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									                                           2006 PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL - DAVIS PRODUCTIVITY AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT
                                                               (by Agency Nomination Number)
                                                            Nominations shaded light gray are hurricane relief related nominations
• "Cash," "Plaque," and "Certificate of Commendation" award winners will be invited to attend the award luncheon listed on this spreadsheet (except the Jacksonville
• *Due to the limited number of seats available at the Jacksonville luncheon, only "Cash" and "Plaque" winners will be invited to attend.
• A limited number of representatives from Teams, Work Units and Partnerships will be invited to each award luncheon. Agency Coordinators will provide this information to
award winning nominations in advance of each respective award luncheon.

                                                     Team, Work Unit or Partnership Nomination                                                                                 Award
         Nomination    "Individual" Nomination
Agency                                           Category (Name) OR "Exemplary Achievement of a                         Achievement Title                  Award Category    Ceremony
          Number                Name
                                                    State Agency" Nomination Category (Name)                                                                                  Location

 AHCA       001                                  Field Operations Mutual Aid Team                 Increased Inspections of Health Care Facilities             Plaque        Tallahassee
                                                                                                  Developed Automation Process for Office Forms and
 AHCA       002       Michael Rekoff                                                              Labeling                                                    Plaque        Tallahassee
                                                 Developmental Disabilities Quality               Expanded Program Initiatives and Enhanced Review
 AHCA       003                                  Assurance Team                                   Process                                                     Plaque        Tallahassee
                                                                                                  Developed Process to Produce Provider Resources on
 AHCA       004                                  Medicaid Provider Publications Team              CD                                                        Certificate     Tallahassee
                                                                                                  Developed Cost Effective Methodology for Medicaid        Distinguished
 AHCA       005       Jack Shi                                                                    Managed Care                                                  Cash        Tallahassee
                                                                                                  Coordinated Preparation for Medicare Part D
 AHCA       006       Jeff Parrott                                                                Implementation                                              Plaque        Tallahassee
                                                 Medicaid Preferred Drug List                     Implemented Florida Medicaid's Cost Effective
 AHCA       007                                  Implementation Team                              Preferred Drug List                                         Plaque        Tallahassee

 AHCA       008                                  Procurement Team                                 Streamlined Procurement Process                          Notable Cash     Tallahassee

 AHCA       009                                  Property Inventory Team                          Streamlined Property Inventory Process                    Certificate     Tallahassee
                                                                                                  Developed Windows XP and Office 2003 Upgrade
 AHCA       010       Beverly Gavin                                                               Training                                                    Plaque        Tallahassee
                                                 Emergency Status System Development              Developed Emergency Status System - Healthcare
 AHCA       011                                  Team                                             Facility Hurricane Tracking                                 Plaque        Tallahassee

 AHCA       012                                  Bill Analysis Fiscal Impact Team                 Streamlined Fiscal Bill Analysis for Legislative Bills      Plaque        Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                          Page 1                                                                                  8/16/2011
                                                                                      Reduced Annual Maintenance Cost and Increased
 AHCA       013                            Data Warehouse Cost Reduction Team         Efficiency                                               Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Background Screening Implementation        Developed and Implemented Agency Employees
 AHCA       014                            Team                                       Background Screening Program                            Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                      Improved Access to Medicaid Critical Need Provider
 AHCA       015                            Recruitment and Retention Team             Specialists                                             Certificate     Tampa

 APD        001     Debra Cone                                                        Reduced Costs and Streamlined Programs for Agency       Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                      Streamlined Medicaid Approval Process to Benefit
 APD        002                            Medicaid/Tacachale Team                    Tacachale Residents                                      Plaque       Gainesville
                                           Tacachale-Facility 8 Elmwood               Coordinated Successful Institution/Community
 APD        003                            Interdisciplinary Team                     Transition, Reducing Cost                               Certificate   Gainesville

 APD        004                            Tacachale Committee for Resident Safety    Developed Process to Improve Resident Safety             Plaque       Gainesville
                                                                                      Increased Recruitment of Volunteers, Services and
 APD        005                            Volunteer Services Team                    Donations                                               Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented Therapeutic Equine
 APD        006                            Sunland Ranch Team                         Program                                                 Certificate   Tallahassee
 APD        007                            Sunland Center                             Reduced the Cost of Expanded Security Services           Mention      Tallahassee
                                                                                      Designed Digital Recording System for Administrative
  AWI       001                            Digital Recording Team                     Hearings                                                Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                      Changed Overpayment Detection and Collection
  AWI       002                            Benefit Payment Control Team               Processes                                               Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Central Disaster Unemployment Assistance   Developed Automated Monetary Disaster Benefits
  AWI       003                            Team                                       Determination Program                                   Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance Core          Increased Employment Rates and Produced Positive
  AWI       004                            Services                                   Economic Impact                                        Notable Cash     Tampa
                                           Escarosa Career Center Veteran Services    Created and Developed the Daily Veterans'
  AWI       005                            Team                                       Employment & Services Resource Email                     Plaque       Tallahassee

 DACS       001     William Browning                                                  Reduced Yearly Expenditures on Vessel Repair            Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                      Implemented In-House Pipet Calibration for Food
 DACS       002     Stacie Hammack                                                    Safety Laboratories                                      Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Created Unique Tools to Promote Forestry Through
 DACS       003     William C. Wright                                                 Education                                                Plaque       Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                              Page 2                                                                              8/16/2011
 DACS       004     Charles Larry Harp                                                Reduced Cost of Waste Water Treatment                     Certificate   Gainesville
                                                                                      Electronically Standardized In-house Forms and
 DACS       005     Serena Stornaiuolo                                                Processes                                                 Certificate    Orlando

 DACS       006                            Enterprise Ecommerce Team                  Implemented Ecommerce Application                         Certificate   Tallahassee

 DACS       007                            Safety and Loss Prevention Team            Reduced Workers Compensation Claims and Costs             Certificate   Tallahassee

 DACS       009                            Gadsden Forestry Team                      Implemented the Gadsden County Efficiency Plan             Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Implemented First Prescribed Burn in Florida Highway
 DACS       010                            Kate Ireland Parkway Burn Team             Median                                                    Certificate   Tallahassee

 DACS       012                            Tiger Bay Rangers Plus One Team           Rebuilding Clark Bay Road After High Water            Plaque              Orlando
                                           Blackwater Timber Salvage Management      Implemented Successful Salvage Operation on
 DACS       013                            Team                                      Hurricane Damaged Timber                           Notable Cash          Tallahassee
                                                                                     Implemented Emergency By-Pass Route for Hurricane
 DACS       014                            Hurricane Dennis Road Project Task Force  Dennis                                             Notable Cash          Tallahassee
                                                                                     Prevented Contaminated Food Products from Entering
 DACS       015                            Food Safety Inspection Team               Marketplace                                           Plaque               Miami
                                           The Electronic Quality Inspection Process Developed Computerized Inspection Program for
 DACS       016                            Team                                      Farmer Stock Peanuts                                  Plaque              Orlando
                                                                                     Implemented Campaign to Increase Sales for Shrimp
 DACS       017                            Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing Team Industry                                                 Plaque             Tallahassee

 DACS       018                            Emergency Support Function 11 Team         Increased Efficiency of Emergency Feeding Response         Plaque       Tallahassee

 DBPR       001                            Alcohol Tobacco Internet Team              Developed Process to Collect Internet Sales Excise Tax    Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                      Developed a Delinquent License Fee Collection
 DBPR       002                            Tax & Information Processing Team          Process                                                   Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Homeowners' Construction Recovery Fund
 DBPR       003                            Team                                       Streamlined Recovery Fund Business Process                 Plaque       Tallahassee

 DBPR       004     Bill Risk                                                         Developed New Process for Collecting Overdue Fines       Notable Cash Tallahassee
 DBPR       005     Addie Manulis                                                     Sustained Exemplary Performance                           Exemplary   Palm Beach
                                           Hotel and Restaurant Division Compliance   Streamlined Compliance Process to Handle Increased
 DBPR       006                            Team                                       Case Volume                                                Plaque       Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                              Page 3                                                                                8/16/2011
                                           Employee Training Database Development Automated Tracking of Statutorily Mandated
 DBPR       007                            Team                                   Employee Training Records                                    Plaque      Tallahassee
                                                                                  Developed an Electronic License and Applications
 DBPR       008     J. Henry Evans                                                Manual for LicenseEase                                       Plaque      Tallahassee
                                                                                  Produced Work Equivalent to Two Full-Time
 DBPR       009     Gary Scott Almon                                              Investigators                                                Plaque        Tampa
 DBPR       010     John Brown, Jr.                                                   Sustained Exemplary Performance                        Exemplary     Tallahassee
                                                                                      Responded Exemplarily to Increased Consumer
 DBPR       011     Linda Butler                                                      Complaints During Hurricanes                             Plaque      Tallahassee
                                                                                      Exceeded Office Production and Improved Customer
 DBPR       012     Victor Dadario                                                    Service                                               Notable Cash Palm Beach

 DBPR       013     Michael Green                                                     Exceeded Office Performance Expectations                 Plaque      Palm Beach

 DBPR       014     Christa Patterson                                                 Sustained Exemplary Performance                        Certificate   Tallahassee

 DBPR       015     Michelle J. Peterson                                              Sustained Exemplary Productivity During FY 04-05         Plaque        Orlando
                                                                                      Developed Statewide Consumer Awareness TV
 DBPR       016     Mark Reddinger                                                    Program and Outreach Campaign                          Certificate   Tallahassee

