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									                   BLUE RIDGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
BUSINESS AND CAREER                                                           ONLINE LEARNING
  Commercial Driving  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3                  Programming & Network Skills  .  .  .  .  .16
  Contractors & Construction Industry  . 4                                     Instructor-Facilitated Online Learning .16
  Tradesman Continuing Education  .  .  . 4                                    Online Career Training  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17
  Green Technology .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
  Healthcare  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7
                                                                                     Register now! Courses
  Income Tax School  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9
  Human Resources Essentials .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10                                       fill quickly!
  Management & Leadership Certificate  .10
  Manufacturing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10
                                                                              PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
  Small Business Resources  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11
                                                                               The Arts  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       .    .    .    .19
COMPUTER TRAINING                                                              Communication & History .  .  .  .  .                                .    .    .    .21
  Absolutely Beginning Computing  .                                  .   11    Digital Photography  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                       .    .    .     22
  Courses For Seniors  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            .   12    Fitness  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     .    .    .    .23
  Microsoft Office  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .         .   13    Food Fun  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .          .    .    .    .24
  MS Office Two-Hour Tours  .  .  .  .  .  .                         .   13    Blacksmithing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .              .    .    .    .24
  Social Media  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    .   14    Motorcycle Rider Skills Training  .                                  .    .    .     25
  Computer Maintenance & Security                                    .   15    Music  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    .    .    .    .26
  Internet & Web Design  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                   .   15    Social Media  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .            .    .    .    .27
  Digital Image Editing  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .                .   16    Registration Information  .  .  .  .  .  .                           .    .    .    .28

      Blue Ridge Community College tailors training to meet your needs as an
employer . We offer the option of providing training at your place of business or
at one of our convenient facilities: the Plecker Workforce Center on the Weyers
Cave campus, the BRCC Harrisonburg Center, or the BRCC Augusta Center
at Augusta Health in Fishersville . Contact Mary Sullivan at 540-453-2320 or
SullivanM@brcc .edu

“Our employees were very happy with the quality of training they
received through BRCC, and even happier when the training was held

at their work location.                        ” ~Faith Souder, County of Augusta

   Harrisonburg: 453-2215                                Staunton: 213-7022                               Waynesboro: 941-3742
                     BUSINESS AND CAREER
American Society for Quality                49961; $59; Two Thursdays, Sept
(ASQ) Certified Six Sigma Black             29-Oct 6, 6:30–9:30 pm; BRCC Weyers
Belt Exam Preparation Course                Cave Plecker Center, OR
Prepare to take the ASQ Certified           49962; $59; Two Thursdays, Oct 4 –
Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) exam           Oct 11, 6:30–9:30 pm; BRCC Weyers
by reviewing the nine main domains          Cave Plecker Center
                in the CSSBB Body
                                            Beginning Chinese
                of Knowledge with
                instructor, Dr. Susan       Taught by Qin Chen, this course
                Schall, Lean Six Sigma      covers basic Chinese through listening,
                Master     Black   Belt .   speaking, reading and writing; and
                Participants should be      development of elementary com-
Six Sigma Green Belt certified or have      munication skills in oral and written
equivalent training and experience          Chinese . You’ll also gain an apprecia-
in Six Sigma concepts, methodolo-           tion for Chinese culture . 50609; $279;
gies, and statistical tools . The ASQ       Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sep 6-Oct
Blue Ridge and Northern Shenandoah          13, 6-8 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
Valley Sections are co-sponsors of this     Center
training . 49903; $1,995; Thursdays and     French-on-the-Go
Fridays, September 29-30, October
                                            This on-line course will be available in
13-14, 27-28, November 10-11, and
                                            the Spring 2012 semester . Those who
December 1-2, 8:30 am-4:30 pm;
                                            want to travel to France and have no
BRCC Harrisonburg Center
                                            previous knowledge of the language
Auto Dealers                                will benefit from this class . Chantal
The path to Auto Dealer licensure begins    Logan will teach you basic skills to
with this required two-day preparation      help you communicate meaningfully .
for the DMV dealer-operator qualifica-
tion test presented by David Boling .
Existing dealerships can also benefit
from this valuable information . 49897;
$325; Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov
15 & 16, 8:30 am-4 pm; BRCC Weyers
Cave Plecker Center . Registration after
Nov 1 will be $375 .

Retirement Planning Seminar
Learn how to manage investment risks,
use new tax laws to your advantage,
make informed decisions about your
company retirement plan, and adjust         Already have a Bachelor’s degree?Interested
your estate plan to function properly            in becoming a teacher? Let Career
under the new laws .        This course               Switchers lead the way!
is intended for those over age 45 .            Contact Michael Bedwell: 540-453-
                                                2530 or
Married couples may attend together
for a single registration fee and an
illustrated textbook is included .

                          BUSINESS AND CAREER

    Introduction to Arabic & Islamic           is comprised of 12 sections, covering
    Studies                                    topics pertaining to regulations
    Pick up the basics of the Arabic           covered by Standard 29 CFR 1910 .
    language including the alphabet,           Successful completion of this course
    vocabulary, and basic grammar . You’ll     will help meet the General Industry
    also explore the Five Pillars of Islam     standards established by OSHA .
    and other overarching themes of            Employees must receive additional
    the religion with Instructor Shahnaz       training, when required by OSHA
    Adrees . 50303; $149; Eight classes,       standards, on the specific hazards of
    Mondays and Wednesdays, Sep                their job . Instructor: Anthony Bowers .
    12-Oct 5, 6-8 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave         50134; $249; Two classes, Aug 27 & Sep
    Plecker Center                             3, Saturdays, 8 am–1 pm; BRCC Weyers
                                               Cave Plecker Center
    Introduction to Russian
    Language & Culture
    Learn about Russian language and
    culture from its origins to the present,
    learning to read and write and use
    the Russian alphabet and speak
    using basic conversational skills and
    vocabulary . Rachel Stauffer will
    also give insight into Russian culture,
    focusing on food, history, literature,
    and the arts . This course is geared
    toward true beginners . 50612; $159;
    Six Tuesdays, Oct 4-Nov 8, 6-7:30 pm;
    BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center

    Spanish for Churches
    Learn vocabulary and phrases specific      OSHA 30-Hour General Industry
    to serving the Spanish speaking            Training Course
    community . This course, led by Shaun      This module covers 30 hours, that apply
    Madsen, is non-denominational and          toward a 30-hour General Industry
    targeted towards missionary work,          course completion card . This course is
    church leaders, and laymen .               comprised of 23 sections and covering
    50610; $119; Four Saturdays, Sep           topics pertaining to regulations
    17-Oct 8, 9:30-11:30 am; BRCC              covered by Standard 29 CFR 1910 .
    Weyers Cave Plecker Center                 Successful completion of this course
    50611; $119; Four Tuesdays, Oct            will help to meet the General Industry
    18-Nov 8, 6-8 pm; BRCC Weyers              standards established by OSHA .
    Cave Plecker Center                        Employees must receive additional
                                               training, when required by OSHA
    OSHA 10-Hour General
                                               standards, on the specific hazards of
    Industry Training Course
                                               their job . Instructor: Anthony Bowers .
    This course covers 10 hours, that apply    50143; $459; Four classes, Oct 8-Oct
    toward a 10-hour General Industry          29, Saturdays, 8 am-4:30 pm; BRCC
    course completion card . Curriculum        Weyers Cave Plecker Center

2     Harrisonburg: 453-2215      Staunton: 213-7022         Waynesboro: 941-3742
                       BUSINESS AND CAREER
Residential Building Code                      understand highway signs and signals,
Update Class                                   respond to official inquiries, and make
The course will provide knowledge of           entries on reports or records . We assist
the hundreds of changes to the admin-          you with all aspects of your training .
istrative and structural requirements          Upon course completion, we schedule
adopted by the 2009 VA Residential             your final DMV testing and help you
Code . The 2009 Virginia Residential           practice .
Code, effective as of March 1, 2011,
                                               CDL Class A Training: Earn Class
is based on the 2009 International
                                               A CDL, 12 college credits! (TRK
Residential Building Code (IRC) .              101, 102, 103)
Taught by Construction profession-
                                               Working with area trucking firms, this
al Joe Vavala, the course presents
                                               intensive program of classroom, lab,
chapters 2-10 of the 2009 IRC covering
                                               and over-the-road training equips
definitions,     accessory       structures,
                                               potential drivers with skills they need
materials, geographic and climatic
                                               to earn a Class A Commercial Driver’s
design criteria, live loads, fire resistance
                                               License (CDL) . Learn how to handle
rating, glazing and emergency escape,
                                               a rig safely, maintain a vehicle, and
egress, flood resistant construction,
                                               protect cargo . Students get hands-on
foundations, floors, walls, roofs, and
                                               experience while training . Each student
chimney/fireplaces .      BRCC       Weyers
                                               receives up to 1500 miles of personal
Cave Plecker Center .
                                               driving time . We provide training
50617; $145; One class, Aug 30,                with standard road tractors pulling
Tuesdays, 8 am-noon                            48-foot and 53-foot van trailers, plus
50618; $145; One class, Sep 20,                flatbed trailers . Coordinator: Mike
Tuesdays, 8 am–noon                            Eller; Five weeks: Monday-Friday,
50619; $145; One class, Oct 25,                8 am-5:30 pm . Sep 6-Oct 7 OR Oct
Tuesdays, 8 am–noon                            17-Nov 18 .
50620; $145; One class, Nov 22 .               For those unable to attend a full-time
Tuesdays, 8 am-noon                            5-week program, Wayne Huffman
                                               coordinates the following non-credit
                                               training programs customized to fit
                                               your schedule and needs .

