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									              Student Employee

2011 • 2012
        Welcome to EMU Dining
        Eastern Michigan University Dining,
    welcomes you as a vital member of our team!

Our goal is to provide the very best dining experience
    campus-wide for students, faculty and staff.
 We ask that as an important member of our team,
  you make every effort to ensure this goal is met.
   Above all, project the image of a professional.

  You Can Make a Difference!
On The Road To Excellence
The enclosed are policies and helpful information that
will inform you of the expectations of your supervisors
and employees in trying to achieve a superior dining
service program.

Please read this manual carefully. You will be responsible
for abiding by all policies.

Welcome to Eastern!
We are very happy to have you on our team!

                           Larry Gates
                               Larry Gates,
                               Director, Dining Services
Mission Statement
To provide the highest quality dining experiences
for the university community and its guests, in
support of the academic mission.

Pledge of Commitment
To provide the freshest quality foods available,
served in a fast and friendly manner,
within a clean atmosphere,
and always with you as our primary concern.

If we should fall short of our pledge...
Please contact management within any dining unit.

• Dining Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer •
Hiring Check List........................................................................          1
Eligibility • I-9 Form • WAP-37 Form........................................                       2
Hours Permitted To Work • Employee Training.........................                               3
Policy Enforcement • Permanent Records • Evaluations
Re-Hire Policy ............................................................................        4
Clocking In Hours • Web Time Entry • Pay Cycle • Time Sheets
Opening Time Sheets • Entering Hours • Adjustments • Printing
Leaving Comments • Other Time Sheets • Responsibilities.........                                   5-8
Web Time Quick Reference Guide • Obtaining Pin #
Submitting Time Sheet.................................................................             9
Tips • Reminders • Additional Help.............................................                    10
General Paycheck Information....................................................                   11
General Submission of Hours • Payroll Schedule
Paycheck Info..............................................................................        12
Unit Payroll Supervisors.............................................................              13
CAP (Collegiate Advantage Program)..................................................               14
Early Move-In • Scheduling........................................................                 15
Uniform Policy • Image Counts..................................................                    16
Grooming Guidelines.• Uniforms • Catering/Other Units..........                                    17-18
Job Safety • Handling Emergencies............................................                      19-20
General Emergencies (Illness • Choking • Weather • Power Outage
Guest Emergencies • Fire • Bomb Scare • Driving EMU Vehicles).................                     21-22
Sanitation.....................................................................................    23
Miscellaneous Policies.................................................................            24
Violations Resulting In Disciplinary Actions...............................                        25
Violations Warranting Immediate Termination............................                            26
Absenteeism • Theft • Termination • Mandatory Orientation......                                    27
           Phone Directory................................................................         28
           Employee Signature..........................................................           Last Page
You are now a valuable member of Dining Services.
We welcome you and appreciate your choosing to work with us.
This is a real job with expectations from its employees:

Good Work Ethics • Be on time, respect your co-workers,
understand your role and perform your job to the best of your
ability. Think on your toes and remember to work smart,
not harder.

Customer Service • Exceptional customer service is our
commitment and this must always be maintained by all.

No Profanity • Swearing and inappropriate behavior will not
be tolerated.

Training • We will train you and managers will work with you
and will support your academic scheduling needs. In turn,
please show dedication, respect and commitment to your job.

References • Working while in college can afford you many
opportunities and skills that will serve you in your future
professional career. Demonstrate these skills and we will
provide you with excellent references for the future.

Integrity • How you perform your job can be an asset to you.
Doing anything with integrity is a powerful choice which builds
self-confidence and self-esteem, plus respect from others.

Team Work • You are now part of an organization and must
learn to work well with others. Be aware that people may be
different from you. Respect this diversity and enjoy working
with and learning from others.
HIRING CHECKLIST                    YES      NO

 I-9 form - signed then turned into
            Career Services
 WAP-37 form + I-9 form - signed

 Health forms (1-A) and (1-B) - signed

 EMU Dining policies hand book -signed

 Uniform card - signed

 New hiring packet - received and
          reviewed at hiring

 Schedule from assigned unit - received

 Uniform - received

                          RECYCLE          RECYCLE     1
In order to work on campus you must first fill out an I-9 form and a WAP-37.
Forms can be obtained from your respective unit's payroll supervisor.

• I-9 Form
Only registered students of Eastern Michigan University can be employed
by Dining Services. This eligibility to work on campus is confirmed
through the Student Employment Office. The I-9 form is required to be
filled out in person. This must be accompanied by any two forms of
identification (additional options are noted on the I-9 form itself) (must be
originals-no photo copies):
     • Driver's License         • State Identification
     • Social Security Card • Birth Certificate

• WAP-37 Form (work approval form)
Students may be employed in several departments per semester, for a
maximum of (58) hours a week. A WAP-37 work approval form is required
for each department where you are employed. Students enrolled for fall
semester can work spring/summer semesters.