 DBPR       017     Dawn Salisbury                                                      Developed Complaint Sorting System                    Notable Cash Tallahassee
                                                                                        Automated Assessment Fee Collection Process for
 DBPR       018     Krista Woodard                                                      Employment Leasing Companies                             Plaque    Tallahassee
                                                                                        Adapted/Implemented Alternative Dispute Resolution
 DBPR       019                            Alternate Dispute Resolution Team            Program                                                  Plaque    Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed Hurricane Katrina Evacuee License
 DBPR       020                            The Cosmetology Board Team                   Certification Expedition System                          Plaque    Tallahassee
                                           West Palm Beach Regional Investigative       Performed Exemplarily by Protecting Floridians During
 DBPR       021                            Office                                       Hurricane Season                                      Notable Cash Palm Beach
                                                                                        Recovered Restitution from Unlicensed Contractors
 DBPR       022                            Region I Hurricane Response Team             During Hurricanes                                        Plaque    Tallahassee
                                           Jacksonville Region III - Hurricane Response Recovered Reimbursements from Unlicensed Vendors
 DBPR       023                            Team                                         During Multiple Hurricanes                               Plaque    Jacksonville
                                                                                        Reduced Employer Reports of Workplace Injuries to
 DBPR       024                            The Workspace Safety Team                    Minors                                                 Certificate Tallahassee
                                           Division of Hotels and Restaurants - Bureau Prevented Foodborne Illness Outbreaks Following
 DBPR       025                            of Sanitation & Safety Inspections           Hurricane Wilma                                          Plaque    Tallahassee
                                                                                        Instituted Media and Citizen Outreach After Hurricane
 DBPR       026     Kristen Ploska                                                      Wilma                                                  Certificate Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                               Page 4                                                                             8/16/2011
                                                                                         Developed Safety & Security Program During
 DBPR       027     Bill Lemocks                                                         Hurricanes Wilma and Katrina                                Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                         Automated Geographic Information System for
 DCA        001     Timothy P. Cannon                                                    Growth Management Program                                Notable Cash    Tallahassee
                                                                                         Streamlined a Computer Process to Replace Manual
  DCF       001     Sheila Cay Galloway                                                  Workload                                                  Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                         Developed Automated Management Tool to Improve           Distinguished
  DCF       002     Roy Carr                                                             Performance Statewide                                         Cash       Tallahassee

  DCF       003                            Child Care Licensure Team                     Volunteered for Extra Duty in Another District            Certificate      Tampa
                                           Rehabilitation Services/Education
  DCF       004                            Department                                    Secured Salaries to Teach Residents Educational Skills    Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                         Migrated Skillnet Application from Contractor to
  DCF       005                            Skillnet Migration Team                       Information Systems                                       Certificate    Tallahassee

  DCF       006                            Food Service Management Team                  Reduced Food Cost                                           Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                         Produced Preventive Measure Items for Special
  DCF       007                            The Preventive Measure Team                   Population                                                Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                         Increase Volunteer Hours and Donations Through
  DCF       008     Sam Kitching                                                         Improved Documentation                                    Certificate    Jacksonville
                                                                                         Coordinated North Florida State Hospital Wellness
  DCF       009                            Staff Relations' Wellness Team                Initiative                                                  Plaque       Jacksonville
                                                                                         Ensured Timely Notification & Submission of Employee
  DCF       010     Teresa Brown                                                         Performance Evaluations                                   Certificate    Jacksonville

  DCF       011                            Recovery Center Task Force                    Increase Recovery Center Attendance as Scheduled          Certificate    Jacksonville

  DCF       012     Bernard Bradley                                                      Decrease Escort Time to Off-Campus Appointments           Certificate    Jacksonville

  DCF       013     Carolyn Spooner                                                                                                                  Plaque       Jacksonville
                                                                                         Decrease Inappropriate Usage of Nutritional
  DCF       014     Mary Parker                                                          Supplements                                                Plaque        Jacksonville
  DCF       015                            The Blooming Butterflies of Unit Operations   Increased Senior Clerks Accuracy on 95-6 Audit             Mention       Jacksonville
                                           Behavioral Emergency Response Teams           Developed & Implemented B.E.R.T., Reduced Restraints
  DCF       016                            (B.E.R.T.)                                    & Employee Injuries                                       Certificate    Jacksonville

  DCF       017                            Shady Oaks Village                            Increase Attendance at Evening Activities                 Certificate    Jacksonville

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                 Page 5                                                                                  8/16/2011
  DCF       018     Jeff Aboumrad                                                          Improved Completeness of Physician-to-Physician Form      Certificate   Jacksonville
                                             Northeast Florida State Hospital Laboratory   Decreased Instances of Improper Identification for
  DCF       019                              Services                                      Laboratory Services                                       Certificate   Gainesville
                                                                                           Decreased Refusals for Scheduled Gynecological
  DCF       020     Ruthie Fluellen-Mosley                                                 Appointments                                              Certificate   Gainesville
                                                                                           Increased Employee Spanish Language Skills in
  DCF       021                              Survival Spanish Team                         Residential Setting                                       Certificate   Gainesville
                                                                                           Improved the Accuracy of Individual Monthly Clothing
  DCF       022                              Clothing Audit Improvement Team               Inventory                                                 Certificate   Gainesville

  DCF       023     Rosa Addison                                                           Decreased Number of Errors in Medical Charts by 49%       Certificate   Gainesville
                                                                                           Decreased Nursing Vacancies by Increasing Licensed
  DCF       025                              "Grow Our Own" Community Partnership          Practical Nurses                                           Plaque       Gainesville
  DCF       026                              Unit Operations Team                          Improved Accuracy of Log Sheet Reporting                   Mention      Gainesville
                                                                                           Developed Innovative Staffing System to Reduce
  DCF       028                              Operations Building Managers Team             Seclusion Hours                                            Plaque       Gainesville

  DCF       029                              Computer Utilization Team                     Enhanced Web Application Utilization                      Certificate   Tallahassee

  DCF       030                              Florida State Hospital                        Improved Quality of Care and Life for Patients            Certificate   Tallahassee
                                             FSH Medicaid/Medicare Discharge Task
 DCF        031                              Force                                         Utilized Expertise to Prevent High Dollar Revenue Loss     Plaque       Tallahassee

  DCF       032                              Strategic Intern Utilization Team             Saved Salary Dollars by Strategic Use of Interns     Certificate        Tallahassee
                                                                                           Modernized Public Assistance Program While
  DCF       033                              District Two ESS Access Florida Team          Maintaining High Performance                           Plaque           Tallahassee
                                                                                           Managed & Tracked Public Assistance Applications to
  DCF       034     Rebecca Williams                                                       Assure Timeliness                                      Plaque           Tallahassee
                                                                                           Developed Dependency Court Outcome
  DCF       035                              Project Workgroup                             Enhancement Project (DCOEP)                         Notable Cash        Tallahassee
                                                                                           Modernized Public Assistance Program While
  DCF       036                              District One ESS Access Florida Team          Maintaining High Performance                           Plaque           Tallahassee
                                             Panhandle Hurricane Disaster Food Stamp       Served Hurricane Ivan and Dennis Victims in
  DCF       037                              Team                                          Panhandle                                              Plaque           Tallahassee
  DCF       038     Beverly Gibson                                                         Developed District 14's Community Partnership Team       Cash             Tampa

  DCF       039                              Unit 32 Discharge Response Team               Expedited Discharges to Facilitate Unit Closure          Notable Cash   Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                   Page 6                                                                                 8/16/2011
                                                                                        Implemented a Disaster Response Team for Improved
  DCF       040                            South Counties' Disaster Response Team       Staff Preparedness                                           Plaque       Tampa
                                                                                        Reduced Overtime Usage & Stress of Daytime Child
  DCF       041     Joseph Aickara                                                      Protective Investigators                                  Notable Cash    Tampa
                    James Van                                                           Delivered Exceptional Customer Service to Public
  DCF       042     Shardenburg                                                         Assistance Applicants                                     Notable Cash    Tampa
                                           Suncoast Regional Wellness Action Team       Developed and Implemented Region's Wellness
  DCF       043                            (SWAT)                                       Program                                                    Certificate    Tampa
                                           SunCoast Region Case Maintenance
  DCF       044                            Imaging Team                                 Streamlined Processing of Medically Needy Bill Tracking    Certificate    Tampa

  DCF       045     Tony Edwards                                                        Developed Statewide Licensing Monitoring Tool             Notable Cash    Tampa

  DCF       046     Jim Rood                                                            Developed Enhanced Intake Management System                Certificate    Tampa
                                           Suncoast Regional Electronic Filing System   Developed Electronic Public Assistance Records            Distinguished
  DCF       047                            Team                                         Management System                                              Cash       Tampa
                                           Suncoast Region ACCESS Training
  DCF       048                            Enhancement Team                             Developed Enhanced New Employee Training Process Notable Cash             Tampa
                                           Suncoast Adult Services Dental Resource
  DCF       049                            Team                                         Developed Pro Bono Dental Services System                  Certificate    Tampa
                                                                                        Developed a Home Safenet Guide for Protective
  DCF       050     Sarah Holbert                                                       Investigations                                            Notable Cash    Tampa

  DCF       051     Eleanor Dixon                                                       Aided in the Completion of Adoption Finalizations      Certificate        Tampa
                                                                                        Developed Quality Assurance System for State's Public
  DCF       052                            Quality Management System Design Team        Assistance Program                                    Notable Cash        Tampa
                                                                                        Developed a Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar for        Honorable
  DCF       053                            Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar              Employees                                               Mention           Tampa
                                           SunCoast Adult Protective Services           Developed Complex, High Profile Adult Protective
  DCF       054                            Operations Team                              Investigation Strategies                              Notable Cash        Tampa
                                           Suncoast Fraud Prevention and Reduction      Developed a Program to Reduce Public Assistance
  DCF       055                            Team                                         Fraud                                                 Notable Cash        Tampa
  DCF       056     John Dorman                                                         Developed a Power Point Waiting List Training Program   Mention           Tampa
                                           Annual Dependency Court Improvement          Presented Law Updates to Dependency Court Summit
  DCF       057                            Summit Team                                  Attendees                                              Certificate        Orlando
                                           Seminole County Child Protection Summit      Presented Legal Training on Investigations,
  DCF       058                            Team                                         Dependency Case Law                                      Plaque           Orlando

  DCF       059                            Meeting Needs of Children Team               Created Partnership to Streamline Services to Children     Certificate    Orlando

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                Page 7                                                                              8/16/2011
                                           District 7 Hurricane Dennis Back Room
  DCF       060                            Operation                                     Increased Access Florida Training Effectiveness            Certificate    Orlando
                                           The Call Center Training Modernization        Developed Training Plan to Support New Business
  DCF       061                            Team                                          Model                                                       Plaque       Jacksonville
                                           Judicial Review Social Study Report Project   Implemented Plan to Increase the Number of Timely
  DCF       062                            Team                                          Filed JRSSRs                                                Plaque       Jacksonville

  DCF       063                            Missing Timesheet Report Team              Implemented Report to Capture Missing Timesheets               Plaque         Miami
                                                                                      Developed/Implemented "Human Resources Training
  DCF       064                            Human Resources People First Training Team for People First"                                             Certificate     Miami
                                                                                      Improved Overall Operations & Performance
  DCF       065     Richard Worsley                                                   Indicators for Protective Investigations                       Plaque         Miami
                                                                                      Developed a Computerized Automated Application
  DCF       066     Sifu Zhou                                                         and Instrument                                               Notable Cash     Miami
                                                                                      Engineered the Modernization of Front Desk
  DCF       067     Sylvia Hawkins                                                    Operations                                                    Certificate     Miami

