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									Installation instructions for Java-based mobile devices:

Please read the installation instructions carefully before starting the installation. System requirements: A JAVA-based device supporting JAVA-MIDlets according to the MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 specification. Due to the large number of available models, we cannot provide a complete list of supported devices. Installation steps: - Download the file onto your PC and the extract the files meg.jar and meg.jad. - Check there is enough memory available on your mobile or pocket PC to support the program. Free memory required: between 6 MB and 8 MB. 1) Copy the files meg.jar, meg.jad onto your mobile device. 2) After the transfer you will find the meg.jar file in the Message Inbox or in the File Download folder, depending on the device model. 3) Selecting this file will install the application on your device. 4) Follow your device manufacturer’s instructions.

First operation of the Mobile Information Software: - Look for the item “eInfo Mobile” in the Start menu of your device (item “Programs”). - After actuating this program symbol the Start menu of M.E.G Programs will appear. - You can now use the Mobile Information Software.

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