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									Quality Management Program
                                                                          Building the Future…Restoring the Past

                  It is our goal to guarantee that the client receive, based on the program and
                  specifications, the highest quality construction achievable.    The Quality
                  Management Program will be further developed with the teams input to target all
                  areas of the project.

                  The achievement of high quality starts in the preconstruction phase. It is at this critical
                  early stage when the entire team can be brought together in a partnering process.
                  Initially, the drawings and specifications will again be reviewed in further detail to
                  insure that the construction requirements establish a high, but attainable, standard of
                  quality. Once the appropriate standards are determined, we will establish measurable
                  immediate quality goals that can be monitored throughout the construction process. If
                  necessary, mock-ups or models will be constructed and reviewed by subcontractors and
                  suppliers to assure their understanding of project expectations.

                  Thereafter, during the construction phase, trade contractors and suppliers will be
                  continuously monitored by all members of the team and coordinated by the project
                  superintendent. In the monitoring process, we work together with our subcontractors to
                  provide valuable assistance and guidance though our preassigned and qualified team
                  member assigned to that trade contractor. Throughout the quality performance; each
                  trade contractor will be measured against our pre-established quality standards. In this
                  process, we use the Construction Quality Management Checklist on a weekly basis, to
                  inspect and measure the quality achieved by various trade contractors. The results of
                  this monitoring process will be charted and the results communicated to the appropriate
                  contractors. This will be discussed at each weekly meeting and remedy any deficiencies
                  will be the outline used for documenting the project conditions. In addition to the above
                  measures, an independent testing laboratory for all items referenced in the specifications
                  will perform onsite testing. This onsite testing will be coordinated and reported by our
                  project superintendent or assigned management staff personnel.

                  Berglund Quality Management Director will collaborate with the entire project team,
                  project manager, project superintendent, subcontractor’s representative, the client and
                  architect and conduct completion inspections. All past reports will be reviewed prior to
                  the final inspection per trade to ensure all past deficiencies were remedied. Any
                  deficiencies noted on the final inspection will be put on the final punch list.

                  It is our belief that the key to success in quality control is working together in the
                  common effort.
Quality Management Program
                                                                                              Building the Future…Restoring the Past

The first step in our Mock-up review is to determine what systems will need a mock-up. Once each system, is identified, we
provide the sub-contractor with information and a procedure, based on the Contract Documents and Specifications.

After the procedures are in place for the installation of the mock-up, we perform a pre-construction meeting, which consists of
a detailed assembly specific checklist which provides a means of conversation and understanding of what is to be expected on
the mock-up as well as the entire job.

The Quality Assurance department will be performing Mock-up Quality Review Reports. These reports consists of
photographs of the mock-up, identifying construction deficiencies, non-compliance with Contract Documents or construction
standards, manufacture recommended non-compliance, and general workmanship issues. This report documents the mock-up
process, observations, action to be taken and who is responsible for the change identified.
Constructability Mock-Ups
                                                                                              Building the Future…Restoring the Past

Once the drawings have been reviewed for constructability, a constructability mock-up plan is enacted. The Quality
Assurance department along with the Superintendent and the Project Manager search for areas within the building that might
cause conflict in the field. Our philosophy on mock-ups are to flush out potential issues ahead of time, prior to the start of
construction in order to facilitate a smooth job process, and reduce overall RFI’s to the Architect/Engineer.
Construction Quality Reviews
                                                                                            Building the Future…Restoring the Past

Construction verification is extremely important and is a high priority with Berglund Construction. Once the Pre-Construction
Meetings are complete, Our Quality Assurance department will be performing construction quality reviews on site, generally
once or twice a week, depending on the construction schedule and pace. These reviews consist of verifying that the sub-
contractors are following the drawings, manufacture recommendations, and building codes.

The Quality Assurance department will be walking with the project superintendent verifying and identifying issues before that
happen and/or before they become larger issue down the road. Photographs are taken of the non-complying or general
workmanship issues and identified with instructions on how to correct the pending issue. This report documents our
verification process, observations, action to be taken and who is responsible for the issue identified.
Pre-Construction Meeting
                                                                                                Building the Future…Restoring the Past

At Berglund Construction, our Quality Assurance Department takes pre-construction meetings very seriously. These meetings
are designed to identify potential questions ahead of construction and either brings up the issue to the architect or engineer and
possibly other sub-contractors. These meetings usually last between 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.

