cheaper-by-the-dozen-test-review by cuiliqing


									Cheaper by the Dozen test review

In the following statements, know which one happened first in the book:

        Dad would make an announcement, show off his family or hand out presents.
        Dad would whistle a loud, shrill tune.

         Bill blew the horn on the Pierce Arrow.
         Dad fell into the engine of the car.

         A lady who saw the family in the car thought they were children from an
          Mother said that the girls no longer had to wear dusters in the car.

          The children would need “to visit Mrs. Murphy”.
          The family would finish their picnic and depart.

          Dad became a foreman of a bricklayer crew.

          Dad invented a scaffolding to make bricklaying easier.

          Lill painted a fence for forty-seven cents.
          Dad bought Lill a pair of roller skates.

          Dad did not attend church services.
          Dad did not like the ministers he met on a boat trip to Europe.

        The family visited Mom’s family in California.

       Dad began working for the War Department in World War

     The children all ducked under the lawn sprinkler.

     The children were extremely well-behaved at their grandparents’ house.
     Several of the children had their tonsils out.

     Dad had his tonsils taken out.

Think about the following chapters and decide what you think the main idea should be:

Chapter 11, “Nantucket”

Chapter 12, “The Rena”

Chapter 13, “Have You Seen the Latest Model?”

Chapter 14, “Flash Powder and Funerals”

Chapter 16, “Over the Hill”

Chapter 17, “Four Wheels, No Brakes”

Chapter 18, “Motorcycle Mac”

Chapter 19, “The Party Who Called You…”

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