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your complete guide to getting
       your next Motability car

                              October 2008 | issue 12

                  The Motability Car Scheme is now bigger
            and better than ever. Take a look inside to find
              out what’s new and how you can enjoy three
                        more years of worry-free motoring

    We trust that you have enjoyed the benefits of worry-free motoring for the past
    three years, and as you come to the end of your lease, you are no doubt beginning
    to think about your next car. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide especially with you,
    the renewing Motability customer, in mind.
    Renewing with Motability gives you many more choices and an improved customer
    service experience, while you still enjoy an all-inclusive package of insurance, servicing
    and maintenance, annual tax disc, RAC breakdown cover, replacement tyres and
    windscreen. It’s no wonder over 90% of our customers choose to stay mobile with
    Motability when it comes to their next car.

    Ten great reasons to choose Motability again                          3
    What’s included in the Scheme and how we’ve improved it               4
    Countdown to renewal – a step by step guide to take you
    through the process of getting your next car                          5
    Latest great price deals                                              6
    Your renewal questions answered                                       8
    Tips on choosing your next car                                        9
    Adaptations for your Motability car                                  10
    Recommend a friend and share £50                                     11

                                                                   Got a question? Ask Mo
                                                                   Mo is our online virtual assistant who can answer
                                                                   any renewal queries you have. Go to our website,
                                                         , click on the ‘Ask Mo’
                                                                   button on the right hand side of your screen and
                                                                   type your question.
                                                                   Still stuck? Call our Customer Services team on
                                                                   0845 456 4566.

2   driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12
                                           Ten great reasons to choose
                                           Motability again

Motoring means the freedom to come and go, to shop, to work, to get the kids to
school. It means staying in touch, making a difference – and getting more out of life.
Over the three years you’ve had your car, we’ve been working hard to make the Scheme
even better. And with over 90% of our customers choosing to stay with Motability at
the end of their lease and 97% happy to recommend us to a friend, here are ten great
reasons why you should get your next car from Motability:

            There are over 200 cars on

    1       the Scheme available with
            no advance payment –
            simply exchange your
higher rate mobility allowance for your
new car. What’s more, around 30 of
these are automatics and more than
25 are Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

           We now have 40

   2       manufacturers on the
           Scheme – including BMW,
           MINI, Saab, Jaguar, Audi,
                                                       Your Motability lease now                     We’ve made the process of
Subaru and Lexus – in fact all the major
manufacturers now supply Motability.
                                              5        comes with a mileage
                                                       allowance of 60,000 over
                                                       the course of the three
                                                                                             8       getting adaptations fitted
                                                                                                     to your car easier, and
                                                                                                     some of the most popular
            If you prefer to remain        years, and for our five year WAV              adaptations are now available at no

   3        in your wheelchair when
            travelling in your vehicle,
            then a Wheelchair Accessible
                                           agreements it’s increased to 100,000.

                                                        There’s no longer a formal
                                                                                         additional cost.

                                                                                                     We have loads of new
Vehicle (WAV) might be for you. We’ve
a range of affordable options from 21
WAV converters – including over 25 at         6         inspection when you hand
                                                        back your car at the end of
                                                        your lease – instead your
                                                                                             9       sources of information,
                                                                                                     from our new look website
                                                                                                     with increased content,
nil advance payment (AP) and 50 for
                                           dealer will take a brief condition            including our ‘Searchable Price Guide’
under £500 AP. We’ve got a brand new
                                           description and a photo.                      which helps you choose your next
guide to WAVs, which you can download
                                                                                         car from the over 3,000 on offer; to
from or call 0845                  Motability negotiate with        our new adaptations guide, ‘Make

456 4566 to request your free copy.                     the car manufacturers            it yours’.
                                                        every three months to offer
            We now have over 4,500                      you the best deals for that                   Motability’s hassle-free

   4        dealerships across the UK,
            so there’s bound to be a
            number of dealerships
                                           quarter. What’s more, we offer a firm
                                           price guarantee meaning that the price
                                           you agree with the dealer when your
                                                                                            10        policy continues right to
                                                                                                      the end of your three-year
                                                                                                      agreement. There’s no
close to you, wherever you live. Use       application is accepted, is the price you     worry about re-sale prices, getting the
our ‘Find a Dealer’ search tool at         pay when you collect your car.                right deal from a garage or advertising to find your                                                        to find a buyer; simply hand back
nearest dealerships, with useful                                                         your car!
location and accessibility information.

