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                       Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Handbook

         Are you interested in starting a medical marijuana delivery service?
     The Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Handbook tells you everything you need
     to know to get started. The Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Handbook is the most complete guide to getting
     started in Medical Marijuana Delivery.

               •   Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Marijuana Delivery
               •   Legal steps to get started
               •   Important Questions
               •   Determining your market
               •   How to Build a Marketing Plan
               •   How to find products
               •   All the things you will need to get started, and where to find them.
               •   Sample documents - Mission Statement, Constitution, Bylaws, and Member Agreement
               •   Startup checklist
     The book also includes an Excel spreadsheet that will allow you to plan your income and expenses a year into the
     future. You will know exactly how much it will cost to get started before you even begin. All the answers to all your
     questions about starting marijuana delivery services available now at the low price of $50.00, plus shipping and

     This is the most complete manual available on how to start a marijuana delivery service. Accept no

                        Purchase the Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Handbook

                   Amount:        $50.00 plus sales tax, shipping and handling ($60.00 total)

                        Click here to go to a page where you can complete the transaction. 3/31/2010

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