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            Sunday 6 April 2008
            Craft Brewing Training Sessions
0900        Taste Training Seminar
            Hugh Dunn
1200        Lunch
1400        Craft Brewer’s Forum
            Prof Charlie Bamforth
1630        Close of Craft Brewing Forum
            Monday 7 April 2008
            Day 1 Technical Session
Session 1   Chair - David Meads
0900        Welcome and Convention Opening
            David Meads Chairman, IBD Asia Pacific
0905        Keynote Address - The Challenges Currently Facing the Brewing Industry
            Peter Kean – MD - Lion Nathan New Zealand
            Brian Blake – CEO - DB Breweries Limited, New Zealand
            Moderator – Professor Charlie Bamforth
1000        President’s Report – Update on the IBD
            Dr David Ryder, President IBD
            Opening of Poster and Exhibition Session
1030        Morning Tea served in the Trade Exhibition


1230        Lunch
Session 2   Chair – Dr Tim Cooper
1330        It’s Not the Drinking; It’s How We’re Drinking.
            Gerard Vaughan, ALAC, New Zealand
1400        Alcohol and Health – good, bad or both?
            Professor Ross McCormick
1430        Current Food Regulatory Issues – Brewing & Distilling.
            Dr Leigh Henderson, FSANZ, New Zealand.
1500        Afternoon Tea served in the Trade Exhibition Area.
Session 3   Chair – Jeff Potter
1530        A Brewer’s Perspective on the Food Code and Fair Trading Act
            Donald Nelson, Lion Nathan Auckland, New Zealand.
1600        The Challenges of the New Consumer to the Brewing Industry
            Kirsty Harding, Lion Nathan, Sydney, Australia.
1630        Regulating Alcohol: What’s Urgent, What’s Important
            Stephen Swift, AAB,
1700        Close of Technical Session
            Tuesday 8 April 2008
            Day 2 Technical Programme

Session 4   Chair – Paul Rigoni
0900        Sustainability of the Brewing Industry, ten years back, ten years out, what’s
            Dr Russell Peel
0930        Climate Change: Models, projections and impacts on brewing areas.
            Dr Jim Salinger, Principal Scientist, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric
            Research (NIWA), Auckland, New Zealand

1000        The Impact of Climate Variability on Barley Supply and the Malting Process
            Dr Doug Stewart, Joe White Maltings, Adelaide, and Jason Eglinton, Waite Campus,
            Adelaide University.
1030        Morning Tea
Session 5   Chair – Kerry McCashin
1100        Bioethanol – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
            Prof Graham Stewart, Kenneth Leiper and Michaela Miedl ICBD, Heriot Watt University,
            Edinburgh, U.K.
1130        Carbon Pricing and Emissions Trading – a Reality.
            Camilla Needham BECA, Auckland New Zealand
1200        Packaging – Can’t Live with it, Can’t Live without it.
            Sharon Jereb, NZ Packaging, New Zealand.
1230        Lunch
Session 5   Chair - Michael Stoneman
1330        Regulatory and Environmental Issues for Breweries and Possible Responses.
            Gordon Jackson, Gary Freeman, BRi UK
1400        Lean Manufacturing – A Brewer’s Perspective
            Jaideep Chandrasekharan, John Dawson, Geoffrey Day, Fosters Group, Australia.
1430        Increasing Bottom Line Profits by Improved Service Efficiency
            Charlie Foxall, Fosters Queensland
1500        Afternoon tea
Session 6   Chair - Tim Penton
1530        The Resource Optimized Brewery
            Henning Feyeraben, Cornelia Stumpe, Krones AG Germany, Martina Berk Krones
            Sydney Australia.
1600        Actual Results of a Modern Waste Water Management in a 5 mio hl Brewery
            Fritz Briem, Isara Khaola-iead, Markus Jungblut, Chumpon Phaincharoen, Boonrawd
            Brewery, Bangkok, Thailand.
1630        Improving Plant Performance with Real Time Intelligent System Technology
            Michael Lees, Paul Brodie, Foster’s Australia, Robert Ellen EGA Technologies Australia,
            Marc Steffens Daesim Technologies, Australia.
1700        Close of Technical Session
             Wednesday 9 April 2008
             Day 3 Technical Programme