                                                                             driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12   3
          One regular affordable payment

    Here’s a reminder of what your                          • Full breakdown assistance                  • Free replacement tyres
    single regular payment to Motability                      from the RAC                                 fitted by Kwik-Fit
    gives you:
                                                            • Annual tax disc sent directly to           • Window and windscreen repair
    • A new car of your choice every                          your home (except in Northern                or replacement at no extra cost
      three years                                             Ireland or the Isle of Man)
                                                                                                         • Over 4,500 Motability dealerships
    • Insurance                                             • 60,000 miles mileage allowance               to choose from
                                                              for all three year Contract Hire
    • Servicing and maintenance                                                                          • One-stop customer service helpline
                                                              agreements (increased since
      by your Motability dealer
                                                              November 2007)

    We’ve been working hard to make Motability a better
    Scheme for you…
    •    Paperless handover                                     Kwik-fit, so you’ll never need worry         damage claims for fair wear and
         simple and secure                                      if you’re tyre needs replacing.              tear such as minor scratches, small
         Signing paperwork when you collect                                                                  bumps and dents, or damage caused
                                                            •   Searchable online database                   by mobility aids. After three years
         your new car is now very easy. You                     an easy way to choose
         simply type a Personal Identification                                                               we’d expect your car to look used
                                                                With more than 3,000 cars available,         and enjoyed.
         Number (PIN) into the dealer’s
                                                                how do you find the one that’s
         computer and that’s it. Look out for                                                            •   MoT test
                                                                perfect for you? Our Searchable
         your PIN in your Acceptance Letter                                                                  Your dealer will call you
                                                                Price Guide, on the Motability
         and remember to take it with you
                                                                website, can help:                           About two months before you are
         when you pick up your new car.
                                                                               due to hand back your car, your
    •    Let us introduce you                                                                                dealer will contact you directly to
         improved dealership experience
                                                            •   Simpler ordering for adaptations             book your MoT test, in the same
                                                                clear facts and clear pricing                way as your regular car servicing
         When you collect your car, your
                                                                The enclosed Car Price Guide                 arrangements.
         dealer will introduce you to the
                                                                shows the cost of our most popular
         aftersales team. You will also be                                                                   Once you’ve had your MoT test
                                                                adaptations – some of which are
         given a ‘tour’ of your new car before                                                               your dealer will keep hold of the
                                                                available at no extra cost and all are
         you drive away – explaining controls,                                                               test certificate.
                                                                available when you order your new
         features and equipment and giving
                                                                car through your Motability dealer.
         you a chance to ask as many
         questions as you like. An increasing               •   No more formal inspections
         number of new cars no longer                           worry free from start to finish
         come with a standard spare wheel.
                                                                A separate formal vehicle inspection
         However, there’s always an alternative
                                                                is no longer required. Your dealer
         solution provided, so make sure you
                                                                will complete a simple condition
         ask your dealer what each model
                                                                description and take a digital photo
         comes with. And remember that
                                                                when you hand the car back. Also,
         your Motability lease package comes
                                                                relaxed guidelines mean that you do
         with full breakdown cover from the
                                                                not need to make insurance or
         RAC and free tyre replacement from

4       driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12
                                      Countdown to renewal

Keep this page handy! Use this checklist to guide you through the renewal process,
the easy steps to your new Motability car.

