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									Practice Management System

       Project Charter

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     Review Draft
     Approved by Project Team
                                                              PMS Procurement
                                                                   Project Charter

                                           Table of Content
STRATEGIC VISION                                                                   3
PROJECT OVERVIEW                                                                   3
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES                                                               4
PROJECT SCOPE                                                                      5
DELIVERABLES                                                                       5
PROJECT DESIGN ASSUMPTIONS                                                         5
TIME LINE OF KEY PROJECT MILESTONES                                                7
PROJECT ORGANIZATION                                                               8
TEAM MEMBERS                                                                       8
ROLES                                                                              9
PROJECT MANAGEMENT                                                                10
RISKS & RISK MANAGEMENT APPROACH                                                  10
ISSUE AND SCOPE MANAGEMENT                                                        12
COMMUNICATION PLAN                                                                12
SIGNATURES                                                                        14

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                                                                       PM System Procurement
                                                                                          Project Charter

The mission of the clinic is included here..

The project vision is to invest in people, business process improvements, technology infrastructure and
new practice management system to provide operational stability and to support growth and relevant
operational objectives for next 5 to 7 years.

We are engaged in a procurement process for a new practice management system (PM system) for our
clinics and health centers. The new system will replace the current PM system. This system has served
us well but has several significant limitations. It has been recently concluded that further investment in
the current PM system should cease and an integrated PM system from an established vendor be procured
to replace it. We have also identified a need to develop the internal IS/IT resources required to manage
and operate the new system.

The goals set for this project are to have a signed contract for new PM system on a tightly controlled time
line, and to have begun the process of building the internal capacity to successfully implement, manage,
and operate the system into the future. We have engaged consultants to design and participate in a project
to select PM system and contract with a vendor in this time frame. To accomplish these goals, the project
will require:
      Commitment from project stakeholders including organizational management, clinic
         management, project team, and technology staff
      The availability of resources (including significant staff time) to assure the completion of high
         quality deliverables by the consultants
      A clinic project leader to handle the day to day communications and logistics
      Rapid response and decision-making by stakeholders, executives, managers, and other project
         participants within their defined scopes of authority

The PM system procurement project described in this proposal will include four distinct phases: Project
Initiation, RFP Development, System/Vendor Selection, and Vendor Contracting.

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                                                                             PM System Procurement
                                                                                                Project Charter


Several high-level goals and objectives have been identified. These can also be considered guiding
principles as the team moves though the system selection process.

           The PM system must be "user friendly" to facilitate effective training and operations in a fast
            paced environment. The consultants will help clearly define “user friendly” so this requirement
            can be included in the RFP and objectively evaluated during the selection process.

           The PM system must support the organizational goal of growth, having the capacity to scale up to
            20 clinics.

           The PM system must facilitate better utilization of our current facilities and staff, allowing for as
            many as 200,000 patient visits a year by 2010.

           The PM system needs to provide staff with a tool to enhance operational efficiencies, enabling
            staff to provide better and faster service to patients.

           The PM system needs to be compatible with best of breed Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
            applications or be an integrated system with PM system/EMR components, although full blown
            EMR functionality is not on the near term horizon.

           The PM system needs to have available or easily developed interfaces to some existing internal
            software applications.

           The PM system needs to provide interconnectivity with all our sites to be able to track patients
            who seek services at multiple sites.

           The PM system needs to be flexible to change with business, data, billing, and reporting needs.
            An "open" database with the ability to analyze data and generate reports on all data elements that
            are captured and stored in the system is desired. Ease of reporting with a commercially available
            report-writer is a must.

           The PM system needs to have the ability to effectively navigate the PM system using both
            keyboard commands and a mouse.

           The application must be compatible with current technology standards to enable interoperability
            with other applications, ease of reporting and access to data for research, analysis, and reporting.

           The vendor must demonstrate stability, longevity, and a strong, proven record of excellent
            customer support.

           The vendor and product must demonstrate proven knowledge and experience in California in
            similar setting as ours, including services, regulatory and funding.

           The application must support multi-site scheduling and integrate with use of a call center.

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                                                                           PM System Procurement
                                                                                              Project Charter

           The PM system must have the flexibility to offer web-based functionalities that will allow us to
            take advantage of new business models, to gain productivity advantages through online
            appointment functionality, and to leverage the capabilities of the Internet within the system.

