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                                        San Francisco Hispanic
                                        Chamber of Commerce
                                              703 Market Street, Suite 611
                                               San Francisco, CA 94103

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    FRIDAY REPORT: October 1, 2004                                                                          Wells Fargo

        Upcoming Events
   Oct 7 - Business Mixer and Treasure Hunt in the Mission
   Oct 22 - Hispanic Business Conference

   Check the "Mark Your Calendars" Section for more information about these events.


         Care Reform is Kicking in Big Time
   From the San Francisco Chronicle
   The Care Not Cash welfare reform measure, which was implemented four months ago, has had a bigger impact than
   originally anticipated. The caseload of homeless people getting a full cash grant under the city's welfare program has
   plummeted 46 percent. Officials were expecting a 25 percent to 30 percent drop at this point. Trent Rhorer, who heads the
   Department of Human Services, said the quick decline is welcome news. "The more the caseload drops, the more money
   we have for housing and services,'' Rhorer said this week.

   Under the program, the cash grant - which can be as much as $410 a month - is reduced to $59 a month once housing is
   offered. As of Sept. 15, Rhorer said, the number of cases was 1,170. When Care Not Cash took hold in early May, the
   number was 2,175.

   Care Not Cash, Gavin Newsom's signature ballot initiative leading up to his successful run for mayor, won voter approval
   in 2002. It took more than a year for it to kick in, however, because of court challenges and some opposition at the Board
   of Supervisors. The measure is intended to move homeless people off the streets and into housing -- typically a
   refurbished residential hotel -- with on-site support services. Rhorer said the savings from the reduced cash grants will
   help fund the 770 housing units for the homeless that officials hope to have on line by the end of November.

         Mayor Newsom Launches Wi-Fi Service in Union Square

   Mayor Gavin Newsom announced a new free wireless broadband Internet service in Union Square. Visitors with a
   wireless-enabled laptop computer, or other wireless device, and a web browser can access the Internet anywhere in the
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   Union Square public park area. The service uses widely available "wireless fidelity" or "wi-fi" technology.

   "I am very pleased to launch this service in Union Square," said Mayor Newsom. "San Francisco is one of the most
   technically-savvy, connected cities in the world. I believe technology can improve the lives of all citizens, especially
   through the tremendous amount of information available on the Internet," Newsom continued, "Now, even more citizens
   have convenient, free access to that information in one of San Francisco's vibrant public areas."

   San Francisco offers the service on a test basis in partnership with the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce
   Development, the Department of Telecommunications (DTIS) and Information Services, the Recreation and Parks
   Department, UnwireNow, a San Francisco wireless service provider, and Terabeam Wireless, a world leader in providing
   extended range, license-free wireless data equipment. The service will encourage more visitors to the Union Square area
   and demonstrate how wireless broadband technologies can support economic development and increased public access to
   high-speed Internet service. Starting with this pilot project, the Mayor's Office has directed DTIS to work with city
   departments to develop a citywide wireless broadband policy and explore other opportunities to use wireless broadband
   services throughout San Francisco.

         City Mulls Purchase of Graffiti-proof Signage
   Graffiti-proof street and parking enforcement signs look like they're headed for the streets of San Francisco. The City
   Services Committee takes up the wipable grafitti-proof signs later this week, along with legislation sponsored by
   Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, who wants property owners to take more responsibility in keeping their properties clean.

   Too often, a building will be marked and remarked over and over with graffiti. The perception of blight in parts of town
   can be combated with a few coats of paint and more awareness among property owners. Asking city residents and
   property owners to take more pride in their environment is only half of a solution. The city needs to do its part as well,
   which means prosecuting vandals to the full extent of the law. We cannot expect residents and property owners to take
   more responsibility than the city does to fix the problem.

   The appearance of our streets and buildings has a major effect on people and businesses, on tourism, and especially civic
   pride. We hope that these anti-graffiti measures are quickly passed, and we expect the city to treat vandalism more
   seriously than in the past.

         District 9 Town Hall Meeting a Big Success!!
   Several hundred people showed up for the Mayor's Mission District Town Hall meeting on Saturday at the Cesar Chavez
   School on Shotwell. There was an impressive presence of the city's top officials and most all agencies were represented
   and available to respond to public comment and questions. The meeting was translated into sign language and there was
   an impressive live-feed projected transcription of comments and responses. Pictures of the Town Hall meeting will be
   posted on the Mayor's website soon! For those of you who were unable to attend, Robert Ortega, Liaison to District 9 and
   the Latino Community, can provide you with a transcript of the town hall meeting. He can be reached at (415)554-7111.

