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					  Vol. 40 No. VIV                        Serving the CLAYTON STATE UNIVERSITY Community                                                                      May 9, 2008

Clayton State Signs Faculty Exchange
Agreement with Hunan University of Technology
by John Shiffert, University Relations

         layton State University President

C        Dr. Thomas K. Harden and
         Assistant Professor of Marketing
and Merchandising Dr. Zi Wan recently
returned from the People’s Republic of
China with a signed agreement that will
open a new chapter in the University’s

Harden and Wan traveled to the city of
ZhuZhou in Hunan Province to meet with
officials of the Hunan University of
Technology (HUT), returning with a
signed agreement for an exchange of fac-
ulty members between the two institutions
of higher education. After a series of
meetings with HUT President Hanqing
Wang and HUT Vice President Taigang
                                                                              Standing across from one of the seven campuses of the Hunan University of Technology are
                            HUT, cont’d., p. 7                (left to right); Dr. Zi Wan, HUT President Hanqing Wang, Dr. Thomas K. Harden, and HUT Vice President Taigang Liu.

                  Inside                                 Michael Baird to Speak
                                                         At Clayton State Commencement
            Departments:                                                                                                  from Clayton State President Dr. Thomas
  Across the Campus . . . . . . . . . . . .5             T   he Honorable Michael Baird will serve at
                                                             the commencement speaker at Clayton
                                                         State University’s 38th Annual Spring
                                                                                                                          K. Harden and Interim Dean of Arts &
                                                                                                                          Sciences Dr. John Campbell… almost
  Archives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
  Trivia Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15        Commencement on Saturday, May 10, 2008.                          three weeks before his receives his high
  Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16                                                                    school diploma from Union Grove. A
                                                         As has been the case for the past several                        Joint Enrollment student at the University,
                                                         years, Clayton State will hold two cere-                         Delk is the first person to earn a degree
                                                         monies. The first, starting at 9 a.m., will                      from Clayton State while still enrolled in
            In This Issue:                               be for graduates of the College of Arts &                        high school. Union Grove’s graduation
  Smith Award Winners . . . . . . . . . .2               Sciences. A total of 195 graduates are                           ceremonies will be held on Friday, May
  Dental Hygiene Students                                expected to participate. The second cere-                        30.
   Serve and Learn . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2          mony, scheduled for a noon start, will be
  Alum the Curator of                                    for the graduates of the School of                               Baird was a member of the first baccalau-
   Hapeville Museum . . . . . . . . . . . .3             Business, the College of Information and                         reate class of Clayton State University,
  Jack Mangham Award                                     Mathematical Sciences, the College of                            earning a B.B.A. in Management (1989).
   Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3      Professional Studies, and the School of                          He is also a 1992 graduate of the Georgia
  Academic Honors Winners . . . . . .4                   Nursing. A total of 207 graduates are expect-                    State University College of Law where he
  Bookstore Opening . . . . . . . . . . . .5             ed to participate in the second ceremony.                        earned a Juris Doctorate. A native of
  Sabatier Published in                                                                                                   Clayton County, Baird worked his way
                                                         Among those taking part in the first cere-                       through college as a police officer with
   “Experimental Neurology” . . . . .6                   mony will be Union Grove High School
  Rosalind Williams’ New Jobs . . . .7                                                                                    the Lake City Police Department.
                                                         senior Derek Delk, who will be receiving
                                                         his associate degree in Integrative Studies                                                 Baird, cont’d., p. 13
                                                                                                                     Campus Review
 Page 2                                                                                                                 May 9, 2008

Todebush and Haught Announced
As 2008 Alice Smith Award Recipients
by Erin Fender, University Relations

Dr. Patricia Todebush and Sandy Haught
are the 2008 Alice Smith Award winners
at Clayton State University.

The University’s annual Alice Smith
Awards for both faculty and staff were
presented at Clayton State’s Faculty/Staff
Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, Apr.
30. An annual event since 1995, the Smith
Awards are presented to the faculty mem-
ber and staff member ranked most out-
standing as determined by committees of
their peers. The two, $1000 awards were
established by the late philanthropist
Joseph Smith in honor of his wife, Alice.
                                                 Photo Credit: Erin Fender                     Photo Credit: Erin Fender
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Todebush, began teaching at Clayton                          Dr. Patricia Todebush                             Sandy Haught
State in 2004. She obtained her doctorate
from the University of Georgia in 2000. In       reason I am so amazed I won this award        “Clayton State is such a special place. I
addition to teaching introduction to chemistry   because I am just doing what I love to do     work with caring and compassionate peo-
courses, she has been an advisor for the         everyday,” expresses Todebush.                ple who truly put the students first. I have
Clayton State Science Association since 2004.                                                  had so many wonderful role models and
                                                 Todebush is married with two children, a      mentors here, and they help me to be the
“I love teaching chemistry to others,            two year old little girl and a new baby boy   best teacher that I can be,” says Todebush.
working on research with students and I          who is four months old. She grew up in
even enjoy the committee and administra-         New Bedford, Mass., but currently resides               Smith Awards, cont’d., p. 8
tive aspects of my work. I think this is the     in Norcross.

