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                       NeWSleTTeR                                              January/February 2011
                                              In this Bumper Issue:                                           Editor’s Note:
                                                                                                              Again, apologies for getting this
                                              • Festival update from Phil                                     out later than I hoped but there
                                                                                                              is a fair bit going on and we
                                              • 25th Anniversary Book & T-Shirt                               wanted to tell you everything!
                                              • Wrecks & Relics 2011                                          So we need to collate all the
                                                                                                              information. Please enjoy!
                                              • Juniors Clinic a great success.                               See you in the water - Andrew

  Putting out the call for the Barefoot Ball
  To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the
  Noosa Malibu Club we are holding a                                    Noosa Malibu Club presents
                                                                        The 25th Anniversary
  gala ball – with a difference! The
  Barefoot Ball will be held on March

                                                                        Barefoot Ball
  16th 2011 to coincide with the Noosa
  Festival of Surfing – a surf competition
  that the club founded and still hosts.
    The club would love all past and
  present members to attend and join                        Join us for a night to rock your thongs off!
  together in a night of fun to celebrate               Complimentary champagne on arrival, buffet supper
  25 years of the community surfing spirit.
                                                           & ‘Late for Woodstock’ playing until 10.30pm
  Dress code for the women is Satins &
  Silks while the men should wear Black                          Wed. 16th March 2011 at 6.30pm
  Tie and boardshorts.                                     Noosa Festival of Surfing site - Noosa Woods
    The ball will be held under a big top in            Tickets: $40* from Back Beach, Noosa Longboards,
  Noosa Woods and begin with a compli-                     Classic Malibu or
  mentary glass of champagne, followed
  by a buffet style supper and dancing to
  the music of ‘late for Woodstock’ until
  10.30pm. So please join us for a night
  to rock your thongs off!
    Tickets are strictly limited to 250 on
  a first come basis – so please be quick!
  Tickets are $40 (over 18s only) and
                                                      *Dress Formal. Over 18 only
  available from Back Beach, Noosa
  longboard & Classic Malibu or online
  at                                                        There will be no tickets available to purchase on the night.

  President’s Report                                                                                                      By Dave Dunn
  Hi Mal Clubbers                                     to bring along your mates and any old           and giving out info etc. There are also
  I hope you all get your - and my - share           club members you may know. Susie                 some other jobs that need to be done
  of waves. Working away from the coast              has done a fantastic job in getting this         to help Phil out so keep a look out for
  is certainly having a big impact on my             together so come along and support               when we made need some help.
  time in the water, but we all have to              her and the club.                                  lastly you all have probably heard
  work but planning is on the way to have               libby has also been very busy in              about eric Watts and his bad accident
  my days in the sun again.                          getting material together to produce a           a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t
     I guess the big things that are                 book on the club’s history. Orders will          spoken to eric or his wife lately but my
  happening are the festival and the 25th            soon be taken for this wonderful coffee          last conversation with them eric was
  Anniversary of the club which you can              table book and a great keepsake to               making a fast and excellent recovery.
  read about in the newsletter and on the            have as the club moves to its 50th year.         Hope to see you at the next comp eric.
  relevant club and festival web sites.                 This brings me to the festival and the          That’s all from me for now. Take care
  I encourage you all to come along to               need for members to help out during
                                                                                                      Dave Dunn
  the ball on Wednesday 16th March and               the week at the club site. The role will
        The Noosa Malibu Club is partly funded by    be to sell our new 25th anniversary
                                                     t-shirts (a steal at only $20 - see later        Ed’s note: Eric was at last Sunday’s
                                                     for details), memberships, book orders           comp and well on the road to recovery.
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                                NeWSleTTeR                          Jan/Feb 2011

First Point gathering Celebrating 25 Years of NMC
First point was the back drop for a get together of the Noosa
Malibu Club’s ex-presidents along with the life Members.
   The weather perfect with little peeling waves coming off the
point brought fond memories of the days activities going back
to the humble beginnings.
   The reason for the photo call was, that apart from the
Barefoot Ball to celebrate the club’s 25th Anniversary, the club
is producing some limited edition items to help you celebrate
- a book and a T-Shirt.

   The Book
   libby Winter & Di Cuddihy and toiling away on a
20 page commerative book, a limited number of which
will be available for sale at the Noosa Festival - and then
for order - at a cost of $60. This will be a pictorial history
from the 80’s right through to the current decade and a
must for all past members.
   Now my club history is a little rusty so I have included a list
of all past Presidents and life Members below. I do hope you
can come along to the Barefoot Ball and perhaps meet them
in person and get them to autograph you copy of the book.