          Mayor Newsom announces new Biotech Initiatives

   On September 23, Mayor Gavin Newsom announced two exciting new initiatives aimed at fostering the growth of the
   biotechnology sector in San Francisco and ensuring that local residents are prepared for, and have access to, the Industry's
   high quality jobs. A nationally recognized partnership between SFWorks and City College of San srancisco received two
   National Science Foundation (NSF) grants totaling $1.1 million to prepare low- income and under-represented minorities
   for jobs in the burgeoning biotechnology industry. $600,000 will go to SF Works for its "On-Ramp program," a feeder
   program that prepares low-income adults with skills at the 6th-9th grade levels for entry into City College's highly touted
   "Bridge to Biotech"program. The additional $500,000 will go to expand the Bridge to Biotech program to additional
   campuses and populations, including City College's Mission Campus, and to offer the program to limited-English speakers
   from under- served Asian, Filipino, Pacific Islander, Latin and Eastern European communities.
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   The Mayor also announced the formation of a new Advisory Council to assist the City in growing its emerging biotech
   sector. Called the Mayor's Biotech Advisory Council ("MayBAC"), it will be chaired by G. Steven Burrill, a leading
   biotech venture capitalist, and includes many of the pre-eminent thinkers and entrepreneurs in the nation. To read more
   about the Mayor's new biotech initiatives check out:

          The Race For The White House: Latino Vote Still Lags Its Potential
   Block by block, house by house, Cesar Auyb and Irene Rodriguez are literally changing the complexion of politics in
   Nevada. But the change is coming slowly. Since May, the two have been on leave from their jobs in Las Vegas casinos to
   work as organizers for a union-sponsored, nonprofit organization trying to increase voter registration among the state's
   exploding Latino population. On a bright and breezy morning last weekend, each was diligent and cheerful as they
   pursued potential voters in a heavily Latino neighborhood west of the downtown strip.

   But in an hour of door knocking, each registered just one new voter. Everyone else they encountered was ineligible to
   register, many because they had not taken the steps to become U.S. citizens, even though they met the legal requirements.
   In miniature, the experience of Auyb and Rodriguez shows how the continuing influx of Latinos is reshaping the partisan
   balance across the desert Southwest - and why the transformation may not arrive fast enough to help Sen. John F. Kerry
   erase President Bush's advantage in the region this November.

   Slowly but inexorably, activists across the region are moving more Latinos to the polls; even with the difficulties
   experienced by Auyb, Rodriguez and other canvassers, their group, the Citizenship Project, has registered 3,000 new
   Latino voters in Las Vegas this year. Such progress is gradually strengthening Democratic prospects not only in Nevada
   and New Mexico, swing states in recent presidential elections, but also in Colorado and Arizona, which the GOP has
   dominated. In all four states, Latinos make up a larger share of voters today than in 1992. And they are a reliably
   Democratic block. To read the rest of this article, please visit,1249,595094094,00.html

                                              MARK YOUR CALENDARS

          Oct 7 - Business Mixer and Treasure Hunt in the Mission

   Come network with other Latino professionals as you team up to find hidden clues within the Mission District. Dr. Clue is
   famous for creating sneaky and challenging treasure hunt clues that require a variety of team skills and knowledge: puzzle
   solving, wordplay expertise, code deciphering, pop-culture trivia, map reading, and much, much more. Teams must
   manipulate data, think outside-the-box, and brainstorm like crazy - not only within their own group but also, if necessary,
   across other teams. There will also be a special presentation by the SF Department of the Environment. The Treasure Hunt
   will be from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. followed by a mixer from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at Wells Fargo (2595 Mission @ 22nd). Please
   arrive promptly at the Wells Fargo Branch as there will be a short meeting about the treasure hunt at 5:00 p.m.

   To register online, please go to
   FREE to Members of SFHCC and Participating Organizations with pre-registration (deadline October 4); Associate
   Members $5 with pre-registration and at the door; and Non-members $10 with PAID pre-registration or $15 at the door.