           The technical architecture of the PM system must provide for scalability so we will not outgrow
            the system and built in redundancy so there is no single point of failure. Mission critical systems
            require this capacity.

           The technical architecture of system and software must provide easy path to creating and setting
            up complete redundant, co-processing center for disaster recovery.

           We require a system that supports the requirements of their total organizational, including
            growing the donor base, providing community outreach services, and building the activist base.

           The PM system must be compliant with all HIPAA regulations.


           Project Charter
           Project Timeline/Work Breakdown Structure
           Operational Assessment, Needs Assessment, Process Flow Diagrams and System Design
           Technology Management Assessment
           Functional Requirements
           Technical Requirements
           Request for Proposal (RFP) Document
           Vendor/System Overview Analysis
           Proposal Evaluation Criteria and Worksheet
           Site Visit Evaluation Worksheet
           Vendor Interview Evaluation Criteria Worksheet
           Vendor Interview Agenda, Scenarios and Participant Criteria
           Due Diligence Analysis
           Functional and Technical Specifications
           Best and Final RFP
           Contract Appendices
           Legal Review of Contract and Appendices
           Contract with PM system Vendor
Project Design Assumptions
The following is a list of assumptions used as the basis for the design of this project:

           Three or four vendors will be considered based on their organization‟s proven ability to deliver
            and support PM system systems in California.
           There are several separate but related projects that need to be coordinated with this one. The
            reengineering, redesign, and standardization of clinic, billing, and inventory workflow procedures

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                                                                            PM System Procurement
                                                                                              Project Charter

            will be finalized as the contract is being negotiated with the vendor of choice. An upgrade of the
            technology infrastructure will need to be completed by the implementation phase of the project.
           Time is of the essence as the ability as the current system will not adequately serve our needs
            going forward.
           The PM system project is a high priority project to the organization and the management team
            will support staff to assure that they will be able to participate and contribute in a timely and
            effective manner.

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                                                                        PM System Procurement
                                                                                          Project Charter

Time Line of Key Project Milestones

A detailed project plan and time line will be maintained throughout the project. This time line of key
milestones provides a high-level overview of the project.

 Milestone                                            Start Date                  Finish Date
 Project Initiation and Design
 Proposal Generation
              Operational Analysis
              Functional Needs Assessment
              Baseline Technology Assessment
              Functionality Requirements
              Develop RFP Process Structure
              Assemble RFP
              RFP Released
 Proposal Evaluation
              Proposal Deadline
              Preliminary Evaluation Meeting
              Proposal Questions
              Reference Checking
              Proposal Evaluation/Narrow the Field
 Select Vendor of Choice
              Vendor Interviews
              Site Visits
              Due Diligence
              Best and Final RFP
              Best and Final Proposal Deadline
              Presentation of Final Analysis
              Selection of Vendor of Choice
 Vendor Contracting
              Develop Specifications/Appendices
              Negotiate Contract Terms
              Develop Implementation/Training Plans
 Sign Contract with Vendor

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                                                                             PM System Procurement
                                                                                           Project Charter


  Team Members

Name                        Organization   Project Role              Phone        E-mail
                                           Project Co-Sponsor
                                           Project Co-Sponsor
                                           Project Co-Sponsor
                                           Clinic Project Manager

                                           Project Admin Assistant
                                           PM Project Team
                                           Technical Analyst- IT
                                           PM Project Team
                                           Functional Analyst-
                                           Client Services
                                           PM Project Team
                                           Functional Analyst-
                                           Client Services
                                           PM Project Team
                                           Financial Analyst
                                           PM Project Team
                                           Functional Analyst-
                                           PM Project Team
                                           Applications Specialist
                                           Lead Consultant
                                           Project Management and

                                           Clinical Services
                                           Support Consultant
                                           Project Management and

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                                                                            PM System Procurement
                                                                                             Project Charter


