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Tech Conference Schedule


Tech Conference Schedule document sample

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									                                                                        Alabama Department of Education
                                                                             Career/Technical Education
                                                                                        P.O. Box 302101
                                                                        Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2101
                                                                                          (334) 242-9109
                                                                                    (334) 242-0234 FAX

DATE:         July 20, 2009

TO:           Career and Technical Student Organization Advisors

FROM:         Craig Collins, CTSO State Coordinator
              Lisa R. Weeks, DECA and FBLA State Advisor
              Jennifer Adams, FCCLA State Advisor
              Jacob Davis, FFA Executive Secretary
              Barbara Johns, HOSA State Advisor
              Mandy Nichols, JAG State Manager
              Myron Laurent, SkillsUSA State Advisor
              Ben Scheierman, TSA State Advisor

SUBJECT:      Joint Leadership Development Conference (JLDC)

The Joint Leadership Development Conference will be held on September 28-29, at the Renaissance
Montgomery Hotel and Convention Center, 201 Tallapoosa Street, Montgomery, Alabama. Included on the
summer conference CD is JLDC registration form, photo consent form, conference/hotel etiquette guidelines,
and hotel reservation form (for those chapters requiring overnight lodging).

This year’s conference will be limited to the first 2500 registrants, so make plans early to ensure that your
students take part in exciting leadership activities and networking opportunities. Mr. Ben Glenn, our keynote
speaker, will inspire conference participants with their inspirational messages on Monday and Tuesday.
Innovative leadership techniques will be shared during motivating workshops and general sessions. A food
court will be available for attendees to purchase lunch items.

Make plans to stay for the entire conference. A pre-conference session will be held Monday evening at 8:00
p.m. Special adviser workshops are being offered on Tuesday. There will be door prizes and special awards
from each of the career and technical student organizations given away at the closing session. You must be
present to win! Review the accompanying schedule for further details. We look forward to seeing you at the
Joint Leadership Development Conference as we continue to assist our students in connecting their talents
through career and technical education student organizations.
               Joint Leadership Development Conference
Make plans to attend the 2009 Joint Leadership Development Conference. This conference is available
to all career and technical students and advisors and is designed to provide leadership development.
Tomorrow’s competitive world demands skilled and experienced leaders that are prepared to grow and
make an impact. Alabama looks to career and technical graduates for those leaders. The conference
provides the opportunity for leadership development focusing on career skill-building, self-
improvement, communication, and chapter management. You will also hear dynamic keynote speakers
and have the opportunity to branch out and meet others who have the same goals, interests, and
motivation to succeed.

                                  TENTATIVE SCHEDULE
                               Renaissance Montgomery Hotel
                                  and Convention Center
                                   Monday, September 28

 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.          Pre-Registration (Renaissance Lobby)

 8:00 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.          Pre-Conference Opening Session (Exhibition Hall C)

                                   Tuesday, September 29

 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.          Registration (Renaissance Lobby)

 9:15 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.         Opening General Session (Exhibition Hall C)

 10:15 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.        Workshops (for students and advisors)

 11:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.        Workshops (for students and advisors)

 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.         Lunch – On your own (Food court available)

 1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.          Workshops (for students and advisors)

 2:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.          Workshops (for students and advisors)

 3:15 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.          Closing General Session (Exhibition Hall C)
                             *Registrationis limited to the first 2500 registrants. In the event capacity is not
                               reached, registration materials must be post marked by September 4, 2009.
                                                          Renaissance Montgomery Hotel
                                                             and Convention Center
                                                             September 28-29, 2009
                          School                                                        Phone No. (       )

                          Address                                                       Fax No. (     )


              Type names in alphabetical order. (For additional participants, duplicate form.) Please check appropriate student organization.
                                             Conference Fee: $20 per person. There is NO on-site registration.
                                State officers do NOT pay registration. Please note on form if the student is a state officer.
                     Name                        DECA          FBLA      FCCLA           FFA          HOSA         JAG        SKILLS          TSA        TOTAL #







        All Advisor/Parents/Chaperones must
        Use the space below to register.


                                                                                                                Grand Total = Total # x $20

                                                                  Make checks payable to JLDC. Mail this form    Before mailing, check to see if you have included:
                                                                  and check to:                                  ____ Registration form
     *Registration is limited to the first 2500 registrants.           Alabama Department of Education
     In the event capacity is not reached, all materials                                                         ____ Registration check ($20 per person)
                                                                       Career and Technical Education
                                                                                                                 ____ Request for special services form
     must be post marked by September 04, 2009.                        P.O. Box 302101
                                                                       Montgomery, AL 36130-2101                 ____ Photo consent form per person
     Materials received late will be returned. Payment
                                                                       Attn: Elizabeth Fisher
     must be received with registration materials.

                    CONFERENCE CODE OF CONDUCT
Listed below are conduct rules of the Joint Leadership Development Conference.

1. Participants shall behave in a courteous and respectful manner and refrain from using language
   and displaying actions that might bring discredit upon themselves, their school, or their student
   organization. Conduct that is not conducive to an educational atmosphere will not be tolerated.
   Such conduct includes, but is not limited to, actions disrupting a businesslike atmosphere,
   association with non-conference individuals, or activities that endanger self or others.

2. Participants shall keep their advisors informed of activities and whereabouts AT ALL TIMES.
   Accidents, injuries, or illnesses must be reported to the local or state advisor immediately. Chapter
   advisers are responsible for their own students.

