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NIGHT 2009
About TEN 2009

                                                                        Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09
The Boston University Technology Entrepreneurship Night (TEN) is
an event which brings together students from the college of engi-
neering and the school of management to understand and think
constructively about building businesses around the ongoing cutting
edge research happening at Boston University.

The event is run entirely by the Student Association of Graduate
Engineers (SAGE) and the School of Management's (SMG) Entre-
preneurs Club . The TEN has been very successful in the past and
is being held for the seventh consecutive year.

The TEN includes a number of panel discussions on various techni-
cal topics to help students recognize and understand needs and
requirements of product markets. The panels are comprised of
entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, attorneys, and other profession-
als and will discuss issues associated with developing products and
applying technology to solve problems in particular markets. Addi-
tionally, panelists will share some of their experiences as entrepre-
neurs. The panel discussions are the perfect place for budding
entrepreneurs to learn and ask questions of people who have
already successfully taken technology to the marketplace.

Following the panel discussions, students have the opportunity to
meet, talk, and network with panelists at a sit-down dinner.
                                        Table of Contents
Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09

                                         Event Detail                   2

                                         Energy Panel                   3

                                         Information Technology Panel   5

                                         Optical Technologies Panel     7

                                         Start Your Own Company         9

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                                         Credits                        12
Event Detail

                                                    Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09
 Registration and Networking       5:15 - 5:45 pm

 Panel Discussion                  6:00 - 7:30 pm

      Start Your Own Company
       Room 208

      Optical Technology
       Room 220

      Energy Panel
       Room 222

      IT Panel
        Room 224

 Networking within Panel           7:30 - 7:45 pm

 Dinner                            8:00 - 9:30 pm
  4th Floor Conference Room

Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09

                                        The reliance on oil, the preeminent source of energy in the energy
                                        markets, poses a multitude of problems; high price volatility, supplies
                                        that are concentrated in just a few countries, links to environmental
                                        damage, and the simple fact that sooner or later, every oil well runs
                                        dry. However, the stage is set for us to redesign the way our world gets
                                        its energy. In this panel, we will be surveying the renewable energy
                                        landscape to see where the technology is at now, what lies further
                                        down the road, and what unique challenges face the entrepreneur
                                        venturing into clean technology.

                                                                   In addition to his role as sector leader, Dr. Joglekar is an associate
                                                                   professor of operations and technology management at the School of
                                                                   Management. His interests span distributed product innovation and
                                                                   technology commercialization/valuation challenges at established and
                                                                   entrepreneurial firms: assessment of business models and market
                                                                   opportunities/risks; project, portfolio and pipeline management; organi-
                                                                   zational learning and innovation leadership; technology adoption and
                                                                   unintended consequences of opportunistic behaviors from a systems
                                                                   thinking perspective.
                                        Nitin R. Joglekar          He is an associate editor of Management Science and senior editor of
                                                                   Production & Operations Management. Dr. Joglekar holds a BA from
                                        Associate Professor of
                                                                   Indian Institute of Technology, an MA in engineering from MIT and
                                        Operations and Technol-
                                                                   Memorial University (Canada), and a PhD in management science
                                        ogy Management
                                                                   from the MIT Sloan School.
                                        Boston University School
                                        of Management

                                        After graduating from Boston University in 1979, Steve Kropper
                                        began his career as ‘Energy Czar’ at Boston City Hospital. He
                                        lead leading energy saving O&M and capital programs for three
                                        hospitals. Next was energy management at Boston City Hall,
                                        followed by commercial energy consulting. After super-insulating
                                        his triple-decker home, worldwide oil prices tumbled to $11/barrel,
                                        and he decamped to Cornell University to earn his MBA.