   Participating Organizations:
   Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA); La Raza Lawyers; and Society of Hispanic
   Professional Engineers (SHPE).
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       Oct 22 - Annual Hispanic Business Conference

                                                                           Friday, October 22nd
                                                                           7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
                                                                        USF - Lone Mountain Campus
                                                                           (2800 Turk @ Parker)

                                                                             Presented by:


   The San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFHCC), the University of San Francisco (USF) and Hispanic-Net
   are collaborating to organize the 2nd Annual Hispanic Business Conference on October 22, 2004.
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    09:15 am       State of the Economy in the Bay Area
    10:00 am       The Isabela Project, Closing the Latino Capital Parity Gap
    11:00 am       Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
    12:00 pm       Luncheon and Awards Ceremony (McLaren Hall)
                   Keynote Speaker: Honorable Fiona Ma, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 4
                   Mistress of Ceremonies: Ana Montero, News Anchor, CNN en Español
    02:00 pm       Business Development Workshops
                   • Legal Structures to Protect Your Business - La Raza Lawyers
                   • Leadership and Corporate Governance - ALPFA/NSHMBA
                   • How to Take Your Mid-size Business to the Next Level - NAWBO
    3:00 pm        Cocktail Reception and Networking

   To register online click here *Deadline for Pre-Registration is October 15, 2004. For more information, please go to

                                                       Table Sponsors:

                                            Breakfast Sponsor:
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                                                     SBA PROGRAMS

         Small Business Administration (SBA) Programs Through October 15

   All members with current SFHCC memberships in good standing can attend the following workshops at no cost.
   Participants must RSVP with Gary Marshall at or by calling 415-744- 6771.

   10/4- GGRA Food Safety Certification (in Spanish) (8:30 AM - 5:30 PM)
   California state law requires specified food facilities to employ at least one person who has successfully passed an
   approved and accredited food safety certification examination. Re-certification is required every three years. For more
   information, please contact Golden Gate Restaurant Association (415) 781-5348. $75 registration fee for GGRA members,
   $150 for non-members. This class will be conducted in Spanish.

   10/4- Boost Your Sales - Accept Credit Cards Online! (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM)
   Accepting credit cards on your website can boost your sales by 20-30%! In this class, you will learn how to find and
   implement the right solution for your business in as little as 15 minutes with a $50 setup. This class will cover: How on-
   line card processing works, finding the right providers, understanding the security aspects and avoiding pitfalls. This class
   complements "Get Top Positions on Google / Yahoo - Increase your sales, but is not a pre-requisite.

   10/5- Doing Business with Cisco Systems (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
   This seminar will focus on two key aspects of selling to Cisco. The first portion of the training will entail a discussion and
   demonstration of Cisco's minority supplier diversity program. The second part of the program will focus on the
   importance of developing relationships with Cisco procurement officers to sell your products.

   10/5- Basic Bookkeeping, Part One (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM)
   Learn basic accounting and bookkeeping terms and processes. Topics include cash vs. accrual accounting, proper
   accounting data flow processes, the importance of budgeting, the purpose of different financial reports, the differences in
   computer accounting systems, cash management, and more. $20 registration fee. Presented by the SF Small Business
   Development Center.

   10/5- Financing for Your Business (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
   Discover the right way to seek financing for your business. We will discuss loan interviews, successful loan applications,
   alternative financing options, and SBA Programs.

   10/6- Maintaining Tax Records for Your Small Business (10:00 AM - 12:30 PM)
   Learn how to effectively create the income tax records for a small business that are necessary for IRS tax reporting.
   Topics will include the use of technology to better manage your business; the most effective way to use online banking,
   Quickbooks and a PDA; how to use incorporation or LLC as a tax planning tool; how to account for your home office and

   10/6- I've Got My Dream Business - Now How Do I Make It Work for Me? (1:00 PM - 3:00 PM)
   This presentation will support making your business more satisfying and more successful. You will explore effective
   mental guidelines and emotional frameworks to enhance your success. You created your company to be successful - now
   it's time to really make it work for you.

