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December 2010
October 2009                        12440 Campo Rd. Spring Valley, CA 91978                                                                                    3
                                                                                                                                               Volume 12 Issue 7
                                         A Global Effort                                                       Health Blurb
                                                                                                                                                                         Hannah Snyder
                                                                                                                   The common cold is nothing new to the winter months
                                 Hannah Snyder
                                                                                                               and with winter break around the corner, it is most undesir-
                                                                                                               able to be catching any illness. Here are three major (and
                                    The first of this                                                          easy) tips from the Steele Canyon High School Nurse, Pam
                                 month has become                                                              Sigmon, on how to keep your holiday recess congesstion free.
                                 known as World
                                 AIDS Day. This
                                                                                                               1)  Make sure you are eating lots of fruits and vegetables. All
                                                                                                                  of them contain some kind of vitamin that is beneficial to
                                 annual occurrence
                                                                                                                  not only the body as a whole, but also the immune system.
Hannah Snyder                    is put together to
                                 increase aware-                                                               2)   Sleep is another key factor in maintaining a healthy
                                 ness, raise money,                                                               immune system. Not getting enough sleep has been
 NEWS                      2     fight prejudice,                                                                 linked to a list of mental and physical health problems,
                                 and help stop the One of the World AIDS Day logos for 2010/           including those that stem from an impaired immune
“Google has invented a
                                 spread of HIV. Many coun- and AIDS. Elton John helped                            system. The consequences can include more sick days.
self-driving car that is said    tries around the world par- by taking on the role as guest
to make driving easier.”         ticipate in honoring this day editor for the UK newspaper,                    3)   As simple and common as this daily act is, washing your
                                 and helping fulfill its purpose. The Independent, all day. All                   hands can prevent many germs that cause different illnesses
OPINION                    3     1988 marked the first year that the procedes from the issue
                                 held World AIDS Day. Each went to his own foundation,
                                                                                                                  from entering your body. During times when you are un-
                                                                                                                  able to wash your hands, refrain from touching around your
“The guidos and guidettes                                                                                         mouth. This will help stop germs from getting into the body.
                                 year a different focus in terms Elton John AIDS Foundation.
have taken over and are fist     of HIV and AIDS is chosen.               Many people globally                 global equality and civil rights.       preventing new HIV infections
pumping like champs!”            The 2010 theme was univer- were involved in World AIDS                           University of San Diego held         and is said to be the largest on-
                                 sal access and human rights. Day by participating in the                      several events and programs on          going community arts project
FEATURES                 4          Celebreties like Lady Gaga, “Lights for Rights”. This had
                                 Alicia Keys, and Kim Kardashi- many people turning of their
                                                                                                               December first. A public view-          in the worlds. Along with the
“Writer’s Block is the le-                                                                                     ing of to AIDS Memorial Quilt           quilt, Jae Hansen’s photography
                                 an are a few among many who lights for a few minutes. The                     was just one of many showings           exhibit, “Survivors,” was put
gal way to express an opin-      signed off their cyber lives until darkness and the sudden light              that were available. The quilt is       on display showing long-term
ion through street art.”         one million dollars was raised that was created symbolized                    made up of sections that mea-           survivors of HIV and AIDS.
                                 for HIV/AIDS awareness. Pope those lost to AIDS and the                       sures 12 feet square and consists       The people in the photos have
ENTERTAINMENT              5     Benedict XVI also contributed changes needed to be made
                                 and made great strides in the to stop the epidemic. People
                                                                                                               of eight individual blocks. Over
                                                                                                               40,000 colorful blocks swen
                                                                                                                                                       survived ten years after their
                                                                                                                                                       original diagnosis. A campus
“Chocolate chip cookies          Catholic doctrine by promot- were also encouraged to light                    together memorializes a life            theme, “Act Aware” was also
and milk are supposedly          ing the use of condoms to help candles to show the commit-                    lost to AIDS. The quilt is also         apart of UCSD’s participa-
Santa’s favorite snacks...”      prevent the spread of HIV ment of working on achieving                        an educational wool aimed at            tino in the Worlds AIDS Day.

                                 Winter College Plan:
                                                                                                            Winter break is practically here and with it comes holiday cheer, family
SPORTS                    6                                                                                 traditions, and sleeping in. During the next two and a half weeks look and see
                                                                                                            how this college plan can benefit next semester and the college years to come.
“...The Cougars de-
f e a t e d Va l h a l l a a t   F r e s h m e n                        based on your PSAT results             you may potentially be paying.
                                                                                                                   Use the College Savings
                                                                                                                                                       Make note of these so every-
Va l h a l l a 3 5 - 1 4 . ”          Start familiarizing your-         and explore lists of suggested                                                 thing can be sent in on time.
                                 self with college costs and fi-        colleges, majors and careers.          Calculator to see how much                 Have your high school send
                                 nancial aid. Prices for UC and            Talk to your counselor and          money you’ll need for college,          your transcript to colleges.

                                                                                                               whether you’re on track to save
Oh The Places                    CSU schools are going up an-           teachers about taking SAT Sub-
                                                                                                               enough, and what you need to do
                                                                                                                                                          Contact colleges to
                                                                                                                                                       make sure they’ve received
We’ll Go                                                                                                       to reach your goal. Talk to your        all application materials.
When comparing the                                                                                             family about college financing.         Apply for Financial Aid
                                                                                                                   Visit colleges while                                 You and your
two cities in different                                                                                                                                              family should
                                                                                                               they’re in session.
tourist areas, guess who                                                                                       Find out about col-                                   save this year’s
came out as the winner?                                                                                        lege firsthand from                                   pay stubs to es-
                                                                                                               friends who are home                                  timate income
STORIES                    8                                                                                   for the holidays.                                     on aid forms
                                                                                                                                                                     that you’ll file
CONTINUED                                                                                                      Juniors                                               early next year.
                                                                                                                      Schedule Your                                     Submit your
Winter Holidays            9                                                                                   Spring Testing. You                                   FAFSA as soon
                                                                                                                                                                     after January 1
                                                                                                               can take either the
“Sparkling trees with                                                                                                                                                as possible. Men
                                                                                                               SAT or up to three
decorative ornaments             nually so become aware of what         ject Tests in your strong sub-         SAT Subject Tests on                                  who are 18 years
and holiday cheer comes          you may potentially be paying.         jects this spring. Take Subject        one test day. Plan your                               of age or older
                                       Visit colleges while they’re     Tests such as World History,                                                                 must register
o n l y o n c e a y e a r. ”     in session as well as talking to       and Chemistry while the mate-
                                                                                                               testing schedule care-
                                                                                                               fully if you want to take                             with Selective
                                 friends who are back home from         rial is still fresh in your mind.      both, and register for two separate     Service to receive federal
 COUGAR PAGE 10                  college for the holidays. Espe-            Familiarizing yourself with        test dates. See the SAT schedule        financial aid. Many priority
                                 cially for schools out of state, get   college costs and financial            of test dates and register online.      financial aid deadlines fall
“I’m way too old                 a first hand account from them.        aid. Prices for UC and CSU
                                                                                                               S e n i o r s                           in February. To get the most
and too big to be sit-           Sophomores                             schools are going up annual-
                                                                        ly so become aware of what             Review Application Details
                                                                                                                                                       attractive award package, ap-
ting on Santa...”                                                                                                 While UC and CSU school
                                                                                                                                                       ply by the priority date. Keep
                                    Use the access                                                                                                     copies of everything you send.

            11                   code on your PSAT                                                             deadlines were November
COUGAR                                                                                                         30, there are still schools (es-        Captions:Top                Left-
                                 score report to sign                                                                                                  UCLA Logo/
CONTRIBUTORS                     in to My College                                                              pecially out of state schools)          Bottom Left- SAT Testing/
                                 QuickStart. With                                                              with deadlines between                  To p R i g h t - C a l c u l a t -

TAIL                   12        this personal-                                                                January 1 and February 15.              ing finances/

                                                                                                               Merry Christmahanakwanzika
“Glee gives everyone             ized planning kit,
                                 you can prepare
someone to relate to and         for the SAT us-
to get out of their ‘funk’.” ing a study plan
                                                                                                               From the Cougar Chronicle Staff

                                                                              News                                                                         Jake Ellis
                                                                                                                                                         NEWS EDITOR

Christiana Barrack
                                         Steele Canyon’s Bee Invasion
                                       tions taken by students during     get them to leave. The weather
STAFF REPORTER                         lunch, such as knocking down       is another key factor as to why
                                       trash cans and trying to catch     the bees are around. With the
        They are seen around           the bees, is what will often re-   hot and dry conditions we have
campus probably more than              sult in someone getting stung.     been facing lately, the bees
people see their own friends.                The type of wasps the        are growing in number each
The bees at Steele Canyon              school is being swarmed by         day. They are on the look out
are becoming a well dis-               are known as yellow jackets.       for all the food and moisture
cussed issue among students.           They are attracted to our cam-     that they can find. Once the
     Not only are they frustrat-       pus for a number of reasons.       weather becomes more cool
ing to have around, but the bees       “All of the sugary drinks that     and misty, there is a large
are classified as a health haz-        you kids leave behind after        chance that the bees will leave
ard to those who are allergic.         lunch is what they go to”, said    on their own because there
 “ I try my best to stay away          SCHS nark Elleen Schramn.          will be moisture in the air.
from them because I know that          Our school is also an easy             The school cannot extermi-
                                                                                                              Bee /
it would not be pretty if I got                                                                               campus. Because we can not          are not being bothered, they
                                       source of pollination for the      nate the bees because they are
stung”, said SCHS sophomore                                                                                   take actions towards remov-         should not bother anyone else.
                                       bees, which makes it harder to     pollinating all of the plants on
Micaylah Strukelj. Some ac-                                                                                   ing the bees, as long as they