 03            MONTHS
               TO GO          02           MONTHS
                                           TO GO             01           MONTH
                                                                          TO GO                  GO               RENEWAL

Three months...              Two months...                 One month...                        Changeover day –
 ‘Find a Dealer’ on          Your dealer will             We’ll send you a                  hand-back and         contact you to book           new tax disc if you               renewal
  and visit as many            an MoT test. But don’t        need one                           Return your car to the
  dealers as you can           worry, most cars sail        You don’t need to                   dealer supplying your
  to choose your brand         through with no need          remove adaptations,                 new car
                                                                                                Hand over all the
  new car!                     for repairs                   but if you want to,
 Consider adaptations        Your MoT takes                please arrange this                 documents from your
  if you need them             place at the dealership       with a Motability                   old car – and don’t
  (see page 10)                (the dealer will keep         accredited installer                forget the spare keys…
 Place your order             the MoT certificate)         Keep in touch with the             The dealer will take
 When ordering,              Look out for your             dealer supplying your               a brief condition
  take these with you:         PIN (in your                  new car to keep track               description of the car
                                                                                                Check that your
                               acceptance letter).           of the delivery date
                                                            If there’s a delay, don’t
  • Both parts of your         This secure number
    driving licence            enables you to ‘sign’                                             nominated drivers
  • Proposed drivers’                                        worry. Your supplying               are on your insurance
                               all your handover             dealer will arrange for
    driving licences           paperwork electronically.                                         cover note… including
                                                             you to stay in your                 yourself if you intend
  • Certificate of             Take this with you            current car until the
    entitlement                when you pick up                                                  to drive
                                                                                                For handover,
                                                             new one is ready
  • Proof of address           your new car.                 (unfortunately this will
    eg recent utility bill                                   not be possible if you              take with you:
 Do you have a                                              have a low mileage                  • Your driving licence
  personalised number                                        lease extension on                  • Any paperwork
  plate? Let your                                            your agreement).                      we’ve sent you
  dealer know.                                                                                     including your PIN.

                                                                                                  ...and drive away
                                                                                                  in your new car!

                                                                     driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12   5
    It all adds up to the best deal for you

                                                Advance                Transmission,                    Features                                    Accessibility Suitability
                                                Payment                Fuel Type & CO2

                                                                                                                                                    Wheelchair passenger access
                                                   £0                  Automatic                        Power steering                              Lowered floor

    Renault Kangoo
                                              WAV                      Petrol                           Metallic paint                              Integral rear ramp

    1.6 | Authentique Holden

                                                                                                        Driver & front passenger                    Speed-sensitive electric
                                                                                                        dual-stage airbags                          power steering
                                                   £0                  Manual
                                                                       Diesel                           Electric door mirrors                       Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
                                                                                                                                                    & Emergency Brake Assist
    Vauxhall Corsa                          GREEN                      119g/km                          Electric front windows
                                                                                                                                                    Remote control central
    1.3TD | Life | Ecoflex | 3dr | 5dr                                                                  Body coloured bumpers                       deadlocking

                                                                                                                                                    Height adjustable front seats
                                                                                                        14” alloy wheels
                                                £695                   Diesel                           Air conditioning
                                                                                                                                                    Electrically heated &
                                                                                                                                                    adjustable door mirrors

    Skoda Fabia                            GREEN                       109g/km
                                                                                                        Body coloured door handles
                                                                                                        & wing mirrors
                                                                                                                                                    Height & reach adjustable
    1.4TD | Greenline | 5dr
                                                                                                                                                    steering column

                                                                                                        Smart Quickclear heated
                                                                                                        windscreen                                  Electric power-assisted
                                                £200                   Diesel
                                                                                                        Air conditioning

    Ford New Fiesta
                                           GREEN                       110g/km                          5 star Euro NCAP
                                                                                                                                                    Steering wheel mounted
                                                                                                        safety award
    1.4TD | Style+

                                                                                                        Air conditioning                            Height adjustable drivers seat
                                                   £0                  Petrol                           Body colour bumpers                         7 airbags

    Fiat 500 POP                           GREEN                       119g/km                          MP3 compatible
                                                                                                        radio / CD player
                                                                                                                                                    ABS & Electronic Brakeforce
    Special Paint 1.2 | 3dr

                                                                                                        Air conditioning                            Drivers seat height adjustment
                                                £199                   Diesel
                                                                                                        Alloy wheels                                Split folding rear seats

                                           GREEN                                                        Dust & pollen filter
                                                                                                                                                                                                 All vehicles shown for illustration purposes only.