   10/6- Recovery for Perfectionists (3:30 PM - 5:30 PM)
   Do you know that you are a perfectionist? Are your perfectionist tendencies getting in the way of running your business
   effectively? Are you so focused on getting everything "just right" that you seem to be constantly chasing your tail? Join us
   in this revolutionary class and break free from the stranglehold perfectionism has on your life.
SFHCC Friday Report 9-17-2004                                                                                              Page 7 of 13

   10/5 and 10/6- AVID: Basic Video Editing (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM)
   Learn how to make basic edits to your video footage to tell the story of your business, promote your products, and more,
   using AVID software. Contact (415) 908-7501 to register. Presented by the SF Small Business Development Center. $25
   registration fee for 2 evening classes.

   10/6- Do I Need a Business Plan? (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
   Do you need a business plan? Hear directly from a local business advisor why you do. Learn how a business plan can
   make the difference between a good business and a great business.

   10/7- Free and Low Cost Resources to Help You Start and Grow Your Business (9:00 AM - 10:30 AM)
   Representatives from SBA, SCORE, the SF SBDC, the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, and the San Francisco
   Public Library Small Business Center will explain the vast resources available as you start and grow your small business.

   10/7- Starting A Small Business in San Francisco (10:30 AM - 11:30 AM)
   Hear directly from San Francisco officials. How do you obtain permits? How do you register your business name? Learn
   what the City can do for you in this one-stop seminar.

   10/7- Getting Ready For Financing (12:00 PM - 1:30 PM)
   Discover the right way to seek financing for your business. We will discuss loan proposal requirements, financing options
   and SBA programs. Presented in conjunction with the Bay Area Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders
   (BAAGGL), with participation by a lender, SCORE and the SF SBDC.

   10/7- Legal Structures for Your Small Business (2:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
   Is sole proprietorship, corporation or limited liability company the right structure for your business? During this
   comprehensive overview, an experienced business lawyer will consider the various forms in which your business can be
   organized. While this class does not constitute legal advice, it will provide you with a basic understanding of business

   10/7- Restaurant Series: Checklist for Starting a Restaurant (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
   We'll discuss the specifics of opening and running a successful restaurant. Topics will include business plans, food and
   beverage vendors, market research, location, pricing strategies and operating plans. $20 registration fee. Presented by the
   SF Small Business Development Center.

   10/8- Successful Business Contact Management with MS Outlook (1:00 PM -4:00 PM)
   Efficiently manage and organize your contact information and get the best out of MS Outlook: efficiently organize and
   make sense of your contact data, distribution lists, and learn how to use this tool for email marketing and simple customer
   relationships management. $20 registration fee. 10/12- The Graphic Design Process: What You Need To Know For Your
   Business(10:30 AM - 12:30 PM) Learn how to use design to market your business. We'll discuss basic concepts, costs,
   working with designers and key differences between print and digital media.

   10/12- Basic Bookkeeping, Financial Analysis (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM)
   Designed for entrepreneurs intimidated by financial records, this course will cover balance sheets, incomes statements,
   cash flow and working capital. Participants should have completed Basic Bookkeeping, Part One, or be familiar with the
   concepts covered in that seminar. $20 registration fee. Presented by the SF Small Business Development Center.

   10/12- Secrets to Buying a Business or Franchise (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
   Jump-start your self-employment dream. Get the advantage of owning a franchise or existing business. Learn how to
   begin, how much they cost and when you have found the right business for you! $15 registration fee. For more
   information and contact SCORE at (415) 744-6827.

   10/12- Understanding Interpretation and Translation Services for Your Business (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
   This class provides the participants with an overview of Latino America relations to California demographics to help them
   understand the importance of and cost effectiveness of using interpretation and translation services effectively. It clarifies
   the difference between Interpretation and Translation services and provides useful tips on how to select an interpreting and
   translation agency or independent consultant.
SFHCC Friday Report 9-17-2004                                                                                              Page 8 of 13

   10/13- Writing Effective Business Plans (9:00 AM - 1:00 PM)
   This course guides you through all aspects of what makes a business work - management, marketing and cash flow. It also
   discusses tools and available resources to help you in the business planning process. Cost: $25 in advance, $30 at door.
   For information, contact SCORE at (415) 744-6827.

   10/13- Restaurant Series: Understanding Food Costs (2:00 PM - 4:00 PM)
   A fun and upbeat approach to one of the most daunting challenges for restaurant ownersFood Costing. This class will
   teach you how to cost your product, packaging on take-out items and catering menus. We will create a fictional restaurant
   and create a sample menu. You will learn margins of cost and profitability and will receive a costing package that you can
   immediately incorporate into your own business to help track cost and profit on a daily basis. Please bring to class several
   vendor invoices. $20 registration fee; Sponsored by the SF Small Business Development Center.

