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Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) CDB High Tech Executive Database

Profit Center Head                               Top Internal Audit Executive
Profit Center Head
Top Regional Executive                           Information Technology
Country Manager                                  Top Information Technology Executive
                                                 Top Applications Development Executive
Other Executive and Administrative               Top Telecommunications Executive
Top Administration Executive (Major Functions)   Top Technology Infrastructure Executive
Top Total Quality Executive                      Top Technology Platforms Executive
Top Non-Manufacturing Operations Executive
                                                 Research & Development
Legal                                            Top Research & Development Executive
Top Legal Executive                              Top Technology Product Development Executive
Top Commercial Services Executive
                                                 Corporate Affairs
Human Resources                                  Top Corporate Affairs Executive
Top Human Resources Executive                    Top Public Relations Executive
Top Employee/Labor Relations Executive
Top Compensation and Benefits Executive          Planning and Business Development
Top Employment/Recruitment Executive             Top Planning and Business Development
Top Training and Development Executive              Executive
                                                 Top Strategic Alliance Executive
Top Manufacturing Executive                      Procurement and Logistics
Top Engineering Executive                        Top Procurement Executive
Plant Manager                                    Top Logistics Executive
                                                 Top Supply Chain Executive
Top Sales and Marketing Executive                Property Management
Top Sales Executive                              Top Property Management Executive
Regional Field Sales Executive                   Top Facilities Management Executive
National/Global Accounts Executive
Top Channel Sales Executive                      Network Services and Operations
Top Marketing Executive                          Top Network Services Executive
Top Product Marketing Executive                  Top Data and Internet Network Services Executive
Top New Product Development Executive            Top Network Architecture and Development
Top Merchandising Executive                         Services Executive
Top Retail Operations Executive
                                                 Professional Services
Customer Operations                              Consultancy/Professional Services Executive
Top Customer Service Executive                   Service Delivery Executive
Customer Service Executive (nontechnical)        Business Consulting Executive
Pre-Sales Service Executive                      Technology Consulting Executive
Call Center Executive                            Outsourcing Executive
Technical Customer Support Executive             Outsourcing Delivery Executive
                                                 Professional Services and Support Executive
Top Financial Executive                          Program Management
Controller                                       Program Management Executive
Top Tax Executive
Top General Accounting Executive
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) CDB High Tech Middle Management,
Professional and Support Database
The EMEA CDB High Tech Middle Management, Professional and Support (MMPS) database is based on
Towers Perrin's career level approach. The premise underlying the career level concept is that there are
discernible broad steps in an individual's career, which are consistent across organizations. While each
organization may have a unique approach to slotting individuals or positions/roles into a pay system, the
approach can be translated into generic career levels that together form a typical career ladder. For purposes
of this database, four supervisory/manager levels, six individual contributor professional levels, five individual
contributor sales (customer focused) levels, four support levels and four production levels have been profiled.

    Management                          Professional                                    Support

                              P6 Renowned
         M4 Group
                               P5 Master           S5 Senior Expert
         M3 Senior
         Manager                                      S4 Expert
                              P4 Specialist
        M2 Manager
                               P3 Career              S3 Career
       M1 Supervisor
                             P2 Intermediate       S2 Intermediate           T4 Lead
                                                                                                   W4 Lead
                                P1 Entry              S1 Entry              T3 Senior
                                                                                                  W3 Senior
                                                                          T2 Intermediate
                                                                                                W2 Intermediate
                                                                             T1 Entry
                                                                                                   W1 Entry

       Supervisory/          Professional         Customer/Client          Technical/            Production/
       Management                                  Management              Business              Operations
                                                    and Sales               Support

       Managers                                        Individual Contributors
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As of January 1, 2007
2007 EMEA CDB High Tech Middle Management, Professional and Support Database