                                                                       119g/km                                                                      Height & reach adjustable
    Volkswagen Polo                                                                                     iPod preparation                            steering wheel
    1.4TDi | Match

                                                                                                        Air conditioning                            ABS & Electronic Brakeforce
                                                 £50                   Diesel                           Driver & front passenger                    Distribution
                                                                                                        SMART airbags                               Remote control central locking
    Peugeot 207                            GREEN                       117g/km
                                                                                                        Electric front windows                      60/40 split rear seat
    1.4TD | S | 5dr

                                         Motability Operations use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the content of this brochure, including pricing and features of car models, is accurate
                                         and up to date. Any price or feature may be subject to adjustment or withdrawal in the event of any changes taking place which affect the cost of
                                         provision of the Contract Hire Agreement. Prices are valid between 01/10/08 and 31/12/08, but may be subject to change.

6   driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12
Motability offers the most affordable way to keeping you on the road.
Below are just some of the great cars on offer.

                                   Advance                Transmission,                    Features                                     Accessibility Suitability
                                   Payment                Fuel Type & CO2

                                                                                           4-spoke steering wheel                       Height & reach adjustable
                                                          Manual                                                                        steering column
                                                          Petrol                           Remote audio controls
                                     £0                                                    Air conditioning
                                                                                                                                        Height adjustable drivers seat
Ford New Focus                                            159g/km                                                                       60 / 40 split back rear seat
                                                                                           Electric front windows                       & cushion
1.6 Style | 3dr

                                                                                           Cruise control
                                                          Manual                                                                        controls
                                                                                           Dual zone climate control
                                  £295                                                     Electric adjustable heated
                                                                                                                                        Remote central locking
                                                          162g/km                                                                       and alarm
Mazda 6                                                                                    door mirrors
1.8 | TS | 5dr                                                                                                                          Folding rear seats

                                                                                                                                        Height adjustable
                                                                                           Seatbelt reminder
                                                          Manual                                                                        steering column
                                                          Petrol                           Air conditioning
                                                                                                                                        Rear seat split-folding
                                  £499                                                     Multi-function steering
                                                          148g/km                                                                       Direction indicators with
Mercedes A150                                                                              wheel with trip computer
                                                                                                                                        one-touch control
1.5 | Classic SE | 5dr

                                                                                           7 seats
                                                                                                                                        Cruise control
                                                          Manual                           5 star Euro NCAP
                                                          Diesel                           safety award                                 Drivers seat height
                                  £795                                                                                                  adjustment
                                                          155g/km                          Panoramic windscreen
Citroën Grand C4 Picasso                                                                                                                All rear seats fold flat
1.6 | HDi | VTR+ | 5dr                                                                     Alloy wheels

                                                                                                                                        Height & reach adjustable
                                                          Manual /                         5 star Euro NCAP                             steering wheel
                                                          Automatic                        safety award                                 ABS & Electronic Brakeforce
                                     £0                   Petrol                           Alloy wheels                                 Distribution
Kia Cee’d                                                 152 / 165g/km                    Air conditioning                             Alarm with remote
1.6 | GS | 5dr                                                                                                                          central locking

                                                                                                                                        Drivers seat height
                                                          Manual (1.6) /                   Air conditioning
                                                          Automatic (1.8)                  5 star Euro NCAP
                                     £0                   Petrol                           safety award
                                                                                                                                        60/40 split folding rear seat
                                                                                                                                        Height & reach adjustable
Vauxhall Astra                                            155 / 186g/km                    Electric front windows
                                                                                                                                        steering wheel
Life | 5dr