    Return completed forms to:
    1) WAP-37 form to your unit payroll supervisor
    2) I-9 form to Career Services (200 McKenny Hall)

NOTE: WAP-37 forms must be renewed each year

NOTE: NO WAP-37 Work Approval form =


The Career Services Office is here to assist you in receiving work approval.
You will be required to bring your properly filled out forms to this office to
begin the process. To speed up the process it is important that you complete
the following as required:

        • PRINT LEGIBLY (fill out both forms in pen or ink)
        • List your permanent home address on the I-9 form
        • CORRECTLY LIST your student number and SS number
        • Sign and date the I-9 form
        • DO NOT FILL out anything below signature and date

• Hours Permitted to Work

  • Fall and Winter semesters   29 hours each week = 58 hour pay period
  • Spring and Summer semesters     40 hours each week

  • Fall and Winter semesters 20 hours each week = 40 hour pay period
  • Spring and Summer semesters      40 hours each week

NOTE: Students are not permitted to work more than (8) hours per day, and if
enrolled for fall semester can work spring/summer semesters.

• Employee Training
Each employee may be required to attend a monthly training session. Failure to
attend may result in termination. You will be logged in for attendance at each

A permanent record will be maintained on each employee.
It will include:
         • Application Form
         • Evaluation Form
         • Uniform Card
         • Written Warnings
         • Documentation of Verbal Warnings
         • Documentation of Extra Effort/Compliments
         • Absentee
• Evaluations:       All employees will receive periodic reviews
which will evaluate the employee's performance with respect to
several areas.

• Re-Hire Policy:          EMU Dining employees are eligible for
re-hire at the end of each academic term, based on the status of
their permanent record and prior performance. Students must
check with their unit payroll supervisor for the necessary

                                      RECYCLE          RECYCLE     4
Student Web Time Entry •
EMU Student Pay Cycle
Time sheets span only two weeks. Time sheets are available via my.emich.edu.
Employee sheets must be submitted by the employee no later than 12 pm
on the first Sunday after the pay period ends. NOTE: Not submitting your
web time in a timely manner will result in your paycheck being put onto your
next paycheck. This applies to CAP workers as well.

        • TIME SHEETS AVAILABLE (12:01 am) via my.emich.edu on the
          first Sunday of the pay period (12:01 am).
        • SUBMISSION DEADLINE (12:00 pm, Sunday) following the end
          of a pay period.

NOTE: In some units it may be mandatory that you punch in on a time card
and also compare your hours to the time sheet. Falsifying your time card or
time sheet in comparison to your schedule is grounds for termination.
Additional misuse of the time clock may also include if someone else clocks
in or out on your behalf, leaving the unit without a supervisor's permission,
or clocking in before your scheduled shift without approval.


Opening Your Time Sheet
Follow these easy instructions to access your time sheet.

NOTE: Each scheduled day during each pay period must accounted for.
      You can also go to EMU's website for more specific directions.

    1                                  my.emich

    2             log in

              my.emich      tutorial                 reports   my tab

    3                      1) click employee tab

              my.emich      tutorial     employee    reports   my tab

                           1) go to main menu below
                           2) click employee

              my.emich      tutorial     employee    reports   my tab

    5                      1) click time sheet below
                           2) continue to time sheet
                           3) choose pay period
                           4) then hit time sheet time sheet
                           5) enter hours

Entering Hours for One Day
1) From the time sheet page, click the enter hours link for the desired date and
   earnings type.                                                               examples:
2) Type the start and end time, to the nearest quarter hour in their respective 15 minutes = .25
   time in and time out fields. (see example box)                               30 minutes = .50
3) Click the save button.                                                       45 minutes = .75

Entering Hours for a Pay Period
You can copy hours from one date to other pay period dates.
1) From the time sheet page, click the displayed hours or enter hours link for the
   desired date and earnings type.
2) Type the start and end time to the nearest quarter hour in their respective time in
   and time out fields.
3) Click the copy button.
4) Click the copy by date check box for each date to be copied.
5) Click the copy button. NOTE: A message displays that the hours were copied.
6) Click the time sheet button.

Adjusting Your Hours
Changing hours you have entered for a day is not a problem, as long as you have not
submitted the time sheets for approval.
1) From the time sheet page click the displayed button hours link for the date and
  earnings type to be changed.
2) Delete the times in the time in and time out fields.
3) Click the save button.
   NOTE: The time sheet should now display the enter hours link.
4) Click the enter hours link for the correct date and earnings type.
5) Type correct start and end times, to the nearest quarter hour, in their respective
   time in and time out fields.
6) Click the save button.

Leaving a Comment on Your Time Sheet
Use comments to explain special circumstance(s) found on your time sheet.
1) From the time sheet page, click the comments button.
2) Type your message in the enter or edit comment box.
3) Click the save button.
4) Click the previous menu button


Printing Your Time Sheet
Use the page setup feature to layout the time sheet for printing.
1) From the time sheet page, click the preview button.
2) Click the file menu and click page setup from the list.
3) Click the landscape radio button.
4) Adjust the margins by typing .2 in the left and right fields and then click the ok button.
5) Click the file menu and click print from the list.
6) Click the ok or print button.
7) Click the previous menu button.