  Clayton State Dental Hygiene Students Serve and Learn
  by John Shiffert, University Relations

                       While       Clayton       ifestation of the department’s community      The Clayton State Department of
  Photo Credit: Erin Fender

                       State University is       service, Clayton State Dental Hygiene         Dental Hygiene recently held its Third
                       generally noted for       students have also traveled throughout the    Annual Serve and Learn Recognition
                       its students’ inter-      state in service to the public.               Ceremony -- one of the stipulations
                       action in the sur-                                                      with the grant is that the Department
                       rounding commu-           A prime example of this is the Service        holds a day of reflection to showcase
                       nities,          the      Learning Program, funded by a sub-grant       the community of the students. And it
                       University’s Dental       from the Morehouse School of Medicine         was an impressive showcase, giving four
                       Hygiene program,          in partnership with the Clayton State         student groups the opportunity to present
      Susan Duley
                       part of the College       University Department of Dental Hygiene       on their service in addressing the health
  of Professional Studies, takes a back seat     to recognize and promote student involve-     needs of underserved communities.
  to none in its community involvement.          ment and participation in community
                                                 service and health care activities. The       This year’s Serve and Learn programs
  Although the public Dental Hygiene             Morehouse grant is from the Corporation       focused on children’s oral health, and
  Clinic on the University’s main campus         of National and Community Service in
  in Morrow may be the best-known man-           Washington, D.C.                                    Dental Hygiene, cont’d., p. 6
Campus Review
May 9, 2008                                                                                                                             Page 3

Alumna Now Curator of the Hapeville Depot Museum
by Erin Fender, University Relations

                           Beverly Craton, a      History, for helping her to realize her
                           Clayton      State     interests in history and helping her to
                           University alum-       explore the idea of a new career path.
                           na, found her
                           passion as a stu-      After a course in public history with
                           dent and is now        Assistant Professor of History Dr. Randall
                           the curator of the     Gooden, Craton said she soon realized her
                           Hapeville Depot        interests in archival work.
                           Museum.                “I saw the importance and how much
                        Craton graduated          work is involved. If you want to offer peo-
                        from      Clayton         ple public history, you have to have an
State with a B.A. in History in the spring        archives,” she says.
                                                                                                   After graduation and through the encourage-
of 2007. After a long career as an elec-          She took the opportunity to intern with the      ment of Fischer, she applied for an open cura-
tronic technician working in robotics, she        Clayton State University Archivist,              tor position at the Hapeville Depot Museum
had to leave her job and become the pri-          Rosemary Fischer.                                and began working there in July 2007.
mary care giver for her elderly father.
                                                  “The most challenging part of Clayton            “The museum was closed for more than
“I needed something to do part time and a         State was some of the science courses, but       five years due to storm damage. I have
friend suggested going back to college. I         the Center for Academic Success really           been battling mold in the archives and the
thought to my self, I can do that,” says          helped me through those challenges. They         restoring of the museum. However, we
Craton.                                           are really willing to assist students and make   did recently receive a grant that will fund
She originally began coursework at                sure they are successful,” says Craton.          the remodel of the museum,” says Craton.
Clayton State to further her education and        As a non-traditional student, Craton had
opportunities as an electronic technician.                                                         Her responsibilities are numerous; some of her
                                                  to prioritize responsibilities which often       duties are tours, grant writing, special events,
“I realized that I had worked in an area          made school hard to balance.                     promotions, as well as maintaining artifacts.
that gave me a great salary, but did not neces-   “The faculty and staff at Clayton State are
sarily make me happy,” she explains.                                                               “We have been fortunate to have interns
                                                  great. They are extremely helpful and            from Clayton State who have been inspi-
Craton credits Dr. Kathryn Kemp,                  want students to succeed. This is a great
Clayton State associate professor of              place to learn,” she says.                                         Curator, cont’d., p. 13

Three Clayton State Students Win Jack Mangham Award
Clayton State University students John                                                             supervisor evaluation. The award is given
Shaffer of Griffin, Tangelia Penix-King of                                                         to four students in competition from col-
Jonesboro, and Marcia Greer of Brooks                                                              leges and universities across the state in
have been chosen to receive the 2007-                                                              the following categories: Business,
2008 Jack Mangham Experiential                                                                     Education, Arts and Sciences and
Learning Student of the Year Award,                                                                Engineering/Technology.
sponsored by Georgia Association of
Colleges and Employers (GACE).                                                                     An Information Technology (IT) major,
                                                                                                   Shaffer     won     the   award     for
“Clayton State University students won                                                             Engineering/Technology. He interned
three out of four categories for this year’s                                                       with College Park’s Absolute Cargo with
nominations for the Jack Mangham                                                                   the Project Management team.
                                                  Photo Credit: Erin Fender
Experiential Learning Student of the Year
Award sponsored by GACE,” notes                           (L to R) Tangelia Penix-King,            “Shaffer has achieved numerous academ-
Clayton State Associate Director of                      Marcia Greer and John Shaffer             ic awards while in school, but faculty
Career Services Bridgette McDonald.                                                                members describe his work as a student
                                                  performance, and citizenship. Judges             mentor to other IT students as being excep-
This annual statewide award recognizes            review the nomination form submitted by
those students who exemplify outstanding          a GACE member, student transcript, stu-                          Students, cont’d., p. 11
characteristics in work ethics, academic          dent essay and experiential learning
                                                                                                             Campus Review
Page 4                                                                                                          May 9, 2008

 Academic Honors Convocation Honors Students
 by Erin Fender, University Relations