 Role                     Responsibility
                               Timely, complete, and honest project communication
 All Roles                     Confidentiality
                               Using email as primary communication mechanism
                               Project advocate and visionary
                               Final decision point for escalated issues
 Project Stakeholders
                               Guides team, clears organizational obstacles to achieve project goals
                               Communicates project status to executive management
                              Tracks and addresses program/project issues & action items
                               Participates day-to-day in forward progress of the project
                              Processes and controls change requests as necessary
                              Coordinates the administration of the project (meetings, conference calls)
 Project Manager              Monitors critical path of project activities and institutes risk management
                              Serves as central point of contact for team members, consultants and
                              Contributes to project deliverables
                              Provides information for technology baseline assessment
                              Integrates system requirements into the organization‟s technology plan
                              Manages on-going system software installation
                              Performs capacity planning
 Technical Analysts           Administers the data security and control procedures
                              Provides technical requirements for the project
                              Participates in Super User training sessions
                              Participates in Technical and System training
                              Is a member of the PM Project Team

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                                                                               PM System Procurement
                                                                                                    Project Charter

                                      Provides knowledge of key operational and/or clinical processes
                                      Participates in Super User training sessions
                                      Identifies issues during project implementation, activation, and post-
                                      Provides information on workflow and processes required to develop
                                       requirements and specifications
                                      Provides domain knowledge about patient scheduling, resource scheduling
                                       (people & things: clinics, call center, billing, claims...)
                                      Provides domain knowledge about current type of services being provided &
 Functional Analysts                   ability to get future services to be offered
                                      Provides knowledge of any legal/compliance constraints
                                      Provides knowledge of any reporting requirements by external
                                      Responsible for providing information contributing to current business
                                       process documentation, including training, forms to be used at clinics, and
                                       standard operating procedures
                                      Responsible for assessing gaps in people capacity/capabilities, creating plan
                                       and implementing them to coincide with overall PM system timeline
                                      Member of the PM Project Team
                                      Provides guidance and analyses to the project team to inform decision
                                      Researches vendors and reviews vendor deliverables
 Project Consultant
                                      Provides templates and tools to complete project deliverables
                                      Identify tasks and/or resource requirements allowing at least two weeks of
                                       forward visibility for project planning purposes


Risks & Risk Management Approach

ID           Risk Description                                  Risk Mitigation Plan
1            There have been recent changes on the             Discuss all project assumptions and revise them
             clinic‟s management team.                         as necessary. Develop the project charter into a
                                                               document that captures the expectations of the
2            There has been some discussion of a potential     The current intention of the clinic is NOT to
             PM system collaboration.                          participate in any collaborative RFP, but this
                                                               position will be reassessed as the project
3            There is a high degree of operational             Make sure that center managers and key staff
             autonomy among our individual health center       members at each clinic are informed and their

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                                                                                PM System Procurement
                                                                                                    Project Charter

             sites. In order to gain the full measure of         input is sought, both when assessing the current
             benefits from the new system, business              state as well as when designing the future state.
             process reengineering and standards of              Exceptions to standards are to be expected but
             practice will need to be developed.                 should not be the rule.
4            Business process reengineering and redesign         This project should be scoped and a plan put into
             that relates to functionality automated in the      place to complete a reengineering effort during
             PM system will be a separate project that           the contracting phase of this project.
             must be tightly integrated with this one.
5            Interdepartmental decision-making and               Err on the side of more frequent communication,
             coordination is not yet tested. A major             perhaps opting for more frequent but shorter
             project of this nature has not been undertaken      meetings. Document all rationale and reasoning
             with the current senior executives, and a           behind decisions that could result in
             “give-and-take” process will be key to the          policy/procedure requirements during system
             success of the PM system selection.                 implementation and operations.
6            A new clinic will open during the course of         The project manager will keep a complete list of
             the project.                                        planned opening and needs, along with the
                                                                 planned service offerings and staffing concerns.
                                                                 Project milestones and deliverables will need to
                                                                 be coordinated accordingly.
7            Project timeline: there is very little slack in     Monitor the project timeline on a constant basis
             the project to account for unanticipated            to determine if tasks are on track and, if not, see
             delays.                                             if additional resources applied to the task can
                                                                 bring it back on schedule.
8            Resource Constraints: When staff are pulled         Identify in advance where input or participation
             away from already full time positions, there is     in the process will be required from staff and
             not an easy way to back fill.                       leadership. The management team has identified
                                                                 this project as „high priority‟ and will make the
                                                                 resources available to complete the project
9            Vacations and leaves: It is likely that over the    Make sure that key project members inform the
             duration of this project key participants will      project manager of pending vacations and leaves
             go on leave or vacation.                            and manage critical path deliverables to account
                                                                 for these scheduled absences.
10           HIPAA compliance is a moving target,                Vendors will need to be certified as HIPAA
             specifically with regard to security and            compliant and have proven HIPAA compliant
             transactions/code sets.                             installations that can be verified. Their track
                                                                 records will need to be evaluated.
11           Computer literacy of staff: a new system may        Engage clinicians in the planning process,
             have a higher set of computer skills                stressing potential benefits of using the PM
             requirements that he current system, and            system features to improve patient care. Include
             while most staff members have some                  all staff in regular updates concerning project
             experience as they are cross-trained for front      progress. We will prepare a comprehensive
             and back office, the licensed clinical staffs are   training plan when the PM system is selected
             not currently using the computers.                  that accounts for new system requirements and
                                                                 different learning styles of staff members.

