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Lean Leader Certificate Course by CraigGreenhill


     10th to 14th
     August 2009

       HERA House
   17-19 Gladding Place

    Manukau Auckland

  Registrations close on:
 Friday 31st of July 09                     Solutions Limited
                                                           In Association with

                                                        New Zealand’s                     1st
                                                            Lean Leader
                                                      Certification Programme

                              Participants will
                              •     Learn ALL they need to know about Lean and how to apply
                                    Lean in their work areas successfully
                              •     Learn thru simulations, games, videos and discussions;
                              •     Complete a Lean Assessment
                              •     Draw current and future state Value Stream Maps
                              •     Develop a strategy to implement Lean
                              •     Work on a 90 day workplace project and upon successful
                                    completion will be awarded a “Lean Leader” certificate
                              •     A study tour to a site where Lean has already been
                              •     Includes a site visit to participant’s plant by a PSL
                                    consultant / coach, but excludes travel cost out of AKL
                              •     Three Months unlimited email and phone support
                              •     Can be linked to National Qualification Framework Unit
                                    Standards at a small cost

                              Productivity Solutions Limited           Heavy Engineering Research
                              PO Box 24499 Royal Oak                   PO Box 76 134 Manukau City
                              Auckland—1345                            Auckland - 2241
                              Phone: 64 (0) 21 173 1060                Phone: 64 (9) 262 2885
                              Email:   Email:
                              Web :     Web :
                            Course Outline ...
LEAN LEADER CERTIFICATION   Day 1: Introduction to Lean Implementation and Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

                            In this interactive learning experience, participants will learn a specific sequence of steps and
                            initiatives comprising a lean manufacturing action plan that real leaders in real companies can
                            deploy. The course introduces participants to the concept of value and value stream.

                            Value Stream Mapping is a powerful tool for analyzing information and material flow
                            throughout an organization or between organizations and identifying and planning
                            improvements. In this course, you will learn how to effectively identify and eliminate waste
                            and sources of waste in your organization. Participants in the class will work through a case
                            example. Based on the case example discussed, they will create a current state map for their
                            organisation , analyze the current state map, and identify opportunities for improvement.

                            Day 2: Creating a Visual Factory and Mistake Proofing (Poka-Yoke)

                            This course will teach the principles of process Kaizen. Process Kaizen events are highly
                            focused continuous improvement activities that can be used to launch 5-S, TPM, Set-up
                            Reduction/Quick Changeover, and/or Cellular Flow implementation projects. This course will
                            teach you how to implement a kaizen activity and will focus on the process kaizen tools of 5S,
                            visual controls, Problem Solving / Root Cause Analysis and Mistake Proofing.
                            The key elements of a Visual Factory are: a) Work Place Organization and Standardization - 5S
                            b) Visual Display- sharing information c) Visual Controls- prevent defects and errors.
                            The participants will learn and plan to implement a kaizen event in their workplace which could
                            be the project for Lean Leader Certification.

                            Day 3: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

                            This course will teach the principles of Total Productive Maintenance. TPM and SMED are two
                            essential ingredients in a lean manufacturing program. The TPM system addresses production
                            operation with a solid, team-based proactive program. It helps eliminate losses from break-
                            downs, defects, and accidents and improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

                            Study Tour —Participants will visit a site where Lean has been implemented (fully or partly),
                            analyse how the implementation has been done, offer any suggestions to the management for
                            continuous improvement and also take away any learning's for their benefit.

                            Day 4: Quick Changeover (SMED) and Creating Continuous Flow

                            The SMED system for quick changeover is a three-phase system aimed at reducing changeover
                            time on equipment; this allows for smaller batches and less inventory throughout the value
                            stream. Participants will learn how to reduce changeover times using the SMED concept.

                            In the second part, participants will learn how to design manufacturing cells for true one-piece
                            flow. The course is comprehensive in that it covers all facets of this discipline: understanding
                            takt time, physical layout, analyzing standard work and creating standard work charts, line
                            balancing, load-levelling, introduction of pull systems such as Kanban, and more. Participants
                            will work through case examples. They will design cells and work through necessary calcula-
                            tions and analysis. Skills will be immediately applicable to the "real world."

                            Day 5: Creating a future state VSM, Developing a strategy for Lean
                            Implementation, Leading Change and Developing Lean Culture
                            Participants will create a future state VSM for their organization based on the
                            opportunities identified on day 1 and various concepts they have learnt. Once this is
                            done, they will develop a strategy for successful Lean implementation using Hoshin
                            Kanri or Policy Deployment. This course also covers how to lead and manage the
                            change successfully.