Opening a Time Sheet for Another Job / Position
Employees will submit separate time sheets if they have more than one (1) job/position or
are paid from more than one account.
1) From the position selection page, click the appropriate title and department radio
2) Click the pay period and status pull-down arrow and select the desired pay period.
3) Click the time sheet button.

Employee Responsibilities
• Submit your time sheet anytime prior to the 12:00 pm deadline on the first
  Sunday after the pay period ends.
  NOTE: Time sheet deadlines may change to accommodate holidays.
• Check the pay period, earnings type and recorded times for accuracy prior to
  submitting your time sheet.
  NOTE: You will be required to certify that the time sheet information is accurate.
• Add comments to your time sheet to document any variations and/or changes to your
  normal work schedule.
• Check your time sheet status the first Wednesday after the pay period to verify
  that it has been approved. If it has not been approved, contact your "Approver" for
  the next steps to be taken.
• If you are unable to submit your time sheet by the deadline, contact your "Approver"
  to make arrangements for them to complete and submit your time sheet.
• All students must submit a time sheet, reporting in and out times only for actual
  hours worked (a.k.a. positive), for every pay period that hours are worked.
• Notify your unit payroll supervisor if you are working other positions plus the number
  of hours, so that you do not exceed the university's maximum hour requirement.

      to access:
      holiday and payroll calendar:

Obtaining Your PIN
Your PIN is required when submitting your time sheet.
1) From the services main menu section, click the personal information tab.
2) Click the display EID and PIN link.
3) Write down the PIN, while maintaining its confidentiality.
4) Click the employee tab.

Submitting Your Time Sheet
Check the selected pay period, earnings type and recorded times for
accuracy prior to submitting your time sheet.
NOTE: A zero (0) cannot be recorded in your time sheet.
1) From the time sheet page, click the submit for approval button.
2) Type your PIN in the certification statement's PIN field.
   NOTE: This is the equivalent to signing your time sheet; it certifies
   that you approve the time sheet information is accurate.
   See Obtaining Your PIN for more information.
3) Click the submit for approval button.
   NOTE: A message displays that your time sheet was submitted.


• Do not use your browser back button to navigate or you may loose any work you
  have completed.
• Use the next and previous buttons to navigate between all weeks of the pay period.
• You can view the current status of your time sheet.
  See Opening Your Time Sheet for more information.
• Your time sheet will only show earning types related to your job/position.
• Record your time to the nearest quarter hour.
• A zero (0) cannot be recorded in your time sheet.
• Early time sheets can be submitted at any time prior to the submission deadline.
• Contact your "Approver" to change a submitted time sheet.
• Contact the Help Desk at 487.2120 or EMU Dining at 734.487.0418 for questions
  and help with my.emich user names and passwords.
• Contact Payroll at 487.2393 or 487.0418 for questions and help entering and
  approving time sheets and leave reports.
• Contact your unit payroll personnel.
• Refer to the EMU web time entry (WTE) website at www.emich.edu/training/wte.

General Paycheck Information
• Student Payroll Contacts: (see Employee Responsibilities)
• Payroll Office: located in the Business & Finance building 104 Hoover
• Pay periods: Bi-weekly (period begins on Sunday;ends the following Saturday).
• Paydays: Every other Thursday (dates posted in your unit's designated area).
• University Holidays: The EMU Housing & Dining Office will be closed
   for all official university holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday, July 4,
   Labor Day and Memorial Day). Check on my.emich to confirm, or see the EMU
   holiday and payroll calendar at www.emich.edu/hr/cale.html,
• Questions: Direct all questions to your unit's payroll supervisor. If he/she is not
   available then contact the EMU Dining Services Payroll personnel at 734.487.0418.
• Address Change: When necessary to change your address, you may go to my.emich
  to update information. (NOTE: This address change will impact where the W-2 form
  is mailed). Provide the EMU Housing & Dining Office with a legal-sized, self addressed,
  stamped envelope. Envelopes should be submitted at least five (5) days prior to payday
  to avoid any delay in mailing.You may at any time of the school year have your
  paycheck mailed to your home (this occurs most often at the end of the school year).

General Submission of Hours Information:
• Employed in Different Departments: If you are employed in different campus
  departments holding primary and secondary jobs, you must turn in separate time cards.
• Time Cards: Employees must provide student ID, full name, hours worked with
  a manager's signature to validate time card.
• Submitting Hours Worked: Employees are responsible for submitting their time
  through their my.emich.edu account. The deadline for submitting hours is Sunday by
  noon, following the end of the pay period.....miss the deadline and miss a paycheck
  which will be issued the next pay period. This deadline applied to CAP as well.

