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									                     The English Teachers Association of Queensland Inc.
MEMBERSHIP FORM 2009 (1ST January – 31st December)
Please post to: The Membership Secretary                                                      TAX INVOICE
                  ETAQ Inc.,                                                   ABN: 17 664 872 321
                  P.O. Box 3375,
                  STAFFORD DC, QLD. 4053
[ETAQ Inc. respects your privacy. We collect only necessary information. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed on
1.       Are you renewing from 2008? [Yes No] {Please circle}
2.       Do you wish to become a new member? [Yes No] {Please circle}
3.       What type of membership are you seeking?
                 PERSONAL?                CORPORATE?                             STUDENT?
4.    Please fill in ALL the following personal details:
TITLE: ____________
SURNAME: ________________________ Given Names: ________________________

POSTAL ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________
                __________________________________Post Code __________

SCHOOL/INSTITUTION: ________________________________________________
POSITION HELD: _____________________________________________________
PHONE CONTACT: (Home) ______________________ (Work) ________________
E-MAIL CONTACT: ____________________________________________________
FAX CONTACT: _______________________________________________________
STUDENT NUMBER (if applicable): _______________________________________
UNIVERSITY (if applicable): ______________________________________________

     (a) I tender CASH or MONEY ORDER for $ ________________________
     (b) I enclose my cheque (made out to ETAQ Inc. and crossed) for $ __________________
     (c) Please charge my credit card with the amount of $ __________________
         CREDIT CARD FORM: Visa                    MasterCard        (Please circle)

          ----         ----         ----        ----

     Name on Card: ______________________Expiry Date: ……../……..

     Signature: _______________________________________________
[This Membership Form becomes a Tax Invoice when filled out and sent to The Administration Officer of
ETAQ Inc. Please keep a COPY for your records].

Date Received: ______/_________/ 2009.
Member Number: ___________ Cheque Details: ____________________________________________
                                    Credit Card Details:       See Page           of        /       /2009
      1.        What is ETAQ?
           ETAQ is a professional association concerned with the QUALITY and CONDITIONS of the
           teaching of English. It is affiliated with the Australian Association for the Teaching of English.

      2.     Who belong to ETAQ?
           Our members include people from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. We have many
           student teachers and people, other than teachers, who are interested in the teaching of English.
           Institutions may take out corporate membership.

      3.        Who administer ETAQ?
           Our members elect a Management Committee at the Annual General Meeting, which is held
           before the 31st March. The members of this committee work in an honorary capacity.

      4.        How can you help ETAQ?
                   a.   By membership of ETAQ
                   b.   By writing articles for Words’Worth
                   c.   By supporting your local branch, if you teach in a country area.
                   d.   By standing for office on the Management Committee.

           a.    ETAQ newsletters (English Matters) and notification of meetings, seminars and conferences.
           b.    Copies of Words’Worth, the ETAQ journal, usually four times a year.
           c.    Copies of English in Australia, the AATE journal, usually three times a year.
           d.    Access to AATE publications and materials from overseas.
           e.    Access to Phoenix Education publications
           f.    Access to regional branch activities (the Administration Officer has details).
           g.    The Annual State Conference, and seminars throughout the year.
           h.    In-service activities for new syllabuses or developments in the broad field of English.
           i.    Membership fees for Personal Members and Student Members are tax-deductible.

           CONTACT: Mr Jim BUCKLEY
           MAIL: The Administration Officer,
                 ETAQ Inc.,
                 P.O. Box 3375,
                 STAFFORD DC, QLD. 4053
           PHONE: (07) 3357-9367
           E-MAIL: jimb.etaq@bigpond.com
           ETAQ Web Page: www.etaq.org.au

           LATE RENEWAL
           a.    You are guaranteed ALL journals and other mail-outs IF you join by the 30th June, 2009.
                 After this date, back copies are issued subject to availability
           b.    Memberships for this year will not be accepted after the 31 st October, 2009.

No.        Type of Membership                          Criteria for Membership                       Price
 1.   Personal Membership                    Open to ALL teachers of English                        $88.00*

2.    Corporate Membership            Open to ALL schools, libraries and other                      $121.00*
3.    Student Membership              Open to ALL bona fide students who are full-                  $44.00*
                                      time, who quote their student number and who
                                      are unwaged.
        * These prices include GST amounts of $8.00, $11.00 and $4.00 respectively.

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