                                        In 2008, Steve was selected as one of the twelve Founding
                                        Fellows of the New England Clean Energy Council. Today, he
                                        serves as CEO of WindPole Ventures, a wind power develop-
                                        ment and analytics firm repurposing ATT’s national network of             Steve Kropper
                                        1,150 microwave relay tower sites.                                        Panelist
                                                                                                                  WindPole Ventures

                                                                                                       Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09
                            Jon Abe joined Nexamp as vice president in charge of business
Jonathan Abe                development in 2008.
Vice President in Charge    Prior to joining Nexamp, Jon managed Commonwealth Solar and the
of Business Development     Small Renewables and Large Onsite Renewables Initiatives at the
Nexamp                      Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC). He also worked as a
                            senior consultant at KEMA and XENERGY. Jon is a director of the
                            Boston Area Solar Energy Association.

Mr. Sauer is President, Chief Executive Officer and a member of
the Board of Ocean Renewable Power Company, LLC and has
the ultimate day-to-day responsibility for management of the
company. He has a wealth of experience (over 30 years) in the
formation and management of startup energy and environmental
technology companies, development, permitting and financing of
power generation projects, and engineering and construction of
major industrial projects. Companies that he has held a leader-
ship role in include Mazyck Technology Solutions, LLC, Sauer
Strategies, Precision Lighting Company, PG&E National Energy
Group, and Wheelabrator Technologies. Prior to Wheelabrator              Christopher R. Sauer
Technologies, Mr. Sauer had spent ten years in the structural            Panelist
design, engineering, project engineering and project management          President & Chief
of major energy and transportation facility projects in the U.S.         Executive O cer
                                                                         Ocean Renewable
                                                                         Power Company

Daniel Schnitzer           Daniel Schnitzer is an Energy Analyst at KEMA and Co-Founder and
                           Co-Director of InterIntel, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. At KEMA,
                           an energy consulting firm, Mr. Schnitzer focuses on demand-side
Energy Analyst
                           management and renewable energy policy, engineering, and system
                           analysis. He has been an employee of KEMA since August of 2007.
Co-Founder and
                           InterIntel is an innovative non-profit organization which aims to redress
                           inequity amongst the world's poor by improving energy services and
                           environmental management. The organization was founded on the
                           premise that social, economic and political development are intrinsi-
                           cally tied to energy and the environment in often complex ways.
                           Therefore, only an integrated solution is capable of truly promoting
                           sustainable development. As Co-Founder and Co-Director, Dan
                           cultivates relationships with communities and partner organizations,
                           designs methodologies for project development, and manages project

                           In June 2007, Dan received his Bachelors degree from the University
                           of Chicago, where he triple-majored in Physics, Economics and
                           Environmental Studies. As an undergraduate, he was heavily involved
                           with designing University sustainability policy. His senior thesis paper,
                           "A Link Without a Chain: Assessing the Proposed Return to Repro-
                           cessing in the United States Global Nuclear Energy Partnership" is on
                           spent nuclear fuel policy in the US. He presently lives in Boston, MA.

                                        Information Technology
Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09

                                        Recent advances in IT make it cheaper and easier than ever before to
                                        start some types of companies. There exists both the opportunity to
                                        fulfill this demand as well as the opportunity to leverage these new
                                        tools and services for your own company. This panel will discuss how
                                        this erosion of a traditional barrier to entry figures into their business

                                                                Eric Carlstrom comes from the Internet startup world, right here in
                                                                Boston. After he earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
                                                                from R.I.T., he moved to Boston in 2000.

                                                                He has worked for a handful of software startups mostly in the music
                                                                and gaming industries. In 2004, he co-founded MICS, Inc, a company
                                                                that provided a hardware and software solution for on-demand inven-
                                                                tory control in the music retail environment.

                                                                His interests remain in Internet startups, with a particular affection for
                                                                disrupting existing industries with new technology. He is enrolled in
                                        Eric Carlstrom
                                                                the full-time MBA program at Boston University focusing on General
                                                                Management and Entrepreneurship.
                                        MBA BU