All Industry Functions                                    Customer/Client Management and Sales
AAS     Administrative Services                              Functions
AAY     Security                                          CAM Account Management
ACA     Corporate Affairs/Communications                  CBM Bid Management
ACD Strategic Planning/Corporate Development              CDM Client Service Delivery Management
AFA     Accounting, Credit and Collections                CSC Channel Sales
AFT     Financial Analysis, Audit and Tax                 CSD Direct Sales
AHR Human Resources                                       CSL   Large Deal Acquisition Sales
AHS     Environmental, Health and Safety                  CTS   Telesales
AID     IT Development                                    CUS Sales Support and Administration
AIT     IT Administration                                 CUT   Technical Sales Support
ALG     Legal                                             Retail Functions
ALS     Legal Support                                     RET     Retailing
AMK Marketing
AMS Customer Support/ Operations                          Technology Functions
AMT Technical Customer Support                            TCB Business Consulting
AOM Manufacturing/Operations                              TCT Technology/Systems Consulting
APM Project Management                                    THS High Volume Software Development
AQY Quality Assurance Methods                             TOS Outsourcing Project Management
ARE     Real Estate and Facilities                        TPD Technology Product Development
ARS     Research Science                                  TPS Technology Product Development Support
ARU Research Science Support
ASC     Supply Chain Management
AZE     Engineering
AZT     Technical Specialty/Skilled Trade
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As of January 1, 2007
2007 EMEA CDB High Tech Middle Management, Professional and Support Database

All Industry
Administrative Services                                   Rates
Administrative Services Generic/Generalist                Financial/Business Controls and Audit
Office/Location Services                                      Generic/Generalist
Office Refreshments/Help                                  Financial Analysis, Audit and Tax – No Applicable
Receptionist/Switchboard                                      Discipline
Secretarial/Executive Administrative Assistance
Administrative Services – No Applicable Discipline        Human Resources
                                                          HR Generalist/Consultant Generic/Generalist
                                                          Compensation and Benefits Generic/Generalist
Security                                                  Compensation – Sales Compensation
Security Generic/Generalist                               Employee/Labor Relations
Security – No Applicable Discipline                       Employee Development/Training
Corporate Affairs/Communications                          Recruitment Generic/Generalist
Corporate Affairs/Communications                          Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
    Generic/Generalist                                    Human Resources – No Applicable Discipline
Public Relations
Regulatory Affairs                                        Environmental, Health and Safety
Investor Relations                                        Environmental, Health and Safety
Internal/Employee Communications                             Generic/Generalist
Corporate Affairs/Communications – No Applicable          Environmental, Health and Safety – No Applicable
    Discipline                                               Discipline

Strategic Planning/Corporate Development                  IT Development
Strategic Planning/Corporate Development                  IT Development Generic/Generalist
    Generic/Generalist                                    Application Development
Corporate Development and Licensing                       Internet/Web Application Development
    Generic/Generalist                                    Business Systems Analysis
Strategic Planning/Corporate Development – No             IT Architecture (Systems Design)
    Applicable Discipline                                 Systems Software Engineering
Accounting, Credit and Collections                        Software Quality Assurance and Testing
Accounting, Credit and Collections                        Database Design and Analysis
    Generic/Generalist                                    Network Architecture Design
General Accounting                                        Network Planning and Implementation
Accounts Payable/Receivable                               Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Payroll                                                   IS Security Development
Credit                                                    IT Development – No Applicable Discipline
Accounting, Credit and Collections – No Applicable        IT Administration
    Discipline                                            IT Administration Generic/Generalist
                                                          Computer Systems Administration
Financial Analysis, Audit and Tax                         Web Site Administration
Financial Analysis, Audit and Tax                         Help Desk Support
    Generic/Generalist                                    Database Administration
Financial Analysis                                        Network Control/Administration
Budget Analysis                                           IS Security
Treasury Operations                                       IT Training/Documentation
Tax Reporting and Compliance                              IT Outsourcing Management
Risk Management                                           IT Administration – No Applicable Discipline
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As of January 1, 2007
2007 EMEA CDB High Tech Middle Management, Professional and Support Database