  DCF       068                            Management Information Systems Team           Reduced Cost & Timeline in Deploying 900 Computers         Certificate     Miami
                                                                                         Developed and Implemented the Access Response
  DCF       069                            Access Response Unit Development Team         Unit                                                        Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                         Developed and Implemented the District 11 Case
  DCF       070                            District 11 Case Management Unit              Maintenance Unit                                          Notable Cash     Miami
                                                                                         Developed Protective Supervision Guide to Increase
  DCF       071                            District 10 Protective Supervision Team       Quality Services                                           Certificate     Miami

  DCF       072     Gary Blavat                                                          Reduced Costs and Optimized Cell Phone Plan                 Plaque         Miami

  DCF       073     Laura L. Johnson                                                     Reduced Costs in Courier Service                           Certificate     Miami

  DCF       074     Ismael Martinez                                                      Reduced Costs and Automated Telephone System        Certificate    Miami
                                                                                         Reduced Costs by Consolidating Cellular Phone
  DCF       075     Frank Kerwick                                                        Accounts                                              Plaque     Orlando
                                                                                         Developed a Computer Image Installed on 3700
  DCF       076     James Frampton                                                       Computers                                             Plaque     Orlando
                                                                                         Developed Integrated Web Application Tracking High
  DCF       077     Edward Harper                                                        Risk Cases                                         Notable Cash Palm Beach

  DCF       078                            Forensic Specialist Training Team             Developed and Offered Training for Forensic Specialists     Plaque       Gainesville
                                                                                         Increased Performance of Child Protective
  DCF       079                            Child Safety Management Team                  Investigators                                              Certificate   Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                 Page 8                                                                                  8/16/2011
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented Cost Saving Jail
  DCF       080                            Jail Diversion Expansion Program           Diversion Program                                       Notable Cash     Miami
                                           Prevention Accountability Improvement      Improved Substance Abuse Prevention Contractor
  DCF       081                            Team                                       Performance & Data Collection                             Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Restructured and Improved the Contract Processing
  DCF       082     Richard Byno                                                      Activity                                                  Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Initiated Lease Space Reduction for Modernization
  DCF       083     Steve White                                                       Savings                                                  Certificate   Gainesville

  DCF       084     Barbara Lemley                                                    Enhanced Safety and Well-being of Children               Certificate   Gainesville
                                           Crime Intelligence Unit Implementation     Restructured and Implemented Abuse Hotline Crime
  DCF       085                            Team                                       Intelligence Unit                                         Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Kids Central Quality Management Review     Developed and Implemented Energy Conservation
  DCF       086                            Team                                       Work Plan                                                Certificate    Orlando

  DCF       087     Jorge Martinez                                                    Streamlined Computer Software to Reduce Costs             Plaque        Orlando
                                           Central Zone Access Quality Assurance      Developed and Enhanced a Standardized Quality
  DCF       088                            Team                                       Assurance System                                          Plaque         Tampa
                                                                                      Improved Child Safety and Processes in Relative
  DCF       089                            Relative Caregiver Project Team            Caregiver Program                                        Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                      Developed a Human Resources Supervisor's Survival
  DCF       090                            Human Resources Team - Central Zone        Guide                                                    Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                      Initiated Integrated Casework Model for Child
  DCF       091                            District 12 Crisis Response Team           Protective Investigations                                 Plaque        Orlando
                                                                                      Streamlined the Access Integrity Program to Increased
  DCF       092                            District 12 Access Integrity Team          Savings                                                  Certificate   Jacksonville
                                                                                      Developed Form For Streamlining Medicaid
  DCF       093                            District 3 Case Maintenance Task Force     Authorization For Prescriptions                           Plaque       Gainesville
                                                                                      Streamlined Statewide Child Care Training Information
  DCF       094                            Child Care Training Center Team            Delivery System                                          Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Information Systems Statewide Helpdesk
  DCF       095                            eSupport Team                              Improved Technical Helpdesk Support to Customers         Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Computer Based Training Implementation     Developed Computer Based Security Awareness
  DCF       097                            Team                                       Training                                                  Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Automated Status Reports for Florida Child Support       Honorable
  DCF       099                            Florida Child Support Status Report Team   Projects                                                  Mention      Tallahassee
                                           Information Systems Unix/Cache Support     Enhanced Productivity for Critical DCF Web
  DCF       100                            Team                                       Infrastructure                                            Plaque       Tallahassee

  DCF       101     Vickie Varchal                                                    Developed Automated Server Monitoring Process           Notable Cash   Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                              Page 9                                                                                8/16/2011
  DCF       102     John A. Bailey                                                     Developed a Streamlined Web Interface System             Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                       Reduced the Cost of Producing Computer Generated
  DCF       103                            Production Services Cost Reduction Team     Reports                                                  Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                       Designed Child Abuse Presentation to Educate
  DCF       104     Donna L. Murray                                                    Mandated Reporters                                       Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                       Improved Project HOPE's Counseling Services Delivery
  DCF       105     Cheryl Fordyce                                                     to Hurricane Survivors                                    Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Improved Bidding Process of Mental Health Treatment
  DCF       106     Stephen Poole                                                      Teams                                                     Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Human Resources: Training and               Developed Innovative Statewide Training Delivery and
  DCF       107                            Development Unit                            Tracking System                                          Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                       Redesign of the Electronic Benefits Transfer Card
  DCF       108                            Electronic Benefits Transfer Project Team   Carriers                                                 Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                       Modernized Public Assistance Service Delivery System -
  DCF       109                            Department of Children & Families           Access Florida                                            Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Developed Production Report for Improved Standards
  DCF       110     Evaristo Rosario                                                   & Staff Intervention                                     Certificate    Orlando

  DCF       111                            Access Integrity Referrals                  Automated Access Integrity Referrals                     Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Hurricane Dennis Special Application        Implemented Specialized Team to Process Hurricane
  DCF       112                            Project Team                                Dennis Applications                                       Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Quality Management System Development
  DCF       113                            Team                                        Developed Quality Management System                       Notable Cash Tallahassee
                                           Integrated Benefit Recovery System          Developed Integrated Benefit Recovery System to
  DCF       114                            Development Team                            Improve Recoupment Collections                               Plaque    Tallahassee
                                                                                       Provided Humanitarian Relief Efforts to Hurricane
  DCF       117                            Dennis, Katrina and Wilma Disaster Team     Victims                                                      Plaque    Tallahassee
                                                                                       Provided Disaster Relief Services to Victims of Hurricane
  DCF       118                            Hurricane Wilma Disaster Relief Team        Wilma                                                        Plaque    Jacksonville
                                                                                       Accelerated Disaster Food Stamps Processing at
  DCF       119                            Hurricane Wilma Backroom Process Team       Reduced Costs                                                Plaque    Jacksonville
                                                                                       Operated Disaster Food Stamp Program in Monroe
  DCF       120                            Hurricane Wilma Monroe County Team          County                                                       Plaque    Tallahassee
                                                                                       Operated Disaster Food Stamp Program in Broward
  DCF       121                            Hurricane Wilma Broward County Team         County                                                       Plaque       Miami
                                                                                       Operated Disaster Food Stamp Program in Southwest
  DCF       122                            Hurricane Wilma Southwest Florida Team      Florida                                                      Plaque    Palm Beach

  DCF       123                            Hurricane Wilma District 15 Team            Operated Disaster Food Stamp Program in District 15       Plaque       Palm Beach

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                               Page 10                                                                               8/16/2011
                                                                                  Developed a System for Scanning Disaster Food Stamp
  DCF       124                            Disaster Food Stamp Scanning Team      Applications                                        Notable Cash Tallahassee
                                           Hurricane Wilma Backroom Processing    Implemented Backroom Processing of Food for Florida
  DCF       125                            Team                                   Benefits                                            Notable Cash    Miami
                                                                                  Operated Disaster Food Stamp Program in Palm Beach
  DCF       126                            Hurricane Wilma Palm Beach County Team County                                                 Plaque    Palm Beach

  DCF       127                            Hurricane Wilma Miami Team                  Operated Disaster Food Stamp Program in Miami              Plaque         Miami
                                                                                       Provided Disaster Crisis Counseling to Hurricane Wilma
  DCF       128                            Disaster Crisis Counseling Response Team    Survivors                                                  Plaque        Orlando
                                                                                       Volunteered for Disaster Crisis Counseling Response
  DCF       129                            Disaster Crisis Counseling Response Team    Team                                                       Plaque       Tallahassee

  DCF       130                            Disaster Crisis Counseling Response Team    Served Hurricane Wilma Survivors                           Plaque        Orlando

  DCF       131                            Disaster Crisis Counseling Response Team    Served Hurricane Wilma Survivors                           Plaque        Orlando
                                           Florida's Response Team for Mississippi's  Helped Mississippi with Hurricane Katrina Relief for
  DEA       001                            Elders                                     Elders                                                      Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Provided Disaster Relief to Elders During Hurricane
  DEA       002                            Hurricane Dennis Disaster Relief Team      Dennis                                                      Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented Aging and Disability
  DEA       003                            Aging and Disability Resource Centers Team Resource Centers                                           Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                      Implemented Rapid-Needs Assessment System for
  DEA       004     George Tokesky                                                    Hurricane Victims                                         Notable Cash   Tallahassee

  DEA       005                            Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program            Provided Disaster Relief for Long-Term Care Residents      Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Streamlined Program Evaluation Survey Development
  DEA       006                            Planning and Evaluation Survey Team         and Implementation                                        Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                       Developed Technical Updates on Medicare
  DEA       007     Patty Shaffer                                                      Prescription Drug Benefit                                 Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Division of Statewide Community Based
  DEA       008                            Services                                    Diverted Clients to Less Costly Community Settings        Certificate   Tallahassee

  DEA       009                            Nursing Home Diversion Program Staff        Saved Florida State and Federal Tax Dollars               Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           "Making Choices" End-of-Life Information
  DEA       010                            Partnership                                 Created and Disseminated End-of-Life Publication          Certificate   Tallahassee

  DEA       011                            Holistic Monitoring Tool Team               Developed New Monitoring Tool for Medicaid Waiver         Certificate   Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                Page 11                                                                              8/16/2011
                                           Florida's Mississippi Deployment
  DEA       012                            Coordination Team                             Led Florida's Hurricane Relief Delegation in Mississippi     Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                         Assisted Aging Networks in States Affected by
  DEA       013                            Department of Elder Affairs                   Hurricanes                                                   Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                         Developed Online Self Certification for Single Family
  DEP       001                            Self-Certification Team                       Docks                                                       Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Park Service Fire Management Database
  DEP       002                            Team                                          Created Database to Track Park Service Fire Activity       Notable Cash   Tallahassee
  DEP       003     Toby Brewer                                                          Sustained Exemplary Performance                             Exemplary       Tampa

