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AP English Language Sylla


									                                  AP English Language Syllabus
                                           Mrs. Karp
                                           Room 1216

Welcome to AP English Language and Composition! This course will cover not only college
level composition, but also, develop and hone your ability to understand and construct rhetoric
and argument. We will work exclusively with nonfiction texts – book length literary nonfiction,
diaries, letters, speeches, editorials, magazine articles, etc. Due to the pace of work in this class,
it is extremely important that you keep up with your reading and minimize absences. If you are
absent and need to know an assignment, please check my Web site
(, ask a friend, call me at school (359-2432,
x3608), at home before 9:00pm (282-8955) or email me at

First Semester Texts: Selected essays from the collection 50 Essays, selected newspaper articles
and images from a variety of sources, practice multiple choice exams and essays.

Second Semester Texts: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, selected Revolutionary War
era texts from all genres, In Cold Blood, seminar literary non-fiction (a selection of choices),
selected speeches, magazine, and newspaper articles, and practice multiple choice exams and

Class will contain frequent discussions, analysis, writing on previous AP questions and other
writing assignments, projects, and practice AP exams.

AP English Language and Composition is designed according to international standards for
advanced placement classes, and is meant to be comparable to introductory college composition
courses. As such, this class will move at an extremely rapid pace and will include more
sophisticated and challenging works than are found in English 11 or English 11 Honors classes.
Nonfiction works selected reflect a variety of genres throughout the centuries, and include works
of literary, political, and historical significance. Many of the works are award-winning pieces
that are taught in many colleges and with which students should be familiar.

Advanced Placement Exam
        The goal of this AP English Language class is to provide analytical and critical thinking
skills and writing training needed for the first year of college. As such, students are strongly
encouraged to take the AP exam in English Language. A score of 1 (low) indicates that you
have mastered high school skills and are ready for college. A score of 2 indicates that you have
mastered high school skills at a high level and are ready for college. A score of 3 indicates you
have mastered some first year college skills and is frequently accepted for some college credit.
A score of 4 or 5 indicates that you have mastered all the skills expected by the end of the first
year of college, and results in college credits and waived requirements at most American
colleges. Reports are coming from the admissions offices of prestigious colleges that many
admission officers prefer to accept students who are willing to take a risk and take the exam,
even if their scores are low.
All AP English Language students are strongly encouraged to take the AP English Language
exam. Students who take the exam will be exempt from the course final. Students who do
not take the exam must take the AP English Language final, consisting of a previous year’s AP
exam not available to the public.

The AP exam will be administered in May 2009. Registration and payment must be made by
mid-March 2009. Fee reductions are available for qualified students. See the counseling office
for more details.

       This class is predominantly a junior class. Seniors are welcome to take the course if it
meets their needs and desires better than AP English Literature. However, all seniors registered
for AP English Language must be prepared to work independently and outside of class in order
to complete senior project. I will keep you current on senior project information and deadlines.
All AP English seniors will begin senior project early in first semester, while other seniors must
wait until second semester. In the event of a transfer from AP English to English 12, seniors
must complete an additional 15 hours of senior project time during second semester, or
begin a new project!

Late Work
        LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Assignments are due in class, and must be
completed on time. If a deadline has been announced prior to your absence, your work is due at
the deadline, EVEN IF YOU ARE ABSENT. Have a friend or family member turn in your
assignment. Work assigned during your absence must be made up within one week of your
return, and will not be accepted more than one week later. Any missing assignments will be
given a grade of zero.

Remember, this class is replicating a college course. College professors do not monitor your
progress or accept late work.

Grace Period
        Because sometimes schedules overlap and deadlines conflict, I will allow one grace day
per student. In order to use the grace day, students must contact Mrs. Karp at least one school
day PRIOR to a deadline, and must sign a contract agreeing on a new deadline date. Any work
not turned in according to the contract will be considered late and will not be accepted. More
than one request for a grace day will be rejected. Long term projects and group presentations are
not eligible for grace periods.

Study Seminars
       This year I will be organizing, in conjunction with the district office, a number of evening
or Saturday study sessions for AP students. Students who come in for help may complete any
assignments begun at the study session and turn them in for full credit. Long term projects and
group presentations are not eligible for study seminar make up.

Academic Integrity
       All work must be your own. No plagiarism of any sort, intentional or accidental, will be

General Requirements
No food or drink (except water) will be allowed in class.

No iPods, CD players, MP3 players, or cell phones allowed.

No passes will be issued. Please bring all supplies and materials to class with you and use the
restroom before class.

Please bring paper, writing supplies, and assigned reading with you to class every day.

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