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                                                    Gallagher Bassett News

GB team recognised for
customer service excellence
                                                                                                                        customers to GB’s role in handling
                                                                                                                        claims. Claims were prioritised, for
                                                                                                                        example, fridges full of food or people
                                                                                                                        with special needs were managed before
                                                                                                                        broken clock radios, he said.

                                                                                                                        GB liaises with customers and organises
                                                                                                                        repairs or replacements for electrical
                                                                                                                        appliances or equipment. Bill said
                                                                                                                        although a large team worked on the
                                                                                                                        Labrador incident, Maree and Maria
                                                                                                                        were the main customer contact

                                                                                                                        Ms Baker said customers were very
                                                                                                                        complimentary about the service they
                                                                                                                        received from Maree and Maria, which
                                                                                                                        prompted the supplier to present them
                                                                                                                        with the award.
Left to right: Darryl Bensted, ENERGEX Insurance Manager; Marianne Baker, ENERGEX Insurance Claims Officer; Christine
Cordes, ENERGEX Insurance Claims Officer; Karen Buckman, ENERGEX Insurance Claims Officer; Bill Dwyer, GB Liability
Manager; Maria Men, GB Claims Administration Assistant and Maree Bennett, GB Claims Administration Assistant.           GB is now eligible for an external
                                                                                                                        supplier customer care award, part of
Two GB claims assistants have been                           ENERGEX Acting Insurance Manager                           ENERGEX’s annual award presentations.
recognised by Queensland electricity                         Marianne Baker said GB had managed                         In the past, GB has received four
and energy supplier ENERGEX for                              multiple claim situations and personal                     ENERGEX supplier quality awards and
exceptional customer service.                                injury claims for the energy supplier for                  been a finalist in the customer care by a
                                                             more than a decade.                                        contractor award twice.
Maria Men and Maree Bennett were
the key personnel who handled claims                         She said the workload varied, but
on ENERGEX’s behalf when a supply                            ENERGEX appreciated GB’s ability to
fluctuation caused equipment failures                        get people onsite quickly and “ramp up”
for about 110 customers in the Gold                          its call centre to deal with an influx of
Coast suburb of Labrador in April 2009.                      claims. “They’re ready and waiting when
                                                             we give them a call,” she said.
Their award citation reads: “For the
provision of consistent customer service
and prompt responses to customers
                                                             “We’ve built a good rapport
who claim against ENERGEX for                                over the years; they know
damaged electrical installations and
appliances following faults on the
                                                             our business and our
ENERGEX network.” In particular, the                         expectations.”
pair handled the Labrador claims in “a
professional but understanding manner                        Bill Dwyer, GB Team Leader – General
[to] successfully resolve claimants’                         Liability, said GB conducted letter-
concerns”.                                                   box drops in affected areas to alert

  2         Games retailer
            makes RTW support
            a high priority
                                               4          MERV automates
                                                          GB risk registers                 5        GB expands in NZ
                                                                                                                                   7      Bear trap catches
                                                                                                                                          insurer on
                                                                                                                                          policy definition

                                                       We manage claims... better
2 GB Advantage

Games retailer makes                                                                      High Court rules:
RTW support a high priority                                                               ‘no relevant duty
                                                                                          of care’
                                                                                          The High Court has ruled that a
                                                                                          publican did not owe a duty of
                                                                                          care to a man killed when driving
                                                                                          home on a motorbike from a hotel
                                                                                          while intoxicated.

                                                                                          The High Court decision overturns
                                                                                          a decision of the Full Court of the
                                                                                          Tasmanian Supreme Court (see GB
                                                                                          Advantage #54).