  DEP       004                            Operation "Ditch The Surplus" Team            Saved $149,020 Through Identifying Surplus Equipment        Certificate     Tampa
                                                                                         Achieved Record Number of Prescribed Burns Through
  DEP       005                            Oscar Scherer Fire Management Team            Teamwork                                                    Certificate     Tampa

  DEP       006                            District 4 Basic Interpretive Training Team   Implemented Basic Interpretive Training for Parks' Staff    Certificate     Tampa

  DEP       007                            Lake Manatee State Park Team                  Reduced Costs of Major Repairs by Ingenuity                 Certificate     Tampa

  DEP       008                            Solutions to Avoid Red Tide Team              Created Red Tide Information for Citizens                   Certificate     Tampa

  DEP       009                            Lovers Key Bayside Project Team               Designed and Constructed Bayside Family Fun Park             Plaque         Tampa
                                                                                         Developed Recreational and Environmental
  DEP       010                            Get Real Task Force                           Adventures in Learning Programs                             Certificate   Tallahassee

  DEP       011     Patrick Potts                                                        Stream Line Operations for Cost Savings                     Certificate     Tampa
                                                                                         Reduced Maintenance Cost of Park Equipment and
  DEP       012     Henry B. Gonzalez                                                    Facilities                                                   Plaque         Miami
                                                                                         Developed Cooperative Partnership to Provide
  DEP       013     Peter A. Anderson                                                    Enhanced Visitor Services                                   Certificate     Tampa
                                           Delnor-Wiggins Pass/Collier County Traffic
  DEP       014                            Partnership                                   Developed Efficient Signage and Improved Safety             Certificate     Miami
                                                                                         Increased Visitation and Revenue with Events and
  DEP       015                            Alafia River State Park Team                  Programs                                                    Certificate     Tampa
                                                                                         Acquired Funding for Continual Restoration of Historic
  DEP       016                            Koreshan State Historic Site Support Team     Settlement                                                  Certificate     Tampa

  DEP       017                            Gamble Plantation Historic State Park Team Improved and Promoted Visitation to the Park                   Certificate     Tampa

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                 Page 12                                                                                 8/16/2011
  DEP       018                            Terra Ceia Preserve State Park Team         Reduced Cost of Repairs Through Ingenuity               Certificate      Tampa
                                           Charlotte Harbor Preserve Habitat           Implemented a Habitat Restoration Project with
  DEP       019                            Restoration Team                            Private Funding                                         Certificate    Palm Beach

  DEP       020                            District 3 Volunteer Management Team        Increased Number of Volunteer Hours by 272,827            Plaque        Orlando

  DEP       021                            District 3 Fire Management Backlog Team     Increased the Number of State Park Acres Burned           Plaque        Orlando
                                                                                       Expedited Hurricane Cleanup Using Community
  DEP       022     Sandra Cashes                                                      Volunteer Teams                                         Certificate    Gainesville
                                                                                       Implemented Automated Sampling Data Review and         Distinguished
  DEP       023                            Validator Implementation Team               Uploaded Process                                            Cash       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Slashed Cost of Recertifying Exxon Mobil's Oil Well
  DEP       024     Ed Garrett                                                         Permits                                                Notable Cash    Tallahassee
                                                                                       Designed and Implemented Statewide Environmental       Distinguished
  DEP       025     Timyn J. Rice                                                      Forensics Program                                           Cash         Tampa
                                                                                       Increased Training Availability Without Increased       Honorable
  DEP       026     Clabe R. Polk                                                      Classroom or Travel Costs                                 Mention      Tallahassee
                                                                                       Increased Training Availability - Decreased Training    Honorable
  DEP       027                            Distance Training Team                      Travel Costs                                              Mention      Tallahassee
                                                                                       Developed and Implemented People First Managerial
  DEP       028                            People First Training Troupe                Training                                                  Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Developed Inspection Reporting Database for Storage
  DEP       029     Patrick Higgins                                                    Tank Program                                              Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Developed Inspection Reporting Database for Storage
  DEP       030                            First Project Management Team               Tank Program                                            Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                       Reduced Ambient Air Monitoring Equipment Losses
  DEP       031                            Lightning Protection Team                   from Lightning                                         Notable Cash    Tallahassee
                                                                                       Demonstrated a new Technology to Control Gasoline
  DEP       032                            Gasoline Station Controls Evaluation Team   Vapors                                                    Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Online State Park Guide Development
  DEP       033                            Team                                        Developed a New and Improved Online Parks Guide         Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                       Increased Exposure and Revenue Through Marketing
  DEP       034                            State Park Marketing Campaign Team          Campaign                                                Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                       Increased Efficiency of Clean Water State Revolving
  DEP       035                            Wastewater Funding Section Team             Fund                                                      Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Rapidly Implemented and Addressed Florida's Fuel
  DEP       036                            Florida's Fuel Desk Team                    Supply Disruptions                                        Plaque       Tallahassee

  DEP       037                            Florida's Hydrogen Innovation Team          Established Innovative Hydrogen Program in Florida        Plaque       Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                               Page 13                                                                              8/16/2011
                                                                                        Developed an Interactive, Web-Based Operations
  DEP       038                            State Parks Operations Manual Taskforce      Manual                                                   Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed Shared Electronic Form-Fill Safety
  DEP       039     Joseph E. Smyth                                                     Information Document                                     Certificate    Tallahassee
                                           Water Facility Emergency Response            Developed/Implemented Water Facility Emergency          Distinguished
  DEP       040                            Tracking Team                                Response WEB-based System                                    Cash       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Provided Efficient, Cost Saving Repairs to Damaged
  DEP       041                            District Four's 2005 Hurricane Recovery Team Parks                                                      Plaque         Tampa
                                           Toby Brewer's 2005 Hurricane Recovery        Provided Efficient, Cost Saving Repairs to Another
  DEP       042                            Team                                         District                                                   Plaque         Tampa

  DEP       043     Tracey Standridge                                                   Led a Disaster Recovery Team with Outstanding Results    Certificate     Orlando
                                           Unclaimed Property Claims Section -          Implemented Proactive Account Owner Notification
  DFS       001                            Proactive Team                               Process                                                    Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Federal Employment Tax Table Directory       Developed Federal Tax Table Directories in Payroll
  DFS       002                            Team                                         System                                                   Certificate    Tallahassee
                                           People First System Payroll Implementation   Developed Payroll Modifications Supporting
  DFS       003                            Team                                         Implementation of People First System                   Notable Cash    Tallahassee

  DFS       004                            Intelligence Management Team                 Developed System to Reduce Theft of State Money            Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Unclaimed Property Asset Management -
  DFS       005                            Vault Team                                   Increased Funding for State School Fund               Certificate  Tallahassee
                                           Unclaimed Property Accounts Receivable -     Streamlined System to Administer Unclaimed Insurance
  DFS       006                            Management Team                              Demutualization Property                             Notable Cash Tallahassee
                                           Online Emergency Catastrophe Adjuster        Designed an Online Application for Licensure of
  DFS       007                            Application Team                             Emergency Catastrophe Adjusters                         Plaque     Tallahassee
                                                                                        Investigated and Uncovered Unauthorized Charges
  DFS       008     J. Paul Newton                                                      During Automobile Purchases                          Notable Cash Tallahassee
                                                                                        Investigated Title Insurance Affiliated Business
  DFS       009                            Investigation Team                           Arrangements                                            Plaque     Tallahassee
                                           Money Tree Lending Group Investigative       Expeditiously Investigated Fraud by the Money Tree
  DFS       010                            "Street Team"                                Lending Group                                           Plaque       Tampa
                                           Multiple Deductible Reimbursement            Implemented First Reimbursement Program for Florida  Distinguished
  DFS       011                            Program Team                                 Hurricane Victims                                         Cash     Tallahassee
                                                                                        Reduced Work Obstacles During the 2004 Hurricane
  DFS       012     Jimmie Kay Lewis                                                    Strikes                                                 Plaque     Palm Beach
                                           West Palm Beach Consumer Outreach
  DFS       013                            Team                                         Surpassed Expectations During 2004 Hurricanes              Plaque       Palm Beach

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                Page 14                                                                               8/16/2011
  DFS       014                            Interface Solutions Work Group             Avoided Project Aspire Scope and Effort Increase          Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                      Increased Prosecution of Personal Injury Protection
  DFS       015                            Miami PIP Fraud Task Force                 (P.I.P.) Fraud                                             Plaque         Miami
                                                                                      Successfully Investigated and Brought Criminal
  DFS       016     Anne Erwin                                                        Enterprise to Justice                                      Plaque       Palm Beach
                                                                                      Re-Architected and Implemented the Earnings
  DFS       017                            Earnings Statement Team                    Statement Web Site                                        Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed Investigative Protocols to Reduce
  DFS       018                            Southeast Region Kitchen Fire Task Force   Fraudulent Kitchen Fire Claims                             Plaque         Miami
                                                                                      Maintained Customer Service While Committing
  DFS       020                            Bureau of Fire & Arson Investigations      Significant Resources to Hurricane Relief                  Plaque       Tallahassee

  DFS       021                            Automated Worksheet Development Team Developed Electronic Calculation Worksheets           Plaque                  Tallahassee
                                           Workers' Compensation Medical Data   Developed and Implemented State-of-the-Art Medical
  DFS       022                            Management Team                      Data Management System                             Notable Cash               Tallahassee

  DFS       023                            CPS Medical Performance Team               Developed the Centralized Performance System              Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Workers Compensation Application           Migrated Workers Compensation Mainframe
  DFS       024                            Migration Team                             Applications Processing to DFS                             Plaque       Tallahassee

  DFS       025                            Viatical Examination Strike Force          Stopped an On-Going $1.4 Billion Viatical Fraud            Plaque       Tallahassee

  DFS       026                            Multi-State Review Program Team            Increased Participation in Multi-State Review Program    Notable Cash   Tallahassee

  DFS       027                            Phone Script Team                          Streamlined Call Routing System                           Certificate   Tallahassee

  DFS       028                            Disaster Reporting System Team             Developed Disaster Reporting System                      Notable Cash   Tallahassee

  DFS       029                            Emergency Rules and Orders Team            Streamlined Emergency Rules and Orders Process             Plaque       Tallahassee

  DFS       030                            Life and Health Forms Team                 Increased Life and Health Forms Work Unit Productivity     Plaque       Tallahassee

