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                       Next year's American Idol?
    "Yo, Dawg, check it out, we got a hot one here!"      The winner receives a one million dollar record deal with
That might be something Randy ~ i c k s o n the reality   a major label. Past winners include Kelly Clarkson,Ruben
television competition, American Idol, could possibly     Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor
remark about Kurt Krusal, who really had it going on in   Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, and Kris Allen.
front of the Glasgow Post Office this morning.                 Debuting on June 11, 2002, as American Idol: The
    "I like to practice on my days off," says Kurt, who   Search for a Superstar on the Fox network, the show
moved to Glasgow from North Carolina in January.          has since become one of the most popular in the history
When he isn't singing and playing his guitar, he is a     of American television. It is currently the #I program
CNA at Valley View Nursing Home.                          in the Nielsen ratings and is one of only three that have
    And yes, Kurt holds the dream of being a contestant   been #I for five consecutive seasons, along with All in
on American Idol.                                         the Family and The Cosby Show.
    The season finale happens tonight where the 2010           Hopefully, Kurt Krusal will one day get his
winner between the two remaining contestants - Lee        chance to audition and hear those now-famous words:
DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox - will be announced.          "Welcome to Hollywood!" We say, Go for it, Kurt!
Preschool Bible School June 7-10
    Games, Songs, Crafts and Bible stories will be
played, created, and told at First Lutheran Church in
                                                                                                        Last Song
Glasgow starting Monday, June 7 through Thursday,
June 10 from 9:30 am to 12 noon.
        Kids from age three (must be turning 4 years
of age by Sept. 10, 2009) through those who just
                                                                                             107 min.
                                                                                                             May 21-27
                                                                                                        Evervdav 4:OO. 7:00 8 9:00 om   I
completed kindergarten are invited for a fun-filled four
days of Bible adventure. Pre-registration is required
for planning purposes. Stop by First Lutheran Church
and pick up a registration form or call 406-228-4862.
                                                                                             Nightmare on Elm Street
                                                                                                            May 27-27
                                                                                                        Everyday 410, 7:15 8 9:15 pm    I
          *@3@@3@3                  SHOP SPACE FOR RENT
GH S BOOKKE E P E R I               near downtown Glasgow.
SECRETARY: Duties: fund                               overhead
                                    24x60 ~ 1 2 0 x 1 4
custodian for student accounts,     door, $300. 60x60 w/ two
school lunch receipts &             20x1 4 overhead doors,
reports, reconcile & deposit        $1,000. Both insulated doors,             by Brad Rath
all monies & other secretarial      walls, heat & electric. Call        The qals will all
duties. Required proficiency
in Microsoft Office programs &
strict confidentiality.Accounting
                                    John 263-2046.

                                    STORAGEUNITS FOR RENT
                                                                          pursue ya
                                                                        BRYLCREEM              was
background preferred. Starting      near downtown Glasgow.         introduced in 1928. There were
wage $1 4.21 Ihr. Benefits:         16x50, $125. 12x32, $75.       several promotional values as
longevity, retirement, vacation &   16x60~16  side wall, $150.     it was advertised as giving
sick leave & insurance. Submit      20x60~16, $200. Call John
                                                                   men's hair a shine or gloss
cbssiied a p p l i i n located
on the District websii: htlpil
glasgow.kl2mtus. Deadline

                                    FOR SALE: 2004 Pontiac
                                                                   and to keep hair in place. It
                                                                   is an emulsion of water and mineral oil stabilized with
5128110. For more info contact      Bonneville GXP, V-8, gray- beeswax. Other ingredients are fragrance, calcium

Marj Markle 228-2485.