3. No alcoholic beverages or narcotics of any form shall be possessed at any time, under any
   circumstances. Use or possession of such substances may subject the member to criminal

4. Conference members are guests of hotels and/or convention properties and must not deface or
   destroy property. Do not throw ANYTHING out of the windows or over balconies. All trash
   (this includes pizza boxes, bottles, cans, etc.) must be placed in the proper receptacles and NOT
   left on guest or meeting room floors. The individual or responsible chapter will pay for any
   damages to any hotels and/or convention properties.

5. Local advisors are responsible for the supervision of member conduct. Members who disregard
   the Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action and can be sent home at their own
   expense. Parents will be notified.

6. Individuals are responsible for their actions and will be accountable for misconduct.

7. Abide by the following dress code.
   Gentlemen: Collared shirt with slacks and appropriate shoes.
   Ladies: Dress blouse with either slacks or skirts (appropriate length) and appropriate shoes.
   INAPPROPRIATE DRESS: Tank tops, Mid-riff tops, T-shirt with suggestive words or pictures,
   denim pants or skirts, mini-skirts, shorts, overalls, tennis shoes, sandals, mules.
                        CONFERENCE/HOTEL ETIQUETTE

 There are several points to remember that will make the conference much more pleasant for all

1. Be considerate! Use indoor voices. Remember that there are guests other than CTSO members
   in the hotel. A loud conversation in the hallway or lobby or loud music from your guest room may
   be annoying to other hotel guests.

2. Be on time! Use your conference program guide to select workshops you are interested in
   attending. Be respectful of the presenter and stay for the entire session.

3. Be prepared! Bring a pen and paper to the workshops to take notes. Take notes so that you may
   take the information back to your local chapter and put it into action.

4. Be a good leader! Dress professionally for all workshops and general sessions. Never be in the
   hallways or lobby areas in your swimwear, bare feet, or pajamas and slippers. Always
   observe curfew!

5. Be respectful! Give your full attention to the presenter or speaker. Limit your side conversations
   until after the workshop or general session is over. Always remain in your seat for the entire
   workshop or general session, unless otherwise instructed.

6. Be friendly! A primary goal of attending a conference, other than attending exciting workshops,
   is to get to know CTSO members from across the state. Learn to network and make new friends.

7. Be attentive! Turn off all electronic devices (cell phones, radios, games, cd players, etc.) during
   the conference.
"I fully understand the Conference Code of Conduct and Dress Code and agree to comply with these
guidelines. Furthermore, I am aware of the consequences that will result from violation of any of the above

             Member Signature                                                                    Date
 1. _____________________________________________________________________________________

 2. ______________________________________________________________________________________

 3. ______________________________________________________________________________________

 4. ______________________________________________________________________________________

 5. ______________________________________________________________________________________

 6. ______________________________________________________________________________________

 7. ______________________________________________________________________________________

 8. ______________________________________________________________________________________

 9. ______________________________________________________________________________________

10. ______________________________________________________________________________________

11. ______________________________________________________________________________________

12. ______________________________________________________________________________________

13. ______________________________________________________________________________________

14. ______________________________________________________________________________________

15. ______________________________________________________________________________________

16. ______________________________________________________________________________________
17. ______________________________________________________________________________________

18. ______________________________________________________________________________________

19. ______________________________________________________________________________________

20. ______________________________________________________________________________________

I have read and fully understand the Conference Code of Conduct and agree to help enforce these guidelines.

___________________________________________                     _______________________________

                Advisor                                                        Date

                                    REQUEST FOR SPECIAL SERVICES
Please complete the following information for any student requiring special services in order to participate in the Joint
Leadership Development Conference.


ADVISOR: ___________________________________ PHONE: ___________________________________

FAX: ________________________________________ E-MAIL:___________________________________





I certify that the above special needs identified for _________________________________, is in
compliance with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) on file for this student. The student will
have the opportunity to participate in nonacademic/extracurricular activities with his/her non-disabled

 Yes, without support.

 Yes, with support.
Describe support as identified on the student’s IEP: ________________________________________________________



Date ____________________________________                       Advisor Signature ________________________________

           IF APPLICABLE,                                                             Mail this form with JLDC registration to:
    DUE IN MONTGOMERY OFFICE                                                              Alabama Department of Education
   WITH JLDC REGISTRATION FORM                                                            Career and Technical Education
                                                                                          Attn: Elizabeth Fisher
   POST MARKED BY September 4, 2009                                                       P.O. Box 302101
    NO FAXES WILL BE ACCEPTED.                                                            Montgomery, AL 36130-2101

                                CONSENT AND RELEASE-MINOR

                                       (Print Student’s Name)

I hereby grant consent, authority, and permission to


and to those acting with the authority of that organization, to use, reuse, publish, republish, the name,
statements or comments, likeness, picture, photographic image, or videotape or electronic image, or
videotape or electronic image of the minor (under the age of 19 years) below, in whole or in part, or
composite or distorted, without restriction as to changes or alterations, without prior approval, in
conjunction with original or reproductions in color or otherwise, in printed or electronic form, made
though any medium or media, for illustration, promotion, advertising, trade, or any other purpose

I understand and agree that I will not receive any compensation for the use consented to herein. I
hereby release, and discharge all persons acting under the consent granted above from all liability,
cause of action or claim civil or criminal, by virtue of any distorted or use, intentional or otherwise,
that may occur or produced in the taking or subsequent processing or publication of my name,
statements, comments, or the images covered herein.

I hereby warrant that I am of legal age and have the right to contract, consent, or grant release for the
minor in the above regard. I also warrant that I have read the above consent and release, prior to it’s
execution, and that I am fully familiar with the contents thereof. This consent and release shall be
binding upon me, my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

_______________________________                        _______________________________

_______________________________                        _______________________________
DATE                                                   SIGNATURE




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