                            Participants will be asked to prioritize the opportunities identified through VSM and
                            the Lean assessment and will be asked to fill in a Project Charter for their workplace
                            project. The project charter will have to be approved by their CEO/MD/GM before
                            the project can be started in the workplace.
Benefits of Lean:

                                                                                               LEAN LEADER CERTIFICATION
•     The ability to dramatically reduce inventory and improve lead-time.
•     Planning and identifying kaizen events for optimum effectiveness.
•     The ability for participants from different parts of an organization to gain an
      understanding of the overall information and material flow.
•     Ability to elicit feedback from shop floor level employees (a valuable
      source of information)
•     Improved Productivity, Quality, Equipment Uptime and Safety
•     Improved employee morale and Less Absenteeism
•     Improved Ability to Respond to Customer Needs; Shorter lead times
•     Ability to better handle fluctuating demand
•     Higher inventory turns, Lower Raw Material, WIP and Finished Goods inventory
•     Fewer parts shortages, Less expedited production
•     Improved on-time delivery to customers
•     Less overtime
•     Improved Quote Conversion Rate

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for senior level operations/manufacturing executives, manufacturing
and plant managers, production control managers and supervisors, materials managers and
analysts, manufacturing and industrial engineers, industrial managers, operations engineers,
purchasing personnel, basically anyone involved in the changeover to a lean operation.

Presented by ...
                     Vishnu Rayapeddi is the Founder and Managing Director of
                     Productivity Solutions Limited and has over 23 years of
                     Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management experience along with
                     2     of years of Consulting and Coaching.

                     Vishnu is a specialist in implementing process improvements using
                     Lean and Six Sigma methodologies such as, DMAIC, Value Stream
                     Mapping, Problem Solving Skills, 5S, Quick Changeovers, Quality and
                     Reliability, Visual Management, Standard Work, Pull, JIT and Kanban.

He complements this with key change management skills, including business process & gap
analysis, identifying improvements, bench marking and ways to implement change;
Facilitating changes to systems, processes and procedures; Forming teams to lead them in
the right direction, coaching and mentoring them to achieve the desired results.

Vishnu has a broad perspective and understanding of the whole business and how it
operates in an ever-changing competitive world, recognising the key business drivers,
realising the opportunities to advance the business, understanding and applying key drivers
of business performance.

Vishnu is an associate of the CMI Consortium of ITO’s apart from being an Associate of
HERA, Rath & Strong. Vishnu has delivered a number of public and in-house workshops
including co-delivering of a workshop on “World-Class      Manufacturing” at Waikato

                    Mike Edgington has worked in manufacturing for over 20 years in both
                    New Zealand and Australia, with experience across a broad range of
                    industries including metals, refrigeration, electrical/electronics and

                    Mike started on the shop floor, and has been in various management
                    positions over the past 10 years, leading to a style which ensures solid
                    communication with all levels in a business. Mike has a real passion for
                    the manufacturing sector in New Zealand, and is focused on driving
                    improvement within an organisation and its supply chain to       ensure
                    continued success for shareholders, and manufacturing as a whole in

Mike currently works as an Operational Excellence Coach for Productivity Solutions Limited .
What others say about PSL workshops ...

                                                                                             LEAN LEADER CERTIFICATION
“I found very good value in this course even though I attended many other similar and
have attended Gemba Kaizen in Japan” - Production Engineering Manager, Rakon Limited
“Definitely value for money, well presented by a facilitator who obviously knows his stuff
in depth” - Heath & Safety Manager, Nelson Port

“Enjoyed the practical part of the course, in actually applying the content to a real
situation. Excellent! Extremely beneficial” - ERP Consultant, COGITA

“Excellent Course. I knew a little of Lean Manufacturing before attending and now have
the additional knowledge to implement some areas in my workplace. Many Thanks” -
Customer Service Manager, MCK Metals.
“Clearly a good listing of modern approaches of production and project improvement.
Operational Excellence is a thing not really wide spread in NZ factory floor. Practical
examples were very good” - Projects Manager, Baker Cranes.
“It has allowed me to identify a lot of areas in our business for improvement. It is
incredibly applicable even though our primary business is maintenance and not
manufacturing. Anything we can do to increase productivity in our business to offset the
labour shortage is more than worthwhile” - Maintenance Supervisor, ABB NZ.

Registration (Fax Back) Form
Cost: $2,999 + GST per head (HERA/EMA members receive a 5% Discount)

•     5% discount applicable for 2 or more participants from the same organisation
•     Pay in full on or before 15th of July and save a further 5% (Last date: 31/07/09)

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Forward with payment at least 14 days prior to the workshop to HERA, PO Box 76 134,
Manukau City or if invoiced e-mail to : or fax to 09 262 2856.

Cancellations and Refunds: Must be received 14 days prior in writing. 10% admin
charges will be deducted. Cancellation within 14 days will attract a 25% charge.

Enquiries:      HERA                                Productivity Solutions Limited
                P: (09) 262 2885 F: (09) 262 2856   Ph: 021 173 1060
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