HELP WANTED: Person or
                                    green metallic, loaded, 36,000 hydroxide, BHT, dimethyl oxazolidine, magnesium
                                    miles, very nice, below book, sulfate, and stearic acid.
                                    $14,000 OBO. CALL 406-              The jingle "Brylcreem - a little dab'll do ya" was
persons to run kiosk at Fort
Peck lnterpertive Center, 7
days a week. Call Fort Peck

                                    FOR SALE: A 3 day, 2 night
                                                                   popular in the 1950's but is not used in today's ads.
                                                                   During World War II, British pilots liked the lotion so
                                                                   much they were often called "The Brylcreem Boys".
Paleontology Center at 526-         getaway to Las Vegas! Rooms Another story is about a popular entertainer who piled
3539 O 406-855-3490.                only. Need to be used by on so much Brylcreem that he resembled a candle. At
                                    July 31. No reasonable offer one show in 1967, he crushed a tube of Brylcreem over
with excellent references has
3 openings June 1. Call 228-
                                    refused. CALL 263-5357

                                    FOR SALE:
                                                                   his head.
                                                                        Its use declined for a time in the 1960's as the dry
                                                        Minature look came into style but it is making a small comeback
8963 or 263-0375.                   Australian Shepherd puppies. now.
       **                           Two females and 1 male,
HOUSE CLEANING:                     almost 5 weeks old, ready to
Reasonable rates. Call 406-         go between 6 and 8 weeks.
                                                                    Oh, say, can you see...

                                    CALL 228-9026.

                                    FOR SALE: 2 Spider paintball
                                                                         A rookie pitcher was struggling at the mound,
                                                                    so the catcher walked up to have a talk with him.
bedl3-bath home, 3336 sq. ft.       guns, 2 tanks, 2 helmets, 1
including garage, 20+ acres,        case paintballs, $400. Suzuki        "I've figured out your problem," he told the
fenced horse property w l           250 4-wheeler 4x4, $1500.       young southpaw. "You always lose control at the
barns & waterers, $285,000.
3-bedl2-bathdoublewide w12-
car garage, barns, 23 acres,
                                    Call 230-0768 or 228-8654.

                                    FOR SALE: 1983 Buick
                                                                    same point in every game."
                                                                        "No kidding? When is that?" the rookie asked
storybook setting, $129,000.        Riviera, 80k; 1969 Ford F250    eagerly.
Call 367-5464 or 263-5463           4x4; 1996 Ford pickup box.           The catcher replied, "Right after the National
for more details.                   Call 406-525-3382.
                              Volunteers needed to staff
                              Reach to Recovery program
                                    Before the end of this year, approximately 640 women
                              in Montana will hear the words "You have breast cancer."
                                                                                                :   i'%l,4?Monhdlut

                              That is when the American Cancer Society's Reach to
                              Recovery program becomes so essential. It will be the         jidhwmj b l . d w s ~ ,
                              first step that will take them from diagnosis and possible
                              surgery to treatment and on through recovery.
                                    Reach to Recovery volunteers have been helping                   4 w
                                                                                                    &% & &
                              women diagnosed with breast cancer for the past 30 years.       wja&'@huf"l
                              It is a program where breast cancer survivors provide one-
                              on-one support, information and inspiration to women to       wahy6Clirnmrta
                              help them cope with their diagnoses.                             HUGE WUZH!
                                    According to Britin Cross, Quality of Life Manager
                              for the American Cancer Society, additional Reach to           Co-Sponsor: Kiwanis
                              Recovery volunteers are presently needed in Roosevelt,
                              Valley, Sheridan and McCone counties. A volunteer                All the NE MT area
                              training is scheduled for Saturday, June 5, 10 a.m. - 3            churches who
                              p.m., at the Senior Citizens Center, 328 4th Ave. South,             volunteered
     Mystery Team
                              in Glasgow.                                                      Valley Event Center
 0   Rain Fall                      To qualify as a Reach to Recovery volunteer, a woman        KLTZlKLAN Radio
 0   Dear John                must be a breast cancer survivor and out of treatment for          'The Print Shop
                              at least one year. She also must attend an initial training             Pamida
                              and a recertification training every two years.                    Cottonwood Inn
                                    "The most valuable qualifications we ask of any          First Community Bank
                              volunteer are compassion and the ability to listen,"                  Albertsons
                              says Cross. "Most of the time many of these patients                  Valley Bank
                              are just weeks or maybe even days from having heard               Montana National
                              their diagnosis," she says. "They are still frightened and              Guard
                              confused, and many don't know where to turn or what                  Dave Pippin
                              basic questions to ask. The Reach to Recovery volunteer         The local Boy Scout
                              has already walked that mile in their shoes and they can               Troops
                              counsel and guide them along their journey."                  a Glasgow High School
                                    To register for the American Cancer Society Reach            Cheerleaders
                              to Recovery volunteer training class, call Bonnie Olson             Soma-Dis-Deli
                              at 406-459-3168 or Britini ~ I o s s 406-256-7156, ext.               Pam Marks
                                                                                                 John Campbell

