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									                                                                     Shuo Chen – Teaching Statement

                                  Teaching Statement
     It is a professor’s responsibility to convey knowledge, fundamental theories and basic
methodologies to the students. In addition, a good computer systems professor needs to
effectively convey the practical relevance of the research problems, and bring passions of
research to students. I hope that my students will be proud of solving real-world problems . For
this reason, I will emphasize the importance of experimental work in the courses through well-
defined course projects that give students comprehensive understanding of the topics in the
lectures. The course projects by themselves are strong demonstrations of how the courses fit into
the research areas of the students.
     I am excited in offering a system security course. Security has become a rapidly growing area
in recent years. My course covers not only foundational topics (e.g. cryptography, authentication,
access control and network protocol), but also real security vulnerabilities, a wide range of attacks
and representative defensive techniques that lacks systematic coverage in current security
curriculum. I will design projects to allow students to construct security attacks, modify
compilers to enhance software security and apply formal method to examine program properties.
I believe that my expertise in these areas will make the course unique, exciting and rewarding.
     System dependability is another course I plan to offer. The course introduces basic
dependability concepts as well as the dependability analysis/evaluation methods. The emphasis of
the course is to present a system view of dependable systems design and evaluation. Major topics
include replication, redundant encoding, error detection, checkpointing, recovery, software fault
tolerance and reliability in distributed systems. Potential course projects include fault injection
experiments, stochastic modeling for dependability, formal method for safety guarantee and an
open design project.
     Besides the above courses that are tightly related to my research, I am highly qualified to
teach courses such as operating systems, networking and the related lab courses, entry-level C
programming, data structures and algorithms. I spent four summers interning in industrial
research labs. All the research projects were in the areas of operating systems and networking. I
have good experiences on the internals of Linux, BSD and Windows, which are valuable in
teaching the above mentioned courses.
     Communication skills are vital components of a successful academic career. Much effort has
been spent during my graduate years to make improvements in these aspects. I have given many
public presentations in conferences and industrial research labs (see my curricula vitae). In UIUC,
I gave a number of lectures in the Computer Systems Seminar at the Center for Reliable and
High-Performance Computing. These lectures were highly received by the faculty members in the
      It is really exciting to become a professor and share with students my expertise and thoughts.
My courses will inspire students’ creativity and passion to pursue advance and exciting research
in computer systems.

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