       Google’s Self-Driving Car                                                                                    Mission to Mars
                                                                                                              Brett McFadden                      to its clouds of sulfuric acid,
                                                                                                              STAFF REPORTER                      dense atmosphere, and even
                                                                                                                                                  more extreme temperatures as
                                                                                                                Ever since we knew of their       a result of its proximity to the
                                                                                                              existence, humanity has al-         sun.
                                                                                                              ways dreamed of colonizing              A mission to Mars also has
                                                                                                              other planets. We already built     financial incentives. It would
                                                                                                              a space station, visited the        create jobs in several sec-
                                                                                                              Moon, and sent probes to far-       tors, including manufacturing,
                                                                                                              off worlds. However, the colo-      transportation, and scientific
                                                                                                              nization of other planets will      research. However, recent eco-
                                                                                                              be far more difficult, but far      nomic troubles may push such
                                                                                                              more rewarding.                     a mission back. Many non-es-
                                                                                                                   Colonizing another planet      sential programs have seen
                                                                                                              would have several benefits. It     cuts in recent times, and NASA
                                                                                                              would give scientists a place       is no exception. Despite this,
                                                                                                              to conduct experiments that         NASA hopes to send astro-
                                                                                                              require a low-gravity environ-      nauts to Mars by the 2040’s.
Google’s self-driving car /
                                                                                                              ment or extreme temperatures,           “I think it would be a great
                                       major company such as the          There are numerous benefits
                                                                                                              both of which are difficult to      achievement for scientists, but
Sydney Dole                            Toyota Prius. However, it has      to the Google self-driving car.
                                                                                                              simulate on Earth. Also, re-        it would be extremely expen-
SPORTS EDITOR                          Google’s mechanisms for self-      This could be the next big in-
                                                                                                              sources that were difficult to      sive,” said SCHS freshman
                                       driving equipped within the car.   vention that starts a new stage
                                                                                                              obtain on Earth may be easier       Noah Watts. “And due to the
      The idea of automobiles            There are also some negatives    in technology. The Google car
                                                                                                              to acquire on other planets. Fi-    economy, it might take more
began in the late 1800s with           to the innovative Google car.      would make driving safer, more
                                                                                                              nally, another planet will prob-    than ten to twenty years before
a steam-powered car. As time                 “People will get la-         efficient, and provide a better
                                                                                                              ably be needed to sustain our       we can send people to Mars.”
progressed, cars with inter-           zier,” said Steele Can-            quality of life for all drivers.
                                                                                                              rapidly growing population.          Regardless of the difficulty of
nal combustion engines ap-             yon junior Zach Wiley.                 “A Google self-driving car
                                                                                                                  Currently, Mars is the only     such a mission, it is clear that
peared. Cars have become an                 Google’s test car has been    will make it easier to make
                                                                                                              option that is even remotely        the idea of going to mars has
essential commodity for any            test driven numerous times         decisions about the important
                                                                                                              viable. Venus, the only other       drawn in much interMst, and
human being and are constant-          over the past couple of years.     parts of driving by automat-
                                                                                                              nearby planet, is far, far more     will continue to appeal to hu-
ly evolving and improving.             So far the car has an approxi-     ing the parts that don’t require
                                                                                                              uninhabitable than Mars, due        man curiosity.
Google has created a car that          mate 140,000 miles on it and       human        decision-making,”
will completely reshape the            has taken trips all along Cali-    said Marshall Kirkpatrick,
idea of modern automobiles.            fornia including across the        writer for
    Google has invented a self-        Golden Gate Bridge, Lake              Google would be expanding
driving car that is said to make       Tahoe, and has even taken a        their business into a whole new
driving safer. The
car has different
                        “So far, the car has an approxi-                               line of work. If
                                                                                       this car follows the
components such         mate 140,000 miles on it and has                               path that Google’s
as cameras, sen-                                                                       search        engine
sors, and other         taken trips all along California                               took, this could
types of artificial     including across the Golden                                    be one of the most
intelligence      to                                                                   influential inven-
meet and surpass        Gate Bridge, Lake Tahoe, and                                   tions of the 21st
a human’s reac-
tion time.     The
                        has even taken a 350 mile drive.”                              century. Google
                                                                                       could change the
car also has detailed maps to          350 mile drive. There has only     way we view cars today and
navigate the upcoming road.            been one accident throughout       could immensely improve
The car knows speed limit in-          all the test drives which was      the lives of all human beings.
formation and has live video of        where a human rear-ended           Time will tell what will happen
its surroundings. All of these         the car that was stopped at a      in terms of the Google car but
mechanisms are made possible           stoplight. [Google’s car] will     this invention could change the
by Google’s data centers. The          benefit humans because it will     very foundations of automo-
Google automobile is made              limit collisions,” said Steele     bile commute for everyone.
from an existing car from a            Canyon junior Jackson Reif.                                            NASA shuttle launch /
        Olivia Taylor
        Opinion Editor
                                         To Thrift, or Not to Thrift
Aseret Sperry                                                                                                                                         What makes boutiques
FEATURES EDITOR                                                                                                                                   and new clothing stores
                                                                                                                                                  easier to shop at is their
         When in the course                                                                                                                       endless sizes and large col-
of human events it becomes                                                                                                                        or variety. Unlike clothes
necessary for one to make a                                                                                                                       at a thrift store, where
decision between good and                                                                                                                         pieces of clothing are lim-
bad, new or old and in ver-                                                                                                                       ited, boutiques have multi-
sus out, one may be thrust                                                                                                                        ple sizes, colors and styles
into an image of deciding                                                                                                                         of similar clothing. This
between the mall or the lo-                                                                                                                       makes it easier for a per-
cal Salvation Army. The                                                                                                                           son to get something they
truth is, a trip to a local thrift                                                                                                                liked, but in a color that
shop will prove to be a more                                                                                                                      looks good on them per-
successful venture as op-                                                                                                                         sonally and in their size.
posed to the choices offered                                                                                                                          Quality is also a plus
in Hollister or Hot Topic.                                                                                                                        when shopping at a bou-
        One look into a thrift                                                                                                                    tique or new clothing store.
                                     Salvation Army Sign and American Eagle Outfitters Store /
store and a discovery will                                                                                                                        Clothes from Thrift stores
be made that is unavailable          ten with much cuter clothes”.         er factor of awesomeness that Olivia Taylor                            can often be in a worn con-
in any other type of store:                Thrift stores have an in-       is not as common in any mall OPINION EDITOR                            dition, with stains or tears
thrifty prices. The low pric-          “You save a lot                     store: the pride that comes
                                                                                                               Nothing compares to the
                                                                                                                                                  or broken seams. Clothing
es and affordability make                                                                                                                         purchased new are in their
                                      more money”
                                                                           with finding a unique item un-
the used clothes worth the                                                 likely to be found on another    feeling of wearing a new              top condition and will fit
penny paid. Their growing            ventory made up of donations          individual. Thrift stores are so outfit to school after a long         properly since they aren’t
popularity has also made             and clothes people sold to it.        random that every visit is a day spent shopping. Shop-                 stretched out like used
them extremely convenient            This unique way of obtaining          scavenger hunt that produces ping can be tiring, mentally              clothes can be. They also
and accessible. “You save a          items to sell leaves the store        cute and extraordinary clothes and physically. which is                don’t have the awkward
lot more money,” said SCHS           with a unique catalog suitable        that others will be jealous of. why most people opt for the            smell from the previous
sophomore Marki Sim-                 for any style. From beachy                   Thrift stores were once easiest place to shop and               owner lingering on them
mons. “Even though it’s not          colorful clothes to every style       considered for those who find the clothes you need.                    that thrift clothes often do.
high quality clothes, you’re         and size of jeans available,          could not afford new, name            Department stores and            Thrift clothes hold other
still getting a good deal.”          there is something for every-         brand clothes. “I don’t care,    brand name boutiques make             people’s memories and ex-
       The low prices it of-         one to fall in love with on           they are pretty awesome,” the shoppers life easier in                  periences, not ones own.
fers are probably the most           the mysterious racks of the           said Simmons. Most are in the many aspects. From their                 New clothes give one an
popular        thing      among      thrift store. Its unique items        right when they opt for thrifty endless size and color va-             opportunity to have an
these stores’ fans and most          make it a convenient stop to          over mall clothes because of riety, to the convenience                 item filled with memo-
feel that the prices are             look for items of a costume,          their uniqueness, affordability of being able to find what             ries and experiences that
worth the purchase. “They            props for a play or any sort          and the ability to create dif- you want without a lot of               are strictly their own,
are much cheaper than big            of creative kinks to decorate         ferent worlds with the trea- searching, strictly new                   instead of recycling a
chain stores,” said SCHS             a bedroom or living room.             sures found in these stores. clothing stores prove them-               strangers memories by re-
senior Marc Herold, “of-                   Thrift stores have anoth-                                        selves above the contrary.            wearing their old items.

