V.A. BOSTON HEALTHCARE SYSTEM
                          VETERAN WISH LIST

                          PERSONAL NEEDS
dietetic & regular hard candies-hairbrushes-clock radios-
  battery operated clock radios-non-skid slipper socks-
     underwear (boxer, brief and women’s)-sweaters-
writing paper-socks (tube, crew and women’s)-large print
  crossword, word search activity workbooks-magnified
  reading glasses-bar soap-combs-deodorant (aerosol &
 non-aerosol)-shampoo-conditioner-hair gel-toothpaste-
  toothbrushes-denture cleaner-denture adhesive-large
      print playing cards-disposable razors-t-shirts-
     handkerchiefs-fingernail clippers-cuticle sticks-
    fingernail files-cosmetics and bags-female hygiene
        products-unbreakable hand mirrors-q-tips-
AA & AAA batteries-sweatshirts and sweatpants all sizes
             men’s & women’s sneakers all sizes
         large nylon carrying bags-postage stamps
      (please-items need to new in original packaging)
           (clothing & under garments M – 3 XL)

                        GIFT CERTIFICATES
          Stop & Shop-Shaws-Wal-Mart-CVS
   McDonalds-Burger King-Papa Ginos-Wendys-Friendlys
                Phone cards-Gift cards

Updated 7/7/2009
                   V.A. BOSTON HEALTHCARE SYSTEM
                          VETERAN WISH LIST

                          SPECIAL NEEDS
                Microsoft Wii game units
               PDi TVs for”Wii-creation”
           spiral cup holders for wheel chairs
       cribbage, scrabble, chess & checkers games
   DVD/VHS players-sports event tickets-canteen books
      (please-all games and puzzles should be new)

                        HOLIDAY DONATIONS
               New Years Day-MLK Birthday
         National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans
      Memorial Day-4th of July-Labor Day-Columbus Day
        Veterans Day-Thanksgiving-Holiday Season

                       MONETARY DONATIONS
    National Wheelchair Games-Winter Sports Clinic for
       Disabled Veterans-Adaptive Sports Programs
             Greenhouse Labyrinth Project (BR)

                      WINTER CLOTHING NEEDS
we will accept all men’s and women’s gently worn clothing.
   jackets, gloves, hats, winter boots, athletic socks
      waterproof gear-hooded sweatshirts M – 3XL

Updated 7/7/2009

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