  DFS       031                            Life and Health Data Collection Team       Streamlined Life and Health Reporting System               Plaque       Tallahassee

  DFS       032                            Discount Plan Statute Implementation Team Implemented New Discount Medical Plan Statute              Certificate   Tallahassee

  DFS       033                            Application Coordination Team              Increased Applications Processed                           Plaque       Tallahassee

  DFS       035     Bethany Kocher                                                    Developed Rate Publication for Standard Risk Rates         Plaque       Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                              Page 15                                                                               8/16/2011
                                              Specialty Product Administration -        Developed and Implemented Financial Report and
  DFS       036                               Compliance Review Team                    Review Process                                       Certificate    Tallahassee
                                              Specialty Product Administration          Improved Efficiencies of the Automated Company
  DFS       037                               Application Review Team                   Application Process                                    Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Improved and Implemented New Bank Examiner
  DFS       039     Christine J. Faigle                                                 Training Program                                       Plaque        Orlando

  DFS       040     Bertram J. Johnson                                                  Improved Bank Examination Information Gathering        Plaque        Orlando
DHSMV       001                               Customer Service Center Supervisors       Moved Work Sample Prior to Interviews                 Mention       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Reduced Costs While Upgrading Communications
DHSMV       002     Steven A. Williams, Sr.                                             Equipment                                              Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed and Implemented New Driver License
DHSMV       003                               Driver License System Implementation Team System                                                 Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Implemented Special Traffic Enforcement Measures
DHSMV       004                               Community Response Team                   Using Non-Traditional Techniques                     Certificate      Tampa
                                                                                        Developed Oasis Driver License Online Appointment
DHSMV       006                               Oasis Task Force                          System                                              Notable Cash    Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed DMV E-mail Tracking (Customer Inquiry)
DHSMV       007                               Special Projects Section                  System                                               Certificate    Tallahassee
DHSMV       008     Leonore Gerrity                                                     Sustained Exemplary Performance                      Exemplary        Tampa
                                              Supervisor Certification Program          Created and Implemented Ongoing Supervisor
DHSMV       009                               Development Team                          Training Program                                       Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed Electronic Travel Reimbursement
  DJJ       001                               Juvenile Probation Officer Team           Documentation Form                                   Certificate    Jacksonville

  DJJ       002                               Disposition Improvement Team              Completed the Disposition Improvement Project          Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed the Cost of Care Problem Resolution
  DJJ       003                               Cost of Care Improvement Team             Components                                           Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                        Enabled Computer Work Request Receipt on a
  DJJ       004                               Computer Work Order on Blackberry Team    Blackberry                                           Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed and Implemented Statewide Department      Distinguished
  DJJ       005     Paul Prado                                                          of Juvenile Justice Work Order System                    Cash        Orlando
                                                                                        Implemented Process to Make Rapid System Patch
  DJJ       006                               System Patch Management Team              Changes                                                Plaque        Orlando
                                              Department Web Page Spanish Translation
  DJJ       007                               Team                                      Translated Department Web Pages to Spanish           Certificate     Orlando

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                Page 16                                                                            8/16/2011
                                           Universal Access Services Pilot             Implemented Universal Access Services Pilot for
  DJJ       008                            Implementation Team                         Department Customers                                       Certificate    Tallahassee

  DJJ       009                            Trips and Travel Team                       Reduced Staff Travel Expenditures                          Certificate     Orlando
                                                                                       Reduced Budgetary Expenditures by Independently
  DJJ       011     John "Andy" Harrell                                                Painting State Facility                                    Certificate    Jacksonville
                                                                                       Established a Restorative Justice Mentoring Partnership
  DJJ       012     Karen C. McNeal                                                    with Rotary International                                  Certificate    Jacksonville
                                           Okaloosa Detention Prevention Education     Created, Coordinated and Conducted a Delinquency
  DJJ       013                            Team                                        Prevention Program                                           Plaque       Tallahassee

  DJJ       015                            Painting Team                               Reduced Painting Cost                                      Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                       Developed and Implemented the Detention Facility          Distinguished
  DJJ       016     Joseph Graham                                                      Management System                                              Cash        Orlando
                                                                                       Initiated Recycling Project in Cooperation with
  DJJ       017     Norman D. Boyd                                                     Alachua County                                             Certificate    Gainesville

  DJJ       018     Robert Katsma                                                      Assumed Dual Roles for an Extended Period of Time          Certificate    Jacksonville
                                                                                       Developed Facilities Maintenance "Standards of
  DJJ       019     William Spicer                                                     Excellence" Through Performance                              Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Introduced a Cost Effective Furniture Restoration
  DJJ       020     John Harper                                                        Process                                                    Certificate     Orlando
                                           Attorney General's Office, Administrative
  DLA       001                            Law Bureau                                  Partnered with APD in Improving Fair Hearing Process       Certificate    Tallahassee
                                           Emergency Support Function 2 - Rapid        Restored 911 Communication Systems Destroyed by
 DMS        001                            Impact Assessment Team                      Hurricane Katrina                                            Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Emergency Support Function 2 -              Provided Life-Saving Communications Support During
 DMS        002                            Communications Team                         2005 Hurricane Season                                        Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Procurement of Critical Resources Supporting
 DMS        003                            Hurricane Logistics Team                    Hurricane Response and Recovery                              Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Developed Innovative, Seamless First Responder
 DMS        004                            Florida Interoperability Network Team       Communications System                                        Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Returned $2.3 Million in Telephone Billing Credits to     Distinguished
 DMS        005     Ruby Wells                                                         State                                                          Cash       Tallahassee

 DMS        006                            DMS Division of State Purchasing            Streamlined State Agencies Mail Room Services                Plaque       Tallahassee
 DMS        007     Nancy Gebhart                                                      Increased Use of State Property and Revenue                    Cash       Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                               Page 17                                                                                  8/16/2011
                                                                                     Achieved Cost Savings and Improved Customer
 DMS        008     Ruthie Patterson                                                 Service                                                 Certificate   Tallahassee

DOAH        001     Jeff Clark                                                       Developed Software to Expedite Child Support Orders    Notable Cash   Tallahassee
                                                                                     Implemented Agency Enewsletter, The "Correctional
 DOC        001                            Correctional Compass Weekly Team          Compass Weekly"                                         Certificate   Tallahassee

 DOC        002                            PREA Development Team                     Developed Prison Rape Elimination Act Application        Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                     Developed Efficient Offender Name and Offender
 DOC        003                            Name and Identifier Conversion Team       Identifier Search                                       Certificate   Tallahassee

 DOC        004                            Code Warehouse Conversion Team            Developed Efficient Code Warehouse Access           Certificate       Tallahassee
                                                                                     Implemented Management Solution to Assure Security
 DOC        005     Mick Michel                                                      & Integrity of Local Systems                       Notable Cash         Tampa
                                           Office of Community Corrections and       Developed the Centralized Offender Court Ordered
 DOC        006                            Office of Administration                  Payment System                                      Certificate       Tallahassee

 DOC        007                            Purchasing Card Team                      Wrote Connection Script for Updates to P-Card Limits    Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                     Increased Revenue to Provide Need-Based Student
 DOE        001                            Administrative Wage Garnishment Team      Assistance                                               Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                     Implemented Marketing Plan Increasing Participation
 DOE        002                            Summer Food Service Program Team          and Fund Levels                                         Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                     Developed a Summer Program for Visually Impaired
 DOE        003     Rose Moye                                                        Children                                                 Plaque         Tampa
                                           Florida School Choice Scholarship Payment Automated District Enrollment Verification and
 DOE        004                            Team                                      Streamlined Distribution Process                         Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                     Developed a Dedicated Hotline for People First
 DOE        005                            People First Hotline Team                 Implementation Problems                                  Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                     Streamlined Labor Relations Case Management and
 DOE        006                            Labor Relations Team                      Service Delivery                                       Notable Cash   Tallahassee
                                                                                     Wrote Award Winning Federal Charter School Grant
 DOE        008                            Charter School Grant Application Team     Application                                            Notable Cash   Tallahassee
                                                                                     Developed an Education Accountability Matching
 DOE        009                            Education Accountability Reporting Team   Process                                                 Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                     Developed Training Program for Developmentally
 DOE        010     Sandra Medlicott                                                 Disabled/Autistic Consumers                             Certificate     Miami

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                             Page 18                                                                             8/16/2011
                                                                                      Launched Statewide Effort, Connecting Teachers,
 DOE        011                            Sunshine Connection Project Team           Resources and Opportunities                                  Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Converted Louisiana Hurricane Student Records for
 DOE        012                            Hurricane Student Records Team             Florida Use                                                  Plaque       Tallahassee

 DOE        013                            Postsecondary Quality Control Team         Automated Quality-Control & Database for Test Scores         Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented Student Transportation
 DOE        014                            School Transportation Reporting Team       Data Base Reporting                                         Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test
 DOE        015                            (FCAT) Team                                Implemented Release of FCAT on World Wide Web                Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Integrated Multiple Instances of SAS Software and
 DOE        016                            SAS Server Migration Team                  Hardware                                                     Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Quality of School Grades Data
 DOE        017                            Improvement Team                           Produced Method of Replication for Quality Assurance        Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Adequate Yearly Progress/School Grades     Implemented Efficient and Transparent Appeals
 DOE        018                            Appeals Team                               Process                                                     Certificate   Tallahassee

 DOE        019                            Web Data Corrections Team                  Implemented Data Corrections Via the Web                    Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Statewide Course Numbering Application     Enhanced Functionality of the Statewide Course
 DOE        020                            Support Team                               Numbering System                                             Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Statewide Course Numbering System Work     Facilitated Transfer of Credit for Private Postsecondary
 DOE        021                            Unit                                       Institutions                                                 Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Community College Consortium for Teacher   Developed and Implemented Collaborative Model for
 DOE        022                            Preparation                                Teacher Preparation                                          Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Commissioner's Leadership Development      Developed and Implemented In-House Leadership
 DOE        023                            Seminar Planning Team                      Development Training Program                                 Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Created a Data Driven Evaluation for State Agency
 DOE        024                            Department of Education                    Head                                                         Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed, Published and Distributed a "2+2" Advising
 DOE        025                            Pathways to Success Project Team           Brochure                                                     Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Initiated Hurricane Assistance Response for Education
 DOE        026                            Hurricane Assistance Response Team         Systems                                                      Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed Improved Interpretation Services for
 DOH        001     Alexa L. Doepel                                                   Spanish Speaking Populations                                Certificate    Orlando

