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Technical Writer Contract Proposal Template

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Technical Writer Contract Proposal Template document sample

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									                                    Community Services Division

                                  REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)
                                            Grant Writer
                                Dakota County Public Health Department

               RFP Release Date:          September 28, 2009
               Contact Persons:           Therese Branby, Contract Manager
                                          Phone: (651) 554-5878
                                          Mary Montagne, Public Health Supervisor
                                          Phone: (651) 554-6119
               Questions:                 Will be accepted by Mary Montagne, by phone or email
                                          from 9/28/09 through 10/9/09.
               Proposal Due Date:         Monday, October 12, 2009 no later than 12:00 noon CDT

               Submit Proposals To:       Therese Branby, Contract Manager
                                          Dakota County Community Services Administration
                                          1 Mendota Rd. W., Ste 500
                                          West St. Paul, MN 55118-4773

          To access this document online visit our website at:
 Business/Bids & Proposals.

SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                    Page 1                        RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot
                                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)
                                                    Grant Writer
                                       Dakota County Public Health Department

                                                    GENERAL INFORMATION

              A.    Purpose and Scope

                    The Dakota County Public Health Department is seeking an experienced contractor(s) to provide
                    comprehensive and successful grant writing services for the State Health Improvement Program (SHIP).
                    The goal of the SHIP is to help Minnesotans live longer, better, healthier lives by reducing the burden of
                    chronic disease.

                    SHIP interventions are intended to encourage public health efforts in Minnesota to move toward a focus
                    on implementing policy, systems, and environmental changes that will provide a foundation for
                    population-wide change. Long-lasting and sustainable change to our tobacco-free, physical activity and
                    nutrition environments requires systems change driven by new and improved policies which will reduce
                    the prevalence and incidence of chronic disease.

                    As cities, the County, and schools work together to make improvements in the built environments of our
                    communities (to make them more enjoyable, practical, convenient and safe for people of all ages and
                    abilities, utilizing all modes of transportation including walking and bicycling) a major challenge is
                    identifying and securing the funds to make the necessary and expensive infrastructure changes.

                    The selected contractor(s) will be responsible for identifying funding sources and securing funding for
                    projects such as building trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, overpasses, underpasses, landscape architecture
                    work, and street improvements. A list of priority projects will be developed by the Active Living Dakota
                    County partnership (11 cities, school districts, and the County), for which the hired agency will identify and
                    catalog funding sources; and prepare successful grant applications. All projects will support the goal of
                    the Active Living partnership to integrate more physical activity (primarily through bicycling and walking)
                    into people’s daily lives.

                    The total amount available for this purpose in year one is $80,000. It is anticipated this contract will be
                    renewed for a second year, should services prove acceptable. Funding for a second year has not been
                    finalized at this time.

              B.    Instructions for Submitting Proposals

                    Proposals, an email submission (preferred) in the form of a Word document or one original and
                    eight (8) copies must be received by 12:00 noon (CDT), Monday, October 12, 2009. Late or incomplete
                    proposals will not be accepted. (If Trade Secret information will be included in your proposal, see C5, for

                    The Proposal should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward and concise
                    description of your Agency’s capability to provide the services as identified above. Emphasis should be
                    on completeness and clarity of content. Proposals should be no more than 10 pages in length. Additional
                    attachments are allowed.

                    Proposals should be sent to:

                    Therese Branby
                    Contract Manager
                    Dakota County Community Services
                    1 Mendota Road West, Suite 500
                    West Saint Paul, MN 55118-4773

SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                              Page 2                                RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot
                    Questions on this Request for Proposal (RFP) will be taken until 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 9, 2009.
                    Other personnel are not authorized to discuss this RFP with Proposers, before the proposal submission
                    deadline. Contact regarding this RFP with any personnel not listed below could result in disqualification.

                                    Mary Montagne, Public Health Supervisor
                                    Phone: (651) 554-6119
                                    Therese Branby, Contract Manager
                                    Phone: (651) 554-5878

              C. Terms and Conditions

                    1.       Rejection of Proposals
                             Dakota County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, which do not, in its opinion, serve
                             the best interest of Dakota County or the intent of this project.

                    2.       Incurred Costs
                             Dakota County will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the Proposer in connection with the
                             preparation or submittal of a response to this RFP.

                    3.       RFP Release
                             This RFP was released on September 28, 2009. Dakota County reserves the right to amend this
                             RFP at any time. In the event it becomes necessary to amend, alter or delete any part of the
                             RFP, changes to the RFP will be posted on the web site at the address:
                    Business/Bids & Proposals

                              Proposers are encouraged to check the web site regularly for changes to the RFP or schedule of
                              important dates.
                             This RFP is intended to provide potential contractors with information necessary to prepare a
                             complete and comprehensive proposal and to present guidelines for proposal submission and
                             review. While it is the County’s intent to enter into a contract with a qualified contractor for the
                             provision of professional and technical services set forth herein, this RFP does not obligate the
                             County to complete the RFP process or to enter into a contract if it is considered to be in its best
                             interest. The County reserves the right to cancel this RFP at any time for any reason. The
                             County also reserves the right to reject any and all applications received as a result of this RFP.