   10/13- Speaking Skills for You and Your Small Business (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
   An experienced presentation consultant and leadership coach will teach you the techniques used by top-performing
   business people and give you the competitive advantage that comes with first-class presentation skills.

   10/14- IRS/EDD Employment Tax (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)
   Correct payroll preparation is crucial to a small business's survival. This class guides participants through the basics of
   that preparation. Subjects include determining independent contractor versus employee, withholding taxes, deposits and
   completing the proper forms.

   10/14- Time Management and Organizational Skills (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)
   Have you been procrastinating too long? Do you want to manage your time better? Are you ready to write your goal and
   objectives in a clear and achievable manner? Come to this workshop and learn how to redefine the way you think and act.
   Move past the road blocks which limit your success. Learn the ways of breaking the chains of procrastination, create an
   ideal week schedule to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, and define goals and objectives to move you to the next
   level. $20 Registration Fee. Presented by the SF Small Business Development Center.

         Free Business Counseling
   SCORE, an affiliate of the Small Business Administration (SBA), located at 455 Market Street Suite 600, offers free one-
   on-one counseling for small or start-up businesses. You may apply by calling for an appointment at (415)744-6827.
   SCORE Seeks Consultants SCORE is also looking for business people who are retired or have spare time to become a
   volunteer counselor. Send your resume to SCORE, 455 Market Street, Suite 600 San Francisco CA 94105, Attention:
   George Klovis.

                                      EVENTS BY OTHER ORGANIZATIONS

         Oct 1-2 - Trio Los Panchos
   Join the legendary TRIO LOS PANCHOS who has been enchanting audiences across the world with their renditions of
   the bolero, the classic Spanish romantic ballad, since their formation in 1944. At the Brava Theater Company, the adopted
   son of original member Alfredo Gil, leads the contemporary Los Panchos through such classics as Sin Ti, Rayito de la
   Luna, Contigo Aprendi y Hoy es mi Dia. For more information or to buy tickets, please contact Michelle Mulholland at
   the Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, 415-647-2822

          Oct 5 - The Mexican Museum Fundraiser at the Four Seasons Hotel
   Please join us for a very special event hosted by Alfonso de Maria y Campos, Consul General of Mexico in San Francisco,
   William Moreno, Executive Director of The Mexican Museum, and Ann Rockefeller Roberts, Member of The Mexican
   Museum's Advisory Board. The cocktail reception will benefit The Mexican Museum's exhibitions and programs and will
   feature entertainment by the Quinteto Latino. 6:00 - 8:30pm. Four Seasons Hotel, Veranda Ballroom, 757 Market Street,
   San Francisco Tickets: $150.00 per person. Send checks by September 30 to: The Mexican Museum, Four Seasons
   Benefit, Fort Mason Center, Building D, San Francisco, CA 94123. Call number below for credit card purchases. Tickets
SFHCC Friday Report 9-17-2004                                                                                             Page 9 of 13

   will be held at the door. Attire: Business. Tuesday, October 5. Information: (415) 202-9712,

         Oct 6 - Fundraiser for Miguel Bustos
   Friends of Miguel Bustos, The SF Police Officers Association, The Latino Peace Officers Association & The Latino
   Firefighters (Los Bomberos) Cordially Invite you to a Fundraiser for Miguel Bustos, Candidate for Supervisor District 9,
   City and County of San Francisco. Wednesday, October 6th, 6-8 p.m. at At the SF Police Officers Association Building,
   800 Bryant St. 3rd Floor @ 6th & Bryant.

         Oct 7 - Certification Workshop for Small Business Owners with CalTrans
   Learn how at a Certification Workshop presented by Caltrans and the Department of General Services. Certification
   applications will be available at the workshops, or can be downloaded ahead of time at By attending this workshop you could be certified in time for November 4
   Caltrans Business Procurement Fair. For more information on the workshop and the fair, call Premjit Rai at 510.622.5755,
   or Shoron Verdun at 510.622.0708. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; Caltrans Building, CPR Room, 111 Grand Avenue, Oakland,
   CA 94623.