                                                                                           5 star Euro NCAP safety award                Height & reach adjustable
                                                                                           Electric front windows                       steering wheel
                                                          Petrol                           Chrome-look interior                         ABS & Electronic Brake
                                  £495                                                     door handles                                 Force Distribution
Toyota Verso                                                                               6 speaker audio system with                  Full flat folding system on
1.8 | T2 | 5dr                                                                             CD player & MP3 compatibility                all rear seats

                           Customers are advised to check any specifically required vehicle features with their Dealer at the point of application. Motability Operations reserves
                           the right to change product specifications, features or prices at any time. All vehicles are shown for illustration purposes only.

                                                                                                        driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12                 7
        Your renewal questions answered

    No need to claim bonus                                            A. That may be possible. Motability Operations can give you
                                                                         a quote from 14 weeks before you are due to hand-back
    Q. How do I claim my £200 Good Condition Bonus?                      your car. If you do decide to buy your current car, we
    A. There’s no need to claim. You may be eligible if you return       must receive the payment at least 7 days before the
       your car in good condition and you have made no insurance         hand-back date. You may also be able to buy your
       claims during the agreement. You should receive your              current vehicle and then apply for another car under
       bonus within a few weeks of handing back your vehicle.            the Scheme. Call 0845 456 4566 to chat through
       You will not be eligible for the Good Condition Bonus if you      your options.
       have a low mileage lease extension on your agreement.
                                                                      Don’t try a face lift
    Adding a young driver                                             Q. After nearly three years of daily use I feel that my
    Q. I’d like to add my 19 year old grandson as a                      car is showing its age. What can I do to smarten it
       nominated driver on my next car lease. Is there                   up before handing it back?
       anything I need to know about adding a
                                                                      A. The Scheme recognises the fact that all cars will show
       young driver?
                                                                         fair wear and tear with use and in most cases we don’t
    A. Drivers under 25 are restricted to cars up to the                 require repairs to be done. Please don’t attempt to
       Association Car Group 18 (1 to 50 scale), and there is            ‘touch up’ the bodywork with the various pens or aerosol
       also a higher insurance excess applied. If you are planning       products on the market as this could damage the paintwork.
       on adding a driver aged under 25 to your lease, check the
       ABI grouping online at         We’ll keep you on the move
       or check with your dealer. Motability also offers PASS
       PLUS, an additional driver training course delivered by        Q. I was due to collect my new car on an agreed date.
       the AA. The 6 hour course, free to Motability drivers             Now my dealer says there might be a delay before
       aged between 16 and 24 years old, has been specifically           the new car is available. What can I do?
       designed to teach young drivers to drive more safely and       A. In most cases the dealer will be able to extend your
       will reduce the insurance excess applied once the course is       current lease until your new car is ready for collection,
       successfully completed. Your dealer can arrange the course        unless you have a low mileage lease extension.
       for you when you apply for your new car, however if you
                                                                         Delays like this are sometimes unavoidable, which is why
       don’t hear from the AA, call them on 0845 850 1030.
                                                                         we advise customers to order their new car well ahead
                                                                         of the end of their current lease.
    Low mileage car is good-as-new
    Q. My three year agreement is coming to an end,                   Tax Exemption Certificate
       but my mileage is very low. Do I really have to
                                                                      Q. I recently spotted a second hand car I’m thinking I
       change to a new car?
                                                                         could buy privately at the end of my lease, however
    A. If, at the end of your agreement, you have driven fewer           I’m not sure how to get my tax exemption certificate
       than 7,500 miles you can opt to keep your car for another         reissued? Motability has been taking care of this
       three years. You’ll get a discount of £5 a week (saving           for me.
       more than £750 over three years) – and there’s no
                                                                      A. If you decide to leave the Scheme, you will need to
       advance payment to make. Call 0845 456 4566 for
                                                                         contact the DWP in Blackpool to re-apply for your tax
       details of the Low Mileage Lease Extension. Customers
                                                                         exemption certificate. Claiming tax exemption and
       who opt to take a low mileage lease extension are not
                                                                         arranging your tax disc is just one of the many things
       eligible for the Good Condition Bonus.
                                                                         you will need to handle if you choose to buy a car.
                                                                         You should also allow time and money for car insurance,
    Let us quote you                                                     regular servicing, MoT inspections, breakdown assistance
    Q. This might seem silly, but we really love our car.                membership, new tyres and those unexpected repairs.
       It’s taken us to some very special places. Can’t                  With the Motability Contract Hire Scheme, this is all
       we just buy it at the end of the agreement?                       taken care of.