 DOH        002                            BioTerrorism Disaster Recovery Team        Developed Bio Terrorism Test Site for Disaster Recovery    Notable Cash   Tallahassee
                                                                                      Exceeded Goal and Improved Workflow for Cancer
 DOH        003                            Breast and Cervical Cancer Team            Program                                                    Notable Cash     Tampa

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                              Page 19                                                                                 8/16/2011
 DOH        004                            Brevard County Health Department          Sustained Exemplary Performance                           Exemplary      Orlando
                                           Broward Quality and Risk Management
 DOH        005                            Office                                    Developed a Telephone "Hotline" to Improve Safety         Certificate     Miami
 DOH        006     Carol Carney                                                     Sustained Exemplary Performance                           Exemplary      Orlando

 DOH        007                            Center for Health Policy Research          Implemented Evidence-Based Policy Program              Plaque    Jacksonville
                                           Child Passenger Safety Seat Awareness Task Increased Child Passenger Safety Seat Awareness and
 DOH        008                            Force                                      Distribution                                           Plaque      Orlando
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented Process Mapping for the
 DOH        009                            Clinic Flow Process Mapping Team           Clinic Flow                                         Notable Cash Tallahassee

 DOH        010                            Computerization of HIPAA Training Team    Computerization of HIPAA Training                         Certificate     Tampa
                                                                                     Created and Implemented an Alternative Dispute
 DOH        011                            Consumer Services Unit                    Resolution Program                                         Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                     Developed a Self-Study Module for Staff Training in
 DOH        012     Diana G. Jordan                                                  Infection Control                                          Plaque         Tampa
                                                                                     Developed Streamlined Records Storage & Disposition
 DOH        013     Dianne Forgey                                                    Processes                                                  Plaque         Tampa
                                           Duval County Behavioral Health Services   Developed and Implemented a Community
 DOH        014                            Team                                      Behavioral Health Program                                   Plaque      Jacksonville
 DOH        015     Ella Wilson                                                      Sustained Exemplary Performance                           Exemplary      Orlando
                                                                                     Developed and Implemented an Electronic Process for
 DOH        016     Emily Crutchfield                                                Submitting HIV/AIDS Surveillance Information              Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Environmental Health - St. Johns County   Efficient Streamlined of Application and Inspection
 DOH        017                            Team                                      Turnaround Time                                           Certificate   Jacksonville
                                                                                     Developed Mutual Aide Agreement Between
 DOH        018                            Environmental Health Team                 Water/Sewer Utilities                                     Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                     Developed Chart, Productivity and Statistical Tracking
 DOH        019     Erika Brooks-Craige                                              Database                                                   Plaque         Tampa

 DOH        020                            Facilities Hurricane Recovery Team        Expedited Clinic Rehab Following 2004 Hurricanes          Certificate    Orlando

 DOH        021                            Florida Board of Nursing Management Team Reduced Processing Time for Nursing Applications          Notable Cash   Tallahassee

 DOH        022     Gina S. Sanders                                                  Reduced Agency Cellular Telephone Bills                    Plaque       Palm Beach
                                           Growth Hormone Therapy Authorization      Developed and Implemented a Process for Reducing
 DOH        023                            Team                                      Growth Hormone Drug Costs                                  Plaque       Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                             Page 20                                                                                8/16/2011
                                                                                        Created a Risk Communication/Education Computer Distinguished
 DOH        024     Harper Simpson                                                      Program                                               Cash        Miami
                                                                                        Streamlined an Outreach Primary Care Clinic for
 DOH        025                             Hudson Health Department Team               Indigents                                            Plaque      Tampa
                                                                                        Developed and Implemented Hurricane After Action
 DOH        026                             Hurricane After Action Review Team          Review Process                                       Plaque    Tallahassee
                                                                                        Implemented Critical Outpatient Services Post
 DOH        027                             Hurricane Clinical Services Response Team   Hurricane                                            Plaque      Orlando
                                                                                        Integrated, Improved and Expanded Services to
 DOH        028                             Improved Pregnancy Outcome Team             Pregnant Women                                     Certificate   Tampa
                                                                                        Developed Indigent Care Program for Putnam County
 DOH        029                             Indigent Care Support Team                  Health Department                                 Notable Cash Gainesville
                                                                                        Developed, Implemented and Administered County-
 DOH        030                             Influenza Vaccination Response Team         wide Influenza Response                              Plaque      Orlando
                                                                                        Implemented Heights and Weights Screenings of
 DOH        031     Irmatine Bealyer                                                    Elementary School Children                           Plaque    Jacksonville

 DOH        032     Joan Bartleman                                                      Increased Vaccine Accountability to 100%            Certificate   Palm Beach
 DOH        033     Joan Schendorf                                                      Proposed and Implemented the Butler Paging System    Mention       Orlando
                                                                                        Developed Electronic Lab Specimen Processing for
 DOH        034                             Lab Module Team                             Health Departments                                  Certificate     Tampa

 DOH        035     Linda Brannon                                                       Developed a Process for the Caring Hands Award       Certificate Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed a Screening Process for Family Planning
 DOH        036     Lisa Corey                                                          Medicaid Eligibility                                Notable Cash Gainesville
                                                                                        Improved DOH Staff Recovery Through Critical Stress
 DOH        037     Loretta Goggin                                                      Debriefing                                          Notable Cash   Orlando
                                            Manatee County WIC and Nutrition            Adapted/Implemented Adjusted Work Schedule to
 DOH        038                             Program                                     Increase Participation                               Certificate   Tampa
                                                                                        Developed the Chemotherapy Program for Uninsured Distinguished
 DOH        039     Marilyn "Duke" George                                               and Indigent                                            Cash     Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed a Comprehensive Mycobacteriology Result
 DOH        040     Mary T. Cook                                                        File for A G Holley Hospital                           Plaque    Palm Beach
                                                                                        Provided Health Outreach Services to Minority
 DOH        041                             Minority Health Outreach Team               Communities                                          Certificate  Gainesville
                                                                                        Developed Quality Improvement System Aligned with
 DOH        042     Molly Gladding                                                      Strategic Plan                                       Certificate Palm Beach
                                                                                        Promoted Improved Birth Outcomes for Medicaid-
 DOH        043                             MomCare Team                                Eligible Women                                         Plaque     Gainesville

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                Page 21                                                                         8/16/2011
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented a Learning
 DOH        044                            MQA Trak-It Training Administrators Team   Management System                                      Certificate   Tallahassee
                                           Office of Public Health Nursing            Developed Train-the-Trainer Course for Emergency
 DOH        045                            Preparedness Team                          Preparedness Education                                 Certificate   Tallahassee

 DOH        046     Pankaj Doshi                                                      Reduced Costs for Food and Streamlining Staff           Plaque       Palm Beach
                                                                                      Increased Access to Free Medication for Indigent
 DOH        047                            Path Clinic Team                           Clients                                                Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                      Achieved State/National Recognition for Immunization
 DOH        048                            Pediatric Team                             Excellence                                              Plaque        Orlando
                                           Prenatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program    Developed Multimedia Education for Prenatal
 DOH        049                            Team                                       Hepatitis B Prevention                                  Plaque         Tampa

 DOH        050                            Physicians In-Training Survey Team         Surveyed Physicians In-Training for Compliance         Certificate   Tallahassee

 DOH        051                            Primary Healthcare Joint Monitoring Team   Implemented Joint Primary Care Contract Monitoring     Certificate     Miami

 DOH        052                            Prosecution Services Unit Nursing Team     Increased Nursing Final Actions and Revenue             Plaque       Tallahassee

 DOH        053                            Puffer Fish Alert Team                     Developed Puffer Fish Poison Prevention DVD            Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                      Implemented WE CARE Core Values Improving Client
 DOH        054                            Rockledge Clinic WE CARE Team              Satisfaction                                             Plaque       Orlando
                    Sandra Schoenfisch,                                                                                                      Sustained
 DOH        055     R.N., Ph.D.                                                       Sustained Exemplary Performance                        Exemplary     Tallahassee

 DOH        056                            Satellite Network Application Team         Developed Online Distance Learning System              Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed Systematic Approach to Increasing Child
 DOH        057     Sheila Diane Roberts                                              Immunization Rates                                      Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Special Needs Shelter Inter-Agency         Developed an Unprecedented Multi-Agency,
 DOH        058                            Committee                                  Coordinated Approach to Special Needs Sheltering        Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed an Electronic Special Needs Shelter
 DOH        059                            Special Needs Shelter Task Force           Database                                               Certificate     Tampa

 DOH        060                            Titusville Teen Family Planning Clinic     Developed an Evening Teen Family Planning Clinic       Certificate    Orlando
                                           Violence Intervention and Prevention       Provided Domestic and Sexual Violence Program
 DOH        061                            Program                                    Services                                                Plaque       Gainesville
                                                                                      Reduced Turnaround Time for Processing Death
 DOH        062                            Vital Statistics Task Force                Certificates                                           Certificate     Tampa
                                                                                      Conducted Live Satellite Broadcast "Making Nutrition
 DOH        063                            WIC Nutrition Education Team               Education Fun"                                          Plaque       Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                              Page 22                                                                            8/16/2011
                                           DOH Division of Disease Control - A.G. Holley Developed Internal/External Emergency Response
 DOH        064                            Hospital                                      Program                                                   Plaque       Palm Beach