                    4.       Ownership of Proposals
                             All proposals submitted on time become the property of Dakota County upon submission, and the
                             proposals will not be returned to the Proposers. By submitting a proposal, the Proposer agrees
                             that Dakota County may copy the proposal for purposes of facilitating the evaluation or to respond
                             to requests for public records. The Proposer consents to such copying by submitting a proposal
                             and warrants that such copying will not violate the rights of any third party, including copyrights.

                    5.       Public Records and Requests for Confidentiality
                             Pursuant to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes Section 13.591,
                             the names of all entities that submitted a timely proposal to Dakota County will be public once the
                             proposals are opened. All other information contained in the proposals remains private until
                             Dakota County has completed negotiating a contract with the selected Proposer. After a contract
                             has been negotiated, all information in all proposals received is public information except “trade
                             secret” information as defined in Minnesota Statutes Section 13.37. All information submitted by
                             a Proposer therefore shall be treated as public information by Dakota County unless the Proposer
                             properly requests that information be treated as a confidential trade secret at the time of
                             submitting the proposal.

SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                              Page 3                               RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot
                             Any request for confidential treatment of trade secret information in a Proposer’s proposal must
                             sufficiently describe the facts that support the classification of information as confidential trade
                             secret. The request must include the name, address, and telephone number of the person
                             authorized by the Proposer to answer any inquiries by Dakota County concerning the request for
                             confidentiality. This information shall be provided on the Trade Secret Information Form,
                             Exhibit 2. Dakota County reserves the right to make the final determination of whether data
                             identified as confidential trade secret by a Proposer falls within the trade secret exemption in the
                             Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.

                             The envelope or mailing container of any documents submitted with the proposal that the
                             Proposer believes contain confidential trade secret information must be clearly marked as
                             containing confidential trade secret information. Each page upon which trade secret information
                             appears must be marked as containing confidential trade secret information.

                             In addition to marking the documents as confidential, the Proposer must submit one paper and
                             one digital copy of the proposal from which the confidential trade secret information has been
                             excised. The confidential trade secret information must be excised in such a way as to allow the
                             public to determine the general nature of the information removed while retaining as much of the
                             document as possible.

                             The Proposer’s failure to request confidential treatment of confidential trade secret information
                             pursuant to this subsection will be deemed by Dakota County as a waiver by the Proposer of any
                             confidential treatment of the trade secret information in the proposal.

                             Requests by the public for the release of information held by Dakota County are subject to the
                             provisions of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13.
                             Proposers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these provisions prior to submitting a

                             By submitting this bid/proposal, Proposer agrees to indemnify and hold the County, its agents and
                             employees, harmless from any claims or causes of action relating to the County’s withholding of
                             data based upon reliance on the below representations, including the payment of all costs and
                             attorney fees incurred by the County in defending such an action.

                    6.       Prime Proposer Responsibilities
                             The selected Proposer will be required to assume responsibility for all services offered in its
                             proposal whether or not Proposer provides them. Furthermore, the selected Proposer will be the
                             sole point of contact with Dakota County Community Services Administration with regard to the
                             contractual matters, including payment of any and all charges resulting from the contract. Dakota
                             County will give permission for successful Proposers to enter into subcontract(s) under terms of
                             the contract.

                    7.       Contract Term
                             It is anticipated that this will be for one year, with the option for a second year, if services prove
                             satisfactory. The County will negotiate contract terms with Proposers whose proposal, references,
                             and oral interview, as determined by Dakota County, shows them to be among the best qualified,
                             responsible, and capable of performing the work in a cost effective manner. Negotiations will be
                             conducted between selected Proposers and designated staff from Dakota County.

                    8.       Contract Termination
                             Proposer should be aware that any contract established may include the following conditions
                             regarding contract termination:

                             Notwithstanding any provision of this Contract to the contrary, the County may immediately
                             terminate this Contract if it does not obtain funding from the Minnesota Legislature, Minnesota
                             Agencies or other funding source, or if its funding cannot be continued at a level sufficient to allow
                             payment of the amounts due under this Contract. Written Notice of Termination sent by the
                             County to Contractor by facsimile is sufficient notice under the terms of this Contract. The County

SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                               Page 4                                RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot
                             is not obligated to pay for any services that are provided after written Notice of Termination for
                             lack of funding. The County will not be assessed any penalty or damages if the Contract is
                             terminated due to lack of funding.