8     driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12
                                            Tips on choosing your next car

With so many makes and models on offer, knowing where to start can be tricky.
There’s always the temptation to go for the same make and model that you’ve had for
the previous 3 years – in fact, about half of our customers get a new car from the same
manufacturer, and half of those choose the same model. But be aware, as car models
do change. Getting the same make and model this time round, does not guarantee that
something which particularly suited your needs will still be the same. And of course, in
the three years since you chose your last car, your needs may very well have changed.

Your current Motability car is, however,    Increased choice
the perfect place to start to think                                                       A checklist to help you
                                            There are now over 200 cars available
about which features you do like
                                            on the Scheme for no more than the
and what you would change to better                                                            Diesel or petrol?
                                            cost of your weekly mobility allowance.
suit your needs. It can help to make
                                            But by paying an advance payment,                  Automatic or manual?
a checklist of these features so that
                                            starting from as little as £50, you’ll
when you start to visit dealerships you                                                        Long daily commute or
                                            find your choice will expand to over
can clearly compare between makes                                                              quick local trips?
                                            3,000 cars. In addition, since you
and models. We recommend visiting
                                            joined the Scheme there have been                  Are you comfortable as the
more than one dealership, and there
                                            significant improvements to make                   driver and as a passenger?
are now over 4,500 across the UK.
                                            both adaptations and Wheelchair
It will also help if you allow plenty
                                            Accessible Vehicles more accessible                Will your family or carers travel
of time to make your decision – you
                                            and affordable. You may have never                 with you?
can order your new car three months
                                            previously considered either, and may
before the end of your current                                                                 Have you tested that any
                                            be surprised to learn that many of the
agreement. Remember to always                                                                  equipment for getting in and
                                            most popular adaptations and over
take a lengthy test drive of any car                                                           out of the car – and anything
                                            25 of our WAVs are now available at
you are considering.                                                                           else you may be carrying –
                                            no additional cost.
We’ve developed some new guides                                                                fits inside?
and redesigned our website to provide
                                                                                               Do you have particular needs
you with lots of information to help
                                                                                               for adaptations or vehicle
you make your decision. Visit to download                                                               conversion?
all our latest publications; use our                                                           Can you fit a wheelchair in
‘Searchable Price Guide’ to search our                                                         your car? – consider that you
database of over 3,000 cars or use our                                                         may need to travel with one
online ‘Find a Dealer’ search facility to
                                                                                               in the future.
find your nearest dealership. You’ll also
find information on adaptations, WAVs                                                          Is the car easy to park?
and greener driving; reviews from                                                              – ask about parking sensors.
WhatCar?, and car accessibility and
                                                                                               Have you considered lower
measurement information from
Ricability, and much more.                                                                     emission car models?