                                               CDL Class A Customized
                                               Training–Individually Scheduled
                                               You’ll appreciate this part-time, flexible
     COMMERCIAL DRIVING                        schedule for beginning students                    ($3,200/program) and drivers with
                                               prior experience who need a skills
For all training below, you must be
                                               refresher course ($500/day) . Courses
at least 18 years of age and possess a
                                               scheduled at times convenient for you,
valid CDL learner’s permit (available
                                               and may be held during the evenings
from the DMV); be able to obtain
                                               and/or on Saturdays .
a DOT physical, and pass a DOT
required drug screen . DOT language
enforcement rule: You must be able to
read English, converse with the public,

                             BUSINESS AND CAREER
    CDL Class B Training–4-Day                        49886; $125; Sat, Dec 3, 9 am- noon
    Program–Individually Scheduled                    HVAC License Renewal—Anthony Capps
    Learn to drive a Class B straight truck           49894; $125; Sat, Aug 20, 8-11 am
    in only four days! Get hands-on
                                                      49895; $125; Sat, Oct 15, 8-11 am
    experience . $1,200 .
                                                      49896; $125; Sat, Dec 10, 8-11 am
    CDL Class B with Passenger
                                                      GasFitter License Renewal—Bill Groce
    Endorsement (Bus Driving)
    5-Day Program–Individually                        49887; $65; Thurs, Aug 18, 5:45-6:45 pm
    Scheduled                                         49889; $65; Thurs, Oct 20, 5:45-6:45 pm
    Earn your Class B license with Passenger          49890; $65; Thurs, Dec 8, 5:45-6:45 pm
    Endorsement to get on the road to a
                                                      Plumbing License Renewal—Bill Groce
    career as a bus driver . $1,500 .
                                                      49891; $125; Thurs, Aug 18, 6:45-9:45 pm
          CONTRACTORS &                               49892; $125; Thurs, Oct 20, 6:45-9:45 pm
                                                      49893; $125; Thurs, Dec 8, 6:45-9:45 pm
    Basic Contractor Business
    Applying for Class A, B, or C licensure
    with the Department of Professional
    and Occupational Regulation? Fulfill
    the eight-hour education requirement
    with this class led by Tommy Critzer .
    Learn    statutes     and    regulations
    governing contractors in Virginia . Text
    included . Held at Plecker Center
    49733; $199; Sat, Aug 27, 8 am-5 pm                     GREEN TECHNOLOGY
    49734; $199; Sat, Oct 8, 8 am-5 pm
                                                      Air Sealer/ Installer Certification
    49735; $199; Sat, Dec 10, 8 am-5 pm
                                                      Learn the basics of the energy retrofit
    For additional information regarding licensure,
    exams, or other regulatory procedures visit       and weatherization industry, and the
    Department of Professional and Occupational       skills and techniques necessary to
    Regulation at or call
    (804) 367-8500.                                   properly air seal and insulate a home .
                                                      You will learn how to diagnose and
         STATE BOARD OF                               prioritize energy retrofit work and the
     CONTRACTORS: TRADESMAN                           right way to caulk, flash, or insulate a
      CONTINUING EDUCATION                            home using a variety of techniques and
    In Virginia, electricians, plumbers, and          materials . The course is designed to
    mechanical tradesman are required                 prepare students for the BPI Certified
    to attend three hours of continuing               Exam .
    education and gasfitters are required             50172; $979; Four classes, Tues-Fri,
    to attend a one-hour session for license          Sep 27-30, 9 am-5 pm; BRCC Weyers
    renewal . BRCC Plecker Center                     Cave Plecker Center
    Electrical License Renewal—Tom Ward               50173; $979; Four classes, Tues-Fri,
    49739; $125; Sat, Aug 27, 9 am-noon               Dec 6-9, 9 am-5 pm; BRCC Weyers
    49885; $125; Sat, Oct 22, 9 am- noon
                                                      Cave Plecker Center

4     Harrisonburg: 453-2215           Staunton: 213-7022            Waynesboro: 941-3742
                       BUSINESS AND CAREER
Building Science for Energy                   50170; $909; Four classes, Tue-Fri, Sep
Auditors (Energy Auditor                      6-9, 9 am-5 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave
Classroom Training)                           Plecker Center
This class is the first part of the           50171; $909; Four classes, Tue-Fri,
residential energy auditor program .          Nov 8-11, 9 am-5 pm; BRCC Weyers
You will also need to complete the Field      Cave Plecker Center
Training class in order to prepare for full
                                              Building Green to Protect Your
industry certification from BPI (Class
                                              Bottom Line
Exam Fee included) . The classroom
portion will cover topics necessary for         Charles Hendricks, AIA, LEED AP
working in the building performance           will show builders, contractors, and
industry and performing full-scale            suppliers how the many changes we
residential energy audits .        Topics     have implemented in the last 30 years
covered include: energy movement,             make their jobs more difficult and
measurement selection, comfort and            complex . Home design, homeowner
climate, indoor air quality, calculating
envelope energy loss, typical retrofit                This workforce solution was
                                                funded by a grant awarded by the U.S.
strategies, cooling measures, base
                                                Department of Labor’s Employment
load measures, building assessment,             and Training Administration. The so-
combustion safety, work orders, and             lution was created by the grantee and
                                                does not necessarily reflect the offi-
deferral of services .                          cial position of the U.S. Department
                                                of Labor. The Department of Labor
50168; $919; Four classes, Tue-Fri, Aug         makes no guarantees, warranties, or
23-26, 9 am-5 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave              assurances of any kind, expressed or
                                                implied, with respect to such infor-
Plecker Center                                  mation on linked sites and includ-
50169; $919; Four classes, Tue-Fri, Oct         ing, but not limited to, accuracy of
                                                the information or its completeness,
11-14 . 9 am-5 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave             timeliness, usefulness, adequacy, con-
Plecker Center                                  tinued availability, or ownership. This
                                                solution is copyrighted by the insti-
Applied Energy Technologies                     tution that created it. Internal use by
                                                an organization and/or personal use
for Residential Retrofits (Energy               by an individual for non-commercial
Auditor Field Training)                         purposes is permissible. All other uses
                                                require the prior authorization of the
This field portion (the second part)            copyright owner.
of the energy auditor program will                   The Shenandoah Valley Energy
                                                Partnership (SVEP), of which Blue
cover topics necessary for performing
                                                Ridge Community College is a mem-
full-scale energy audits in actual homes .      ber, received a $5 million grant to
Learn building science fundamentals             develop instructional programs de-
                                                signed to help our workforce acquire
necessary for working in the building           new skills in sustainable construc-
performance industry and take the BPI           tion, weatherization, manufacturing,
                                                building design and renewable energy
Field Examination at course end (Field          industries. Full or partial scholarships
Exam Fee included) . Training topics            may be available to individuals who
                                                meet program eligibility require-
include: house as a system concept,             ments. Contact BRCC for additional
diagnostic tools, combustion safety,            program information and Justin Rod-
                                                gers at 540-442-7134 or jrodgers@
thermal and pressure boundaries,       or www.svener-
typical energy conservation measures,  for grant related
                                                information. Prepare for a GREENER
worker safety, stop-work, and report
                                                future. Get started today!
writing .

                              BUSINESS & CAREER
    demands, technology, and building              Energy Savings and
    techniques have all changed the way            Conservation for the Home
    houses work and are expected to work .         In this class, Dr. Maria Papadakis
    Using basic building science knowledge         and representatives from the Regional
    of air, heat, and moisture-flow, every         Electric Cooperative will explain how
    builder and construction professional          homeowners and renters can conserve
    will understand why some buildings             energy and save money in their homes
    function well and others don’t and             using low-cost/no-cost strategies as
    how to maximize profit by employing            well as more significant investments .
    green building methods .                       The class discusses all major energy
    50156; $109; Two classes, Fridays,             systems in a home, and how to save on
    Aug 26 & Sep 2, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC             electricity, heating, air conditioning,
    Weyers Cave Plecker Center                     and hot water . Also demonstrated will
    50160; $109; Two classes, Fridays, Nov         be easy home energy audit techniques
    4 & 11, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Weyers              as well as simple cost savings calcula-
    Cave Plecker Center                            tions . The role of renewable energy
                                                   (solar, wind) will also be explored .
    Certified Environmental                        50167; $29; Five classes, Mondays, Sep
                                                   5-Oct 3, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Weyers
    This course provides automotive                Cave Plecker Center
    technicians and shop owners, industrial
    and plant maintenance technicians, and         Going Green at the Workplace
    anyone working with waste fluids the           Learn how to position your business as
    opportunity to emerge as environmental         a responsible environmental leader in
    leaders in their fields . During the 10-hour   a world of green consumers and car-
    certification class, presenter Judy            bon-conscious regulators . Also, you’ll
    Williams will lead participants through a      discover how to save energy, money,
    study of used and waste fluids, hazardous      and reduce your carbon footprint .
    materials and their proper handling,           Go to www .ed2go .com/blueridgecc
    EPA and OSHA regulations and require-          to register; this on-line course begins
    ments, human health risks associated           monthly and lasts six weeks .
    with exposure to benzene and hydrocar-         Understanding Your Home:
    bons, and how to use existing and rising       Going Green and Saving Green
    technologies and methods to simulta-
                                                     Charles Hendricks, AIA, LEED AP
    neously perform their daily work and
                                                   will show homeowners cost-effective
    protect the environment . A “Certified
                                                   opportunities to incorporate energy-
    Environmental Technician” certificate
                                                   and     water-efficient  technologies
    and uniform patch are presented upon
                                                   and strategies into existing homes .
    completion of the class . Includes lunch
                                                   The fundamentals of how a home
    and refreshments .
                                                   works—air, heat and moisture-flow—
    50191; $289; One class, Saturday, Sep          are explained to help participants
    24, 7 am-5 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave                understand their house as a system .
    Plecker Center                                 Use this knowledge to reduce health
    50192; $289; One class, Saturday, Nov          risks and find the most cost-effective
    12, 7 am-5 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave                strategies to maintain and operate
    Plecker Center .                               your home .

