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					                            TEAM MARYLAND UNIFORM POLICY – 2009-10

Team Maryland has established the following policy for uniforms and related equipment.

   1.     Mandatory Uniforms/Equipment.

All players are required to have Team Maryland home and away jerseys, a Team Maryland warm-up suit, a Team
Maryland equipment bag and a Team Maryland shell. Included with this Uniform Policy is an order form for these items.

Players ordering new jerseys will be permitted to select any number up to 99, provided it does not conflict with a player
choosing a number from an existing Team Maryland jersey that is purchased by a teammate. We will not have name
plates on the jerseys.

Conflicts in number selections will be resolved as follows: Players purchasing existing Team Maryland jerseys will have
priority over players purchasing new jerseys; then by seniority with Team Maryland; then by seniority (e.g., 2 nd year
midgets would have priority over first year midgets). We hope that all players will work cooperatively with each other to
resolve any conflicts.
   2.     Optional – Branded Clothing.

In addition to the mandatory uniforms/equipment, Team Maryland will have branded clothing available for purchase.
This order will be placed on a one-time basis. The order form for these items will be furnished after tryouts during one of
our spring practices. Players are not required to purchase any of these items. They are strictly optional. We will not
have samples available for sizing. The order form for these items also is attached.

   3.     Additional Orders.

Except for jerseys, bags and shells, Team Maryland clothing orders are not limited to players. Parents and siblings are
welcome to order Team Maryland warm-up suits and any of the optional branded clothing items.

   4.     Order Procedures and Timing.

Players are responsible for going to For Sports at The Gardens Ice House if they need to be fitted for any of the mandatory
clothing items and for placing their orders. All number selections should be approved by the team managers, who will
ensure that there are no number conflicts. All orders must be placed with For Sports no later than May 29, 2009. For
Sports will place its order at that time. If you have not placed your order, you will not have your mandatory clothing items
before the season starts.

We will place the order for the optional branded clothing in mid-June. These orders will be collected by team managers
and should be returned to Team Maryland no later than June 15, 2009.

We hope to have all clothing available by the time mini-camps begin in August.

Payment for the mandatory clothing items should be made by check, payable to “For Sports, Inc.” Payment for the
optional branded clothing will be made by check payable to “Team Maryland.”

(Note: There is a “heavy weight” jacket on the Mandatory order form, but that jacket is not a mandatory item. However,
since we order it through For Sports, it is easier to include it on the Mandatory order form.)

                               Team Maryland - Clothing Order Form – Mandatory Items

ITEM                   SIZE                           QUANTITY               UNIT PRICE                     TOTAL PRICE

Jerseys (New)          ____________                           2                      $100.00                $200.00

Shell                  ____________                           1                      $35.00                 $35.00

Warm-up Suit           ____________                           1                      $80.00                 $80.00

Team Bag (Player)           N/A                       _________                      $90.00                 $_________

Team Bag (Goalie)           N/A                       _________                      $100.00                $_________

Warm-up                ____________                   _________                      $40.00                 $_________
Jacket Only***

Heavy Weight           ____________                   _________                      $80.00                 $_________

                                                                                     Order Total            $________
Name: ______________________________________

Jersey Number: _______________________________

Team: ______________________________________

Name on Warm-up: ____________________________

***     These items are not mandatory. They are included on the mandatory order form for convenience because they are purchased through For
        Sports, Inc.

                                   Team Maryland - Clothing Order Form – Optional

ITEM                  SIZE (Circle)            QUANTITY        UNIT PRICE           TOTAL PRICE

Hooded                S, M, L, XL, XXL         _________       $     40.00          $_________
Sweatshirt (Grey)
Sweatpant (Grey)      S, M, L, XL, XXL         _________       $     25.00          $_________

Gym Short (Black)     S, M, L, XL, XXL         _________       $     15.00          $_________

Flannel PJ            S, M, L, XL, XXL         _________       $     20.00          $_________

Dri-Fit Tee (Black)   S, M, L, XL, XXL         _________       $     15.00          $_________

Compression (Black)   S, M, L, XL, XXL         _________       $     25.00          $_________
Dri-Fit Long Sleeve

Short-sleeve          S, M, L, XL, XXL         _________       $     10.00          $_________
Tee (White)

Long-sleeve           S, M, L, XL, XXL         _________       $     15.00          $_________
Tee (Black)

Golf Shirt (Black)    S, M, L, XL, XXL         _________       $     25.00          $_________

Knit Hat              One Size                 _________       $     10.00          $_________

                                                               Order Total          $_________

Name: ______________________________________

Team: ______________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________________


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