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Indian Construction Industry: An Analysis

Description:    This report is a comprehensive study of the Indian construction industry within the larger context of
                various environmental factors. A unique aspect of this report is a peer group competitive analysis,
                which includes profiling of L&T, Gammon India, Jaiprakash Associates, and HCC on various financial
                and industry-specific qualitative parameters. Apart from studying the key drivers and critical issues
                in the construction industry, the report also scans the environment through a PEST analysis. It also
                examines the competitive dynamics along the industry supply chain within Porter’s Five Forces

                Additionally, an outlook for the sector has been provided in the report.

                Some of the key findings of the report are:

                - India recorded the highest construction spend growth in 2005, driven by growing number of
                infrastructure projects and a booming real estate sector
                - The introduction of REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) by mobilizing capital markets will
                further accelerate real estate growth
                - Jaiprakash Associates has the highest liquidity ratio, indicating a strong cash reserve that could
                be used to bid for large projects
                - Technological developments, such as ready-mix concrete, 3-D modeling, and mobile computing,
                are being used more often now

Contents:       1. Introduction

                 1.1 Industry Definition
                 The Indian construction industry encompasses establishments engaged in building residential,
                commercial, and civil engineering works

                 1.2 Industry Segments
                 This industry segment includes residential, farm, industrial, commercial, or other buildings
                constructed by general contractors and operative builders

                 2. Market Dynamics

                 2.1 Market Overview
                 The main industrial growth drivers are rising spending on infrastructure and increased non-
                residential development

                 2.2 Trend Analysis
                 Industry Moving Towards Consolidation
                 Public-Private Partnership
                 Increasing Demand for Housing
                 Widening Demand–Supply Gap
                 Increased Foreign Participation

                 2.3 Key Drivers
                 Rising Household Income
                 Lucrative Investment Alternatives
                 Changing Age Profile
                 Booming IT&ITES Sector
                 Surging Retail Demand

                 2.4 Major Issues and Implications
                 Title Clearances
                 Pending Land Reforms
Procedural & Legal Vulnerability
Urban Land Monopoly
Manpower Shortage
Debatable Tax Status under Section 80I (A)
Infrastructure Bottlenecks

3. PEST Analysis

3.1 Political Factors
SEZ Act to Boost Infrastructural Development
Cement Prices Reduced for State Infrastructure Projects
FDI Liberalization to Augment Industry Growth
REITs to Positively Affect Real Estate Business

3.2 Economic Factors
Growth in Construction Activity Stimulating GDP Growth
Rate Hikes Unlikely To Slow Down Growth

3.3 Social Factors
Shifting Consumption Pattern to Fuel Industry Growth
Rising Urbanization to Boost Industrial Growth

3.4 Technological Factors
Low Technology Adoption to Hinder Growth
Construction as per Indian Requirements
Ready-Mix–Concrete Being Experimented With

4. Michael Porter’s Five Force Analysis

4.1 Buyer Power
Low/ Moderate Bargaining Power of Buyers

4.2 Supplier Power
Moderate/ High Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.3 Intensity of Competition

4.4 Threat of New Entrants
Low barriers to entry

4.5 Threat of Substitute Products

5. Competitive Landscape
Larsen & Toubro Limited
Jaiprakash Associates
Hindustan Construction Company
Gammon India

5.1 Competitive Positioning

5.2 Competitive Strategies

Larsen & Toubro Limited

Continued Focus on Resource Utilization

Divestment Plans for its Non-core Business

Jaiprakash Associates

Expansion Plans
Hindustan Construction Company (HCC)

Increased Focus on Overseas Market

Development of Sub-contractor Base to Cut-costs

Gammon India

Foraying into MRTS Segment

Early Entry to Achieve Dominant Position

5.3 Financial Analysis

5.3.1 Income Statement Analysis

5.3.2 Balance Sheet Analysis

5.4 Stock Market Performance
All the four players outperformed the Sensex between May 2005 and May 2006 (till May 17)

 6. Industry Outlook
 The government’s commitments to infrastructure development, especially in the power and road
sectors, are likely to add further impetus to the industry’s growth

Appendix 1: Conferences and Annual Meetings
Appendix 2: Industry Associations and Organizations

List of Tables/Figures

 Figure   2.1 Global Construction Spending Growth 2004-2005
 Figure   2.2 Indian Real Estate Market 2003-2008E
 Figure   2.3 Hydropower Potential in India: Only 19.3% Developed January 31, 2006
 Figure   2.4 Air Passengers 1996-2005
 Figure   2.5 Aircraft & Freight Movement 1996-2005
 Figure   2.6 Growth in Containerization 1994-2004
 Figure   2.7 Public-Private Partnership Model
 Figure   2.8 Shortage in Housing 1961-2007E
 Figure   2.9 Total Home Loan Disbursements, 1998-99 to 2008-2009E
 Figure   2.10 FDI in Real Estate 2003-2005E
 Figure   2.11 % of Young Population (<25 yrs age)
 Figure   2.12 Demand for Space in IT/ITES Sector 2003-2009E
 Figure   2.13 No. of People Employed in the IT/ITES sector 2003-2008E
 Figure   2.14 Demand for Retail Space in India 2003-2007E
 Figure   3.1 Performance of Construction Industry FY02-FY06
 Figure   3.2 Changing Consumption Pattern 2003 & 2008E
 Figure   3.3 Indias Urban Population 1951-2011E
 Figure   5.1 Revenue FY05
 Figure   5.2 Profitability Ratios FY05
 Figure   5.3 Liquidity Ratios FY05
 Figure   5.4 Performance Ratios FY05
 Figure   5.5 Stock Performance May 2005-May 2006

Table   2.1   Road Network in India February 22,2006
Table   2.2   NHDP Roadmap
Table   2.3   Planned Power Sector Capacity Additions 2002-2007 & 2007-2012
Table   2.4   Classification of Earning Groups 2002 & 2010
Table   2.5   Indian Population Distribution by Age 1996-2013E
Table   2.6   Future of Organized Retail Segment 2006-2007
Table   3.1   Fixed and Floating Rate 2005-06
Table   6.1   Sector – Wise Infrastructure Investment (in US$ billion) 2004-05 and 2005-06E
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Description: Technology Indian Real Estate Construction Industry document sample