Top: Past Presidents (L-R) - Kim de Marco, Rod Haynes, Lindsay
Thompson, Keith McMullen, Darryl Homan, Gordon Fuz, Reid
Johnson, Norm Innis, Paul Winter, Gary Vaughan, (Inset: Current
President Dave Dunn). See below for full list.
Right: Life Members (L-R) Peter White, Josh Constable, Darryl
Homan, Kim de Marco, Di Cuddihy, Gordon Fuz & John Madill.
(Inset: Mick Wilson). See below for full list.
Below: Di Cuddihy and Gordon Fuz being interviewed by
                                                                     NOOSA MALIBU CLUB HONOUr rOLL
Channel 7 at First Point.
                                                                     YeAR   PReSIDeNT                     lIFe MeMBeRS
                                                                     1987   Kim de Marco
                                                                     1988   Kim de Marco
                                                                     1989   Kim de Marco
                                                                     1990   Jamie Pradella/Col Broomham
                                                                     1991   Col Broomham                  Kim de Marco
                                                                     1992   lindsay Thomson
                                                                     1993   Rod Haynes                    Mick & Nola Wilson
                                                                     1994   Jim Fisher
                                                                     1995   Keith McMullen
                                                                     1996   Darryl Homan
                                                                     1997   Darryl Homan
                                                                     1998   Darryl Homan/Steve Montell
                                                                     1999   Steve Montell
                                                                     2000   Gordon Fuz
                                                                     2001   Gordon Fuz
The T-Shirt                                                          2002   Chris de Aboitiz
  As Dave                                                            2003   Harry Stintman/Di Smith
mentioned in his                                                     2004   Reid Johnson                  Di Cuddihy &
President’s Report,                                                                                       Gordon Fuz
we are producing a limited                                           2005   John Gilroy
edition 25 Year Anniversary                                          2006   John Gilroy                   Darryl Homan
T-Shirt. It is a white shirt                                         2007   Norm Innis/Paul Winter
(as pictured) and features                                           2008   Paul Winter
a fantastic Matt Cuddihy                                             2009   Gary Vaughan                  Peter & Janet White
photograph in black &                                                                                     & Josh Constable
white of First Point.The                                             2010   Dave Dunn                     John Madill
shirts will be sale at the Festival for only $20.                    2011   Dave Dunn

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                             NeWSleTTeR                                  Jan/Feb 2011

                                                          7th Annual Over 50’s                                MAJOR SPONSORS

                                                        Longboard Get Together
                                                                  18th-19th June

                                                                Return of the Fossils

Wrecks & Relics - Return of the Fossils
This year’s Wrecks & Relics has a          public - being able to enter now. An         waiting lists of those that were too slow
distinctive primitive feel as we welcome   entry form will be emailed separately.       (& who would have been sabre-toothed
back the fossils of surfing. Now in it’s     We will be using our website:              tiger food in caveman days!)
7th year and more popular than ever, (with              events include Over 50s, 55s, 60,
the weekend competition has been set       thanks to IT guru Mark Dowling & the         65s, Over 50s women, Old Mal (pre-68)
down for the 18th & 19th June. entry       organisational skills of Paul & libby        and Over 50s SUP. (One division only
Forms will be worth their weight in        Winter) but it is not quite ready yet.       per entrant). entry Fee is $70.
Mammoth meat and NMC members                 Please don’t delay as this event is           Thanks again to Classic Malibu and
get a 1 week head start on the general     always over-subscribed with long             John Madill for being sponsors for 2011.

February - With sun and waves, it felt like summer!
With the sun shining and waves breaking the Noosa Malibu         the water, with Australian champion Rosie locke linking up
Club held its monthly surf competition at Beach Access 12        the progressive manoeuvres for another winning performance.
on Sunday February 19th.                                           With a New Year’s resolution starting to pay off, Peter
   The week of the competition brought consistent and fun        White from Classic Malibu had everyone cheering as he rode
peelers along Noosa’s points and the malibu club members         the waves with style and pizzazz to lead the Men’s division.
showed they had spent plenty of time in the water with           Following closely was Glenn Martin in second and third place
excellent surfing throughout the competition.                    Andrew engel.
   The junior boys ripped the waist high peelers apart and         There will be no club comp in March, so the next comp will
showed they are amped and ready to take on the competition       be held on the third Sunday of April, meeting at 6:30 am in
in the Noosa Festival of Surfing starting on Saturday, March     the Noosa Surf Club parking lot to determine a surf location.
12th. It was clear lindon Whitfield was in tune with his new       Most club members will be competing in the Noosa
performance style board as he led the junior division. Brodie    Festival of Surfing, best of luck to everyone. Remember no
Williams followed closely with some toe curling nose rides.      one knows first point and Access 12 better than the Noosa
   The Women’s division had a strong showing of members in       Malibu Club!

