The proposal to introduce the CdrLt Col (SCC) RNRRMR by CraigGreenhill



2 Jul 09

All Members of the Sea Cadet Corps


1.     After a great deal of debate and discussion I have directed that the rank of
Cdr/Lt Col (SCC) RNR/RMR will be introduced into the Sea Cadet Corps on 1
August 2009. This follows the introduction of the rank of Warrant Officer in 2008.
The benefits of this additional senior officer rank include:

   •   A modern, more balanced structure in which the most senior individuals
       wear a higher rank than their immediate subordinates.
   •   A rank structure which more closely mirrors the RN and matches rank to
   •   The formation of a cadre of individuals at the highest level within the
       Corps of equivalent rank to their counterparts in the CCF(RN) and other
       Cadet Forces with whom we have increasing interaction.
   •   A pinnacle rank to which adult volunteer Officers may aspire similar to the
       recently introduced Warrant Officer (SCC) rank for other ranks.

2.     The rank of Cdr/Lt Col (SCC) RNR/RMR will only apply to 8 specific and
selective posts within the Corps, 6 of which are adult volunteers and 2 are MSSC
employees. These posts are the 6 Senior Staff Officers (SSOs), the Offshore
Commander (OC) and the Assistant Director National Training (ADNT).

3.     The specifics of implementation are as follows and will be included in the
next change to SCRs:

   •   Selection for the OC and ADNT posts will carry with it automatic promotion
       to Cdr/Lt Col where the individual selected holds or has held suitable SCC
       or military rank. The rank will only be held whilst the individual is in post
       and will be relinquished when the incumbent leaves the post.
   •   Selection for SSO will carry with it automatic promotion to Acting Cdr/Lt
       Col. Area Officers will recommend their candidate to CSC and
       appointment will be subject to a confirmatory interview with CSC.
       Substantive rank will be awarded subject to CSC approval when the
       individual completes 5 years in post as SSO unless approved earlier by
       CSC in exceptional circumstances.

4.     The current 6 SSOs will be promoted to Acting Cdr on 1 Aug 09 with their
seniority backdated to their date of appointment. OC and ADNT will be promoted
to Cdr on 1 Aug 09 with seniority 1 Aug 09.

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5.     An SSO relinquishing his/her position as a substantive Cdr/Lt Col will be
invited to join a national pool of senior Sea Cadet officers working directly for
CSC/DoT on training, events and studies as appropriate. Note that current SCRs
allow an SSO to remain in post for a period of 10 years.

6.      I am very conscious that, whilst there is no bar to a Marine Cadet Officer
being appointed to one of the 8 specific posts identified above, these posts are
likely to be filled by Cdrs for the next few years. I have therefore tasked SRMO
to investigate the best way to achieve appropriate representation of Marine
Cadet matters in senior national decision-making forums, and particular at the
biannual SSO’s meeting. I also do not exclude the possibility of creating a Lt Col
(SCC) RMR post at some stage in the future.

7.      The introduction of the Cdr/Lt Col (SCC) RNR/RMR rank is a major step
for the Sea Cadet Corps and will bestow a considerable honour upon those
promoted to it. It also carries with it a very significant degree of collective
responsibility due to the status that this rank holds within the RN, our parent
Service. I will expect those who carry the rank to do so with pride and to act as
national ambassadors for the Corps as a whole in their dealings with cadets,
volunteers and external organisations.

J M S Fry
Captain RN
Captain Sea Cadets

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