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Name:                                                         UF ID:                                                                       
                                                                                                                                  Mail to:        Human Resource Services
Position #:                                                   Title:                                                                              Attn: Paulene Shindelbower 
Job Code:                                                      FTE:                                                                               P.O. BOX 115003 (Campus Mail)
Appraisal Type:  Check one                                 Annual                        Probationary          Special            Deliver to:     Employee Relations
Appraisal Period:            
PART A: Employee Self Assessment 
To be completed by employee and returned to supervisor prior to appraisal meeting. 
  Work Performance (Briefly list your main duties and accomplishments during the appraisal period.) 
  Attendance/Reliability (Describe your attendance during the appraisal period.) 
  Customer Service 
  Initiative/Productivity (List important accomplishments during the appraisal period.) 
  Teamwork & Interpersonal Skills 
  Goals for the next appraisal year 
PART B:  Supervisor’s Assessment     Employee Name:                                                              UF ID:             
Using attached rating guide, please rate employee’s performance in the listed categories using only whole numbers.  Please attach a copy of employee’s job description and 
comment on employee’s accomplishment of goals during the appraisal period.  If necessary, please use additional space on the final page. 
Work Performance Score:                    
Attendance/Reliability Score:                     
Customer Service Score:                    
Initiative/Productivity Score:                   
Teamwork & Interpersonal Skills Score:                    
Goals for the next appraisal year 
Total Score:                    
Overall rating based on total score:   choose rating         Exceeds             Above Average           Achieves            Minimally Achieves             Below
Contact Employee Relations before giving a “Below” or “Minimally Achieves” performance rating. 
Employee’s Remarks: (I also acknowledge that a copy of my position description is attached and this evaluation has been discussed with me.  I understand that my signature does 
not necessarily indicate agreement.) 
Employee’s Name & UFID                                    Title                                Date                                Signature 
Immediate Supervisor’s Name & UFID                        Title                                Date                                Signature 
Higher Level Supervisor’s Name & UFID                     Title                                Date                                Signature 
                                                                                        RATINGS GUIDE
(Supervisors may rate different levels for individual categories. The overall rating is determined by the total score. Ratings must be in whole numbers only.)

CATEGORY                                Below                        Minimally Achieves                     Achieves                            Above Average                             Exceeds
                                 Performance Standards             Performance Standards             Performance Standards                  Performance Standards                  Performance Standards
                                          1                                  2                                 3                                      4                                      5

Work Performance                Unacceptable performance;         Sometimes same as "Below" but      Consistently performs all job        Consistently performs higher than      Consistently exceeds all
                                Does not perform job timely or    progresses with counseling;        duties competently and timely;       average; Maximizes resources;          performance standards; Seeks
                                accurately; Requires constant     Does not consistently meet         Achieves established goals; Uses     Requires less than average amount      additional responsibilities; Seeks
                                instruction; Does not follow      performance standards; Requires    resources effectively; Working       of instruction; Higher than average    ways to improve processes;
                                guidelines; Insufficient          frequent instruction; Has          knowledge of job                     knowledge of job                       Recognized expert – fully
                                                                  difficulty understanding; Makes                                                                                understands all aspects of job
                                knowledge of job; Does not
                                make effort to learn.             effort to learn/improve

Attendance/Reliability*         Excessively absent or tardy;      Frequently absent or tardy; Does   Consistently adheres to all          Better than average attendance;        Excellent attendance record;
                                Does not follow attendance        not consistently follow            policies/guidelines regarding        Can always be relied on to             Always completes tasks; Always
                                guidelines/policy/procedure;      attendance guidelines; Cannot      time and leave usage;                complete tasks timely and              produces excellent work; An
                                Cannot be relied on to finish     always be relied on to finish      Consistently keeps to schedule;      accurately                             example for peers in the area
                                tasks                             tasks                              Regularly completes tasks on

Customer Service                Unprofessional demeanor; Not      Sometimes as in "Below", but       Makes effort to assist customers;    Exceeds peers in customer service;     Consistently receives positive
                                helpful; Communicates poorly      progresses with counseling;        Communicates clearly;                Always positive/pleasant               feedback from customers; Goes the
                                                                  Inconsistent                       Professional/courteous demeanor                                             "extra mile" to resolve complex

Initiative/Productivity         Requires constant supervision;    Requires frequent supervision;     Needs average supervision; Able      High level of productivity;            Highly motivated; innovative; Self
                                Poor organization and             Minimally organized; Only          to work independently;               Requires little or no supervision;     starter; Exceptional
                                prioritization skills; Avoids     assumes responsibilities when      Productive and motivated;            Works well independently;              planning/prioritizing; Seeks
                                responsibilities                  asked                              Willingly accepts                    Effectively plans/prioritizes; Seeks   additional responsibilities; Seeks
                                                                                                     responsibilities                     additional responsibilities            ways to improve processes

Teamwork &                      Unwilling to work with others;    Sometimes same as in "Below",      Contributes positively to team;      Higher than average level of           Team builder and motivator; Easily
Interpersonal Skills            Unprofessional demeanor;          but progresses with counseling;    Supports organizational goals;       cooperation in team projects; Often    assumes leadership role; Able to set
                                Responds negatively to            Inconsistent; Occasionally         Willingly participates in group      leads team efforts; Actively           team goals and ensure
                                feedback; Unsupportive of         causes rift within team            projects/assists others as needed;   participates in goal achievement;      accomplishment of goals; Inspires
                                organizational goals                                                 Responds appropriately to            Volunteers/assists with coverage       cooperation/progress

*FMLA-related absences should not be considered when reviewing attendance.

Below performance standards: 5 - 9
Minimally achieves performance standards: 10 - 14
Achieves performance standards: 15 - 19
Above average performance standards: 20 - 23
Exceeds performance standards: 24 - 25

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