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					PMS at MRPL

   Brief Background
    Work Flow
   Appraisal Methodology
   Alternation Ranking
   Fitment of Bell Curve
   Future Plans

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Brief Background
 Present PMS
      Yearly appraisal forms are sent to respective Depts. for
         Review of achievements & shortfall

         Counseling

         Training Need Identification.

         Ranking

      3 different formats for
         Non Management

         E1 to E4

         E5 & above

      Ranking is used for Promotions & PRI
      Alternation ranking used for E5 & above.
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Work Flow
Assessment Authorities
• For Non Management                              HR
Assessment Authorities
• For E1 to E6 Assessment
Authorities ………contd          In case of
                              Mgmt               HOD
• For E7 & boveAssessment     Emp
Authorities ……….contd.

                   Employee                    Reporting

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 APR format : Management Cadre
 Step 1-1 : Highlights of Performance of last year.
    Lists KRA, Self assessment & Comments of
     assessing officer
 Step 1-2 : Feedback & Counselling.
    Lists self assessment of Major Strengths &
     Weaknesses / Improvement by the appraisee &
     views of reporting officer.
    Suggestions given by assessee for improvement
     brought at work place during the year.
    Action suggested for improvement if any.

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APR format : Management Cadre…..contd.
 Step 1-3 : Performance Rating in the scale of
    Excellent, Very good, Good, Satisfactory & Poor
   Step 1-4 : Managerial Traits / competencies
      Assessment Criteria
   Overall Rating, considering both Performance Rating
    & Managerial Rating, Components in Overall Rating
    in the scale of A+, A, A-, B+, B, C, D & E Overall
    rating (Average of the two components)
   Potential for Promotion
   Observation of Dept Head.

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  APR format : Non Management Cadre
Non Management employees evaluated under the
following skill set
• Conceptual Skill
• Inter-personal Skill
• Operating Skill
• Personal Qualities
• Quantity & Quality of output
• Quality Consciousness

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Alternation Ranking

 Used for comparative evaluation of officers in
  the same grade.
 Based on ranking by peers & seniors of the
  reporting officer Parameters used in
  Alternation Ranking
 Used by DPC ( Departmental Promotion
  Committee ) for promotions.

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Moderation methods for fitting the
Bell Curve in 2009-10
 DPE guidelines dtd 26.11.2008, mandates
  usage of bell curve.
 All HOD’s advised to stick to the % as per
  DPE guideline, within their Dept. Percentage
  at various grades
 HR will moderate the % across the
  Organisation, based on
     Performance Rating as primary criteria.
     If Performance Rating is equal & A+ is more
      than 15%, then secondary & tertiary criteria is
      picked up from the APR’s.
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Future Plans
 Implementation of e-PMS through SAP,
 based on learning from this Workshop &
 guidance from DPE & other Oil PSU’s.

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Thank You.

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