                             Termination may be affected by the failure of the Contractor to fulfill any provision of the contract.
                             Contractor shall immediately notify the County in writing whenever it is unable to, or reasonably
                             believes it is going to be unable to, provide the agreed upon quality and quantity of services.
                             Upon such notification, the County and Contractor shall determine whether such inability requires
                             a modification or cancellation of the contract.

                    9.        Indemnification
                              All claims that arise or may arise against Contractor, its officers, employees and/or agents as a
                              consequence of any act or omission on the part of Contractor, its officers, employees and/or
                              agents while engaged in the performance of this Contract shall in no way be the obligation or
                              responsibility of the County. Contractor shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the County, its
                              officers, employees and agents against any and all liability, loss, costs, damages, expenses,
                              claims or actions, including attorney's fees that the County, its officers, employees and/or agents
                              may sustain, incur or be required to pay, arising out of or by reason of any act or omission of
                              Contractor, its officers, employees and/or agents, in the execution, performance, or failure to
                              adequately perform Contractor's obligations pursuant to this Contract.

                   10.       Confidential Information
                             Contractor acknowledges that certain private or confidential Information may be transmitted to
                             Contractor by the County in connection with Contractor’s performance of this Agreement. For all
                             the purposes hereof, the term “Confidential Information” means all information or material
                             proprietary to the County or designated as private or confidential by the County to which
                             Contractor may obtain knowledge or access through or as a result of Contractor’s relationship with
                             the County (including information conceived, originated, discovered or developed in whole or in
                             part by Contractor). Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, the following types of
                             information and other information of a similar nature (whether or not reduced to writing): computer
                             programs, compilations, data, documentation, and all other information of the County which is not
                             deemed public by the Minnesota Data Practices Act. Contractor shall not, at any time, directly or
                             indirectly reveal report, publish, duplicate, or otherwise disclose to any third party in any way
                             whatsoever any Confidential Information. Contractor shall receive, maintain, and use the
                             Confidential Information with the strictest confidence; shall use its best efforts to keep the
                             Confidential Information strictly confidential and to prevent inadvertent disclosure thereof; and
                             shall treat the Confidential Information in at least as confidential a manner as Contractor treats its
                             own confidential information; Contractor agrees to implement such procedures as are necessary
                             to assure protection of Confidential Information.

                    11.       Insurance Requirements
                              Proposer will be required to meet Dakota County insurance requirements, which are attached as
                              Exhibit 3. A certificate of insurance to evidence such coverage must be submitted to Dakota
                              County prior to execution of a contract.

              D. Evaluation of Proposal/Selection criteria

                    The County will choose a review panel to examine all proposals and to evaluate the merits of each based
                    on the capacity to deliver services as described including competitive pricing. (The County is not required
                    to accept a low bid for this service.) This is a two part process and it is anticipated that one or more
                    Proposers will be contacted to discuss his/her proposal with the review panel.

                    Selection criteria will include but is not limited to:

                    A.    Review of work samples included with the proposal (See Exhibit 1.).
                    B.    Sufficient staff resources to begin the SHIP grant writing project on the date the contract is executed.
                    C.    Reasonableness of rates and staff time estimated to complete grant writing tasks.
                    D.    Ability to meet or exceed all insurance requirements prior to contract execution.

SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                                 Page 5                              RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot

               1.   Proposer Fact Sheet and Enclosures (return with proposal)
               2.   Trade Secret Information Form (return with proposal)
               3.   Contract Insurance Requirements
               4.   RFP Criteria

SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                           Page 6              RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot
                                                         Exhibit 1

                                      Proposer Fact Sheet and Enclosures

1. Name/Address Proposer Agency:






2. Please Check One of the Following:

    Incorporated for Profit
    Incorporated for Non-Profit (501-C-3)
    Governmental Unit
    Other, Please describe:

3.. Name of Person(s) Authorized to Sign Contracts:

Name                                             Title                                   Phone

5. Please Indicate Tax Identification Numbers as Applicable to Your Organization:

MN Tax I.D. Number:
Federal Employer I.D. Number:

6. Please Attach the Following Items with your proposal:
     Provide three references for projects successfully completely within the past three years (include phone numbers).
     Include one representative copy of a grant proposal, on a similar focus area, that you have written and were awarded
     funds to implement.

SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                         Page 7                              RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot
                                               Exhibit 2

                                    Trade Secret Information Form

The following form must be provided by Proposer to assist the County in making appropriate
determinations about the release of data provided in Proposer’s bid or proposal.

All Proposers must select one of the following boxes:

         My bid/proposal does not contain “trade secret information.” I understand that my entire
         bid/proposal will become public record in accordance with Minn. Stat. § 13.591.