• No I-9 Form = NO WORK = NO PAY
•   Employees are required to punch in at their scheduled times in their designated units.
•   Employees must be in uniform and ready to begin working before punching in.
•   Employees must inform unit supervisor before punching out.
•   Some units may require the supervisor to sign employees time cards when working a shift.
•   If you do not have a card, you must inform your unit's payroll supervisor or unit manager.
•   If you forget to punch in or out, you are responsible to fill out a Missed Punch slip with a
    manager's signature or you will not get paid.

    2010-2011 Payroll Schedule
           September         2, 16, 30          January       6, 20
           October           14, 28             February      3, 17
           November          11, 24             March         3, 17, 31
           December          9, 23              April         14, 28
                                                May           12, 26

Paycheck Information
Pay periods are (2) weeks in length (Sunday to Saturday).
• First paycheck will be available for pickup 4-6 weeks after you start your job.
• Paychecks = work (2) weeks + (2) weeks for check processing.
• Pay days are every other Thursday.
• Pay days are subject to change due to holidays.
• Employees must keep track of their hours.
• If paycheck error, notify your unit payroll supervisor ASAP.

CrossRoads MarketPlace
CrossRoads MarketPlace • Panini Grill • Hot Off the Grill
Einstein Bros bagels • RoomService
  Payroll Supervisor:              Andrea Leach
  734.487.3066                     aleach1@emich.edu
The Commons
  Payroll Supervisor:               Diane Zavadovics
  734.487.2442                      dzavadovi@emich.edu
  fax 734.487.0306
EMU Dining Administrative Office • Concessions
  Payroll Graduate Asst:             Rabrika Blalock
  734.487.0418                       rblalock@emich.edu
  fax 734.487.8513
Eastern Eateries • QuickFixx
E-Street Grill • The Upper Crust • WrapIt Up • Freshens • Sunset Strips • Jump
Payroll Supervisor:                  Neil Katz
   734.487.0444                      nkatz@emich.edu
   fax 734.487.3339
Eagle Cafes
   Payroll Supervisor:               David Deviller
   734.487.5570                      ddevilli@emich.edu
   fax 734.487.2206
Student Center
Lobby Shop • Taco Bell Express • KFC Express • Starbucks
GreenMarket Bistro • Sbarro • Jet • Dog Daze
   Payroll Supervisor:               Steffany Stevenson
   734.487.6416                      ssteve20@emich.edu
   fax 734.485.7281
   Payroll Supervisor:               Whitney Williford
   734.487.4280                      Wwillifo@emich.edu
   fax 734.487.1209
   fax (Hoyt) 734.487.8515                                                   13
The Collegiate Advantage Program has been designed to help ensure that
your room and board expenses are taken care of in return for working with
EMU Dining Services. Positions are limited and applicants must have at least
one year of food service related work experience. Check with a recruitment
team member for availability.
  CAP is not available to Catering or office positions.
  CAP participants are expected to live in Wise Hall.

NOTE: If you choose to live in a different residence hall you will be expected
to pay for the additional charges.
For more details: www.emich.edu/dining/employment/cap/php

CAP Requirements:
• Full CAP = 345 hours per semester / 23-25 hours per week for 100% room
  and board in Wise Hall with an 13-meal plan.
• Half CAP = 172.5 hours per semester / 11.5 hours per week for 50% room
  and board with an 13-meal plan.
• CAP contracts must be renewed each semester; check the above website for
  semester deadlines.
• Associates who have been terminated from this program or who have failed
  to complete the contract requirements are not eligible for future CAP positions.
• Maintain at least (7) credit hours each semester of CAP employment.
• Submit the WAP-37 Work Approval form.
• Submit your schedule signed by a unit manager.
• Sign the contract by the required CAP contract signature deadline listed at the
  above website.

EMU Dining Services allows employees the privilege of moving into the residence halls
earlier than regular students. This allows training to begin before classes start. To avail
early move-in all employees are required to work a minimum of (30) days. If you do not
work for the minimum 30 days, then you will be billed accordingly for all early move-in
fees plus health and safety training. In addition, there is a mandatory training session.
ALL student employees will be paid to attend this training regardless of whether they
reside on or off campus.

Students are employed for the entire semester which includes finals week. You will will
be scheduled around your various exam schedules. You will be required to submit your
exam schedule to the unit manager to best meet your needs.
Inclement Weather
If the university is closed due to inclement weather, you MUST CALL TO CONFIRM
with your unit manager whether or not your particular unit is closed. Dining Services is
dedicated to providing meals during these critical times.
Monitoring Hours
All students are responsible to keep track of their hours worked. DO NOT EXCEED the
university's maximum hours per week policy. CAP employees and those working two
departments must notify your unit if you have exceeded these permitted hours.
NOTE: Failure to adhere to this policy may result in termination.
Scheduling arrangements are made in each unit. As service demands fluctuate, employees
may be asked to work additional or fewer hours. Pending unit requirements, you may be
asked to work in a different area than the one you were initially hired for. All breaks will
be approved by unit supervisors or managers so as not to interfer with unit's workflow.
Breaks • Lunch
For each four-hour work shift, student employees are entitled to one paid
15-minute break. Students working for six or more hours are required to take an
unpaid lunch period of 30 minutes.
• Paid breaks may not be taken at the beginning or end of a shift and may not be
  used to cover a late arrival or early departure.
• Students are to take their breaks at the discretion of their supervisors so they
  do not interfere with the department's regular work routine.
• Unused breaks are not cumulative and not eligible for extra pay.