There will always be questions from the subcontractor, no matter how well the drawings and specifications were executed.
With that in mind, the Quality Assurance Department has developed an extensive catalog of pre-construction checklists for
many construction processes.

A level of quality is clearly expressed at these meeting along with when and what is required for mock-ups. The sub-
contractor as well as our superintendent leaves the meeting with a good understanding of potential issues and a list of RFI’s to
provide to the architect or engineer early in the construction process, allowing ample time for the architect or engineer to
properly answer the RFI, rather than under the gun, as is with most construction RFI’s.
Design Review Reports
                                                                                               Building the Future…Restoring the Past

Being proactive in the construction process is critical for a successful, well executed project. We will have our Quality
Assurance Department, which is staffed by licensed Architects, to review the projects drawings and specifications. They will
look at the project documents and review them for many different items, including, manufacture recommended practices,
constructability, common design errors, and experience with materials, compatibility, and potential flashing, air & vapor
barrier problems. The design review will also try to look for problems with document coordination and continuity.

Depending on which phase the Design Review is conducted, RFI’s will be generated to the Architect and or Engineer prior to
the start of construction, allowing the A/E ample time to respond to the questions. The earlier we find these issues, the more
time we will have to correct them, potentially without negatively affecting the construction schedule.

After the design review has taken place, a meeting will be set up with the project team, which includes Berglund’s PM,
Superintendent, architects and engineers to review and discuss the items identified in the Design Review Report.

The report will also identify construction issues for our superintendents, as well as identify special requirements which we will
need to pay special attention. This review does not review any design of the project or question any design element. The
purpose of this report is only to take our experience and construction knowledge and apply it practically to your project.
Pre-Ceiling Closure Checklists
                                                                                                Building the Future…Restoring the Past

Prior to closing the ceiling or walls, we will perform a Pre-Ceiling Closure Checklist. This checklist is a comprehensive
account for what is required to be in the ceiling and or wall prior to closure. We search for items that are typically forgotten in
the construction process for one reason or another.

Accountability is key in completing a job on time and within our very high standards of quality. This proactive step allows us
to feel confident prior to closing the ceiling and or wall system. All trades are required to perform this checklist and sign-off
on their respected trade prior to the team conducting this checklist, which allows us to perform this exercise efficiently. Items
identified are fixed or corrected that day to ensure the construction schedule is met, with no delays.
Construction Daily Checklist
                                                                                              Building the Future…Restoring the Past

Along with the Pre-Construction Meetings, Daily Quality inspection checklists are generated based on the specific
requirements in the project drawings, specifications, and manufacture recommendations. The job specific checklists are
compressive in nature, and try to reinforce the quality aspect of the job and what will be required for each task.

These checklists are designed to create a level of performance and conformability which is easily identifiable for the sub
contractor. Our Quality Assurance Department and Superintendent will be utilizing these checklists in order to identify
compliance everyday during that specific tasks construction.
Lessons Learned / Education
                                                                                              Building the Future…Restoring the Past

At Berglund Construction, we believe that our best opportunity to provide quality is through education. The more an
individual knows and understands about a material or process, the better they will install and verify the installation. Our
understanding of your building will be set in a foundation of good practices and understanding which has been researched
thoroughly and constantly updated.

We have put in place a comprehensive library as well as an accessible Quality Department which is utilized as a
knowledgeable construction resource for all our employees and sub-contractors, as well as Architects and Engineers. We have
put in place our lessons learned from the wide array of projects Berglund Construction has completed in our over 97 years of
experience as a company.
Compatibility Verification
                                                                                            Building the Future…Restoring the Past

One of the benefits of our Quality Assurance Department is that we perform compatibility checks for all of our projects. We
have developed many tools in order for us to review a project and root out potential compatibility issues ahead of the
Technical Bulletins for Owner’s
                                                                                              Building the Future…Restoring the Past

As with our staff, education is key for the Owner in order to keep the building working properly over its long life. Berglund
takes the extra step to get this important building information in the Owner’s hands. Technical Bulletins geared specifically
for Owners are expertly written to give the Owner the information they need in order to properly maintain the property once
Berglund Construction leaves the site. We make sure that critical design elements are understood so that the building is able to
be maintained properly.

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