kecond half of 2010 ~ e a l I Roses for Survivors Day                                            Dawn & Jessica
  Estate Taxes are due by         National Cancer Survivors Day is June 6th 2010 ind
                                                                                                Glasgow Courier
   5:00 p.m. on Monday,       Peggy from the Glasgow Flower and Gift Shop would like
      June I , 2010 and       to donate $3.00 to the N.E. Montana Relay for Life for
                                                                                             The "Collection" Youth
   become delinquent on       every Rose Vase ordered in honor of your special cancer
                                                                                            Praise & Worship Band
    June 2,2010 and will      Survivor.
  draw interest at the rate       National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual,
                                                                                                  Norris Forum
   of 516 of 1% per month     worldwide Celebration of Life that is held in hundreds
       from the tinie of                                                                        Wells Fargo Bank
                              of communities throughout the United States, Canada,
    delinquency until paid                                                                    Independence Bank
                              and other participating countries. Participates unite in a
  and 2% will be added to symbolic event to show the world that life after cancer
 .the delinquent taxes as a diagnoses can be meaningful and productive. Please call          Along with countless
           penalty.           Peggy at 228-4742 and place your order.
                                                                     1    Cash fer dem Clunkers, round two!
                                                                     1'                Obama is proud of his Cash fo
                                                                                 Clunkers program. It basically let yo
                                                                                 sell your car to the government for gas
                                                                                 money. Now there is talk in Congress
                                                                                about bringing it back as an add o
                                                                                 to their univeral healthcare plan and
                                                                                expanding it. With that in mind, let's take a look at how the
                                                                                Obama Clunker program might work on its next go round.
                                                                                Signs of an Obama Clunker:                                i-

                                                                                   You have to reset the car clock after you use the cigarette
                                                                                   You just roll down the car windows for air conditioning.
                                                                                   You start using the phrase "General Motors" as a curse.
                                                                                   You keep emergency sneakers in the car trunk for those
                                                                                inevitable walks home.
    Performance                                                                    Your Obama clunker appears on the TV series Operation
    Concrete &                                                                  Repo, with a recurring role.
   Construction                                                                    YOU had to cut the club the Obama clunker came with off
  General Contractor                                                            of the steering wheel.
    A leader in Residential and                                                    You have to read map directions using the car's Check
    Commercial Concrete, New                                                    Engine light.
     Construction 8 Remodels
                                                                                   You spot tow trucks following your Obama clunker on the
     For Information 8
        Free Estimates
 Contact: Rod 406-263-8054 (cell) .
                                                                                   You double your car's Blue Book value whenever you fill
   Email:                                                     the gas tank.
                                                                                   Your car insurance policy requires that you wear a helmet
                                                                                    You always carry duct tape in the car's glove


                 Glasgow Veterinary Clinic Glasgow Police Department
                                                                                  Your clunker is so old that it isn't dented -- it's wrinkled!
             Fri., June 4 - 6:OO-7:OOpm * Sat., June 5 - l1:OOam-12:OOpm          When hitchhikers see you, they put their thumbs down.
                                 Southside Fire Department
                                                                                  If you try to donate your car to charity, they give it right
I      \ * llf.
                                    Sponsored by
           Gbsgow kten'nary Clinic The Cily of Nashua, St Marie 8 Opheim
                                                                                   Your car was featured on the cover of Lemon Law
Mon., June 7 - 5:30-6:30pm                                                        If they can't repair your clunker's brakes, they'll make your
     Nashua Civic Center
                                                                               horn louder.
                                                                                  The tires keep getting rotated until they're back where they

