slides, new tires, smooth side,                                                slideout, 2 new AC units, 5 KW gen.,        central HVAC, big yard. $750/month.
                                           blackberry, grape, nectarine, privacy        hyd jacks, 352-475-9506 or 386-546-
a lot of storage space, many add.          trees (Carolina Sapphire), time to                                                       352-546-4369 Lott
features, 904-769-2367 Thornton                                                         2119 Martin                                 SMOKEY MOUNTAIN rental in
                                           plant now. 386-454-7587 Webb                 PARROT CAGE powder coated,
TILLER, Troybilt Junior, 4 hp, old but     2006 MAZDA 3, Grand Touring, 28-32                                                       Franklin, NC, near Cherokee, sleeps
runs good, $10. 904-278-8867 Pope                                                       65”Hx36”Wx28”D 4 stainless steel            6, $365 weekly, available April to
                                           mpg., leather interior, moon roof, 6         food/water bowls on wheels for more
2003 JAYCO travel trailer 33’+ long,       CD capacity, copper red, exc. cond.,                                                     mid-November. 386-755-0070 or
handicap bathroom, exc. cond.,                                                          information 850-210-3806 or 352-283-        386-365-2915 or www.franklinnccabin.
                                           $7,600. 904-282-6607 Coffman                 7487 Martin
bought house & need to sell trailer.       MADAME ALEXANDER DOLLS (6)                                                      Brooks
605-237-1442 Dohman                                                                     SHOP LIGHTS, 12 4’ shop lights, $5          CRESCENT BEACH CONDO
                                           first ladies of the United States, series    each; old metal miter with saw $5.
FORTRESS 2000 3 wheel scooter, 9           II perfect cond., $250. 352-595-1865                                                     overlooks inland waterway, 2/2 sleeps
month old batteries, runs great, black                                                  352-475-1772 Gensel                         6, boat ramp & parking, walkway to
                                           Edenfield                                    PALATKA 32 ACRES on Crescent
& red, w/ charger, weight cap. 250 lbs.    WATERFRONT Black Creek, 5.9                                                              beach, June 19-26, June 26-July 3rd,
386-719-2112 Robinson                                                                   Lake, 660’ lake frontage, great fishing     $600/week; Franklin North Carolina
                                           acre lot that fronts county road in          & hunting $60,000; St. Cloud 1 acre
50” PANASONIC projection TV, only          Middleburg, high & dry with a below                                                      mountain home 2/2 sleeps 10 on
2 years old, works great, just don t                                                    lot fronting Hwy 192, close to Orlando      Little Tennessee River, $500/week,
                                           ground septic; 20 ton dual axle tilt type    and Kissimmee $55,000; Piano Fisher
need it anymore, $700. 352-665-6556        equipment trailer, very heavy duty,                                                      $50 clean up fee, for sale unfurnished
Johnson                                                                                 baby grand and Piano Player with 264        $125,000, furnished $139,000. 386-
                                           $7,500. 904-219-3423 Carter                  musical rolls, collector $3,500. 352-
CASWELL COUNTY, NC 110+ acres              PROPANE GAS TANK 250 gal., ideal                                                         385-3443 or jlawsonpalatka@gmail.
off of SR86, near Yanceyville, excel-                                                   373-1196 Schmitt                            com Lawson
                                           for BBQ cooker, asking $150. please          CANON CAMERA 1 AE-1 35mm,
lent hunting, rolling hardwoods, fields,   leave message. 904-289-7876 Carter                                                       LAKEHOUSE on Little Lake Geneva.
stocked farm pond, $1,900/acre.                                                         telephoto lens, wide angle lens, filters,   Cute 2/1 house, wrap around porch
                                           DINING ROOM SET Complete w/                  carrying bag & strap, flash attachment,
423-474-2201 Stallings                     table (2 leaves), china cabinet/buffet                                                   facing the lake w/ large windows for a
32’ GULFSTREAM 2006 sleeps 8,                                                           auto film advancer, manual, $450 firm       great view, A/C, laminate floors, 6331
                                           (lighted), server, 5 side chairs & 1         386-227-1393 Hudson
full size fridge, microwave ,stove, 110    arm chair, solid wood, medium walnut                                                     Little Lake Geneva Rd., $700/month
hook up, no holding tanks, ac, heat                                                     MATERIAL for fireplace mantle,              negotiable. 352-258-2634 Smartt
                                           color, $600. 904-291-2239 Hargrove           8’ long 3 1/2” thick, 12 1/4 wide
(propane), new tub, mint condition,        FURNISHED MOBILE HOME, 2 Lots,                                                           N.C. CABIN, mountain vacation near
new tires, bumper pull, $5,300 obo.                                                     2-24” long pieces for braces, Pecky         Franklin, close to Cherokee & Smokey
                                           1 fenced in for pets or RV, 2 bed,1-1/2      Cypress, $350 firm. 386-274-9314
352-745-2522 Elmore                        bath, Florida room screened & vinyl                                                      Mountains, many outdoor activities
RV APPLIANCES & equipment,                                                              Hudson                                      nearby, $425/week. 352-473-8935 or
                                           10X30, 3 storage sheds, taxes $524/          CHEVY S-10 pick-up 1989, 2.5
almost new, electric/gas 2 dr. refrig,     yr, $28,500 cash; BOAT DOLLY used                                                        828-349-3137 Ahrens
built-in microwave, furnace, power                                                      engine, 5 speed trans, new clutch,          TRIPLEWIDE 3BR/2BA, appliances,
                                           very little like new condition, dual         tires, radiator, A/C, 29+ mpg, $1500;
converter, holding tanks, water tank,      wheels. 352-625-6121 Poirier                                                             CH&A, 1st, last, & security dep., 1 yr
water pump, antenna, A/C, sofa. Salt                                                    1964 Chev C-30 flat bed 454 engine
                                           1953 COKE MACHINE, Vendo – 39,               400 trans $3,000; 1974 Lincoln Mark         lease, credit check/ref. req., 1 acre
Springs 352-685-2549 Howard                round top, beautifully restored & runs                                                   fenced-in yard; shed, $750/month.
                                                                                        IV, 32k miles $8,000. Citra 352-595-
SMALL SPA w/cover, works great,            great, $1,900. 352-235-0247 Graf             1998 White                                  813.368.6573 Holtmeyer
new motor & heater, size 4x6, you          TWO LOTS in Highridge Estates,               GONE WITH THE WIND musical                  BOLD MOUNTAIN 2BR/2BA cabin,
move, $450. 352-625-7740 Kelton            close to Hwy., nicely wooded, Approx.        plates, each w/ cert., $30/ plate or set    stream, sat TV, fireplace, borders
FIVE DISPLAY CASES, 2 are 6’,              half of tax value, 6325 Dennison Ave.        of 12 for $430; 12 miniature plates w/      Nat. Forest, great privacy, close to
                                           200X150, $6,000 cash; 6397 Baylor            wooden rack, $50. 352-220-0507 or           Smokies, $600/wk. 352-475-1770 or
2 are 5’ & one is 4’, call for more        Ave. 103X146, $4,000 cash. 352-475-
dimensions, $800. 352-610-6026 or                                                       352-473-9978 Rusis                 Carter
                                           1923 Tucker

20/KILOWATT                                                                                                                                           MARCH 2011

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