                                        Mr. Buletza is a Co-founder of CoBu Technology, a Cambridge-based
                                        software consulting company providing technical services including
                                        mobile and desktop application development, server architecture and
                                        design, performance engineering, and agile process implementation,
                                        in the greater New England area. Mr. Buletza got his start working for
                                        Intuit, before moving to Boston and entering the world of startups. He
                                        has spent the last 10 years architecting, building, and managing the
                                        teams that provided the technology which made the entrepreneurs'
                                        vision a reality. His focus the past 5 years has been solving end-to-
                                        end business problems involving mobile devices; he's excited to see
                                        the ease with which new ideas are conceived and delivered courtesy
                                        of the iPhone and App Store. Mr. Buletza holds a BA in Computer            Pete Buletza
                                        Science from Harvard University. He currently lives in Davis Sq. with      Panelist
                                        his wife and three children.                                               Co-founder
                                                                                                                   CoBu Technology

                                                                                                  Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09
Raj spent 5 years in management consulting, most recently with Bain
& Company. His primary focus was the wireless space and in this
capacity he helped build some of the world’s most successful wireless
companies. Before consulting, Raj completed his MBA with Honors
from the Ivey School of Business and London Business School. Prior
to this he managed the Pre-Sales Engineering group for an enterprise
software provider in Colorado. Raj’s career began in robotics, where
he eventually ran the sales and marketing department of a Toronto-
based manufacturer.

                                                                           Raj Aggarwal
                                                                           Co-founder, CEO

                               Prasad Thammineni is a serial entrepreneur and founder of four
                               ventures. His latest venture, Pixily, helps professionals, home
                               offices and small businesses go paperless and access them
                               online anywhere, anytime. It short, it is an on-demand document
                               management service for PAPER and digital documents. Prior to
                               Pixily, Prasad founded jPeople, a well-regarded, high-end
                               consulting firm in Boston;, a B2B trading hub
                               connecting enterprise, portals and Intranets;, a
                               social network and Launchpad, a dockable application launcher
                               for Windows 95 that sold thousands of copies around the world.

Prasad Thammineni              Prasad graduated with an MBA from The Wharton School and
Panelist                       won the prestigious Joseph P. Wharton Award for Leadership and
CEO                            Innovation. Prasad is also a graduate of the BITS, Pilani, India
Pixily                         with dual degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Tim is a partner heading up the Intellectual Property and Corporate
Partnering Group in Gunderson Dettmer's Boston office. He has
extensive experience assisting clients in the information technology,
biotech and medical device industries in developing, acquiring,
licensing and commercializing intellectual property, products and
technology. Prior to joining the firm Tim worked for Latham and
Watkins, LLP in Silicon Valley where he had a very similar type of
practice. He was also previously a corporate counsel for Cisco
Systems, Inc. where he was responsible for negotiating, drafting and
closing numerous large, strategic sales and licensing transactions for
the company and for representing it in all matters related to US and
foreign wiretapping laws. Prior to joining Cisco, Tim served as a law    Tim Ehrlich
clerk to the Honorable Thomas Penfield Jackson of the United States      Panelist
District Court in Washington, D.C. where he was primarily respon-        Gunderson Dettmer
sible for the case of US v. Microsoft.

                                        Optical Technologies
Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09

                                        Optics is to the 21st century what electronics was to the 20th century.
                                        Its applications have already revolutionized areas ranging from medi-
                                        cine to metallurgy, from data storage to detecting Improvised Explo-
                                        sive Devices (IEDs). The panel will discuss how exponential growth
                                        in optical technologies provides new opportunities in both mature and
                                        upcoming industries.

                                                                  Dr. Robinson has more than 25 years of senior level operational
                                                                  experience in technology commercialization and business develop-
                                                                  ment gained at four major Fortune 500 companies and from working
                                                                  with numerous, early stage, venture capital funded companies. His
                                                                  experience spans the semiconductor, computer, defense, chemical
                                                                  engineering and photonics industries. He has provided consulting
                                                                  for the governments of France, Canada, U.K., private industry,
                                                                  venture capital and served the National Science Foundation to
                                                                  select universities for federal funding. He is an invited participant
                                                                  and advisor in the angel investment community and is a member of
                                                                  the Board of Directors of Barr Associates. He has incubated more
                                        Cli Robinson              than fifteen companies including FiberGrade, acquired by Agilent in
                                        Moderator                 2006, and Solx, acquired by Occulogix in 2006. Dr. Robinson has a
                                        BU OTD                    Ph.D. in physics from Cambridge University, U.K., and an MBA from
                                        Boston University         Boston University.