                                                                                   You'll have to buy your car insurance from the federal
ICall your veterinarian's ofice to see what your pet needs. Rabies vaccination
  cost is 914. Canine 8 feline distem~er  combinations will be available. Come government, but your Obama auto insurance will cover you
1                                                                    I
    prepared with payment for your'city license 8 vaccinations separately
                                                                               in all 57 states.
                                                                                   The bad news is that if you don't buy car insurance
                                                                               coverage, you will go to federal prison. The good news is
                                                                               that you won't need a car there.

                                                                               Barack Obama was trying to sell his clunker that had
                                                                          already been driven 310,000 miles, but he was having a
                                                                          mighty hard time with it. Joe Biden offered to help him out
                                                                          and turned the car odometer back to just 10,000 miles. Biden
                                                                          asked the President a few days later whether he had been
                                                                          able to sell the clunker. "Why would I want to sell it?'asked
                                                                          Obarna. 'There's only 10,000 miles on it!"
/fF First- Bank
            -=t/i     I

    will be closing       harvest season
     for the day
                          closes tonight
                               With        Montana's
                          paddlefish harvest quota
                          expected to be reached, the
          on              Montana Fish, Wildlife &
    Friday, May 28        Parks Commission agreed
                          yesterday to close the 2010
      in honor of         paddlefish harvest season
                          on the Yellowstone River
                                                        I   updates include new shingles and windows in 2007: Live in one of
                                                            the units and rent the others. $179,000 Call for more details.                     I
     Lynn Grobel.
                          and the Missouri River
                          below Fort Peck Dam on                               17. Get up           47. Good many           out
                          Wednesday, May 26, 2010                              18. Unreasoning          (2 wds.)          5. Singing ability
                                                                                   fear             48. Cable news        6. Father
                          at 9 p.m.                                            20. Bunker and           channel           7. Sewice
                               If the 800 paddlefish                               Piaf             50. Sleep stage          station for
                                                                               22. French article       (abbr.)              boats
                          harvest quota is reached             XCROSS          23. Topeka's st.     52. Naval elite       8. Newspaper
                          at Intake Fishing Access           1. Between Aug.   24. Speaks wildly    53. Cleveland's          %em,  for
                                                                andm.          27. Engaged in           lake                 short
                          Site before 9:00 p.m.              4. -player            discussion       54. Drawing class     9. Genie's grant
                          on      Wednesday       the           (VCR's         31. Expression of    55. Pierre's head    10. Glimpses
                                                                successor)         disgust          56. By -large        13. Not as bold
                          harvest season will close          7. Cuts grass     32. Sedan or         57. Nero's 54        19. Hickory, e.g.
                          immediately at Intake.            1l:Bali-.              coupe                                 21. Quick touch
                                                            12. Ramble         33. Deli loaf           DOWN              24. Massage
                               The 2010 paddlefish          14. He bved an     34. Baggage toter     1. Not              25. Generation
                          season started slow and                Irish Rose    37. Cwks bamn            gregarious       26. Islanders's
                                                            15. Parts of       39. Great anger       2. Wyatt of me          BP.
                          increased steadily when                centuries     40. Kanga's baby         West             27. Calendar
                          high water flows occurred              (abbr.)       41. Consideration     3. Italian              square
                                                            16. Teacheh        44. Whether -            tourist's stop   28. Three (prefix)
                          due to rainfall and some               hel~er            (2 WdS.)          4. Lets the water   29. Look wer
                          snowmelt.                                                                                      30. -Moines
                                                                                                                         32. Urn force
                              "With the increased                                                                        35. Tiny
                                                                                                                         36. Sis's sib
                          flows we are seeing up to                                                                      37. Obligatory
                          200 or more paddlefish                                                                         38.Director
                          being caught in a single                                                                       40. Spring
                          day," said Vic Riggs,                                                                              hafbinger
                                                                                                                         41. Swiftly
                          FWP's fisheries manager                                                                        42. TO shener
                          in Miles City.                                                                                 43. Dog's fur
                                                                                                                         45. --B
                              Thereafter,      catch-                                                                        (toothbrush
                          and-release paddlefishing                                                                          brand)
                                                                                                                         46. Adress Gan
                          is allowed only at Intake                                                                      49. Gun lobby
                          Fishing Access site from                                                                       51. Teen's
                          6 am - 9 pm, beginning on                                                                          favorite sta.