6     Harrisonburg: 453-2215         Staunton: 213-7022          Waynesboro: 941-3742
                         BUSINESS & CAREER
50161; $129; Two classes, Fridays, Sep       the course, you will be certified in BLS
9 & 16, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Weyers            for Healthcare Providers CPR by the
Cave Plecker Center                          American Heart Association (AHA)
50163; $129; Two classes, Fridays, Dec       for two years . Course fees include a
2 & 9, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Weyers             full color manual, student CD, and
Cave Plecker Center                          disposable training supplies .
                                             This course, taught by Brad Neher,
                                             meets the regulatory requirements of
Clinical Medical Assistant                   the Virginia Department of Health, the
Training Program                             Joint Commission on Accreditation of
Blue Ridge Community College, in             Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the
partnership with Boston Reed College,        Virginia Office of Emergency Medical
is pleased to offer the new Clinical         Services, OSHA, and the Virginia
Medical Assistant Training Program . A       Department of Social Services . 50139;
Clinical Medical Assistant can pursue        $99; One class, Oct 28, 5:30-9:30 pm;
employment as a healthcare profes-           BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center
                                             *CPR is pre-requisite for internship/externships
sional in a physician’s office or clinical   for Personal Training.
setting . Clinical Medical Assistants
assist with routine procedures, care for     Electronic Health Records
patients, perform simple laboratory          System Technologist
tests, and administer medications .          Blue Ridge Community College, in
This program provides an excellent           partnership with Boston Reed College,
training opportunity for anyone              is offering a new and exciting career
with a desire to work in the thriving        as an Electronic Health Records
healthcare field . Instruction: 134 hours    (EHR) System Technologist . By 2014
(including 42 hours online training) .       electronic health records must be in use
Clinical Externship: 160 hours . Course      by Healthcare Providers . Employment
fee includes textbooks, program              of EHRST professionals by physicians
materials, externship placement, and         and healthcare provider offices, EMR
certificate of completion . 50409;           vendors and government organiza-
$2925; Sep 20-Jan 12, Tue & Thur,            tions is expected to grow 20 percent by
6-9:30 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker          2018 . To meet this demand and fulfill
Center .                                     the federal requirements, profession-
                                             als must be trained to assist healthcare
CPR* American Heart
                                             providers to choose, implement, train
Association’s Basic Life Support
                                             and maintain EHR systems . You will
(BLS) for Healthcare Providers
                                             learn the essential components of the
Learn how to recognize and respond
                                             EHR and health information exchange
appropriately to cardiac and breathing
                                             essentials; system selection and imple-
emergencies . Topics include adult,
                                             mentation, project management and
child, and infant CPR, 2-rescuer CPR, use
                                             fundamentals of change including
of a bag-valve mask, mouth-to-mouth
                                             human factors . Instruction: 216
resuscitation using barrier devices,
                                             hours over 18 weeks . This program is
proper use of an automated external
                                             offered entirely online, with weekly
defibrillator (AED), and foreign body
                                             assignments and a weekly-led virtual
airway obstruction . Upon completing
                                             class (8:30 PM-9:30 PM EST/EDT) .

                           BUSINESS & CAREER
    $3600; includes workbooks, online         and statistical data gathering be
    course access and certificate of          implemented by October 1, 2013 .
    completion . Course starts on Sep 15 .    The ICD-10 Medical Coding Online
    Register for this program on-line at      Training Program will teach you how
    www .adultedreg .com/blue-ridge/ or       to prepare for and implement the
    call 800-201-1141 .                       massive changes to the existing coding
                                              system . This online certificate program
    Health Care Performance
                                              presents a comprehensive overview of
    Improvement & Patient Safety
                                              the changes in store for both diagnostic
    Faced with a rapidly changing Health
                                              and procedural medical coding, along
    Care     environment,     organizations
                                              with detailed information on the
    in the industry are under pressure
                                              impacts of the medical coding changes
    to effect dramatic performance im-
                                              to coders, healthcare staff, physicians,
    provements . This class is designed to
                                              software systems, documentation, and
    enhance health care productivity and
                                              information technology . In addition to
    patient safety through redesign and
                                              the comparison of the old system to the
    innovation to improve organization
                                              new system, it includes training in the
    effectiveness and reduce defects and
                                              use of the new ICD-10 coding manuals .
    errors . Author and course instructor
                                              Textbooks for this program are included .
    Tom Pike is a recognized authority on
                                              Take this certificate program on-line
    Strategic Management and Process
                                              through Ed2Go, www .ed2go .com/
    Improvement as well as an experienced
                                              blueridgecc .
    Med .-Surg . Registered Nurse .
    50175; $175; Four classes, Tue-Fri, Sep   Nurse Re-Entry Course
    13-16, 7-9 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave           Designed for nurses who have been
    Plecker Center .                          away from the field for several years,
    50177; $175; Four classes, Tue-Fri,       This course prepares you to re-enter
    Nov 1-4, 7-9 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave         acute care nursing settings by
    Plecker Center .                          completing on-line lessons, laboratory
                                              simulations, and 80 hours of clinical
                                              experiences with a preceptor at a local
                                              hospital . You will have 4 months to
                                              complete course modules and clinicals .
                                              Contact us for registration checklist
                                              or more information: 540-453-2215
                                              or wsce@brcc .edu . Includes optional
                                              CEUs . $249; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
                                              Center; Instructor: Lori Wack .

                                              Personal Training Certification
    ICD-10 Medical Coding:                    Join this fun field and be a part of what
    Preparation and Instruction for           ABC NEWS .com states is the 4th hottest
    Implementation                            job in the US at a national average of
    The Federal Government has mandated       $25 an hour . Whether a career move
    that the ICD-10 coding system             or for your own personal knowledge,
    used by the healthcare industry in        get all the information you need to
    insurance processing, reimbursement,      become a CERTIFIED PERSONAL
                                              TRAINER . This wildly popular course

8     Harrisonburg: 453-2215     Staunton: 213-7022         Waynesboro: 941-3742
                            BUSINESS & CAREER
is taught over a five-week period for                MEDICAL OFFICE ASSISTANT
better retention and skill competency .                     PROGRAM
The National Exam is held on the
                                                   Interested in becoming a medical front
sixth week . Fifteen hours of “hands
                                                   office assistant, billing clerk, or medical
on” practical training prepares you to
                                                   files clerk? Upon completion of this
actually work with clients one on one .
                                                   six-course program, (www .brcc .edu/
Lectures include: anatomy, exercise
                                                   wsce/nc-certificates), you will earn a
physiology, nutrition, and health
                                                   non-credit Medical Office Assistant
screening . Proof of CPR/AED (course
                                                   Certificate . Medical Terminology is a
available on page 4) and a 30-hour
                                                   prerequisite for the other five courses .
internship will prepare you to work
                                                   You may take Medical Terminology
successfully in the fitness field . Call
                                                   and Medical Coding and Billing on-line
1-888-330-9487 to order the required
                                                   through Ed2Go, (www .ed2go .com/
textbook for the course (30 CEUs
                                                   blueridgecc) .
through IACET) . 50138; $615; Eight
classes, Aug 27-Oct 15, Saturdays, 9               Introduction to Medical Office
am-4 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker                  Procedures
Center . Hurry! This class fills up quickly!       Instrauctor, Betty Hassler will acquaint
*CPR is pre-requisite for internship/externships   you with the front office activities of a
for Personal Training.
                                                   medical office . Course content includes
Pharmacy Technician                                office set up, telephone skills, general
Certification Prep Course–                         appointment setting, interpersonal
Virginia                                           communication, personality types,
Interested in a career as a Pharmacy               how to handle a crisis, and profession-
Technician? Pharmacist Bill Wilkes will            al appearance . Required text available
help you prepare for the Virginia State            at the BRCC Bookstore . 50137; $219;
Pharmacy Technician Exam . Required                Seven classes, Thursdays, Aug 25-Oct
text available at BRCC Bookstore,                  6, 6:30-9:30 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave
National Pharmacy Technician Training              Plecker Center
Program, 7th ed . 49899; $219; Eight
                                                         INCOME TAX SCHOOL
Mondays, Sept 19-Nov 7, 7-9 pm;
BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center                    Beginning in 2011, all tax preparers
                                                   must pass an IRS basic competency
Pharmacy Technician                                test and complete 15 hours of
Certification Prep Course–                         continuing education each year . The
                                                   Income Tax School, Inc . (ITS) provides
In only 18 hours of classroom time,                online courses to help you meet these
pharmacist Bill Wilkes will help to                requirements . The Comprehensive
prepare you for the National Pharmacy              Individual Tax Course (60 hours) is
Technician Exam . Prior experience                 $499 . Costs vary for other courses .
in this field, or a working knowledge              Visit www .brcc .edu/wsce for details .
of algebra is helpful . Required text
available at BRCC Bookstore, National
Pharmacy Technician Training Program,
7th ed . 49901; $259; Nine Thursdays,
Oct 13-Dec 15, except Nov 24, 7-9
pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center

                              BUSINESS & CAREER
            HUMAN RESOURCES                       MANAGEMENT & LEADERSHIP
               ESSENTIALS                           CERTIFICATE PROGRAM
     If you are involved with supervising or     Our Management and Leadership
     hiring employees, this series is for you!   Certificate program is designed for high
     These classes will focus on equipping       potential, effective managers and newly
     you with the best tools to have a           promoted managers to provide practical
     positive impact on the bottom line of       knowledge and skills that can be used
     your organization, while teaching you       to improve supervisory and managerial
     how to best comply with the myriad          performance immediately! Attend both*
     of employment laws . Learn to attract,      8-week sessions taught by Rick Larson, to
     train, and manage the “right” people,       receive the Management and Leadership
     in the right way from Tim Nicely! Join      Certificate of accomplishment . Students
     us on Thursday evenings from 6-8:30         are required to attend eight sessions for
     pm . Each course is $69, or take all four   each course .
     for $250 . BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker         Management: Learn practical aspects
     Center *ask about HRCI general credit,      of management that you can start using
     2 .5 hours each .                           immediately! Develop personal organiza-
     Oct 6: Human Resources Law* (49971)         tion skills, enhance time management,
       Learn how to comply with various HR       learn practical planning techniques, and
       laws and get answers to questions you     maintain work-life balance, decision-
       have always wanted to know but were
                                                 making, project management, practical
       afraid to ask!
                                                 communication, basic finance, and more .
     Oct 13: Employee Recruitment and
                                                 All topics are designed to make you a
       Interviewing* (49974) Afraid you’ll hire
                                                 better manager . (Text: The First Time
       the wrong person? Learn the “tricks of
       the trade” in finding the right candidate Manager by Belker and Topchik, available
       and conducting effective and legal        in BRCC Bookstore) . 49963; $209; Eight
       interviews .                              Tuesdays, Sept 27- Nov 15, 6:30-9 pm;
     Oct 20: Performance Management*             BRCC Plecker Center
       (49975) Managing your employees           *One other course offered in spring semester:
       properly is the key to success in any
       organization . Learn how to motivate               MANUFACTURING
       employees with various types of formal
       and informal performance management       Introduction to Manufacturing
       tools .                                   Management Certificate Program
     Oct 27: Employee Relations* (49989)         (online)
       Positive employee/employer                Complete five of these six online courses
       relationships help to motivate            to earn a Certificate of Completion
       employees, ensure healthy employee        in    Manufacturing        Management .
       morale, and contribute to increased       Details available at www .ed2go .com/
                                                 blueridgecc; courses begin monthly
       productivity . Topics include positive
       organizational culture, employee          and last six weeks each; $99 each .
       involvement, effective communication,     •	 Manufacturing	Fundamentals	
       and disciplinary action/complaint         •	 Manufacturing	Applications	
       resolution .                              •	 Six	Sigma:	Total	Quality	Applications	
                                                 •	 Distribution	and	Logistics	Management
                                                 •	 Supply	Chain	Management	
                                                 •	 Project	Management	Fundamentals

10     Harrisonburg: 453-2215      Staunton: 213-7022           Waynesboro: 941-3742
                       BUSINESS & CAREER

                                              Fishersville office (BRCC SBDC):
                                              540-453-2246 or email sbdc@

                                              Harrisonburg office (JMU SBDC):
                                              540-568-3227 or email sbdc@

                                              Visit for all your
                                              business resources and training

 SV SBDC Registration Information
 To register for any SV SBDC course, call (540) 568-3227 or use the on-line
 registration option on the SV SBDC website (www .valleysbdc .org) . Payments
 may be made by check (payable to SV SBDC and mailed to MSC 5502,
 Harrisonburg VA 22807) or by Credit Card (call us at 540-568-3227 to pay by
 MasterCard or VISA) .

