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                                        19th January 2010 - Letter 17

                                      Love of God, Love of one another,
                                     Love of our world, Love of learning.

                              Please note all Clubs
                             are on again this week

Haiti Earthquake                                                            Consultation on
I am sure that, as I have been, you are shocked at the destruction          Admission arrangements for
caused by the earthquake in Haiti. The vast number of deaths and            2011/2012.
casualties is hard to take in and I am sure all our hearts go out to        The Local Authority are
the survivors of this desperately poor country. At assembly on              holding a consultation on the
Monday our focus was on taking responsibility for looking after our         Admission arrangements for
world but we also discussed our responsibility to help others who           2011/2012. A copy of the
                                                                            document is available on the
are in need of help. Haiti will not only need immediate financial
                                                                            Council website at
support but long time help as many schools, hospitals and                   www.southend.gov.uk .
government buildings have all collapsed in Port-Au-Prince and               Should Parents or Carers have
surrounding areas. Therefore, we have decided to hold a non                 any concerns or objects they
uniform day this Friday and all money raised will go to the Haiti           must be sent to the council by
Disaster Fund. As the theme of our Monday assembly was about                1st March 2010, by writing to
making our school more ‘green’ we decided that every child should           the Council or emailing
try to wear something green as a reminder of our responsibility.            admissions@southend.gov.uk
This can be a matter of green socks or a belt. The donation
requested is 50 pence but if you are able to send in more than this I       PANTOMIME VISIT
would be most grateful.                                                     The pantomime was a
                                                                            great success and much
  PLEASE HELP AND DONATE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.                                enjoyed by the children.
                                                                            The children were
                                                                            particularly delighted to see
PARKING ON ZIG ZAG LINES                                                    Mr Poth and Mrs Morgan,
I am afraid some parents of this school were risking children’s             two members of staff, in
safety on Thursday by parking their cars on the zig zag lines and           the show – obviously
preventing any visibility for children and adults needing to cross the      having starring roles!
road. I appreciate it was raining but surely parents of this school
should be concerned about all children’s safety and can risk getting        Special thanks.
wet rather than causing an accident. When children join the school          A big thank you to Mr
parents are asked not to park outside the school on the zig zag lines       Charles Abbot for kindly
so it is difficult to comprehend why some parents continue to ignore        clearing the snow off the
                                                                            playground so that it
any requests where children’s safety is concerned. Naturally other
                                                                            could be used safely by
parents who obey the rules find it irritating and complain. If the          the children at
practice continues we will have to start collecting names which will be     playtime and
a great shame. School and parents should work in partnership to             for games.
maintain children’s safety at all times.
CROISSANT BREAKFAST THIS FRIDAY                                       Parent Helpers Needed!
On Friday, 22 January 2010 we are having a                            We would like some parents to help
special croissant and hot chocolate breakfast,                        with reading in the Infants during the
so come along and enjoy. All the usual                                afternoon sessions. If you are able to
favourites will be available as well.
                                                                      help in this way, please can you give
                                                                      your names to the Infant class
                                                                      teachers or to the school office. As
FOSH NEWS - Did you get a new mobile phone for
                                                                      this will be a regular thing and parents
Christmas? Please donate your old one so that we can recycle          will be working closely with the
it for cash. Please also remember to bring in your used ink           children a CRB check will be required.
cartridges (not toner), from work and home. Donations can be          There will be a short training session
received in the Recycle Bin just inside the Office doorway. Help      in order to support
the environment and raise money for the school at the same time!      parents in this role.
                                                                      We would be most
FOSH NEWS - UNWANTED GIFTS - If you received anything at              grateful for any
Christmas that you had already or do not need then why not            support parents
donate it to FOSH so that it can be used for raffle prizes during     can provide.
the year and can then raise funds for the school. Any gifts can
be left in the office by the FOSH box or given to a FOSH                        WEEKLY AWARDS
Committee member. Many thanks.                                                  Sacred Heartfelt Cushion:
Hostess Trolley          Money, Money, Money….                                  St Bernadette – Year 4
For Sale                 Unfortunately all money must be paid ON                Max the Bear:
Hostess trolley for                                                             Year 3
                         TIME, as the school can not allow any arrears
sale with heated                                                                Junior Max:
serving dishes and       to build up; please note this includes school
                         dinners. School dinners will have to be stopped        Reception
a warming oven. It
                                                                                Most improved in PE:
is in very good          if a balance is not settled. Therefore please
                                                                                Shan Cacho
condition and a          ensure all money is paid in on time, via the
bargain at just                                                                 Year 3
                         classrooms in a clearly marked envelope. Please
£25.00. Please                                                                  Sports Performer:
                         also note the current cost for school dinners is
come to the school                                                              Enola Evans.
                         £1.80 per day, £9.00 per week, as some parents
office for more                                                                 Year 5
details.                 are continually paying in the wrong amount.            Best Attendance
                                                                                St Bernadette – 98.4%

                              STAR OF THE WEEK
                  Class                 Name                 Core value
                                                                                                  We are
                 Reception        Amelia Wellington            Respect
                  Year 1       Henry McCaffrey Williams      Achievement                            on
                  Year 2            Joshua Mackay            Responsibility                       Week 1
                  Year 3              Helen Jones                Faith                             of the
                  Year 4           Alexander Stuart          Achievement                          winter
                  Year 5           Katriona Stidston         Achievement                          menu
                  Year 6           Francesca Okonta          Achievement
                              Well Done to all!


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