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									                                                                                     Session I
                                                                                 Trainer Notes



                     Celebration                               Outcomes

        Reflection                       Strategies


                       Application                             Experience


                                           90 minutes

Improving Thinking Skills            Revised 8/16/11 4:09 PM                             TA I-4.1
                                                                                              Session I
                                                                                          Trainer Notes

               Training Activity 4: Teaching Strategies
                                       Time Allotted: 90 minutes

                                       Materials Needed for TA I-4

 Power              Charts            Transpar-          Hand-         Art                  Other
 Point                                  encies            outs       Supplies
TAI-         Flip Chart Stand and                       PRM      Colored markers     Internet Connection
4.PPT1-4     paper                    “Taba                      (broad tip)         and Blackboard
                                      Chart”                                         VCR and TV or In-
             Bloom’s Taxonomy                                                        focus
             Chart on Wall                                                           Overhead projector

             Taba Questioning                                                        Photo for Taba
             Chart                                                                   Questioning
             Participant Questions

Bloom’s Taxonomy site:


More on Questioning:

Improving Thinking Skills                Revised 8/16/11 4:09 PM                                TA I-4.2
                                                                                             Session I
                                                                                         Trainer Notes

                                                                        Activity Plan: TA I-4

                  To introduce two strategies for teaching thinking: Taba
                   Questioning and Pyramid Sharing                                       PRM
                  To introduce five concepts for teaching thinking: collaborative
                   teamwork, tactical experiences, questioning techniques,               Grey Mini-
                   dialogue, and reflection.                                             guide

                 As a result of this activity, participants will begin to build a tool
                 kit of instructional strategies for the classroom or workplace.


                    Can thinking be taught? How?
                    What are some practical strategies I can begin using in my
                     classroom right away?
                    Why is teamwork essential to improving thinking?
                    What is the difference between group work and team work?
                    How do focused discussions, open dialogue, and reflect aid in
  Questions          improving thinking?
                    How is creative thinking related to critical thinking?

Improving Thinking Skills            Revised 8/16/11 4:09 PM                                  TA I-4.3
                                                                                           Session I
                                                                                       Trainer Notes

                 . . . that participants want to know how to foster an attitude of
                 inquiry in their classrooms or workplace situations.


                 Process Steps                                                  Time    Materials

                 Title: Thinking-Centered Strategies                            45     Bloom’s
                                                                                min.   Taxonomy
                 1. Questioning Strategies – Taba and Others                           Chart on
                 Use photo on Overhead Transparency to elicit responses
                 to the Taba Questions: Recall, Affective, Inferences,
 Experience      Generalization, Application, Evaluation.
                                                                                       Photo on
                 See this website for more on Taba Questions:                          transparenc
                        y and Taba
                 Why use Taba? Elicit responses such as these:“The                     chart
                 Taba strategies that follow are paraphrased from Hyman
                 (1979) and others (list) following the model developed                Websites
                 by Hilda Taba for teaching in the public schools. Maker               indicated
                 (1991) says that using Taba strategies shows that one is
                  · Sincerely interested in what another thinks
                  · Able to communicate the interest by asking thoughtful
                 and sincere questions
                  · More interested in the other person's answers than in
                 one's own ideas about how it should be answered
                  · Willing to listen and question further without
                 imposing one's own values or beliefs.
                  · Able to ask further questions without threatening the
                 other person, and
                  · Willing to wait for the other individual to ask before
                 giving one's own opinion or answer.

                 Other Questioning Strategies:

                 See this website for more on Questioning Strategies:

Improving Thinking Skills            Revised 8/16/11 4:09 PM                                TA I-4.4
                                                                                           Session I
                                                                                       Trainer Notes

                 2. Pyramid Teaching (grey miniguide)                           45     Paul/Elder
                                                                                min.   miniguide
                 Participants start out in pairs. Each person is assigned              “Active and
                 one strategy to study and prepare to report on. Each                  Cooperative
                 participant explains and exemplifies the assigned strategy            Learning”
                 to partner.
                 Next, each pair joins another pair. The teams share all
                 strategies they have studied.
                 Each team of 4 joins with another team of 4. All share
                 their strategies.

                    Bloom’s Taxonomy                                                  PPT Slide
                    Questioning Techniques
                    Socratic Approach
                    Taba questioning design
 Information        Pyramid teaching/sharing
and Concepts        Collaborative strategies

                     1.     In home teams, participants go through the Taba
                            sequence of questions

                     2.     In home teams use the grey miniguide to apply the
                            pyramid strategy, while simultaneously learning a
                            variety of other strategies for collaborative
 Application                learning/thinking.

                    How does Taba Questioning relate to Bloom’s Taxonomy?
                    Why is questioning an essential element in the “Thinking
 Review and         Which of these activities would you use in your classroom?

Improving Thinking Skills            Revised 8/16/11 4:09 PM                                TA I-4.5
                                                                                   Session I
                                                                               Trainer Notes

                 One-Minute Entry in Reflections Journal:
                  What happened?
                  What did I learn from this?

Journal Entry

                 What do you have to celebrate? How would you celebrate your
                 new learning?


                                                                               Internet and
                 See Blackboard for Assignment TAI-4.                          Bb


    Trainer Notes:

What worked?                                       What did not work?

Improving Thinking Skills          Revised 8/16/11 4:09 PM                          TA I-4.6
                                                          Session I
                                                      Trainer Notes

Improving Thinking Skills   Revised 8/16/11 4:09 PM        TA I-4.7
                                                          Session I
                                                      Trainer Notes

Improving Thinking Skills   Revised 8/16/11 4:09 PM        TA I-4.8

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