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									 Account, Contact, and
  Project Management
       System for
      Lotus Notes
Easily share your activities and email
Teamwork gives team members the ability to
dynamically associate email, to-dos, meetings,
notes, and documents with any customer or
project. Doing so automatically publishes the
information to the centralized TeamWork
document library, providing managers and team
members with open-issues and history portals for
each customer and project. A simplified security
model allows users to lock down sensitive
information yet combine it with public information
to deliver a complete historical view.
Comprehensive workflow system
Utilizing our TeamWork Rules Processor, you can
create customized workflow for information as it is
recorded. Route email, to-dos, meetings, and
documents based on various criteria. Query other
business systems (via ODBC) and generate email
notifications on a scheduled basis. Change
business logic on data-entry forms as your                           Account and Contact management
business needs change.
Real-time analysis in MS Excel
                                                                     Project management
With TeamWork Analyzer, you can combine                              Simplified security interface
TeamWork history with data contained in your                         Inbox Integration
other business systems (like sales figures,
customer invoicing, and product development                          Group Calendars
schedules). Then, using MS Excel, Analyzer
generates a single picture utilizing all of your                     Document Management
enterprise information.
                                                                     Analysis and Reporting
And much more…
                                                                     Alerts and Notifications
Ad-hoc searching and reporting, MS Word mail
merges, group calendars, generic keyword                             Workflow and Routing
customizations, centralized document templates,
expandable forms-based development –                                 Configurable and Customizable
TeamWork offers you everything you need for
                                                                     System Administration utilities
quick and effective account and project

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Why should I consider using TeamWork for my Account and Project Management needs?
TeamWork works the way that people would like to work – focus on your inbox and task list, but don’t get bogged down by the
support tool. Because TeamWork was designed from the beginning to automatically harvest the vast amount of static
knowledge in each user’s mailbox, it provides users with a 2-click interface to associate email, to-dos, and meetings with
customers and/or projects. For each team member, this adds great value – the ability to quickly view history and open activities
based on customers and projects is something both Lotus Notes and Outlook should have provided users from the start.
However, since our 2-click process also publishes a copy of the item directly into the shared Document Library, TeamWork also
provides the who-is-working-on-what visibility that all managers desire. No longer do you need to open each team member’s
mailbox individually, or hold a meeting just to find out how a particular project is progressing - managers can now quickly open
the Document Library and view all departmental activity and history at a glance.
Add to that the ability to create workflow, follow-ups, and notifications based on matching criteria, and team members can finally
benefit from a true collaborative system that collates and pushes information out to the user, instead of the user having to dig
around and find the information for himself.

 TeamWork Enterprise Datasheet:
       Client Requirements: Lotus Notes client v6.5 or above, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, licensed copy of WinZip (Analyzer)
       Server Requirements: Lotus Domino v6.5 or above, Microsoft Excel (OmniSearch), Microsoft Access (Analyzer), Access to legacy
       systems via ODBC (Analyzer), Licensed copy of WinZIP (Analyzer)
       System Expandability: TeamWork supports up to 10 installations in the same mail directory, Create one TeamWork for all users, or
       create a different installation for each department, Users select which installations to be a member of via their mailbox
       Account and Project portal capabilities: Associate contacts with accounts or projects, Utilize contact manager as a Lotus Notes
       address book, send email directly to Mailing Lists for contacts, View open items \ history \ documents directly from within each customer or
       project, Associate multiple accounts or projects with email \ to-dos \ calendar-items \ notes \ documents, Configurable data-entry and pick-
       list fields using System Manager, Entire account or project history printout support using MS Excel
       Document Library capabilities: View open items \ history \ documents for all accounts and projects, Document templates for default
       attachments, Document workflow for manually routing and approval of documents, Document versioning, Rules processor integration for
       automated workflow
       Security enhancements: Publish to the Team – if you can view the account or project you can view the published item, Publish
       Confidentially – if you or your team are not specifically selected you cannot view the published item, Do Not Publish – do not copy the item
       into TeamWork, Groups or users can be forced to Publish to the Team, Accounts or Projects can be viewable by all or only by selected
       team members (inherited by Publish to the Team)
       Rules processor capabilities: Do Not Save, Run @Formula after save, Run Agent after save, Send Email, Follow-up popup box (Notes
       calendar reminder)
       Notification engine capabilities: Query Notes data or ODBC data, Send one email per record, Send one email for entire table, Break a
       table up into pieces using one query (group by) and email individual sections, Modify email font \ font size \ layout \ content, Scheduler to
       run only when desired
       Analyzer capabilities: All data is aggregated on the server - client does not need MS Access or ODBC driver setup, Scheduled data
       engine queries and creates data cubes based on your parameters and table definitions (any Lotus Notes database or ODBC query), Data
       cubes are .ZIPed up and attached to Analyzer documents, Reader fields are added to ensure security, Users can create new reports
       utilizing data cubes and MS Excel pivot tables, Spreadsheet reports can be saved for reuse as the data cubes change, Administrators can
       embed default reports for general use
       Forms-based development capabilities: Developers can create and configure subforms (unlimited) to appear in standard TeamWork
       Documents to quickly expand TeamWork capabilities (Quotations, RMA requests, etc), Publish-enabled to link to either Accounts or
       Projects, Rules processor-enabled for workflow and data validation, Non-intrusive process preserves upgrade path for TeamWork
       Searching capabilities: Embedded OmniSearch searching and reporting system, Easy-to-use query builder with field name helpers,
       Create reports in either Notes-style (with doclinks) or MS Excel, Create mail merges for MS Word, Schedule searches to automatically run
       and email to individuals

   EBIZ Technology, LLC
   2085 E West Maple Road
                                                See it in action
   Suite A109
   Commerce Township, Mi 48390                  You can easily review the power of TeamWork in your own environment. Simply give
   Phone:       +1.248.679.9454                 us a call. You fill in our spreadsheet – we import your data into our demo for testing.
   Fax:         +1.248.679.9455
                                                No strings attached.

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