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Technology Exchange Agreement - PowerPoint


Technology Exchange Agreement document sample

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									     Multilateral Exchange of Energy
          Research Information:
       The Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE)
And Its Relevance to South Africa’s Energy Research Interests

                            Johannesburg, South Africa
                                 21 February 2007

                                  Brian A. Hitson
                   Chair, IEA Energy Technology Data Exchange
              (U.S. DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information)
               ETDE’s History
 ETDE was formed in 1987 as a multilateral energy
  R&D information exchange agreement, replacing
  numerous bilateral agreements.
 Initially, 11 founding member countries; currently, 16
  member countries plus “partners.”
 A “cross-sectional” Implementing Agreement under
  the End-Use Working Party.
              ETDE’s Mission
 Mission: “To provide governments, industry and the
  research community in the member countries with
  access to the widest range of information on energy
  research, science and technology and to increase
  dissemination of this information to developing
   Current ETDE Member Countries

  Brazil            Canada          Denmark       Finland       France      Germany

Korea, Rep. of      Mexico   The Netherlands    Norway       Portugal       Spain

                 Sweden      Switzerland   United Kingdom   United States
        ETDE’s “Product” – ETDEWEB
   3.8 million energy research, technology, and development (RTD) –
    the world’s largest database of energy RTD information.
   “ETDEWEB is clearly the information system of reference; many
    national websites on energy RTD link to ETDEWEB.” (source:
    European Commission, May 2005, “Energy RTD Information
    Systems in the European Research Area”)
   Broad coverage of energy and environmental subjects:
     “Renewables” -- 225,202 records
     “Fossil fuels” -- 553,687 records
     “Energy Planning, Policy and Economy” -- 195,408 records
     “Energy Conservation, Consumption and Utilization” -- 166,833 records
     “Environmental” -- 252,860
ETDE’s “One-Stop” Searching Technology
ETDE Membership – Obligations and Benefits
 Task-sharing: prepare and submit records of energy
  RTD activities published within the member country
  (from journals, technical reports, conference
  proceedings, books, etc.), including full text when
 Cost-sharing: make contribution to cover annual cost
  of the exchange (i.e., primarily, ETDEWEB), consisting
  of “base” fee and “additional” contribution.
ETDE Membership – Obligations and Benefits
   Staying abreast of recent developments in various research areas
    (including some basic sciences).
   Avoiding duplication of research effort and learning from expected and
    unexpected results.
   Jump-starting research at a point further along than anticipated.
   Identifying which countries and people are involved in particular
    research areas.
   Understanding how countries deal with energy-related environmental
    and climate change issues.
   Contracting party has right to determine ETDEWEB access within its
    national borders.

 ETDE welcomes and encourages South African
 ETDE celebrates 20th anniversary, culminating in
  public conference in Lisbon, July 2007.
 ETDE appreciates the IEA’s NEET initiative.

                       Brian Hitson, Chair
            Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE)

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