Language                                  for Fiction. The Stanley Cyrus Award for      curricular activities. Each student is
                                          Creative Nonfiction went to Tamoy             nominated by a biology faculty mem-
And Literature                            Thomas of Lithonia for “Paranoid Little       ber.
At Clayton State University’s annual
                                          The 2008 Student Poetrypalooza award
                                                                                        Teacher Education
Honors Convocation, the best of the
best are honored. The College of Arts &   winners which are also featured in
                                          Cygnet, were announced. “News Flash on        Clayton State University’s annual
Sciences’ Department of Language and                                                    Academic Honors Convocation held on
Literature recognized many students       Monkeys while Driving to Atlanta” by
                                          Jason Joiner of Sharpsburg won first          Apr. 3, 2008 honored the University’s
this year.                                                                              top students. The Department of
                                          place. John Hepner (Senoia) won second
                                          place for “Walk.” Honorable mention           Teacher Education in the College of
The Bill Pasch Outstanding Senior                                                       Arts & Sciences awarded two students
English Major Award went to Megan         went      to   Christopher     Jackson
                                          (McDonough) for “Odysseus” and to             with special recognition.
Lawrimore of Fayetteville who gradu-
ated in the fall of 2007.                 Alicia M. Johnson (Jonesboro) for
                                                                                        The Doris Fisher Memorial Teacher
                                                                                        Education Award goes to a senior in
Sibongile B. N. Lynch, a junior from                                                    social studies education with a high
Jonesboro, was awarded the June
Legge and Stanley Cyrus Study Abroad      Natural Sciences                              grade point average, who has gone
                                                                                        above and beyond in instructional plan-
Competition Award for Literary                                                          ning, using variety and technology, and
London Maymester course and the Fred      Clayton State University held its annual
                                                                                        engaging students. This year Heather
Goldberg Essay Prize which is a liter-    Academic Honors Convocation on Apr. 3,
                                                                                        Pittman (Conyers) was honored with
ary analysis essay.                       2008 to honor the best and brightest.
                                                                                        this award.
                                          Among those honored, the Department of
Junior Jennifer Navarre of Ellenwood      Natural Sciences in the College of Arts &
                                                                                        Pittman will graduate with a 3.96 grade
was also awarded the June Legge and       Sciences awarded three students special
                                                                                        point average in the areas of social stud-
Stanley    Cyrus    Study     Abroad      recognition.
                                                                                        ies and science education. She will
Competition Awards for Literary                                                         begin teaching at Young Americans
London Maymester course.                  Matthew Shelnutt of Stockbridge was
                                                                                        Christian School in Conyers, Ga., this
                                          awarded the Chemical Rubber Company
Chantelle Pruett is a freshman History    Freshman Chemistry Award, as chosen by
major from Senoia who won the Sharon      the Chemistry faculty. The winner is cho-
                                                                                        Tangelia King of Jonesboro was award-
Sellers’ First-Year Writing Award for     sen based on having completed and mas-
                                                                                        ed the Outstanding Teacher Education
“Health Care: The Solution” written in    tered the freshman chemistry sequence
                                                                                        Student Award. The winner is selected
English 1101 for Deborah Manson.          courses. Shelnutt is a sophomore biology
                                                                                        through their professional demonstra-
                                          major and has a 4.0 grade point average.
                                                                                        tion, appreciation of diversity, and thor-
Sophomore Shehnaz Haqqani from                                                          ough knowledge of content.
College Park won the Sharon Sellers’      René Mussell, also of Stockbridge, is the
First-Year    Writing Award      for      winner of the Excellence in Chemistry
                                                                                        King has transitioned from banking to
“Violation of Women’s Rights in           Award. The winner of this award is cho-
                                                                                        teaching math. She was also nominated
Islamic Societies” written in Dr.         sen by the Chemistry faculty and is given
                                                                                        as one of Clayton State’s nominees for
Gregory Flail’s English 1102.             to a senior level student who has mastered
                                                                                        the Georgia Experiential Learning
                                          all of the chemistry courses they have
                                                                                        Student of the year. King will begin
Also at the Honors Convocation cere-      taken.
                                                                                        teaching math at Kendrick Middle
mony, the Department of Language and                                                    School in Clayton County this fall.
Literature recognized six students with   Jewels E. Morgan from Snellville is the
awards for writing that is published in   winner of the O.C. Lam III Award, chosen
Clayton State’s literary magazine,        by the biology faculty. Students are evalu-    Attention Clayton State Schools and
“Cygnet: A Journal of Arts and            ated and selected based on their minimum       Colleges! Do you have students who
Literature Spring 2008.”                  overall grade point average of 3.2,            received awards at the Honors
                                          achievement in upper level division biolo-     Convocation that you would like hon-
“Legacy of Ambition” written by           gy courses, research and scholarship, and      ored in the “Campus Review” newslet-
Lynch won the Stanley Cyrus Award         participation in departmental and extra        ter? Contact
Campus Review
May 9, 2008                                                                                                                       Page 5

Across the Campus...
Clayton State Foundation                      Center. The School of Graduate Studies         Library website at:
Clayton State University Foundation           regularly holds open houses on the second,
Trustee Allan Vigil was recently featured     Tuesday evening of each month. The             or contact Sarah Trowbridge, public serv-
on Fox Business in an interview on the        University is now accepting applications       ices librarian, at,
Ford Motor Company and fuel prices.           for all four of its graduate programs. Go to   or (770) 461-8841, ext. 5343.
                                     or call the
Fayette                                       School of Graduate Studies at (678) 466-       Library
The Fayette Front Page website                4113.                                          During Summer Break the Clayton State
( recently                                                          Library is closed the following weekends:
added a School Directory showcasing           Integrative Studies                            May 10-11; May 17-18; May 25-26.
local private and public schools, including   Clayton State University Assistant             Operating hours during the break are as
a Clayton State University - Fayette page.    Professor and Coordinator of Integrative       follows; May 12 – May 16 – 8 a.m. to 5
                                              Studies Dr. Wendy Burns-Ardolino will          p.m. May 19 – May 23 – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Graduate Studies                              be having a free public book reading at        Summer Hours begin on May 27…
The Clayton State University School of        the Fayette County Library, 1821 Heritage      Monday – Thursday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.;
Graduate Studies will be holding its          Park Way, Fayetteville, on Tuesday, May        Fridays – 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed
monthly informational Open House on           13. Burns-Ardolino will be reading at 7        Saturday. Sundays – 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday, May 13 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30        p.m. from her new and provocative book,        Library will be closed July 4-6, in celebra-
p.m. The Open House will give prospec-        “Jiggle: (Re)Shaping American Women,”          tion of Independence Day.
tive graduate students a chance to learn      which looks at the reshaping of American
more about the Master of Arts in Liberal      women… or, at least, the cultural signifi-
Studies,     Master      of    Business       cance of the relationship between
Administration, Master of Health              American women and their bodies as
Administration, and Master of Science in      mediated by both traditional and contem-
Nursing. The event will be held in Room       porary foundation garments. For more
201 of the University’s Harry S. Downs        information, go to the Fayette County

 Photo Credit: Erin Fender

                                         Bookstore Grand Opening in the Student Center
                                                                                                                     Campus Review
 Page 6                                                                                                                 May 9, 2008

  Sabatier Research Study
  Accepted by Experimental Neurology
  by Erin Fender, University Relations