 The Artist Entrepreneur Series
 Stay tuned for a new series co-sponsored by the BRCC Fine Arts Center and the
 Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center . Topics include turning
 your passion/hobby into a business, creating a business plan, handling business
 concerns such as regulations, recordkeeping, home/office/studio tax deductions,
 marketing, and promoting your artwork . Dates/times to be determined . Visit
 our websites for details: www .valleysbdc .org and www .brcc .edu/wsce

                      COMPUTER TRAINING
    ABSOLUTELY BEGINNING                    49992; $85; Two Wednesdays, Oct
         COMPUTING                          19 & 26, 6:30-9 pm; Instructor: Chris
                                            Ruddle; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
Basic computer terminology and
concepts prepare you for an Introductory
(Basic) class to further develop your       ABC Workshop: Word
skills .                                    Create/name a document; cut/
ABC Workshop: I Don’t Know                  paste, set margins and font sizes;
                                            store/retrieve documents .    Basic
If you’ve never/rarely used a computer,
                                            keyboarding    skills are   helpful.
learn basic terminology, how to
                                            49993; $85; Monday & Wednesday,
create a file, save it and find it again;
                                            Sep 26 & 28, 1-3:30 pm; Instructor:
navigating in Windows .
                                            Judy Young; BRCC Augusta Center .
49990; $85; Monday & Wednesday,
                                            49995; $85; Two Wednesdays, Nov
Sep 19 & 21, 1-3:30 pm; Instructor:
                                            2 & 9, 6:30-9 pm; Instructor: Chris
Judy Young; BRCC Weyers Cave
                                            Ruddle; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
Plecker Center

                             COMPUTER TRAINING

     ABC Workshop: Excel
     Create and name a basic spreadsheet;
     discover cell addresses and navigating
     the spreadsheet; learn how to cut and
     paste; storing and retrieve documents .
     Basic keyboarding skills are helpful .
     49996; $85; Monday & Wednesday,
     Oct 3 & 5, 1-3:30 pm; Instructor: Judy
     Young; BRCC Augusta Center
     49998; $85; Two Wednesdays, Nov 30
     & Dec 7, 6:30-9 pm; Instructor: Chris
     Ruddle; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker

     ABC Workshop: Email
     Learn basic e-mail vocabulary, how
     to compose and send messages, send
     and open attachments, and protect
     yourself against scams and viruses .
     Basic keyboarding and mouse skills are        Intro to Computers, Part II
     helpful .
                                                   Transfer photos to your computer,
     50000; $85; Monday & Wednesday,               insert them into letters, and e-mail
     Oct 10 & 12, 1-3:30 pm; Instructor:           them to family members . 50005;
     Judy Young; BRCC Augusta Center               $105; Three Wednesdays, Oct 5-19,
     50001; $85; Two Mondays, Nov 14               9:30 am-noon; BRCC Weyers Cave
     & 21, 6:30-9 pm; Instructor: Chris            Plecker Center
     Ruddle; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
                                                   Intro to Computers, Part III
                                                   Take the final step and learn how to
          COURSES FOR SENIORS                      create greeting cards and invitations
     Gayle Driver teaches this series of           using your scanned images .       You
     moderately paced, interactive courses         will also learn how to become an
     designed especially for seniors . The three   effective user of the fast-growing,
     introductory courses should be taken in       fast-changing, and sometimes chaotic
     order .                                       World Wide Web . 50006; $105; Three
                                                   Wednesdays, Oct 26-Nov 9, 9:30
     Intro to Computers, Part I
                                                   am-noon; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
     Explore what a computer can do for            Center
     you . Learn basic computer terminology,
     practice navigation in the Windows            Christmas Letter Workshop
     environment, and create simple letters        Design a newsletter, add pictures and
     in this non-threatening environment .         decorations, or “News” categories—
     50004; $105; Three Wednesdays, Sep            just in time to include with your holiday
     14-28, 9:30 am-noon; BRCC Weyers              cards! 50007; $55; One Wednesday,
     Cave Plecker Center                           Nov 16; 9:30 am-noon; BRCC
                                                   Weyers Cave Plecker Center

12     Harrisonburg: 453-2215        Staunton: 213-7022          Waynesboro: 941-3742
                      COMPUTER TRAINING
                                            $165; Four Thursdays, Oct 27-Nov 17,
                                            6-9 pm; Instructor: Karen Allison; BRCC
                                            Augusta Center

                                            PowerPoint 2010 Basic
                                            Learn how to create professional
                                            looking multimedia presentations .
                                            You will learn how to create an modify
          MICROSOFT OFFICE                  a presentation, insert objects into a
                                            presentation, finsh the presentation
Get Organized with Outlook
                                            and work with advanced tools and
Outlook is not just an email program…
                                            masters .
it is an extremely powerful tool in
                                            50131; $145; Three Tuesdays, Sep
getting your life in and out of the         20-Oct 4, 9:00 am-noon; Instructor:
office organized . In this class you will   Gayle Driver; BRCC Harrisonburg
learn the basics of all the Microsoft       Center
Outlook modules: Email, Calendar &          50130; $145; Three Tuesdays, Nov
Scheduling, Contacts, and Tasks .           29-Dec 13, 6-9 pm; Instructor: Karen
                                            Allison; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
50418;    $89; Three Wednesdays, Sep
21-Oct     5, 1:30-3:30 pm; Instructor:
Lesley    Bayne; BRCC Weyers Cave           Word 2010 Basic
Plecker   Center (Outlook 2010 will be      Learn the basics of text creation: how
used in   this session)                     to format text, paragraphs, documents
50419; $89; Three Thursdays, Nov            and how to create and format tables .
3-Nov 17, 6-8 pm; Instructor: Lesley        50089; $165; Four Wednesdays, Sep
Bayne; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker             7-28, 9:00 am-noon; Instructor: Pat
Center (Outlook 2007 will be used in        Quick; BRCC Augusta Center
this session)
                                            Word 2010 Intermediate
Excel 2010 Basic                            Expand your knowledge of document
Learn basic spreadsheet functions:          preparation and management: how
how to create spreadsheets, work            to use columns, advanced document
with formulas and functions, format a       formatting, creating and inserting
worksheet, and work with charts .           tables and graphics, headers and
50126; $165; Four Tuesdays, Sep             footers, and mail merge . 50091; $165;
20-Oct 11, 6-9 pm; Instructor: Chris        Four Thursdays, Sep 22-Oct 13, 6-9
Ruddle; BRCC Harrisonburg Center            pm; Instructor: Karen Allison; BRCC
50124; $165; Four Wednesdays, Oct           Harrisonburg Center
26-Nov 16, 9:00 am-noon; Instructor:
                                                 MS Office Two Hour Tours
Pat Quick; BRCC Augusta Center
                                            Get Started with Mail Merge
Excel 2010 Intermediate
                                            Check out the Mail Merge feature in
After a brief review of formulas and
                                            Microsoft Word . You will learn how to
functions, you will learn how to manage
                                            set up a mail merge document, create a
workbook data, use tables, analyze table
                                            recipient list, use an Excel spreadsheet/
data, automate worksheet tasks, enhance
                                            Access database as a recipient list,
charts, and share Excel files . 50129;
                                            and merge to new documents or

                           COMPUTER TRAINING
     email using Microsoft Outlook . Basic       forms; about field controls, including
     keyboarding skills are helpful.             calculated controls; and how to enter
     50424; $55; One Thursday, Sep 22,           records using a form . Prerequisite:
     6-8 pm; Instructor: Lesley Bayne;           Understanding of Access Tables. 50440;
     BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center             $55; One Wednesday, Nov 9, 1:30-3:30
                                                 pm; Instructor: Lesley Bayne; BRCC
     50425; $55; One Wednesday, Oct
                                                 Weyers Cave Plecker Center
     12, 1:30-3:30 pm; Instructor: Lesley
     Bayne; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker             Get Started with Access Queries
     Center                                      Queries are how you obtain the
     Using Basic Formulas &                      information you need from a database .
     Functions in Excel                          Learn about finding and sorting
     Explore how to make your spreadsheets       records, and how to create, use,
     do the work for you as you learn how        modify, and format simple queries .
     to set up basic formulas and functions .    Prerequisite: Understanding of Access
     50428; $55; One Wednesday, Oct              Tables. 50450; $55; One Wednesday,
     19 1:30-3:30 pm; Instructor: Lesley         Nov 16 1:30-3:30 pm; Instructor:
     Bayne; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker             Lesley Bayne; BRCC Weyers Cave
     Center                                      Plecker Center

     Using Advanced Formulas &                              SOCIAL MEDIA
     Functions in Excel                          Blogging and Social Media for
     Take your knowledge of formulas             Business and Entrepreneurs
     and functions a step further with this      Social media is a small business owner’s
     workshop . Learn how to set up more         best friend, allowing you to compete
     complex formulas and functions using        with the big guys without stinging ad
     Lookup functions, If Statements, and        costs that deliver uncertain results . Led
     Text functions to enhance your spread-      by one of the Valley’s pioneers in social
     sheets .   Prerequisite: Understanding      media marketing, you’ll explore major
     of basic Excel formulas and functions.      social media sites—Facebook, Twitter,
     50432; $55; One Wednesday, Oct              LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Tumbler and
     26, 1:30-3:30 pm; Instructor: Lesley        more—and learn how to use them to
     Bayne; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker             build two-way relationships with your
     Center                                      current and potential customers . You’ll
     Get Started with Access Tables              also gain clear blog writing advice for
                                                 making an impact and building an
     Harness the power of databases . Learn
                                                 audience for your product or service .
     how to set up a simple database table,
                                                 If your business is your passion, let
     enter information, sort and filter data .
                                                 Social Media take it to the next level
     50437; $55; One Wednesday, Nov
                                                 in the world of Web 2 .0 . 50219; $140;
     2, 1:30-3:30 pm; Instructor: Lesley
                                                 Four Wednesdays, Oct 26-Nov 16, 6-9
     Bayne; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
                                                 pm; Instructor: Lindsay Curren; BRCC
                                                 Weyers Cave Plecker Center
     Get Started with Access Forms
     Forms make entering data into an
     Access Database quick and easy .
     Learn how to create, use, and modify

