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					Cord Blood Stem Cells?
What is cord blood and why is it
so valuable?
                                                      ...a few answers
   “Your baby’s cord blood is a
valuable source of stem cells; the building                 What is the future for cord blood
blocks of organ tissue, blood and immune                    stem cells?
systems. Cord blood stem cells, like                           “Medical researchers are exploring
bone marrow stem cells, are free of                         new uses for umbilical cord blood stem
political and ethical debate. Today,                        cells, including diabetes, heart disease
cord blood stem cells are proven to                         and stroke. Today, scientists are doing
treat over 40 life-threatening diseases                     pre-clinical research using cord blood
and over 8,000 transplants have been                        stem cells to potentially treat various
performed worldwide. Cord blood is                          cancers and heart disease. Breakthroughs
a guaranteed match for the baby and                         in these early stage programs could
may also provide potential treatment                        potentially increase the value of your
for other family members as well.                           family’s cord blood stem cells.”

Why should I bank my baby’s cord                               Contact Debbie Simmons at 541-2443
blood?                                                      or for
   “Storing your newborn’s cord blood                       additional information or speaking
means that should there be a need,                          engagements. She is available to speak
your baby will have a source of stem                        for nurse and/or doctor organizations
cells that is an exact match, with no                       as well as parenting and wellness classes.
risk of rejection. There is also a strong
possibility that his/her siblings will be a
match as well. This is important because
clinical studies demonstrate that stem
cell transplants are twice as successful
when the stem cells come from a family
member rather than from a non-relative
(e.g., a public bank).”

What kinds of advancements have
been made with cord blood stem cells?
   “In 1988 the odds of being diagnosed
by the age of 50 with a disease currently
treatable with cord blood stem cells
was 1 in 300,000 and the number of
diseases treatable with cord blood was
one. Today, the calculated probability
of being diagnosed could be as high
1 in 100 and the number of treatable
diseases is over forty*.
*Statistics based on Abt Associates Clinical Trials
2004 UCB study. Estimates reflect an upper limit
on the probability of using a cord blood graft. Not
all patients with a disease treatable with cord blood
stem cells will qualify for transplant. Lifetime
probability is 1 in 27. Currently, using unmanipulated
stem cells derived from a single cord as a sole treatment
option will likely not be adequate to treat an adult