  Clayton State University Assistant            peripheral nerves” with Natalie Redmon,         study forms the ground work for ongo-
  Professor of Health & Fitness                 Gail Schwartz, and Arthur W. English            ing studies to study the molecular
  Management Dr. Manning J. Sabatier            who are all affiliated with Emory               mechanisms of this exercise effect,”
  recently had a research study accepted        University. English is a full professor in      explains Sabatier.
  by “Experimental Neurology.”                  the Department of Cell Biology.
                                                                                                “Experimental Neurology” is a scientif-
  “The study summarized experiments             “He is the faculty member who directs           ic journal focusing on publishing
  designed to evaluate the effect of exer-      and funds the lab space and supplies I          research in neuroscience with interests
  cise on axon regeneration after periph-       used to do this research,” says Sabatier,       in areas of neural development, regen-
  eral nerve injury,” explains Sabatier, a      who completed the study while training as       eration, plasticity, and transplantation.
  faculty member in the Health and              a postdoctoral student in English’s labora-     The journal has focused on research
  Fitness Management program at in the          tory.                                           concerning basic mechanisms underly-
  College of Professional Studies at                                                            ing neurological disorders. Sabatier’s
  Clayton State.                                “We found that treadmill locomotion             article is currently available electroni-
                                                exercise, even in very small quantities, in     cally through The
  He co-authored “Treadmill training pro-       the first two weeks after injury does in        hard copy should be available by the
  motes axon regeneration in injured            fact enhance axon regeneration. This            end of the summer.

Dental Hygiene, cont’d. from p. 2

the oral health of the homeless. This           Center, to provide care for these individu-     Group 4 worked with Clifton Ministries
year’s winners came from Group 3:               als at no cost.”                                Shelter, located near Little Five Points in
“Losing Your Bite? The Truth About Oral                                                         Atlanta. Their program was “Oral Health
Hygiene” and included: Jakia Poythress,         Group 1, “Recognizing the Importance of         Awareness in the Atlanta Homeless
Atlanta; Melka Argaw, Clarkston; Clara          Education in Terms of Oral Health,” also        Population.” Also working with homeless
Gandolfi, McDonough; Noella Eugene,             worked across from the state capitol with       men, their project consisted of several ses-
McDonough; and Raschelle Porter,                the Child Development Center at Central         sions in the evening and on Saturdays
Jonesboro.                                      Presbyterian. According to Duley, they          wherein the students taught different
                                                assessed the oral health knowledge of the       aspects of oral hygiene and offered
The “Losing Your Bite? The Truth About          children as well as the parents, and pro-       instruction on care of oral health in spite
Oral Hygiene” group worked with the             vided dental hygiene education to two to        of being homeless.
Central Presbyterian Outreach and               four year olds with games, songs and
Advocacy Center, 201 S. Washington              activities which helped them to under-          “Each group found that their target groups
Street, Atlanta, working with the home-         stand how to take care of their mouth.          increased their knowledge of oral health
less men, women and children who come           They also provided the parents with writ-       and that most of their problems rested in
to the Outreach Center for assistance.          ten information about the care of their         the actual practice, or lack thereof, of oral
                                                children’s oral health.                         hygiene habits,” says Duley. “For the chil-
Dr. Susan Duley, Clayton State depart-                                                          dren, it was the parents who knew what to
ment head of Dental Hygiene, notes that         Group 2, “Improving Dental Knowledge            do but did not make time to follow
while individuals were waiting to see a case-   to Create A+ Smiles,” also worked with          through with their children.
worker the Clayton State students would have    children in the Child Development
the men participate in their program.           Center. Duley points out that, in their         “What each of these groups did was make
                                                research, the students found that Georgia       a difference in the lives that they
“They provided information on what con-         had received a “C+” in oral health knowledge.   touched.”
stitutes a dental emergency as well as how
these men could care for their teeth and        “Their teaching methods included games           “I was deeply moved by the presentations
oral health in spite of being homeless,”        and crafts to help the children understand      and the findings of each group,” adds Lisa
she says. “These students helped to create      the importance of a healthy diet and main-      Phillips, administrative assistant in the
a liaison between Central Presbyterian          taining good oral health habits,” she says.     College of Professional Studies.
and the Clayton State University Dental         “This group also gave parents information
Hygiene Clinic and West End Medical             on the care of their children’s oral health.”
Campus Review
May 9, 2008                                                                                                                                             Page 7

Rosalind Williams Accepts Two New Positions
by Erin Fender, University Relations

Clayton State University’s Rosalind              She has previously worked in the payroll                   a beautiful campus and work in such an
Williams has been selected to serve as the       office of the Norfolk Public school system                 exciting department.
administrative assistant for the newly           Board of Education, the U.S.D.A. office
appointed Director of Public Safety,             with the Georgia Department of                             “I look forward enthusiastically to the
Bobby Hamil, as well as serving as the           Agriculture and owned and operated a                       many challenges that my new endeavor
University Rideshare coordinator.                bookstore and herb shop.                                   brings, so I am grateful to have this oppor-
                                                                                                            tunity to be a part of a winning team,” she
“I truly have my work cut out for me, but        “I bring to the table my people skills as                  says.
I can honestly say that there is never a         well as communication skills which
dull moment,” says Williams of her new           enable me to maintain a high level of
endeavors.                                       integrity while encouraging others.
                                                 Furthermore, being business minded has
Williams began working at the University         played a key role in my ability to be pro-
in September 2004. Most recently, she            fessional in problem solving matters,”
served as the interim administrative assis-      Williams explains.
tant to the Interim Chief, Rex Duke, while
being a part of the security staff of            Williams, a longtime resident of Georgia,
Clayton State University.                        says she considers it a joy to work on such