                                                                                          The High Court allowed two appeals
                                                                                          and ordered the Tasmanian Motor
                                                                                          Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB)
                                                                                          and the motorcyclist’s widow,
                                                                                          Sandra Scott, to pay costs to CAL
                                                                                          No 14 Pty Ltd, trading as Tandara
With about 2,700 staff spread                predominantly manual handling claims,        Motor Inn, in Triabunna, Tasmania.
throughout Australia and New Zealand,        including shoulder, knee and back
injury management was always going to        injuries. Also several transit claims, for   In January 2002, Shane Scott had
be a headache for games retailer             people injured travelling to or from work.   left the hotel to drive 7km home on
EB Games.                                                                                 his wife’s motorbike. He had drunk
                                             Nicole Glover, Manager of GB’s National      seven or eight cans of bourbon
The chain has 350 stores in Australia,       Workers’ Compensation Oversight Model,       and cola. Earlier, the publican had
38 in New Zealand, and                       said GB had drafted rehabilitation policy    locked his bike in a storeroom, but
two warehouses.                              and procedures manuals for EB Games,         Scott had later asked for the keys
                                             which had incorporated its OHS policies      back and decided to ride home. He
Finance Director Andrew Thomson said         into them and distributed them to all        crashed into a guardrail and was
the company realised that with staff         stores.                                      fatally injured.
spread across such a large geographic
area, in-house injury management was                                                      His widow had sued the hotel
not practical.
                                             “That ensures overall injury                 proprietor and the publican and the
                                             management is centralised                    Tasmanian decisions had ruled in
                                                                                          her favour. MAIB sued to recover
Instead, the major retailer last             and consistent,” Nicole                      payments it had made to her. Mrs
year appointed GB as its national
rehabilitation and return-to-work            said. With store managers                    Scott argued the publican should
                                                                                          have called her to collect
(RTW) co-ordinator.                          dealing only occasionally                    her husband.
Mr Thomson said supporting staff             with claims, the manual
                                                                                          But the High Court found the
throughout their rehabilitation and RTW      helps them understand how                    proprietor and the licensee
was a key priority for EB Games. “We
didn’t have the expertise in-house to do     to handle a claim if one                     “must succeed for each of three
                                                                                          independent reasons. First, even if
that but, having seen GB in action, we       occurs,” she said.                           there was a duty of care, and even
realised they had the knowledge and
experience to provide excellent support.”                                                 if it was breached, it has not been
                                             GB assists with developing suitable
                                                                                          shown that the breach caused the
                                             duties and monitoring the RTW plan
When a worker is injured, a member of                                                     death. Secondly, even if there was
                                             in the workplace – something a busy
the GB team contacts them and their                                                       a duty of care, it was not breached.
                                             store manager has little time to oversee.
store manager. GB completes all the                                                       Thirdly, there was no duty of care”.
                                             Nicole said injured employees were keen
paperwork for the relevant workers’          to get back to work quickly. EB Games
compensation jurisidiction, submits the      was “very proactive in looking after its
claim to the insurer, continually monitors   employees and keen to have systems in
the claim and drafts RTW and suitable        place to ensure the chain is compliant
duties plans.                                and helping workers RTW as soon as
                                             they can”.
The GB-EB relationship began in
May 2009, and 13 claims have                 Mr Thomson said staff feedback was
been processed so far. They were             very positive about the GB experience.
                                                                                                               GB Advantage 3