                                                                            driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12   9
        Adapting to your needs

     Several of the more popular It is important to make sure that the                                        Motability, it will be free of charge.
                                 adaptations you select are suitable for                                      You will get up-to-date, personal
     adaptations can now be      your chosen vehicle. For example,                                            advice on the right adaptations for
     selected and ordered        you will need a fully automatic car if                                       you. You can also arrange for a
     through your Motability     you require push/pull hand controls.                                         familiarisation drive after you take
                                 Adaptation installers can offer advice                                       delivery of your car. Call the National
     dealer when you order       to help you make the right decisions.                                        Information Service for the Forum of
     your new car.               Adaptations to suit you                                                      Mobility Centres on 0800 559 3636 for
                                                                                                              over the phone advice or call Motability
     By using the Motability Managed                      If your disability has changed or                   on 0845 456 4566 to find out about
     Adaptations Programme you will also                  progressed, or you have not used                    booking an assessment or familiarisation.
     find that Motability can offer some of               adaptations before, you should get
     the most competitive deals around for                                                                    If you decide you need adaptations
                                                          independent advice on choosing the right
     any adaptation.                                                                                          after you receive your new car,
                                                          adaptations. It is well worth getting in
                                                                                                              don’t forget that only an accredited
     When you’ve chosen the most                          contact with your local Mobility Centre,
                                                                                                              adaptation can be fitted and this needs
     appropriate adaptation, you can be                   who can provide assessments. If you
                                                                                                              to be done by an accredited installer.
     confident that both the price will be                book your assessment through
     highly affordable and the quality of
     the adaptation are guaranteed.
                                                             What’s right for you?
     Popular adaptations which Contract
     Hire Scheme customers can order                           Adaptation            Your situation                      How to use the control
     through their Motability dealer include:
                                                               Pedal Transfer        If you can’t use your right leg     The driver can operate the
     • Push/pull, and radial                                                         you may want to consider a left     accelerator with the right or the
       hand controls                                                                 foot accelerator.                   left foot while the other pedal is
                                                                                                                         safely folded up out of the way.
     • Pedal guards
                                                               Hand Controls         You might want to switch            In some hand controls, a lever
     • Steering wheel aids                                                           to hand controls if you have        is pushed forward to apply the
       (simple and quick release)                                                    difficulty operating conventional   brake and pulled backwards to
                                                                                     foot pedal controls.                apply the accelerator.
     • Twin flip accelerators
                                                               Steering Wheel Ball   If you have lost the use of one     Used with other hand controls
     • Roof mounted wheelchair hoists                                                arm you may find a steering         or on its own, it can aid the
                                                                                     wheel ball helps you to control     steering of cars simply by
     • Easy release hand brake devices                                               the wheel better.                   gripping the ball to rotate
                                                                                                                         the wheel.
     • Infra-red secondary control systems
                                                            For more helpful advice on adapting your Motability car to the life you lead, download our
     • Swivel seats                                         adaptations guide ‘make it yours’ from
     • Pedal extensions.
     Prices of these adaptations are listed
     on the adaptations prices section on                    Did you know?
     our website and are also included
                                                             • Taking all the hassle out of adaptations, there are more than 250
     in the Car Price Guide. Prices apply
                                                               available through the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme –
     nationwide and include installation,
                                                               100 of which are at no extra cost.
     maintenance, RAC breakdown
     assistance and insurance.                               • Motability offers over 500 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) through
                                                               the Scheme – over 25 of which, from 4 different manufacturers, are at nil
                                                               advance payment.
                                                             • There are over 30 automatics with no advance payment, including
                                                               some MPVs.

10    driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12
    Recommend a
    friend and share
                                                £50                                            It’s our way of saying thank you:
                                                                                               Our customers are our most valued ambassadors.
                                                                                               As so many of you pass on the good news about
                                                                                               the Motability Scheme to your friends and family,
                                                                                               we want to say a big thank you! So, whenever
                                                                                               you introduce someone who goes on to join
                                                                                               the Car Scheme, we’ll give you £50 to share:
                                                                                               £25 for you and £25 for your friend. And
                                                                                               there’s no limit to the number of people you
                                                                                               can recommend!

