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General Manager


									Harold Zeigler Auto Group. The Harold Zeigler Auto Group owns and operates twelve retail
automotive dealerships, two finance companies and insurance firms located throughout Southwest
Michigan, Illinois and Northern Indiana. New car franchises include Honda, Ford, Lincoln, Chevrolet,
Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and BMW. The Harold Zeigler Auto Group also owns
and operates two JD Byrider franchises which offer used vehicle sales, service and financing
programs. The Harold Zeigler Auto Group employs 500 people and has annual sales of $300 million.
They have been awarded manufacturer’s highest awards possible including Chrysler’s Five Star
Award, Ford’s Blue Oval Award, and Lincoln Mercury’s Elite Award for top sales and customer

Service Technician. The service technician position is a role suited for an outgoing and motivated
individual who enjoys a dynamic and fast-paced environment. The position provides unlimited
potential for an individual to achieve their earning goals and career objectives. A successful service
technician effectively performs the following responsibilities:

    Identifying and developing repair opportunities
    Conducting vehicle road tests and quality assurance checks to maintain customer satisfaction
    Building and maintaining successful long-term inter-company relationships
    Following regulatory and company guidelines to
     ensure overall success                                    Summary of Benefits
The service technician reports to the service director.        - Flat Rate Based Pay
The Harold Zeigler Auto Group strongly believes in             - Weekly compensation plan
training, developing and promoting top performing              - Production incentives
associates to continue to grow their career. The Auto          Annual Income:
Group has in-house training and human resource functions        - Average Performer: $40,000
with focused development programs for the primary               - Top Performer: $80,000+
benefit of supporting the growth and development of all of     Health & Welfare:
our employees. We know that if our employees are                - Group health insurance
successful, then we will be successful.                         - Group Dental
                                                                - Life and LT Disability Insurance
The position provides an opportunity for the service
technician to earn a very competitive compensation
package with unlimited potential earnings. The financial
strength and size of the Harold Zeigler Auto Group
                                                                 Winner 101 Best and Brightest
provides additional growth opportunities throughout our          Companies to Work For 2006-
locations with a career path that can lead to leadership                    2011!
and general management opportunities.

   Our Family Providing Your Family with the Ultimate Automotive Experience

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