                                                                 Left: The Opens Mens final about to hit the waves (L-R) Glenn
                                                                 Martin, Mark Tume, Peter White, Andrew Engel, Bruce Goulding
                                                                 and Gordon Fuz.
                                                                 Above Left: Peter White about to head out on his way to winning
                                                                 the Open Mens division.
                                                                 Above Right: The NMC Crew.
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                              NeWSleTTeR                                 Jan/Feb 2011

A letter from the Festival Director
With less than two weeks to go, the 2011 Noosa Festival is         great sunset celebration. And the Sand Bar will be open for
primed and ready to go with another great program of events        business from 3pm.
on and off the beach, and a huge crew coming to town and             Right after the paddle out, legendary acoustic guitarists
most divisions either full or filling fast. Despite the economic   Peter Howe & Tim Gaze will be performing Pictures of the
situation, our sponsors have once again been very kind to          Coast on the beach stage, followed by a free screening of
us, so can I ask you to help us repay the favour? Please           Paul Witzig’s classic Hot Generation on a blow-up screen on
support the businesses, bars, cafes, hotels you see on our         the sand.
sponsor lists ahead of any others, and please support the
festival’s own Sand Bar and Woods Bar, where the beer will         PJ Burns Surf Expo (Sunday to Sunday)
be colder, the company better and the prices cheaper than          If you waded through the mud to get to our Surf City site at
anywhere else in town.                                             the 2010 Festival, you’ll appreciate the fact that the Surf
   The Festival will kick off with the Breakfree South Pacific     expo has come to you! We’ll be mounting an exhibition
Resort Corporate Cup on Saturday, March 12, followed by            space for all major sponsors right on site at First Point, with
the Classic Malibu Clubs Challenge, the Seaglass Project           heaps of demos, talk sessions and product launches through
Finless, and the laguna Bay longboards SUPS 5km Race               the week right on the sand. This will be a place where you
on Sunday, March 13, our official opening day. Our PJ Burns        can talk story, check out equipment and meet the legends of
Surf expo and licensed Sand Bar will operate from opening          our sport and industry between heats. Open all day, Sunday
day right on the sand at the contest site, then we’ll be           to Sunday. All weather, no mud. How cool is that!
transferring to the Woods Bar for the entertainment in the
second half of the week. There are plenty of free events           Bobby Brown Memorial Exhibition @ Golden Breed
throughout the week, and for the headline nights, we’ve kept       Opens 6pm Mon, then all week.
ticket prices right down. Here are some highlights.                Fabled goofy foot Andy McKinnon won the last Bobby Brown
                                                                   Memorial Contest in 1970, and has been a little bit obsessed
Breakfree South Pacific Corporate Cup Dinner                       with the Cronulla legend ever since. This homage to Bobby, a
(Sat, March 12, 6pm)                                               class surfer who died tragically in his prime in 1967, is a real
There are a limited number of $100 tickets available for this      labour of love, put together by Andy Mac, with the help of
great night with the champions of our sport in aid of the          Bobby’s friends and family, with many of them attending the
Premier’s Qld Disaster Relief Appeal. Three course dinner          launch at the Golden Breed store in downtown Noosa.
plus welcome drinks, live music by Peter Howe, Tim Gaze
and friends, charity auction of a Bob McTavish Involvement         rusty Miller Turning Point Photo Exhibition @ Café le
limited edition, an original design by Tony Dragan, a              Monde - Opens Tues, 6pm, then all week
Tropicsurf Maldives holiday, and a one-off portrait of our 2011    The California and Byron Bay veteran surfer was at the 1970
Noosa legends and World Champions, signed by each and              world titles in Victoria, snapping away and capturing some
beautifully framed. Plus, Paul Witzig presents “Secrets of the     classic behind-the-scenes images. This is a great exhibition
Trilogy”, with Hot Generation star Bob McTavish, evolution         of rarely-seen photos.
star Wayne lynch and Sea of Joy star Reno Abellira. Meet
layne, MR, PT, Bugs, Beau and many more. Phone 07                  Noosa Malibu Club Barefoot Ball @ Noosa Woods
54735676 for tickets.                                              Festival Village - 6.30-10.30pm, Wednesday, 16 March
                                                                   As mentioned on Page 1.
Local Knowledge Opening ceremony (Sun, March 13)
Gets underway at 4pm, just as the SUPS Race is finishing at        Surf Market Day @ Noosa Woods Festival Village
First Point on Sunday, March 13. First up, we’ve got Beau          Thursday from 11am, with Hive swimwear fashion
Young on the beach stage playing his Animals Rock set for          parade and entertainment
the kids. Bring the groms along, they’ll absolutely love it.       If you’ve only been to Noosa when the points are firing, you
We would love everyone who possibly can to participate in          may not have realized that there’s another slice of paradise at
the paddle-out and the blessing of the waters this year,           the other end of Hastings Street, just a leisurely stroll from
starting at 4.45pm. Not only are we celebrating the 20th year      our main podium. The Woods has cycle and walking trails
of the festival and the 25th anniversary of our host club, the     that meander to the river mouth, and along the way there are
Noosa Malibu Club, but we will be honouring a great surfer         several excellent beach breaks. Woods Park will host our
and a very special friend of the festival. Bring a bottle of       marquee Festival Village from Thursday until Sunday, and our
water from your home beach and come pour it into the koa           first open event there is a surf market day. This is an opportu-
bowl in celebration of the global family of surfing. If you        nity to trade treasures, sell or buy a new board, have a drink
haven’t been to the Noosa Festival before, or you haven’t          with an old mate, entertain the kids and prepare for the
been involved in the ho’okupu, please make the effort. It’s a      evening’s auction.