                                        Fist Pumpin’ like Champs
Monica Rivera                             Nicole Polizzi, known as
COUGAR PAGE EDITOR                   Snooki, has become a huge
                                     sensation in the past two
    The guidos and guidettes         years with the look she por-
have taken over, and are fist        trays. With her humongous
pumping like champs! Gym,            Snooki-poof, and her jew-
Tan, Laundry is one of the           eled glasses, it has become
biggest sensations that the          a trend to many of her fans.
boys from Jersey Shore                      Mike Sorrentino, The
have come up with, fol-              Situation, has received fame,
lowed by the Snookie-poof.           by showing his “situation”,
Jersey Shore is a reality se-        his abs. With his cocky per-
ries on MTV that was filmed          sonality, it’s hard not to
in August 2009 that follows          hate him, but also love him.
eight housemates that spend            One relationship has caught
                                                                          Jersey Shore cast fist pumpin’ /
their summers together.              wave from two of the cast
    The show follows eight           members, Ronnie Ortiz-Mar-            od’, tell the girl she dropped         with the boys singing it        drama, the roommates
strangers, Pauly D, Snoo-            go and Sammie Giancola,               her purse and then make a              when it’s time; T-Shirt time    trolling nightclubs, drink-
ki, The Situation, Jwoww,            who started on the show be-           dash for the door. “You bounce         means that they put it on       ing, getting into fights,
Ronnie, Sammie, and Vinny            ing an on and off couple              on the girl, before she blows          right before they leave and     and many hook ups, it’s
who are Italian-Americans            with all their drama, from            up.” Said Pauly Delvecchio.            without it, the shirt would     not hard to get addicted
who spend their summer to-           Ronnie hooking up with gre-           M.V.P. became very common              be wrinkled or stained. After   to an hour long show
gether with a lot of drama.          nades to Sammie not having            on the second season of Jersey         T-Shirt time, Pauly D would     like Jersey Shore when
The show has gotten over a           a clue about it and denying           Shore, standing for both, most         very loudly yell “CARS          there’s that much going
million viewers in two sea-          everything anyone tells her.          valuable players, and the ini-         HERE” to get everyone           on. Some may hate Jersey
sons. The drama that hap-                 Pauly D, who is Mike’s           tials of Mike, Vinny, and Pauly.       to come out, ready or not.      Shore, but it’s hard not to
pens on the show has caused          wingman, and Mike have                   T-Shirt time is another im-            Jersey Shore has become      get addicted to watching
many laughs and a new                come up with how to defuse            portant thing that has become          very popular over the last      the show and loving it!
popularity among Italians.           a grenade, by the ‘Spin Meth-         a huge sensation and laugh             two years, following with
                      4                              Features                                                                                               Aseret Sperry
                                                                                                                                                            FEATURES EDITOR

            Got Writer’s                                                       Organic: Taste the Difference
                                                                             Olivia Taylor                            ducing your own fruits/vegeta-      rounding area.
                                                                             OPINION EDITOR                           bles/dairy. A USDA approved               Choosing organic can be
                                                                                                                      label indicates that the product    beneficial to oneself and the
    It is the place for the legal                                                With all the health risks in
                                                                             foods nowadays, many people
                                                                                                                      being sold passed the inspec-
                                                                                                                      tion that determines whether it
                                                                                                                                                          earth. By choosing organic, the
                                                                                                                                                          body retains more of its natural
      defacing of property to                                                are finding safety by making
                                                                             organic choices during meal-
                                                                                                                      is certified organic or not. Or-
                                                                                                                      ganic fruits and vegetables are
                                                                                                                                                          resistance and immunities to-
                                                                                                                                                          wards outside disease. In addi-
             take place.                                                     times.
                                                                                  A person can see organic
                                                                                                                      not genetically modified, and
                                                                                                                      are grown seasonally (pesti-
                                                                                                                                                          tion to this, organic foods carry
                                                                                                                                                          less toxins and chemicals that
Jake Ellis                          ing a $400-1000 and a couple                                                                                          slow down the body, and are
                                                                             foods publicized on most gro-            cide free). Organic dairy prod-
NEWS EDITOR                         months in prison, Writer’s                                                                                            therefore better at supplying
                                                                             cery stores, as going natural            ucts are supplied by farms that
                                    Block is the legal way to ex-            and environmentally friendly is          range feed their livestock, and     the body with a natural energy
          For those with a          press an opinion through street                                                                                       source.
                                                                             a growing trend that more and            do not routinely use hormones
penchant for graffiti without       art. In a place with like-minded                                                                                            “I can taste and see the
                                                                             more people are beginning to             or growth enhancements. Or-
wanting the repercussions, the      aspiring artists, “legal vandals”                                                                                     differences in organic foods.
                                                                             follow. Buying organic means             ganic farms use practices that
Writer’s Block attraction in        can collaborate on daylong                                                                                            Maybe there’s not a drastic
                                                                             purchasing brands of food that           ensure the general well-being
San Diego is the ultimate meet-     projects or just write a quick                                                                                        difference in the bases of or-
                                                                             comply with the Organic Foods            of their livestock, as well as
ing ground for artistic vandals     message for all to see. The paint                                                                                     ganically grown foods and
                                                                             Production Act and are USDA              refraining from harming the
looking for an urban canvas to      is always overwritten with new           approved, or growing and pro-            environment in the farms sur-          continued on pg 8
show their work on.                 and fresh artwork, so visits are
          Located on Market         never the same; some images                                                       Alpine Certified Farmers
Street east of downtown San         from before may linger, but for                                                                                      Lakeside Certified Farmers
Diego, Writer’s Block consists      the most part, Writer’s Block is            Some of the best                      Market
                                                                                                                      Tuesdays, 2 to 6 PM                Market
of several rows of plywood          an ever-changing business.                 places to buy fresh,                   5005 Willows Road                  Thursdays 2 to 6 PM
just waiting to be painted on.                 “It is really imagina-         organic and delicious                                                      Lindo Lake County Park,
Using only spray paint, people      tive,” said Nolan Saksa, a se-            foods are local Farm-                   Borrego Springs Chamber of         9841 Vine St.
of all ages come after school       nior at SCHS. “San Diego is                ers Markets, where                     Commerce Farmers Market
or on the weekends to express       full of cool [attractions] that a                                                                                    La Mesa Village Certified
themselves through urban            lot of people, even people that           the produce goes di-                    Fridays, 7 AM to 12 PM,
                                                                                                                      November to June                   Farmers Market
artwork, painting everything        live here, do not know about.”           rectly from the grower                   Christmas Circle Community         Fridays, 3 to 6 PM
from taglines to murals. While                 The new modern style                to the buyer.                      Park at Christmas Circle and       8300 block of Allison Avenue
there are still some who tag        is street art, with graffiti murals                                               Palm Canyon Drive                  east of Spring Street
inappropriately on the walls,       and colorful tapestries in near-           Here are some Farm-
some pieces are genuine works       ly every city. Writer’s Block                                                                                        Santee Farmers Market
of art, sophisticated works that    focuses this lost creativity into           ers Markets in the                    Jamul Certified Farmers
                                                                                                                      Market                             Wednesdays, 3 to 7 PM
took hours to render down to        one place, where urban art can                 East county:                       Fridays 9 AM to 2 PM               Abandoned school parking lot
the minutest detail.                run free with uncensored imag-                                                    14019 Highway 94 and               10445 Mission Gorge Road
          With the punishment       ination.                                    Source: The San Diego Union Tibune.
                                                                                                                      Campo Road
for vandalism in California be-

                                                                                                            Breathe In, Breathe
                                                                             plains that meditating controls
                                                                                                                Out; Relax   As one meditates, their strength, stability, and flexibil-
Diana Valle                         external situation.
STAFF REPORTER                            Meditation is designed to          a human body’s inner energy.             mind is slowly being puri- ity to improve the quality of
                                    help strengthen that mental              It is the same energy people             fied to create an “inner circle” the body and the mind,” says
     Taking difficult AP classes,   weakness internally, to help             use to break bricks with their           that “enables us to control our Megan Edwards, Grossmont
doing time-consuming home-          one maintain a calm, positive            bare hands. That energy can be           mind regardless of the external High School Junior. “For me,
work, spending long hours of        attitude and avoid anxiety,              filtered to constantly be posi-          circumstances,” explains How yoga helps me focus and be
sports training, and containing     no matter the circumstances.             tive and peaceful in order for           to Meditate. Once achieving more patient and strengthens
a life full of drama, one barely    “The purpose of meditation               one’s mind to function well.             “mental equilibrium,” one’s the muscles that are easy to
has time to eat and, much less,     is to make our mind calm and             It is a simple, relaxing way             mind will be balanced and fully forget about. It also helps me
sleep. If stress was measured       peaceful,” states the How To             for one to relieve stress while          trained to be continuously hap- relax.” For those who are more
on a scale of 1 to 10, one would    Meditate website. “If our mind           cleansing out negative vibes.            py instead of being an unbal- sporty, and adjusting to medi-
score an easy one hundred.          is peaceful, we will be free             “A lot of people work out or             anced, constantly transforming tation might be too extreme,
    Stress leads to worries, wor-   from worries and mental dis-             hit things when stressed, but            mind. With a balanced mind, yoga is great alternative. “Yoga
ries to uneasiness, and uneasi-     comfort, and so we will expe-            that only helps for a little bit.        one is able to ignore the delu- doesn’t use intense cardio like
ness to unhappiness, eventu-        rience true happiness.”                  [Meditation] goes deeper and             sions that cause the suffering most workouts, but it really
ally reaching overwhelmed.                 Nour Chihwaro, SCHS               will last much longer,” says             from dilemmas. Obtaining this tests your strength and flexibil-
Although work load is a big         sophomore and meditator, ex-             Chihwaro.                                state is known as “liberation” ity. Because it’s slow you have
factor in being overwhelmed,                                                                                                          or “nirvana.”    to learn how to hold poses and
it’s the person that’s truly at                                                                                                            Meditation how to manipulate your body.
fault.                                                                                                                                takes an incred- I would definitely recommend
     The feeling of being over-                                                                                                       ible amount of it because it’s exercise for your
whelmed is all in one’s head.                                                                                                         patience, how- mind too.”
Distress is a symbol for mental                                                                                                       ever, and might       Whether it be extreme pu-
weakness because it exposes                                                                                                           be difficult for rifying of the mind or relaxing
the inability to respond peace-                                                                                                       beginners. A while toning muscles, one can
fully to life. Mental weakness                                                                                                        good pair of try meditation or yoga meth-
is what causes people to be-                                                                                                          training wheels ods for clearing their mind and
come emotional and get easily                                                                                                         is yoga. Yoga learning how to live a happier,
irritated when an occurrence                                                                                                          is meditation’s peaceful life.
fails to satisfy an expected                                                                                                          cousin. “Yoga
route. This occurs because                                                                                                            is a practice Chakra photos courtesy of
people focus too much on the                                                                                                          that combines
                                     Meditating in a calm place can help de-stress /
  Amber Thoennes
                            Entertainment                                                                                                                 5