HUT, cont’d. from p. 1

Liu, Harden and Wan finalized an                 of the University’s Chinese International                  with many of the universities in Hunan
arrangement whereby members of the               Programs… a task she undertook almost                      Province, I am able to communicate, and
Clayton State faculty will have the oppor-       as soon as she joined the Clayton State                    to improve understanding between our
tunity over varying periods of time to           faculty, and a position she is uniquely                    university and HUT, which was critical in
teach at HUT. In addition, HUT will later        qualified for, given her international back-               establishing the connection between the
send faculty members to teach at Clayton         ground.                                                    universities,” explains Wan. “If this con-
State.                                                                                                      nection is successful, it will allow us to go
                                                 “As a graduate of universities in China,                   further with other Chinese universities.”
“Clayton State University is proud of our        the UK and the USA, and having an
already-existing international flavor;           extensive and strong network to work                                                     HUT, cont’d., p. 9
including our international faculty, inter-
national students and the opportunities
our American faculty and students have to
teach and further their educations abroad
through our Fulbright-Hays grants and
our Study Abroad programs.,” says
Harden. “This new relationship with the
Hunan University of Technology promis-
es to open some exciting new doors for
both Clayton State and the region.”

Although Harden’s name is on the final
document, he makes it clear that Wan’s
efforts were vital to the success of this ini-
tiative. A native of Hunan Province who
originally lived within 100 miles of
ZhuZhou, and who speaks the same
Chinese dialect as that spoken in
ZhuZhou, Wan has been a faculty member
in Clayton State’s College of Professional
Studies since 2006, and is the coordinator                     HUT President Hanqing Wang and Clayton State University President Dr. Thomas K. Harden
                                                                                                                         Campus Review
 Page 8                                                                                                                     May 9, 2008

Smith Awards, cont’d. from p. 2

Haught has been a part of Clayton State’s            The other nominees are wonderful and they       “I feel this honor goes to the entire Plant
Plant Operations since 1989. As the busi-            all deserved to win this award,” says Haught.   Operations Department. I would not have
ness manager, she works closely with Director                                                        won this prestigious award if it were not
of Plant Operations Harun Biswas on all proj-        When Haught is not working in Plant             for all the great people I work along side
ects, including contracts and pay requests for       Operations, she can be found spending           everyday. They make my job a lot easier
architects and contractors. She interacts with all   time with her family, working in the yard       and I appreciate each and every one of
departments on campus and enjoys working at          and playing with her black Labrador,            them,” explains Haught.
Clayton State because of the people and its sur-     Levi. Haught is originally from Selma,
roundings.                                           Ala., and now lives in Griffin. She and her
                                                     husband have been married for 39 years,
“Being nominated is an honor in itself but           and they have one son and an eight month
to win is truly an honor and I feel blessed.         old grandson.

Photo Credit: Erin Fender

                                                                    2008 Smith Awards
Campus Review
May 9, 2008                                                                                                                    Page 9

HUT, cont’d. from p. 7

Wan previously worked for almost 10            Wan and Welborn reported on their efforts      first heavy industry cities developed after
years as a faculty member in the interna-      to Dr. Richard Sutton, director of the         the founding of the PRC government in
tional education programs at Hunan             Board of Regents of the University             1949. It has the population of 3,500,000
University, one of the top universities in     System of Georgia’s Office of                  and it is located in southeastern China.
China and one of the oldest universities in    International Education, in November           Previously known as the ZhuZhou
the world. As a result of that experience,     2007. Sutton noted at that time that, “this    Institute of Technology, HUT has 35,000
and through her background as an interna-      is a new model of international education-     students spread over seven campuses.
tional student, she knows that China pres-     al program in the University System of
ents a huge international education market     Georgia…”                                      “Signing this agreement represents a sub-
for Clayton State.                                                                            stantive step in the cooperative interna-
                                               The international educational partnership      tional educational programs between
“I began to work and establish the cooper-     program between the Clayton State and          Clayton State and HUT,” says Wan. “The
ative international programs with China        HUT is on track to add another compo-          signed agreement for the faculty exchange
when I was first employed by Clayton           nent, a curriculum agreement that would        will no doubt enhance the communication
State with the strong support of Dr.           allow HUT students to finish their bache-      and understanding between the two uni-
Harden and Provost Dr. Sharon                  lor’s degrees at Clayton State. Shortly        versities.”
Hoffman,” she says. “Without the support       after returning to Georgia, Harden invited
and help of Dr. Harden, Dr. Hoffman and        President Wang to personally come to           Indeed, such is the understanding already
Director of International Education Dr.        Morrow to work out the final details of        that Harden and Wan have been honored
Robert Welborn, all of whom put a lot of       this second agreement.                         by being appointed visiting professors of
effort into the Chinese International                                                         Hunan University of Technology. Because
Programs, we could not have had this           “Someone has said, China is an IT socie-       of her significant work in the Chinese
achievement.                                   ty,” says Wan. “The people there are crav-     International Program, Hoffman has also
                                               ing knowledge and information global-          been honored by being appointed a visit-
“I want to contribute to the benefit of both   wide. In this sense, China is the biggest IT   ing professor of Hunan University of
the USA and China, to promote closer           market globally. If we do not embrace the      Technology.
international cooperation between the two      market, someone else will. The sooner we
institutions and to promote better under-      act, the better, if we believe that we have
standing between the people of the United      advanced knowledge or information.”
States and the People’s Republic of China
through educational and cultural inter-        ZhuZhou is one of the most important
change.”                                       transport hub cities in China, one of the
                                                             Campus Review
Page 10                                                         May 9, 2008

Photo Credit: Erin Fender
                            2008 Service Awards Recipients
Campus Review
May 9, 2008                                                                                                                    Page 11

                                                                                              Clayton State
                                                                                            Archives Wants to
                                                                                          Yes, there is an Archives for Clayton State
                                                                                          University. It is located in the library. The
                                                                                          Clayton State Archives is charged with the
                                                                                          responsibility of collecting and preserving
                                                                                          the history of Clayton State University.