         Oct 12 -Doing Business with BART
   The Bay Area Rapid Transit District's Office of Civil Rights and the Procurement Department with the support of the City
   of San Mateo and Millbrae, San Mateo and Redwood City-San Mateo Chambers of Commerce are proud to present "How
   To Do Business With BART". This is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge in BART's bidding process and to learn
   about present and future procurement and contracting opportunities. There will be representatives from the Procurement
   Department and the Office of Civil Rights to speak on these opportunities. 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at the City of San Mateo
   Council Chambers, 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo.

         Oct 14 -"Managing Your Career" by ALPFA
   Join the Association for Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA) to discuss career path options in
   Accounting or Finance, Tax or Audit; Education and Certification; Hot topics and industries; salary data and much more!
   Presenter: Steve Hernandez, Executive Recruiter with Ajilon Finance. 6:00 p.m. 245 Montgomery Street - A4C room
   location TBD. For more information, please email Deborah Van Horn at

         Oct 14- Hispanic-Net's Leadership Showcase
   Join fellow students, entrepreneurs and executives interested in learning from exemplary leaders and role models on how
   to succeed in today's tough competitive business world. Don't miss this opportunity to listen to outstanding Hispanic
   leaders and ask direct questions that every potentialcorporate executive, manager, or wannabe entrepreneur wants to
   Learn what it takes to take risk in today's environment. This event is free of charge and will be held at HP, Palo Alto, at
   6:30 P.M. For more information, please go to

         Oct 15- 2nd Annual "Mujer a Mujer-Woman to Woman" Business
   The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Alameda County cordially invites you to attend their 2 nd Annual "Mujer a Mujer
   -Woman to Woman" Business Conference with Dr. Cecilia Cervantes from the College of Alameda. 8:00 a.m. to 3:00
   p.m. Waterfront Plaza Hotel, Spinnaker Room, 10 Washington St., Oakland, CA Workshop Topics Include Business
   Financing, Resources for Small Businesses, Marketing your Business, Today's Technology, Maintaining Your Business
   Plan, Top Ten Things to Avoid, Balancing Work & Family and the Importance of Networking There is a $35 fee for
   HCCAC members ($45 for nonmembers.) Please go to http:// for more information.
SFHCC Friday Report 9-17-2004                                                                                        Page 10 of 13

         Oct 21- NSHMBA 15th Annual Conference and Career Expo
   The national conference attracts Hispanic MBA students and professionals from across the country. Starting on Thursday,
   October 21, 2004, the day offers a full program of professional development. On Friday and Saturday (22nd -23rd) the
   Career Fair will hosts more than 280 companies, mostly Fortune 500, at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth,
   Texas. For more information please visit or call 1-877-467-4622. For more information,
   please contact Michelle Raczynski at (214) 596-9338 ext.225 at

         Nov 4- Small Business Procurement Fair
   The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in conjunction with District 4 Small Business Council's Advisory
   Sub Committee is hosting a Small Business Procurement Fair. This event will be held at The Kaiser Center located at 300
   Lakeside Drive in Oakland. The Fair is designed to enable all vendors, particularly those Certified Small Business (SB) &
   Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) an opportunity to meet and sell their products/services to Caltrans
   purchasers. There will be a Networking Session for all interested SB/DVBE vendors.

         Nov 19-20 - Cabaret Pre-Hispanico
   In their latest bilingual CABARET PRE-HISPANICO, Jesus Rodriguez and Liliana Felipe mix it up with a "best of" their
   irreverent icons: a pot bellied Frida Kahlo with rotting teeth and a bad attitude, Coatlicue and Chak Mool munching on
   human sacrifices, and La Nueva Conchera, a resplendent in Aztec finery and aviator shade. For more information or to
   buy tickets, please contact Michelle Mulholland at the Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street, 415-647-2822

                                                    NEW MEMBERS

   Chamber members have access to exclusive benefits that build relationships, increase visibility, and generate business
   leads. They're the first to learn about economic trends and developments that shape the City's business environment and
   their own companies' growth. And they influence decision makers in San Francisco and beyond, helping ensure that San
   Francisco means business-in every sense. Welcome additions to the San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
   Memberships can be purchased online using the following link:

    Dr. Backman DC, Inc.                                      Gustavo Saavedra
    2601 Mission Street, Ste 404                              P: 415-970-0287
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    Chiropractic Doctor

    LatinSight                                                Jesse Aguirre
    145 Laurel St., Suite 15                                  P: 415-776-1974
    San Francisco, CA 94118                                   E:
    Advertising Services