Kendra Sitton
                       The Drawn Story                                                                                Sandy Claws
                                          What is referred to as the   some of the most famous art-         Jessica Gass                         an ugly devil like creature that
STAFF REPORTER                      Golden Age of comic books          ists got their start, including Al   STAFF REPORTER                       caries a basket full of all the
   Comic books have gained and      occurred in the late 1930’s and    Feldstein, Reed Crandall, Jack            Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas,      evil children to the pits of Hell.
lost popularity since the 30’s,     practically until the end of the   Davis, Wallace Wood, Will            Father Christmas, or com-            Many people dress as the Kram-
yet they always pull through        1940’s. In this time were the      Elder and others. However,           monly known as St. Nicholas          pus around this season, espe-
the tough times and are well-       first major uses of superheroes    psychiatrist Fredric Wertham         or the more popular Santa            cially the 5th of December and
known across America. From          in comics, with the debut of       singled out Gaines for his work      Clause is a historical, legend-      do traditions as going around
classic heroes like Superman,       Superman in 1938 being the         on this type of comic book           ary figure that is known to          the streets scaring children
to the newer form of Manga,         very first. During this time,      and superhero comic books            bring gifts to the good chil-        with rusted chains and bells.
they have provided inexpen-         Action Comics and Captain          as well in his book Seduction        dren of the world late Christ-          Modern day traditions consist
sive entertainment for all ages     Marvel sold over half a mil-       of the Innocent, which raised        mas Eve. He is depicted as a         of leaving snacks for Santa and
and are an original art form.       lion copies each, per month.       public anxiety about comic           plump jolly old man dressed          his magical reindeers such as
     Collections of comic strips           After World war II, the     books because he perceived           in an over sized red coat with       cookies and milk on Christmas
started as early as 1833, but       popularity of superhero com-       that both types had homosex-         red pants, a little red hat and      Eve and leaving decorations
the first thing to coin the term    ics greatly declined to be re-     ual and sadistic undertones.         boots with a white beard and         such as stockings so that Santa
‘comic book’ did not appear un-     placed by a wider variety of           Quickly, comic books were        mustache. He is believed to          would leave gifts and presents
til 1897 on the back of The Yel-    comics including Western,          blamed for the cause of bad          live at the North Pole with          inside. “When I was younger, I
low Kid in McFadden’s Flats.        teen humor (mainly the Ar-         grades, juvenile delinquency,        his wife, Mrs. Clause and            always left a plate of chocolate
This type of comic book is still    chie comics), science fiction,     drug use, and basically all          many elves, along with his           chip cookies and a glass of milk
prevalent today. It was full of     romance, funny animal comics       other forms of crime. Some           eight to nine flying reindeer.       so that Santa would bring me
reprinted material from a se-       that usually included Disney       cities banned comic books and              Saint Nicholas of Myra         good presents” said Steele Can-
quence of comic strips. Steele      characters, and satire comics.     many public comic book burn-         is highly inspirational to the       yon High School sophomore
Canyon High School sopho-                 A different type of comic    ings were held, and were led         Santa Claus figure. He was a         Bryanna Mcaully. Chocolate
more, Christian Hillman owns        full of violence and gore          by school and parent groups.         4th century Christian bishop         chip cookies and milk are sup-
many collections of Garfield        emerged in that time as well.      This greatly reduced the cir-        who delivered gifts to the poor      posedly Santa’s favorite snack.
comics and said, “I really like     The most artistically creative     culation of comic books. Soon        children of Greece. It is said       During the last century Santa
them because they humorous.”        and well put together horror       after, a Comic Code was cre-         that St. Nicholas tossed coins       Clause has been the face of
It was full of reprinted material   comics were led by William         ated and almost every comic          though windows of the poor,          Christmas, making many ap-
from a sequence of comic strips.    M. Gaines. In his company          sold in newstands had a Com-         and then later (if the win-          pearances at many malls or
                                                                       ic Code Seal of Approval.            dows were locked) he would           common shopping centers,
                                                                           In the mid 1950’s DC com-        throw the coins down the             Christmas cards, and even Coca
                                                                       ics and Marvel made superhe-         open chimney tops, creating          Cola cans. Many controversies
                                                                       roes return to the main lines of     the tradition of Santa deliver-      has evolved with the Christian
                                                                       comic books and thus began           ing gifts down the chimneys.         religion, because they believe
                                                                       what is dubbed to be the Sil-           Santa is highly known to be       that Father Christmas is mak-
                                                                       ver Age of comic books. Stan         a “good” figure of Christmas,        ing this sacred holiday a day of
                                                                       Lee began to create super-           but wile there is every good,        materialistic things instead of
                                                                       heroes such as the Fantastic         there is also an evil. Krampus       the true meaning of Christmas
                                                                       Four that had human failures,        is known throughout Germa-           and the story of Jesus Christ.
                                                                       fears and inner demons like          ny and Austria and is depicted              Christmas is just around
                                                                       never before. These comics           as the anti-Claus. He is known       the corner so do not get cap-
                                                                       became wildly popular among          to accompany Santa Clause            tured by the Krampus, because
                                                                       children and college students        and warns as well as punishes        Santa is making the list, and
                                                                       who claimed to find a deep-          the bad children of the Christ-      he is checking twice. So don’t
                                                                       er hidden message in them.           mas season. He is pictured as        choose to be naughty, be nice!
                                                                             Underground comics that
                                                                       influence the styles of today’s
                                                                       graphic novels became com-
                                                                       mon in the 1960’s and early
                                                                       70’s as independent comics
DC Comics/                                                   continued on page 8...

                  A Night in Review
Amber Thoennes                      to make the event seem more        days. Musicians could be seen
ENTERTAINMENT                       like a family environment.         playing along the streets, the
                                       Walking through the Interna-    sounds of bagpipes and other
                                    tional Cottages, ethnic aromas     instruments filling the air.         Santa Claus and Krampus/
MANAGER                             filled the air. Booths from 30        Moving past the Internation-
                                    countries sold a small selection   al Cottages, the streets opened
      The first weekend in De-
                                    of traditional foods, and bev-     to the Organ Pavilion and the
cember marked the annual
                                    erages. People stood in lines      massive Christmas tree that
“December Nights” festival at
                                    three deep and ten to twenty       reached to the top of the stage.
Balboa Park. The tiny streets
                                    long, waiting for a taste of the   Church choirs sang traditional
of Balboa Park begin to fill
                                    delicious foods being offered.     holiday songs throughout the
slowly with people starting
                                    Behind many of the booths          two nights. Past the Organ Pa-
Friday night at five o’clock,
                                    stood the International Cottag-    vilion a square opened, lined
when the museums open for
                                    es themselves, housing artifacts   with more food vendors, and
free admission, and the food
                                    and trivia about each country.     kiosks. A Spirit Garden opened
vendor’s start filling up plates.
                                    In a small clearing between the    in front of the San Diego Mu-
Saturday was the more com-
                                    Cottages a small stage was set     seum of Art. Just before five
mon day for families to bring
                                    up, where dancers, singers and     o’clock, a line snaked around
the little ones, since the fes-
                                    other various performers from      the square to get in to the mu-
tivities began at noon. Carnival
                                    a few of the countries would
rides and games were set up
                                    perform throughout the two         continued on page 8...               Balboa skyline during December Nights/
                    6                                               sports                                                                          Sydney Dole
                                                                                                                                                    SPORTS EDITOR