                                                                                          Each issue of the Campus Review will fea-
                                                                                          ture an item, photo, or event from the col-
                                                                                          lections in the Archives. These items have
Photo Credit: Erin Fender
                                                                                          no or very little accompanying information.
                                                                                          The Archives would like to collect data and
Students, cont’d. from p. 3                                                               associated artifacts for these “mystery” items.
tional and note that he is highly respected    help students learn about the world of        Lucky and Loch – Two
by other students,” explains McDonald.         work. She interned at Cooper Wiring
                                               Devices in Peachtree City.                    Clayton State Mascots
                            King won the
                                                                                          We have tee-shirts, water bottles, calendars
                            award        for   The students were nominated by
                                                                                          and other memorabilia for both mascots but
                            Education,         McDonald with input from their
                                                                                          we don’t know the individuals who brought
                            completing her     internship faculty coordinators, Robert
                                                                                          these characters to life. We don’t have a lot
                            field experience   Marcus, Dr. Mary Hollowell and Dr.
                                                                                          of information on the creation of the mas-
                            at     Kendrick    Anita Whiting. Waffle House is spon-
                            Middle School.     soring the 2008 Jack Mangham Award,
                            She wanted to      giving $500 to each of the four win-       When did Lucky first appear? Where? Who
                            teach because      ners.                                      decided on the type of costume?
                            she felt that it
                            was her true       Jack Mangham                               When did Loch first appear? Where? Who
  Tangelia Penix-King       calling.           was a native of                            decided on the type of costume?
                                               Louisiana,     a
                                                                                          Who has worn the costumes for these two
“After working in the banking industry         mentor to many,
                                                                                          mascots? When?
for more than 15 years, I felt as if my        and a friend to
life would not be complete if I did not        all. He was a                              Are there any photographs of the people
pursue my true calling, teaching,” she         prominent fig-                             who wore the costumes (without the cos-
says.                                          ure           in                           tume)?
Greer won the award for Business.              Learning      in                           How is the individual chosen that will play
                                                                      John Shaffer        the role of mascot? Who selects this person?
                                               Georgia      for
“She is consistently described by her          almost 20 years,
                                                                                          What events, special occasions were and are
faculty as an intelligent, responsible,        and exemplified the spirit of collabora-
                                                                                          attended by the mascot?
hardworking individual with tremen-            tive work between students, employ-
dous motivation and initiative,” says          ers, and educational institutions. The     How many times have Lucky and Loch
McDonald.                                      mission of GACE is to provide the link     appeared together? For what reason?
                                               between employers and career services      When? Do we have photographs?
                        Greer has also         offices.
                        been involved in                                                  Does anyone have pictures of Loch around
                        the     Clayton                                                   campus, at games, etc.?
                        State Chapter of
                                                                                          If you can provide answers to these ques-
                        the Society for
                                                                                          tions or have additional information on this
                        Advancement of
                                                                                          particular item, please email the university
                                                                                          archivist at
                        where she has
                        been active in                                                    The Clayton State Archives thanks you for
                        coordinating                                                      your help.
    Marcia Greer        programs      to
                                                                Campus Review
Page 12                                                            May 9, 2008

          School of Nursing’s spring Cultural Diversity Forum
Campus Review
May 9, 2008                                                                                                                Page 13
                                                                                           Baird, cont’d. from p. 1

                                                                                           He served as a prosecutor in Clayton
   Clayton State Student                                                                   County after graduating from law school.
                                                                                           In 1996, he was elected to serve as the
   Awarded AUPHA Scholarship                                                               chief judge of the Magistrate Court of
   by Erin Fender, University Relations                                                    Clayton County and served in that capac-
                                                                                           ity until January of 2005 when he was
   Clayton State University student           Kadiri was selected by the Health            appointed a senior judge. Baird served as
   Ehime Kadiri (College Park) was            Care     Management      (HCMG)              the chairman of the Georgia Magistrate
   recently awarded a scholarship from        Department faculty to receive the            Court Training Council and on the Board
   the Association of University              $500 scholarship. He was presented           of Trustees of the Institute for Continuing
   Programs in Health Administration          the award on Apr. 30, 2008 at the            Judicial Education at the University of
   (AUPHA).                                   HCMG Department Advisory Board               Georgia.
   “He was selected based upon academ-                                                     In addition to his duties in the court room,
   ic achievement, soundness of charac-       AUPHA is based out of Alexandria,            Baird taught in the School of Business at
   ter, and someone who very well repre-      Va. AUPHA is the national certifying         Clayton State for 13 years. He is an
   sents the best of our program,”            organization for undergraduate pro-          adjunct faculty member at the Georgia
   explains professor and department          grams in health care management.             State University College of Law and has
   head of Health Care Management, Dr.                                                     taught part time at both the University of
   Peter G. Fitzpatrick.                                                                   West Georgia and Reinhardt College.

                                                                                           Baird is the recipient of the 1996
                                                                                           Community Service Award from the
                                                                                           Jonesboro Fire Department and was voted
                                                                                           2003 Outstanding Business Alumni from
                                                                                           Clayton State. In 2001, at a ceremony in
Curator, cont’d. from p. 3
                                                                                           the Georgia Supreme Court, Baird was
                                                                                           awarded the Georgia Courts Program of
rational with ideas on exhibits, improving     In her spare time, Craton enjoys golf
                                                                                           the Year Award and is a two time recipient
the archives and community outreach,”          and recently began guitar lessons. She is
                                                                                           (2003 and 2005) of the President’s Award
she says. “The interns learn the impor-        also an advocate for senior rights.
                                                                                           from the Georgia Council of Magistrate
tance of public history.”
                                                                                           Court Judges. He is Supreme Court
                                               “Right now I am making a difference as
                                                                                           appointee to the Georgia Commission of
In 2007, Craton also received a certificate    the curator at the Hapeville Depot
                                                                                           Court Interpreters.
from the Georgia Archives Institute. She       Museum. I am helping the community
says she would like to obtain her master’s     discover its roots again,” she says.
                                                                                           The University’s senior faculty member,
degree and is looking into the archival
                                                                                           and a 37-year veteran of Clayton State,
track at Clayton Sate and some museum
                                                                                           Professor of English Dr. Thomas V.
classes offered at the University of West
                                                                                           Barnett, will once again serve as the fac-
                                                                                           ulty marshal for both ceremonies.