Session 7    Chair - Nicola Kinzett
0900         Environmentally Friendly CIP Methods and Chemistries with Enhanced Cleaning
             Performance for Brew Houses and Fermentation Tanks
             Peter Fernholz, Ecolab United States.
0930         Membrane Applications in the Brewery
             Keith Stephenson – Pall Australia
10.00        Environment Session Review
             Russell Peel
10.30        Morning Tea
Session 8    Chair - Dr Jon Meneses
11.00        Investigating the Growth and Survival of Common Food-borne Pathogens in Wort
             and Beer.
             Garry Menz, Mehdi Zarei, Dr Frank Vriesekoop, Dr Peter Aldred, Institute of Food and
             Crop Science, University of Ballarat, Ballarat, Australia.
1130         The same but Different: Improving Sensory Panel Resolution
             Paul Hughes Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh U.K.
1200         Impact of Coating VOCs on Sensory Characters of Alcoholic Beverages- A Case
             Study: The Wine.
             Maria Daria Fumi Institute of Oenology and Food engineering. Universita Cattolica S
             Cuore, Piacenza, Italy.
1230         Lunch
Session 9    Chair - Gary Blomeley
1330         People – the Missing Ingredient in Capital Projects
             Ian Jones, Global Beverage Solutions, South Africa
1400         Career Development – What’s in it for Me?
             Bernard Kelly – BKP Consulting, Sydney Australia
1430         Career Development from Within the Brewing Industry.
             Mark Campbell – General Manager – Human Resources & Corporate Affairs, DB
             Breweries Limited, New Zealand.
             Diane Walsh – Human Resources Director Lion Nathan Auckland
1500         Afternoon Tea
Session 10   Chair Professor Graham Stewart
1530         Professional Development Workshop
             Prof Charlie Bamforth, Dr Peter Aldred, Ian Jones, Bernard Kelly, Mark Campbell, Liz

1700         Session Close
             Thursday 10th April 2008
             Day 4 Technical Programme
Session 11   Chair - Dr David Ryder - IBD President
9.00         Cambridge Award Lecture
             The Identification of a Barley Haze Active Protein and its Influence on Beer Haze
             Dr Louise Robinson – Lion Nathan Australia.
Session 12   Chair - Mont Stuart
9.30         Improving the Predictability and Consistency of Malt Fermentability Performance
             Dr Evan Evans (University of Tasmania), Chengdao Li (Dept of Agriculture Perth W.A.),
             Jason K. Eglinton (University of Adelaide S.A.).
10.00        Prediction of Malt Sugar Content in Converted Mash
             Hans Scheuren, Johannes Tippman, Jens Voigt and Karl Sommer, TU Munchen-
             Weihenstephan, Germany,

10.30        Official Launch of Barley Australia Assured Quality Trademark.
             David Thomas, Chairman, Barley Australia.
10.35        Morning Tea
Session 13   Chair - Dr Doug Stewart
11.00        Real Degree of Fermentability
             Nathan Calman, Sophia Roumeliotis, Jason Eglinton School of Agriculture University of
             Adelaide, Megan Sheehy, Doug Stewart Joe White Maltings Adelaide.
1130         Effects of Improved Homogeneity in Wort Boiling
             Thomas Buehler, Rudolph Michel, Huppman AG, Kitzingen, Germany.
1200         A New Cosmetic Ingredient from Fermented Malt Extract
             Satoshi Ikeuchi, Masahiro Ogawa, Hisao Kado, Junji Watari Sapporo Breweries Co.,
             Ltd, Japan, Makoto Niwa, Masato Izume Tsukuba Research Institute, Katakura Chikkarin
             Co. Ltd. Japan.
1230         Lunch
Session 14   Chair - Dr Ian Newsom
1330         Further Studies on the Impact of Commercial Malting and Brewing Practices on
             Beer Flavour Stability
             Dr Aldo Lentini, Mark Goldsmith, David Duan , Peter Rogers, Fosters Group Ltd
             Australia, Ralph Nischwitz, Paul Rigoni Barrett Burston Malting Co. Australia.
1400         Improving Foam Quality through Process Optimisation
             Peter David, Louise Robinson, Nigel Briggs, Bill Taylor, Lion Nathan Limited, Evan
             Evans, University of Tasmania, Australia.
1430         Strecker Aldehydes Production during Beer Aging
             Takashi Suda, Yoko Yasuda, Takeo Imai and Yutaka Ogawa Research Laboratories for
             Brewing, Kirin Brewery Company, Limited, Yokohama, Japan.
1500         Afternoon Tea
Session 15   Chair - Bill Taylor
1530         Flavour Profile Panels – Validation and Performance Improvement
             Greg Organ – Lion Nathan Australia
1600         Beer & Food Pairing: Agreement and Disagreement between experts and regular
             Consumers. Does Theory Match the Practice?
             Gianluca Donadini, R Pastori, AIDASA Institute of Entomology and Plant Pathology; G
             Spigno, M Fumi, Institute of Oenology and Food Engineering. Universita Cattolica S
             Cuore, Piacenza, Italy.
1630         Convention Close
             David Meads – Chairman IBD Asia Pacific

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