GB and partners win major mining contract

GB has successfully teamed with              Paul said GB’s Adelaide office would       Perth private hospital in the shortest
two West Australian partners to win          handle the claims review component         possible timeframe anytime of the day or
a claims review-injury management            and Aurenda the injury                     night,” Paul said.
contract for the Fortescue Metals            management role.
Group (FMG).                                                                            “We will arrange everything and have
                                             He said FMG was a rapidly growing          the most appropriate medical expert
FMG is one of the world’s largest iron       mining company with an impressive          available at the hospital when the injured
ore producers. In its first full year of     track record. “FMG has built its own       worker arrives.”
operation in 2008-2009, it mined,            shipping port and railway line and has
railed and shipped more than 27 million      major mining sites in north-western WA     Given FMG’s positive, people-focused
tonnes of iron ore to customers in China     with plans to open another major site      culture, that was “exactly what they were
from its port site at Anderson Point, Port   very soon.                                 looking for”.
Hedland, WA.
                                             “Winning this business has created a       “The goal is to identify every
GB’s SA and WA General Manager Paul          great deal of interest in the WA market
                                                                                        possible opportunity to improve
Easter said GB had set its sights on         as it sees the SBA Gallagher, Aurenda
winning some claims business in the WA       and GB partnership as a serious player     workers’ chances of returning to
market and for 12 months had worked          in the injury and claims                   meaningful duties,” Paul said.
very closely with SBA Gallagher, a Perth-    management arena.”
based specialty brokerage company.                                                      GB’s SA office would play a key role
                                             Paul said their success was attributed     in reviewing claims handling and work
“We recognised early that the WA             to the three organisations clearly         closely with the insurer, GIO.
workers’ compensation market is              understanding and defining their areas
different, so we needed some local           of expertise and pulling them together     Paul said working with GIO built on the
expertise and representation,” he said.      into a single proposal.                    strong relationship that already existed
                                                                                        between GB and the Suncorp group.
GB teamed up with Aurenda, a                 “The joint tender submission identified
successful, well-regarded WA-based           to FMG management, a seamless               “We expect the tripartite arrangement
injury management organisation that          process of handling the full management    with Aurenda and SBA Gallagher to be
focuses on assisting employers to            of an injury anywhere, anytime in WA,      very successful as we venture further
reduce the financial and human cost of       from the time of occurrence through to     into the west and particularly into niche
workplace injuries.                          return to work, with the least amount of   markets, such as mining, in
                                             stress for the injured worker.             WA and SA.”
After substantial negotiations, GB,
Aurenda and SBA Gallagher were               “If an incident occurs that requires       Paul said the arrangement demonstrated
successful in winning a contract for         immediate medical evacuation, we are       GB’s ability to work with partners to
injury management and claims review          ready to coordinate a medical team and     produce an effective, unique product
services for FMG.                            aircraft and can have the worker in a      for clients.
4 GB Advantage

Partnering with
                                            MERV automates
providers to help
injured workers
                                            GB risk registers
From 1 July 2010, WorkSafe Victoria
(WorkSafe), along with other workers’
compensation jurisdictions, will
adopt the Nationally Consistent
Approval Framework for Workplace
Rehabilitation Providers (NCF).

A national framework for workplace
rehabilitation providers is intended to
provide a robust approval system across
the workers’ compensation authorities
and establish standards designed
to deliver high quality workplace
rehabilitation services to workers,
employers and insurers.
                                            GB has expanded its risk                 time and giving stronger accountability
                                            management capabilities with a new       and visibility. MERV gives the board
The framework will remove some of the       online program that automates GB’s       and senior executives instant access
difficulties associated with delivering     risk registers.                          to live data during meetings and at
Occupational Rehabilitation (OR)                                                     their desktops.
services across different jurisdictions,    The Management Enterprise Risk
and it will provide more consistency for    Vehicle (MERV) was developed in-         MERV includes a control repository,
employers with workplaces in multiple       house and is an important milestone      which standardises control language,
jurisdictions.                              for GB’s risk management programs.       application and evaluation criteria
                                                                                     across GB’s business functions,
                                            GB’s National Risk Manager Andrea        including finance, HR, claims
Adoption of the NCF will coincide with
                                            Kanserski said MERV replaced             operations, premiums and payments.
a WorkSafe tender for organisations                                                  Business unit managers have
                                            GB’s Excel-based spreadsheets,
wishing to deliver OR services to injured   allowing easier access by GB’s risk      responsibility for adding, revising and
workers in Victoria from 1 July 2010        owners. MERV linked GB’s strategic       approving new controls.
onwards. The new arrangements will          and operational risks back to the
reflect WorkSafe’s commitment to            company’s business plans, allowed        “We’ve gone from a clunky Excel
partner with rehabilitation providers       contractual risks to be aligned to       format to a streamlined tool
to improve return to work outcomes          their client accounts and gave project
                                                                                     that’s easy to follow and has
through better access to high quality       managers the ability to assess project
                                            risks and manage them electronically
                                                                                     a good history log, so we can
services.                                                                            follow the transitioning of risks
                                            to achieve project outcomes.
                                                                                     and cost of risk mitigation,”
In order to provide OR services for
                                            The project began six months ago         Andrea said.
WorkSafe from 1 July 2010, providers
                                            when Andrea documented the system
will need to meet the NCF requirements      requirements. While off-the-shelf        The automated system is linked to
and be a successful respondent to           systems were available, she said         GB’s product support function, giving
WorkSafe’s tender process.                  GB needed a tailored program that        the audit team direct access to risk
                                            allowed the company to integrate         assessments to support independent
To make an NCF application and to           its risk registers with existing         validation of risk controls and ratings.
find out more about the tender, visit:      applications, such as business plans, and click through       audits and financial information.        “GB now can obtain clear, consistent
to ‘Healthcare Providers > Occupational                                              risk reports against approved risk
Rehabilitation > New arrangements for       There was extensive consultation         register information,” Andrea said.
                                            with stakeholders before the system
OR services’.
                                            was developed and considerable           MERV allowed GB to demonstrate
                                            testing before it went live. Further     continuity of risk management
Each year WorkSafe and Victorian            enhancements to MERV would               practice and audit control testing - all
rehabilitation providers help around        support GB’s IT security arrangements    within one management tool.
7,000 injured workers get back to work.     and compliance with ISO 27001.
When injured workers return to work,                                                 Andrea said GB executives and
everyone benefits – workers, employers,     Andrea said MERV automated               corporate and operational teams were
their families and the community.           previously manual functions, reducing    now participating in MERV training.
                                                                                                               GB Advantage 5