14     Harrisonburg: 453-2215       Staunton: 213-7022         Waynesboro: 941-3742
                      COMPUTER TRAINING
 COMPUTER MAINTENANCE &                    Basic computer skills, especially in
        SECURITY                           Windows. 50198; $89; Two Tuesdays,
                                           Nov 8 & Nov 15, 6-9 pm; Instructor:
Backing Up & Archiving Your                Jim Richerson; BRCC Weyers Cave,
Digital Life                               Room T210
You store family photos, tax records,
                                               INTERNET & WEB DESIGN
email, music and more on your
computer . Take steps how to avoid         Introduction to XHTML
panic when your computer or flash
drive fails . Learn what, when, and how    Jamie Johnson provides an introduc-
to back up your Internet files . 50615;    tion to XHTML (Extensible Hypertext
$95; Five Tuesdays, Oct 25-Nov 22,         Markup Language), JavaScript, and
6:30-8:30 pm; Instructor: Patrick          Cascading Style Sheets and an un-
Smith; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker            derstanding of the basic concepts of
                                           Internet Programming used to design
Keeping Your Personal Computer             and create web pages . 50009; $185;
Safe                                       Four Tuesdays, Sep 27-Oct 18, 6-9
Do you have questions about virus          pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center
protection? Spyware? Phishing and
other scams? Spam? Learn how to            Web Development using CSS
protect your PC, yourself and your         Focus is on web design that conforms
family while using the computer and        to W3C recommendations for XHTML
surfing the Internet . You can even
                                           and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) .
bring your own laptop or desktop!
Prerequisite:  Basic computer skills,      Also learn the concepts of semantic
especially in Windows. 50195; $89;         CSS and table-less design . Prerequisite:
Two Tuesdays, Oct 18 & Oct 25, 6-9         Internet Programming Using XHTML
pm; Instructor: Jim Richerson; BRCC        course or experience and permission of
Weyers Cave, Room T210                     the instructor, Jamie Johnson.
Personal Computer Tune Up Tips             50010; $145; Three Tuesdays, Oct
Good maintenance means longer              25-Nov 15 (no class on 11/8), 6-9 pm;
life for a computer . Learn how to         BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center
delete unnecessary files; backup the
important ones; and pick up basic          Practical JavaScript
trouble-shooting and protection skills .   JavaScript is a key element in modern
You can even bring your own laptop or      web design . It is a powerful language
desktop! Prerequisite: Basic computer
                                           that can make web pages more dynamic
skills, especially in Windows. 50193;
$89; Two Tuesdays, Sep 20 & Sep 27,        and interactive . Learn various dynamic
6-9 pm; Instructor: Jim Richerson;         and interactive applications of JavaScript
BRCC Weyers Cave, Room T210                that can be generalized for customized
                                           use on web pages . Prerequisite: Internet
Troubleshooting & Upgrading
                                           Programming or permission of the
Your Personal Computer
                                           instructor, Jamie Johnson.
Do you spend more time getting
your PC to work than actually              50013; $185; Four Tuesdays, Nov
working with your computer? In this        22-Dec 13, 6-9 pm; BRCC Weyers
two-day, hands-on workshop, learn          Cave Plecker Center
fundamental troubleshooting skills,        After this course, students who have completed
common hardware, and software              all three courses (Introduction to XHTML, Web
problems . You can even bring your         Design Using CSS, and JavaScript), will have
                                           the opportunity to sit for the W3Schools HTML
own laptop or desktop! Prerequisite:       Developer exam on December 20 if desired; Fee:
                                           $20; Instructor will have more information.

                               ONLINE LEARNING
     Creating Websites in WordPress               cherish and preserve your memories!
     for Business and Personal Use                Lesley Bayne shows how to use your
     Led by one of the area’s WordPress and       images to design a beautiful photo
     online marketing experts, you’ll use         book using Shutterfly’s Simple Path
     WordPress to build dynamic, attractive       or Custom Path . 50452; $89; Four
     and professional looking websites            Thursdays, Oct 6-27, 6-8:30 pm; BRCC
     quickly and easily . Learn how to create     Weyers Cave Plecker Center
     your site, tune it for search engines, add   For photography courses, please see page 22.
     photos and other multimedia, connect
                                                     ONLINE PROGRAMMING &
     to social media services, choose the
                                                         NETWORK SKILLS
     right look and feel for your site, and
     add user-friendly features through           CompTIA Network Certification
     plug-ins . You don’t have to know how        Prep-Basic
     to code to have a great website! 50217;      This course will teach you everything
     $165; Four Wednesdays, Sep 21-Oct            you need to know to take and pass
     12, 6-9 pm; Instructor: Erik Curren;         the challenging CompTIA Network+
     BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center              certification exam and become
                                                  an excellent network technician .
                                                  CompTIA Network+ certification also
     Nuts & Bolts of Digital Image                counts as one of the elective exams
     Editing                                      for the Microsoft Certified Systems
     Chuck Almarez will show you how              Administrator (MCSA) certification .
     to use Adobe Photoshop Elements              On-line, beginning monthly, lasting
     software to correct, enhance, and            six weeks .
     manipulate images . Learn to make            $135 . www .ed2go .com/blueridgecc
     a black & white or toned image,
                                                  Other Online Certification and
     create a composite image, change or
                                                  Skill Enhancement Courses
     correct color problems, and add or
     delete objects or people from a photo .      If you are looking for A+, C++, ASP, or
     Requires basic computer skills . 50082;      web courses, check www .ed2go .com/
     $139; Four Mondays, Oct 24-Nov 14,           blueridgecc and search the computer
     1-4 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker             categories or search by title . Classes,
     Center                                       which begin monthly and last six weeks
                                                  each, include a variety of Certification
     Organizing Your Photographs                  Prep and Computer Programming
     Patrick Smith leads the way as you           courses .
     learn to organize your digital photo
     collection using Adobe Photoshop
     Elements . Import photos, use tags and
                                                        ONLINE LEARNING
     categories, and create albums . 50614;
     $79; Three Wednesdays, Sep 14-28,
                                                  Take courses (which begin monthly)
     6-9 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
                                                  from the convenience of your home or
                                                  office . Each course lasts six weeks, and
     Designing a Photobook                        requires Internet access and e-mail .
     Photo books are a great new way to           How to Get Started:

16     Harrisonburg: 453-2215       Staunton: 213-7022            Waynesboro: 941-3742
                            ONLINE LEARNING
1 . Visit our Online Instruction Center:       ONLINE CAREER TRAINING
   www .ed2go .com/blueridgecc
                                             WSCE offers additional online career
2 . Click the Orientation link and follow    training courses in partnership with
   the instructions to enroll and pay for    Ed2go . These are career-focused
   your course . During orientation, you     online courses designed to give you
   will learn important information about    the latest in learning, and to provide
   your course . You will also be provided   the skills necessary to acquire pro-
   an opportunity to choose the name         fessional caliber positions in many
   and password you will use to access       in-demand occupations .We offer cer-
   your course .                             tificates in Healthcare, Business/Legal,
3 . When your course starts, return to our   Internet/Computer/IT         Certification
   Online Instruction Center and click       (Microsoft and CompTIA Official
   the Classroom link . To begin your        Curriculum), Professional/Technical/
   studies, simply log in with the name      Design, Construction, and Video
   and password you selected during          Gaming Design and Development . For
   orientation .                             a complete listing of all titles, please
                                             visit our website at www .gatlineduca-
                                             tion .com/blueridgecc . Click on each
                                             course title for more information .
SUBJECT AREAS INCLUDE (many                  You can register from the website!
more available at www .ed2go .com/           Financial Aid is available .
blueridgecc)                                 Requirements: All courses require
Business Management: Grant Writing,          Internet access, e-mail, and Firefox
   Business Planning, Entrepreneurial        or Microsoft Internet Explorer .
   Courses, Sales & Marketing,               Some courses may have additional
   Accounting, Web Page Design, Small        requirements .
   Business subjects                         Once you are ready to register, close
Career Options: Law and Legal Careers,       the site out and it will return to
   Child Care, Continuing Ed for Health      their registration page . To enroll in
   Care Professionals and for Teachers       a course, check the box beside its
Computers: The Internet, Web Graphics
                                             title and complete the registration
   and Multimedia, Web Programming,
                                             information at the bottom and then
   Basic Literacy, Computer Applications,
                                             click REGISTER NOW!
   Desktop Publishing and Imaging,           Sample certificates:
   Computer Troubleshooting and              Administrative Dental Assistant:
   Networking, Programming and               Nationally recognized Administrative
   Database Management, Certification        Dental Assistant online certificate
   Preparation                               program teaches the essential ad-
Communications: Languages, Writing,          ministrative tasks for managing the
   Publishing, Acting, Music                 business aspects of a dental practice
Personal Enrichment: Genealogy, Art,
                                             and becoming an Administrative
   History, Literature, Philosophy, Child
                                             Dental       Assistant .     Includes
   Care and Parenting
                                             instruction in dental terminology
                                             and    anatomy,    medical    records
                                             management, accounts receivable
   preparation courses