                                                    Interesting Winter Sports
Shaelynn LaMadrid                   races, athletes stop in intervals,    smoother track and longer ride.      and Ben Agosto are serious           and most interesting event is the
STAFF REPORTER                      take a rifle off of their backs,      The goal is to get the stone         contenders after their success       skeleton, which is named for the
          Over winter break,        and shoot at targets. Adopted         between two lines and close to       at the Turin Games.                  sled the riders lie face down on.
many students travel to the         in 2006, it now includes a            a button. “They did that in [the               However, ice danc-         The athlete lies down on a sled
mountains to partake in sports      mass start for the sprint race,       movie] The Wild! I’ve always         ing is not the only event in the     and hurls down an ice track at
that require snow and ice. While    providing for more thrills as         thought that looked cool!” said      rink. Figure skating is where        about 80 miles per hour. What
the most common sports are          participants attempt to stay          Senior Darin Azevedo. Though         many of the big name contend-        makes it even more exciting is
skiing and snowboarding there       standing while trying not to fall     it seems very simple, it is quite    ers can be seen. Though figure       the fact that there is no breaking
are many more winter sports         over each other’s skis. Another       interesting to watch. For the        skating has the reputation of        or steering mechanism present.
one can participate in, a few       event that will be featured is        more romantic athlete, ice danc-     being a feminine sport, view-        “That sounds really cool, but a
of which will be featured in        curling which is similar to           ing can be quite exciting. While     ers can appreciate both the          little scary, I don’t think I would
the Winter Olympics. Among          shuffleboard or bocce on ice.         there are no lifts or real fancy     beauty and strength it takes         want to try it,” said junior Teddy
the first events is the biathlon.   One member of a two to four           tricks, ice dancing is described     to complete many high speed,         Alexander. While snowboarding
This somewhat confusing race        person competing team pushes          as ballroom dancing on ice. Ice      high flying moves. Besides           and skiing are fun to participate
consists of 10 races of varying     a 40-pound curling stone down         dancing events can provide for a     that, these events are all fairly    in during the winter months,
lengths in which all biathlon       their lane. Another races ahead,      romantic evening. It can also be     predictable.                         there is a wide variety of winter
athletes compete. During the        sweeping the ice to make for a        rather exciting and competitive.               Probably the oddest        events for people to try.
                                                                          American pair Tanith Belbin
                 Focus On: Reggie White Varsity Basketball
What position do you                 What is your favorite Who will you play for after
play?                                food?                 high school?
Forward or center.                   Spaghetti             I will play for the Marines.
 What advice would you                What character from Harry      How long have
 give to other basketball             Potter would you be?           you played basket-
 players?                             Harry Potter                   ball?
 Work hard, eat right,                Why do you play basket-        All my life.
 do you best, have fun,               ball?                     Peanut butter or cheese
 and remember losing                  It’s fun.                 crackers?
 is not fun.
    Valhalla Domination!
Tanya Villalpando                   football game. Both Associated
TAIL EDITOR                         Student Bodies from both Val-
                                    halla and SCHS came together to
Mike Eddie was right; you truly     fight against breast cancer. Both
cannot bend Steele. On October      ASB’s sported the same pink
22, 2010, on a chilly fall night,   shirt as created by SCHS’s own
the cougars defeated Valhalla       Sarah Ritter. During halftime,
at Valhalla 35-14. The victory      both ASB’s went onto the field

                                                                                                 Unique Winter Sports
was a great achievement for         and received a check in which
the varsity cougars. For the past   all the money would go to breast
four years, Valhalla has beaten     cancer, this is the first time that
Steele Canyon, but this time, the                                         Elsa Rodriguez                       take	their	sports	seriously.	     teams	 or	 ice	 sports	 like	 skiing	
                                    both ASB’s united as one and                                               	         Students	at	most	high	  and	snowboarding	that	people	do	
cougars fought back                                                       STAFF REPORTER
                                               fought against a com-                                           schools	do	not	really	acknowl-    in	their	free	time.	SCHS	junior	
with a victory. Varsity                        mon cause together.
                                                                          	           In	 today’s	 modern	
                                                                                                               edge	unique	sports.	As	SCHS	      Fernando	Aguirre	said,	“Well	if	
football coach and                             With the victory, the
                                                                          society,	there	are	various	sports	
                                                                                                               senior	Maggie	Ybarra	said,	“I	    unique	sports	aren’t	popular,	then	
physics teacher Ron                            varsity cougars gained
                                                                          offered	in	high	schools.	Students	
                                                                                                               think	 unique	 sports	 are	 cool,	why	do	people	do	them?”	Even	
Boehmke was espe-                              a stronger grip on the
                                                                          look	for	those	unique	sports	that	
                                                                                                               but	 I	 don’t	 really	 hear	 much	though	unique	sports	are	not	as	
cially ecstatic about                          Jamacha Helmet. With
                                                                          offer	so	much	more	than	just	the	
                                                                                                               about	 them.”	 The	 thing	 is	    recognized	 as	 they	 should	 be,	   	
the victory against the Norse-      this win over Valhalla, the cou-
                                                                          typical	high	school	experience.	
                                                                                                               unique	sports	do	not	have	the	    they	have	to	mean	something	if	
men. “Our team played so well       gars are starting to show how
                                                                          Those	sports	that	some	people	
                                                                                                               publicity	that	traditional	sports	people	 share	 common	 interests	
against them!” said Boehmke.        much the varsity team has come
                                                                          may	 not	 recognize	 as	 sports,	
                                                                                                               do.	Horse	back	riding	is	appre-   in	playing	them.	These	athletes	
On the morning of this ground-      along this football season so far.
                                                                          give	 a	 sense	 of	 unity	 to	 the	
                                                                                                               ciated	 throughout	 the	 world,	  actually	have	more	of	a	passion	
breaking game, the KUSI Prep        Colt Hubbs, varsity football
                                                                          people	partaking	in	them.		It	is	
                                                                                                               and	 has	 its	 own	 schools	 to	  in	 participating	 in	 sports,	 and	
Pigskin Report came to SCHS                                               clear	why	people	choose	to	
                                    player, was especially inspired       participate	in	unique	sports,	 “It is clear why people choose
                                                                                                                                                                are	most	likely	go-
to host the alarm clock pep rally   by this victory, “I just can’t                                                                                              ing	 to	 attend	 their	
in their very own gym.              believe it, this win just inspires
                                                                          and	why	they	are	popular	in	
                                                                                                           to participate in unique sports, practice.	 It	 is	 an	
          There was also some-                                            all	parts	of	the	world.
                                    me to strive to play better every                 Depending	on	the	 and why they are popular in
                                                                                                                                                                overall	 commit-
thing very different that hap-      week,” said Hubbs.
                                                                                                                                                                ment	to	participate	
pened during halftime at the                                              region	in	the	United	States,	
                                                                          there	are	several	sports	of-
                                                                                                                all parts of the world.”                        in	 unique	 sports,	
                                                                                                               practice.	It	is	just	as	competi-                 but	it	is	a	different	
                                                                          fered	 only	 in	 the	 North	 or	
                                                                                                                                                 experience	that	is	worthwhile.
                                                                          West.	In	Florida	there	might	be	 tive	as	any	other	sport	and	has	
                                                                                                                                                 	          Sports	 that	 are	 not	 in	
                                                                          surf	teams,	but	in	states	where	 an	artistic	cultural	experience	
                                                                                                                                                 school	do	not	have	the	competi-
                                                                          it	 snows,	 there	 is	 ice	 hockey.	 that	high	school	sports	do	not	
                                                                                                                                                 tiveness	that	high	school	sports	
                                                                          It	 is	 all	 about	 what	 type	 of	 have.	Ice-skating	is	a	sport	that	
                                                                                                                                                 do.	They	have	a	much	more	close	
                                                                          weather	might	affect	a	sport	or	 also	has	their	own	practice	ar-
                                                                                                                                                 relationship	 with	 teammates.	
                                                                          if	the	sport	is	easily	accessible.	 eas.	There	is	even	clubs	that	of-
                                                                                                                                                 Unique	sports	are	so	much	more	
                                                                          Another	aspect	that	may	affect	 fer	unusual	sports	outside		and	
                                                                                                                                                 than	 just	 something	 to	 do	 after	
                                                                          sports	 is	 school	 budget	 and	 inside	of	school,	for	example	
                                                                                                                                                 school;	they	are	a	way	to	express	
                                                                          space	 for	 practice	 at	 school.	 surf	club,	dodgeball	teams,	and	
                                                                                                                                                 oneself	through	a	passion.	A	pas-
                                                                          There	is	 only	so	 much	money	 badminton	 club.	 Most	 clubs	
                                                                                                                                                 sion	that	these	athletes	endeavor	
                                                                          coming	 from	 the	 government	 are	created	by	people	desiring	
                                                                                                                                                 to	 keep	 their	 sports	 going,	 and	
                                                                          and	 fundraisers	 to	 sponsor	 to	 play	 a	 sport	 different	 than	
                                                                                                                                                 that	is	what	makes	these	sports	
                                                                          sports.	For	this	reason,	unique	 what	is	offered	at	their	schools.	
        Jake Ruysschaert takes down a Norsemen/
                                                                          sports	thrive	in	its	members	and	 There	 are	 even	 roller	 derby	
                        Aseret Sperry
                        FEATURES EDITOR
                        Sefani Casorena
                        STAFF REPORTER