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                                        NeWSleTTeR                                      Jan/Feb 2011

Noosa Journal Surfboard & Memborabilia Auction @                                rule book where it says that no surf festival would be com-
Noosa Woods Festival Village - Thursday, viewing from                           plete without the Band of Frequencies. Sol and the boys will
3pm, Auction 7.30pm                                                             rock the house, trust us. And then there’s Marshall and the
Other auctions might be bigger, but we do it best. We aim to                    Fro, pub rockers extraordinaire from Byron Bay. These guys
entertain, but at the same time we take our responsibility to                   go off! And throw in blues rocker Asa Broomhall and sultry
collectors very seriously. Darryl Homan and I have been                         songstress Kim Campbell…plus special guests…plus DJs
putting this together for a long, long time. We know what                       Bump Nights…where else could you be? Tickets on sale
we’re doing. What you see is what you get. 50 great lots                        now at
presented and explained by their creators and the world’s
leading collectors. Admission free, bidding registration                        Presentations and Closedown Party @ Noosa Woods
required. Viewing from 3pm, auction from 7pm.                                   Festival Village - Sunday from 4pm
                                                                                This will be the leisurely end of a great week, so if you can,
Logger rhythm @ Noosa Woods Festival Village -                                  plan to stay on for Sunday night, enjoy a few drinks and the
Friday from 4pm                                                                 music jam session that will follow the presos. Informal,
Rhythm presents a killer night of entertainment for the                         casual, relaxing.
subculture, under the big marquee, with art and photography
exhibitions (check out Dane Peterson’s cool photos), the                        Accommodation
Australian premiere of Cyrus Sutton’s Stoked & Broke, live                      If you still haven’t already made your arrangements, please
music from the movie with Mike McCarthy, plus two hot                           check out the accommodation tab on our festival website for
bands – The Bleeding Knees Club and Dolphins. This is                           the best deals in town. The places listed here are the places
going to be a very cool, fun night. Tickets on sale at                          helping make the festival happen, through their generous                                                  provision of rooms for our staff and guests, so please
                                                                                consider them first. On a personal note, if you’re looking for a
Zinc 96.1 Night in the Woods @ Noosa Woods Festival                             cool place at the right price, right at the beach but a tranquil
Village - Saturday from 4pm                                                     oasis where you can escape the madness, may I suggest a
One killer concert coming up. Our beautiful Woods setting                       couple of my favourites – Ocean Breeze and Hotel laguna.
will host some of the best current and up-coming musicians                      Situated at either end of Hastings Street, these resorts will
in the country for a six-hour party with full bar and food                      really make you feel at home. Totally surfer-friendly, and
available. Dallas Frasca (the new Janis Joplin) tops the bill,                  they’ve been supporters of the festival since it began.
and if you haven’t heard her full-throated soul voice, prepare                  Contact Sam at for special
to be shocked (in a good way). There is a page in our festival                  deals on Ocean Breeze.