GB expands in NZ

Terrance Coe, previously a Business        “The accident does not need to be work      by integrating injury prevention initiatives
Development Manager in GB’s                related; it could be falling off a ladder   with injury management processes,”
Melbourne office, has returned to          at home or a weekend sports injury.         Terrance said.
Wellington to be GB NZ’s National          Think of the scheme as a very broad
Manager Business Development.              social insurance program covering           Peter Walker, GB General Manager –
                                           New Zealanders who sustain injuries         Business Development, said: “It is an
GB sees the NZ market as having            and includes cover for visitors to NZ,”     ideal time for GB to offer the NZ market
significant growth potential and           Terrance said.                              its knowledge gained from more than 40
Terrance’s appointment is the next step                                                years of global claims management and
in a three-year business plan for GBNZ.    While the scheme’s fundamental              injury prevention experience. As one of
Terrance will generate new business        ideology differed from Australia’s          the world’s largest and most successful
and open a new branch in Wellington to     workers’ compensation, there were           third-party claims managers, GB can
support clients in the southern part of    enormous similarities in                    show NZ employers what we can do to
NZ’s North Island.                         claims management.                          reduce their costs.”

Before joining GB in 2006, Terrance        “Personal injury and                        Peter said Terrance’s prior ACC
worked for 14 years at NZ’s Accident                                                   experience and expertise gained through
                                           rehabilitation principles hold
Compensation Corporation (ACC).                                                        working with large organisations in NZ
His roles included Corporate Account
                                           true, whether the person                    and Australia offered value to current
Manager and National Premium Services      sustains injury at work or                  and potential NZ clients and made
Manager, where he was responsible for      elsewhere,” he said.                        him an obvious choice to lead GB’s
the run-out of NZ’s experience-rating                                                  development in Wellington.
system and managing queries from           With NZ announcing increases to
employers and self-employed people         levy rates, there is renewed interest       Terrance is undertaking a Masters in
when privatisation was introduced to the   in the ACC’s Accredited Employers’          Management (Personal Injury) at Deakin
NZ market.                                 Program (AEP), commonly referred            University and enjoying being back
                                           to as the partnership program. It           in NZ’s cooler climate, with his wife,
He said it was a common misconception      enables employers to take a degree          Donna, and two young daughters.
the ACC scheme was NZ’s version            of self insurance, while retaining the
of Australia’s workers’ compensation       government scheme’s support. Through        GB processes are about early and
system. “The overall scheme is split       AEP, employers self manage the work         effective rehabilitation and providing
into various accounts, such as work,       account component of the broader            solutions to prevent injuries occurring.
non-earners, earners and motor, but the    ACC scheme.                                 To discuss what GB can do to reduce
scheme is a comprehensive, no-fault                                                    NZ employers’ workplace premium and
compensation program covering injury       “That gives them greater control and        injury costs, phone Terrance
caused by accident.                        enables them to reap financial benefits     on +64 (0) 49 055 977.
6 GB Advantage

GB offers Claims                            GB to manage ComfortDelGro
                                            Cabcharge fleet claims
and OHS
training sessions
GB continues to assist clients to
manage their workers’ compensation
and occupational health and safety
needs in 2010.