                                                   are YOU going this
            With the holidays around the corner, there are many students in Steele Canyon who are prepared with their own
         plans to go out of the country. Rather than take the time to de-stress and relax from months of hard work, they seize
       the opportunity to see sights and experience new places.
         One cougar is taking an interesting out of country trip, a venture into the heart of Russian culture, Moscow. Here, SCHS
    sophomore Shahan Dolamakian is planning on visiting family and the Red Square. Moscow is the capital of Russia and of-
   fers a crowded city with lots of sites and adventures such as the Moscow Museum and numerous monuments and sculptures.
  “I’m really excited to go see Moscow State University in the dark! I hear it’s a magical view!” said Dolamakian. In addition
 to visiting family and the spectacular sights of Moscow, Dolamakian plans on using his time in Russia to strengthen his small
 Russian vocabulary.
       SCHS sophomore, Lucas Ballard along with his mother and sister are planning on going to the famous country Italy for a
   vacation of a lifetime. His plans are to stay in Rome for a week and a half during winter break. While there, Ballard wants to
    learn more of the Italian language so he can soon be fluent and visit the beautiful cathedrals. “I’ve been thinking a lot about
      the amazing cathedrals we are going to see. I can only imagine how they are going to look!” Ballard said. He has been
        doing research on cathedrals, but he thinks it is going to be completely different to see these monumental building
          with his own eyes.
                Aside from viewing the gargantuan churches, Ballard is also excited to taste the fabulous foods of Rome.
               “Everyday, I would like to try different bakeries to see the variety in food. It will be nice to taste foods
                  from a different culture,” said Ballard.
     Five of the The holiday will be filled with love, joy, and knowledge of new places. With a world filled
world’s edgiest            with wonder and mystery, there are so many places to see and go to. No matter
 rollercoasters!                 what styles of travel taken, whether it is camping out in the wil-
X2                                      derness or enjoying a nice tour in a Roman cathedral,
@ Six Flags Magic
Mountain in Los Angeles
                                                    travel is fun for everyone.
                                                                                                                        COMING IN
                                                                             See some
@ Hersheypark
                                                                          of the world’s                               SPRING 2011             panying Ms. Maneevone
in Hershey, Pennsylvania
                                                                         scariest bridges!                         Every year many teach-
                                                                       Aiguille du Midi Bridge in France        ers from Steele Canyon         to Armsterdam. “I am re-
                                                                                                                host a trip to an array of     ally excited to go on the
Insanity                                                                                                                                       trip. It is a really good
                                    X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain/    Trift Suspension Bridge in Switzerland   different countries and
@ Stratosphere Hotel and
                                                                                  strive to tap into the cul-    group of people and we
Casinoin Las Vegas
                                                                       Capilano Suspension Bridge in            tural fountain of these        will have tons of fun,”
                                                                       Canada                                   other countries. This year,    Heimburg said. However,
Thorpe Park                                                                                                     teachers including Luis        this is not her first time
                                                                       Mackinac Bridge in Michigan                                             going on. She said that
Chertsey, Surrey, U.K.                                                                                          Cely, Spanish teacher at
                                                                                                                SCHS, and Leonie Ma-           she has also gone to East-
                                                                       Puente de Ojuela in Mexico
Kingda Ka                                                                                                       neevone, AP United States      ern Europe. While there,
Six Flags Great Adventure                                                                                       History teacher at Steele,     she visited Hungary, Aus-
                                    Bridge in Pakistan /               Monkey Bridges in Vietnam
Jackson, New Jersey                                                                                             are taking a number of         tria, Germany, Poland,
                                                                                                                Steele Canyon students on      and the Czech Republic.
     DID                                                                                                        these trips.                   “The best part was prob-
                                          THE CITY SHOWDOWN: SAN FRANCISCO VS                                         Maneevone says this      ably hanging out at a park
 YOU KNOW???                                               SAN DIEGO                                            will be her sixth school       in Vienna and watching
San Diego is ranked                       When comparing the two cities in differents tourist                   trip. “We’re going to Par-     the people that lived there
number 2 as the city                         areas, guess who came out as the winner?                           is, to Brussels, Amster-       and the beautiful culture,”
with the most attractive                        Best Weather:                        Nightlife:                                                Heumburg said.
                                                                                                                dam, Copenhagen, and
people and also number                           San Diego                         San Francisco                Oslow.” The tour will be             However, the oppor-
2 for athletic citizens!
                                                                                                                eleven days and they will      tunity to go see Paris or
                                                  Culture:                            People:
                                                                                                                visit sites like the famous    Spain are not closed. Stu-
                                                San Francisco                      San Francisco
                                                                                                                Louvre, along with SCHS        dents are welcome to ask
                                                Food/Dining:               Quality of Life and Visitor          seniors Erin Heimburg,         Ms. Maneevone or Mr.
                                                San Francisco                     Experience:                   Zack Alper, Danica Tshui-      Cely about these spectac-
                                                                                   San Diego                    da, and our own editor-in-     ular trips.
                                                   Hotels:                                                      chief Hannah Snyder . The
“Painted Ladies” in San Francisco                 San Diego                         Shopping:                   trip, as well as Cely’s trip
                                                                                   San Francisco                to Spain, will be with the
                                             Local Specialties:
                                                                                                                educational tours compa-
                                              San Francisco                         Type of Trip:
                                                                                                                ny EF Tours.
                                                                                     San Diego
                                                                                                                       SCHS student, Erin
Downtown San Diego /                              WINNER: SAN FRANCISCO                              Heimburg will be accom-        Amsterdam /
                                                              Stories Continued
   Why Comics Never Die continued from page 5
                                                                                        obsessives, but mar-      ry them which has returned             that do not enjoy reading to
                                                                                        ginalized      comic      comics to a large audience.            get into them because of the
                                                                                        books in the eyes of           Manga have also brought           many       franchised     movies.
                                                                                        the public. In this       a rise in females reading com-           Comics have survived through
                                                                                        time many anti-he-        ics. About 60% of Manga                many tumultuous times, and
                                                                                        roes such as Wol-         readers are women, while 90            have actually gained the most
                                                                                        verine and the Pun-       to 95% of superhero comic              popularity during the worst
                                                                                        isher were created.       readers are male. Also, more           times in American history such
                                                                                            Japanese comics,      of comic books are written             as World War II. With the major
                                                                                        known as manga, and       for adults than for children,          amount of profit they bring in per
                                                                                        grow in sales by 20 to    although a few kid-friendly            year in all of their forms of mer-
                                                                                        30 percent each year.     and clean comics remain.               chandise, it does not look like
                                                                                        Monique Castorena,                In the 2000s, this art         they are going to die out soon.
                                                                                        SCHS Junior, is an        form has allowed people

                                                                                                                   A Night in Review
                                                                                        avid reader of this
Well known comic book characters/                                   type of comic, and says, “They
graphic novels became com-                Included in the most well-          give you the author’s point of

                                                                                                                    continued from
mon in the 1960’s and early               known company, Zap Comix            view,” but she also mentioned
70’s as independent comics                used their ability to make fun      there are pictures to go along
were published separately than            of the government with gro-         with it, so her imagination is

                                                                                                                        page 5
the established, older compa-             tesque cartoons, which estab-       limited, but with books she
nies. These new comics re-                lished publishers could not do      can create her own little world.
flected a youth counterculture            because of the Comic Code.          Hillman said, “Most of them
and the drug culture of the                    Soon, comic book stores                                            seum when the doors opened             lines in and out of museums
                                                                              are really entertaining.” Large                                            moved efficiently and quickly.
time. Many also had detailed              opened across America, be-                                              for free admission at five PM.
                                                                              bookstores have chosen to car-                                             Although the streets became
pornographic      illustrations.          coming a joy for comic book                                             The lines into the museums
                                                                                                                  went quickly, masses pour-             more and more crowded as the

        Organic, Taste the Difference                                                                             ing in while more poured out
                                                                                                                  after twenty or so minutes.
                                                                                                                                                         night wore on, it was hardly
                                                                                                                                                         over-crowded. All around the

          continued from page 4
                                                                                                                       Up and down the streets           event was highly enjoyable
                                                                                                                  kiosks selling anything from           and well rounded. It is recom-
                                                                                                                  jewelry to pillows. The food           mended for families, couples,
                                          fied. Many of the chemicals         produce, eggs, and sometimes        aromas were delightful and             and even groups of friends!
                                          found in these ingredients can      milk. Most cities and counties      never overwhelming. The
                                          be harmful to a persons body.       have a CSA, or Community
                                          Pesticides have been linked to      Supported Agriculture, farm
                                          health problems such as can-        that sells seasonally grown and
                                          cer, obesity, and Alzheimer’s.      locally produced foods. Organ-
                                          Farms that use pesticides and       ic foods most commonly come
Organic fruit and vegetables/   other chemical engineering          from local farms, bringing
Jessenia Orrantia, SCHS se-               are also large contributors to      with them a reverence for the
nior. Non-organic foods can               pollution through synthetic         local culture and counties that
carry a number of pesticides,             fertilizers and pesticide drifts.   produce them. “All the best
and can be chemically rip-                Instead, there are many local       things in life are organic,” said
ened and genetically modi-                companies that sell organic         Valhalla junior Sam Weick.
                                                                                                                  December nights at Balboa/

