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									                              THE BEACON         March 2004 Edition

                         THE VOICE OF THE WHITE
                                       P.O. Box 991 Richmond, Indiana 47375-0991
                                  CLUB CALLSIGN: N9JM
                            REPEATER: 147.270+ SIMPLEX: 146.490
                         THURSDAY NIGHT NET AT 7:30 PM ON 147.270+
                                        YOUR CLUB OFFICERS:
                      President         Jeffrey Norris           KB9ZJV             969-8817
                      Vice-President     John Strain              W9MIU             965-3794
                      Secretary         Steve Shank              KB9HQX            962-4163
                      Treasurer          Don Cook                K9GT               855-3909

DON’T FORGET THE MEETING: The club’s March meeting will be on Tuesday, March 9th,
2004, at 7:00 PM at the American Red Cross, 1417 North A Street. (Please use the two front doors
facing North A Street.)

Important: Do to the Red Cross conducting CPR classes in the East classroom on our meeting night in
April, on the 13th, we will be using the West classroom. They also ask that we don’t park in the front
parking lot, that night. Thank you. (April, next month, not this month.) (I kept this in so I wouldn’t forget
to put it in the April Newsletter!)

Birthday Wishes: Joseph F. Todd, KB9ICM, on the 1st; Marilyn L. Toschlog, N9VCC, on the 8th; also
on the 8th, Malcom (Mac) C. Williams, KC9UW. Wayne C. Klusman, WA8KAZ, on the 20th and Albert
(Tom) T. Miller, KA9EZT, on the 27th.

License Exams: March 6th at 8:30 AM at the Hartwell Presbyterian Church, 210 Parkway Avenue,
Cincinnati, Ohio; March 13th at 8:30 AM at the Joint Vocational School, 3603 Hamilton-Middletown
Road, Hamilton, Ohio; March 27th at 9:00 AM at Greenfield Central High School, 810 North Broadway,
Greenfield, Indiana: March 27th at 9:00 AM at the American Red Cross, 1417 North A Street,
Richmond, Indiana.
Thanks: We would like to offer our thanks to Gary Green, WB9ZJS & Buster Webb, KG9ND, for
getting the 147.270 + repeater back in operation.