 DOH        065     Thomas R. Belcuore                                                  Commanded Health & Medical Branch Task Force               Plaque       Gainesville
                                           Broward County Health Department             Coordinated Public Health Hurricane Response for the
 DOH        066                            Hurricane Wilma Response Team                Broward County Community                                   Plaque         Miami
                                                                                        Implementation of Preparatory Procedures for
 DOH        067                            Environmental Engineering Water Program      Responding to Catastrophic Events                          Plaque         Miami
                                           Fast Track Medical Clinic for Hurricane      Planned and Established Fast Track Clinic for Hurricane
 DOH        068                            Katrina Victims                              Victims                                                    Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Hillsborough County Health Department        Mobilized Teams for Deployment During Hurricanes
 DOH        069                            Disaster Response Teams                      Dennis, Katrina and Wilma                                  Plaque         Tampa
                                           Information Technology Disaster
 DOH        070                            Preparedness Team                            Responded to Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma                  Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Improved Epidemiological Response to Disasters
 DOH        071     Barry Inman                                                         through Hurricane Katrina Deployment                       Plaque        Orlando
                                                                                        Developed Multi-Agency Operation Supporting Katrina
 DOH        072                            Katrina Assistance Center Team               Displaced Persons                                          Plaque         Tampa
                                           Manatee County Health Department             Responded Without Hesitation in Response to
 DOH        073                            Disaster Deployment Team                     Hurricane Katrina                                          Plaque         Tampa
                                                                                        Provided Crisis Intervention Counseling to Employees
 DOH        074     Jerry Wayne Payne                                                   Involved in Hurricane Disasters                            Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Regional Special Needs Shelter               Managed and Improved an Unprecedented
 DOH        075                            Coordinators                                 Coordinated Approach to Special Needs Shelters             Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed Prescription Assistance Program for
 DOH        076                            Rx Assistance for Hurricane Katrina          Hurricane Katrina Victims                                  Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           WPB Children's Medical Services Hurricane    Provided Hurricane Support for Pediatric Special Needs
 DOH        077                            Response Team                                Population                                                 Plaque       Palm Beach
                                           Ft. Lauderdale Children's Medical Services   Provided Hurricane Support for Pediatric Special Needs
 DOH        078                            Hurricane Response Team                      Population                                                 Plaque         Miami
                                           Tax Collection Enforcement Diversion
 DOR        001                            Program Team                             Increased Productivity and Collections                         Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                    Relocated Remittance Processing Unit to New
 DOR        002                            Revenue Processing Relocation Team       Location                                                       Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                    Developed a Database Tracking System for Child
 DOR        003     Jessica Blanar                                                  Support Activities                                             Plaque         Tampa
                                           The Assessors Knowledge Based Leadership Streamlined Workflow of the Compliance Support
 DOR        004                            Team                                     Assessment Unit                                               Certificate   Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                Page 23                                                                               8/16/2011
                                           Lakeland Undistributed Collections         Reduction in Undistributed Collections for Child Support
 DOR        005                            Resolution Team                            Enforcement                                                  Plaque         Tampa
                                           Written Agreement Process Improvement
 DOR        006                            Team                                       Increase Collections Through Written Agreements              Plaque         Tampa
                                           Child Support Enforcement Outposting       Developed an Outposting Partnership to Serve
 DOR        007                            Team                                       Customers                                                   Certificate     Tampa
                                                                                      Created and Continuously Expand the Florida Memory
 DOS        001                            State Archives' Florida Memory Program     Web Initiative                                              Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                       Achieved Consistent Perfect Scoring on Quality
  DOT       001     Patsy Evone Manning                                                Assessment Reviews                                          Plaque       Jacksonville
                                           State Infrastructure Bank Capacity Forecast Designed, Developed and Implemented the State
  DOT       002                            Team                                        Infrastructure Bank Capacity Forecast Model                 Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                       Implemented and Managed the Emergency State
  DOT       003     Jennifer G. Weeks                                                  Infrastructure Bank                                        Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                       Improved Transportation Industries Knowledge of State
  DOT       004     Steve L. Brown                                                     and Federal Regulations                                    Certificate     Miami
                                                                                       Maintained Work Performance Through Office Moves
  DOT       005     Shannon Evert                                                      and Loss of Staff                                          Certificate   Palm Beach
                                                                                       Implemented and Coordinated Hurricane Dennis
  DOT       006                            Highway 98 Emergency Contract Task Force Highway 98 Emergency Contract                                 Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                       Reduced Product Delivery Time with Improved
  DOT       007     Timothy Folsom                                                     Pushbutton Contract                                         Plaque       Gainesville

  DOT       008     Ira Bell                                                          Accelerated Led Traffic Signal Conversion                    Plaque       Gainesville
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented New Method of
  DOT       009                            Fort Pierce Operations Permits Task Team   Reviewing and Inspecting Permits                            Certificate   Palm Beach
                                                                                      Reduced Right of Way Cost Through Roadway Design
  DOT       010                            State Road 707 Team                        Realignment                                                Notable Cash     Miami

  DOT       011                            Shoulder Inlet Repair Team                 Reduced Cost to Replace Undermined Inlets                   Certificate   Palm Beach
                                           Maintenance Contract Resource              Re-engineered the Department of Transportation
  DOT       012                            Enhancement Team                           District 4 Contract Maintenance Program                    Notable Cash     Miami
                                           Emergency Asphalt Repair Contract Task     Developed a Process to Expedite Emergency Asphalt
  DOT       013                            Team                                       Repairs                                                      Plaque         Miami
                                                                                      Developed a System to Utilize Wireless Aircards for
  DOT       014                            Wireless Aircard Team                      Construction Inspection                                      Plaque         Miami
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented Utility Relocation
  DOT       015                            Utility Relocation Program                 Process                                                     Certificate     Miami

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                               Page 24                                                                                 8/16/2011
                                                                                         Implemented Database Complaint System to
  DOT       016                               Customer Service System Team               Streamline Customer Complaints                          Plaque         Miami
                                                                                         Developed Electronic Maintenance Contract
  DOT       017                               Maintenance Contract Inspection Team       Administration Program                                  Plaque         Miami
                                                                                         Streamlined the Department's Claims and Collection
  DOT       018                               Claims Administration Team                 Processes                                              Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                         Conducted an auction for Surplus Nuclear Testing
  DOT       019                               Nuclear Gauge Auction Team                 Equipment                                              Certificate    Orlando
                                                                                         Streamlined Project Delivery, Reduced Costs and
  DOT       020                               I-595 Value Engineering Team               Addressed Wants/Concerns                              Notable Cash     Miami

  DOT       021                               Early Legal Involvement Team               Developed an Early Legal Involvement Strategy          Certificate     Miami

  DOT       022                               School Pools Team                          Developed and Implemented School Pools Program    Certificate    Miami
                                                                                         Conceived and Developed the SunWatch Operations
  DOT       023     William Wood                                                         Center                                           Notable Cash   Orlando
                                                                                         Increased Safety and Performance of Navigational
  DOT       024                               Navigational Lighting Safety Team          Lighting Systems                                  Certificate Jacksonville
                                                                                         Developed an Integrated and Efficient Scheduling
  DOT       025                               Scheduling System Development Team         System                                           Notable Cash    Miami
                                              District 4 Maintenance Career
  DOT       026                               Development Team                           Created Career Development Guidelines                   Plaque         Miami
                                                                                         Replaced Portion of Damaged Bridge in
  DOT       027                               Emergency Bridge Repair Task Force Team    Unprecedented Time Frame                               Certificate     Miami
                                                                                         Increased Future Project Funding by Reducing
  DOT       028                               Contract Close-Out Team                    Outstanding Encumbrances                                Plaque         Miami
                                                                                         Managed the Main Street Bridge Repair and Painting
  DOT       029     Gregory T. Dutton, P.E.                                              Project                                                 Plaque       Jacksonville
                                                                                         Reduced Crashes with Enforcement Lights - A Success
  DOT       030                               Enforcement Light Team                     Story                                                  Certificate     Tampa
                                                                                         Reduced R/W and Construction Costs Using Creative
  DOT       031                               Weigh In Motion (WIM) Station Team         Solutions                                               Plaque         Miami

  DOT       032                               State Road 710 Early Acquisition Team     Utilized Early Acquisition Program to Reduce R/W Costs    Plaque        Miami
                                              Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)  Developed Electronic Procurement Process for
  DOT       033                               Procurement Team                          Intelligent Transportation Systems Devices and            Plaque        Tampa
                                                                                        Implemented and Developed Construction Manager
  DOT       034     Tom Crossman, P.E.                                                  at Risk Process                                        Notable Cash   Gainesville
                                                                                        Accelerated Completion of Critical Testing and
  DOT       036                               Quality Systems and Field Operations Team Product Evaluation                                        Plaque      Gainesville

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                 Page 25                                                                             8/16/2011
  DOT       037                               Take Pride in Workplace Team                 Developed and Remodeled for a Better Workplace           Certificate   Gainesville
                                                                                           Created Original Incident Management Process to
  DOT       038                               Severe Incident Response Vehicle Team        Reduce Congestion                                        Certificate     Miami
                                              Systems Management for Advanced              Created Original Incident Management Software to
  DOT       039                               Roadway Technologies (SMART) Team            Reduce Congestion                                        Certificate     Miami
                                                                                           Established Child Safety Seat Occupant Identification
  DOT       040     Andrea Atran                                                           and Information Program                                    Plaque      Jacksonville
                                              Space Utilization, Renovation and            Implemented a Bush Administration Space Savings
  DOT       041                               Reduction Team                               Initiative                                               Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                           Designed the District Two Service Patrol Hurricane
  DOT       042     Donna Danson                                                           Response Plan                                           Notable Cash Jacksonville
                                                                                           Sustained Level of Customer Service Despite Staff
  DOT       043                               District 2 Personnel Team                    Reductions                                               Certificate   Gainesville

  DOT       044                               Production Access Team                       Developed User Friendly Production Report                Certificate   Gainesville
                                              Springhill Road Research Facility Redesign   Implemented a Bush Administration Space Savings
  DOT       045                               Team                                         Initiative                                               Certificate   Tallahassee
                                                                                           Reduced Costs Through New Approach to Managing
  DOT       046                               District 2                                   Joint Projects                                           Certificate   Gainesville
                                                                                           Implemented Overall Call Center Performance
  DOT       047                               Boca Call Center Team                        Enhancement                                              Certificate   Palm Beach
                                              Hurricane Wilma Information Technology       Implemented Emergency Communications to Support
  DOT       048                               Emergency Support                            Critical Infrastructure                                    Plaque        Miami

  DOT       049                               Ft. Pierce Operations Debris Removal Team Reduced Cost to Remove Debris from Hurricane Wilma            Plaque      Palm Beach
                                                                                        Provided Critical Fueling and Vehicle Repair Support to
  DOT       050                               Keep the Vehicles Mobile                  FDLE Emergency Responders                                     Plaque      Palm Beach
                                              Emergency Responder Fuel Distribution     Operated Hurricane Wilma Emergency Responder Fuel
  DOT       051                               Team                                      Distribution Center                                           Plaque        Miami

  DOT       052                               Hurricane Wilma - Fueling Team               Provided Fuel to Emergency Response Vehicles               Plaque        Miami
                                              Ft. Lauderdale Operations Hurricane          Conducted Hurricane Recovery Efforts Efficiently and
  DOT       053                               Recovery Team                                Timely                                                     Plaque        Miami

 FAMU       001                               Payroll Team                                 Streamlined Payroll Processing                           Certificate   Tallahassee
                    Jorge L. Olaves H., Ed.                                                                                                         Honorable
 FAMU       002     S.                                                                     Continue Programs, Budget Control and Operations          Mention      Tallahassee

