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 Cryobanks Clients Give the Company an “A” for Customer Service, Quality
                               and Care

Altamonte Springs, FL – April 10, 2008 - Cryobanks International, Inc., recently completed a
survey of private cord blood storage clients who enrolled in 2007 and the results show
excellence in customer care.

The survey was conducted in January with results compiled through March. Thirty-four percent
of Cryobanks new customers responded to the survey. Clients were asked a series of ten
questions allowing them to rate the company’s client service and care experienced during the
enrollment process.

Results provided interesting insight in a number of categories. Sixty-nine percent reported that
they had compared the company to others and included price in their decision. However price
was moderately important to thirty-six percent in the decision to choose Cryobanks, with only
eleven percent noting it was the deciding factor.

Quality of service received from the company’s Client Services team was rated next. Sixty-four
percent rated the company as “Excellent” and thirty-three percent rated it as “Good”. One
hundred percent reported that their Client Services Representative was knowledgeable and able
to answer all of their questions. Overall service and experience scoring showed that eighty-nine
percent rated their overall experience as Good or Excellent. An impressive ninety-four percent
reported that they would store again with the company or refer a friend or family member.

“Surveys are a great tool to find out how we rate with our customers. But you have to be willing
to take the good with the bad” commented Robert Gravely, COO. “This is an important decision
for families to make. We want to provide our clients the highest level of service and quality
possible. Our service is focused on education, compassion and sensitivity to our clients needs. I
believe these survey results show we’re close to excellence. We have a great team constantly
working hard to improve” Gravely continued.
Cryobanks International provides both public cord blood donation and private cord blood storage.
It is the only cord blood donation bank offering its services to interested mothers nationwide.
Privately stored units are processed using the same highly regulated standards as the donated
units. Cryobanks is one of the National Marrow Donor Program’s network cord blood banks, is
AABB accredited, and uses FDA approved processing standards for Good Tissue Practices
(GTP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Other private storage only cord blood banks
are typically not regulated as donation banks are.

“Being a public donation bank our processing facility is top-notch meeting the highest processing
standards and regulations in the industry. We process our private storage units just like we
process the donated units. Our quality processing and excellent customer service are what make
Cryobanks unique” added Gravely.

Gravely reported that Cryobanks will add a web-based survey to their website soon so both
private storage clients and donation mothers can contribute. Families interested in Cryobanks
storage services and prices can visit the website at Click on the blue Enroll
Online button then Privately Storing Cord Blood. Once there enrollment forms can be
downloaded and payment made right on the website. To speak with a Client Services
Representative you can call toll free 800-869-8608.

About Cryobanks:

Cryobanks International, Inc. located in Altamonte Springs, FL is a leader in the collection,
processing, and banking of stem cells derived from the umbilical cord. Cryobanks established the
first and only nationwide cord blood public donation bank. The stem cell rich units of cord blood
(CB) are processed and stored using the company’s proprietary processing methods and are
stored for use in unrelated transplants. The company also provides personal storage programs. In
recent years, cord blood transplants (CBTs) have become widely recognized as a safe, effective,
and in many ways a preferable alternative to traditional bone marrow transplants (BMT).
Cryobanks International has processed over 16,000 cord blood units and currently maintains an
inventory of nearly 9,000 donated cord blood units available for transplant to those in need
worldwide. For more information about Cryobanks International call 1-800-8698608 or visit the
website at

Cryobanks 2007 Customer Survey                                                   5/8/2008

                     Summary of Survey
                      Cryobanks International sent a written interview to all 
                         of private storage customers who set up an initial 
                                          storage in 2007.

                      We are pleased to report that we had an overwhelming 
                       response of 34%. We appreciate everyone taking time 
                        to help us learn more about our service and how we 
                                           can improve.

Cryobanks 2007 Customer Survey                                                                               5/8/2008

                     Did you find the process of setting up your 
                     storage simple and efficient?
                                                             Yes        No



                     How would you rate the service provided by the 
                     Cryobanks Customer Service Representative?




                         Measured as 1=Unacceptable, 2=Below Acceptable; 3=Acceptable; 4=Good; 5=Excellent

Cryobanks 2007 Customer Survey                                                5/8/2008

                     Was your Client Services Representative knowledgeable 
                     and able to answer all of your questions?
                                                 Yes   No


                     Since the storage of your unit has our service been 
                     professional, courteous and helpful?
                                          Yes    No    No Answer



Cryobanks 2007 Customer Survey                                                                               5/8/2008

                     How would you rate your overall experience 
                     with Cryobanks?
                                                         1   2     3    4     5

                                     56%                                               33%

                         Measured as 1=Unacceptable, 2=Below Acceptable; 3=Acceptable; 4=Good; 5=Excellent

                     Would you recommend Cryobanks to a friend or family 
                     member or store with us again in the future?
                                                      Yes     No        Not Sure
                                                        3% 3%



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