                                                                                                                That’s about it, folks. Keep
                                                                              2 INCREDIBLE NIGHTS OF
                                                                              SURF ROCK, ART, MOVIES &          your fingers crossed for swell
                                                                              FUN @ THE FESTIVAL VILLAGE        and good weather, but it’ll be
                            Hosted by          Presented by                   IN NOOSA WOODS.                   a blast anyway.
                                                                                                 DON’T M
                                                                                                       MI S
                                                                                                   OUT! ISS
                                                                                                   OUT! S       Phil Jarratt

     Entertainment for the sub-culture
     Entertainment for the sub-culture
     Bleeding Knees Club                                                Frasca
                                                              Dallas Frasca
                                                                                                                There is a Volunteers meeting
                                                                                                                at Sunshine Beach Surf Club,
                                                                                                                6pm, Thursday March 10, for
     Dolphins ++ Mike McCarthy
     Dolphins Mike McCarthy
                 Mike McCarthy
                                                               Band of Frequencies
                                                               Band of                                          anyone able to give up a few
     PLUS Aust. Premiere of Stoked & Broke
     PLUS Aust. Premiere of Stoked & Broke
      PLUS Aust. Premiere of Stoked & Broke                        Marshall & The Fro
                                                                   Marshall & The Fro                           hours to help out. Phone Sam
     Rhythm Art & Photography Exhibition
     Rhythm Art & Photography Exhibition
      Rhythm Art & Photography Exhibition                     Kym Campbell Asa Broomhall special guests
                                                              Kym Campbell +++Asa Broomhall +++special guests
                                                              Kym Campbell Asa Broomhall special guests         on 5473 5676 for more info.

              Fri. 18 March ‘11
                      March                                          Sat. 19 March ‘11
                                                                             March                              Scaffold volunteers required
                                                                                                                morning of Thursday, March
  GATES OPEN 4PM BOTH NIGHTS Licensed Bar Cafe, Plenty of Shelter, Full Facilities
                                          Café,                                                                 10 and afternoon of March 21.
  Pre-event tickets on sale NOW from just $25 Event Hotline – 07 5473 5676       Phone Sam on 5473 5676.
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                                  NeWSleTTeR                                          Jan/Feb 2011

Juniors Clinic                               By Brad Corby
Our first Juniors Clinic for 2011 was a great success. Josh                   A fun day was had by all with the focus on the juniors and
gave some great tips and observations to help our juniors                  many smiles told the story. Rosie was great with the girls and
prepare for the upcoming festival. Josh was ably supported                 worked well with Josh who provided a lot of excellent tips to
by Rosie locke and Matt Cuddihy on the day.                                all the juniors and from their comments, really enjoyed the
   The common theme was to be patient with wave selection                  learning experience. The young members are our future just
and to finish off each wave with a manoeuvre. Josh started                 as Josh, Rosie and Matt keep giving back so freely. Well
off with a free surf to see how everyone surfed. This was then             done by all who gave their time and sorry not to mention
followed by a couple of 10 minute contests where each junior               everyone but we know who you are and many thanks again.
could only catch 2 waves. Being sponsor for the day, I kept                There is enormous support to see our juniors increase in
scores, wave count and notes. Josh then split the groups                   numbers, so kids tell your mates how much fun it was and
into 2 teams, Boys versus the Girls for a tag team event. Too              encourage them to join. More competition equates to
close to call. Josh gave all the juniors a wrap up over a                  increased standards.
sausage sizzle and all members enjoyed the day and are                        Once again we are privileged to have a World Champion in
eagerly looking forward to another similar event. It was great             our ranks that is so passionate above seeing people improve
to see a number of other members in attendance to assist                   and who always makes time to support the club and its
with the set up and down. Special thanks to Rosie’s dad,                   juniors. Thanks Josh.
Steve, who cooked the snags for all of us.                                 Thanks to Brad for taking the inituitive to make the juniors day happen.
                                                                           It’s great to see club members really rising to the occasion - Ed

                                                                   1.        2.

                                                                   3.        4.
1: The NMC Junior Crew with Rosie, Brad, Josh and Owen; 2: Lindon pulling of a great floater in small perfect conditions;
3: Cathy Watson-Brown getting some serious tip time; 4: Zye Norris, 10 toes - and most of his body - over the nose!

Club Boardies are here!                                                                                         In the pipeline.
The limited edition club boardshorts have arrived - as modelled                                                 The next GM will be held on
by these clowns on the right. They are similar to the Classic                                                   Monday 11th April at Sunshine
Malibu boardies but all red with 2 white stripes and a NMC                                                      Beach SlSC at 7.30pm.
patch on the left leg. Cost is $35. Available in 2 leg lengths.                                                 No March comp due to Festival.
Orders by emailing                                                                                              The next Club Comp will be                                                                                   held on Sunday 16th April.

                                                                                                                If you have any comments,
                                                                                                                pictures or stories for the next
                                                                                                                newsletter please email me at
                                                                  Above: Don’t ask me...I was in it and I       See you in the water!
                                                                  still don’t know why....                      Andrew Engel
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