                 Clayton State Spring 2008 Graduates!
           Look for photos of the ceremonies in the next issue of “Campus Review.”
                                                                                                                      Campus Review
 Page 14                                                                                                                 May 9, 2008

Simmons & Rolle Improve NCAA D-II Provisional Marks

Clayton State Men Finish Fourth at Region Meet
Senior Eric Simmons and junior Ahmad           Lawrence DeShields and Josh Tiggs to             Tim Moran and Sherard Polite. Lee
Rolle have improved their chances of           victory, running 3:17.76. Rolle won the          jumped 21-4 in the long jump and ran
advancing to this month’s NCAA                 triple jump with a leap of 48-7¾ to              15.72 in the 110m hurdles, both personal-
Division II Outdoor Track & Field              improve his D-II standing and add his            bests. Moran ran 10.90 in the 100m for a
Championships. On Saturday, the pair           name to the Laker record book in the             season best while Polite finished fifth in
won their respective events in school          event. Rolle will be seeking to make All-        the 400m hurdles in 57.19 for a personal-
record efforts and exceeded their NCAA         America at outdoor nationals after earning       best by more than 1.5 seconds. Clayton
provisional marks to lead the Lakers to a      the honor at indoor nationals in March.          State also got another steady effort from
fourth place finish at the D-II South                                                           freshman Walid Berkhedle in the 1500m
Region Championship meet at Morehouse          “Everything came together nicely today,          who finished third in 4:01.51.
College.                                       despite the weather,” said Laker head
                                               coach Mike Mead. “Ahmad and Eric                 Simmons and Rolle now must wait a
Albany State University won the men’s          needed this meet to lock up their spots for      week to receive official notice of making
team title, edging Morehouse by four           nationals and we had several guys come           the field for this year’s NCAA D-II out-
points, 122-118. Harding University was        through with either personal or season-          door championships. In the meantime
a close third with 113.5 points and            best efforts today.”                             while the pair prepares for the May 22-24
Clayton State totaled 88 points while fifth                                                     championships, Simmons will earn anoth-
place went to the University of Alabama-       The third school record came from Au             er honor when he receives his diploma on
Huntsville with 81.5. A total of 14 teams      Nguyen who finished third in the                 May 10 at Clayton State’s spring com-
were represented in the men’s field.           10,000m run with a time of 33:32.61, bet-        mencement ceremonies.
                                               tering his own record by almost 28 sec-
The Lakers came away with four wins and        onds. He also came back to finish sixth in
three school records in the season finale      the 5,000m run. DeShields ran a season-
for a majority of the Laker squad.             best in the 400m hurdles to win the event
Simmons solidified his chances of making       and picked up a second place finish in the
his fourth outdoor national meet, winning      110m hurdles.
the 400m in 47.03, bettering his own
school record set in 2005. He also helped      The Lakers also received breakout per-
the Lakers’ 4 x 400m relay team of Rolle,      formances from freshmen Ronreaco Lee,

Eighth-ranked Lakers Advance in NCAA Division II Mid-Atlantic Regional

First 20-win Season for Clayton State Women’s Tennis
by Lee Wright, Sports Information

The Clayton State Laker women’s tennis         rival and second-ranked Armstrong Atlantic in    tiebreak, and Camila Correa and Giovana
team made program history and advanced         the Regional championship on Friday at 10 a.m.   Fenstersifer knocked off Clayton State’s
in the 2008 NCAA Division II National                                                           Viktoriya Semyrodenko and Allison
Tournament all at the same time on Thursday.   The Lakers had to rally after dropping two       Evans 8-5 at three.
                                               of their three matches in doubles.
Playing in the first round of the NCAA                                                          But Clayton State stormed back in singles
Division II Mid-Atlantic Regional at           Clayton State won at number one doubles          play with four straight victories.
Armstrong Atlantic, the Lakers recorded a      as Anna Redecsi and Julia Chergova downed        Redecsi downed Rodrigues 6-1, 6-3 at
5-2 victory over Peach Belt Conference         Augusta State’s Fernanda Chiaparini and          one, while Semyrodenko recorded a 6-0, 6-2
rival Augusta State. The victory improves      Nathalia Rodrigues 8-4. The Lady Jaguars,        victory at three over Ferrerira. White followed
Clayton State’s record to 20-5 overall,        however, won the next two in dramatic fashion    at number four, defeating Machado 6-2, 6-1,
marking the first-ever 20-win season for       as Laura Ferrreira and Bianca Machado edged      and then Kristina Jonutyte clinched the match
Clayton State in women’s tennis. Clayton       the Lakers’ Katie White and Selma Hidass         for the Lakers with a 6-1, 6-3 victory over
State now battles Peach Belt Conference        9-8 at number two, winning 8-6 in the            Fenstersifer at six.
Campus Review
May 9, 2008                                                                                                                 Page 15

Kreutzer Now Qualified for Nationals in FOUR Events
                                                                                            Trivia Time
Clayton State Women
                                                                                            Gone With the Wind
Finish Third at Region Meet                                                                 by John Shiffert, University Relations

Led by its four NCAA Division II provi-       The fourth provisional qualifier, junior
sional qualifiers, the Clayton State          Jon Taylor, did not improve her standings
University women’s track & field team         in the long jump, but improved her school
finished a respectable third on Saturday in   record in the 100m dash as she placed
the unofficial D-II South Region              fourth in 12.41. She was also fourth in the
Championship meet at Morehouse College.       long jump with a leap of 17-8¾.

