Summer 2011 Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Creative and Performing Arts Camp Pre K to 4th Grade Creative Little Hearts Camp C

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					      Summer 2011

 Country Day School of
      Sacred Heart
Creative and Performing
        Arts Camp
   Pre-K to 4th Grade
Creative Little Hearts Camp                  Creative & Performing Arts
      June 13 – July 1                                  Camp
 Creative Little Hearts Camp is for              Grade 1 through 5
Children entering Preprimary through
   Kindergarten. Students will be
                                                  June 13 – July 1
  exposed to Music, Art, Dance, and
Drama. Each week they will take part         Creative and Performing Arts Camp is open
                                              to students entering First through Fifth
 in a performance that they help to
                                               Grade. Students will be exposed to Art,
               create!                                  Music, Dance, and Drama.
                                              Each week we will work as a group to put
           Daily Schedule                   on a show that each student has taken part
         9:00 Arts & Crafts                                   in creating!
        10:00 Snack & Recess                 It offers each student the opportunity to
                                               share his/her creative talents, and see
        10:30 Music & Drama
                                                      his/her ideas come to life!
       11:00 Lunch and Recess                Every Friday at 12:30 parents and friends
             12:00 Dance                         are encouraged to attend our weekly
           1:00 Dismissal                                     performance.
  1:00 – 5:30 Extended Day Program               You will be amazed at what they can
     (not included in tuition)                       accomplish in just one week!

      *Campers must be potty trained        Students are required to bring their own
 Campers Should provide their own lunch.    lunch. Students should also have ballet or
   Snack is provided, unless camper has     jazz shoes, a towel, bathing suit, and sun
          special dietary needs.            block for outside trips in the sprinkler!
Campers should bring Ballet Shoes if they      Snack will be provided in the morning and
                 are able.                                     afternoon.
            Morning Program                            Camp Tuition
                 9:00 to 12:00                    Creative Little Hearts
                       Art                             1 week, $215
    Students will work with many different
                                                       2 weeks, $400
materials including paints, textiles, etc…
They will also work throughout the week to             3 weeks, $550
create sets, props, and costumes for their
       weekly performance. They will be       Creative & Performing Arts Camp
 encouraged to explore their individuality         1 week half days, $215
  and imaginations while creating original        1 week whole days, $285
                                                  2 weeks half days, $385
Students will have the opportunity to work        2 weeks whole days, $500
 with music technology in the piano lab of        3 weeks half days, $575
the Performing Arts Center. They will also        3 weeks whole days $685
    prepare their own songs, and learn new
    music each week to be performed at the          Extended Day Programs
              Friday performance!
                                             Extended day offered every morning
               Afternoon Program
                  1:00 to 4:00                        and afternoon from
                      Dance                     7:45 to 9:00 and 4:00 to 5:30
   Students will work on Jazz, Ballet, and      and from 1:00 to 5:30 for CLH
Contemporary dance. All students will help                 campers.
    choreograph the dances for the Friday
                 performances.               *Camp will end following the Friday
 Students will be exposed to many forms of              Performances
theatre. They will have the opportunity to
  direct as well as act. All students will
   participate and help to plan the Friday
         Emergency Information                          Enrollment Form

Emergency contact person_________________    Name ___________________________________
Home Phone # __________________________      Grade ___________________________________
Work phone # __________________________      Address __________________________________
Cell phone # ___________________________     Phone Number _____________________________
Email Address ___________________________    School __________________________________
                                             Creative Little Hearts (Entering Pre-K-K)
Does the camper take any medication that
would need to be administered at camp?       Week 1 ______ Week 2 _______ Week 3 ______
Yes ____    No ____
                                             Creative & Performing Arts Camp (Grade 1-5
If yes, please list medication                               Week 1 ____
requirements                                         Morning Afternoon Full Day
___________________ __________________                      Week 2 _____
Does the camper have any allergies? Please           Morning Afternoon Full Day
list below                                                  Week 3 _____
_____________________________________                Morning Afternoon Full Day
Please list any medical conditions that
camp should be aware of.                          Total Amount Enclosed __________
I give permission for my child to be           ______________________________________
administered Tylenol or Benadryl, and/or              Parent/Guardian Signature
receive emergency medical treatment if the
need arises.                                                    Refund Policy
Yes ______   No _______                      Students who withdraw from any program after June
                                             6, 2011 will be charged a fee of 25% of the total
                                                                 amount due.
                                              No refunds will be given after June 13, 2011 for
Parent/Guardian Signature                                        any reason.
           Contact Information                        Please Join us in June 2011
                                                         For some very exciting
   Please Contact Lauren Deets with any
    questions that may arise, and/or to
 arrange for extended day payments. I can             Performed by the Campers of
      be reached at (610)-283-3823 or                  Country Day School of the
                                                              Sacred Heart
Return all camp enrollment information and            Creative and Performing Arts
            tuition payments to                                   Camp
  Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
              480 Bryn Mawr Ave
            Bryn Mawr, PA 19010                     The Creative Little Hearts Camp
             Attn: Lauren Deets

        Make all checks payable to                     June 17th at 12:30 in PAC
  Country Day School of the Sacred Heart                             TBA
  * Return applications by June 6, 2011
                                                      June 24thth at 12:30 in PAC
                 Camp Staff                              The Princess Review
  Lauren Deets – Director and Musical Instructor          (back by popular demand!)
    Cecilia Beatty – Voice and Musical Training
          Heidi Sharkey – Art Instruction
    Lauren Kinslow – Drama and Dance Instructor
Elise Tucci – Creative Little Hearts Head Teacher      July 1st at 12:30 in PAC
              Ava Gagliardi– Camp Aide
    Alison DiFeliciantonio – Camp Administrator
                                                    Admission is free, and all are welcome!
                                                            We hope to see you there
 Extended Day Info and Pricing           Don’t miss out on the
   SHA PAC Camp Summer 2011
  Morning Extended is for students
dropped off between 7:45 and 8:45am.        Sign up before
  Students should be dropped off in
    Mrs.Tucci’s classroom for am       May 1, 2011 and receive a
              extended                        10% discount
    Afternoon Extended for all day
    campers is from 4:00 to 5:30pm
 For Creative Little Hearts extended
day is available from 1:00 to 5:30pm

The Fee for extended day is $10.00
                                       10% Off Coupon
 You will be charged at the end of       apply to camp tuition
         each week of camp.                if received before
  *There will be no pm extended on
   Fridays, campers are dismissed
  following the 12:30 performance.
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Estimated days and Times camper
will need extended care:

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