                                ONLINE LEARNING
     and reimbursement management,                 Certified Wedding Planner: Learn
     insurance    and    patient    billing,       how to become a successful wedding
     patient scheduling, and procedural            planner and coordinator . This compre-
     and diagnostic coding . This online           hensive program covers everything
     program will prepare you for a new            an aspiring wedding planner needs to
     career working in a dental office . 150       know to get started in the business .
     hours, $1595 .                                Whether you plan on working
     Project Management: online certifi-           part-time, planning only a few
     cation program provides a comprehen-          weddings a year, or desire a full-time
     sive education in project management .        career, this program provides all the
     40 hours, $1495 .                             tools necessary to work as a profes-
     Travel Agent Training: Nationally             sional wedding planner or start your
     recognized Travel Agent License               wedding planning business . 300
     training program is a proven, successful      hours, $1395 .
     method for motivated people to begin a        Home        Inspection      Certificate:
     travel career, and will help you prepare      This nationally recognized Home
     for The Travel Institute (formerly ICTA)      Inspection training course and online
     TAP Certification . Learn the basic           certificate program covers the principal
     skills needed to operate a computer           components of home inspection
     reservation system . Program consists         procedures and processes . Learn how to
     of two modules including a Travel             create a home inspection report that will
     Career Development module and an              detail the home’s condition, including
     interactive reservation system module .       the heating and cooling systems, the
     For the reservation system module             plumbing and electrical systems, the
     students get their choice of SABRE,           roof and siding, as well as the framing
     WORLDSPAN, APOLLO, GALILEO, or                and foundation . 200 hours, $2095 .
     AMADEUS GDS system . All materials            And many, many, more!
     included . 200 hours, $1595 .
                                                   Command Spanish ®
     eBusiness Certificate: Gain an intro-
     duction to eBusiness—business that            Command         Spanish®      e-Training
     takes place online . Online business          programs are Web-based Spanish
     is increasingly important in our              language training courses that you
     networked world of global transac-            can take whenever and wherever
     tions and global competition . Course         you want, because they are asyn-
     examines four major topic areas . 200         chronous      and    non-instructor-led .
     hours, $1995 .                                These programs were designed to be
                                                   efficient, effective, and not teacher-
     Video Game Design and Development:
                                                   bound . Moreover, you take the course
     An appropriate starting point if you
                                                   at your convenience and pace, not the
     seek a professional career as a video
                                                   institution’s convenience and pace . Go
     game designer and developer . It is also
                                                   to: www .commandspanishonline .com
     well-suited for enthusiastic amateurs
                                                   for more information and to sign up!
     and gamers looking to explore this
     exciting field as a recreational endeavor .
     500 hours, $1995 .

18     Harrisonburg: 453-2215         Staunton: 213-7022         Waynesboro: 941-3742
                  PERSONAL ENRICHMENT

       The Arts                            Ceramic Creations: Intermediate
                                           & Advanced Students+
 We Inspire—You Create                     Phill Ungar leads the way as you
The Artist Entrepreneur Series             build on skills and explore new
Stay tuned for a new series co-spon-       techniques . Kiln operation and loading
sored by the BRCC Fine Arts Center         are discussed; videos available prior
and the Shenandoah Valley Small            to class . Basic pottery experience
Business Development Center . Topics       required . Course fee includes studio
include turning your passion/hobby         time, tools, and supplies . BRCC Fine
into a business, creating a business       Arts Center V115
plan, handling business concerns           50224; $175; Eight Tuesdays, Aug
such as regulations, recordkeeping,        16-Oct 4, 6:30-8:45 pm
home/office/studio tax deductions,         50223; $175; Eight Tuesdays, Oct
marketing, and promoting your              11-Nov 29, 6:30-8:45 pm
artwork . Dates/times to be determined .
                                           Ceramics: Formulating Glazes &
Visit our websites for details: www .
                                           Kiln Loading+
valleysbdc .org and www .brcc .edu/wsce
                                           Now that you’ve had several advanced
                                           courses, you’ll want to join this class,
                                           led by Phill Ungar, to learn the ins
                                           and outs of formulating glazes . There
                                           are right ways to get the best look for
                                           your pottery; using a gram scale will
                                           be covered as well . In addition, this
                                           course demonstrates accurate kiln
                                           loading, allowing you to save time
                                           and enhancing your focus . By saving
                                           time and money, you will keep design
                                           elements at the forefront of all your
                                           projects . Bring your own paper mask
                                           to class each week . 50293; $99; Four
                                           Thursdays, Oct 20-Nov 10, 4-6 pm;
                                           BRCC Fine Arts Center V115
                                           + May meet teacher recertification requirements.
Ceramic Creations: Beginning &             Call 540/453-2380 for details.
Intermediate Students
                                           Ceramics: Multiple Uses of
Jump into the exciting world of
ceramics, led by Phill Ungar . Class
                                           This course is designed for experienced
instruction covers trimming, surface
                                           ceramic artists . If you want one-on-one
decoration, glazing, and kiln firing;
                                           instruction on multiple ways to use
course fee includes studio time, tools/
                                           tools and resolve problems, enroll
supplies . BRCC Fine Arts Center V115
                                           soon in these sessions . While making
50220; $175; Eight Tuesdays, Aug
                                           innovative creations, this is a great
16-Oct 4, 4-6:15 pm
                                           opportunity to update your existing
50222; $175; Eight Tuesdays, Oct           knowledge base with an experienced
11-Nov 29, 4-6:15 pm                       potter . Phill Ungar will draw from his

                          PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
     lifetime of pottery knowledge to guide          50269; $95; Three Fridays, Sep 9-23, 9
     you through the completion of several           am-1 pm; BRCC Fine Arts Center V205
     artworks, by learning how to use tools          50270; $95; Three Fridays, Oct 28-Nov
     properly and work more efficiently .            11, 9 am-1 pm; BRCC Augusta Center 124
     50291; $99; Four Thursdays, Sept
     22-Oct 13, 4-6 pm; BRCC Fine Arts
     Center V115

     Christmas Note Cards/Photos:
     Do It Yourself
     Create your own Christmas cards—
     with photos—after learning editing
     techniques (adding text and images) .
     Deb Booth shows you how to best
     transfer your images to a printer .
     Photoshop Elements will be used to
     demonstrate techniques—fun filters/
     special effects—that transform mundane
     photographs to a stunning card you
     can share with friends and family . Work
     transferred to your flash drive (bring to       Floral Watercolor Paintings
     class), will be ready for printing at a local   Discover the joy of creating floral
     print shop, or at home on a color printer .     watercolor paintings, as you learn
     50300; $75; Two Thursdays, Nov 3 &              basics of color mixing, brush work,
     10, 6:30-8:30 pm, BRCC Weyers Cave              composition, and how to prepare
     Plecker Center                                  for a painting .      Instructor Janet
                                                     Cardwell is a Signature member of the
     Creative Sight: See the World in
                                                     Shenandoah Valley Watercolor Society,
     a Different Light
                                                     a member of Valley Education Center
     Everyone is creative, but perhaps you
                                                     for the Creative Arts, and the National
     have been unable to discover your
                                                     League of American Pen Women . Class
     unique outlet! Some artists may have
                                                     exercises demonstrate washes, values,
     become “stuck”—feeling blocked and
                                                     compliments, and texture techniques,
     stymied . Let Deb Booth help you
                                                     with projects geared toward individual
     unleash your inner creative genius in
                                                     experience levels . Your registration
     this two-part class . A flash drive will
                                                     confirmation will include a supply list .
     be helpful; please bring $5 to class
                                                     50267; $140; Six Mondays, Nov 7-Dec
     for minimal supplies . Prepare to be
                                                     12, 6-8:30 pm; BRCC Harrisonburg
     inspired! 50299; $75; Two Thursdays,
                                                     Center 204
     Sep 29-Oct 6, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC
     Weyers Cave Plecker Center

     Have you ever wanted to draw or
     improve your existing skills? This course
     is designed for beginners and intermedi-
     ate artists . You will use simple materials
     provided by instructor, John Hancock .

20     Harrisonburg: 453-2215         Staunton: 213-7022           Waynesboro: 941-3742
                    PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
                                             is a learner-friendly language program
Inspirational Acrylics                       that requires no prior knowledge
Explore the expansive medium in a            of Spanish and eliminates tedious
relaxed atmosphere where painting            grammar         instruction . Textbook
rejuvenates     and    color    inspires .   included . 49959; $99; 3 Wednesdays,
Local artist Kimberly Miller (www .          Sep 14-28, 6-8 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave
Kimberlyfinearts .com) uses a con-           Plecker Center
temporary approach, demonstrat-
ing exercises designed for experi-
                                             SAT I Prep
mentation and individual expression .        There’s a lot riding on your SAT scores .
Techniques       include      spattering,    Instructors Judy Hevener & Sam
glazing, impasto, and scraping .             Alexander at BRCC’s Augusta Center
Discover the possibilities of acrylic        OR Abigail Montgomery & Karen
paint from still life to abstraction .       Ruozzi at the BRCC Harrisonburg
You’ll receive a supply list upon regis-     Center help prepare you to deal suc-
tration . 50411; $115; Three Tuesdays,       cessfully with exam topics ranging
Oct 25-Nov 8, 9 am-noon; BRCC Fine           from writing to critical reading and
Arts Center V203                             math . Learn about short passages,
                                             long passages, and paired passages
Watercolors: Simple, Easy, and               that test reading comprehension, as
                                             well as higher level math questions
See how simple watercolors can be!           (geometric notation, basic trigonom-
Learn basic techniques and explore           etry, and new statistics concepts),
the potential of this forgiving paint        and the required essay . Bring pencils,
medium . Instructor, John Hancock is         notebook, and a scientific/graphing
current Shenandoah Valley Art Center         calculator . Course fee includes The
president and longtime watercolor            Official SAT Study Guide . Register
and water-media painter . Bring $25 to       by Sep 9 to receive your book at the
class for supplies; a bag lunch (drinks      first class . 50145; $175; Six Mondays,
available), and your willingness to          Sep 19-Oct 24, 6-9 pm; BRCC
explore and relax! 50268; $160;              Augusta Center OR 50147; $175; Six
Three Fridays, Sep 30-Oct 21 (no class       Wednesdays, Sep 21-Oct 26, 6-9 pm;
10/14), 9 am-2 pm; BRCC Fine Arts            BRCC Harrisonburg Center
Center V205
                                             Screenwriting 101
                                             Would you like to write movies? Then
Community Spanish: A Survival                let’s get started! Instructor George
Guide for English Speakers                   Lilly will help you find your creative
Learn to communicate with your               voice and then let your imagination
Latino neighbors! Instructor Amanda          step in! In addition to screenwriting
Schaefer will help you to learn a            basics, you will learn valuable tips on
few phrases of kindness and respect          how to market your script . 50165; $69;
to Spanish speakers with whom you            Four Mondays, Oct 3-24, 6:30-8:30
interact at work, or meet in shopping        pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Fine Arts
malls, supermarkets, school meetings,        Center
parks, churches, and other places in
the community . Command Spanish®