                                        George Abe has been President and CEO of Cambridge Research
                                        and Instrumentation (CRi) since 2003, previously serving as Vice
                                        President of Marketing and Development. He has led the successful
                                        transformation of the company from an optical technology provider
                                        into an innovative biomedical imaging solutions company.

                                        Before joining CRi, Mr. Abe held senior management positions in a
                                        variety of high technology businesses over a span of fifteen years;
                                        including Vice President positions in Strategy, Development, and
                                        Marketing with Genuity (formerly GTE), and also with Bolt Beranek
                                        and Newman (BBN Corporation), a Cambridge, Massachusetts-
                                        based high technology innovator.                                       George Abe
                                                                                                               Cambridge Research &

                                                                                                 Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09
Bunmi Adekori is the CTO of Lumenz, a leading developer and              Bunmi Adekori
manufacturer of specialized fiber optic illumination products and        Panelist
optical communication components. Lumenz Technology provides             CTO
innovative and intelligent solutions for individual applications and     Lumenz
OEM customers.

Ralph Faber                     Ralph Faber is the CEO of Vacuum Process Tech. Since 1991,
Panelist                        VPT has specialized in providing cost-effective vacuum
CEO                             equipment and process solutions to our customer’s require-
Vacuum Process Tech             ments. VPT has supported a wide range of markets and
                                coating applications worldwide and has built a reputation as a
                                world-class supplier of Optical Coating Systems and Custom
                                Vacuum Equipment.

SB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Alfred P. Sloan
School of Management); EdD, Harvard University.

An accomplished expert on high technology and venture
capital businesses, Dr. Unger has founded and participated in
numerous companies, including Kurzweil Computer Products,
Inc., which became Xerox Imaging Systems. He is a member
of Boston University’s Faculty of Photonics, and co-founder
and chair emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technol-
ogy Enterprise Forum. Unger served in President Carter’s
administration as senior advisor on science and technology,
and is recipient of the Vincent A. Fulmer Lifetime Achievement         Barry Unger
Award at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.                    Panelist
                                                                       Professor at BU MET
                                                                       Founder of Kurzweil

                                        Start Your Own Company
Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09

                                        Got a great idea? That's great, but now what? This panel discussion
                                        will cover some of the basic aspects of creating a start-up company,
                                        from incorporating to securing your intellectual property to creating a
                                        business model and raising venture capital. Come and hear what
                                        our experts suggest you should do and should NOT do based on
                                        their personal experiences with start-up clients and their own entre-
                                        preneurial ventures.

                                                                  Mr. Russo is an Executive-in-Residence who teaches Entrepreneur-
                                                                  ship and Strategy at the Boston University School of Management. He
                                                                  is the Director of Entrepreneurship Programs for the Institute for
                                                                  Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (ITEC). Peter
                                                                  teaches courses at the MBA, Executive and Undergraduate level, is
                                                                  responsible for the School's Entrepreneurship curriculum (both degree
                                                                  and non-degree) and serves as faculty advisor to the students concen-
                                                                  trating in Entrepreneurship at the Graduate and Undergraduate level.
                                                                  Prior to joining the faculty at BU, Peter served as the CEO of Data
                                                                  Instruments, (currently Honeywell Data Instruments). He currently
                                                                  serves on the Boards of Advisors and/or Boards of Directors for a
                                        Pete Russo                number of commercial and not-for-profit organizations and has a BS in
                                        Panelist                  accounting and an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was
                                        BU SMG                    elected a Baker Scholar.