    NLPOA SF Metro Chapter                                    Croce A. Casciato
    Hall of Justice                                           P: 415-553-1927
    850 Bryant Street                                         F: 650-359-8901
    San Franacisco, CA 94103                                  E:
    Law Enforcement

    Joyce Aldana                                              P: 415-441-5239
SFHCC Friday Report 9-17-2004                                                                                        Page 11 of 13

    1299 Lombard St., #41                                     F: 415-826-5371
    San Francisco, CA 94109                                   E:

    First Horizon Home Loan Corp                              Steve St. George
    110 Presidio Ave                                          P: 415-441-1299
    San Francisco, CA 94115                                   F: 415-441-1171
    Mortgage Banking                                          E:

    Pay Roll Partners, Inc.                                   Manuel Cosme
    500 Merchant St. Suite A                                  P: 707-448-7260
    Vacaville, CA 95688                                       F: 707-448-1432
    Payroll Services                                          E:

    La Grande 1010 AM                                         Marcos Gutierrez EDD
    145 Natoma Street                                         P: 650-740-1910
    San Francisco, CA 94103                                   F: 650-992-1680
    Radio Station                                             E:

    Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts                   Jennie E. Rodriguez
    2868 Mission Street                                       P: 415-643-1155
    San Francisco, CA 94110                                   F: 415-648-0933
    Cultural Center                                           E:

    Vizanko & Associates                                      Isabel Vizanko
    719 Clementina Street, Unit B                             P: 415-861-3608
    San Francisco, CA 94103                                   E:
    Strategy Consulting

                                                        JOB BANK

          Current Open Positions In Wells Fargo's Diversified Products Group
   The Diversified Products Group of Wells Fargo is made up of a group of businesses including Merchant Card Services,
   which provides electronic payment processing solutions to retail businesses; Education Finance Services, the country's
   fourth largest student lender; Auto Finance which provides business banking services to auto dealers, and automobile loans
   and leases to consumers; Card Services, which includes Wells Fargo's credit and debit card businesses; Business Direct - a
   small business lender specializing in loans less $100,000 in all 50 states and Canada; the SBA Lending Group; Wells Fargo
   Payroll Services; Online Shopping and E-Payments Division and the small business product and support services for the
   community bank.

    Position                                        Department                     Location
                                                                                   San Francisco, Silicon Valley/San Jose,
                                                    Offline Merchant Card
    Sales Consultants 1-3                                                          Los Angeles, CA; San Antonio &
                                                    Services Group
                                                                                   Houston, TX
SFHCC Friday Report 9-17-2004                                                                                          Page 12 of 13

                                                                                     California &
    Commercial Sales Representative                  Education Financial Services
                                                                                     Delaware/Maryland/Virginia area
    Project Management Manager 2                     Auto Finance Group              Salt Lake City, UT & San Francisco, CA
    Collections Call Center Manager 2                Auto Finance Group              Salt Lake City, UT
    Senior Business Consultant/Jr. Portfolio         Offline Merchant Card
                                                                                     Walnut Creek, CA
    Manager (Marketing)                              Services Group
                                                     Offline Merchant Card
    Product Marketing & Packaging Manager                                            Walnut Creek, CA
                                                     Services Group
    Business Consultants/DBA Interchange             Offline Merchant Card
                                                                                     Walnut Creek, CA
    Specialist                                       Services Group
                                                     Offline Merchant Card
    Operations Analyst
                                                     Services Group                  Walnut Creek, CA
    Product Manager 3                                Card Services                   San Francisco, CA
    Sales Manager, Regional Banking Partnerships Card Services                       San Francisco, CA

   To apply for any of these positions you must meet the following criteria: be able to begin work within 30 days, relocate at
   your own expense, possess a minimum of 2 years of prior paid work experience in the position applied for, and be
   authorized to work in the US without sponsorship. If you meet these criteria and are interested in applying for any of these
   positions, or would like more detailed information about them or careers at Wells Fargo please contact:

   Jerry Pico, Contract Recruiter, Wells Fargo Bank Diversified Products Group, Phone: (415) 947-1584, email:

                                                  MEMBER BENEFITS

   The SFHCC has negotiated special programs to benefit member's bottom line. For more information about these programs
   and others, contact Richard Ventura at 415-8621-2606.Memberships can be purchased online using the following link:

         SFHCC Conference Room
   The San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has recieved a donation of chairs from Jesus Arce (Avisa Business
   Brokers). We now have a conference room that seats ten. This conference room is available to all members in good
   standing at the rate of $25 per day. If you would like to reserve our conference room, please contact the SFHCC office at
   415-278- 9611 or by email at

        Discount at the Pan Pacific Hotel for SFHCC Members
   The Pan Pacific Hotel offers SFHCC members preferred rates.
   Superior: $169.00 + tax sgl / dbl, Deluxe: $189.00 + tax sgl / dbl, Luxury: $209.00 + tax sgl / dbl
   For discounted reservations, please call (415) 771-8600 and request the SFHCC preferred member rate.

         Learn QuickBooks 2004 with Book It!

   QuickBooks bookkeeping software makes small business finances a breeze. Book It! offers convenient downtown San
   Francisco evening classes in a state-of-the art computer classroom. We'll teach you QuickBooks 2004 in just 4 sessions
   with comprehensive hands-on training, small class size and just one student per computer! CE & CPE Credit is also
   available. Our classes are taught by a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who has more than 10 years' small business
   experience. New workshops start every month. For more information about our workshops or one-on-one QuickBooks
SFHCC Friday Report 9-17-2004                                                                                                Page 13 of 13

   training, please phone 415-661-8903.

          Discount From ValTek Enterprises
   ValTek Enterprises is proud to offer the Members of the San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce the following
   services: 15% off Graphic Design Services including: Advertising design/layout, business Card design/layout, blast Email
   design, letterhead, posters, cards, brochures, signs, mailers, directories, newsletters and more. Free web page design with a
   one-year maintenance agreement. Certain restrictions apply please call Valentin Carrillo at ValTek Enterprises for more
   details at (415) 412-2769 or visit

          Permanently Free Domain Name Plus Free Month of Web Hosting
   San Francisco web hosting provider is pleased to offer SFHCC members a web hosting special offer that
   includes a free domain name that never expires. Members are able to host a web site for as little as $7.95/month while
   sparing themselves the cost (up to $35/year) and headache of having to renew their domain name every year. In addition,
   members receive a free month of hosting as an extra "thank you" for supporting the SFHCC. The special offer adds to any hosting account: 1 domain name registration and annual renewal for the lifetime of account; 1 free month of
   hosting; 1 free text link for one year on; 50% discount for banner advertising on; Free Kanoodle (web advertising) account, with $5 included; and free search engine submittal to
   all major search engines. To take advantage of this great offer, simply order any hosting account at and use
   coupon code "SFHCC3". For more information, visit, email, or dial 1-888-

          SFHCC Office Supply Discount Program at Office Depot
   One of the benefits of SFHCC membership is the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive member-only programs that
   benefit our members bottom line. Knowing that every company has a need for basic office supplies, the SFHCC has
   negotiated significant discounts on behalf of member companies on a variety of office products and services from Office
   Depot. Pens, paper, and file folders are examples of the hundreds of items small companies order on a regular basis.
   Through the SFHCC office-supply discount program, members can cut office supply expenses by up to 65%. To take
   advantage of this member benefit and to start saving, contact John Zehbe at 415-356-5762.

          Discount at the Cartwright Hotel for SFHCC Members
   The Cartwright Hotel, conveniently located in Union Square, offers SFHCC members a preferred corporate rate for single
   or double occupancy. Rates include: complimentary deluxe continental breakfast 7 - 9 a.m. daily, complimentary morning
   newspaper (San Francisco Chronicle), 24 - hour coffee/tea service, afternoon cookies/tea, evening Manager's wine hour
   featuring Napa Valley wines (in the lobby 5-6 p.m.). Standard Room Rate: $89.00 + tax (14.04%), a 31% discount;
   Suite: $139.00 + tax (14.04%), an 18% discount. For groups of rooms over five (5), hotel approval is required. To
   obtain the discount, call (415) 421-2865 or (800) 919-9779 or by email to requested the
   SFHCC preferred corporate rate. The Cartwright Hotel is located at 524 Sutter Street. For more information about the
   hotel, see

        Prepaid Legal
   Low-cost legal solutions for small business owners. New product - ID theft coverage. Available through SFHCC at

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