         My bid/proposal does contain “trade secret information” because it contains data that:
         1. (a) is a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique or process;
             (b) is the subject of efforts by myself or my organization that are reasonable under the
                  circumstances to maintain its secrecy; AND
              (c)   Derives independent economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally
                    known to, and not being readily ascertainable by proper means by, other persons
                    who can obtain economic value from its disclosure or use.

         2.         I have submitted one paper and one digital copy of my bid or proposal from which
                    the confidential information has been excised. The confidential information has
                    been excised in such a way as to allow the public to determine the general nature
                    of the information removed while retaining as much of the document as possible
                    AND I am attaching an explanation justifying the trade secret designation.

                    Signature, Authorized Representative:



SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                Page 8                  RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot
                                                  Exhibit 3

                                    CONTRACT INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS

Dakota County requires that each Contractor with whom the County negotiates a contract, meet standard
insurance requirements. Please review these documents to acquaint yourself with Dakota County contracting
insurance requirements.

The minimum liability limits are as follows:

COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY (Property Damage/Personal Injury)
Single or Combined limit, occurrence based liability.
        1,500,000 per occurrence/ and $1,500,000 per aggregate.
        (Umbrella or Excess coverage can be used to supplement.)
             Dakota County must be listed as additional insured.
             For Waivered Services Only: Minnesota Department of Human Services must be listed as
               additional insured.

     A policy that meets the statutory limits for workers’ compensation.
     (If the Contractor is exempt from Worker Compensation requirements, the County will provide the
     Contractor with a Waiver Letter to be completed by the Contractor documenting the exemption).

     Limits of at least $500,000 (each accident, disease each employee, and disease policy limit).
     The insurance company must agree to provide the County a 30-day written notice of its intent to cancel
     the policy.

Contractor Responsibility:
    Purchase insurance from a licensed carrier approved to do business in the State of Minnesota and have
       a minimum rating of “A” as published in Best Rating Guide, unless insurance coverage is provided by
       Minnesota approved joint underwriting agreements.
    Communicate insurance requirements to insurance companies. (Provide the insurance agent a copy of
       the insurance terms exhibit).
    Provide evidence of insurance to the County. (Request that the insurance agent issue an ACCORD
       certificate of insurance and follow up with the agent to confirm insurance compliance. (See attached
       certificate of insurance). Certificate Holder is: Dakota County Community Services Contracts Unit, 1
       Mendota Rd, W, Suite 500, West, St. Paul, MN 55118-4773
    Maintain required insurance for the term of the contract. Ensure that when the insurance expires and is
       renewed or a new carrier is obtained, a new insurance certificate is sent to the County.
    Ensure that all subcontractors, and independent contactors’ engaged by the Contractor with respect to
       the contract with Dakota County have complied with the insurance requirements.

NOTE: No insurance waivers will be authorized under terms of the interpreter contract. All insurance
requirements must be met prior to contract execution.

SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                    Page 9                         RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot
                                                       Exhibit 4

                                            Request for Proposal Criteria

A successful Proposer must possess the following experience and skills:

               Knowledge and demonstrated experience of relevant grant opportunities, processes, and timelines;
               including expertise on federal, state, and local funding sources from both government and non-
               government sources, and from agencies with different purposes (transportation, recreation, open
               space preservation, etc).
               Understanding of effective active living practices in community development, urban land use, and
               facility access, walkability/bikeability, modes of transportation and/or other public health issues;
               including an understanding of the basic issues related to increasing opportunities for non-motorized
               transportation and access to community recreation facilities.
               Experience preparing successful grant applications/requests and securing grant funds which will
               support projects such as building trails and sidewalks, landscape architecture work, street
               improvements, etc. which will support local community development, urban design, and public
               health programs, especially programs that will support local initiatives that increase physical activity
               Ability to work on behalf of and take direction and input from multiple stakeholders including Dakota
               County and its municipalities.
               Responsibilities for coordinating all grant writing activities.
               Field and act on technical assistance requests from the Active Living Dakota County partnership.

Your response is required for each question in either a narrative or outline format:

     1. Provide a brief history of your organization including staff qualifications to perform this type of service.

     2. Summarize your experience writing grants for construction of sidewalks, trails, bike paths, and other
        street improvements that improve walkability and bikeability.

     3. Describe your experiencing identifying appropriate funding sources and preparing multifaceted and
        concurrent funding request applications.

     4. The County would like to start on the grant writing initiative as soon as the contract is signed
        (anticipated to be in mid-December). Verify that you have the staff capacity to begin this project
        immediately. Include the titles and qualifications of the staff person(s) you intend to assign.

     5. Can you meet all insurance requirements prior to contract execution?

     6. What are your hourly rates for evaluation and support service staff who will work on this project?

SHIP Grant Writer-Final draft.doc                         Page 10                          RFP Template (CSRev. 06-07).dot

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