                    Winter Word Search                                                                                    Word Scramble
                                                                                                                  1) inakar: ______________
                                                                                                                          *Hint: A wooden candleholder, used during
                                                                                                                  Kwanzaa, that holds seven candles.
                                                                                                                  2) letka: ______________
                                                                                                                          *Hint: A hot potato pancake eaten during Ha-
                                                                                                                  3) clroa: ______________
                                                                                                                          *Hint: A song of joy and cheer usually sung
                                                                                                                  around Christmas time.
                                                                                                                  4) dleired: ______________
                                                                                                                          *Hint: A toy that looks like a top and is used
                                                                                                                  for playing a game of chance during Hanukkah.
                                                                                                                  5) seatf: ______________
                                                                                                                          *Hint: A larfe meal prepared for many people.
                                                                                                                  6) mhnoear: ______________
                                                                                                                          *Hint: A nine-branched candle holder used to
                                                                                                                  celebrate Hanukkah.
                                                                                                                  7) letteoiicrnwss: ______________
                                                                                                                          *Hint: A celebration of the sun during the
                                                                                                                  longest night in winter.
                                                                                                                  8) eteatavdrwnh: ______________
                                                                                                                          *Hint: An evergreen wreath with four candles
                                                                                                                  encircling it. Each candle represents a Sunday of
 Winter Holidays                                                                                                                                   9
              Christmas                                                                         Hanukkah
             Sparkling trees with decorative ornaments and                Hanukah, a Jewish holiday, celebrates the Festival of Lights which remembers a miracle that happened
holiday cheer comes only once year. Christmas is probably the          after the temple of David was destroyed. After the temple was destroyed, Romans filled it with their gods,
most celebrated holiday in America. Christmas is celebrated            removing all Jewish traces. The Macabies, a rebel army of Jewish people, took back parts of Israel along
with pine trees, fruitcakes, honey baked ham, and presents,            with the temple. When they were trying to clean the temple, there only enough oil for one night to light
along with the Santa Claus as the national symbol and red              their menorah. Miraculously, this oil lasted eight days giving them enough time to purify the temple.
colors. The origin of Christmas comes from the traditional                Currently, it is celebrated by lighting candles for eight consecutive nights in December on the Ha-
biblical story of Jesus Christ, and is also seen as a pagan            nukkah. It is typically celebrated by eating fried foods as a reminder of the oil. The most common food
tradition. Christmas translates to the Mass of Christ. It is           is ‘Latke’, which is like a potato pancake, usually containing onions. In Israel they make a jelly version.
celebrated in most Christian churches including Eastern Rite,                Another major part of Jewish tradition, is the game ‘Dreidel.’ The goal of the game
Roman, and Protestant on December 25. Though the actual                is to win gold-covered chocolate coins called gelt. The top-like dreidel has Hebrew
origin of Christmas is filled with controversy, Christmas has          words on each of its four sides, that translate to ‘A great miracle happened there’.
turned out to be one of the most popular festivities that fill               Gift giving is not an original tradition. It became an American-Jewish tradition evolved
people with joy and happiness. The celebration of Christmas            to match Christmas. Mr. Miluso, Steele Canyon High School World Studies teacher, notes
has created a variety of traditions throughout the world, and          that, “there is no such thing as a Hanukah bush.” Growing up, he celebrated Hanukkah,
has emerged as one of the most important days for Christians.
In China, they celebrate by lighting their houses with paper            Playing the                                           Making Latkes
lanterns and decorating their Christmas trees, which they
call “Trees of Light,” with paper chains, paper flowers,               Dreidel Game                                Ingredients               3.Cook over medium-
                                                                                                           •4 medium potatoes, about high heat about 2 minutes
and paper lanterns. There is also the traditional tamale          1.Give each player 20
                                                                  pennies                                  1 1/2 pounds                      or until latkes are gold-
that is made for Christmas in Mexico, but has assimilated
                                                                  2.Each player puts 2 pen-                •3 tablespoons olive oil          en brown, turning once.
into American culture. Most of American traditions, such
                                                                  nies in a pot                            •2 eggs, slightly beaten          4.Repeat with remain-
as caroling, gift giving, Christmas dinner, and being
                                          cheerful come from the  3.Spin the dreidel! The                  •2 cloves garlic (optional) ing batter. Add cook-
                                          Victorian      Christmasletter facing up when the                •1/2 teaspoon salt                ing additional oil dur-
                                          that started in England.
                                                                  dreidal stops does the fol-              •2 tablespoons cooking oil ing cooking, as needed.
                                          No matter the tradition,                                         •Non-dairy sour cream             5.        If necessary, reduce
                                          the overall celebration lowing:
                                                                                                                    Directions               heat to medium to prevent
                                          of      Christmas     isNun-Do nothing
                                                                                                           1.Peel and finely shred po- overbrowning. Drain on pa-
                                          surrounded          withGimel-Take everything
                                                                                                           tatoes. In a mixing bowl per towels and keep warm.
                                          happy moments that      Hey-Take half of the pot
                                                                                                           combine potatoes with ol- Serve with non-dairy sour
A recreation of the famos nativity scene/ everyone can relate to. Shin-Put a penny in the                                                                                             ive oil, eggs,garlic (if de- cream, if desired. Makes
                                                                                                           sired), and salt. Using 1/3 about 10 latkes. (Nutri-
                 Kwanzaa                                          4. Thoughout the game,
                                                                  ask players to count pen-
                                                                  nies. Variation - Sub-
                                                                                                           cup mixture for each latke, tion information is given
                                                                                                           press mixture into patties per latke plus 1 teaspoon
   Kwanzaa is a winter holiday, to African Americans and Pan- stitute                                      about the size of the palm non-dairy sour cream.)
                                                                            chocolate gelt
Africans, that celebrates the meaning of being African and human. coins or gold gelt stick-                of your hand,
The name Kwanzaa comes from a phrase in Swahill that means er coins for pennies.                           s q u e e z -
“first fruits.” While each family celebrates Kwanzaa differently,                                          ing out ex-
some activities include singing, dancing, playing African drums,                                           cess liquid.
storytelling, poetry reading, and a large traditional meal. The                                            2.In a large
most traditional activity is the nightly family gatherings in                                              skillet heat
which seven candles are lit (one per night), traditionally by a
                                                                                                           oil over me-
child. The candles are organized by color: three are orange,
one is black, and the remaining three are green. Each candle
represents a different principle that portrays the values and ideals                                       heat. Care-
of African culture, which are usually accompanied by an African                                            fully    slide
folktale. These “seven principles” are called “Nguzo Saba” in                                              patties into
Swahill and were created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966.               A dreidel/                hot        oil. A freshly made Latke/
These Naguzo Saba are Umoja (unity), Kujichagulia
(self-determination),      Ujima      (cooperative
Nia (purpose), Kuumba (creativity), and Imani (faith).
                                                                                                   Winter Solstice
                   Benne Cakes                                               The Winter Solstice has been celebrated by many cultures throughout history, but today, it
Benne cakes are a food from West Africa. Benne means                    primarily celebrated by various Neo-Pagan sects, most prominently Wicca and Neo-Drudism.
sesame seeds. The sesame seeds are eaten for good luck.                 They see it as the rebirth of the sun, as a result of the daytime getting longer and the nighttime
This treat is still eaten in some parts of the American South.          getting shorter after the solstice. Winter Solstice occurs on December 21 or 22 in the northern
                                                                        hemisphere, and on June 22 or 23 in the southern hemisphere. It is often referred to as Yule by
                           Ingredients                                  its adherents. Most Neo-Pagans celebrate it with gatherings that involve a meal and gift giving.
You will need: oil to grease a cookie sheet                                  Many modern holiday traditions have their roots in Pagan ones. One such example is the
1.cup finely packed brown sugar                                         Christmas Tree. Pagans would cut boughs of evergreen trees in December and decorate them to
1/4 cup butter or margarine, softened                                   recognize the winter solstice. Evergreen trees were seen as significant because the managed to
1 egg, beaten                                                           survive the harsh winters of Europe while the other trees, bushes, and livestock around them died
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract                                            off. Similar to evergreen trees, holly was considered sacred by many Druids, as a result of its ability
1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice                                 to survive the harsh winters, and its many medicinal uses at the
1/2 cup all-purpose flour                                               time. The Yule log has its origins in the pagan ritual of Yuletide,
1/2 teaspoon baking powder                                              which was a festival of fire. Most Yule logs are made from
1/4 teaspoon salt                                                       oak, which is
1 cup toasted sesame seeds                                              commonly
                                            Benne cake/       seen as a
Preheat the oven to 325°. Lightly oil a cookie sheet. Mix               symbol of fire.
together the brown sugar and butter, and beat until they are            The logs are
creamy. Stir in the egg, vanilla extract, and lemon juice. Add          decorated and
flour, baking powder, salt, and sesame seeds. Drop by rounded           burned in the
teaspoons onto the cookie sheet 2 inches apart. Bake for 15             hearth on the
minutes or until the edges are browned. Enjoy!                          eve of winter
                                                                        s o l s t i c e . A Winter Solstice festival at Stonehenge /google images A Yule Log/google images
         10 Cougar Page
                                                                                        Monica Rivera
                                                                                      Cougar Page Editor

Dear Scratch,
                                                              Nathaniel Saksa
       I’m a Senior this year and my parents are                9th Grade
still making me go with my little sister to sit on
Santa’s lap and take a picture for our family
Christmas card. I feel like I’m way too old and too
big to be sitting on Santa’s lap, but I don’t want
to spoil this dumb tradition for my sister. Please
help before its time to take the picture this year.
     Sincerely Grinch.