Mark Your Calendar: QCWA Chapter 205, Breakfast Meeting at the Kountry Kitchen, 1015 East Main
Street at 8:00 AM, on Saturday, March 13th. (White Water Valley Amateur Radio Club members are
Mark Your Calendar: The White Water Valley Amateur Radio Club-VE Team will have a Test Session
on Saturday, March 27th, 2004 at the American Red Cross, 1417 North A Street, at 9:00 AM.
Mark Your Calendar: Spring National Exam Days-Saturday & Sunday, April 24th & 25th.
Mark Your Calendar: Dayton Hamvention at Hara Arena on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, May 14th, 15th
& 16th, 2004.
Mark Your Calendar: Fall National Exam Days-Saturday & Sunday, September 25th & 26th.
Reminder: Club members meet at J’s II Restaurant, 850 South N Street, on Thursday afternoons at 2:00
PM. Stop by for coffee and good fellowship.
Indiana Section News: Since QST doesn’t print Section News anymore and since some of our members
do not have Internet access, I’ve decided to include it in our newsletter.
Indiana Section News for January 2004
Condolences to the Family and Friends of Charles Franklin Willer WB9ULN, of Fort Wayne. He was a
local radio personality and entertainer. Charles arranged the advertising and publicity for the Fort Wayne
Hamfest. He will be missed.
The Michigan City ARC took part in the BSA's Klondike Derby on January 10. Participants were N9RG,
K9ET, N9ZIP, N9RKY, K9RQ, and WD9BDW. An HF station was set up in a cabin at the BSA
Campground south of Michigan City. There was an APRS station and a CW demonstration table, also. 17
groups of scouts each spent 30 minutes in the cabin. When possible, contacts were made on 40 meters
with the scouts watching and listening. The scouts were shown how APRS works. They were given a
demonstration of how Morse code is used in radio communication, and “name exchange” using code
practice oscillators demonstrating that information using CW, really works. Congratulations to the
members of the MCARC for their efforts in demonstrating Amateur Radio to the Boy Scouts of their
If your amateur radio group is doing Public Service, please let me, David Pifer N9YNF, and our Bulletin
Manager Brian Murrey KB9BVN know about what is happening in your area.
Our SEC, Dave Pifer N9YNF, reports that many local groups are getting started with meetings with local
officials and agencies. With the recent flurry of activity in the Homeland Security arena, we can anticipate
more meetings and changes in how things are done. There are many new plans within the Homeland
Security effort that are redefining how our clients do their business. All EC's and DEC's should be aware
of the new Indiana Legislation, IC 10-14-3 which redefines portions of the EMA offices of each county.
In particular it now includes statewide Mutual Aid Network (IC 10-14-3-10.6 and 10.7). In addition to
this change there is now a public record law IC 5-14-3-4(b)(19) that contains specific wording that gives
the right to withhold information from the public if it is deemed as a risk that could be used in a terrorist
attach. Item (H) "The emergency contact information of emergency responders and volunteers" come to
mind as information that we should guard.
From time to time, the subject of a police radio in your car, or on your person, comes up. Every amateur
should be aware of IC 35-44-3-12, "Unlawful use of a police radio," and its exemptions. I encourage you
to look at the wording closely and see if you can spot the FCC and state law inconsistency. Also,
remember that even though you are exempt with a "police radio" receiver in your car, what about your
spouse, the auto mechanic, or anyone else who might happen to be driving your car, and isn't a licensed
All EC's and DEC's should be aware that there is a new Public Service Activity Report Form (FSD-212)
available on the ARRL's website: The most significant change is
the person-hours vs. man-hours. Please take a look at the forms on the website compared to what you
send, and get them up to date.
Are you planning to attend a SKYWARN spotter seminar in your area during February or March? I hope
January Section Net Activity:
NET            FREQ           DAILY TIMES (UTC)                    QNI QTC QTR SESS
ITN            3910 kHz       1330/2130                            2344 133        1239 62
QIN            3656 kHz       1430/0000                            287     191     1140 62
ARES           3910 kHz       4TH SUN/MO @1300                     15      0       25      1
HOOSIER VHF NETS              8 REPORTING                          435     13      568     30
HOOSIER                       DIGITAL NETS (2)                     27      22      ??      62
JANUARY ORS Traffic Reports: KO9D 285, K9PUI 156, WA9JWL 68, KB9TUI 40, K9GBR 37,
AB9AA 13, KC9UU 10, N9KNJ 9, W3GQJ 7, WB9NCE 6
JANUARY Public Service Honor Roll Reports
CALLSIGN         1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL
WA9JWL           25 40 10 20 10 105
James S. Sellers K9ZBM
Indiana Section Manager

Here Are The Minutes Of Our Last Meeting:
                                Minutes from February 10, 2004
                                     American Red Cross

The February 10th meeting was called to order by club Vice-President John Strain, W9MIU. There was a
total of 17 members and guests present, answering the roll call.

Devotions and the Pledge of Allegiance were given.
The secretary’s report for January, as printed in the February edition of the club newsletter, was approved.

The treasurer’s report was given and approved.

Announcements that were made during the meeting:

1. Don Honenberger, KA6OSI, thought that the club should hear from fellow club member Ron Stier,
   W9ICZ, about the honor of being presented an award from the National Catholic Education
2. Mike Chambers, W1IDX, gave an update on the 220 repeater and his attempt to get it operational,
   again. Mike said that he has ordered a 440 repeater, which will operate on the frequency of 444.350
   MHz, with a tone of 127.3. He hopes to have this repeater placed at the #1 Fire Station, located at
   South 5th & A Street. The antenna would be mounted on the Fire Station’s radio tower. Mike also
   talked about some work that he had done to his 2-meter repeater to eliminate some erratic operational
3. Mike Chambers, W1IDX, said that the Richmond Police Department is once again allowing citizens
   to ride along in police cars, if anyone is interested.
4. Ron Stier, W9ICZ, the Emergency Coordinator for Wayne County, said that the EC’s (Emergency
   Coordinator’s) Annual Report has been submitted to the ARRL. Ron said that he need’s to get with
   his Assistant EC’s to set up a phone list and also to have a “table-top” exercise, to practice emergency
5. Don Honenberger, KA6OSI, has copies of an electronic data sheet from Cleveland Institute of
   Electronics, for those who may be interested.
6. Cliff Rummel, W9LCE, said that he just recently purchased through the ARRL, a set of QST’s from
   1930 to 1939, on CD-ROM.
7. Ron Stier, W9ICZ, gave a report on those who normally meet at J’s II Restaurant, meeting at Kenny,
   N9KM, and Janet, N9KL, Marker’s, since Kenny hasn’t been able to get out do to the cold
   temperatures. Ron said that they had cookies, ice cream, soda & coffee. Ron said that there was a nice
   little group assembled and that Kenny & Janet really enjoyed the company.
8. Larry Toschlog, K9VD, said that he and his wife Marilyn, N9VCC, visited with Dick Fry, K9JRB.
   Dick is doing a lot better. He’s able to get in and out of bed on his own and is sitting in his wheel
   chair. He has walked around 60’, using his artificial leg. Dick has been in the hospital since
   November the 10th. He would appreciate any visitors.
9. Mike Chambers, W1IDX, told about acquiring an atomic wall clock from Heartland America. He said
   that he has checked it with WWV and that it has been right on. It cost $19.95 plus shipping and

Old Business:

1. John Strain, W9MIU, brought up the subject of our next test session, which will be held on Saturday,
   March 27th. The test session is listed on the QRZ and ARRL web sites and Buster, KG9ND, has made
   arrangements with the ARRL VEC to have testing materials available. John said that he would take
     care of getting an announcement on WCTV, local cable access, as to when & where the test session
     will be held.
2.   Cliff Rummel, W9LCE, gave an update on the antique radio station. Seems that no one wants it. It
     was decided to try and salvage the tubes. Cliff said that he would be willing to purchase the receiver
     and exciter and offered the club $25.00 for each item, for a total of $50.00. The club agreed to this
     and decided that the rest could be hauled off to the dump.
3.   Buster Webb, KG9ND, gave an update on the repeater controller situation and the problem with the
     phone patch. We have received another unit from the company, for us to try. Buster hopes to be able
     to re-install the unit and repeater on Thursday. Ron Stier, W9ICZ, also brought up the fact that since
     the tower where the repeater is presently located, may be coming down soon, that the club may want
     to consider moving it to the Red Cross. A discussion followed and the general consensus was that it
     was a good idea.
4.   Herb McAdams, N9XC, said that the QSL cards for those who made contact with the Special Event
     Station, K9D, at the McMaze, are ready to be picked up. Larry Toschlog, K9VD, said that he would
     be able to pick them up.
5.   John Strain, W9MIU, reminded members about the March of Dimes “Walk-A-Thon”, which will be
     held on Saturday, April 24th. John urged members to think about helping out with this good cause.
6.   Don Honenberger, KA6OSI, along with John Strain, W9MIU, once again talked about having a
     “project night”, sometime during a club meeting. Something along the lines of building a QRP
     transmitter or simple receiver. John also talked about an article in World Radio about an SWR meter,
     in the form of a kit, for $25.00. John thought that this would make a nice birthday gift. His wife
     agreed. John, now will be able to give a first hand account about the meter, at a future meeting.

New Business:

There was no new business to report.

Drawing was held.

Meeting was adjourned.

                                Serving the Whitewater Valley since 1974.
              The White Water Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is an ARRL affiliated club.
                         The White Water Valley Amateur Radio Club-VE Team.
                                 Support your club & attend a meeting.

                               73 - Your Newsletter Staff - Steve, KB9HQX.
                   Jim Scherer, K9UGX, mails our club newsletter. A big thanks to Jim.

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