To ensure clients are well informed on
those topics, GB offers a comprehensive
range of training sessions.

The following is a sample of forthcoming
courses in Melbourne and Sydney. For
a full list of courses and details on how
to register, please access the training
calendar on the website or call a GB
office for a hard copy. For web access,
go to, click
on Solutions/Workers’ Compensation/
Statutory Schemes/Training – the training
calendar is on the right-hand side of
the screen.

Role of a Return to Work Coordinator        GB’s NSW General Insurance                 CDC, which had developed into a
12 and 13 May - Melbourne City              Division has been awarded a                true partnership over the past several
                                            long-term contract, via Austbrokers        years. GB also manages CDC’s NSW
2 and 3 June - Melbourne City
                                            Canberra Pty Ltd, to manage                workers’ compensation claims.
Basic Claims Management
                                            below-deductible motor fleet claims
9 June - Melbourne City
                                            and associated recoveries for              He said, CDC had undergone rapid
Advanced Claims Management                                                             expansion in Australia and throughout
                                            ComfortDelGro Cabcharge
18 May - Melbourne City                                                                Asia and the UK and GB was excited
                                            Pty Ltd (CDC).
Overview of Premium                                                                    to have the opportunity to manage its
23 June – Box Hill                          ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited          motor facility and oversee a critical
Vehicle and Safe Systems of Work            is one of the world’s largest land         component of its Australian business.
9 June - Melbourne City                     transport companies with a total
                                            fleet size of 44,000 vehicles. It is the   GB is using its propriety claims
New South Wales:                            market leader in Singapore and has         management system, RISX-FACS®
Role of a Return to Work Coordinator        a significant overseas presence. The       to complement existing risk
(Advanced Session)                          corporation’s operations extend from       management data captured by CDC.
10 June - North Sydney                      the United Kingdom and Ireland to
Qld Claims Management and Return to         Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and           RISX-FACS® enables GB to tailor
Work Coordinator Training                   across 14 cities in China, including       its data capture to identify adverse
31 May - North Sydney                       Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,              incident trends, such as driver
(WorkCover accredited)                      Shenyang and Chengdu.                      frequency and accident causation,
Advance Claims Management                                                              and help CDC and its depots identify
19 May - North Sydney                       CDC is the second-largest commuter         repeat incidents.
(WorkCover accredited)                      bus operator in NSW and one of
Manual Handling                             Victoria’s larger operators. The           “The appointment confirms
12 May - North Sydney                       company operates services as part
                                                                                       a growing industry view that
How to Build an Effective Health and        of the NSW metropolitan bus system
Safety Culture in                           under the Westbus, Hillsbus, Charter       GB’s management of below-
Your Workplace                              Plus and Hunter Valley brands.             excess motor claims is second
25 May – North Sydney                                                                  to none for proactive, timely
(WorkCover NSW accredited)                  Damien Gilhooley, GB’s National
Managing Occupational Stress                Business Development Manager,
                                                                                       responses and
in the Workplace                            said the new contract enhanced             third-party recovery
20 April - North Sydney                     the relationship between GB and            successes,” Damien said.
                                                                                                                GB Advantage 7