                          PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
     Writing Fiction: From Idea to                  50080; $139; Four Mondays, Sep
     Story                                          19-Oct 10, 1-4 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave
     Many of us dream of writing fiction—           Plecker Center
     novels, novellas, or short stories—but         50081; $139; Four Mondays, Nov 7-28,
     most of us never get around to it .            6-9 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker
     Under the guidance of published author         Center
     Clifford Garstang, explore the funda-
                                                    Landscape & Night Photography
     mentals of fiction writing (structure,
     plot, character, setting, point of view,       Chuck     Almarez      will   introduce
     and theme) and how to move from idea           students to techniques for effective
     to story . You will also read and discuss      landscape photography including
     examples of great stories by master            creating panoramas and 3-D images .
     fiction writers . Using writing exercises,     As the sun does down students will
     you’ll apply the fundamentals to work          get a good understanding of exposure
     that will be shared with the class . Writers   while shooting at dusk and after dark
     at all levels will benefit . 50166; $69;       using starlight and moonlight as well
     Four Tuesdays, Sep 13-Oct 4, 6:30-8:30         as painting with light using portable
     pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center            strobes and portable lighting . A camera
                                                    with Manual mode and a tripod are
     North Korea Unveiled                           strongly recommended. 50015; $125;
                                                    Three Mondays, Sep 19-Oct 03, 6-9
     Join us for a compelling look at Kim
                                                    pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center
     Jong-il’s Democratic People’s Republic
     of Korea . Journey inside this closed          Portrait Photography
     society to discover the history behind         Whether your interest is in taking
     today’s headlines . Examine North              better pictures of your family, friends,
     Korea’s position in world history—and          or your pets, Chuck Almarez will help
     how it could impact you . A BRCC               you learn lighting, posing, and how to
     graduate, instructor Lisa Harman               display your favorite shots . The purpose
     Eppard earned a master’s degree in             of the course is to teach fundamental
     history from James Madison University          portrait techniques as well as to
     and undergraduate history degree from          explore inexpensive lighting alterna-
     Mary Baldwin College . 50141; $69;             tives (available light as well as artificial
     Four Tuesdays, Oct 11-Nov 1, 7-8:30            light), and to learn to use image editing
     pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center            software (Adobe Photoshop Elements)
         DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY                        to correct problems and to enhance
                                                    the final image . By the end of the
     Nuts & Bolts of Digital                        course students should have a better
     Photography                                    understanding of posing, lighting,
     In this four week course, Chuck Almarez        and image enhancement techniques
     will cover basic photography from              appropriate to portraiture .
     the perspective of a digital camera .          50002; $125; Three Mondays, Oct
     Students will learn how their camera           10-31 (no class on 10/17), 6-9 pm;
     works, what all the buttons, switches,         BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center
     and menus do, how to take a better             50003; $125; Three Mondays, Nov
     quality image, and how to best share           28-Dec 12, 1-4 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave
     that image online with family & friends .      Plecker Center

22     Harrisonburg: 453-2215         Staunton: 213-7022           Waynesboro: 941-3742
                   PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
Macro (Close Up) Photography                50301; $75; Two Thursdays, Oct 13 &
Workshop                                    20, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Weyers Cave
Macro photography provides a view           Plecker Center
of our world that is always there but       For photo editing and organizing courses, please
is seldom seen . Even the most basic        see page 16.
digital cameras have a Macro setting                          FITNESS
that will let you focus to within inches
of your subject— but that is only           Yoga Flex
the start of the journey . Extreme          Yoga is a wonderful tool for energizing
close-up views of flowers, insects, or      your life, whatever your age . Enjoy
just everyday objects can transform         this opportunity for toning and
the ordinary into the surreal and turn      flexibility, while reducing anxiety
the ordinary into art . In this 3-hour      and alleviating stress .   This totally
workshop, Chuck Almarez will                adaptable approach, led by Anna
introduce students to special close-up      Gant, allows you to modify poses, to
photography tools and lighting              suit your individual comfort level . Plan
techniques as they explore a new way        to dress in clothing that allows you
of seeing and capturing images .            to move freely . Remember to bring a
50084; $65; One Monday, Nov 21, 1-4         mat to class . 50272; $120; Mondays
pm; BRCC Weyers Cave Plecker Center         and Wednesdays, Sep 7-Nov 16 (no
                                            class Oct 10), noon-12:45 pm; BRCC
                                            Fine Arts Center V203

                                            Zumba: Get Fit, Be Healthy,
                                            Have Fun
                                            Bored with your workout? Try Zumba,
                                            the new dance fitness craze that’s
                                            rocking the fitness world! Fun, easy
                                            to follow steps: a hot Latin beat, with
                                            a mix of hip-hop and modern steps
Macro Photography for the
                                            thrown in . Led by Lydia Pittkin,
“Point-and-Shoot” Photographer
                                            you’ll dance your way to an energized
Would you like to get super close-up        body, without realizing you’ve had a
photos of flowers, rocks, or coins, but     workout . No dance experience or
feel hesitant because you aren’t familiar   fitness level required; if you can walk,
with f-stops and apertures? Afraid          you can Zumba! Wear workout clothes
you can’t take a good photo because         and bring a friend! Call 540-453-2215
you don’t have an expensive SLR type        to register . 50273; $124; Tuesdays
camera? Deb Booth will banish your          and Thursdays, Sep 8-Dec 15 (no class
fears and show how to make the most         9/15, 10/11, or 10/27), 5:15-6 pm;
of a point-and-shoot camera’s macro         BRCC Fine Arts Center V135
setting .   Needed:     digital camera
with macro settings . Computer-based
editing program (Photoshop Elements
will be used in class during demon-
strations) . Please come to the 2nd
class with homework on a flash drive .

                        PERSONAL ENRICHMENT

                                       FOOD FUN

     Cake Decorating                             Pie Baking
     Learn cake decorating fundamentals          Stacey Kalina helps you unravel the
     from instructor Sheila Ishee . You’ll       mystery of pie baking . Explore making
     discover decorating techniques, mixing      crusts, pie decorations, fruit fillings, and
     colors, and fondant accents that will       meringues . By the end of the course,
     transform your cakes into edible works      you’ll be able to make a pie worthy of
     of art . Bring $100 .00 to class to cover   any bakery! Bring $45 to class to cover
     your supplies . The course will be held     the cost of materials/ingredients . Please
     at Bittersweet Bakery, located at 120       provide your own containers for trans-
     S . Lewis St . in Staunton . 50140; $69;    porting finished pies home . The course
     Four Mondays, Aug 29-Sep 26, no             will be held at Bittersweet Bakery,
     class Sep 5, 6:30-8:30 pm                   located at 120 S . Lewis St . in Staunton .
                                                 50142; $69; Four Mondays, Oct 3-24,
                                                 6:30-8:30 pm

     Try Your Hand at
     Swing a big hammer to strike a
     glowing piece of metal against a solid
     anvil and create something beautiful,
     useful-or both! If you want to try your
     hand at this age-old craft, there’s no
     better way than devoting a weekend
     (or more) to learn the basics . BRCC
     blacksmithing courses are held at the
     Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing
     in the South River complex, 200 W .
     Twelfth Street, Waynesboro, one
     Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am-4 pm .
     Unless otherwise noted, all courses are     to blacksmithing, BRCC also offers
     led by instructor Dale Morse, who           four two-day courses covering basic
     began blacksmithing at age nine in          welding and fabrication techniques;
     the Booker T . Washington National          $399 each .
     Monument’s living history program .         Beginning Blacksmithing: Fire
     He later attended Penland and John          Rakes and Leaves
     C . Campbell craft schools in NC, and       Learn basic blacksmithing skills plus an
     also studied in Germany and Italy .         introduction to leaf making . Projects
     His ironwork, ranging from lighting         will include a forge fire rake . This
     fixtures to railings and gates, is found    class will be taught by guest instructor
     in homes (including a palace!) and          David Tucciarone of Sunrise Forge .
     businesses . Each two-day blacksmith-       Sep 24-25,
     ing workshop fee is $249 . In addition

24     Harrisonburg: 453-2215      Staunton: 213-7022           Waynesboro: 941-3742
                   PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
                                              MOTORCYCLE RIDER SKILLS
                                                  TRAINING 2011
                                            Beginning Rider Course (BRC)
                                            Learn basics of motorcycle operation
                                            and safe street-riding strategies,
                                            from    RiderCoaches     certified    by
                                            the Motorcycle Safety Foundation .
                                            Successful    completion      of     this
Beginning Blacksmithing: Wall-              hands-on course waives the Virginia
Mounted Pot Rack                            DMV knowledge exam (written test)
                                            and road test . Virginia residents who
You will learn basic skills plus riveting
                                            pass the BRC receive a certificate
and bending tools and techniques
                                            of completion that—when carried
along with creating a wall mounted
                                            with their Virginia driver’s license-
pot rack . Nov 19-20
                                            allows them to operate a motorcycle
Beginning Blacksmithing: Hook               for the next 30 days (Apply at DMV
Rack and Candlestick                        within 30 days to add Class M to
Hammer metal to create a candlestick        your license and remain eligible
and wall-mounted coat rack in this          to operate a motorcycle) . Many
beginner    level   weekend      course .   insurance companies offer discounts
Class includes safe shop practices,         for successful students . Visit www .
fire management, efficient hammer           dmvnow .com for details . Virginia Rider
techniques and basic forging . Oct 22-23    Training Program courses are co-spon-
                                            sored by the BRCC Workforce Training
Intermediate Blacksmithing
                                            & Personal Enrichment Division and
(Prerequisite: Beginning
Blacksmithing)                              the Virginia Department of Motor
                                            Vehicles .
Tongs, Tools and Knives, Sep 10-11
                                            •	 	Pre-registration	is	required	for	all	
Cabin Hardware, Oct 8-9                        motorcycle courses .
Traditional Joinery Trivet, Nov 5-6         •	 Participants	must	be	at	least	16	years	
Roses and Leaves, Dec 3-4                      old, eligible to receive a motorcycle
                                               license .
Introduction to Welding and                 •	 Students	under	19	must	complete	the	
Fabrication Techniques                         classroom portion of driver education
Sep 17-18 OR Oct 15-16 OR Nov 12-13            before taking the BRC; there is a
OR Dec 10-11                                   waiting period prior to licensure . Visit
                                               www .dmvnow .com for full details .
Learn the basics of mig welding
                                            •	 Students	under	age	18	must	have	
and metal shop tools . This class is
                                               written parental permission .
designed for the “hobby welder” and
                                            •	 Motorcycle	license/learner’s	permit	is	
is a great opportunity to practice with
                                               NOT required .
these tools before purchasing for your
                                            •		 Motorcycles	and	helmets	are	provided.	
own shop . You will receive instruction
in layout and fabrication of a basic        •	 Required	riding	gear	(Sat/Sun	only):	
                                               boots/shoes that cover ankle; riding
                                               gloves covering entire hand; long
                                               pants; long-sleeved shirt/jacket;
                                               sunglasses/eyeglasses .