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                                                                             PM System Procurement
                                                                                                Project Charter

12           Coordination between teams, analysts, and        Consultants will participate in stakeholder and
             consultants                                      PM Project Team meetings as required. All
                                                              project members will follow established project
                                                              communications protocols.
13           For optimal results, project participants must   Stakeholders, project manager, analysts, and
             be willing to compromise to achieve the big-     consultants will need to keep the focus of the
             picture organizational goals                     project on the organizational goals and be

14           Coordinating fund raising efforts with PM        Fund development staff will be included in
             system project                                   project communications and they will be invited
                                                              to participate in the project at appropriate times.

15           No strong, consistent training processes in      We will commit to making training a core
             place- training is not an institutional value    organizational value going forward and will
             and needs to be                                  develop a comprehensive training plan
16           The call center needs a new phone system         Call center functionality will be one of the
             and/or reengineering                             processes that are reengineered in conjunction
                                                              with this project

Issue and Scope Management
Issues will be identified by all project team members and consultants, and submitted verbally or in writing
to the Project Manager. Issues will be logged on the issues list and discussed in the stakeholders and PM
Project Team meetings. Critical issues – those that impact the critical path – will be escalated to the
Project Sponsors for awareness and for assistance with resolution. The Project Manager will initiate and
maintain an issue-tracking system that helps the team monitor, prioritize and escalate issues and action
items related to the system selection project.
Communication Plan

 Type of Communication / Purpose                              Frequency                   Responsible Party
 Stakeholders Meeting                                         Every Thursday,             Project Manager
             Monitor progress against the project plan.                                  Stakeholders
                                                              (Meeting can be
             Discuss issues, assign action items, review     cancelled, truncated or
                                                                                          Project Consultants
              risk mitigation strategies.                                                 (as necessary)
                                                              expanded as
             Make project decisions                          appropriate.)
             Make assignments and manage project-
              related resources
 PM Project Team Meeting                                      Every Monday, 3:00p-        Project Manager
             Monitor progress against the project plan.                                  PM Project Team
                                                              (Meeting can be
             Discuss issues, assign action items, review     cancelled, truncated or
                                                                                          Project Consultants
              risk mitigation strategies.                                                 (as necessary)

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                                                                               PM System Procurement
                                                                                             Project Charter

             Receive and deliver project-related              expanded as
              assignments                                      appropriate.)

 Executive Briefing                                            To be determined (part Project Sponsors
                                                               of an existing executive
             Inform our Senior Managers about the                                      Executive Team
                                                               team meeting)
              progress of the system selection project.
             Gather information on organizational
              initiatives that can impact the project.
             Identify activities that will require
              organizational resources over the upcoming
 Internal Communications                                       To be determined (part   Project Manager
                                                               of existing internal
             Updates to the entire organization, helps to
              publicize the project and encourage
              questions, buy-in and generates enthusiasm
              for the project‟s benefits.
 Budget vs. Actual                                             Weekly                   Consultants
             Communicate any impact to budget for this
              project (positive and negative).
 Weekly Progress Reports                                       Weekly                   Consultants
             Concise weekly written status of progress of
              this project to be delivered before the weekly
              Stakeholders Team meeting.
 Detailed Invoice                                              Monthly                  Consultants
             Summary of hours expended to complete
              agreed-upon activities, tasks, and

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                                                                     PM System Procurement
                                                                                    Project Charter


The signing of this document by the Stakeholders and Project Manager listed below acknowledges that
each signer has reviewed this document and is in agreement with its content.





Project Manager


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