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               Ortronics/Legrand and Berk-Tek
  Introduce NetClear Electronic Safety and Security Program
New London, CT and New Holland, PA (March 7, 2007)… Ortronics/Legrand and Berk-Tek, a Nexans
Company, have expanded their NetClear structured cabling solutions to include security and surveillance
applications with the introduction of NetClear ESS (Electronic Safety and Security). NetClear solutions
were built on the co-engineering expertise between the two companies to provide high performance,
reliable voice and data structured cabling systems. NetClear ESS builds upon the same IT infrastructure
to provide added value for the security and surveillance market as technology evolves to include IP-
enabled devices, such as CCTV cameras, access control and other building automation systems.

Through NetClear ESS, Ortronics/Legrand and Berk-Tek provide industry leading copper and fiber optic
structured cabling systems to assure scalability and performance for all types of networks and
technologies. “As a market leader in the IT enterprise market, Ortronics/Legrand and Berk-Tek have the
experience, knowledge and product sets to provide a scalable and warranted cabling system allowing our
customers to migrate surveillance and other security applications to run efficiently over IP,” states
Marybeth Marx, vice president of marketing, Ortronics/Legrand.

By including security applications as part of the NetClear suite of copper and fiber optic end-to-end
structured cabling systems, NetClear ESS offers solutions for analog, hybrid and IP camera scenarios.
Utilizing a UTP-based structured cabling system allows all types of cameras to be networked through the
installation of the latest passive and active components. NetClear ESS offers both UTP and fiber optic
systems, which can be configured uniquely for each environment, depending on camera type, distance,
and required bandwidth and application.

NetClear ESS solutions allow a progressive path to security over IP, including running data, video and
power (PoE) over the same UTP cable. “Physical CCTV networks were previously implemented over
proprietary operating systems using multiple cable types -- coaxial cable for video, twisted pair for data
and electrical wire for power,” explains Todd Harpel, Director of Marketing, Berk-Tek. “Through IP
convergence, previously disparate disciplines, including data, video and power, are now being connected

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together over one standardized structured cabling network to allow the sharing of resources, which
provides a higher level of network efficiency, while increasing the network’s return on investment,” he

As part of the NetClear ESS initiative, educational programs, such as full-day seminars, on-site training
classes and webinars will be created for both security integrators and cable installers. This training will
focus on the basics of structured cabling systems and the range of installation scenarios for voice and
data, as well as CCTV, access control and building automation functions. At the upcoming ISC West
Conference, to be held March 28-30 in Las Vegas, Ortronics/Legrand and Berk-Tek will take part in a
technical educational presentation entitled, “Future proof CCTV Cable Installations,” as well as
demonstrating cable and connectivity products in the exhibit hall with Graybar.

In addition to using existing cable and connectivity components, as well as pathway products from
Wiremold/Legrand and Cablofil/Legrand for parallels networks, the NetClear ESS initiative will build upon
the solution set and introduce new products developed specifically for this market. The NetClear
commitment to the security market includes the recent introduction of a two-fiber indoor/outdoor
Adventum tight buffer cable from Berk-Tek. “We identified the need for very robust small diameter tight
buffer cable which would allow for quick and easy termination in the field yet still meet all the stringent
requirements for both indoor and outdoor installations.” We developed the new riser and plenum rated
two-fiber Adventum cable in time for a large CCTV installation in Oklahoma. Now, this cable has been
added to our standard products offering to service the fast growing security camera and FTTH markets,”
explains Beni Blell, RCDD, Fiber Optic Product Business Manager for Berk-Tek.

About the NetClear Alliance
NetClear is a Technology Alliance between Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company, and Ortronics/Legrand to
provide advanced, end-to-end co-engineered solutions for enhanced Category 5e, Category 6,
Augmented Category 6 – 10 Gigabit and optical fiber channels - all backed by a 25-year warranty. For
more information, visit

About Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company
For more than 45 years, Berk-Tek has been a leading manufacturer of more than 100 different network
copper and fiber optic cable products designed to transport high-speed voice, data and video
transmissions. For more information, visit

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About Ortronics/Legrand
Ortronics/Legrand is a global leader in high performance structured cabling solutions, services, and
support. Ortronics offers a complete range of Category 5e, 6 and 10 Gig copper, fiber optic, wireless and
residential/MDU connectivity solutions. In addition, Ortronics offers Cablofil® wire mesh cable tray and
Wiremold® pathways. For more information, visit

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