                                PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
     Friday classes start promptly at 5:30                                     MUSIC
     pm and run until 10 pm . Instructors
     assign times for Saturday/Sunday                          Acoustic Jamming with Friends
     range instruction (about five hours per                   Tired    of     playing   music    by
     day) . Please clear your schedule 7:30                    yourself? Learn how to play along with
     am-6 pm both days; you are expected                       other musicians using the instrument
     to attend your assigned group . BRCC                      you already know .      Experience a
     Weyers Cave Campus Room D100,                             new dimension of harmony through
     $125                                                      jamming . Jeff Hensley (www .blue-
       13878  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .August 5-6-7   grasslessons .com), local banjo and
       13879  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . August 12-13-14        recording artist, leads this diverse
       10024  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . August 19-20-21           group . If you can play G, C and D
       10025  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . August 26-27-28           chords, bring your instrument along
       10026  .  .  .  .  .  . September 9-10-11               and let’s make music! 50279; $65;
       10027  .  .  .  .  . September 16-17-18                 Two Thursdays, Nov 3 & 10, 6-9 pm;
       10028  .  .  .  .  . September 23-24-25                 BRCC Fine Arts Center V203
       10029 September 30, October 1-2                         Bluegrass Banjo for Musical
           REGISTRATION IS EASY:                               Designed for the complete novice as
                                                               well as those who want to continue to
     From:                                                     higher “musical” ground, this course
       Harrisonburg                   453-2284                 covers simple techniques to make
       Staunton            213-7002, ext . 2284                playing the banjo easy and fun . From
       Waynesboro 943-7002, ext . 2284                         right-hand roll patterns to left-hand
                                                               chord positions, hone new skills to
       TDD                 234-0848
                                                               enhance those banjo tunes! Optional
     Motorcycle courses are popular; this                      course materials are available for $25,
     line is frequently busy . Please leave                    payable to the instructor, Jeff Hensley .
     a message to begin the registration                       Bring your banjo! 50275; $120; Six
     process, and we’ll return your call . You                 Thursdays, Sep 1–Oct 6, 6:30-8:30
     will need the following information to                    pm; BRCC Fine Arts Center V203
     register: full name, date of birth, Social
     Security number (optional), mailing                       Digital Recording: Set Up Your
     address, home/work phone numbers,                         Home Studio
     driver’s license number and course                        With only a few small pieces of
     name/dates . Phone registrations are                      equipment, Richard Adams, recording
     accepted only with VISA, MasterCard                       engineer and musician, guides you
     or American Express information .                         through the process to record and
     Refunds must be requested at least                        edit your band, favorite group, or your
     two weeks before course begins . No                       own creations . No musical knowledge
     transfers between classes .                               needed for this evening of technology,
                                                               music, and artistic expression! 50274;
                                                               $75; One Monday, Sep 26, 6:45-8:45
                                                               pm; BRCC Fine Arts Center V205

26     Harrisonburg: 453-2215                  Staunton: 213-7022            Waynesboro: 941-3742
                   PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
Guitar for First Timers:                    approach is your website as a hub,
Strumming & Humming                         with easy, clear blog writing advice
Richard Adams, producer/recording           for making an impact and building an
engineer for many solo and group            audience for your product or service .
projects, has been an instructor of         If your business is your passion, let
guitar at Bridgewater College since         Social Media take it to the next level
1993 and at BRCC since 1999 . This          in the world of Web 2 .0 . 50219; $140;
class will have you strumming and           Four Wednesdays, Oct 26-Nov 16, 6-9
humming away! All you need is a             pm; Instructor: Lindsay Curren; BRCC
guitar and electric tuner . No musical      Weyers Cave Plecker Center
knowledge required . 50276; $99; Four       Creating Websites in WordPress
Mondays, Oct 17- Nov 7, 6:45-8:45           for Business and Personal Use
pm; BRCC Fine Arts Center V205
                                            Learn how to make a professional
Songwriter’s Workshop                       looking website using the WordPress
Songwriter Richard Adams takes              system with no need to know any
you through the steps of writing and        special coding . Led by one of the
recording all those songs running           area’s WordPress and online marketing
through your head . These sessions          experts, this course teaches you how
cover songwriting techniques: how to        to use WordPress to build dynamic,
write music using software and how to       attractive and professional looking
record and produce your music . You         websites quickly and easily . Learn how
do not need to play an instrument .         to create your site in Wordpress, how
Some songs you’ve written will be           to tune it for search engines, how to
recorded during class . Don’t miss this     add photos and other multimedia,
opportunity to work with Richard!           how to connect the site to social
50277; $95; Two Mondays, Nov                media services, how to choose the right
14–21, 6:30-9 pm; BRCC Fine Arts            look and feel for your site and how
Center V203                                 to add user-friendly features through
                                            plug-ins . You don’t have to know how
          SOCIAL MEDIA                      to code to have a great website; you
Blogging and Social Media for               just have to know how to click . In
Business and Entrepreneurs                  addition to mastering the technical
                                            elements of WordPress, you’ll learn how
Social media is a small business owner’s
                                            to organize a blog or website, create
best friend . It allows you to compete
                                            appealing content of your own and find
with the big guys without stinging ad
                                            high-quality content you can use from
costs that deliver uncertain results . In
                                            around the Web, and get more traffic by
this class, taught by one of the Valley’s
                                            optimizing your site for search engines .
pioneers in social media marketing,
                                            By the end of this course, you’ll be able
we’ll explore the major social media
                                            to confidently use WordPress to create
sites—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
                                            a website or blog for your business
Stumble Upon, Tumbler, and more—
                                            or personal use . 50217; $165; Four
and how to use them to build two-way
                                            Wednesdays, Sep 21-Oct 12, 6-9 pm;
relationships with your customers and
                                            Instructor: Erik Curren; BRCC Weyers
future customers . At the core of this
                                            Cave Plecker Center


     To Register for Non-Credit Courses, please call:
         Harrisonburg:	453-2215	•	Staunton:	213-7022		•		Waynesboro:	941-3742

                            LOCATIONS & OFFICE HOURS
     You may register in person or by telephone at the Workforce Services and
     Continuing Education office in the Plecker Workforce Center at the Weyers
     Cave campus during regular business hours, 8:30 a .m .-7 p .m ., Monday through
     Thursday; 8:30 a .m .- 4:30 p .m . on Friday and online at www .brcc .edu/wsce, click
     on “register now!” Have the registration form info, including class number, ready .
     Or complete and mail-in the registration form .

                        OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION
     CANCELLED COURSES: If it is necessary for the Workforce Services and Continuing
     Education Division to cancel a course, registered participants will be notified by
     phone and will receive a full refund, or be given the option to transfer to another
     course .
     DISABILITY SERVICES: To access disability services, contact the Coordinator of
     Disability Services in the College Counseling Center . Relevant documentation
     of the disability is required in order for the College to determine appropriate
     accommodation .
     INCLEMENT WEATHER: Please listen to local radio stations for information on
     college closing due to inclement weather . You may also go to www .brcc .edu to
     register for BRCC’s text messaging alert system .
     PARKING PERMITS: For the Weyers Cave campus, student parking permits may
     be obtained at no cost from the receptionist in the lobby of Houff Student Center,
     Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:30 a .m . and 7 p .m . and Friday,
     8:30 a .m .-5 p .m .
     REFUND POLICY: You will be eligible for a full refund of tuition for non-credit
     course enrollment, provided you drop on or before one (1) week prior to the
     course start date . Refunds will not be authorized after the refund date . Refunds
     are mailed from the Virginia Department of Treasury within several weeks of your
     request .
     WAIVERS: Participants may be required to sign waivers for certain courses,
     dependent on the nature of the activity .

28     Harrisonburg: 453-2215      Staunton: 213-7022         Waynesboro: 941-3742
   Have you ever taken classes at any Virginia Community College? (Circle one) Yes No
   Social Security Number:___________________________________________________Date of Birth: ________________________________________________________
   (Circle one) Male Female Name:____________________________________________________________________________________________________
   Mailing address:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
   City: _______________________________________________________________________________State: _______________________Zip:______________________________________________
   E-Mail: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
   Home Phone: ______________________________________________________________Work Phone:_________________________________________________________________
   Class Number                                                           Date                                           Course Title                       Course Fee
                                                                                         TOTAL BALANCE DUE $________________________________________________
   Check (Payable to BRCC) or Circle One: VISA MC AMEX Debit Card
   I authorize the Business Office at BRCC to charge my credit/debit card as circled above:
   Amount: $____________________________________ Authorized Signature_________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                  -                  -                   -
   Credit/Debit Card Number: _________________________________________________________________________Expiration Date ___________________________
   Bill my company: (Name):_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

     Mail to: BRCC Workforce Services, PO Box 80, Weyers Cave, VA 24486 or fax to 540-234-8102

                                                                  YOUTH FUN
                           Children’s Theatre Workshop
                                        Here is an exciting opportunity for your 9 to 14 year-old child
                                   to participate in a 12-week workshop that culminates in a Fine Arts
                                   Center Black Box Theatre performance . Caleb Towns will lead your
                                   child through dramatic exercises, as well as rehearsal for an original
                                  production, Watson Elementary: Holmes for Young Detectives . There
                                   are only 12 openings; each child must audition for a place in the
                                   workshop as well as a role in the production .
                         Auditions will be held Sat, Aug 20 at 3 pm Please call 540/453-
                   2215 (Harrisonburg); 540/213-7022 (Staunton); or 540/941-3742
(Waynesboro) to sign up for auditions . Registration will be finalized upon successful
completion of the audition and receipt of payment . 50176; $275; Twelve Saturdays, Aug
27-Nov 12, 9-Noon; BRCC Fine Arts Center, Black Box Theatre, V135 . Tech Week: Sun,
Nov 13, 2-7 pm; Wed-Fri, Nov . 16-18, 6-9 pm; Performances: Sat, Nov 19, 7 pm & Sun,
Nov 20, 3 pm
      A BRCC student, Towns has a number of ShenanArts’ theatrical credits under his
belt, including the roles of Gandalf in The Hobbit, George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful
Life, and Matthew in Cotton Patch Gospel . He also performed in Waynesboro Players
productions of Shenandoah Moon and Tuesday Mourning . He directed the first BRCC
Children’s Theatre Workshop in fall 2010, and is a member of the improv duo People with
Fingers, which performed at the college’s Fine Arts Extravaganza in April .


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