                                                     RECYCLE                 RECYCLE           15
In order to project a professional image in a relaxed, enjoyable setting, it is essential that every
employee maintain a high standard of neatness and cleanliness in dress. You are required to
report to work in a clean uniform. You will be issued a uniform appropriate to your
specific unit. Replacement uniforms will be charged to you (including catering bow
ties). Below is a list of general guidelines adhered to in all EMU Dining units.
NOTE: Non-compliance will result in being sent home off the clock.
• You must wear your issued uniform. This includes an EMU Dining Services issued
   shirt, hat or hairnet and name tag. Hair wraps, "do-rags", scarfs or bandanas are
   not permitted to be worn under your hat or hair net (hairnets not required in
   Catering). Hats are not to be worn backwards or sideways.
• You are required to wear CLEAN blue jeans, socks and gym shoes, or leather shoes
   without heels (no open-toed styles permitted), with your issued uniform shirt, hat and
   name tag (unless otherwise noted by management). Students working for our national
   chains (Taco Bell Express, Einsteins Brothers, etc.,) will be required to wear "their"
   uniforms. All clothing should be neat, clean, wrinkle-free, proper length and fit, and
   free of any tears, holes or excessive patching.
• All uniforms must be RETURNED CLEAN within (7) seven days of the last day of work
   or your student account will be billed for each item not returned (hats are not returnable).
• Inappropriate clothing is not permitted while working.

• Halter tops, swim wear, tank tops, sleeveless tops, cut off, shorts, etc.
• Short dresses, shorts that are above mid-thigh.
• Open-toed footwear (Safety Violation).
• Ragged or cut off clothing; pants that drag.
• Very low waisted pants.
• Clothing with offensive language, graphics or gestures.
• See-through clothing.
• Undergarments that are visable.
• Clothes which have logos of any other universities.
• Sweat pants.
• Do-rags.
• Jewelry which can be a safety hazzard. NOTE: if wearing earrings they must be smaller
  than a quarter in size.
• No bracelets that dangle.
• NO lip rings, chin rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings. You will be asked to remove them
  before you are permitted to work.


•   Your personal appearance must be clean and FRESH!
•   After exercising and prior to work please shower...no body oder: Wear deodorant.
•   Perfumes (women) and cologne (men) must be applied lightly.
•   Fingernails must be clean and neatly trimmed (Health Code Requirement) Anyone
     wearing artificial nails must wear appropriate food gloves.
•   Men are to be clean shaven.
•   Hair must be neatly combed; long hair must be tied up into a ponytail; NO do-rags,
     hair wraps or hair scarves in any unit at any time. Headbands (plain, black or white)
     are acceptable.
•   Hair and personal grooming must be done in the rest room, NEVER in food service
•   Hair must be groomed before putting on your shirt which helps avoid loose hair on
•   ALL personal grooming must be done in rest rooms, never in food service areas,
    before putting on your uniform.
•   Jewelry in food service area can be a health and safety hazard. NO lip rings, chin
    rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings or other facial jewlry. You will be asked to remove
    them before you will be permitted to work.
•   Only one set of earrings may be worn. They must be smaller than a quarter in size.

• CATERING students must DAILY wear :
• Pants - Plain black dress pants ( NO black jeans or pants with excessive pockets or
  zippers). Black belts are required with all pants that have belt loops. Pants may not
  drag nor be frayed...no tears, freys or safety pins.
• Clean white T-shirt which is to be worn under your shirt. No graphics on shirt.
• Shoes - Comfortable black shoes (not tennis shoes). Cushioned soles are recommended.
• Socks - Black.
• Shirts - Clean, white, wrinkle-free shirts will be provided. You will be required to keep
  your shirt tucked into pant's waistband.
• Bowtie (1) - Black bowtie will be provided.
• Name Tag - (there will be a charge if lost and an additional name tag has to be ordered).


Seasonal/Event Uniform (BBQs • Tailgates)
• Pants - Khakie/beige long pants (belted if belt loops are present).
• Shoes - Comfortable, clean and plain (no pattern) white or neutral colored tennis
  shoes will be permitted.
• Socks - White ankle or calf socks.
• Shirts - One dark green polo shirt with EMU Dining logo will be provided which
  is to be washed and kept wrinkle free.
• Name Tag (1) (see above if lost)

    NOTE: All uniforms must be RETURNED CLEAN within (7) seven days of the
    last day you work or your student account will be billed for each item not returned.