                                                                                               All you need to do is:
                                                                                               Fill in your name and Motability car registration
                                                                                               on the voucher below. Cut it out and pass it on
                                                                                               to any friend who is eligible to obtain a car
                                                                                               through the Motability Contract Hire Scheme.
                                                                                               Once your friend has chosen a new car, they
                                                                                               will need to pass the voucher to their Motability
                                                                                               specialist when placing their order.
                                                                                               We will send both you and your friend £25 once
                                                                                               they’ve picked up their brand new car. No extra
                                                                                               questions and no hassle, just a simple thank
                                                                                               you payment.
                                                                                               You’ve told us it's a great Scheme… now pass
                                                                                               it on to your friends. They’ll wish you had told
Ê                                                                                              them sooner.

                                PASS THIS VOUCHER TO YOUR FRIEND
    Motability customer name:           Friend’s name:                 no waiting lists • no credit checks • no assessments
                                                                       Simply give this voucher to your Motability dealer
    Car registration:                   New car registration:
                                                                       when you order your new car.

             Remember to make sure your recommending
             friend has completed their details!
                                                                       For more information, please call:

Get a brand new car and £25                                            0800 093 1000                                                                    quoting reference MO70D
                                                                       Terms & Conditions: This promotion only applies to Contract Hire customers. Vouchers must be presented to an authorised
                                                                       dealer between 01.07.2008 and 30.06.2009. The existing customer and the new customer will each receive the cheque for £25

when you join Motability!                                              within 28 days of the following: (1) the delivery of the car to the new customer and (2) receipt of the ‘Recommend a Friend’
                                                                       voucher. Vouchers will not be accepted where the new customer has been a customer of Motability Operations (MO) within 6
                                                                       months prior to the day the car is delivered to them. Incomplete or illegible vouchers will not be processed. The payment for
                                                                       each new application using this promotion is £25 for the new customer and £25 for the existing customer who recommends
                                                                       them. Payment will be made to the first person to recommend the new customer. MO cannot be held responsible for lost,
Your friend is a Motability customer and thinks you would enjoy our    damaged or misdirected vouchers and/or associated correspondence. MO reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any
worry-free motoring package too. If you receive the Higher Rate        time. All queries should be sent to the promoter: Motability Operations Marketing Department, City Gate House, 22 Southwark
                                                                       Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HB.
Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or receive the
War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement you too could get a new car for
under £47 a week, including:
• a new car every three years • insurance • free tyres • road tax
• breakdown cover • regular servicing and maintenance

                                                                                               driving choices | your practical guide to renewal | issue 12                                            11
                                                    Getting additional
                                                    financial help
                                                    Motability may also be able to offer
                                                    financial help to customers who would
                                                    otherwise be unable to afford the
                                                    vehicle or adaptations they require.
                                                    Grants are only given towards the least
                                                    expensive suitable solution to meet
                                                    the customer’s needs; customers are
                                                    also expected to contribute as much
                                                    as they can towards the cost of the
                                                    vehicle or adaptations.

                                                    For more information,
                                                    please call our Customer
                                                    Services team on:
                                                    0845 456 4566*
                                                    Are your details
                                                    • If any of your personal details have
                                                      changed, now’s the time to update
                                                      Motability Operations. You can
                                                      update your details online at
                                             or call
                                                      our Customer Services team on
                                                      0845 456 4566*.
                                                    • If you’ve moved house, do check
                                                      that the new address is on your
                                                      driving licence.
                                                    • If you have an appointee and have
                                                      made a change, please contact the
                                                      DLA Unit in Blackpool as well as
                                                      Motability Operations.

                                                    Customer Services: 0845 456 4566*
                                                    Minicom (textphone): 0845 675 0009
                                                    *Lines are open 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.
                                                    Calls may be recorded and monitored to improve customer service.

                                                    Motability Operations Limited is the principal service provider to
                                                    Motability and the Motability Scheme. Registered Office: City Gate House,
                                                    22 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 9HB. Registered in England and Wales.
                                                    Co. No. 1373876.

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