                          Thursday, May 27 through
                          Saturday, June 5,2010.

                                                               M & Sour -krk
How many times i it appropriate to say "What?"
before you just nod and smile because you still
                                                                               - -
                                                               o m R-333 Apricots
                                                            stir Tj kggies m k i e
didn't hear or understand a word they said?
Open House Scheduled to Discuss
Proposed 2010 Wolf Regulations Night
  GLASGOW, Mont. - A public open house to discuss after,,
 tentatively approved regutations for Montana's 2010 wolf
 w o n is set for 7 - 9 p.m. ~n June 2 i the main meeting
 room of the VdIey County Courthouse ia Olasgow.
      Montana conducted its first-ever licensed woif hunt last
 year. Based on lessons leamedfrom the 2009 season, Montana
                   i hWildIife & Parks (FWP) managers want
 Department of F r ,
 to create a total o 14 wolf-hunting units tbis season, as well
 as increasethe numkr o a n h d s that can be harvested.
      At May 13 meeting i Helena, the Montana F i i ,
 Wildlife & Parks Commissionapproved quota alternatives of
 153,186 or 216 wolves in the 14 different wolf ~ g e m e n t
units (Wh4Us). Subquota areas are also bekg o o n s i to     ~
 limit harvest during e&iy season backcountry hunts and in an
 area directly north of Yellowstone National Park.
      Under each of the above quota alternatives a11 of FWP
 Region 6 would be included with a portion of Region 4                                230 Skylark Rd
                                                                                     mi past @If bun
 in WMU 400, which extends across the Hi-Line to the                                  Open 3-6 Dally
 Conhental~Divide     west of Great Falls. The quota for WMU                         10-6 Weekends
400 would be either 7 or 10 wolves, depending on which one                           or call 390.391
of the three quota alternatives is selected.
      Also proposed this year is a wolf archery season for all
 WMUs bat would open Sept. 4 and run through Oct. 17,
the same time as Montana's deer, elk, lion, and black bear
archery seasons.
      In the 2009 season,             ide harvest quota was 75
wolves across three WS.       Officialsestimateta at least524
wolves in 101 verified packs and 37 breeding pairs inhabited
the state at the end of 2009. The Montana wolf population
is predicted to decrease under each of the quota alternatives
                                                                  Fmorial Dav Planters Available       I
cukntly b e i i considered by the W ~ o k i s s i o n .
     Public comment on the proposed woIf reguIationchanges
wiIl be accepted until 5 p.m. on June 14. d f d quotas
will be adopt& by the FWP Commissionon July 8. Hunting
Iicenses will cost $19 forresidentsand $350 for nonresidents.
License sales for the 2010 wolf season are scheduled to begin
in early August.
     Iaf~rmationdmeetings to discuss the proposals wiU
take place at various locations across the state on Itme 2.
Participants can submit written comments at thst time o      r
w i t n comments can be sent to: W - Wildlife Bureau,
4ttn: IbbIic Comment. POI3 200701. Helena, MT 59620-
    Electronic comments can be sent through the W
'Hunting" page at by clicking on the link
*Commenton Pmposed 2010 Wolf Hunting Seasons Quotas
md Hunting District Boundaries."
    To learn mare about Montana's wolf population. visit
FWP oeline and click onL4Montana Wolves ". For more
nfomation about the GIasgow meeting, call (4.06)228-

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