Students working in the following shops are required to be in compliance will all
uniform standards set forth by each national chain:
    1) Starbucks
    2) Taco Bell Express / KFC Express
      3) Einsteins Bros. Bagels

 EMU Dining Services has an excellent saftey record. You can help us in preventing
 accidents or unhealthy working conditions by following these safety rules:
 1) Keep your work area clean and dry to prevent slips and falls.
 2) Be organized to avoid working under pressure.
 3) If china or glass is broken around food, notify your supervisor immediately before
    leaving to get cleaning supplies.
 4) If breakage is over a large area, get help to block off area and then proceed to get
    cleaning supplies; ensure that there is a visible "wet floor" caution sign while
    cleaning up.
 5) While handling hot foods, use oven mitts only, not your apron or cleaning towels.
 6) Be responsible for your behavior; never participate in "horseplay" or throwing
    things in the kitchen or work areas...this is both disruptive and dangerous.
 7) Cabinet doors must be kept closed at all times.
 8) Equipment or food carts must never block aisles.
 9) Ensure a clear path while carrying food.
10) Alert others when carrying heavy objects or when coming through with hot items.
11) When mopping floors there must be a visible
    "wet floor" caution sign.
12) Give help and get help when lifting heavy items.
13) If something seems like a safety hazard or a health hazard do not hesitate to inform
    your supervisor.
14) IMPORTANT: Always wear latex gloves if handling any situation in which blood
     is involved. (Contact management if allergic to latex.)

           Think Smart!           Smart!        Work Safe!
Injuries or Illness
In the event of any job injury or illness which requires first-aid, NOTIFY YOUR
SUPERVISOR IMMEDIATELY. (It may need to be documented for insurance purposes.)
When in doubt always consult with unit management who will guide you in filling out the
relevant reports. There are employee injury report forms available in your unit for this
purpose. Follow these procedures for all job related injuries:
1) Notify your supervisor in the event of a work related injury or illness ASAP.
2) Complete a "Report of Employee Occupational Injury" form. Attach any additional
    information or reports when applicable such as police or departmental reports.

3) Supervisors will fill out their section of the above form.
4) Copies of the report are given to the employee and retained in the department files.
   The original report is sent to the Department of Risk Management office within
   24 hours after the accident; this department can then authorize medical treatment
   for insurance purposes.
   NOTE: Medical care will not be authorized unless the Department of Risk
   Management & Workers' Compensation is notified of your injury. Exceptions may
   be made in the event of an emergency. Seek medical attention at the nearest
   emergency room in the event of an emergency.

            Midwest Health Center is Eastern Michigan University's designated
            health care provider for all work-related injuries. If medical treatment is
            necessary, you MUST GO to Midwest Health Center for the first ten (10)
            days of treatment.

            Monday-Friday 7am-6:30pm                    After Hours & Weekends
            Midwest Health Center, P.C.                 Midwest Health Center, P.C.
            9301 Middlebelt Road                        5050 Schaefer
            Romulous, MI 48174                          Dearborn, MI 48126
            734.941.1000                                313.581.6009
                                                        (open 24 hours/7 days a week)

            Department of Risk Management
            11 Welch Hall, EMU, Ypsilanti, MI 48197
            734.487.1357 • fax 734.487.6827

Each unit has posted emergency procedures for employees to follow during any of the
following crisis. Safe areas have been designated for each building and are prominently
displayed. It is your responsibility to know which area is the safest during a crisis.
Employees and unit managers will be expected to help in directing guests to shelter
areas or appropriate exits of the building.

    For emergencies unit managers will contact EMU's DPS
    (Department of Public Safety): campus phone dial 911
    if using a cell phone dial 487.1222.

    See the emergencies procedures flipchart at

• Choking
The State of Michigan adopts a "Good Samaritan Act" that encourages employees to
assist a choking victim without the threat of liability. In such an event the "Heimlich
Maneuver" is the recommended procedure as displayed on posters in all kitchen areas.
• Severe Weather Warning
Usher customers and staff to the recommended safe location within the building and
remain inside until further instructions.
• Tornado Warning
Remain calm. Stay away from windows, doors, water faucets, sinks, bookcases,
overhead light fixtures, filing cabinets and electrical power equipment. Try to get under
sturdy furniture using your arms to protect your head and neck. Wait for emergency
instructions from campus police.
• Power Outage
Remain calm. Wait until management can advise you and BE PREPARED TO
• Guest Emergencies
In the event of a guest injury, employees must render initial assistance and then inform
a unit supervisor or manager about the accident who can then determine a further
course of action.