Clayton State finished tied for third with    “This was a terrific finish by a wonderful
Albany State University. The University       bunch of young women,” said Laker head
of Alabama-Huntsville won the meet with       coach Mike Mead. “I thought we had a
195.5 points to outdistance runner up         shot at winning the meet, but we just did
Harding University’s 140.5.          Both     not have the depth in all the events like
Clayton State and Albany State finished       Alabama-Huntsville and Harding. Most          Apparently, Scarlett O’Hara was
with 122 points. A total of 11 teams were     everyone today turned in their best efforts   afraid she’d be gone with the wind
represented in the women’s competition.       of the year.”                                 when she so famously asked Rhett
                                                                                            Butler, “If you go, where shall I go,
Four-time All American Allison Kreutzer       Included in that mix of best efforts were     what shall I do?”
led the Laker charge winning two events       Ellis, Kara Stokes and Nyisha Nelson.
and placing second in a third. Kreutzer       Ellis’ second to Kreutzer in the 1500m        Well, Rhett then proceeded to tell her
opened the meet for Clayton State in the      was the fastest ever for a Clayton State      what he thought, and thus history was
3,000m run, finishing second to Harding’s     freshman in the event. Stokes improved        made on the silver screen.
Esther Komen, the 2006 NCAA Division          her 400m hurdle time by over one second
II cross country champion, in a NCAA          to finish third. Nelson improved her best     Making history this week were up-
provisional time of 10:09.33 which also       discus throw by almost five feet to finish    and-coming Trivia Star Kelly Adams,
improved her own team record for the          second in the event.                          the Nurse Managed Clinic’s Dr. Julia
second straight week.                                                                       Spinolo and defending Tom Eddins
                                              “We have come a long way in a short peri-     Trophy winner Dina Swearngin. Also
Kreutzer came back about three hours          od of time. We sent two women to last         correct, though a little late to get in the
later to lead a Clayton State one-two fin-    year’s outdoor nationals and finished in      top three, were former titlists Rob
ish in the 1500m run, winning in another      the Top 20 as a team. We will send at least   Taylor and Lou Brackett, Donna
NCAA provisional time of 4:41.58 while        three and hopefully four later this month.”   Miller,     Robert      Caine,       Dotty
freshman teammate Chelsea Ellis ran                                                         Bumbalough, Kurt-Alexander Zeller,
4:47.34. Kreutzer concluded her day with      With the exception of one or two individ-     and the man himself, Ton Eddins.
an easy win in the 5,000m run, running        uals, the Laker women conclude their 12
17:56.61. For the season, Kreutzer has run    season of outdoor track with 12 team          Retreating to another aspect of pop
D-II provisional times in the 1500, 3,000,    records set this season. Those individuals    culture… a two-parter from the world
5,000 and 10,000m events.                     competing one more time before the            of music, partly in honor of University
                                              NCAA Championships will do so on              Relations photojournalist Erin Fender,
Sophomore Keisha Etienne remained             Friday at the Georgia Invitational in         who knows more about classic rock
unbeaten in the 400m hurdles this season      Athens.                                       than anyone her age should know.
as she cruised to victory in 1:03.61, fol-                                                  (And who is ineligible for Trivia Time
lowing her NCAA provisional run last                                                        honors…. sorry, Erin.)
week of 1:01.75. Etienne also ran the
open 400m in 57.31 to place third and ran                                                   One) What musical ensemble suggest-
on both relays.                                                                             ed we should put our hands together
                                                                                            for Jack? Two) Who walked into the
Junior Kim Larry won the high jump for                                                      party like he was walking on to a
the third time this season, leaping to a D-                                                 yacht? Send, don’t sing, your answers
II provisional height of 5-7½. Larry is the                                                 to
lone Laker who has automatically quali-
fied for the Division II championship
meet on May 22-24 in Walnut, Ca.
                                                                                                                Campus Review
 Page 16                                                                                                           May 9, 2008

Clayton State Advances to
NCAA Division II Men’s Golf National Championships
by Lee Wright, Sports Information

The Clayton State Laker men’s golf team       "I didn’t think a 301 would make it, but it   In addition, junior Jonathan Visconti fin-
can keep their bags packed for one more       did," said Clayton State head coach Barry     ished tied for 24th overall with a 229 (75-
week. They are going to Houston.              Harwell. "But this (advancing to the          79-75), while freshman Kevin Duncan
                                              NCAA Championship) is a good step for         (77-77-77) and sophomore Wade Binfield
Clayton State came on strong in the final     the program and a nice reward. I’m so         (73-80-78) each finished tied for 27th
round of the NCAA Division II Southeast       proud of these guys, they’ve worked hard      with a 231. Neil McBride rounded out the
Regional on Wednesday and qualified for       all season and this is special.               Clayton State scoring finishing 35th with
the NCAA Division II National                                                               a 234 (75-74-85).
Championships for the first time since the    "This is not something I had in the plans
1999 season. The 20th-ranked Lakers shot      at the beginning of the season, but the       The NCAA Division II National
a 301 for the final round and finished with   opportunity is now here, and we need to       Championships will be on May 14-17 at the
a 901 overall to claim the fifth and final    take advantage of it."                        Memorial Park Golf Club in Houston.
spot in the Regional for next week’s
National Championships in Houston.            Like Tuesday’s second round, the Lakers
                                              were again sluggish throughout the final
                                                                                                         Campus Review
The Lakers edged Peach Belt Conference        round, trailing Lander and Barton the
                                                                                                          May 9, 2008
rival and 24th-ranked Lander by one           entire. However, junior Will Wilcox put
stroke and Barton by three strokes in the     Clayton State in striking distance with         Editor:           John Shiffert
combined Southeast/Atlantic Regionals at      three birdies on the last five holes. From
The Point Lake and Golf Club. Georgia         there, the Lakers had to wait as both           Writers:          Erin Fender
College and Belmont Abbey each earned         Lander and Barton stumbled on the back                            Lauren Graves
the automatic qualifier by winning their      nine, enabling the Clayton State to
respected Regionals, while Clayton State,     advance.                                        Layout:           Lauren Graves
Newberry and USC Aiken earned the at-
large berths – all three from the Southeast   Wilcox finished fifth overall for the           Graphic Design:   Lauren Graves
Regional.                                     Regional with a two-over 218 (73-74-71).

                                              CLAYTON STATE UNIVERSITY
                                              Morrow, GA 30260-0285
                                              Office of University Relations

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