Bear trap catches insurer on policy definition

The word ‘bear’ does not mean ‘pay’         per claim. However Employ 14 was            Justice Allsop said the argument was
when interpreting an insurance policy.      insolvent and the liquidator had declined   supported by the fact that the policy
                                            to pay. Calliden argued the condition       required the insured to promptly pay
That’s the unanimous verdict of the NSW     was “a condition precedent to the           the premium, but was silent on whether
Court of Appeal, which refused Calliden     engagement of indemnity”.                   that applied to any excess. “There is
Insurance Ltd leave to appeal against                                                   nothing in the language of [the clause]
a District Court judgement in a case        It said: “Where an excess is shown in       or in the definition of ‘excess’ to suggest
involving a man injured in a                the schedule, you or any other person       the insured is to pay the amount of any
workplace incident.                         insured must first bear the amount of the   excess before the insurer becomes liable
                                            excess for each and every claim.”           to indemnify the insured” for its legal
Daniel Arthur Chisholm was injured in                                                   liability to a third party suffering
March 2007 while working for labour         District Court Judge Michael Elkaim         personal injury.
hire firm Employ 14 and alleged             had agreed with Chisholm’s argument
his injuries were caused by a fellow        that the condition required the insured     “No dictionary definition of the word
employee’s negligence. Employ 14’s          to ‘bear’ the excess but not ‘pay’ the      ‘bear’ is ‘pay’. We accept the limitations
broadform liability policy with Calliden    amount. He found the excess provision       on dictionary meanings, but the natural,
was valid until December 2007 and           did no more than “relieve the insurer of    coherent meaning of ‘bear’ is ‘to be
had a $2 million per occurrence sum         liability to pay the first $25,000          responsible for’ or ‘carry’.”
insured. Employ 14 went into liquidation    of a claim”.
in August 2007.                                                                         He said there was “no apparent
                                            Judge Elkaim said if Calliden’s             commercial purpose in restricting
In April 2009, Chisholm sought leave        interpretation were correct “it             operation of the policy to only a
under section 6(4) of the Law Reform                                                    solvent insured”.
(Miscellaneous Provisions) 1947 Act to
                                            would relieve an insurer from
start proceedings against                   liability whenever an insured               Justice Allsop said excess clauses had
Calliden directly.                          was unable to pay the excess”.              several commercial purposes, including:
                                                                                        giving the insured an interest or
Calliden resisted the application,          NSW Appeal Court President James            encouragement to prevent or minimise
claiming it was not required to indemnify   Allsop, with whom Justice Peter Young       claims; or eliminating small claims from
Employ 14. Its argument rested largely      and Acting Justice Ronald Sackville         the insurer’s book.
on a policy condition that required         agreed, found Judge Elkaim was
Employ 14 to pay an excess of $25,000       “clearly correct”.                          Calliden was ordered to pay costs.
8 GB Advantage

GB Staff Snapshots

                      Manager                                        Claims Specialist                              Senior Claims
                      National Workers’                              - Liability                                    Consultant
                      Compensation                                   Malcolm Carroll                                Ian Pullar
                      Oversight Model
                      Nicole Glover

Nicole Glover believes the demand             Malcolm Carroll believes while                Ian Pullar believes his role of
for assistance in the marketplace to          technology and knowledge of the               Project Manager, combined with 20
contain and reduce costs and premium          law are important tools, the ability to       years handling disability claims in
for workplace injuries has never been         form effective relationships with all         superannuation and insurance, has
greater. More employers want to not only      stakeholders is essential to achieve          supported him in his role as Claims
ensure they are compliant with complex        successful outcomes for GB clients and        Examiner in the Crisis Management
legislation in each state, but understand     claimants. Malcolm holds a Bachelor           team at GB. Ian was part of the set-up
and, where possible, drive financial and      of Laws and worked as a solicitor in          team when the Telstra Superannuation
cultural benefits within their organisation   private practice for 10 years. He has         Scheme began in 1990 and led the
and achieve the best possible outcome         also worked as a loss adjuster, handling      insured Benefits team for eight years. He
for workers and stakeholders. Nicole has      public liability, workers’ compensation       later moved into a project management
worked in the workers’ compensation           and medical malpractice claims.               role handling a diverse range of
industry since 2000. She holds a              Malcolm joined GB in 2000. Through his        insurance and superannuation matters.
Bachelor of Business and a Diploma            extensive legal and insurance career, he      When Ian joined GB in 2004, he brought
of Occupational Health & Safety and           has acquired a broad range of skills and      a wide and varied range of experience
is currently completing a Master of           knowledge. He now specialises in public       and skills that have allowed him to
Commerce. Since joining GB in 2007,           liability, professional indemnity and         achieve quality results for GB clients and
Nicole has developed and implemented          product liability claims.                     their stakeholders.
a national outsourced workers’
compensation model, which employers
can integrate into their business to
achieve those outcomes.

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