• Fire Alarm
Remain calm. Usher staff and customers out of the building ASAP ASSIST
DISABLED PERSONS. Check if all staff members have gathered at the designated
areas. Each unit is to choose (2) locations to meet during fire evacuations on opposite
sides of the building at a nearby parking lot at least 50 feet away from the building
(depending on location of fire and wind).
• Bomb Scare
DPS will direct people where to go depending on the situation of the bomb scare.

          • The Commons      lower level hallway near loading dock
          • E2               lower level near shops
          • Hoyt             basement hallway
          • Student Center   lower level hallway near back dock
          • Satellites       check with each building's management

Requirements to Driving EMU Vehicles
• A valid driver's license with no restrictions must first be on file.
• A copy of the driver's license to be filed with unit department.
• Driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle.
• Driver is responsible for the items being transported.
• Driver is responsible for the passengers.
• Driver is responsible for any incurred traffic tickets.
• Radio must be kept at a low volume.
• Driver will be written up for any reckless driving (and may be terminated).
• Driving on campus sidewalks is strictly prohibited.
• If involved in an accident while driving an EMU vehicle, immediately inform
  unit manager, which will then be documented by the Department of Public Safety.
• Sign an EMU vehicle authorized driver form which will be kept on file.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness while handling food is very important. Foodborne
illnesses can be easily transferred to food by dirty hands, un-restrained hair, infected
boils and sores, uncovered cuts and infectious colds. To ensure cleanliness follow
these instructions:
• Wash hands
 Before reporting to work, after using the rest room, coughing into your hands or
 touching various items. Wash every hour.
• Wear gloves
 Wearing gloves will protect the foods you are preparing. Wash hands before putting
 gloves on and when changing gloves. Change gloves frequently.
• No smoking
 Smoking is not permitted in food service areas. Make sure to wash hands after
• Eating and drinking
 Eating and drinking is only permitted in designated areas during breaks. No gum
 chewing is permitted in work areas.
• Clean as you work
 Clean up messes as you work, returning bar towels, wash buckets, equipment and
 utensils to their proper places. Employees are responsible for cleaning up after each
 shift and may punch out only after a supervisor has checked you off.
• Sanitation bucket
 Have a sanitation bucket and a clean bar towel with you where you work. Ensure that
 the sanitizing solution is properly mixed per directions.
• Personal belongings
 Personal items such as backpacks, gym bags, coats, etc., are not permitted in work
 areas and must be stored in designated areas. Lockers are available in most units.
 NOTE: EMU Dining is not responsible for stolen items.For more instructions refer
 to the sanitation handbook

• Diversity Awareness
 Eastern Michigan University offers an exciting atmosphere to learn and work because
 we have a very culturally and linguistically diverse campus. Dining Services prides
 itself in creating a healthy community where everyone is treated with respect and
• Educational Programs
 Dining Services provides a co-op program for many students throughout the year
 who participate in hospitality and dietetic programs. Pre-Professional Internship
 (PPI) credits are available to everyone. Contact 734.487.0400 for details. There are
 two different scholarships thru Dining Services. Simply contact your unit manager
 for details.
• Lost and Found
 Items of value must be turned in to unit managers who may make a report. These
 items would include coats, jackets, glasses, cell phones, university ID cards, drivers'
 licenses, textbooks, backpacks, purses, keys, credit cards and cash, etc. Items of
 lesser value will be held at each unit for approximately 30 days and will then be given
 to local charity. These items may include hats, gloves, scarves, etc.
• Picture Taking
 Dining Services events and locations are periodically photographed. All employees
 have automatically given their permission to have their photo taken if needed.
• Recycling
 We make every effort to recycle. Each unit will handle recycling differently,
 please check with your unit's efforts. Our success depends on you. Take pride in our
 collective efforts. What you do does make a difference!

                                                    RECYCLE               RECYCLE          24
Management reserves the right to be flexible to ensure that the consequences fit the
offense. All violations will be documented. Rules are implemented to ensure maintenance
of a safe, fun and professional workplace. Some of the rules are more serious than others.
If foul language is used in front of a customer, you could be terminated on your first
offense. On the other hand, if you are wearing a wrinkled shirt, you may be sent home
to get a proper uniform before going back on the clock.

• Repeated violations will result in termination •
  A violation of the rules below or failure to meet your
 obligations in terms of in terms of job performances,
 personal conduct or attendance will result in helping you
 modify your behavior to help you meet your obligations
 so that you can succeed as an EMU student employee.
 Disciplinary steps are:
    1) verbal warning
    2) written warning
    3) termination

• Behavioral Violations
    • Excessive absenteeism or tardiness.
    • Failure to call in and notify supervisor of tardiness or absence.
    • Using any personal music devices such as headphones or mp3 players or
      text messaging while on the clock.
    • Using cell phones, ear pieces and text messaging and surfing the web are not
       permitted during a work shift. NOTE: Managers have the right to confiscate
       these items and will then be
       returned at the end of your shift. Cells may only be used on official breaks and
       left on vibrate during your work shift.
    • Failure to do a job assignment or follow instructions.
    • Rude or offensive treatment of customers.
    • Inappropriate language to co-workers or management.
    • Wasting time while on the clock.
    • Unnecessary loitering in unit when not on the clock.