All Industry (continued)
Legal                                                     Engineering Project Management
Legal Generic/Generalist                                  Product Development Project/Program
Intellectual Property/Patent Law                              Management
Legal – No Applicable Discipline                          Resource Management
                                                          Project Management – No Applicable Discipline
Legal Support
Legal Support Generic/Generalist                          Quality Assurance Methods
Paralegal                                                 Quality Assurance Methods Generic/Generalist
Contract Administration                                   Quality Systems/Customer Satisfaction
Legal Support – No Applicable Discipline                  Business Process Improvement
                                                          Quality Assurance Methods – No Applicable
Marketing                                                    Discipline
Marketing Generic/Generalist
Channel/Partnership/Co-Branded Marketing                  Real Estate and Facilities
Marketing Communications                                  Real Estate and Facilities Generic/Generalist
Market/Segment Development                                Real Estate/Property Management
Market Research/Intelligence                              Facilities Management
Product Management                                        Real Estate and Facilities – No Applicable
Direct Marketing/Analysis                                     Discipline
Brand Marketing
E-Commerce Marketing
Web Content Management/Production                         Research Science
Web Graphic/Visual Design                                 Research Science Generic/Generalist
Web Multimedia Production                                 Research Science – No Applicable Discipline
Marketing – No Applicable Discipline
Customer Support/Operations                               Research Science Support
Customer Support/Operations Generic/Generalist            Research Science Support Generic/Generalist
Customer Contact Center                                   Research Science Support – No Applicable
High Volume Customer Billing                                 Discipline
Customer Support/Operations – No Applicable
    Discipline                                            Supply Chain Management
                                                          Supply Chain Management Generic/Generalist
Technical Customer Support                                Supply Chain Development and Optimization
Technical Customer Support Generic/Generalist             Materials Management
Technical Customer Support – Remote/Help Desk             Logistics
Technical Customer Support – Customer Site                Import/Export
Repair Center                                             Warehousing
Technical Customer Support – No Applicable                Fulfillment
   Discipline                                             Purchasing Generic/Generalist
                                                          Goods Purchasing
                                                          Services Purchasing
Manufacturing/Operations                                  Technical Purchasing
Manufacturing/Operations Generic/Generalist               Supply Chain Management – No Applicable
Production Planning and Control                                Discipline
Wafer Fab/Semiconductor Operations
Manufacturing/Operations – No Applicable
   Discipline                                             Engineering
                                                          Engineering Generic/Generalist
                                                          Quality Assurance Engineering
Project Management                                        Process Engineering
Project Management Generic/Generalist                     Manufacturing Engineering
Information Technology Project Management
Facilities Construction Project Management
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As of January 1, 2007
2007 EMEA CDB High Tech Middle Management, Professional and Support Database

All Industry (continued)
Engineering (continued)                                   Client Service Delivery Management – No
Network Engineering                                           Applicable Discipline
Network Activation/Deployment/Construction/
    Installation Engineering                              Channel Sales
Network Design and Planning (Network                      Channel Sales Generic/Generalist
    Architecture) Engineering                             Channel Sales – IT Hardware/Software Products
Switch Engineering                                        Channel Sales – Telecom Services
Engineering – No Applicable Discipline                    Channel Sales – No Applicable Discipline