Dear Grinch,
       That is pretty embarrassing, but it’s family
and it’s a jolly holiday, you should do it! You just
said how you don’t want to spoil it for your sister,
so don’t. Continue with the tradition, and who
cares if people from your school see you, just stand
behind him, it’s no a deal, but if your mind is set
on not being in the picture, maybe stand behind
his sleigh, no harsh feelings at all toward anyone.
Take the picture, send it to your relative, and it
will all blow over till next Christmas when you
come home from college and have to do it all over
again, till your sister stops believing in Santa.                                 Photo by: Monica Rivera

       Sincerely Scratch
Merry Christmas!                                        Q: What inspires your outfit choice?
	                                                       “What I do everyday, I go around skat-
                                                        ing all the time.”

                                                       Q: What’s the
                                                                                Q:How would
                                                       most you spent on
                                                                                you describe
 Q: What’s the difference between you                                           your style?
                                                       “Um, probably like
 and your brother, Nolan Saksa’s style?                                         “Skater!”
                                                       $30 on pants.”
 “Everything in every possible way.”
                                                       Q: Where do you get your clothes?
                                                       “I get my clothes wherever they sell skinny
 Q: Bella Swan from Twilight or                        jeans.”
 Hermione Granger from Harry
 Potter?                                               Q:What would you never wear?
 “I don’t know who Bella is, so duh,                   “Hmmm, I would never wear shorts that go
 Hermione!”                                            to my ankles, cholo shorts.”
Cougar Contributors                                                    11

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                                                            Stefani Castorena
                                                           Christianna Barrack
                                                               Jessica Gass
                                                          Shaelynn La Madrid
                                                            Brett Mc Fadden
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                                                      In a world of constant change, the
                                                     Cougar Chronicle strives to portray
                                                        relevant issues in an objective
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                                                     of our abilities, unedited, unbiased,
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  what they
 really want
this Holiday

                 When you sign up for 6-Hours
               Behind-the-Wheel at the same time!
Tanya Villalpando
                                             GLEEKS UNITE
Mercedes Jones
(Amber Riley) Mercedes auditions for the
glee club by performing “Respect” by Aretha                                                                                     Quinn Fabray
Franklin. Mercedes develops a small crush on                                                                        (Dianna Agron) is Finn’s girlfriend,
Kurt, unaware that he is gay. She is hurt when he                                                               head of the cheerleading squad and president of
rejects her, but Mercedes quickly recovers and                                                              the celibacy club. Quinn joins the glee club because
she is supportive when he confides his sexual-                                                            Finn is a member. She reveals to Finn that she is pregnant
ity. After this, the two become especially close                                                        and tells him that the baby is his, although the real father is
friends. When April Rhodes is trying to get the                                                       Finn’s best friend Puck’s. Quinn agrees to let Will’s wife Terri
other Glee club members on her side, she teach-                                                      secretly adopt her baby, but is then kicked off the cheerleading
es Mercedes and Tina how to shoplift. Dismayed                                                      team, and is thrown out by her parents. Quinn tries to rejoin the
at never receiving solo songs, Mercedes joins                                                       Cheerios to be in the team’s yearbook photograph, but ultimately
the Cheerios with Kurt. She briefly dates Puck,                                                       decides she would rather be a part of the glee club where she
but breaks up with him and quits cheerleading.                                                         feels accepted. Finn learns from Rachel that Puck is the father
                                                                                                         of Quinn’s baby. He breaks up with Quinn, who tells Puck
                                                                                                           that she wishes to deal with her pregnancy by herself.
                                                     Top Ten Glee Songs                                       Quinn gives birth to her daughter, who Puck names
                       Kurt                        10. Happy Days Are Here Again / Get                            Beth. Eventually, she regains her posi-
                    Hummel                         Happy                                                                tion as captain of the cheerios.
                (Chris Colfer) is a                9. Don’t Stop Believin’
           singer who is bullied by the            8. Toxic
      football team. Over the course of the        7. River Deep, Mountain High
       first season, Kurt comes out as gay         6. Sweet Transvestite
         and develops a crush on Finn.             5. Damn It, Janet                                            “Glee gives everyone
          In the episode “Wheels”, he              4. Lucky
            competes with Rachel to                3. Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?                      someone to relate to
             perform “Defying Grav-                2. Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me                          and ways to get out of
              ity” from Wicked.                    1.Time Warp
                                                                                                                their “funk”
                                                                           Rachel Berry
      Noah “Puck” Puckerman
                                                                  (Lea Michele) Is a strong,                      -Ryan Guaderrama
      (Mark Salling) is Finn’s best
      friend and football teammate,
                                                                driven member of the glee club,
                                                              who is misunderstood. Rachel had
                                                                                                                  (Gleeks president)
      who initially disapproves of Finn
                                                            an on-off relationship with Finn. Ra-
      joining the glee club. He is the fa-
                                                          chel quits the glee club when Will assigns
      ther of Quinn’s baby. He is known
                                                        a solo performance she wanted for herself to
      has the “bad boy” in the school.
                                                       Tina, but later rejoins the glee club. Rachel has                                Finn
                                                     a brief relationship with Puck, but breaks up with                              Hudson
                                                       him over her feelings for Finn. She later dates                          (Cory Monteith)-
                                                         Jesse St. James, the lead singer of rival glee                    is star quarterback of the
                 William“Will”Schuester                    club Vocal Adrenaline, who ultimately be-                   school’s football team who risks
              (Matthew Morrison)- is McKin-                  trays her. Rachel discovers that Vocal               alienation by his friends to join the Glee Club.
       ley High’s Spanish teacher who becomes                  Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran              He is dating Quinn, but is conflicted by his growing
      director of the glee club, hoping to restore               is her birth mother, but the two        feelings for Rachel. Quinn later tells Finn she is pregnant and
     it to its former glory. Will is married to Terri.             fail to forge a relationship.          he is the father. Finn intends to support her, unaware the
    Believing her to be pregnant, unaware that she
                                                                                                           father is actually his best friend Puck’s. He believes that
   actually experienced a hysterical pregnancy, he
                                                                                                            he is the father of Quinn’s baby despite the fact that they
  considers leaving the teaching field to become an
                                                                                                             have never had sex. He tells Quinn’s parents that she
  accountant. He ultimately decides to stay a teach-                           S u e
                                                                                                              is pregnant by singing “You’re Having My Baby”
 er, though briefly works after hours at the school as                       Sylvester
                                                                                                               to her, causing her parents to confront the young
a janitor to earn extra money. His dedication to the                       (Jane Lynch)
                                                                                                                couple and subsequently throw Quinn out. Finn
  glee club wavers when his choreography skills                          is head coach of
                                                                                                                  finds out that Quinn’s baby is Puck’s. He
      are called into question, but after starting a                  the cheerleading squad
                                                                                                                   breaks up with Quinn and is no longer friends
         well-received all-male acappella group,                    or “Cheerios”, and the
                                                                                                                    with Puck. He later loses his virginity to
           tThe Acafellas, he recommits to the                    glee club’s “arch-nemesis”.
                                                                                                                     Santana, but feels it meant nothing.
              club. After discovering Terri                    Sue enlists cheerleaders Quinn,
                faked her pregnancy, Will                    Brittany and Santana to help her
                  ends his marriage.                      bring the glee club down from the inside.
                                                                                                                      Artie Abrams
                                                                                                                      (Kevin McHale) Artie is a “nerd” who loves
                                                                                                                      glee club. Artie uses a wheelchair due to a
                                                            Tina Cohen-Chang
Brittany Pierce                                                                                                       spinal cord injury he received in a car crash
                                                            (Jenna Ushkowitz) auditioned for glee club
(Heather Morris) is a cheerleader who joins                                                                           at the age of eight. He has feelings for Tina,
                                                            with the song “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy
the glee club with Quinn and Santana and is                                                                           but is hurt to discover she has been faking a
                                                            Perry. She goes on a date with Artie, and
portrayed as being “literally insane”. Brittany’s                                                                     speech impediment. It is revealed that Tina
                                                            confesses to him that she has been faking
character traits including finding recipes confus-                                                                    left Artie for Mike Chang. Artie then joins
                                                            a speech impediment since the sixth grade,
ing, cheating off intellectually disabled class-                                                                      the football team in an attempt to get abs
                                                            because she wanted to drive people away,
mates and not knowing her right hand from her                                                                         like Mike’s, hoping this will bring Tina back
                                                            but as part of the glee club, she no longer
left. She makes her singing debut in the season                                                                       to him. Artie loses his virginity to Brittany.
                                                            wants that. Artie tells her that the connec-
two episode “Britney/Brittany”, performing two                                                                        Upon realizing his still-existing feelings for
                                                            tion he thought they shared was a lie. Artie
songs. Brittany has a physical relationship with                                                                      Tina, and that Brittany has most likely used
                                                            forgives Tina and they begin to date. Their
Santana, in which Santana gives Brittany a hick-                                                                      him sexually to ensure their duet for Glee
                                                            relationship later breaks off when she be-
ey, Brittany also has a brief romance with Artie.                                                                     club, he quickly breaks off all ties with Brit-
                                                            gins dating Mike Chang, but that relation-                tany
                                                            ship is rocky at best.

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