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                   Page 26                                                                               8/16/2011
 FAMU       003                            Drug Delivery Technology Team              Developed Drug Delivery Research Technologies            Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented a Course Enhancement
 FAMU       004     Marilyn Dickey                                                    Program                                                    Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Increased the Facilitation of Technology in Classroom
 FAMU       005                            Information and Technology Team            Instruction                                              Certificate    Tallahassee
                                           FAMU School of Nursing Administrative
 FAMU       006                            Support Team                               Reduced Administrative Printing Costs                    Certificate    Tallahassee
                                           Information and Technology Improvement     Developed and Implemented a Cost Saving Network
 FAMU       009                            Team                                       Environment                                                Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Initiated Protocols to Stop Internet-Based
 FDLE       001                            Miami Region Diversion Response Team       Pharmaceutical Diversion                                   Plaque         Miami
                                                                                      Developed and Implemented Policy on Automated
 FDLE       002     Tracy Hall                                                        External Defibrillators                                    Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Developed System to Detect Fraudulent Seaport
 FDLE       003                            Operation "Open Water" Task Force          Access Credentials                                       Certificate      Tampa
 FDLE       004     Daniel Burkholder                                                 Improved DNA Extraction Procedure                            Cash       Tallahassee
                                                                                      Achieved a Level of Performance Exceeding
 FDLE       005                            Biology Section Team                       Established Departmental Standard                          Plaque         Tampa
                                                                                      Provided Extraordinary Technical Expertise Aiding
 FDLE       006     Charles Gifford                                                   Hurricane & Investigative Support                          Plaque         Tampa
                                                                                      Enhanced Recovery Efforts of Missing Children Through
 FDLE       007                            Missing Children Information Clearinghouse New Initiatives                                          Certificate    Tallahassee
                                           Tactical Operations Multi-Agency Cargo     Developed Anti-Theft Partnership to Investigate &
 FDLE       008                            Anti-Theft Squad (TOMCATS)                 Recover Stolen Property                                    Plaque         Miami
                                                                                      Facilitated Operations of Latent & Photography
 FDLE       009     Sara K. Hill                                                      Sections of the Crime Laboratory                           Plaque       Tallahassee

 FDLE       010     Quinn Northcutt                                                 Improved Public Housing Program Integrity                    Plaque         Miami
                                                                                    Uncovered Child Day Care Fraud Scheme Leading to
 FDLE       011     Cynthia Rindone                                                 Arrests                                                      Plaque         Miami
                                                                                    Coordinated Preparedness and Response to Multiple
 FDLE       012                            Hurricane Coordinating Response Team     Hurricane Events                                             Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Member Assigned Resource Tracking System Developed MARTS - Cellular Telephone
 FDLE       013                            (MARTS) Team                             Management/Verification System                               Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                    Disrupted or Dismantled Numerous Major Drug
 FDLE       014                            Orlando Narcotics Team                   Trafficking Organizations                                 Notable Cash     Orlando

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                              Page 27                                                                               8/16/2011
                                                                                         Reduced Violent Crime through Exemplary
 FDLE       015     David Lee                                                            Investigative Efforts                                   Notable Cash     Orlando
 FDLE       016     Jay Ethridge                                                         Development of Child Abduction Response Team                 Cash       Tallahassee

 FDLE       017                            Cooperative Disability Investigations Unit    Reduced Fraud in Entitlement Programs                     Plaque      Tampa
                                           Sexual Offender/Predator Unit Re-             Developed Electronic Bi-Annual Re-registration Process
 FDLE       018                            registration Team                             for Sexual Offenders                                   Notable Cash Tallahassee
                                                                                         Developed a Program to Facilitate Federal Grant
 FDLE       019     Andrea L. Ward                                                       Money Efficiently                                         Plaque       Miami
                                           Internet Crimes Against Children Initiative   Provided Thirty-seven Agencies with Resources for
 FDLE       020                            Team                                          Online Investigations                                   Certificate Tallahassee
                                                                                         Persevered Above/Beyond Job Descriptions Despite
 FDLE       021     Kimberly Ann Presti                                                  Personal Adversities                                   Notable Cash Jacksonville
                                           Pensacola Regional Operation Center's
 FDLE       022                            Chemistry Section                             Increased Output                                           Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Hurricane Katrina Resource Management         Developed Hurricane Response Resource
 FDLE       023                            Matrix Team                                   Management Matrix                                          Plaque        Orlando

 FDLE       024                            Tri-County Narcotics Task Force               Dismantled a Multi-State Drug Trafficking Organization    Plaque    Jacksonville
                                                                                         Investigated Medicaid Case that Identified $117,016 in
 FDLE       025     Gregory L. Holycross                                                 Fraud                                                   Certificate Jacksonville
                                                                                         Initiated an Innovative Approach in Apprehending
 FDLE       027     Ken Sanz                                                             International Fugitives                                Notable Cash   Tampa
                                           Pensacola Regional Operations Center          Responded to Hurricane Ivan and Need for
 FDLE       028                            Management Team                               Implementation of Business Continuity Plan                Plaque    Tallahassee
                                           Tampa Bay Region Incident Management          Developed & Implemented Systems to Manage
 FDLE       029                            Team                                          Resources During Hurricane Wilma                          Plaque      Tampa
                                                                                         Developed Safety Awareness Program to Reduce Staff
 FDVA       001                            Veterans Nursing Safety Awareness Team        Injuries                                                 Certificate      Tampa
                                                                                         Supported Disaster Recovery Housing of Veterans
 FDVA       002                            Veterans Outpatient Clinic Hosting Team       Outpatient Clinic                                        Certificate      Tampa
                                           Facility Management and Maintenance           Developed Facility Security and Environmental Systems
 FDVA       003                            Team                                          Upgrades                                                   Plaque        Orlando
                                                                                         Organized Cross Functional Team to Sustain Facility
 FDVA       004                            Facility Emergency Action Team                Operations                                                 Plaque         Tampa
                                           Florida Veterans Disaster Recovery            Implemented Disaster Recovery Center Teams for
 FDVA       005                            Response Team                                 Florida's Veterans                                       Certificate      Tampa

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                 Page 28                                                                               8/16/2011
                                                                                        Provided Effective and Cost-Efficient Catastrophe Risk   Distinguished
 FSBA       001                            Hurricane Loss Reimbursement Team            Management                                                    Cash       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Increased FRS Education and Enrollments While
 FSBA       002                            Office of Defined Contribution Programs      Lowering Costs                                              Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Employment and Recruitment Services          Streamlined Hiring Process for OPS/Temporary Hires -
  FSU       001                            Team                                         OPS Express                                               Certificate    Tallahassee
                                           Web Site Security Certificate Management     Implemented an Enterprise Web Site Security
  FSU       002                            Team                                         Certificate management Program                              Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Implemented Purchasing Processes Without
  FSU       003                            Purchasing Home Team                         Consultants Using Teamwork Approach                         Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Established Rapid Pre- Employment Screening
  FSU       004                            Pre-Employment Screening Review Team         Standards for Cultural Center                             Certificate      Tampa
                                                                                        Designed a New Deposit and Revenue Tracking
  FSU       005     Larissa Enzmann                                                     Process                                                   Certificate      Tampa
                                                                                        Developed First Certified Hazardous Weather Plan for
  FSU       006     Timothy C. Oldham                                                   Museum                                                      Plaque         Tampa

  FSU       007     Chris Clark                                                         Developed Elective Selection Tool for Medical Students Notable Cash      Tallahassee
                                                                                        Implemented Web-Based Document Storage, Routing
  FSU       008                            Imaging Team                                 and Retrieval System                                    Certificate      Tallahassee

  FSU       009                            Signage Team                                 Created an In-house Signage Program                       Certificate    Tallahassee

  FSU       010                            School as a Lender Team                      Developed School as a Lender Program                      Certificate    Tallahassee
                                                                                        Developed E-Sign Process for Federal Perkins Loan
  FSU       011                            Federal Perkins Loan E-Sign Process Team     Program                                                   Certificate    Tallahassee

  FSU       012     Lisa Sprague                                                        Developed Event Staff Security Program                      Plaque       Tallahassee
                                                                                        Secured Free Traffic Safety Equipment Worth
  FSU       013                            Florida State University Police Department   Thousands                                                   Plaque       Tallahassee
                                           Law Offices of Julianne M. Holt Public       Saved Money and Increased Professionalism Through
  JAC       001                            Defender                                     In-House Training                                         Certificate      Tampa

  JAC       002                            Profile Assessment Implementation Team       Improved Hiring and Promotion Practices                   Certificate      Tampa

  UCF       001                            University-Wide Academic Services Team       Increased Student Services with Reduced Man Hours           Plaque        Orlando

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                                Page 29                                                                                8/16/2011
                                                                                       Streamlined Process for Establishing
  UCF       002                            Department/Project Setup Team               Departments/Projects                                   Notable Cash      Orlando
                                                                                       Designed and Developed Online Course Orientation
  UCF       003                            Online Course Orientation Team              for Students                                              Plaque         Orlando
                                                                                       Ran Entire Publications Program Alone When Severely
  UF        001     Phoebe Wilson                                                      Understaffed                                              Plaque        Gainesville

  UF        002     R. Michael Stoufer                                                 Automated On-Line Course Registration                     Plaque        Gainesville

  UF        003     Shane Rigdon                                                       Built an Adjustable, Portable safety Shower Testing Unit Notable Cash   Gainesville
                                                                                       Developed Re-utilization Program for Laboratory
  UF        004     James (Jim) Lennon                                                 Renovations                                                 Plaque      Gainesville
                                                                                       Achieved 31% Productivity Increase in Processing
  UF        005     Susan Luther                                                       Vendor Payments                                             Plaque      Gainesville
                                                                                       Developed Myacs Bioresearch Interactive
  UF        006                            Myacs Development Team                      Management System                                           Plaque      Gainesville
                                           Financial Management Team - Clinical and Developed Integrated Finance Human Resource
  UF        007                            Health Psychology                           Management Database System                                  Plaque      Gainesville
                                           Custodial Services Chemical Technology      Implemented the Latest Development in Cleaning
  UF        008                            Team                                        Chemical Technology                                         Plaque      Gainesville
                                                                                       Created Educational University Web Site on Student
  UF        009                            Family Educational Rights and Privacy Posse Records Privacy                                             Plaque      Gainesville
                                                                                       Developed a User Configuration Freshman Decision
  UF        010                            Freshman Decision Modeling Task Force       Solution                                                    Plaque      Gainesville
                                                                                       Developed Flexible, Tiered and Granular Fee
  UF        011                            Fee Task Force                              Assessment System                                           Plaque      Gainesville

fd02f274-4715-480f-aa2f-1e2ba4e2f101.xls                                               Page 30                                                                               8/16/2011

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