Technical Specialty/Skilled Trade
Technical Specialty/Skilled Trade                         Direct Sales
     Generic/Generalist                                   Direct Sales Generic/Generalist
Equipment Maintenance Technical Specialty                 Direct Sales – Services Generic/Generalist
Calibration Technical Specialty                           Direct Sales – IT Hardware/Software Products
Product Test/Debug Technical Specialty                    Direct Sales – IT Hardware Products
Facilities Technical Specialty                            Direct Sales – IT Software Products
Process Technical Specialty                               Direct Sales – Telecom Hardware/Software
Quality Control/Inspection Technical Specialty                Products
Test Equipment Technical Specialty                        Direct Sales – Semiconductors
CAD/CAE Drafting Technical Specialty                      Direct Sales – Telecom Services
Skilled Trade Generic/Generalist                          Direct Sales – No Applicable Discipline
Network Operations Technical Specialty
Semiconductor Manufacturing Technical Specialty
Technical Specialty/Skilled Trade – No Applicable         Large Deal Acquisition Sales
     Discipline                                           Large Deal Acquisition Sales Generic/Generalist
                                                          Large Deal Acquisition Sales – Consulting and
                                                              Professional Services
Customer/Client Management and                            Large Deal Acquisition Sales – Outsourcing
Sales                                                         Services
                                                          Large Deal Acquisition Sales – Systems Integration
Account Management                                            and Solutions
Account Management Generic/Generalist                     Large Deal Acquisition Sales – No Applicable
Major/Strategic Account Management Single                     Discipline
Major/Strategic Account Management Global
Consulting and Professional Services Account              Telesales
   Management                                             Telesales Generic/Generalist
Outsourcing Services Account Management                   Telesales – Inbound/Inside
Systems Integration and Solutions Account                 Telesales – Outbound
   Management                                             Telesales – Software License Renewal
Account Management – No Applicable Discipline             Telesales – No Applicable Discipline

Bid Management                                            Sales Support and Administration
Bid Management Generic/Generalist                         Sales Support and Administration
Bid Management – No Applicable Discipline                     Generic/Generalist
                                                          Sales Training
                                                          Product Sales Financing
Client Service Delivery Management                        Sales Support and Administration – No Applicable
Client Service Delivery Management                            Discipline
Client Service Delivery Management – Outsourcing
Client Service Delivery Management – Internet
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As of January 1, 2007
2007 EMEA CDB High Tech Middle Management, Professional and Support Database

Customer/Client Management and
Sales (continued)
Technical Sales Support                                   Outsourcing Project Management
Technical Sales Support Generic/Generalist                Outsourcing Project Management
Presales Technical Support/Systems Engineering                Generic/Generalist
Application Engineering                                   Business Process Outsourcing Project
Field Application Engineering (Semiconductor)                 Management
Technical/Product Training                                IT Outsourcing Project Management
Technical Sales Support – No Applicable Discipline        Outsourcing Project Management – No Applicable
Retail                                                    Technology Product Development
Retailing                                                 Technology Product Development
Retailing Generic/Generalist                                 Generic/Generalist
Retail Store Operations                                   Product Development − Engineering
Retailing – No Applicable Discipline                      Product Development − Prototypes and Trials
                                                          Product Development − Ergonomics and Usability
                                                          Product Development – Hardware
Technology                                                   Generic/Generalist
Business Consulting                                       Product Development – Integrated Circuit (IC)
Business Consulting Generic/Generalist                    Product Development – Application Specific
Change Management Consulting                                 Integrated Circuit (ASIC)
Strategy Consulting                                       Product Development – Wireless/RF (Radio
Business Consulting – No Applicable Discipline               Frequency)
                                                          Product Development – Software
Technology/Systems Consulting                             Product Development – Packaged Software
Technology/Systems Consulting                                Applications
    Generic/Generalist                                    Product Development – Systems Architecture
IS Security Consulting                                    Product Development – Embedded
Technology/Systems Consulting – Function/                    Software/Firmware
    Business Area Applications                            Product Development – Data Security
Technology/Systems Consulting – Web, IP and               Technology Product Development – No Applicable
    Online Solutions                                         Discipline
Technology/Systems Consulting – Networking
Technology/Systems Consulting – Industry
    Solutions                                             Technology Product Development Support
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Consulting       Technology Product Development Support
Desktop Architecture Consulting                               Generic/Generalist
Systems Infrastructure Planning Consulting                Product Localization
Technology/Systems Consulting – No Applicable             Product Development Technical Writing
    Discipline                                            Product Development Library/Knowledge
                                                          Software Localization/Translation
High Volume Software Development                          Development Systems Testing and Quality
High Volume Software Development                          Technology Product Development Support – No
    Generic/Generalist                                        Applicable Discipline
High Volume Software Development – Coding
High Volume Software Development – Testing
High Volume Software Development – No
    Applicable Discipline

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