                                                   RECYCLE                RECYCLE            25
        •   Unauthorized breaks.
        •   Using office for eating, congregating or breaks.
        •   Unauthorized personal equipment usage (including office phone and supplies).
        •   Carelessness resulting in loss, damage or injury.
        •   Inappropriate dress: not wearing required uniform per unit specifications;
            lack of appropriate head wear (hair constraint or hat).
        •   Not completing tasks as assigned per unit.
        •   Closing early without authorization.
        •   Cashiers leaving their station unattended.
        •   Personal use of university supplies and/or equipment which includes office
            phones, computers fax machines and printers.
        •   Not completing assigned tasks per unit specifications, especially closing tasks.
        •   Being in a closed building without approval.

•   Possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverages on university property.
•   Reporting to work or being at work under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.
•   Possession, use, distribution, sale or offering for sale of any narcotics or other drugs.
•   Gambling on university property at any time.
•   Immoral conduct or indecency.
•   Sleeping on the job during work hours.
•   Theft of university, employee or customer property.
•   Misuse or removal from university premises, without proper authorization,
    employee lists, university records or confidential information of any nature.
•   Sabotage or other deliberate damage to, destruction of, university property,
    including the computer system and its components.
•   Falsification of any company records, including those dealing with your own
•   Gross discourtesy to customers.
•   Harassment, sexual harassment or assault of other employees. (Touching a person
    anywhere on their body (hugging, rubbing shoulder) or invading personal space
    can be considered part of harrassment)
•   Verbal or written threats to customers or colleagues.
•   Possession of any weapon.
•   No call, no show.

Please refer to the EMU Student Code of Conduct.

• Un-authorized absenteeism will be recorded in your file.
• You must find a substitute to work for you in case you need time off during your
   scheduled shift.
• Notify your unit manager in person and well in advance if you need time off. In
   some units a 2-hour call-in notice is required. (In some cases a doctor's note may
   be required.)
• Sub slips are provided at some units to help find replacements and must be signed
  by the employee and the substitute employee.
• Excessive accumulation of call-ins and sick time may lead to termination.
• NOTE: No call or no show are cause for dismisal.

• Legal action will be taken if employees are caught stealing. This includes taking
  food and beverage without paying or approval.
• Misuse of the time clock in the following manner is also a serious offense:
    1) Someone clocks in or out on your behalf.
    2) Leaving the unit without supervisor's permission.
    3) Clocking in before your scheduled shift without approval.
    4) Unauthorized altering of student schedule or shifts without manager's
       signature is grounds to be written up.
    5) Personal property is to be secured in provided lockers and may be locked
       with a lock which you provide. Dining Services is not responsible for lost
       or stolen property.

• EMU Dining, at any time, at its own discretion may terminate.
• If an employee chooses to resign, they must provide a 2-week notice to the unit
  in order to leave in good standing.
• Employees are required to attend unit's orientation.

                                                     RECYCLE               RECYCLE      27
EMU Dining (main office)................................7-0418
EMU Housing...................................................7.1300
Catering • Student Center..................................7-4280
Eagle Cafe at Alexander....................................7-8450
Eagle Cafe at Marshall......................................7-3412
Concessions at Student Center..........................7.6415
Concessions at Convocation Center..................7.8409
Convocation Center/Concessions Stand...........7-5765
CrossRoads MarketPlace•Einsteins.......7.3066 / 3069
Eastern Eateries Food Court..................7-0444 / 0122
Eagle Cafe at McKenny....................................7-6965
Eagle Cafe at Sill..............................................7-6685
Hoyt Conference Center........................7-3066 / 3069
Lobby Shop...........................................7-2328 / 6416
Eagle Cafe at Halle Library...............................7-4550
Eagle Cafe at School of Business......................7-5609
QuickFixx Convenience Store...............7-0122 / 0444
Room Service.........................................7-7028 / 0492
Eagle Cafes • Office..........................................7-5570
Starbucks................................................7-9612 / 6416
Student Center Cash Office...............................7-6416
Student Center Shops.............................7-0417 / 6416
     (GreenMarket Bistro-Sbarro-Jet-Dog Daze)
Taco Bell Express•KFC Express...........7-3838 / 6416
The Commons ..................................................7-2442

                                       RECYCLE                RECYCLE    28
 I have reviewed this handbook during my training/orientation,
and I understand that the enclosed policies and procedures noted
 in this handbook are expected to be honored and upheld as an
    employee of Eastern Michigan University Dining Services

It is also understood that upon accepting employment with EMU
Dining Services that I give my permission to be photographed for
       use in publications, promotions and the web site, etc.

        • Please sign and return this page to your supervisor •

                           Employee Signature

                          Employee name (print)


                          Unit Manager Signature

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