                                        Dr. Deligeorges has been CEO/CTO of BioMimetic Systems
                                        (BMS) for the past five years leading research teams working on
                                        battle field acoustics as well as devices for the hearing and
                                        visually impaired. A graduate of Boston University's Biomedical
                                        Engineering Dept, his PhD work focused on auditory neurosci-
                                        ence and biomimetic algorithms for acoustic processing and
                                        cochlear implants. In 2004 Dr. Deligeorges formed BioMimetic
                                        Systems to commercialize the technology developed during
                                        his doctoral work designing and developing counter sniper
                                        technology for the Army Research Labs, acoustics sensors for
                                        autonomous robotics for iRobot, in addition to SBIR programs
                                        through the office of Naval Research on human robot interac-
                                        tions. BioMimetic Systems has developed without pursuing
                                                                                                           Socrates Deligeorges
                                        venture capital through research grants and partnerships and
                                        SBIR program grants.
                                                                                                           BioMimetic Systems

                                                                                                 Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09 ’09
 Nick is a partner at Gunderson Dettmer in the Venture Capital,
 Tax, and Private Equity Fund Formation Groups. His practice
 encompasses representation of emerging growth companies,
 entrepreneurs and venture capital and private equity funds. He
 has represented emerging growth companies in a wide variety
 of transactions, including private financings, mergers and
 acquisitions, joint ventures and other strategic arrangements,
 with a focus on planning and structuring business transactions.
 He serves as fund counsel for a number of top-tier venture
 capital firms and regularly provides advice regarding aspects of
 day-to-day operations, financing activities, and drafting partner-
 ship, limited liability company and other governance agree-                Nicholas Guittilla
 ments.                                                                     Panelist
                                                                            Gunderson Dettmer

                               Brandon Johnson graduated from BU in 2004 with a bachelors
                               degree in biomedical engineering. He is the founder and
                               President of Boston Microfluidics Inc and has developed a
                               device that can test for multiple diseases instantly, reducing
                               the time it takes to detect sexually transmitted diseases
                               (STDs) from days to minutes. He is the sole inventor of the
                               technology and has two pending patents. Brandon was the
                               first recipient of the ITEC Fellowship at Boston University and
                               advises a number of start ups on both technical and business

Brandon Johnson                Brandon's core competence is fluid flow automation and
Panelist                       molecular diagnostics for infectious disease, particularly STDs
Founder and President
Boston Micro uidics

   Ed Walsh works with electrical and computer-related clients in IP
   strategy development and execution, including patent prosecution,
   clearances and counseling, IP portfolio management, litigation,
   licensing, consulting agreements, and joint development agreements.
   His areas of technical expertise include semiconductor processing
   and high-speed circuit design, wireless communication and signal
   processing, software, networks and network management, connec-
   tors and interconnection technology, and many types of test equip-

   Ed Walsh served over 14 years as in-house counsel for technology
   companies, including Chief Intellectual Property Counsel for
   Teradyne, a position he held for 10 years. Before working for
   Teradyne, Ed served as Division IP Counsel for Textron Specialty          Edmund J. Walsh
   Materials and as a patent attorney for Raytheon. Prior to entering law    Panelist
   school, Ed worked as an electrical engineer,                              Shareholder
    developing operating system software and analyzing communica-            Wolf Green eld
   tions systems.

Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09

                                           Gunderson Dettmer                                               Highland Capital Partners

                                         SAGE - Student Association of                                     ITEC - Institute for Technology Entrepre-
                                         Graduate Engineers                                                neurship and Commercialization

                                         HLC, llc is a management consulting firm specializing              BU Engineering
                                         in human resources and sales development strategies
                                         for technology companies Within human resource
                                         consulting the firm focuses on implementing hiring
                                         best practices for the technology sector with the aim
                                         of improving employee retention and performance.
                                         Sales development consulting consists of designing
                                         programs specifically tailored for clients that maximize
                                         sales efforts by increasing the ratio of first meetings to

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                                                        Technology Entrepreneurship Night ’09
 Co   Chairs
        Spring Liu
        David Spenciner
        Nishant Mohan

 Event Advisors
       Erhan Ermis -- SAGE President
       Rohit Kumar -- TEN 2008 Chair

 Panel Leaders
       Stephen Chao -- Energy Panel
       David Spenciner -- Infomation Technology Panel
       Nishant Mohan -- Optical Technologies Panel
       Spring Liu -- Starting Your Own Company Panel

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      Mehak Gandhi

       Wendy Dong
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       Aditi Basu

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